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* Class Warfare: Fresh from the "let's pretend to have deficit talks" meetings The Obama stays true to form. In his news conference yesterday he intoned, If only those evil Republicans would raise taxes on the rich and cut deductions for greedy oil companies. Typical class warfare from the campaigner in chief. It's not his crippling spending spree and government growth, the problem is the rich are not paying their fair share. This class envy and pitting one group of Americans against another is the socialist game plan. If they can only get enough people to believe their lies and deception they can guarantee their reelections. Scare tactics and blaming Republicans for starving children and throwing granny off the cliff in her wheel chair is what these losers are all about. There's nothing in their plans to cut government waste and duplicity. Nothing mentioned of the $500 Billion ObamaCare gutted from Medicare. Their government credit card needs to be cut up. No debt limit increase and educate people to the fact that we will not be defaulting. Revenues will still be coming into the government if the debt limit is not increased. Debt servicing will be taken care of with that revenue, what will be cut is wasteful and wreck less government spending.


* CampaignOrama: Or is that CampaignObama, either way it's a circus. Talking heads say The Obama is now in campaign mode for the 2012 elections. We contend that The Obama has never left campaign mode since the 2008 elections. As the first and only president to use tele-prompters at news conferences and while talking with elementary school kids, his every move and action is undertaking with his reelection in mind. His confrontational and demeaning attacks on the GOP and total exclusion of the opposition during his ObamaCare takeover of our health care system shows his disdain for political compromise. The only compromise this president knows is when the opposition gives in. As he states after 2008 while cramming his socialists policies down our throats, "elections have consequences." The complete repudiation of The Obama and his radical allies in the 2010 Congressional elections only served to strengthen his belligerence. The Obama needs another term to complete his "transformation" of our country. America cannot afford that term. Turning the page on this national nightmare with a defeat of The Obama and his Czars is a top priority of every freedom loving American.


* Mickey Mouse: The religion of "peace", Islam? Once again Muslim fanatics are up in arms over a cartoon. This time in Egypt over a bearded Mickey Mouse and Minnie with a face veil. These peace loving Muslim's stated, "We have to cut out the tongue of any person who attacks our religion." The cartoon was posted by businessman Naguib Sawiris who has been orginizing a political party to keep Eqypt secular. He appologized after the uproar from "peace" loving Muslim's saying he was just joking. Their response to his appology was, "If this is just joking, why don't you depict Mickey Mouse as a monk or a nun?" News flash for those "peace" loving Muslim's, other religions, specially Christianity and Judaism are depicted in all kinds of demeaning ways, in cartoons and slanderous writings. The big difference is Christian's and Jew's don't respond to cartoons by inciting violence and rioting in the streets. This is not about a "peace" loving religion reacting to an imagined attack, it's about an "intolerant" religion giving us yet another example of the violent thread which weaves their beliefs.


* Iran: Revolutionary Guards General Ami Ali Hadjizadeh announced military exercises will begin today. They will be firing ballistic missiles and he also stated that the exercises were "a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the area." OK, after the initial laughter brought on by these words of wisdom, we can focus on the true nature of the dangers that Iran represents. Iran has been at the center of worldwide terror since 1979. They repeatedly refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist and are intent on the destruction of the state of Israel. While we've been distracted by WeinerGate and The Obama's illegal war in Libya, Iran has been accelerating their production of nuclear fuel for creation of their nuclear weapons. If left to their own devices they will have nukes and they will use them. They believe that a massive war in the Middle East will bring about the coming of the 12th Imam. This 12th Imam and the Devil may be one of the same. We cannot afford to continue turning our backs on this evil regime. Either we stop them militarily or we may wake to a mushroom cloud. The cost then would be much greater. Unfortunately, statesmanlike leadership is needed where none is present.


* SPR: Although there have been some small loans from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) it was used in large quantities only three prior times. In 1990/91 President George H. W. Bush used 21 million barrels during the supply shortage caused by the Gulf War. In 2000 President Clinton used 30 million barrels of the SPR for a non-emergency to help stabilize or lower heating oil prices. In 2005 President George W. Bush released 11 million barrels to ease the shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina. Now The Obama, like Clinton, has released another 30 million gallons for a non-emergency "easing" of oil prices even though the price of oil was already coming down and there was no "strategic" need for its release. The Obama release is strictly a political move to show the lemmings amongst us that he single-handedly brought down oil prices. This is a blatant disregard for the purpose of the SPR for personal gain. An interesting byproduct of this release is that doing so, and having the price of oil drop because of it, shows that markets react to an increase in oil availability even before that oil is available. Releasing SPR oil doesn't immediately put oil in a pipeline. What it does it put the oil up for sale which begins the process. Simply announcing this caused the expected reaction which Sarah Palin and others have stated would happen if we open up drilling in Alaska's Anwar and other oil rich reserve locations (currently out of reach due to liberal politicians and the enviro-whacko lobby). Shame on The Obama for another miss-use of his executive power although we would like to thank him for once again proving his policies and beliefs are misguided and counter to the best interest of the American people.


* Spendulus-Redu: According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) newly released report our federal debt will overtake the entire U.S. economy this year. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are the primary driving forces behind this dire prediction. Today's new jobless claims went up to 429,000. In response to these gloomy figures the social-communists amongst us, led by The Obama, propose to spend more and ignore entitlement reform. It's exactly like Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." This administration is intent on continuing their failed policies because it's part of their plan to bankrupt our system and transform our way of life. We are intent on preventing their destruction of our economy and our future.

* Afghanistan: Under The Obama's rule the death toll in our military has increased 5 fold. Part of this increase is due to tightened Rules of Engagement (ROE) which hamper our ability to carry the battle to our enemies. We have been forcing our military to put their life's on the line while fighting with one hand tied behind their backs. War is hell and to fight it any other way than inflicting maximum damage to you enemies is a recipe for failure. The Obama announced withdrawal of 30,000 troops from Afghanistan by July of 2012 (just in time for the 2012 elections). As we withdraw we will be increasingly endangering our troops and witnessing the Afghan transition back to Taliban rule. The afghans don't loose wars, they switch sides. As we announce our retreat their plans for the "new" Afghanistan has begun.

* SPR: Idiocy continues as the center driving force of The Obama administration. They have just announced a release of 30 million gallons of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR). The SPR was intended to make up for a shortage of oil in a case of national need. There is no shortfall of oil currently only a shortage of brains in our executive branch of government. This release only serves to lesson this critical piece of our national security structure in exchange for a short term shot in the arm to our economy. Like "cash for clunkers" this is "oil for idiots."


* NLRB: Boeing announced in 2009 that it would build assembly lines at a new factory in North Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina is a right-to-work state, while Boeing's home factory in Seattle is not. Unions complained to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that Boeing was retaliating for a union walkout in Seattle by building the new plant in a right to work state. The NLRB is siding with the unions against Boeing in an obvious payback to The Obama's support base. The result of these actions by the board are destructive to new job growth. Hundreds of jobs in South Carolina would be lost as well as thousands nationwide. There's a reason why right to work states have the strongest private sector job growth in the nation. Unions and The Obama administration say they stand for the worker but in reality their policies cost those workers their jobs. Like the bloated public sector union pensions that are bankrupting our states these private sector unions are also hurting job creation and economic growth.

* Shariah: In Florida 48-year-old Fatima Abdallah supposedly died by "throwing" herself on the floor. That was the official cause of death reported by the authorities. In reality, Fatima had been shunned by her family for her divorce. In order to restore "honor" to her family, according to Shariah law, she would have to pay with her life. The Tampa Police report claimed that Fatima committed suicide by repeatedly striking her head against a coffee table. Does that sound logical to you? The only head banging that is logical here is that which must have been done by the idiots that accepted this as her cause of death. This is a case of law enforcement turning a blind eye to an obvious murder in acceptance of Shariah Law. Shariah Law has no place in our country and must be stamped out wherever it rears it's ugly head. For Fatima and all others like her, justice must prevail and her murder must not stand.


* Huntsman: Announcing his run for the GOP nomination, Jon Huntsman ran through a litany of reasons for entering the race. The problem with his list is most of the problems we're facing today have been exacerbated by The Obama and his administration of which Huntsman was a member. It's difficult to take seriously a candidate who criticizes the president when he carried the presidents water for the last two years. Can we take him at his word on his stance on economic issue when the administration he was a part of has systematically obstructed our free market system? He is weak on protecting our Right to Life beliefs and is a global warming believer. An Obama crony, weak on right to life and global warmist, looks like three strikes to us.

* Texas: Gov. Perry re-introduced an anti-groping bill to the legislature's special session in Texas. The bill would restrict the TSA to only use their intrusive pat downs if they have "probable cause." It's about time the politically correct groping of children and old ladies was challenged. Profiling and human intelligence are the only ways to properly screen the traveling public and keep our skies safe.


* Perry:
Texas Governor Rick Perry struck a chord in his speech before the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Saturday. He is right-on asking his fellow Republicans to stop apologizing for their opinions. He said the left will never like us therefore it's a waste of time trying to get them to. We need to stand on our principles and let the chips fall where they may. In the end facts and history are on our side, we agree with Governor Perry. Perry also said, "When it comes to conservative social issues, it saddens me when sometimes my fellow Republicans duck and cover under pressure from the left," he said. "Let's speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our efforts to elect more conservative Republicans. Let's stop this downward American spiral." Perry has been governor of Texas for eleven years and has a very successful record to stand on. 36% of new jobs created in the past two years have been created in Texas. We support Governor Perry's stance and are encouraged that he will enter the presidential primary campaign for the GOP nomination.


* Medvedev: The Russian president has come out strongly against the increasing centralized power of the Kremlin. Speaking of the government's control over the economy he said, "this economic mode is dangerous for the country's future." While Russian leaders are seeing the error of this path our current administration continues their march towards failure. Medvedev continued, "The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits to 'preferred' companies." Sounds like The Obama's crony capitalism to us. He went on to say, "My choice is different. The Russian economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation." If only our president would believe this as well. The problem we have is our president may say similar things but he does the complete opposite. His goal is not a strengthening of our capitalist free market systems, his goal is one of transformation, wealth distribution and destruction of the America we once knew.


* Greece: The latest example of failed socialist policies is staring us in the face in the form of Greece greed. It's not inherent for humans to be as greedy as socialism dictates. Greed and envy are an integral part of the Communist/Socialist system. They turn people into government serfs by making them dependent on government. This may work for a while but eventually this system collapses in upon itself when the productive sector of society realizes that they're being bled to death. This producing sector succumbs to the redistribution of wealth then refuses to continue to be it's servants. All the while big government continues their spending spree until they run out of people to rob. For it's own survival governments then attempt to implement some austerity measure to keep from becoming insolvent. This is what Greece is attempting to do. The problem is they have already created the monster in the form of a dependent populous. The populous revolts and all hell breaks loose. This is exactly where our very own Communists/Socialists are taking us. How we handle the needed austerity and reversal of government largess will determine whether we can survive as a fee people.


* Psych-Economy: Perception, Knowledge, History and Experience, these things form our economic psyche. Media and political manipulation of information affect our Psych-Economy. It is based in fear for the most part. You can blast information into the brains of the unsuspecting happy go lucky citizens and tell them that their in horrible economic shape and sooner or later the majority will believe it. That belief in false information can cause an economic downturn. This evil act is performed by those that are more interested in power than in the well being of their people and nation. This tactic was used by the incoming liberal Democrat Congress in 2007 and had a significant effect on our overall economic downturn. When the Bush-Cheney surge started working in Iraq the liberal MSM stopped reporting how many deaths were occurring and starting spewing economic Armageddon. The result being our economy tank. Notwithstanding the Fannie and Freddie issues, the constant drumbeat of economic disaster help fuel it. This was done in an effort to win elections and they did. Now the table is turned. The economy did tank and the policies the progressive/Marxists amongst us put in place are continuing that misery. They can't talk their way out of this one because the public knows the economy is bad, real bad. They can't hide behind the curtain anymore. Their idiocy Is written in Black and White. Perception is critical to improving our current situation. Knowing that this administrations policies are anti-business and counter productive is only adding fuel to the fire. Only true free markets supported by true believers in the American people and our capitalist free market system will turn this ship of state around. 2012 cannot come soon enough. The experiment in how to destroy America has worked. Now it's time to recover.


* Muslims: Our country is crumbling from within, not just economically but morally. It has been reported that 80% Mosque's are preaching hatred of Jews, Christians and anyone that is not a Muslim. It's also been reported that over 51% of their text promotes violence! When it comes to Sharia law there is no room for it in America, period. How many of our founding fathers were Muslims? America was not made for Islam and fundamentalist Islam does not belong in America because it's incompatible with our Constitution. Christians and Jews accept Muslims, Muslims believe Christians and Jews are infidels and therefore can be murdered. Are we politically correct pansies or just anxious to accept a death sentence at the hands of an Islamic fundamentalist ass looking for his 72 virgins? The Muslim movement in our country is like a Trojan horse just waiting for us to fall asleep. It's time for us to wake up to this menacing threat!


* Gas: The CEO of GM supports a new $1 tax on gasoline while lowering taxes in other places. He says he wants to reduce our use of oil, he's just carrying The Obama's water. Anybody who gets a job supported by the tax payer should not be screwing them (for there own good?). If we went to natural gas on trains, semi trucks and public transportation we would decrease our oil consumption by 30% . Also, we get our oil from Canada , Mexico and Venezuela, Saudi Arabia has said they would increase production to meet demand as OPEC could not come to an agreement, the problem is they have sour crude and western nations need Brent sweet crude. Japan and China have growing demands for oil, Iran has a wish to bring us to our knees (I'm-A-Need-A-Job head of OPEC?). There is talk of opening up our strategic petrolium reserves to push oil down, this is just stupid. If we have a real shortage we would be screwed. The major problem is this administration and Congress are hell bent on putting every possible obstacle in the way of our energy independence. We have the oil reserves and the worlds third largest natural gas reserves. We should be using our resources NOW. All of the progressive environmental whacko excuses about lag time to production are just that, excuses. If you don't start, you will never get there. We say, full steam ahead with natural gas and domestic oil production. Our way of life and national security depend on it.


* Economy: Tired of gloomy economic news everyday. Seems like a non-stop barrage of bad economic stats one after the other. Meanwhile, The Obama and his merry propaganda machine keep touting their concern and their efforts to reign in the deficit and create jobs. What effort? You would have to live in a Marxist bubble to believe their bull. Gas and groceries keep going up yet they are not included in the governments inflation statistics, wonder why? Everything this administration and their Democrat associates in Congress have done has hurt not helped the economy. The Fed's QE1, QE2 and perhaps QE3 only server to devalue the dollar which in turn makes everything you purchase more expensive. Now does that seem smart at a time of severe unemployment and economic hardship? Either The Obama is an idiot and surrounded himself with idiots or what we're witnessing is a master plan. A plan devised by Cloward and Piven of Columbia University. It is a plan The Obama studied and sure looks a lot like what we're seeing today. The plan calls for replacing our Capitalist Free Market system with a Socialist/Marxist one which depends on a permanent majority of its citizens dependence and therefore their loyalty. The plan is to overwhelm the system with excessive government spending and demands from our entitlement programs to the point of collapse. When that occurs (and we're pretty darn close to it now) a new system will take it's place. One with an ever powerful government at the center and an ever dependent populous at its feet. Slaves to the state in an unforgiving system led by the powerful political class in charge. The Constitution be dammed. With half control of Congress, over half control of the judicial branch and full control of the executive, the pieces are in place. What stands between the fruition of this plan and its defeat is the ballot box and the American people. If we can make it to 2012 and if those elections are not corrupted by the dead, illegal's and cartoon characters then we can turn this thing around. If not, then God help us!


* Weiner: Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner is holding his ground and refusing to resign. Why should he resign, most Democrats lie on a habitual basis, the difference here is Weiner got caught with his pants down. Blinky Pelosi is referring this issue to the ethics committee to see if he broke any rules. Lying repeatedly to his staff, family, friends, media and the American people I guess doesn't rise to the level of breaking any rules in the Democrat mindset. Using his government issued phone in his office and hosting media interviews to further spread his lies doesn't matter in their mind either. This is as disturbing as WeinerGate itself. In our humble opinion, it's time to say goodnight Dick!

* Iran: While we fiddle in Libya, Iran is said to be a couple of months away from their first nuke. Terrorism in our lifetime has had Iran at the center since 1979. They are the worlds driving force behind organized terror. Iran continues to thumb its nose at any world body that gets in the way of their nuclear goals. Time has come to stop the talk and take action. Our military action in Libya was and continues to be foolish. Action against Iran is of the utmost national security. A nuclear Iran with the will and intention to nuke its enemies is not the kind of gamble we can take. Limited strikes to take out their plants is long overdue. Our future depends on it.


* Peru: While other economies have been suffering, Peru's was growing. It was the shining economic leader in Central and South America. It was the leader is GDP, poverty eradication and markets. Then along comes a snake oil salesman to stir the pot of ignorant uninformed citizens (much like The Obama did here). These Stupid Frogs have elected a so called leftist (code word for Communist) to the presidency, his name is Ollanta Humala. Humala is an anti-American Chavez clone. The Peruvian people have now chosen a future that will most likely go the way of Venezuela. The envy of the less fortunate stroked by class warfare from the Communist Humala will end the progress that Peru had made and turn that progress into the "progressive" nightmare that is Marxism.

* Usurper: Our current economic troubles can be placed directly ot the hands of the mystery man in the White House. The ineligible president which resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A clearly forged Certificate of Life Birth was swallowed up the gullible media and politicians like a kid does cotton candy at the county fair. The problem here is the stakes are very high. We have our sovereignty to defend. Our government is run by an executive that is out of control. A president that rules through executive orders, Czars and intimidation. A two faced president who says the rights things about the deficit and wanting job growth then proposes a $1.65 Trillion dollar deficit for 2012 and puts economic regulatory hurdles in the way of the very businesses he wants to create jobs. It's like an intentional destruction of our way of life. With his projected war chest of $1 Billion for his re-election campaign and his community terrorizing tactics, it's going to be very difficult to derail that train. Let's stand and defend the Constitution. Although it wasn't upheld in the 2008 elections we can insist that it's provisions for the office of president be upheld this time around. This is the surest way of saving our country from the destructive path The Obama has put us on and is intent on continuing. We are witnessing his transformation, it's up to every freedom loving American to fight it.


* Weiner: Well now, Weiner has come clean. He made some stupid choices but the main one was covering up (he should have kept it covered up rather than covering it up). Like in most cases like this it's not the actions as much as the lies. Remember Clinton's famous "it depends on what the meaning of is, is." Lies only makes fools of liars. Weiner is now in that group of select politician liars, not just the ones that lie about policy and their opponents, this is a select group that lie about personal shortcomings and turn those shortcomings into something much bigger. Unlike Republican members of Congress that have had shortcomings and been caught in them, this Democrat will not resign. He joins the ranks of Barney, Rangel, Jefferson and many others. Democrats get a pass on moral issues because they don't hold morality on the same level as Republicans. Once a politician turns this page he can never go back to being just a politician, his brand is forever tarnished.

* Syria: Deflecting from the revolts in their streets the Syrian government paid $1,000 per person and $10,000 per injury to get mobs to infiltrate the Golan Heights to force a confrontation with Israel. The goal being so that after Israel's justified reaction to protect their border they would have to fire on the attacking mob, the reaction can be used against them. The images of that reaction would be plastered across the world replacing those of the Syrian government firing on their own citizens in the streets. This if fodder for the mindless amongst up, including The Obama, his administration and his MSM.


* Romney: Not only has Mitt Romney been responsible for the failed RomneyCare in Massachusetts but now he's stepped into the Global Warming abyss. In a town hall meeting in New Hampshire he said, "I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that." He then added, "It's important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may be significant contributors." Doesn't seem like the falsified global warming "studies" made a difference in his thinking or the empirical evidence that climate temperatures have been steadily cooling not warming since 1998 makes any difference to him. In the normal course of living our lives and running our business we should be doing what we can to reduce pollution. But radical reductions of these byproducts of our normal everyday life's should not be forced on us to the extent that they become counter productive to sustaining and improving our standard of living. The last thing we need is another AlGore cap-n-traitor in our mist, or is that Mitt?

* Santorum: In his speech today announcing his candidacy for president, Rick Santorum spoke from the heart with no tele-prompters in sight. Nice contrast to The Obama who needs tele-prompters to speak to elementary school children. Santorum quoted The Obama as saying that America wasn't great until we had entitlements such as Medicare. Santorum correctly pointed out that America was great before 1965 when those entitlements came about. This reminded us of when Michelle Obama said she wasn't proud of America until they elected her husband. The Obama's are people who believe in themselves before believing in America and the America they believe in is not the same one we do. They believe in a transformed America. One in which shared sacrifice means spreading the wealth. One in which freedoms are sacrificed at the hands of big government. One in which freedom of speech is replaced with freedom to feed at the government troth. That's not our America. Rick Santorum is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Today he made a statement that will resonate with most Americans who are willing to listen, he said, "Americans are not looking for a president they can believe in, they are looking for a president that believes in them." Amen.


* Unemployment: Now the rate has gone up to 9.1% with only 54,000 new jobs added last month. This number is still considered low as many unemployed have dropped out. The true figure is closer to 11%. This administrations policies have taken a recession and turned it into a prolonged nightmare. If government would have allowed the markets to take their hit we would've been in smooth waters by now. Governments intervention with failed Spendulus policies, regulations, EPA threats and permitting restrictions have made things worse. Until this meddling is reversed and business friendly changes are made things will only continue their downward spiral. QE3 will only server to continue our dollars devaluing which will in turn decrease our net worth and cause inflation. Perhaps it's not this administrations goal to make things better but rather to continue the transformation begun in 2009.

* Debt Ceiling: Congressional Republican leaders came out of a meeting with The Obama in the same position that they entered, undeterred by the presidents arguments. Paul Ryan said it best when he pointed out the seriousness of the Medicare and debt crisis. He said we cannot solve these issues if leaders choose to demagogue rather than work out solutions. The Obama and his DEM cronies have chosen the demagogue route and scare tactics like pushing Granma off a cliff in a wheel chair. The president will continue these scare tactics and the MSM will continue to carry his water. Only the truth through alternative media will keep the American people from buying the garbage this administration is selling. 2012 can't come soon enough!


* Economy: The Obama economic stagnation continues unabated. A failed wasteful Spendulus program that did nothing but payback his political friends and run up our deficit is partly to blame for our current economic troubles. Government can't create private sector jobs it only creates government jobs, and they have. During the first two years of The Obama administration they have added over 400,000 new government jobs. They have added endless regulations that have crippled small business growth. This administration ignores Congress and the courts as they execute their policies like a runaway freight train. When Congress refused to appoint a deficit reduction commission, The Obama did it anyway and then ignored their findings. When a federal judge struck down The Obama oil drilling moratorium in the gulf, The Obama continued it through limiting permits in what has come to be known as a "permitorium." Now The Obama and DEM's call for increasing the top tax rate to over 60% is further causing reduced investment and as a result lower new job creation.

* Weiner: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's most likely a duck. Weiner whining about his Tweeted "weiner" picture goes on and on like the Eveready rabbit. Deviant behavior is unfortunately not uncommon in the halls of government. The cover-up is what will sink you. WeinerGate here we go…


* Schultz: There she goes again. DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fresh from saying the GOP is anti-women now says they also want to make illegal immigration a crime. Maybe she was absent from elementary school the day they defined "illegal." Many illegal's falsify documents, that's a felony. Maybe Ms. Shultz doesn't understand the word "felony" either. She's also a Jewish American and says she's a strong supporter of Israel, just like the president. What planet is she from, we suspect it's Uranus.

* Vested: Friends ask frequently how people can still back The Obama even after seeing his policies of destruction over the past two years. The MSM still carries his water and ignores his flat out misstatements and lies. The only logical conclusion for this is they're blindly "vested" in The Obama. These liberal dim bulbs fail to see the forest for the trees and are so tied at the hip with The Obama that his failure would be theirs. They defend him on a personal level as if he was an extension of them, they "feel" him. In many ways he is, his leftist political correct nonsense is at the heart of what ails us, both in our economy and in our schools. These Obama lemmings are therefore vested in their own failure. A failure that will see fruition if we as a nation re-elect an unknown entity, bent on our "transformation," to remain in office.


* Golf: A president needs downtime, especially after an overseas trip but there are limits and choices. For the ninth weekend in row The Obama has hit the golf course. He has golfed 70 times in 28 months. Yesterday's outing was a shameful act as he spent Memorial day afternoon on the links. Although he did lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, it is disrespectful for the commander in chief to play anything on a solemn day of remembrance. Remembrance for all the sacrifices made by our military and their families in defense f our freedom and liberty and specially at a time when we are involved in three wars. At the heart of this president is a character void and a lack of connection to the exceptionalism which our military represent.


On this Memorial Day weekend, between our BBQ's and gatherings, remember those sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines that sacrificed and continue to sacrifice selflessly to preserve our freedom and liberty.


* Schultz: New DNC head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls the GOP "anti-women." In typical looney liberal style the conversation turns to character assassination rather than issues. Let's see if we got this right, the GOP is anti-women yet they ran a woman as their vice presidential candidate in 2008. They're anti-women and yet have two women potentially running for president, Palin and Bachman. Like the mediscare lies these progressives always go the sleaze route in order to stir emotions against their foes. Forget the facts and legitimate arguments of the issues at hand, it's about feelings not truth. Expect these shows to continue as the Democrat three ring circus gears up for the 2012 elections.

* Taxes: Democrats are proposing raising taxes on high earners to increase revenues so they can forgo spending cuts. What this boils down to is not increasing revenues but rather making political points with their class warfare strategies. History is replete with examples of how raising taxes has the opposite effect than they claim. Raising taxes changes behavior and reduces tax revenue. High wage earners have the means to move cash into shelters and away from productive enterprises. This causes reduced revenues and reduce job production, further crippling our economy. Democrats are stuck on this dumb idea because they're either idiots or the political points they gain outweigh the damage they cause. The ends truly justify their means.


* Demagoguery: Democrat solution to our deficit and Medicare insolvency is attack Ryan and the GOP. We've heard it all before, Republicans want to kill your grandparents, they want to starve children, they want to keep the needy from receiving medical care. Their latest efforts came in the form of a commercial with an actor looking like Paul Ryan pushing an old lady in a wheel chair off a cliff. The message was the Ryan plan would kill our seasoned citizens. Unfortunately lies and distortions like these work, specially when they're repeated by the MSM ad nauseum. Regardless of the fact that Medicare is going broke and that ObamaCare would gut $500 BILLION form Medicare this propaganda works and demeans the process. Ryan's bold plan to "fix" Medicare is just that, a way out of insolvency into turning Medicare into a program that can fulfill its promise to our future seniors. No one 55 and over is affected by Ryan's plan. Rather than propose a plan of their own, The Obama and DEM's demonize Ryan's and are intent on allowing the failure that will surely await us if nothing is done now.


* Statesman: A true leader and statesman spoke before a joint session of Congress yesterday. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu gave an outstanding speech that extoled the virtues and greatness of America and of American exceptionalism. A foreign leader who believes in our country more than the president who currently holds office. He spoke of the dangers of radical Islam, not just to Israel, but to the civilized world. He spoke on the same level as Reagan and Churchill. Yesterday we witnessed a rare moment from a true statesman.

* 2008: The Obama visited Westminster Abbey in London yesterday and laid a wreath at the Grave of The Unknown Warrior. When signing the guestbook he wrote:
"It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.

Barack Obama

24 May 2008"


The MSM would be having a field day with this if the president was George W. Bush. Since it's The Obama, mum's the word. You can cut the hypocrisy with a butter knife. Maybe The Obama is still in 2008 because he hasn't finished visiting our "57" states? Together with Michelle's clown outfits it's sure makes us proud to have these two representing our country overseas.


* MSM: Our trusted, reliable Main Stream Marxist media continues to harp about the GOP field. Weak they say, not impressive, disappointing. Regardless of what you think of the current candidates and potential ones, one thing is for sure, all of them are better than the stranger in the White House. None of them would say we need to live within our means while proposing a $1.65 Trillion dollar deficit bill. None of them would apologize for America around the world and deny the exceptionalism that we all believe in. None of them would give Brazil $2 Billion dollars for their oil industry and commit to being their best customer while at the same time crippling our own oil industry. The list goes on but keep these thoughts in mind when your being subjected to the seek and destroy tactics of the MSM and The Obama propaganda machine.


* AIPAC: After pulling the rug out from under Israel in his Middle East policy speech last week, The Obama spoke before AIPAC on Sunday. He said things like the U.S. would fight attempts to “chip away” at Israel’s legitimacy and that we were "unshakable" in our support for Israel. Nice words in a vacuum but not when considered in tandem with his earlier policy speech and his actions to date. This was just an attempt to save the Jewish vote for his reelection campaign. It's mind boggling how the majority of Jewish Americans can support the Democrat party and The Obama when they continue their patch of betrayal on a daily basis.

* O'Bama: Blarney, O'Barack O'Hussein O'Bama celebrates his Irish roots in Ireland. The chameleon strikes again. He's everything to everyone and a pain in the arsenal to all of us. He has roots that spread like his big government nightmare, into every corner, into every life. Leaving a path of destruction in his tracts like a mid-west tornado, his damage has yet to be realized. Only time will tell how much of that damage can be repaired.


* Political Winds: Betrayal of Israel at the hands of our president, shameful. In a much anticipated policy speech on the Middle East, The Obama stayed true to his words from his book, "Audacity of Hope." In that book, referencing Japanese interment camps of WWII he wrote of his belief in the Muslim people and said, "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Taking advantage of shifting "winds" in the Middle East, The Obama has called on a Palestinian state to have the borders that existed in 1967. Remember 1967, that was when Israel was attacked by the Arab world intent on Israel's demise. This policy is the basic demand by the Palestinian's. With this statement The Obama has undermined Israel's negotiating position and sold our ally out. Syria and Iran managed to change world focus from the revolt in their streets to a coordinated attack across Israel's borders earlier this week. Yesterday, The Obama continued that process by attacking Israel from another front, Pennsylvania Avenue.

* CIA: The Obama visits CIA headquarters today in another round of spiking the ball after the Bin Laden killing. He will put his best two-faced-teleprompted words to work for the MSM in an attempt to show gratefulness for the work of our intelligence agencies. All the while his Attorney General, Eric Holder, reenergizes the administrations prosecution machine on the very intelligence operatives which he will be thanking today. Typical for this president to say one thing while doing another. Betraying our allies and our patriots is an underlying mission of this enemy within.


* GM-Chi-Com: Having been a Chevy person all my life this makes the last couple of years harder to stomach. GM sold their soul to The Obama regime after betraying their stockholders at the hands of the United Auto Workers Union. Now they've gone to far. GM signed up Cadillac as the “chief business partner” with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), stating: “Cadillac whole-heartedly supports the making of the Birth of a Party.” The Birth of a Party is a communist film which glowingly depicts the events that led to the formation of the CCP after the Russian Revolution of 1917. We now have a major US corporation and our largest auto maker in bed with the largest Communist country in the world. Those who say China is not Communist need to visit their political prisons. They practice crony capitalism as a means to survive and as a relief valve on the totalitarian enslavement of their people.

* Mislead: One new well permit in over a year, almost 100,000 lost jobs and companies moving their operations overseas. No it's not because of the BP oil spill, it's because of The Obama oil policies. First it was a drilling moratorium with the environment as the excuse, then when a judge struck that down it became a "permit-torium." Achieve the same crippling affect on our domestic oil production by limiting permits. The Obama regime bypasses congress and the courts whenever they want at the expense of our Constitutional check and balances. Rule of law gets only lip service with the progressive/Marxist airheads who now occupy the halls of power in our country. Beware of the two faced radical candidate saying what we want to hear but not delivering on his words. After all they're "just words."


* Pelosi Waivers: There have been over 1,300 ObamaCare waivers to date. The latest 200 have over 20% of them in Blinky Pelosi's district. There are over 400 congressional districts in the country, for 20% of any given waiver group to be within one of those districts is a statistical anomaly or as in Communist countries, it's central committee exemptions. Do as we say not as we do. If ObamaCare is such a great law why do we have any waivers to begin with. Seems like the very people who sold us this pile of dung are the ones lining up for waivers. Just like Congress passes laws that don't affect them, ObamaCare has waivers for political payoffs and community organizers.

* Iran: While The Obama has been busy taking down allies like Egypt and Libya, Iran has been busy working on their nuclear program and building missile sites in Venezuela. We've been directly or indirectly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood while Iran has been supporting Hamas and Hezbollah with attacks on Israel. This weeks coordinated border demonstrations and crossings in Gaza, Syria and Golan Heights were no coincidence. They were coordinated to take the spotlight off of Syrian crackdown on their citizens and focus on their shared enemy, Israel. Now The Obama is planning a major Middle East speech for tomorrow. Instead of cracking down on Syria he'll be cracking down on another ally, Israel. The one Democracy in the region and our strongest ally is in The Obama crosshairs while Iran builds missile sites in our hemisphere in Venezuela. What happened to the Monroe Doctrine?


* Turbo Tim: Treasury Secretary "Turbo Tax" Tim Geithner keeps raising a dooms day default scenario. First it was that we were going to have to default on our debt now it's a double-dip recession if the limit is not raised. Yesterday we reached the debt limit and the sky did not fall. Government is still running on all cylinders and interest payments on our debt continues. Now they'll draw another line in the sand and come up with some more boogiemen. All the while the MSM will continue the assault on Republicans and Paul Ryan in particular to back our out of control spending spree.

* Newt the Grinch: In what could be the fastest fall from grace of a presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich has put both feet in his mouth. Being on the wrong side of two central issues in the coming election does not a good start make. He ignorantly endorsed the unconstitutional purchasing of insurance requirement in ObamaCare and then criticized Paul Ryan's plan to save Medicare as right wing social engineering. There's a huge difference between left wing demagoguery and character assassination and the steps proposed by Congressman Ryan to tackle a tuff problem with sensible solutions. We recall that the "Grinch" was also on the wrong side of the global Warming debate when he sided with the environmentalist wacko movement in the face of facts and the beliefs of the vast majority of conservatives. Maybe he's planning on running as Joe Biden's replacement.


* Debt Ceiling: During the first two years of The Obama regime, federal employment has risen by over 400,000. At a time when millions of Americans can't find work our government continues it's out of control growth. Government grows at the expense of our private sector. This growth requires funding which we do not have and could not sustain if we did. Duplicitous departments and wasteful programs run through every corner of our bloated bureaucracy. Not raising the debt ceiling will not cause us to default, it will cause us to prioritize. Debt payments will go on with the revenue that continues to come in. Non-essential government employees will be furloughed and non-critical functions will shut down temporarily. The presidents budget for 2012 would add another $1.65 TRILLION to our debt, that's outrageous and must be cut back drastically. We don't need a scalpel it's more like a chain saw that these times call for.


* Subsidies: Like every other liberal plan the end result is usually the opposite of what they intend or at least what they say they want. The Obama failed energy policies and moratorium on drilling are at the core of lost American jobs and continued dependence on foreign oil. They blame oil companies for high prices with no evidence of any wrong doing on the companies part. Now they say they want to end oil "subsidies." A subsidy is a hand out, oil companies don't receive hand outs they use our existing tax code to depreciate equipment and deduct taxes paid to foreign governments. If you do away with those tax breaks and their taxes go up from the 40% they now pay the increase will be passed on to the consumer in the form of increased prices at the pump. This would make our current situation worse and lead to more job loses. It would be just another lame brained liberal idea gone bad.


* Deflection:
The Obama and Democrat vilification of big oil is nothing more than deflection from reality. As we and others have stated before, oil companies make an average of about 8 cents on a gallon of gasoline at the pump. They explore for it, drill, refine, transport and deliver. Federal and State governments make in excess of 49 cents a gallon on average on a price of $3.93 per gallon. Here's the tax breakdown: 18.4 Cents (Federal Tax), 20.6 Cents (State Excise Tax), 10.5 Cents (Other State Taxes) = 49.5 Cents in Total Taxes. With those numbers who do you think is making the windfall here, "evil" oil or "evil" government? The numbers are straightforward the white house spin is the usual demagauging and half truths that deflect from their true intentions.

* Jobs: New jobless claims went up to 434,000 for the week. The Obama calls on the private sector to hire more people. Business doesn't work that way. No matter how much you wish it you can't force a company to hire when you at the same time penalize that company with senseless regulations, taxation and political pressure. A new executive order in the works will require companies to reveal their political contributions. This amounts to government interference and infringement on our privacy and an outright political move to silence their opposition. While this may be common place in a third world corrupt regime it is not the American way of governance. But then, The Obama Czarist regime is not the American way either.


* Amnesty: As expected, The Obama stayed true to his amnesty for the sake of political points yesterday. Announcing a new push for "comprehensive" immigration reform, or as we know it, amnesty for illegal immigrants and open borders for all. He falsely claimed that the border fence was close to finished when the fact is less than 700 miles of the 2,000 mile border with Mexico is finished. How can you believe anyone who so blatantly lies on a regular bases. He knows the MSM will have his back so he continues to lie, mislead and obfuscate. He made fun of Republicans suggesting that they would like a moat on the border. We have the Rio Grande between Texas and Mexico, you could say that it acts like a moat, doesn't make a difference. Geography must have been one of those classes The Obama missed in his mysterious past. Border security is not about immigration as much as it is about our national sovereignty and security. This president and his cronies just don't get it because to them it's about votes and new Democrat voters.


* Immigration: Here we go again with one of The Obama's misguided priorities. Fresh of the Bin Laden NY photo op, he is headed to our southwest border to proclaim the need for "comprehensive" immigration reform. Comprehensive to these progressives means amnesty. No matter how they paint and spin it, the outcome they aim at is amnesty for their future Democrat voters. This is transparently about the 2012 election and the Hispanic vote. Like with ObamaCare, The Obama refuses to face the primary issue facing the country today, it's the economy stupid. No immigration reform can be accomplished without first securing the border because it's not just about Mexican immigrants coming across, it's about national security. Hundreds of middle eastern males are caught illegally entering through our porous southwest border every year, how many more get in that we are not aware of? Haven't heard of too many Yemeni lettuce pickers in Arizona lately.

* Natural Gas: As with oil, The Obama administration is now restricting our natural gas exploration. They started with a moratorium against new offshore drilling with the BP oil spill as the excuse. When that was struct down in court they switched to a delay tactic by limiting permits and by making requirements for permits economically counter productive. Now they are putting similar hurdles in place for natural gas, all in the name of safety. The goal is to make fossil fuels so expensive that their "green" alternative energy sources, which are not viable today, become the norm. That at the expense of our economy and standard of living. In their twisted world, ideological misguided policies outweigh the well being and needs of the American people.


* Waterboarding: Enhanced interrogations techniques such as waterboarding work. CIA director Leon Panetta confirmed that these types of interrogation gave us information that lead to Bin Laden's compound. Since The Obama stopped these techniques with an executive order we most likely have been missing vital information that could make the difference in our war on radical Islamists. The primary function of our government is to protect the American people. The Obama government is derelict in this duty at the expense of political correctness.


* Photo-Op: We witnessed a shameful, selfish political photo op yesterday at ground zero. The Obama has been president for over two years, in those years he has skipped the September 11th memorial services at ground zero two times. Now after being the beneficiary of the killing of Bin Laden, he goes to ground zero for a politically driven photo op. To make this trip now and invite only a handful of family members from the thousands murdered on that day is disgusting. The milking of the UBL killing is not over, we're sure they'll be stretching this event for all the political points they can make. Hopefully it will backfire on the narcissist in chief.

* Mile Tax: The Obama administration is floating an idea to tax you as you drive? Why not tax as you breath? Let's not give these fools an idea, they're probably already planning on it. This goes to the basic premise that progressives never met a tax they didn't like. It's like Reagan once said, "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."


* UBL Pic's: Only in the liberal mind can releasing Bin Laden's pictures be insensitive while releasing alleged prisoner abuse pictures is OK. This politically correct thinking is a dangerous weakness which our enemies exploit on a daily basis. Photo's of a dead Bin Laden will no more enrage Muslim nutcases than those of terrorist prisoners being subjected to perceived abuse. These same fanatics, that we want to not offend, cut the throats of their captives, is that not insensitive? We are dealing with a Muslim street which riot and kill over a cartoon. Until we start dealing with them from a position of strength and stop shackling ourselves in our own PC ignorance, we will have a snow balls chance in hell to win this war.

* Jobless: New jobless claims went up by 43,000 to 474,000, the highest level in 8 months. Double-dip anyone? Gas prices, food prices and devaluation of our dollar are hurting every American on a daily basis. They are crippling small businesses at a time when we should be seeing a strong growth after the recession we were going through. This administrations anti-business polices and "energy dependence" policies are at the root of our current malaise (to borrow a term from Obama Lite: "Jimmy Peanut-Brain Carter."


* Gas Prices: Behind all the euphoria of Bin Laden's demise, prices at the pump continue to rise. The hypocrisy of the left is blinding. During the $3 plus gas spike during Bush's second term, liberals were lining up to blame Bush for a lack of an energy policy causing the high prices. It was a disaster in the making at the hands of president Bush. Now with $4 plus gas prices these same liberal critics, from The Obama to Blinky Pelosi, are blaming SUV drivers and supposed price gauging by the evil oil companies. The only transparency in The Obama administration is the transparency of their blatant hypocrisy.

* 72 Virgins: With the evil Bin Laden headed to hell we hope that the path takes him by the 72 Virginian's that are lining up to kick his A_S. The reported burial at sea if true was a much to kind end to this murderous life. A much more fitting end would have been to toss him out of the 100th floor after lighting his cave sheets on fire. Perhaps that way he could have felt the agony he wrought to so many innocent people on 9/11. May his soul never rest in peace!

* Irony: The irony of The Obama taking credit for the killing of UBL is that if it had been up to him, there wouldn't have been a Gitmo or CIA "black ops" sites where the interrogation techniques used, gave us the information which eventually lead to his hiding place. Credit belongs where credit is due. To President Bush for taking the war to our enemies and the excellent work of our military, intelligence agencies and specially the SEALs that brought an end to the most evil being in our lifetimes.


* Forged BC: Don't think we're beating a dead horse 'cause this horse ain't dead! If The Obama birth certificate had already been released like the White House, The Obama and his defenders have been saying for years now, why did they release a different one the other day? The birth certificate released proves a several things:

1. The Obama is not eligible because his father was never a US citizen and thereby he is not a "Natural Born" citizen.

2. The Obama was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro when he was five and moved to Indonesia. It is customary in the United States to change the birth certificate to show the adopted parents name.

3. Whomever put this birth certificate together was a bad forger. The forgery is clearly visible throughout the document by merely zooming into the image with a browser or in Adobe Reader.

Are we gullible enough as a nation that we would accept a clearly forged birth certificate and roll over like the pansies The Obama takes us to be? Make up your own mind but remember that this issue goes to the heart of our Constitution and the loyalty our founding fathers required of our president's, precisely to avoid the situation we find ourselves in today.

Click on these images to see proof of forgery.  The more you zoom in the easier it is to see.  This is from the White House released BC.  You can download the file directly from the White House site below. 

Download the BC in PDF from the White House site here, zoom in for yourself and make up your own mind.


* Osama: The head of the radical Islamic serpent has been cut off. In a carefully worded statement from the White House Blue Room, the President read a long awaited message, Osama Bin Laden has been killed. It's a great day for every American and anyone in the world who values freedom and liberty. President Bush's commitments to bring to justice perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been vindicated. The war is not over but this battle is. Relish in a rare moment of unity in a very divisive time in our history, today we celebrate.

         Osama Bin-Killing 

         Osama Bin-Hiding

         Osama Bin-DEAD


* Royals: Like a Tale of Two Cities, today we witnessed the Tale of Two Worlds. The contrast between the pageantry and elegance of the royal wedding in London and the death and destruction in the streets of Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt was striking. One full of hope and security the others uncertainty and terror. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge, William and Kate. May their future be full of happiness and peace and may they help spread tranquility in a dangerous world.


* Lakin: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, a decorated combat-experienced Army flight surgeon, was sent to Ft. Leavenworth Prison for asking for the document that The Obama released yesterday. What kind of character does The Obama have, specially as commander in chief, to send a decorated soldier to jail for refusing to release his birth certificate? Lt. Col. Lakin is still in prison. Why did The Obama hire scores of lawyers and spend millions of dollars fighting release of his birth certificate in court? Why did it take so long? Why do the Nordyke twins, who were born in the same hospital named on the birth certificate released yesterday, birth certificates have lower numbers than The Obama's when they were born a day after he was? Those numbers are only assigned by an automatically incrementing stamp at the Hawaii Department of Health? Why is there no record of The Obama's mother being in the named hospital at the time stated in the birth certificate? If the birth certificate is authentic it proves his father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. who was never a US Citizen. This issue is not going away but only intensifying.

* Economy: Our GDP dropped from 3.1 to 1.8 on an annual rate. New un-employment numbers came in at 429,000, inflation is up and the world is dumping dollars. The Obama recession is heading our way like a runaway train. With current world events as they are and this administration anti-business policies, things will be getting worse in the days ahead.

* DADT: Our politically correct (or insane) government is now training Marines in the art of gay acceptance. They are instructed that it's OK to hang around gay bars, it's OK if two Marines are seen kissing, it's OK to openly parade in pro-gay-lesbian demonstrations. Our enemies must be laughing in their caves. We not only tie one hand behind our backs when fighting but soon we'll also be wearing bracelets on the other. Alert: coming soon to a battle near you, pink fatigues.


* Ineligibility: The Obama finally released a long form "Certificate" of Live Birth. We now have definitive proof that he is INELIGIBLE to be president of the United States. In the certificate it states that his father was Barack Hussein Obama from Kenya, East Africa. His father was never a US Citizen and therefore The Obama is not a "Natural Born" American Citizen. It's about the Constitution and the requirements placed on the office of president, for the very reason we are seeing today, a president whose loyalties are questionable at best. The Obama insinuated that this issue was a side show by carnival barkers. If he believes defending the Constitution is carnival barking so be it, the barks will continue!


* Eligibility: Seems like every story bashing Trump misrepresent the facts. In a story on they stated this about the eligibility issue, "The issue has persisted even though Hawaii has released an official Certificate of Live Birth showing Obama was born there, a fact confirmed in non-partisan investigations by and others." First of all it wasn't a "Certificate of Live Birth" is was a "Certification of Live Birth." A certificate would have birth hospital and attending physician, the "certification" does not. The certification was proven to be a forgery and had to be taken down. In the certification that was taken down it also stated that The Obama's father's race was "African", African is not a race! If this was an official document why was it taken down? Also, stating that is "non-partisan" is like saying that water is dry. Misrepresenting facts and out right lying in complicity with the Obama cover-up cannot stand forever, the truth will eventually surface. What we need to keep in mind is the Birth Certificate issue is irrelevant since his father was never a US citizen thereby not meeting the requirement of "Natural Born" as stated in the Constitution's Article II Section 1 Clause 5.

* Dollar: US Treasury Secretary Timothy "Turbo Tax" Geithner said yesterday that, "We will never embrace a strategy to weaken the dollar." It was hard to hear him due to the noises being made by the printing presses printing out dollars like confetti falling in a New York parade. In this year alone the dollar is down 6.5% and with the FED's QE2 you can bet the devaluation of Geithner's "strong Dollar" will continue.


* Recession: We're are heading into The Obama recession brought on by socialist policies and devaluing of the dollar. As we were climbing out of the 2008 recession we were hit by a perfect storm. A perfect storm of "change" and "transformation." While we were distracted, policies where put in place such as the oil moratorium in the gulf that served to increase our dependence on foreign oil. Regulations on our not-so-free enterprise system as well as a reckless unconstitutional takeover of the best health care system in the world. Failed stimulus plans that were disguised as "shovel ready" funding became payoff for unions and Democrat cronies. Now QE2, which is sold as a necessary monetary function, is serving to devalue our dollar by over 25%. Inflation numbers by smoke and mirrors look good because food and gas prices are not included. The two things every American depends on daily, food and gas, are not counted, does that make sense? It's all part of intellectual airheads plans that are running and ruining our country. The S&P downgraded our outlook and the IMF says the age of America is coming to a close. It's Carter's "Malaise" on steroids. Our hope at this time is holding the debt limit as-is and make the drastic changes in government that are necessary to turn this ship of state around. Reduced regulations, lower tax rates and cutting the size of government is desperately needed now if we are to survive this perfect storm.


* Task Force: Going after big oil in a typical liberal class warfare attack The Obama announced yesterday that Attorney General Eric Holder was forming a Financial Fraud Enforcement Working Group. He followed by saying at a town hall style meeting, "“We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain.” Can you say deflection. Only in Washington can you get away with creating yet another "task force" to do what the members of the "task force" are supposed to be doing as part of their already assigned tasks in their government jobs. With national average gas prices at the pump at $3.84, it's still much lower than The Obama said we should be paying for gas during the presidential campaign in 2008. Environmental whackos like high prices because it strengthens their call for alternative "green" energy pipe dreams. Liberals like demonizing big oil but if you look at the rates of profits, governments take in on average 15% on a gallon of gas in taxes while the oil company takes in 8.3%. Take a close look at these numbers. Government does nothing to find, extract, ship, refine or sell gas but yet makes almost twice as much per gallon as the company that does. Then they vilify the golden goose. Typical socialist class warfare. Some say a man is like an artichoke, when you strip away the rough edges, deep down inside, you'll find a heart. With government, if you strip away the edges, deep down inside, you'll find the rotted remains of corruption.

* Easter: The most Holy of Christian Holidays is about faith and everlasting life. Jesus faced a brutal execution to save the human race, he did this knowingly and painfully. Through His resurrection on the third day after his death and with His ascension to Heaven, He gave us everlasting life. This faith is at the heart of our beliefs. We wish you and your family a Happy Easter.


* Bipartisanship: No chance. The most divisive president in recent history, who's been in constant campaign mode since 2007, can't be expected to lead a consensus. You can pretend to reach out but if you're reaching out with a machete to cut you opponents arm, don't expect civility. The Obama says he wants to meet Republicans half way but it's so hard because they want to starve babies and destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. With ground work like that don't expect any "change" anytime soon. The only way we're going to see any progress in the next couple of years is for Republicans to develop a backbone and hold this administrations feet to the fire. Force through the power of the purse "changes" which benefit the American people. Changes that limit and roll back the progressive nightmare that's overshadowing this great country. Shine a light on that dark shadow and watch the cockroaches scatter.

* On-The-Mark: as i sit and watch my stock portfolio move higher with glee, i start to realize its just numbers, any gains i have are just smoke and mirrors, the dollar has dropped like a rock, our weak dollar policy has driven commodities up, i don't know what the Chinese think when they see there U.S. dollar reserves shrink in value, but i don't think there happy,,,they deserve what they get, they have manipulated there currency to there favor for years, however,,,this monetary policy we have will have unintended consequences,,,this is a tax on the poor ,as they go to the market to feed their family , this is a tax on the retired,living on a fixed income, and most of all this is a tax on me,,,i can still sit on my yacht and drink margaritas, but it takes diesel to run, i cant afford to go anywhere (like i use to) not trying to sound like a crybaby,,the debt of our country is increasing, if the rate at which we pay our debt rises , this could be a catastrophe, if the fed did not manipulate the current rate,we would be seeing a different picture, china is now trying to be a reserve currency,,,this will screw us if it happens,,,we have the privilege of printing money, i think we are abusing this it can only end badly for Americans, as for the future we can avoid a meltdown if we take the bull by the horns and just do whats right.


* Cuba: The latest from the Island prison is that the "Castro Brothers" were making drastic changes in leadership. The truth is that in a Communist tyranny, as Cuba has been for 52 years, the Communist Party is the leadership and runs the country. People have mistakenly believed that when Fidel Castro stepped down as president he turned leadership over to his brother, Raul, the head of the military, by making him president. But Fidel never gave up the chairmanship of the Communist Party, therefore he was still the head of the dictatorship. These "new" changes are more of the same. Raul would take over leadership of the Communist Party with Fidel as the titular head, in other words, just playing musical chairs on the deck of a sinking Communist Titanic. It's going down, it's just a matter of time. It's the system, STUPID!

* C02: Overall C02 levels are at their lowest since 1995. Just as a reminder, C02 is a natural substance, we breath it out and it's vital for the growth of plant life. This fact will however not change this administrations view that C02 needs to be regulated by the EPA. The impact to business, job creation and the economy would be catastrophic but why should that stop this out of control government? It's about control and behavior modification. Democrats and big government have two things in common, power and control. That's the bottom line to both, the American people be dammed. Take a look at the largest cities in our country and the state of their schools and debt and you'll find that what they have in common is they've been run by liberals for decades. Proof is in the facts and these facts are in your face.

* Birth Issue: This is not going away until cleared up with facts and proof. Just simply laughing it off and saying proof have been shown does not cut it. We are witnessing the biggest hoax in the history of this great country. New Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie promised to find The Obama birth certificate and make it public when he took office then he was forced to rescind on that promise when he couldn't find it. He wanted to shut the so called "birthers" up and yet he's the one that ended up with egg on his face. Author Jerome Corsi is coming out with the definitive book on the subject, "Where's The Brith Certificate?" Going to print in a month. As JB Williams and others have been pointing out, the birth certificate issue is a shell game. The real issue is, "Who's Your Daddy?" The Obama's father was never a US Citizen and therefore The Obama could not be a Natural Born American, thereby making him ineligible for the office he now holds.


* Debt Ceiling: It's obvious that The Obama and his merry band of progressive socialists are now in full campaign mode. Anything Republicans do will be used against them, whether right or wrong, lefty propaganda will be scathing. You can hear the cries of starving babies and the elderly breaking hips because the evil GOP would not provide them with wheel chairs. The recent government shutdown scare was a preview of what we can expect. The difference with raising the debt limit is that there won't be a government shutdown. What there will be is a government having to live within it's means. Debt payments will go on, military will be funded and essential government services will continue. Tough choices will have to be made by government just like every American family has to make. It's about time to hold our government accountable. The Republican led house has this power, we hope they don't squander the opportunity to bring sanity back into governing.

* On-The-Mark: I think that at this time we should leave the middle east, we aren't in it with the right mind set, we seem to support back stabbing political puppets, we incur the wrath of the senseless, who don't understand we are there to help,,,or maybe we don't understand they don't want help...they look to suck us dry and spit us out, mean while our credit rating (U.S.) is getting slammed because our congress fails to see how spending more than you have is wrong,,,before we can show other countries how to live we need to get our own house in order,,the lives and interest of those we're supposed to protect (American citizens) is in jeopardy,,,why is it that a dummy like me can see this, or do i have it wrong,,,please enlighten me,before i go nuts!


* Eligibility: JB Williams of has it exactly right. Forget about the birth certificate, it doesn't matter. The real question is, "Whose Your Daddy?" Our Constitution references the Law of Nations and in t he Law of Nations the birthright of the son follows that of the father. Article II Section 1 Clause 5 states that to be eligible the candidate must be a "Natural Born" American Citizen. Natural born is born in the United States of two U.S. Citizen parents. By The Obama's own admission, and writings in his books, his father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. from Kenya and a British citizen at the time of The Obama's birth. This makes The Obama ineligible for the office of POTUS.

* Taxes: Increasing taxes on anyone brings about less revenue in the long run. Consider taxes to be a penalty, basically a penalty on success, When you penalize something you get less of it. When you penalize the so called "rich" you end up having less rich for one reason or another. If you’re the target of that tax increase you will either find a way to divest your income or move it in such a way as to not have to face the penalty. The result would be less money in the economy for growth and investment and less revenue to the government. This is another example why progressives playing the class envy card end up killing the golden goose. History has shown this to be true and no matter how they try to rewrite history, in the end, facts win out.


* April 15: The day we come to terms with the tax man is the day we should consider where our hard earned money is going. Americans have no problem paying taxes to support our governments principle functions as stated in the Constitution. Where we have issues are in supporting an out of control government with tentacles that reach into every aspect of our lives and waste money faster than a drunken sailor. No disrespect to the drunken sailor as he is pending his own money. We agree with the Republican statement that "government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem." Cut waste and size of government drastically to start turning the tide. In order to do this we need to change the players, as the ones in control now are the problem. Their vision is a socialistic big government nanny state. This vision has been proven a failure throughout history but die hards stuck on this ideology refuse to see it. They do that at our expense.

* Subscriber Vents: its apparent congress will not tackle the problems in front of them, if u look at what caused this crisis, there's only 1 culprit, the government...the abuse and misuse of moneys , credit, instead of taking the problem head on, we have shifted it to the government(U N ME)..look at Greenspan's actions of the past and failure to acknowledge the moral hazards ,suggests an agenda of the new world order,,,,yesterday the blame fell on Goldman Sacks,,,without of acknowledgment of who gave them these tools.(fed regulation) in fact Goldman was a little late to the party, the cards were all ready on the table,,,so the white house invites a former Goldman CEO to orchestrate the buy out of aig,,,fan fred,,etc...the only way out of this is to cut spending, IE: close loopholes,,raise taxes,,suspend gov unions, initiate an energy policy that uses what we have here, most important look at the fraud in Medicare, Medicaid.....we need better leaders,,,,but this wont happen,,,,38b in cuts represents 10 days of spending,,,is this really serious,,,,how could we allow negative amortization, no income verification, and my fav liar loans, to happen,,,while these tools were useful to honest people ,they bankrupted America when abused.


* The Obama: Back to blame Bush. The Obama blames the deficit on the "last decade" and Bush tax cuts. One more time for the deaf and dumb amongst us, Bush inherited a recession, then we got hit with 9/11 8 months into his presidency, went to war in response to terrorists waging war on us and yet was able to reduce our annual deficit from a high of $400 Billion in 2004 to under $200 Billion in 2007. That was four budgets in a row that the deficit was being reduced. Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and from then on spending has been spiraling out of control. The Obama has run over $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits in his first two years with no end in sight. He says we have to live within our means while at the same time borrowing trillions of dollars to live within "his means." Class envy and race warfare is what this president wants to bring to the table. The campaign has never stopped for him and he must be treated as the agitator that he is, a community organizer on steroids. Republicans need to refuse to pass the budget deal last week, specially knowing now where the demagogue president stands on the economy. The American people are ready for tough medicine and will see through the false accusations of The Obama and his Democrat slime machine.

* Birth Certificate: Forget the mystery surrounding the BC, The Obama's history and his nefarious associations, he would still not meet the requirements of our Constitution for POTUS. Everyone, including The Obama agrees that his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was Kenyan and therefore a British citizen in 1961 when The Obama was born. That fact alone eliminates him as an eligible candidate for the office he currently holds due to the "Natural Born" requirment in Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of our Constitution. That clause states, "No person except a natural born Citizen…" with Natural Born being born in the United States of two citizen parents at the time of brith. It's time to stop the nonsense and reverse the damage he has done, not only to our country's economy but also to our race relations. He has been the most divisive president, in recent history, 2012 will be the "End of An ERROR!"

* Jobless: New claims went up from $385,000 last week to $412,000 this week. With energy prices and inflation going up, the small turnaround in our economy is now threatened. Adding to this danger is the policies of The Obama administration, both domestic and foreign. Domestically their refusal to approve new permits in the gulf and open Anwar are accelerating our dependence on foreign oil. Lack of initiative in exploiting our massive natural gas reserves will prolong our decline. On the foreign policy end, wrongheaded interventionist policies like in Libya and ignoring our true enemies like the Iranian Ayatollahs' nuclear ambition are a dangerous combination. If you didn't know better you would think this was being done as a part of a master plan to defeat us from within, if you didn't know better?


* Budget: Only in Washington can a reduction in increased spending while spending more than before be considered a cut. The budget deal last week is nothing but smoke and mirrors. We'll still be increasing our debt for the year by over $1 Trillion.

* Trump: Ignoring the elephant in the room, cable talk shows debate whether Trump is a viable candidate or not. They purposely or subconsciously avoid discussion of The Obama eligibility issue. That's what set Donald Trump apart. He speaks bluntly and tells it like it is, like it or not. His pointing out the secrecy and questions surrounding The Obama's birth, background and associations is why his poll numbers are so high. This is a winning issue for whomever can solve The Obama riddle.

* Class Card: The Obama will announce that in order to reduce the deficit he will be raising taxes on the "evil" rich. Here we go again. In December he was dragged into going along with maintaining the tax level as it was by continuing the Bush tax cuts. History has proven that raising taxes on the "rich" reduces tax revenues to the government. The rich didn't get that way by being stupid. This tax increase will also affect small businesses and in turn, reduce private sector job growth. If further destruction of our economy is his intention, then raising taxes is the way to go.


* TSA: Politically correct professional gropers are still at it. The TSA continues to grope young children in front of their parents in the name of security. Common sense profiling is no where in site. Maybe a change in administration can bring some sanity back into the process.

* Middle East: The Obama and his administration called for the leaders of Egypt, Libya and Yemen to step down in the face of anti-government demonstrations. Subdued condemnation and no calls for leaders of Syria and Iran to step down. What these groups have in common are the ones that are our allies in the war on terror (Egypt, Libya and Yemen) get the full wrath of The Obama while those that are aligned and support terrorism (Syria and Iran) are given a pass. Not surprising considering where this administration stands on its foreign policy priorities.

* Debt Ceiling: No raising the debt ceiling without firm commitments to cut spending. No band-aid cuts but systematic changes in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. A roll back in government growth through retirement and attrition should also be a part of the strategic plans for curbing our out of control spending spree. We cannot allow the destruction of our economy through a collapse and transformation plan devised by enemies of our country and carried out by their useful idiots.


* False Credit: The Obama wanted $80 Billion more in spending than the compromise that was reached last week on the budget. He was dragged kicking and screaming into a cut of $38 Billion and yet, he has the audacity to take credit for spending cuts. How can you square these positions? It is obviously in the art of the propaganda. The Obama is a student of Marx, Engels, Cloward and Piven. The plan is to create distress from within the system, miss-represent the facts, take advantage of the confusion and capitalize on the resulting crisis.

* Trump: The Donald is right on the mark when questioning the eligibility of The Obama. It is not a side show or trivial to adhere to requirements in our Constitution for the office of President of the United States. The fundamental reason for Article II Section 1 of the Constitution is to guarantee complete allegiance to our country in order to be our president. Failure to meet this requirement leads us to having a president like The Obama has turned out to be. Seems like our founding fathers were very wise indeed. This issue is not going away until settled. Even in conservative leading publications like the Washington Times, false assumptions and statements are made regarding the birth certificate. Here's a statement from the from today: "The president has made public the certificate of live birth, which is the standard document Hawaii provides upon request. In addition, Mr. Obama’s birth notice was published in Honolulu papers in 1961." This statement is false. First of all the Certificate of Live Birth, which was posted, was removed shortly thereafter when it was proven to be a forgery. Why is it not posted now? The false certificate was printed in Times New Roman font by a printer. In 1961, when The Obama was supposedly born, certifications were type writer written and Times New Roman was not around. Secondly newspaper announcements were automatically triggered when a certification of live birth was requested. This certifications can be requested by anyone without any proof of a Childs birth in the state of Hawaii. Even if The Obama was born in Hawaii, his father was a Kenyan with British citizenship. His mother was an American citizen. This combination does not meet the Natural Born requirement of Article II Section 1 of our Constitution.

* Libya: NATO is now pulling back in the Libyan operation. A cease fire is becoming more likely by the day as Gaddafy maintains control of the western half of Libya. A cease fire with Gaddafy in place is a defeat for the US and The Obama stated goal. This will mean an open ended commitment by NATO and the U.N. to maintain a no-fly zone in the east.


* Dirty Harry: Well he's at it again. Now it's the evil Republicans that will be keeping his daughter and grand daughters from getting health care at clinics because title 10. Title 10 is code word for Planned Parenthood. Abortions on demand by Planned Parenthood founded by your tax dollars are what the Dirty one wants protected. Let's see if we have this right, Republicans want to starve babies, grandma, take lunch from the mouths of the needy school children and kill your pets. Those evil Republicans, can't we just push them of the cliff first?

* SUV Envy: During an Obama "town hall" campaign event he turned a question of high gas prices into blame the SUV. He suggested that you shouldn't be complaining about high gas prices when you're driving around in an SUV and what he called a "monster truck." This coming from the same person who during the 2008 campaign said that gas prices were to low and need to go up. He just didn't want them to go up too fast. This is a basic thought of the liberal/progressive/Marxists amongst us. Americans are at fault and we have had it to good for too long, wash, wah, wah. So much for leadership. No energy policy so let's blame the consumer.

* Shutdown: The Republican house passed a 1 week continuing resolution to keep government funded and pay the military for the rest of the year, DEM's oppose it. The Obama has threatened to veto it if it came to his desk. Apparently playing political games and scaring Americans is more important to the president and his Senate lackeys then funding the government. It's all about power. As they've proven time after time, America's best interest is secondary to the power needs of DEM politicians. Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead to the shutdown.


* Ideology: Dirty Harry Reid is now blaming "ideology" for the impasse in reaching a budget agreement. We agree, it is about ideology. Its about the ideology of big government versus that of a smaller more responsive one intended by our founding fathers. It's the difference between people working for the government and the government working for its people. We now have an out of control, over spending big government. Republicans want to change our path back to one of fiscal responsibility, DEM's ideology run counter to that goal.

* Shutdown: While negotiations are going on about the difference between $30 Billion and $60 Billion it is still a drop in the bucker. Considering an annual deficit of over $1.5 Trillion it's laughable that they're arguing about peanuts. We should be talking about $1 Trillion plus in cuts. That would still put us in the red for the year but at least we would be making a difference.   If DEM's don't go along with cuts, then let the government shut down. When you have a shutdown, non-essential employees stay home. If they are "non-essential" why do we need them anyway? Let the government shutdown. It's like Congress, sometimes they do their best work when they're in recess.

* Gas: That's natural gas. We have the worlds largest natural gas reserves and should start using this resource as soon as possible. Arguments against it are that we don't have the infrastructure and that it would take to long. It does take time but if it would have been started years ago we wouldn't be having the issues that we do today. Start now and in the future we will be reaping the rewards of energy independence.


* Tax Party: DEM's leadership are bankrupt of ideas. Starting with Dirty Harry Reid, they offer nothing but criticism for the GOP budget plan. They complain about not having "revenue" in the plan. "Revenue" is Democrat speak for "taxes." Their solutions for the debt crisis is not reducing spending but rather increasing taxes. Obviously this bunch never took economics 101 or have had real world business experience. We cannot sustain the spending path we're in unless your goal is to bankrupt the nation and finish the "transformation" begun when The Obama was elected. Republicans need to hold firm, it's a matter of national survival.

* Tea Party: Attacking the Tea Party's influence is equivalent to attacking the American people directly. That's what the Tea Party is, it's the American people embodied by what we used to call the Moral Majority. The bulk of Americans that have had enough with business as usual and a politically correct world view that is destroying our national identity. The more influence the Tea Party has the better off America will be, today and into the future.

* Anchor Babies: Rep. Vitter, R-LA and three other Republican Congressmen have introduced a bill that would clarify the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. That amendment has been used for years to attain U.S. Citizenship for infants born in the U.S. regardless of parents nationality or citizenship. By current acceptance of the law, two alien parents can have a baby in the U.S. and have it automatically become a citizen. From there that can be used to "anchor" the family here. What is not taken into account is the rest of the 14th Amendment, it states: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." The key point is "subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." Is a baby born here of illegal's and taken back to their home country a subject of the state where he or she was born? This loophole has been taken advantage of for far to long. It's time to clarify this amendment, specially at a time when local and federal governments are financially burdened and on a path to bankruptcy.


* Paul Ryan: Finally a statesman has emerged. Ryan and his budget committee have put forth $6.2 Trillion cuts in the next ten years. Their proposals and not painless but are a necessity to bring our out of control government spending to an end. We applaud their courage in the face of irresponsible Democrat attacks. The normal, "they're going to starve the children" will be coming soon.

* Libya: Our planes are supposedly being withdrawn from The Obama's no-fly zone. This in a strategic retreat to diffuse the blame of failure for Gaddafy's continuing in power. The Libya strategy seems to have been devised from a toss of a coin rather then a carefully thought out military plan. This is the result of having "intellectual" pinheads leading our government.

* Inflation: Bernanke keeps playing down inflation as they continue their plans to "infuse" another $600 Billion into the economy. In plain English, when you print more money you cause the price of goods to rise thereby causing inflation. Government inflation figures do not include rises in food or fuel costs. Now think about that for a moment. The main expenditures that affect every American family on a daily bases, food and gas, are not included in inflation figures. Does that make sense to you? Obviously not but it does make the government's figures look better. That's Washington for you. Washington is a place where a reduction in the rate of spending, even though the spending increases, is considered a cut. We need to end the smoke and mirrors accounting schemes of Congress and bring some sanity and common sense back.


* Koran Burning: Whatever you think of pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, his actions in burning the Koran have brought out the evil in radical Islamist. In response to burning the Koran, Taliban militants attacked a UN compound in Afghanistan killing many and beheading two. Demonstrations have continued killing over 20 people. The Taliban routinely burn the Holy Bible yet you don't see Christians rioting in the streets and savagely murdering innocent people. When a Danish cartoonist depicts Mohammed in a cartoon he gets a death sentence from these radical Islamist as they riot, leaving dead bodies in their wake. Peaceful religion? Far from it!

* Abortion: We agree with Rep. Mike Pence's drive to end government funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in our country. If you believe, like we do, that abortion kills a living being, they are killing millions annually. Whether you believe in abortion or not, our government should not be in the business of killing it's citizens, born and unborn alike.

* The Obama: No surprises, The Obama has launched his re-election bid. Same old logo, new motto. Now it's "Winning the Future." If 'winning the future' is anything like the 'losing the present' of the last two and a half years, we can't afford it. Whatever you believe about the birth certificate issue, being a "natural born citizen" is a requirement for the office of president in our country. This time around, let's get it right, require "natural born" certification for all candidates, period! Maybe this was we can "save our future."


* Mad Max: Remember the Mad Max, Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome movies? Patched up trucks and cars, laden with weapons and rebels raising through the desert. Fiction turns to reality, welcome to Libya. The rag tag rebels are on the run from Gaddafy Duck's professional forces. This battle will not be won from the air but rather in the trenches. We've just learned that Gaddafy's forces are attacking rebels in similar trucks as the rebels are using and the rebels are retreating. Al-Qaeda elements are as much a part of these rebel ranks as the Libyans were and continue to be part of the insurgency in Iraq. If we arm the rebels, some of those arms will end up in the hands of Al-Qaeda. The Obama has put us in a very tough situation that will not have an easy or quick solution.

* Trump: The Donald is a very interesting person. He's conservative on some issues yet liberal on others. He has proven himself to be very successful and knows how to lead. Whatever you think of his politics we believe he represents a large and growing section of the American electorate which have questions regarding The Obama's eligibility to hold the office of POTUS. Coming from someone of Trump's stature, this issue may finally be getting it's day in the limelight. Talking heads like O'Reilly cannot laugh it off for ever. It's not a laughing matter, it's our Constitution which is at stake. What is laughable is how birther bashers can disregard the lies and smoke and mirrors associated with The Obama defenders. Saying that his "birth certificate" has already been posted on the Internet is a flat out lie. If it had, then why was it removed? Why have they spent millions in court rooms across the country keeping it secret? What was posted was a forged "certification of live birth" which is not a certificate, can be obtained by anyone and does not list a hospital or attending physician. Even if The Obama was born in Hawaii, his father was a Kenyan with British citizenship, this would mean that The Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen and therefore is not eligible to be POTUS. We are witnessing the biggest hoax in American history. We thank Donald Trump for his efforts and will support him enthusiastically in this endeavor.

* Japan: 27,000 confirmed deaths from the earth quake and Tsunami and 0 from radiation. Even with these figures people are constantly harping on the nuclear disaster. It is a disaster but we need to keep it in context with reality. Chernobyl was a worst disaster and history has proven that it did not live up to the fears at the time. Thankfully that was the case and Japan's Fukishima will turn out to be less so. Lessons learned from this episode will ultimately make our existing and future nuclear plants safer. Back up cooling systems can fail, that's why we have back up systems. What needs to be implemented at all sites is a back up system that it not dependent on electricity to run. Gravity driven systems that can be engaged as a failsafe to prevent similar meltdowns in the future. While all the usual suspect are going ape over Japan they remain silent over Iran's intentional development of destructive nuclear weapons. The silence is deafening!


* NATO: The supposed control of the Libyan "operation" has now been turned over to NATO. It's a smoke screen to say that we are no longer running the no-fly zone. Our admirals, generals and commanders sometimes wear two hats. Their U.S. one and the NATO one. As the worlds only superpower and the main power in NATO, our military leaders also lead NATO. No matter what face you put on it, the Libyan operation is an American one. With The Obama stating the objective to be Gaddafi's departure, anything short of this would be a failure, not just for The Obama administration but for America as well. No mission creep, it's time to either cut and run or put all resources at our deposal to a swift and ruthless end to this mistake.

* Energy: In a major energy speech at the University of Georgetown yesterday, The Obama committed us to reducing our oil imports in the next ten years. This while at the same time promising Brazil to become their best oil customer. So which is it? I guess it depends on which teleprompter he's facing. Reduced oil imports will only come if we can increase our own oil production. We need to step up use of our extensive natural gas resources as well as shale. Windmills and solar are a pipe dream that will only reliably produce 5% of our energy needs, continued research and development is essential but our immediate needs for oil are paramount to our national security and our standard of living.

* Dirty Harry: Reid continues his whimpering attack on the Republican House by falsely accusing Tea Partier's. He blames them for his perceived division between new fiscal conservative house Republicans and the establishment Republican leadership. The House passed a budget bill weeks ago. The stalling is in the Senate and sits squarely at the whims of Reid himself. The division he speaks of is not within the GOP ranks but rather between the American people and his out of touch, irresponsible and incoherent leadership. If Nevada would have only got it right in November we wouldn't have to be listening to his blather on a daily basis. Elections do have consequences.


* Schumer: Chukie Schumer was caught red handed. While on a teleconference with fellow Democrat Senators, he explained how the Dem's need to paint the GOP as "extreme" in their budget cut requests. Unfortunately for the Dem hypocrisy, reporters where on the phone call too. The concerted effort to play politics with the budget process and blame the Tea Party was to be expected. Hearing it first hand from one of the Dem leadership is priceless. The reason we are still dealing with the 2011 budget is due to Chukie and his fellow Dem's refusal to pass a budget last September. Democrats wanting to cut $20 Billion from a $3 Trillion + budget is ridiculous on it's face.

* Syria: According to Hilarious and other administration officials, Syria is different than Libya because dictator Assad is a "reformer" and his air force is not bombing the opposition. You have to be blind to reality to think Assad is a reformer, not surprising that this administration thinks so. The word is now out, if you murder citizens with clubs, rifles and tanks, you'll be safe from The Obama's intervention. Just don't take to the air.

* Humanitarian Crisis: The Obama is trying to change the definition of "humanitarian crisis." Up until now, national disasters, disease, famine and epidemics where considered humanitarian crisis's. Now with The Obama's help, civil unrest between a sovereign government and its own citizens is considered a "humanitarian crisis," if those citizens are being attacked from the air. You can kill your citizens on the ground like in Syria and Iran and you will escape this label. The Constitution be dammed, this administration makes it up as they go along.


* NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed to counter the Soviet Union's WARSA Pact. The basic premise of NATO was to form a mutual defense group. If one of its members is attacked, they're all attacked. Therefore, their strength is in the defense of its members. Is Libya a member, NO. Who did Libya attack? NATO is now delaying their takeover of Libyan operations.

* Gates: Defense Secretary Gates says that Libya was not a national security interest of the U.S., he is correct. The Obama ignores this fact and intervenes anyway. He then makes a statement to the nation via a pep rally nine days after the bombing began. Presidential spin and grandstanding while evading the facts. A dangerous doctrine of selective interference is taking place before our eyes. National Security be dammed, it's all about The "O" or is that a zerO.

* Hilarious: Clinton says we are not going into Syria because Bashar Al-Assad is a reformer. What is she smoking? Strong man dictator closely allied with Iran and in control of Hezbollah in Lebanon and yet he's a reformer. There must be an alternative universe spinning in the halls of The Obama White House.


* Clinton: According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton we went into Libya even though it wasn't of national security interest to the U.S. because it was for our European allies. She said Europeans went into Afghanistan when it wasn't of security interest to them. She's flat out wrong about this. Afghanistan was of national security interest to the entire civilized world. It was a staging ground for Al-Qaeda which threatened and continues to threaten any free non-radical Muslim society. All in the name of Allah. You either succumb to their twisted Sharia ways, convert to Islam or serve in Dhimmitude. Libya is not a military move it is an illegal political move made by incoherent political fools.

* Boots on the Ground: The Obama has said and continues to emphasize that there are not U.S. "boots on the ground" in Libya. He may be literally right but of course he's factually wrong. We have "sandals" on the ground. An air campaign requires intelligence and targeting from the ground. This is accomplished with "specialists" that infiltrate, investigate and provide intelligence to our forces. They of course must be wearing sandals to blend in. Maybe this will become "sandal-gate."

* Act of War: When a president commits our country in an act of war, like the bombing of Libya, he advises the nation via an oval office statement. This is usually done at the time of the event. The Obama, after ignoring Congress and committing our military in an act of war at the behest of the UN, is being dragged into making a statement almost a week after the campaign started. Add to this that the statement will not be from the Oval office and you have another form of downplaying what is obviously and un-constitutional abuse of executive power. Our military is the best equipped and capable in responding to "humanitarian disasters." But those disasters are natural ones not an internal struggle between a nations citizens and their government.


* Al-Qaeda: It turns your stomach knowing Libyan "rebels" have been a part of the Iraq war fighting on the side of Al-Qaeda and killing our Soldiers and Marines. Some of these Al-Qaeda supported "rebels" were celebrating in the streets of Libya yelling "Allahu Akbar." That same phrase has been uttered by murderous radical Muslim's in their terrorist acts against innocent civilians and military alike. It was shouted out by Major Hassan at Fort Hood when he murdered his fellow soldiers. Gaddafy "Duck" is a brutal dictator with American blood on his hand but Whatever you think of him he has been al ally for the last seven years in the war against Al-Qaeda. In Libya we are fighting on the side of our enemy, All Qaeda. Not only is this act of war un-constitutional, we are aiding the same people we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* Gas Prices: From John Kerry to The Obama liberals have always felt that gas prices in the U.S. where too low. Kerry wanted $5 gallon gas and The Obama has said that gas prices needed to go up, he just didn't want them to go up too fast. These lame brain liberal's think it's unfair that Europeans should be paying $7 to $10 a gallon while we pay so little. Not fair? Life's not fair, get over it. They do like to spread the wealth, the problem is they also like to spread the pain. The logical end to their liberal policies is equality, not in wealth but in misery.

* McCain: John McCain says, "If we would have implemented the no-fly zone three weeks ago, Gaddafy would either be dead or in Venezuela." That may be so but it would have been as illegal back then as it is now. Our wishy washy mission is supposedly to prevent a humanitarian disaster. Where in the Constitution does it state that the president can commit our military into in war to prevent a humanitarian disaster? Why not go to Syria? There have been many deaths in Syria since Syrian's started protesting the Dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad, is this a humanitarian disaster we should also intervene in? Where does it stop? Perhaps this is just another way of bleeding our treasury on that road to utopia The Obama calls "transformation."


* UN Vs. Congress: The supremacy of the UN over our Congress is at the heart of the liberal/progressive world view. Their internationalist view of the world gives the UN undo power. A body that is made up of a majority of countries which are hostile to America and our ideals. A body that has countries such as Libya, Cuba and Iran on it's Human Rights Commission is nothing but a joke. We have no national security interest at stake in Libya yet The Obama chooses to engage in military actions to uphold a UN resolution. A resolution which The Obama administration help orchestrate. No Congressional debate or approval took place in this apparent abuse of power. We understand that 2,200 Marines from Camp Lejeune are headed to support the Libyan operation. It's a short step from support to boots on the ground. Libyan military capabilities have already been drastically damaged, now it's time to disengage before it's too late.

* Israel: Attacks on Israel continue from Gaza. Yesterday a bomb went off during one of the busiest times of the day killing one and injuring dozens. Rockets continue to be shot at Israel from Gaza. Interesting how we don't see "rebels" in Gaza. That's because "rebels" are already in charge there, they're called Hamas. They're intent on the destruction of Israel to the point that they strap bombs to their children. Blinded by hate, this end game is no where in sight.


* War or No War: Germans are pulling out of NATO, French say they are not at war and that the Libyan No-Fly effort should be run by a "political steering committee." The Arab League is running for the hills and this administration is running in circles covering their collective derriere's. Sounds like a community organizing plan gone amok!

* Soros: The Obama, Media Matters and MoveOn supporter George Soros has $811 Million investment in Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras. This week The Obama was encouraging Brazilian off-shore drilling and promised to be one of their best customers. Was this done as a payback to Soros? At the expense of the American people and our gulf oil business and jobs this is an outrageous abuse of executive power. Restrict our own companies while encouraging and supporting our competitors.


* The Obama and The UN: President Bush was vilified by the MSM and Democrat's for engaging in the Iraq war, even though there were many UN resolutions which were violated by Saddam Hussein. He also went to Congress for approval before committing our military. It's clear that The Obama views the UN above our Constitution and Congress. In 2007 during the presidential campaign, then candidate Obama said, “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” The Arab League is already critical of the no-fly zone as Russia and China also voice their disapproval. What's the end game?

* Drilling: While visiting Brazil this week, The Obama encouraged Brazil to expand their offshore drilling. When they do, he promised to be one of their best costumers. Yes, this is the twilight zone. While his administration has suspended and been an obstacle for our offshore drilling he encourages others to do what he is not. Hypocrisy anyone? He wants the Brazilian drilling to create jobs and opportunity for Brazilian workers. What about American workers that have been at the mercy of this administrations radical environmental policies. Can't wait to throw these bums out in 2012.

* Sharia in FL: In a lawsuit concerning a Mosque in Tampa, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen ruled that, to resolve one crucial issue in the case, he will consult a different source. "This case," the judge wrote, "will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law." Sharia Law has no place in US courts, State or Federal. It's a slippery slope to losing our sovereignty when we let foreign law, specially radical foreign religious law replace our Constitution.


* No-Fly Zone: Zone: Where do you draw the line when it comes to military intervention? As ugly as the Libyan situation was, it was an internal problem between Gaddafy "duck" and the rebels. It was not an aggression between countries. Support for the rebels could have been accomplished in other ways. Why didn't we intervene in Iran, Syria, China, Tunisia? Our involvement is an expensive military action when no direct US National Security interest were involved.

* Bullying: A recent video showing a school kid being bullied by a smaller kid has again shown why political correctness is endangering society. After years of repeat bullying the larger boy had enough, picked the bully up and slammed him to the ground. The bully stumbled to his feet and wobbled away. The victim should have been given a medal. Instead they were both suspended. This mentality is the same as when a homeowner is arrested for defending his family against intruders for using "excessive force." We need to stop treating issues like these with moral equivalence. There's a right and wrong and it's perfectly fine to be judgmental when that judgment separates good from evil.

* Gaza: As turmoil continues in north Africa and the Middle-East, Hamas continues their rocket attacks on Israel. In all other countries where unrest is taking place, that unrest is internal. In Gaza it's an unprovoked attack on Israel. The difference between these places is that in Gaza, radical Arab Muslims are already in power. With that power their focus is on the destruction of Israel. Is this the fate that awaits us when the dust settles?


* The Obama: From the BP oil spill to Libya The Obama shows his true colors. He leads by committee and teleprompter. From a state senator voting present in the Illinois State House, an inconsequential U.S. Senator to an indecisive president. The Obama is living example of why Senators make bad presidents. President Kennedy was the last Senator elected president before The Obama, that was 1960, over fifty years ago. By definition, senators debate while executives decide. Unfortunately this past presidential election we were stuck with a choice between two senators. So the outcome was assured that we would be saddled with debater and not with what W called, a "decider." Let's not make that mistake again.

* Golda Meir: After the senseless and brutal cold blooded murder of an innocent family in the Israeli settlement of Tamar we were reminded of this Golda Meir quote: "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us." Muslim terrorists beheading a three year old baby in his sleep is not just terror it's evil. To dance in the streets in celebration of that evil is beyond human comprehension. This kind of hate cannot be reasoned with. Golda Meir was correct.

* Cuba: Mubarak controlled Egypt for over 30 years, Castro has controlled Cuba for over 50. Egypt was our ally and was not as bad as the Communist Totalitarian nightmare that is the Cuban island prison. Unrest and uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have spread through information exchange, from the Internet to cell phones. Those are very limited in Cuba. One end of the island doesn't know what the other is doing. Through neighborhood "captains", information control and propaganda, tyrants reign supreme. Speak badly of the government and get locked up for years. We pray for a day when the Cuban people will awake from the nightmare of Communism. We also pray that on that glorious day the United States will have a president that would recognize the awakening of liberty for what it is, a gift from God.


* Japan: For years we've seen amazing advances in robot technology from Japan. Robots that can dance and mimic human beings. They take pride in these inventions and advances. Where are the nuclear plant robots? They could be named Atom, Neutron and Radii. Remote control robots that could function in the extreme radioactive atmosphere inside the failed reactors. Maybe next time!

* March Madness: Or is that budget madness? If the president would spend as much time dealing with the budget as he seems to do with his basketball brackets maybe we would get a little further down the road to solving the problems at hand. We can't continue the spending spree brought on by out of control Democrat spending. It's a joke to have a $3.4 Trillion budget and propose $4 Billion in cuts. A $1.6 Trillion deficit is outrageous.

* DOMA: For an administration and it's Justice Department to blatantly refuse to enforce and existing law is a flat out violation of the oath of office they took. Where's the outrage on this issue. It's like we've become so accustomed to the radical activities of The Obama administration, over the past two years, that any new violations of public trust have become par for the course. By accepting this behavior from our elected leaders at the highest levels of government we have become accomplices in this transformation. Time will tell if this American political Tsunami can be turned back.


* MSM Bias: Another public union, SEIU, AFL-CIO orchestrated demonstration took place in Annapolis, MD. The irony here is that they were protesting cuts being made by a Democrat governor, O'Malley. Governor O'Malley showed up at the protest and spoke to the crowd. He criticized Wisconsin for their budget cuts. Typical liberal hypocrisy. Meanwhile the MSM plays down the Maryland protests while inflaming Wisconsin and Ohio. The difference is obvious and the bias is real.

* Oil: Global price of oil has gone down due to the Japan disaster. This is primarily due to lower demand but it will be short-lived. Demand will increase rapidly as rebuilding starts to take place and the nuclear energy scare. The result of the slow down in building new plants or closing of older nuclear plants will add to the demand for oil and further our economic troubles exacerbated by higher gas prices. No time to waste. Open Anwar and approve gulf drilling permits now.

* Budget: Democrats keep up their drumbeat of complaints for the continuing resolutions (CR) to fund our government. These CR's are cutting spending while at the same time funding the government. The reason this is happening now is because when Democrats were in full control of the House and Senate they refused to pass a budget for fiscal year 2010. That is the year that these CR's apply to. Now they're complaining about the very situation they brought about. Beware liberal political spin and scare tactics.


* Gun Control: The Obama weighs in on gun control. As his Secretary of State is agreeing with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (code for we're going to take your guns away) it is no surprise which side of the issue he's on. What is it about people being able to defend themselves that makes liberals go whacko? We have enough gun laws on the books. By definition, criminals don't obey the law therefore gun control laws only restrict law abiding citizens. There are millions of guns in the U.S., if guns kill why aren't all those guns shooting people everyday? You can make the car analogy, cars don't go around wrecking into each other, it's the drivers in control that cause accidents. True gun control is hitting what you aim at!

* Nuclear Power: While attention is on the failing nuclear reactors in Japan we need to keep in mind the clean power that has been provided by nuclear reactors through the years. Human error led to problems in our own Three Mile Island accident. Human error in engineering the layout and setting up backup safety systems may have led to some of the problems we're seeing in Japan. If you're building a reactor in an area prone to Tsunami's why not build it at a sufficient elevation to keep it safe from the largest of tsunami's? If pumping water to cool the reactor is critical, why not build gravity water systems that don't require power? Even while we look at potential deaths from this accident they pale in comparison to the thousands of deaths that have already occurred from the earthquake and tsunami. We need to keep these issues in perspective before we eliminate such an important part of our energy strategy.

* Israel: Commandos seize a ship laden with Iranian weapons bound for Gaza through Egypt. The ship was seized 200 miles offshore traveling from Turkey to Egypt. Once in Egypt these arms would have been smuggled into Gaza through a network of underground tunnels. Once again we see the Iranian footprint on arms headed to a terrorist organization. Hama's is intent on Israel's destruction, Iran seeks the same ends. Chalk this one up for the good guys.


* PJ Crowley: Crowley resigned from his post as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs after his comments on Pentagon treatment of Private Manning. Manning was the soldier who disclosed classified information to WikiLeaks. He did irreparable damage to our security interests and for this he was forced to sleep in the nude and deal with sleep deprivation. Crowley criticized this treatment as stupid and considered it torture. Crowley is not out of the norm for this administration, he's just the latest to be thrown under the bus. This is the attitude of the vast majority of the jelly-backboned blame America first crowd which populate The Obama Administration.

* Gaza: Palestinians in the Gaza city of Rafah were celebrating in the streets and handing out candy. This was in response to the cold blooded murder of 5 Israeli's in their sleep, including 3 children. There murders took place in the Israeli settlement of Itamar. Reminds us of Palestinians dancing in the streets after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It's like a window into the psyche of the Palestinians when you see them rejoicing in the murder of innocent people, specially children. This kind of hate is hard to deal with, you either accept it or defeat it.

* Ethanol: With the continuing crisis in the oil producing countries of the Middle-East we should revisit the mistake of using Ethanol in our gasoline. Ethanol has minimal effect if any on the environment and when you consider the vast amount of water needed to grow the crops to make Ethanol it may even be a negative environmental process. Cutting out Ethanol will also bring down the price of corn which in turn would alleviate food shortages. At the same time, instead of releasing oil for the strategic oil reserves, how about reducing taxes on gasoline and diesel? The government takes in more per gallon of gas than the oil company does yet they don't do anything to bring that product to market. They don't drill for it, don't refine it, don't transport it, yet they profit from it more. At the same time they vilify big oil for all their profits. There's something wrong with this picture.


* Clap Trap: The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has stepped in it again. He makes idiots look smart. When interview on ABC by Diane Sawyer he was oblivious to recent terrorist arrests in a foiled plot in London. Then at a Congressional hearing he wais the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization. Yesterday before another Congressional hearing he said that Russia and China pose the greatest mortal threat to the U.S. today. In a dangerous world we do not need the head of our intelligence community making insane statements like these. He should have been fired by now, the clock is ticking…

* The Obama: The president has now said that it would be easier to be president of China. That's a true statement. Being a dictator doesn't require a birth certificate, elections or accountability to your people. Marxist rule by force and Czars. They also ignore balance of powers because they don't have any. Sounds like The Obama is in training for president of China, he has all the qualifications!

* Gun Czar: Anti-gun Andrew Traver has been nominated by The Obama to head the ATF. He has a history of being against gun ownership and our Second Amendment rights. Traver's appointment is running into some problems in the confirmation process but that shouldn't change anything. The Obama will either recess appoint him or just make him the 33rd Czar. A Gun Czar to help disarm the public. The "people" don't need guns when we have a well armed "national security forces", coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


* Wisconsin: Now the SDS and SEIU antagonizers are climbing in the windows of the assembly building. Disrupting the assembly's work and illegally entering a government building should be grounds for arrest. Time to lock these fools up.

* ATF: It's come to light that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has funneled arms to Mexico in an apparent effort to blame Americans arms for some of the violence taking place there. This is part of a master plan to clamp down on our second amendment rights. Seems like there means that the radical left won't use to achieve their ends. Between these efforts and those being undertaken by the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, our current administration aim to curtail gun ownership and disarm Americans. Our second amendment right to keep and bear arms is the right that protects all the others. It's defense is critical to maintaining our Liberty and Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

* Muslim Hearings: What is it about Rep. King's hearings on radicalization of Muslim's that black leaders like Rep. Jackson Lee disapprove of? She says the Constitution is hurt by these hearings. What kind of nonsense is that? This is about protecting our Constitution from the radical Muslim's who intend to destroy it. Critics need to get on the right side of history hear or get out of the way.


* Budget: The Obama's proposed budget cuts and freeze are a joke. A freeze after the uncontrolled spending spree of the last two years is outrageous. A freeze on hiring after adding 200,000 new federal jobs is equally ridiculous. The proposed cut of $6 Billion out of a $3.4 Trillion budget and a $1.65 Trillion deficit is laughable. It's tantamount to picking out a single grain of sand in a large sand box. Even the House Republican's $61 Billion is a drop in the bucket and yet The Obama and Democrat leadership can't go along with it. Looks like November's election results didn't matter to our out of touch president and his merry men.

* Un-Democrats: What's with the Democrat party and running away from their constitutional responsibilities. Now the Indiana Democrats have left their state to avoid a vote. Republicans in the minority during the first two disastrous years of Democrat domination in Congress didn't run away and hide like little children. They voiced their concerns and voted in a losing cause anyway. Democrats are showing they're anything but Democratic. It must be that losing their incestial union relationship is more than they can bear.

* ObamaCare: On Tuesday the Fed's granted Maine a waiver on ObamaCare. Over 1,000 and counting is the waiver count. Why all the waivers for such a great law? Remember Blinky saying that we had to pass ObamaCare so we could find out what was in it. We'll it seems that the more we find out the less it's liked. Time to defund this unconstitutional monstrosity.


* Muslim Hearings: Rep. King's Muslim hearings are bringing condemnations and pitiful attacks for the radical left. The usual suspects decry these hearings as racist for signaling out Muslims. Muslim Congressman Ellison said, "I think it is a scary proposition. I would submit to all Americans that look, could be Muslims today, could be others tomorrow." It could be others tomorrow, if those "others" are the overwhelming perpetrators of terrorist attacks on Americans. If those "others" were constantly being caught planning suicide bombings on innocent civilians throughout the country. These fools need to get their heads out of the sand and stop aiding and abetting our enemies.

* Wisconsin: What is it about our representative republic that liberals can't understand. Bused in mobs and rental demonstrators in Madison are yet another show of ignorance from the socialist amongst us. There was a clear mandate in November's elections for exactly what Governor Walker of Wisconsin is doing. It was either curtail their public sector sweetheart union deals or massive layoffs and service cuts. Shouting down opposing points of view, these mobs showed what is a common thread in their strategy, forcibly defend freedom of speech while curtailing the same freedom of speech which is disagreeable to their positions. As The Obama has said, elections have consequences and he won. Then he went on his merry path of transforming our country into a socialist failure. Republicans won in November and their on their way to saving our Republic.

* Sheen Train Wreck: What is it about human nature that requires us to watch. Probably the only person in the world that doesn't think Sheen is heading towards a dead end is Charlie Sheen himself. After all, he's the one on "Charlie Sheen." According to Sheen, If anyone else was on "Charlie Sheen" their face would melt off. The only thing in question here is the exact time of the upcoming train wreck.


* Moore or Less: The bloated hot air machine know as Michael Moor shows his true colors. Rallying assorted socialist misfits in Madison he criticizes the rich. This after making $23 Million for his ridiculous "Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary.  He has the gall to sue the producers for another $3 Million. If being rich is so evil why does he need more money? I'm sure he's just planning on giving it away.

* Drilling Permits: After a federal judge lifted the off-shore drilling moratorium The Obama administration's response was to essentially continue the ban by holding up drilling permits. All with the excuse of safety, their goal of crippling U.S. production is achieved. A new ruling is forcing the administration to act on the permits. In response they are now blaming the ruling for them having to reject the permits. After all, dictators don't care about laws. They make them up as they go along. DOMA anyone…

* Libya: Pressure is building from the left to act militarily in Libya. People the likes of John Kerry are calling for bombing airstrips in Libya. I guess bombing Libya is OK while bombing Iraq was wrong. The liberal mind is like what Star Trek called, "the final frontier." A vast space of unknown emptiness.


* Wisconsin: No more "lines in the sand." Time for pinks slips for state employees that are on the chopping block. These cuts are necessary in lieu of not passing the SB5 budget fix legislation. Layoffs can and should be placed right on the feet of the AWOL Democrat state senators. Layoff those teachers affected and start a recall election process for the derelict Democrats. While the state waits for the recall they can ship some "Pampers" to the Indiana hotels where the cry babies are hiding out.

* Mexico: Meeting with Mexican president Calderon, The Obama said, "There are laws in place in Mexico that say that our agents should not be armed." The U.S. Mexican border has become a lawless war zone and our president chooses to play politics in the face of continued murder and assassinations of Americans and American agents. Political correctness at the hands of our current progressive/socialist leaders will be our undoing. Instead of military contingency plans for Libya we should be working on them for the southwestern border. It's not just well intended lettuce pickers coming across. It's been shown by arrest statistics that illegal's from Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and other terrorist strongholds are caught every year. Obviously if some are caught others have gotten through. This problem is a ticking time bomb, it's time to deal with it.

* Libya: Forget the no-fly zone. Let the Arab league come to the aid of the Libyan people if they choose to do so. A no-fly zone would entail a military assault on Libya for which we would find ourselves in a no win situation. Our limited resources in the region need to be focused on securing stability in Afghanistan, ensuring the safety of our military personnel in harms way and defending Israel.


* Budget: Dirty Harry Reid was dragged kicking and crying into a deal to stave off government shutdown for two weeks. He had to go along with a $4 Billion cut. In two weeks they'll be at it again. Reid's issue is he's against cuts and for massive deficit spending. That has been proven over the last two years. This spectacle is going on because Democrats failed to pass a budget for this fiscal year. Republicans have proposed a $61 Billion cut for the rest of the year, less than the $100 Billion they had promised, and still they can't get Dirty Harry to go along with it. The GAO just came out with a report showing $200 Billion wasted every year by duplicitous government agencies (or as is with government work, shuffling the same papers). We propose they start cutting with those $200 Billion. Cut the agencies that are duplicating the same work. Then go after agencies that are doing work best left for the private sector. This would be a good start on the road to entitlement reform.

* Sheen-Gaddafy: It's becoming clearer everyday that Charlie Sheen and Gaddafy Duck are either on the same drug or are the same person. Sheen says he's only on a drug called "Charley Sheen" and that if anyone else were to take it their face would melt off. Sounds perfectly sane to me. Meanwhile back in his bunker, Gaddafy says there's nothing going on in Libya because all his people love him and he's one of them. OK, now we hear of a new sitcom starring these two nuts, it's going to be called Two-&-A-Third-Moron's.

* Gas Prices: High gas prices don't bother The Obama or others with the same environmental whacko views of energy. John Kerry is one of these fools that believe high gas prices would help us move faster into more environmentally friendly sources of power. What price do these people wish to pay for this lunacy. It has been proven that for every "green" job we loose 4 jobs. Spain has led the way into this green revolution and has the highest unemployment of any western economy. Advancement in green technology will come and will be beneficial for everyone and even the economy but this will take time. It will be led by entrepreneurism and market forces making this technology cost effective and attractive. In the meantime we need to use all resources at our disposal to fuel our economy with the conventional fuels that are in use today. To do otherwise would be to surrender to our enemies both economic and ideological.


* Oil/Gas: Every 1 cent rise in price of gas equals $600 Million dollars less American consumers have to spend on other items! The Obama oil drilling moratorium in the gulf cost 87,000 jobs. He added 200,000 new government jobs in the first two years of his presidency. Obviously he lives in an inverted world where people should serve the government. Open up Anwar, open up offshore drilling, no more delays. The economy is at stake!

* Libya: Looney Tunes Gaddafi and his son mini-Gaddafy are living in a fantasy world. They dismiss video evidence of attacks on their people as not being true. They may actually believe their bull. As the administration moves assets towards Libya they are considering enforcing a no fly zone. We need to carefully evaluate the consequences of our actions in such an endeavor. When people unfriendly to the U.S. are at each others throats perhaps it would be better not to interfere.

* ObamaCare: Before a group of governors yesterday The Obama made what on the surface looks like a concession on opting out of ObamaCare. He suggested that states could opt out early as long as they provide the same coverage at the same price as ObamaCare. The problem here is two-fold. ObamaCare taxes for 10 years but only provides coverage for 6 of those years. The states can't do the same to meet the cost guideline for opting out. The major issue though is that the law would have to be amended to allow this to happen and on top of that how can you compromise on an unconstitutional law? If ObamaCare is unconstitutional as Judge Vinson stated then there is no law to compromise with.


* Global Warming: During a press briefing Friday at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., research physical scientist Luke Oman said that after a "small" scale nuclear war the resulting pollutants that would be sent into the atmosphere would cause global cooling. NASA models confirm this scenario. OK, let's see if we have this right, pollutants would cause global cooling and pollutants would cause global warming. Got that? Looney tunes anyone? Algore must be having a conniption.

* Calypso Louie: Direct from The Obama adopted home town of Chicago, longtime Jeremiah Wright associate, Louie Farrakhan is at it again. Remember Wright, The Obama's close buddy and minister at The United Trinity Church of Christ. You know the "church" that espouses Black Liberation Theology, the one The Obama attended for 20 years but didn't inhale. We'll anyway back to Louie (abducted by aliens) Farrakhan, he said, “What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door.” Louie called on The Obama to let the marchers march and to not fire on them (screw loose maybe?). The Nation of Islam believes in a UFO called "the wheel" or "the mother plane" or maybe just "the starship lollipop" (that last one was ours). What's that old saying about the friends you keep?  By the way, Libyan nutcase Gaddafi gave millions to Louie's Nation of Islam.

* Wisconsin: Although the state capitol is starting to smell like a homeless shelter the mentally homeless protestors are refusing to leave, meanwhile their Democrat leaders are still AWOL. We believe they've just been added to the Missing and Exploited Children watch list.

* Oscars: No thanking God in any of the acceptance speeches. Any wonder why Hollywood is so lost morally? They're as spiritually bankrupt as the Wisconsin Democrats are childish.


As Middle East unrest continues to cause oil prices to spike, The Obama administration continues their oil drilling moratorium. Off shore drilling bans and bans in drilling in Anwar help our enemies as they cripple our economy. We and the rest of the civilized world are at the mercy of unstable radical regimes that have maintained power through deflecting hate towards the west for decades. The day of reckoning is upon us and the hate will remain. We need an immediate resumption of drilling and exploration. There are those that say this will take years to bear fruit but we know from history that this same mistaken point of view has always been their excuse. We wouldn't be in this predicament if action would have been take years ago. With modern technology, time to production has been drastically cut. No more excuses, free the technological ability of our oil producers and put Americans to work. It's a win-win for us as continuing the delay, to appease the environmental extremist lobby, will be done at the expense of our recovery. This is what we get when we elect a community organizer as president.


In a reversal of policy, The Obama administration will stop upholding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This law was enacted in 1996 and has been defended by every Justice Department since. Bowing to his Gay and Lesbian supporters his administration has again shown their contempt for the rule of law and the will of the American people. Remember the "New Black Panther" case during the 2008 elections? A clear cut case with video evidence was dismissed by Eric Holder's DOJ. When The Obama's own Democrat controlled Congress refused to create a deficit commission he did it on his own and then ignored their findings. When the supreme court correctly overturned provisions in the McCain-Feingold Act as unconstitutional, The Obama scolded the justices in his 2010 State of The Union speech in a rude act of ignorance. To further this absurdity, he asked for Congress to pass a law to overturn the Supreme Court decision. Basically he was asking that they pass a law that was already determined to be unconstitutional before it's even enacted. That is a blatant disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. Just like speech, radical progressives disagree with laws that don't support their misguided beliefs. Like Ronald Reagan once said, "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."


While Tea Party gatherings were falsely characterized as right wing astro turf and racist, demonstrators in the public union battle in Wisconsin are poor defenseless teachers being taken advantage of by an evil Republican governor and Republican Senate. Meanwhile the radical left and progressives continue to muster their zombies to the front line of this public union battlefield. Rowdy union members shout down opposing voices as is typical for the left's game plan. They agree with freedom of speech as long as that speech agrees with them. Take a look at the groups gathered in support of the public unions in Wisconsin and against the necessary measures in senate bill SB5. You have SDS, a communist ultra radical group formed in the sixties which gave rise to the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground is that terrorist group that was home to The Obama's buddies Ayers and Dorn. The American Communist Party and SEIU and also there in full force. Don't expect the MSM to get this story right, their bias is obvious. We just need to inform people of the these groups that are aligned against are prosperity. They are the usual suspect and are the enemy within.


At times, silence can say more than words. During the Egyptian uprising The Obama took the time to make statements of support for the people of Egypt. During the Iranian and now Libyan turmoil The Obama is silent. What's the difference? Egypt was an ally while Iran and Libya are clearly anti-American. Some consistency in our foreign policy would go a long way. This administration clearly seems to be on the wrong side as events overpower their collective academic minds. This same wrongheaded thinking is behind this administrations meddling in the Wisconsin budget battle. Polls show that public opinion backs Governor Walker's legislative initiative to fix their debt problem. The Obama and his union buddies are stirring the pot and fomenting unrest for the sake of the bankrupt status quo. When true "change" is needed this administration shows their hypocrisy and progressive idealism.


Public sector employees should not have collective bargaining rights. One of the main reasons why state governments are in such bad financial shape is because of the lopsided pensions and benefit packages that states have been forced to make with these unions. In the private sector, if a company's union goes on strike and shuts down the company you can go elsewhere for the service of product that company produces. With the public sector you don't have a choice to go elsewhere, they are the government. Remember when air traffic controllers went on strike during the Reagan administration. Reagan ordered them back to work and when they didn't comply he fired them. That's the way to deal with it. The teachers that are on strike in Wisconsin should be fired as well. They say they're teaching the kids a valuable life lesson by participating in the protests. What they're teaching them is irresponsibility. Governments need to cut back, not just because it's the right thing to do but also because they have to, they're broke. Parity must be reached between private and public sector jobs or this kind of anarchy will continue.


The lines are drawn in Wisconsin. It's a battle between the status quo, insolvency for government's, both state and federal and fiscal sanity. On one side you have public employee unions refusing to contribute to their benefits a share comparable to their private sector counter parts. The irony is that it's the private sector employees, who contribute a larger share towards their benefits, that are funding public sector employees through their taxes. Either these changes take place or you have massive layoffs. The other alternative in bankruptcy or bailout. There's no more money for bailouts. The Obama and Democrats are encouraging and mobilizing demonstrations against these cuts as the Wisconsin Democrat legislators cower in shame, in their hideout, across state lines in Illinois. Dereliction of duty anyone? The public union gravy train is over. Wisconsin Governor Walker was elected to do just what he is doing, bringing fiscal sanity to their state government. For this he is attacked by well organized, socialist thinking union workers and the community organizer in chief. The majority of Americans know what's at stake and they showed their knowledge with the overwhelming rebuke of The Obama's socialist/progressive policies in Novembers Mid-term elections. Unfortunately The Obama and his Democrat cronies haven't gotten the message. Bring it on!


The UN has again shown its irrelevance. Where have they been during the turmoil in the Middle East? Where have they been in responding to the Iranian crackdown on its citizens? Iran is moving two warships through the Suez Canal as a clear threat to Israel yet again they remain silent on this new development. But they're not silent in wanting to condemn Israel for building settlements in the West Bank. In a huge reversal of previous administrations policy, The Obama administration proposed to go along with Arab nations in the UN security council to condemn Israel. The statement would state that the 15 nation council "does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity." The Middle East is going up in flames and the security council is focusing on the only country in the region that is both Democratic and at peace. The country that is willing to live in peace with its neighbors while some of its neighbors even have in their charters the need for the destruction of Israel. It's time for the UN to go by the way of The League of Nations.


Besides adding $1.6 TRILLION to the federal deficit in fiscal year 2012, The Obama budget also raises taxes almost $400 BILLION. We're talking about the government spending $1.6 TRILLION more money than it takes in. This is after increasing our national debt by 40% in the first two years of his administration. Think about this for a moment, in the first 233 years of our republic we accumulated $10 TRILLION in debt. In the last two years we've accumulated $4 TRILLION. With that in mind you would think the president and congress would drastically cut back on their spending orgy and start looking at entitlements. We're at a crossroads in our history. We either continue down this socialistic progressive road off a cliff or we reverse course immediately. Not tomorrow, next year or next decade. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road, those days are over. The American people are ready for strong leadership on the federal level like Governor's Christie of New Jersey and McDonnell of Virginia have shown on a state level.


The Obama's silence to Iranian protests is deafening. At times it's best for a president to stay out of the fray when it comes to commenting on happenings in the streets of foreign lands, friends and foes alike. But if you do opine on one and not another the hypocrisy becomes obvious. As many have stated The Obama supporting the Iranian Mullahs in 2009 while hanging our Egyptian ally out to dry was contrary to the best interest of our national security. Once again we see protest in Iran, and while the Mullahs where calling for the Egyptian government to "respect" their citizens concerns, it looks like Iranian "respect" comes at the end of a barrel. Strong support for the "street" in Iran is in our national security interest.


The president just doesn't get it. We are facing an economic calamity if the government doesn't take drastic actions to cut spending. After adding trillions of dollars to the deficit in his first two years in office he proposes a freeze at already bloated levels and a cut of $33 Billion in next years budget. He talks the talk but doesn't walk it. He threatens to veto any bill with earmarks after signing every bill that has come to him loaded with earmarks. Republicans voted to eliminate earmarks while The Obama and Democrats played politics. His budget locks in the wasteful spending of his first two years and doesn't touch social security. These economic times call for drastic action which this president seems unlikely to participate in. Perhaps breaking our economy is his goal after all.


The Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, testified before a Congressional hearing yesterday and said, "The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam." We think his organization should be changed to DNS, Director of National Stupidity. The Obama administration is intent on supporting the "transformation" of a long standing American ally into another Islamic state bent on the destruction of Israel and who will side with our enemies. In the name of Democracy The Obama is sacrificing an ally and sending destabilizing signals to all our other allies in the world. His message is that we will not support you if we think we can gain some short term political points. Former president Jimmy "Malaise" Carter was on the same track when he abandoned the Shah of Iran. How did that Democratic movement play out? This administrations radical ideology and ignorance of history is not only idiotic it contributes to an already dangerous world. It is not a coincidence that these uprisings and manipulation of public opinion is happening during a weak presidents term. Democracy in the Arab world can be summarized as one man, one vote, once.


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Let’s take a little account of what’s going on. The president pretends to be the “new and improved” president by meeting with the US Chamber of Commerce and thus, snooker us into thinking that he is going to do something about improving the job situation in the United States, our country. He gives a Super Bowl Party and entertains Bill O’Reilly...smoke and mirrors? In the meantime, the media dishes the on-going 24-7 frenzied destruction of Egypt, where mostly small business and mom-pop operations have been destroyed at the hands of “democracy” seeking “humans” (aka socialists/communists/fascists Islamists, American Code Pink members, and communists groups from the United States and Europe). All this, while at the same time, doing a bang up job of keeping our feeble minds entertained with the adventures of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen and those fashion laden, Botox induced celebrity awards. So who has time to notice what the other arm of the Obama Hydra Government, the out-of-control Fed, is doing? Who has the time, energy, or neuron left to pay attention to what Bernanke and his Merry Band continues to do to sink our country, and the lives of our children, into deeper debt. Who has the time to figure out that pretty soon we will owe more than we have? And a final question for you...If you owe more to your creditors than you have to pay for your largess, what do you think it may happen to you? The Transformation of America.


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George Soros, Obama supporter, globalist, hedge fund billionaire, who has taken, and continues to take great pleasure and profit in financing the political and economic destruction of countries all over the world, throwing people into despair and bondage, is behind this. He continues, through his many organizations, to finance the indefensible defense of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in advising and assisting pimps on the termination of pregnancies of underage children. Let’s see...child abuse, child prostitution, human bondage, you name it. How can anyone in their right mind defend this? How can we possibly stand by this? Where are our voices? What happened to us? What happened to this country? Where is our heart and our soul?


As we witness The Obama's fake transformation or pretend move to the center we can still see his true ideology shine through. Speaking to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce yesterday he said that American workers need to share in corporate profits. This socialistic view of corporations is precisely what spreading the wealth is all about. Take from those who have and give to those who have not. American workers benefit from corporate success through jobs an opportunity. To benefit from profits one has to be vested in the company, in other words have a financial stake in the business. The best way for government to benefit the "worker" is to get out of the way of the business so it can prosper and create more jobs. This is not rocket science. The problem that liberals/progressives and socialists get into is they wish to control the means of production and therefore the corporations and businesses themselves. There's a lot of talk these days about creating jobs, what we need to understand is that government does not create jobs, it hinders job creation through onerous regulations and taxation. Government only creates government jobs and those are at the expense of the tax payer. The best way the government can assist in a healthy economic venture is to reduce regulation, taxation and manipulation. Government should be working on cutting spending and waste and let the private sector flourish. Stand aside big government and watch the magic of the marketplace work.


The narcissist-in-chief and his accomplices in the MSM took advantage of Reagan's centennial birthday to compare him with Reagan. Common sense would tell you that there is no comparison if the object is to pretend that The Obama is like Reagan. In fact they are polar opposites. Reagan believed in small government, The Obama in big government. Reagan believed in the power of the individual, The Obama in the collective. Reagan believed in American exceptionalism, The Obama believes every country is exceptional in their own way. Reagan believed in peace through strength, The Obama in acquiescence and compromise. Asked by Bill O'reilly what the worst part of being president was for him The Obama responded that it was losing his privacy. A selfish response but one that was to be expected. No mention of having to send men and women into harms way in defense of their country and freedom. No mention of having to talk the parents and loved ones of a fallen soldier. You can bet that Reagan's response would have been different.


The Carter years of the 70's brought about a period of high unemployment, high inflation and what Carter himself called, "malaise." This was a time of weakness, in the face of an energy crisis President Carter asked Americans to put on their sweaters and turn down the thermostat. He presided over the fall of Iran to Islamic radicals by doing exactly what The Obama is doing today. He saw America as a waning power and this was a clear reflection of him as a weak and apologetic president. Iranian's stormed our embassy in Tehran and took Americans hostage on November 4, 1979. They were held for 444 days. Then Along came Ronald Reagan. On the day of Reagan's inauguration, January 20,1981, the hostages were released. Even radical Muslims knew that Reagan was a man of principle and wouldn't stand by like Carter had. Reagan brought an incredible amount of optimism and belief in the American people at a time when it was sorely needed. He didn't blame his predecessor for all that ailed us but rather called upon the spirit of Americans as an exceptional people to overcome obstacles like we've done in the past. That positive attitude inspired millions to do just that. He said government had grown beyond it's means and called on government to stand by the people not ride on their backs. He lowered taxes and regulations and sparked a fire that brought about over 20 years of unprecedented economic prosperity. He stood up to the Soviet Union and oversaw their collapse with his leadership and principles. His strength came from his belief in the goodness of the American people. His word was his bond and his bond was the trust he had in the greatness of America. On his 100th birthday, we remember Reagan as the greatest president since George Washington. What a difference a president makes!


The U.S. Senate voted on repeal of ObamaCare yesterday. The outcome was predictable, all 51 Democrats voted to retain and all 47 Republicans voted to repeal. Fresh off Federal Judge Roger Vinson striking down the entire ObamaCare bill as unconstitutional this vote shows that Democrats back an unconstitutional law. What happened to the Blue Dogs? They are now BDINO's (Blue Dogs In Name Only). During the midterm elections some of these Democrats where, after running away from ObamaCare, were able to fool the electorate. Yesterday's vote puts them on record as being just another Dumbocrat falling in line behind Dirty Harry Reid's coercion. They neither listen to the people or to the courts. We agree with efforts to fast track this case to the Supreme court for judgment before more federal dollars are wasted implementing an unconstitutional law that threatens to destroy our health care system. You can bet that The Obama's supreme's will fall in line just like the BDINO's did.


Our confused foreign policy. The Obama and his State department want to be seen as not having a role in the Egyptian situation yet they keep stepping in it. From Clinton scolding the Egyptian government for cutting off the Internet and social networking to The Obama asking for a peaceful transition, their meddling will be their undoing. This administration is facilitating the fall of an ally and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Aren't these the same ilk we're fighting in the global war of Islamic terrorism? These radicals are not interested in a peaceful transition they want to take advantage of the current situation and replace the Egyptian government with an Islamist state intent of aligning itself with Iran and seeking the destruction of Israel. That is the path we're on. As we've stated before, the military needs to step in and take control. Mubarak has already stated he will not seek reelection in the upcoming September elections. To facilitate the overthrow of a government because .3% of 80 Million Egyptians demonstrate against it is embarking on a fools errand. This administration is wrongheaded in it's response and are likely to lose Egypt, the Suez canal and the wider Middle East in the process. Elections have consequences, we're learning that the hard way.


A federal judge yesterday struck down ObamaCare's insurance mandate as unconstitutional. This was a correct ruling which upholds our Constitution. The government cannot force an individuals to enter into an act of commerce against their will. The mandate in ObamaCare to do just that goes against this fundamental right. Because the ObamaCare house of cards rests primarily on this mandate it is therefore defunct. You cannot fix what is flawed from it's inception, it must be tossed in the trash heap where it belongs. Individual aspects of our health care system should be looked at and dealt with as necessary without scrapping the whole system like ObamaCare would do. ObamaCare was woven with lies and crammed through Congress in a power grab full of back door deals and false promises. The American people rejected this maneuvering and the court has now upheld that objection. Chalk one up for the good guys.


Hypocrisy in The Obama administrations response to events in Egypt is clear. When true democratic protestors took to the streets in Iran The Obama responded with silence. When he did speak he asked for calm and indirectly backed the Iranian Mullahs. When the Mullahs violently put down the demonstrators, murdering and arresting scores, there was silence. In Egypt we have the opposite situation. Secretary of State Clinton called for the Egyptian government to use restraint and to allow the Egyptian people free communication through the social networking sites and Internet which the government had shut down. The Obama has called for a peaceful transition. What we are looking at is an orchestrated power grab by the Islamic fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, to take power in Egypt. Being the largest of the opposition groups in Egypt it would be inconceivable that they would stay on the sidelines in a new government. Their goal is an Islamic state in the most populous Arab nation in the world. Just look at the Iranian response to the Egyptian situation, it's the same as The Obama's. Iran's call for Egyptian governments restraint is laughable in the face of their own recent history. We are witnessing the loss of a secular Egypt orchestrated by enemies of freedom and Democracy using freedom and Democracy as a guise. It's not to late for the Egyptian government to take control through their military. This is their last chance to avoid disaster. Take control and bring about some legitimate Democratic reforms without losing your future to an Islamic fundamentalist nightmare.


The Middle-East is at a boiling point. For years Arab governments have maintained power by deflecting internal discontent. This deflection has been in the form of allowing and encouraging Madras's and religious fervor against the west. Governmental approval enabled this pressure release as a way of insuring their continued hold on power. Their day of reckoning is close at hand. Rather than curtail and discourage the kind of senseless hatred that has been occurring for decades the very hatred they allowed is now focused on them. What may seem on the surface as pro-democracy movements may turn out to be a repeat of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. In 1979 the Shah of Iran, a strong U.S. ally, was overthrown after President Carter refused to support him. The Ayatollah's took over and the rest is history. Iran has been at the heart of world wide terror that we have been dealing with ever since. When anti government forces in Iran turned on the Ayatollah's last year The Obama failed to support them. They were ruthlessly crushed by Iranian police. The violent protests now taking place in Egypt are a very dangerous turning point. Failure to support the Mubarak government, a strong ally, could end up being a rerun of the 1979 mistake. Only time will tell but in either case, we must reinforcement our strong commitment to the only true Democracy in the region, Israel.


Listening to The Obama you would think he was running for president to fix the current problems that face us. If you live in a vacuum you might think he makes sense. Fortunately we don't live in a vacuum and do know that he's had two years to fix what ails us and his policies have only made things worse. He pushes new spending when the clear result of last Novembers midterms was a loud "stop spending" from the American people. His new spending is called "investing," like that's going to make any difference. Spending money you don't have has to stop now no matter what you call it. He talks of the need for improving our "infrastructure." What happened to his "shovel ready" jobs from the last Spendulus bill? The bulk of that money went to shore up public sector unions and unfunded pensions. We remember when presidents used to stand up for America and defend our exceptionalism. This president talks about  China's infrastructure and wants to emulate a Communist country's advances in roads and airports. I'll tell you a little story from a trip I made to China in 2000. I traveled with some associates to tour Chinese factories in the industrial south east of China. Slave factories where workers earn $10 a day and work 6 days a week. They do get their prison like apartments, food and uniforms paid for, but at what expense? Like robots they perform their daily monotonous tasks. The sad part is that as bad as it seems there are millions of others waiting in line to take their jobs if they screw up or give up. One day our driver was taking us between factory cities on a new "super highway" that he wanted to show off. There was no traffic as very few cars were even spotted while we traveled. Half way through our trip I notice a lump up ahead in the middle of the road. As the driver approached he moved over to another lane to avoid the debris in the road. As we passed it we notice is wasn't debris but rather the mangled remains of a human body. Our driver didn't even hesitate, he just kept driving. I ask why we couldn't stop to see if he was still alive or to at least call for help and keep him from getting hit. Our driver responded that, "it was just a dumb peasant." "This kind of thing happens all the time," he told us. These farmers are not used to the new roads and the speed of the cars traveling on them so they get hit when crossing the highway. Life seemed sadly cheapened to me by this disregard for a human being. Life is cheap in China was the lesson I took away from this sad memory. The Obama praises China's "infrastructure," he can have it. Our infrastructure is the bond which lies in the thread that holds us together. That unique America spirit founded in Liberty, endowed by our Creator and guaranteed by our founding documents. Our American infrastructure is sound and strong as ever!


The Obama got away with his double speak early on but after two years of disastrous policies it's going to be a bit harder for him now. You can't pretend to be focused on the economy when your actions are contrary to free market principles. Progressives seek to control, not only business, but behavior as well. Through this control they gain their power. The president proposes a spending freeze but what he doesn't tell you is that the freeze is at the elevated spending level that his policies have wrought. Those levels are unsustainable. What is necessary are cuts and drastic cuts at that. Cuts to pre-Obama levels are needed to reverse the damage that has been done and bring stability back to the markets. ObamaCare has already proven to be a costly economic mistake and it's not even fully implement yet but the president still spouts it as a great accomplishment. Reality has yet to make it's appearance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We're involved in a world war of fanatical Islamic fanatics yet he down plays it. He's a wartime president with a cum ba ya fairy dust appeasement mentality. When there's history to study you can't hide behind the veil of your new centrist makeup. We can see right through his smoke and mirrors.


During yesterdays White House Press briefing, press secretary Gibbs said, “I think rational people have — have long ago, many when they first heard and saw the president, come to the conclusion of his citizenship.” The president himself has laughed off this issue as people not believing that he's a citizen. This is a smoke screen. It's not about citizenship it's about being a "natural born citizen." You can be born anywhere in the world and still become an American citizen. People that believe in Our Constitution and thereby believe in Article II Section I of that Constitution know that it's not a case of citizenship but rather of being a "natural born" American. The basic underlying reason is all about loyalty. There was a strong reason for the framers of the Constitution to place such an important requirement in it and it must be adhered to. It wasn't a suggestion, it is a requirement! This issue was just brought back up to the forefront by a strong ally of the President, new Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie. Liberal Abercrombie criticizes "birthers" and said he was there when The Obama was born in Hawaii. He wasn't. He also said that he would produce the long form birth certificate to shut the birthers up. He hasn't because he can't, it doesn't exist. Abercrombie just said that there's a "notation" in the state archives that shows The Obama was born there. A "notation?" Could you or I get away with a "notation" as proof or our birth? Very doubtful. Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams has just sworn an affidavit that a hospital generated birth certificate for Obama does not exist. This issue is not going away and will be center stage in the 2012 election. If The Obama is proven to be a natural born American citizen then clear the air and prove it, if not, then the biggest hoax in our history must be brought to an end. Our Constitution depends on it.


It seems like tomorrows State of the Union speech is going to be more of the same. Spend, spend, spend. These speeches are always full of new proposals but these are not ordinary times. With two failed stimulus bills and out of control spending, new spending should not even be considered. This is a time to cut budgets, cut failed programs, cut bureaucracy and cut government down to size. These are not times to be promising new government largess at the expense of our economic well being. Cut spending across the board back to 2008 levels. Cut taxes and put a moratorium on any new business and job killing regulations, specially the EPA CO2 disaster in the works. Keep government hands off the Internet and step back and see capitalism and market forces spring back to prosperity. Unfortunately lawmakers and politicians feel they are not getting anything accomplished if they are not passing new laws. There are enough laws as it is and many of them are burdensome and obstructive to our well being. Sometimes the best government is the one that does nothing at all. When government passes new laws to fix a problem it seems the laws of unintended consequences always take over. At that point, the law becomes the problem. As with all The Obama's speeches remember to take his words with a grain of salt. It's his actions that bear review.


Heading towards insolvency, federal dept is a train wreck waiting to happen. The GOP is proposing over $2 Trillion of debt reduction. What on the face looks like drastic cuts are merely rolling back the out of control government growth that has occurred during The Obama's first two years. Let's start with the over 200,000 new federal workers that reinforce an already overwhelming federal bureaucracy. 10,000 new IRS agents that are being paid by your tax dollars to come after more of your tax dollars, talk about waste. Then we have the job destroying and health care destroying ObamaCare nightmare. It would create over 100 new federal agencies to oversee a health crippling and rationing system. ObamaCare would break the bank. Fuzzy numbers were used to make this system look like a deficit reducing change when in fact it is the opposite. It would tax for 10 years yet only pay out for 6. It includes $500 Billion taken from Medicare and doesn't include the "Doc Fix" spending to keep doctors from opting out of care because of reduced reimbursement fees. Smoke and mirrors were used to ram this program through, and even with that, the American people saw through the illusion. When you start out with a monstrosity like ObamaCare, there is no way of piece mealing a fix. We need to scrap it then start over with individual fixes for areas of our health care system that could use some work. Three simple steps would go a long way: Allow interstate competition between insurance companies to reduce cost, tort reform to reduce overhead and relax tax laws to allow more doctor deductions for treating patients without insurance coverage. Common sense reforms that would eliminate a 2,000 page ObamaCare atrocity.


In yesterdays joint news conference, The Obama said, "We welcome China's rise, I absolutely believe that China's peaceful rise is good for the world, and it's good for America." This is the same thinking that former Clinton Secretary of State Madelyn not-so-bright had. She said the world is safer and more secure when there is more than one superpower. Liberals and Progressives that are always blaming America first tend to have this view. If you don't believe in American exceptionalism then you can fall prey to this mentality. It's like Winston Churchill once said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last." We feel the world is a much safer place when there's one superpower if that superpower is the United States of America. How many country's has China aided against tyranny and oppression? A Communist country which oppresses it's own people cannot be called on to liberate others. The Obama has not hosted a State dinner for one of our main allies like Britain or Germany but yet he had one for China last night. It's ironic that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, The Obama, hosted a lavish White House State Dinner for HU Jintao of China when Hu is currently holding prisoner the 2010 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. If you believe that human rights are given to us by our Creator then you must believe that the Chinese people were also given those same rights. Unfortunately, as detailed in The Benedi Doctrine, communist systems institutionally violate our inherent human rights. If in it's laws a state violates your God given human rights than you don't need any physical evidence that a violation has occurred. Essentially since they have a right to do so, your rights have already been compromised. By giving China moral equivalency to the United States we are feeding the dragon, hoping he'll eat us last.

On a lighter side. The president of China comes knocking at the White House and The Obama answers the door.

The Obama: Who's there?
Hu: Hu.
The Obama: That's what I said, who's there?
Hu: Hu.
The Obama: Who is it?
Hu: It is Hu.
The Obama: Stop messing with me!
Hu: Hu's messing?
The Obama: I'm going to have to get the Secret Service.
Hu: Not de C-Qwet Cer-Bis.
The Obama: Why?
Hu: No, Hu.
The Obama: I've got to go pick up Bo Poo.
Hu: Bo? What's for dinner?


Hu is in the White House. Chinese president Hu Jintao is on a state visit to Washington. Human rights and freedom will not be on the agenda. They are the issues that are always set aside when we deal with the Chinese. What will be discussed is the lopsided economic relationship with the worlds most populous nation. New York Senator Chucky Schumer has stated that he would grill Hu on their manipulation of the Chinese currency. This while at the same time we are undertaking QE2 which in essence is manipulating our currency. Something about the Pot calling the kettle black? While China is our biggest creditor nation we are their biggest customer. If China didn't manipulate their currency then everything we buy from China would become more expensive. In a economic slow down like we're in now this would only make things worse. This is not the time to manipulate anything. Market forces are best left alone. China needs our market more than we need their money but we have to drastically cut our spending to keep that situation from changing. Hu's on first, What's on second and Where do we go from here?


The Obama pretends to reach out to American business by an executive order to review government regulations. Where has he been the last two years? His policies are the driving force for new regulations that have been strangling businesses, specially during a recession. You don't have to go far to start reversing his damage. How about we start with the EPA's CO2 regulations that aim to do through executive mandate what they couldn't get through the Cap N' Trade scheme. It doesn't do any good to remove some regulations for the sake of political points while at the same time creating new ones while the public is distracted. While the price of doing business goes up, due to the increasing cost of fuel, how about The Obama remove the oil drilling moratorium he imposed after the BP oil spill disaster and opens up the oil fields in Anwar. This would go a long way to improving the economy by lowering the cost of doing business and allowing for new job creation. We don't need studies, that's what academics do when they can't make a decision. Action not talk will make a difference. Like with all other words from this president, they're "just words." Watch his actions, they tell the true story.


Cuba has been a living example for over 50 years that Communism is a failure, every time it's tried. With over 90% of the people working for the government it's an economic catastrophe. Private property is outlawed and human rights are "owned" by the government through its Institutional Violation of Human Rights, as explained in The Benedi Doctrine. Fidel Castro has ruled this Communist dictatorship since its violent revolution in 1959. Think about that, Eisenhower was President of the United States back then. It is wrongly reported that Fidel Castro turned over leadership to his brother Raul when he became ill several years ago. The truth is he only relinquished the titular position of President. Fidel maintained the leadership of the Communist party. In a Communist dictatorship the head of the Communist party is the head of the government. With the continued enslavement of the people of Cuba and the economic disaster that Communism has entailed they are now starting to layoff a planned 500,000 government employees. With the end of this nightmare in sight along comes The Obama to the rescue. The path that The Obama is talking to ease commerce and monetary transfers to and with the people of Cuba is in essence easing the burden on Castro's failed Communist tyranny. The world, led by the United States, was up in arms against apartheid in South Africa but yet ignores the one 90 miles from our southern shores. In Cuba there is an apartheid between the government, their tourists and the Cuban people. South Africa's apartheid was eliminated through strong and unanimous economic sanctions not through easing of economic ties. Cuba's will not be eliminated by doing the opposite. It's time to tighten the noose not let the criminal free.


When questioned about the rally nature of The Obama "memorial" speech in Arizona on Wednesday night, the White House said there were no applause lines in the speech and it was unexpected. Great spin from the spin masters. Was it unexpected when they orchestrated a political pep rally by printing brochures and T-Shirts with the motto "Together We Thrive"? Those T-Shirts where draped over the chairs at the memorial to encourage the audience to put them on.


Were those T-Shirts and brochures "unexpected"? This was a pre-planned political pep rally at the expense of the victims and victims' families of this horrendous tragedy. A kick-off to The Obama 2012 re-election campaign. Comparable to the Wellstone memorial in Minnesota years ago, this was just another shameful act by shameless politicians. Never let a crisis go to waste, and they didn't. Hopefully after the accolades for The Obama's tele-prompted delivery, the sinister underlying political machinations will become clear to the American people. Masters of manipulation become tyrants and tyrants become masters. Let's not be fooled by these unicorns. Don't always trust in what you see but believe in what you know to be. In God We Trust.


Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is introducing new gun control legislation that would make it illegal to have a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official. Although we agree with Rep. King on most issues, this is another lame brain knee jerk reaction to a tragedy. It's not the gun that committed the crime. By definition, criminals ignore and break laws. Only law abiding citizens are adversely affected by restrictive gun control laws. There are enough gun laws on the books already. If his bill becomes law and a government official happens to be in an area where a gun permit holder is walking can that citizen be arrested? If he's within 1,000 feet of the official, he's is now a criminal. Maybe if gun laws were less strict and people at the Giffords event were armed, the shooter would have been deterred from committing his murderous rampage on at least been stop after he got the first shot off. Strict gun laws have been shown to be inefficient at reducing crime. Cities with the strictest laws have the worst crime rates. Chicago and Washington, DC come to mind. We expect illogical liberals to come up with these responses to senseless crimes but not respected Republicans like Rep. King.


Following the "RahmObama" principle of not letting a crisis go to waste, liberals continue their attack on Conservative radio and Conservative speech. They are doing this either because of stupidity or malice. To link conservative speech to the horrific murderous act of an insane criminal is flat out ignorant. Liberals always seem to defend speech when that speech is agreeable to their idiotic policies but when it's critical, it needs to be curtailed. We may have stumbled across the reason. While normal brains function with neurons, liberal brains function with morons. These moronic cells transmit illogical liberal messages leading to even greater illogical liberal conclusions. There is no known cure for this condition even though some have shown progress towards sanity when facts are allowed to enter and interfere with the moronic monopoly of liberal idiocy. What is needed is more speech and more ideas as information can and will defeat the people that seek to minimize it. Communist and tyrannical governments limit and control speech. Free people welcome it.


The Looney left is still ignorant to facts which surround them. Senate Democrat leader "Dirty" Harry Reid appeared in an interview which aired on "Meet The Press" this weekend spouting the same liberal mantra. He said, "The tea party was born because of the economy, the economy is probably the worst it's ever been except for maybe the Great Depression. The tea party will disappear as soon as the economy gets better. And the economy's getting better all the time." Just like their view of why ObamaCare is so unpopular, blaming it on the lack of information or communication, they are completely wrong on this as well. The economy may have played a roll in the rise of the Tea Party but it was because the Progressive, Liberal Socialist policies of The Obama and leadership from Reid and Pelosi that continued to destroy our economy and balloon our debt. The Tea Party is about bringing America back to fundamental sanity and policies that serve and not endanger our liberty and freedom. Democrat partisan backroom dealing, out of control spending and regulatory meddling fueled the Tea Party movement. Long after physical responsibility is restored and government is shrunk back to size the Tea Party will still be here. It will endure, like a governor on an engine, it will serve to limit government largess and keep our leaders from exceeding the power which "we the people" entrust in them.


The tragic killing and maiming of innocents in Arizona on Saturday where precisely that, a horrific act perpetrated by a psychotic, disturbed individual. Normal reaction is of shock and thoughts of sadness and grief for those murdered and injured. Liberals and their MSM friends immediately seek to politicize this tragedy for their own political gain. That is a tragedy within the tragedy. They jump to conclusions, blame the right wing, Tea Party and even Sarah Palin. When Colonel Hazan murdered his fellow soldiers in the Fort Hood massacre in the name of Muslim Jihad liberals and the MSM were quick to caution against jumping to conclusion and blaming Islam. These very same people, without any information or investigation blame and vilify the "right wing." Congresswoman McCarthy from NY is even introducing a new gun control law. They always seek to blame the gun or their political enemies rather than the actual perpetrator of the act. Perhaps if there were more guns on the scene this tragedy could have been minimized or even prevented. Gun shows are full of guns both for sale and carried by the public yet you never see a shooting at a gun show. Only evil cowards shoot innocent unarmed people like what just happened in Tucson. Our hearts and prayers go out to the murdered and injured as well as their family and friends. We pray for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords health and recovery.


There is nothing laughable about the Constitution. Why is it that some Democrats snickered and even refused to be present for the historic reading of our Constitution before the Congress yesterday? As one of our founding documents and the basis for our laws it is paramount that ALL members of Congress have the utmost respect for our Constitution. Those that refuse to respect and uphold it are in violation of the very oath they took when they were sworn into their offices. They are a disgrace and should be shown up for what they are and ejected from their positions of trust. The Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is only six pages long. The Constitution needs to be upheld in its entirety or it shall crumble into the trash heap of history. Like a link chain it is only as strong as its weakest link. That brings us to Article II Section I: "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States." There is a very important reason for this section, it's all about loyalty. The president cannot have divided loyalty to the country for which he is the leader. During the reading of this section yesterday a public gallery member shouted out, “Except Obama. Except Obama. Help us Jesus!” What is the reason why The Obama has spent over a million dollars keeping his private records and his birth certificate secret? What's there to hide? During the presidential campaign he told an audience that he had visited all 57 states. Slip of the tong? There are 57 Islamic states, are those the ones he was referencing? You be the judge. Perhaps it was with this in mind that those wise men who we know as our founding fathers, placed that "natural born" requirement in such a prominent location in such an important document.


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“The last act of any government is to loot the treasury.” George Washington. That’s what the dems with Obama, Reid and Pelosi at the helm have been doing. During her long protracted speech before handing over the gabble to Boehner, Pelosi has the chutzpah to gloat about all the wonderful things that she and her ilk have been doing to us and our country. Yes, they have been doing quite a lot in destroying our country. Pelosi, the Congresswoman from Florida Wasserman-Schultz and others are now invoking the Constitution, talking about creating jobs, and already blaming the Republicans. Do these people ever hear themselves speak? These are the same people who have shown over and over again an absolute lack of respect and disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America. They have shown and continue to show an absolute lack of respect for the citizens of this country. Enough of this! People need to be reminded on a daily basis what these people have done to the Constitution, to our country and to us, and what they will continue to do if they are not stopped. They have put us through much mental anguish and on-going pain and suffering. If they were working for private industry they would have been fired long ago. If they were doing this in another country, people would be clamoring for them to spend the rest of their living days in a jail somewhere. These people want bipartisan agreement as long as it is based on what they want. These people play for keeps. Some may think that Pelosi is stupid, when in reality she is one of the many representations of evil in D.C. It’s time to stop this out of control train. No more Miss, Ms. Mrs. Mr. Niceperson! Any Republican that acquiesces to these socialists/Marxists/communists should be removed from office. We can’t let people forget what these democrats have done to us and to our country for the last two years, but also everything which they have done for the past four years, for the past decade, for the past thirty years, for the past forty years, to “transform” this country. These “progressives” have been destroying our country pieces at a time, for as long as we have been allowing them to do so. This is not the time to forget and move on. This is the time to act decisively. Enough Politics As Usual. Time to take our country back! Time to make sure everyone in Congress obeys and defends the Constitution and our country. After all, this is what they swear when they take office. Time to hold them to their promises and to never forget. And if they want to go on a path of blaming, smearing and destroying their opposition, bring it on! It’s time that we stand up to these thugs!


It's almost laughable how with a "straight" face, Blinky Pelosi can say that they have been the most deficit conscious Congress with "Pay-Go." During just this past year the national debt went from $12.3 TRILLION to $14 TRILLION. Good riddance Ms. Pelosi. It's irresponsible socialist-feel-good policies that are bankrupting this nation and curtailing our free enterprise system. A system which is no longer free but rather shackled by over regulation imposed through the bureaucratic incompetence of The Obama administration and out of touch liberals in Congress. There's a new sheriff in town. The Tea Party class of 2011 will start making a difference today. We will be watching and pointing out the misleading and outright lies of the MSM and Progressive's in Congress. Their attacks had begun before the new Congress was even seated. Keep an eye on The Obama's slight of hand as he continues to implement by executive order and mandate what he couldn't even pass through the Democrat dominated Congress. He failed to pass Cap-N-Trade so his EPA is imposing new business and job killing CO2 emission regulations on their own. He couldn't get a new "fairness doctrine" to silence conservative radio so he will be doing it through his FCC with local programming content requirements as well as cutting back radio licenses from 8 years to 4. They are also going after the Internet with regulation that will stifle dissent. We are witnessing the tyrannical march of a progressive philosophy that is the antithesis of the American Way. We'll be watching!


Liberals have feelings. They feel they know what's best for you so they devise ways of controlling your behavior with regulations. They feel that it's not fair for some people to have more than others so they redistribute wealth through progressive taxation which penalizes success, rewards mediocrity and subsidizes failure. They feel our enemies would stop hating us if they only understood we don't mean them any harm so they compromise on our defensive strategies and find politically correct ways of reaching out. They feel for the poor so they raise the minimum wage causing small businesses to lay off the poor. Their feeling and meddling ways always seem to have consequences other than those intended. The reason for this is while liberals feel, they don't think straight. When conservatives see a successful person we think of how we too can become successful. Liberals feel that it's not fair and look for ways to minimize that success. They feel there should be equal outcomes for all Americans. The Constitution guarantees equal opportunity not equal outcome. There are economic inequalities of where we all start, that's life. We cannot level the playing field by destroying that which most of us strive to achieve, success. It's time our government was cut back to size both in numbers and in its massive regulatory intervention in our business and lives. With less emphasis on the nanny state and more on the individual liberties enshrined in our Constitution, we can right the ship of state. The future looks bright if you focus on our past greatness, stop apologizing for our past success and find ways to unleash the free will of the American spirit.


Looking back on 2010 we see an awakening of the American spirit and of the moral majority through the Tea Party movement. After being pushed to the brink by an irresponsible administration and Congress, who had made a mockery of the Constitution, the giant is on the move. We saw an ignorance of economic principles and a focus on "progressive" socialist ideals which in practice, cripple and bankrupt whatever system they happen to infest. We witnessed misleading demagoguery from The Obama and his liberal leaders in Congress, slight of hand that wound make old snake oil salesmen cower in comparison. The word "progressive" itself means to progress towards something. That something is a socialist/communist state. The American people saw clearly through the masquerade and slammed on the brakes. The November mid-term elections were a direct repudiation of that progression. The president and Congress ignored the will of the people and crammed through unpopular and unnecessary legislation during the Lame-Dumb-Duck Congress. The Lame Duck period was intended by to be a period of transition between an old Congress and a newly elected one. Instead, The Obama and liberals turned it into a feeding frenzy of pet legislation, pork and a crippling SALT treaty. It's time to bring back some sanity and Constitutionally based government principles. The new Republican majority in the House will do just that. Starting off by reading the Constitution out loud and then by requiring that any bill brought before the House specifically state its basis according to the Constitution. Rolling back some of the damage done will be another high priority including repeal or defunding of ObamaCare. The socialist party is over, real change is coming. Happy New Year!