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* Dysfunctional: There is no other word to describe Congress than dysfunctional. It's a club of procrastinators who knowingly put off doing their work to the last minute in hopes of seeking maximum capitulation for the opposing side. If government was run like a business, we wouldn't have this problem. In the real world, if you don't do your job, you get replaced. In Congress, if you don't do your job you get re-elected. And here we are, looking over the cliff. The leader of this dysfunction is The Obama himself. A campaigner in chief who continues to blame everyone else for his failures. Voters have chosen this gridlock and that is exactly what they will have for at least another two years. Happy New Year!


* Dirty Harry: The audacity of little dirty Harry Reid. He slithers through the halls of power like Gollum through the caves of Lord of the Rings "Middle Earth."  Occasionally gathering enough steam to crawl up to the podium and spew his hateful diatribe. His latest, yesterday, was calling House speaker Boehner a dictator for not allowing a Senate approved bill to the floor for an up or down vote. The hypocrisy of little dirty Harry is palatable. The Boehner lead House has passed budgets and fiscal cliff remedying bills that have yet to see the light of day in little dirty Harry's Senate. They lay dormant in the depths of the caves into which he slithers after spewing his nonsense. The cliff could be avoided today if Harry would only bring the House bill up for a vote. It would continue the current tax rates for all Americans and avoid the fiscal cliff. The MSM will cover for the slithering one and his master The BO, so be it. The House should immediately pass yet another bill freezing current tax rates and send it over to the Senate. They should announce it with much fanfare and then join the public in watching little dirty Harry slither back down the halls of power towards his cave to flush another practical solution down the rat hole that is the Senate leaders inbox.


* Boehner: Conservatives bashed boehner for putting up a bill that didn't have the votes to pass. In hind sight, it was a brilliant move. It showed that the Republican base did not support any tax increase, period. It's not a tax issue, it's a spending issue. If they won't vote for a tax increase on $1 million plus, they will not vote for tax increases on $250 thousand plus. It's that simple. It put the focus back on spending. Republicans must not cave on this issue. No matter how much propaganda is put out by The Obama administration and their media patsies, the plain fact remains that Democrats are the party of tax increase and big government, Republicans are for lower taxes and smaller government. You can't reinvent the wheel.

* Gregory: NBC's Meet the Press news anchor David Gregory displayed a supposed 30-round assault weapon magazine while grilling NRA's CEO Wayne LaPierre. His point was to say that a 30 round clip was not needed for hunting and if it was only a 5 or 10 round clip it would help stop the carnage that took place at Sandy Hook. The problem with Gregory's prop was that it was already illegal to have under the strict DC gun control laws. NBC had asked the metropolitan police for permission to use the clip and they were turned down. They chose to use it anyway. How did they obtain the clip if it was illegal? It makes our point that making a gun or clip illegal does not elliminate the gun or clip. If you want to obtain one you can. A clip is only a metal case witth a spring. It can easily be built in ones garage. Adding to the more than 20,000 gun control laws already on the books will do nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook. Only an armed presence in our schools can deter madmen. You wouldn't put a sign in front of your house that read. "This house is a gun free zone (and the idiot that lives here put up this sign)." Yet we have simmilar signs around our schools inviting the insane to shoot fish in a barrel. Our children deserve better. It's not the gun, it's the individual behind the trigger that's responsible.


* Regulations: The Obama administration missed an October deadline for releasing their plans for new regulations in the coming year. This deadline was intentionally missed in order to get past the election without voters being aware of them. On Friday at 3PM, right before the Christmas break when Congress had already left town, they released their announcement for new intended regulations. The regulations range from power plant standards to healthcare and workplace safety. The list includes 68 new rules by the Department of Labor alone. In September the National Economic Research Associates reported a projected loss of 887,000 jobs annually from The Obama's regulation agenda. The MSM will continue to cover for The Obama and Americans will continue to get screwed. More regulations means less jobs, higher taxes means less jobs. At a time when our economy is teetering on the fiscal cliff and heading into another recession, this administration is focused on their ideology and not the best interest of the American people. The electorate was fooled again, through outright voter fraud and Communist style propaganda.


Merry Christmas


* Boehner: Facing the fiscal cliff and an out of control president, Boehner is in a very difficult position. Concerning the White House refusal to tackle any meaningful deficit reduction and an accomplice propaganda media machine he came up with a bold plan that unfortunately had to be pulled from consideration due to insufficient votes. His plan was to pass a bill which would have kept the current tax rates for 99.81% of Americans and only allow higher rates on 0.19%. That would mean only people making more than $1 Million would face higher tax rates. Essentially what this would do is take away the administration's and DEM's blame for the GOP being responsible for higher rates on the middle class. The GOP would have been able to point out that they passed a bill that was being held up in the Senate by Dirty Harry Reid and The Obama. Although we believe in the principle that taxes should not be raised at all on any American, specially during difficult financial times, it was an acceptable bill considering the recent election results. Many on the right who voiced opposition correctly pointed out that we have a spending problem that needs to be dealt with. That's true, but that issue can be dealt with during the debt ceiling negotiations. No debt ceiling increase without the spending reductions necessary. DEM's who had supported only raising taxes on $1 Million plus refused to support Boehner on strictly political grounds. Blinky Pelosi being the primary hypocrite. So the beat goes on and the cliff nears. Hang on and let The Obama own the mess to come. Those who supported The Obama will have to reap what they sowed. The rest of us will just have to hang on.


* Hillary: On the heels of her congressional testimony on the Benghazi terrorist attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and as a result received a concussion. She was not taken to the hospital and a doctors statement is not available. Who determined she had a concussion and why was she not taken of a medical facility for evaluation? Her testimony was cancelled for today. This story doesn't pass the smell test. When the administration's Benghazi story about the video began to unravel, Hillary Clinton said she takes responsibility. But where has she been in taking the responsibility, nowhere. Four Americans were murdered while the CIA, Navy and Special OPS were told to stand down. The secretary of state does not have the authority to order those branches of service to do so. The only one that does in the president. After building pressure, she has reluctantly agreed to testify in mid January. Their hope seems to be that fiscal issues will overshadow BenghaziGate. This issue will not go away, it's about cover-up, stranding Americans when they needed our assistance, murder of an ambassador and a terrorist attack with no retaliation for more than three months now. The only person who has had to pay anything for Benghazi was the Coptic Christian who created the video that was used as an excuse by this administration. Freedom of speech be dammed and terrorists roam free. Heads will eventually roll and Hillary's may be one of them.


* Gun Control: Mass hysteria is gripping gun control advocates as they pile on the Sandy Hook tragedy. The Obama is creating a "Gun Control Task Force" lead by that brilliant advocate VP Joe "Foot-in-mouth" Biden. They will most likely begin by reintroducing the ban on semi-automatics that expired in 2004. Germany has three of the 5 worst school shootings in the world and has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, including a semi-automatic weapons ban. What we need to keep in mind is these horrible shootings all occurred in "gun Free" zones. The worst gun violence in our country occurs in cities with the strictest gun control laws. By definition, criminals disregard laws, therefore logic would dictate that they would disregard gun control laws as well. Gun control laws only serve to disarm innocent citizens by stripping them of their constitutional rights. After being disarmed, citizens are more likely to become victims. Further federal encroachment on our right to self defense will not solve the problem or disarm a lunatic intent on killing innocent people. What is needed is plain clothed professional security personnel at every school plus administrators/teachers with right to carry permits. If these two solutions were implemented this would deter would be killers in the future. No longer would our innocent children be at the mercy of a deranged lunatic.


* Looney Left: As predicted, liberals-progressives-socialists or whatever you want to call them are chomping at the bit of the Sandy Hook tragedy. They think with their feelings, let reason be dammed. At a time of mourning and reflection they are pushing their political agenda of limiting our right to bear arms. If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't have one. If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants to eliminate them. That's the difference between right and wrong. Guns are not the problem, people are. A morally deprived society, where government is the parent, becomes susceptible to moral deficiencies which lead to tragedies like the Sandy Hook nightmare. Reintroducing God, prayer and the Ten Commandments into our school system will do more to prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening again than any more gun control laws will. Where reason and logic lives, ignorance and evil dies.


Sandy Hook: The horrific tragedy in Connecticut proves that evil exists in our world. This senseless act of mass murder is difficult to accept. How can such evil be avoided, what could have been done to prevent it? Questions that we grapple with whenever evil strikes and may never know the answers to. Could the desensitizing of violence by graphic video games and Hollywood's love affair with gory, bloody films have played a part in the perversion of the killer's thinking? When life is painted as cheap, death also becomes cheap and good is replaced with evil. When God and love is removed a vacuum is formed which invites forces beyond our comprehension. Beware of liberal calls for additional gun control laws in an effort to limit our second amendment rights. Taking advantage of a tragedy for political manipulation and encroachment of our freedoms is reprehensible. A gun was not responsible for this tragedy, a deranged human being was. Rather than seeing the gun as the cause, a gun in one of the teachers hands could have been the prevention that was sorely needed. There's a reason these events do not happen in police stations, criminals go after defenseless innocents. Glorification of these events by overly sensationalistic news coverage may also do more harm than we know. May God bless the innocent souls lost on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary, their families and friends


* RGIII: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin the third is a class act. In his rookie season he has shown, on and off the field, the greatness of his character. He lives what Martin Luther King said about content of his character and not the color of his skin. Liberal lame stream media are attacking him by saying such things as he's, “kind of black,” “not really down with the cause,” "Cornball brother" or “not one of us.” These attacks stem from the fact that RGIII wants to be judged on his character and abilities and not the color of his skin and that he may be a Republican. RGII said, "For me, you don't ever want to be defined by the color of your skin, you want to be defined by your work ethic, the person that you are, your character, your personality. That's what I've tried to go out and do." Liberals seem to jump to conclusions and stereotype off the bat. They want to compare him to other black quarterbacks when they should be comparing him to other quarterbacks period. The color of his skin does not determine his abilities and achievements. Democrats, pretend defenders of racial quality are in fact the racists amongst us. They are the one that divide Americans by class and race. When unions talk of workers, they only mean union workers. When liberals pretend to defend the black community they only defend those that tow their twisted liberal ideological line. Liberal blacks are legitimate blacks, in their opinion, conservative blacks and "Cornball brothers." RGIII is bringing people of all colors, backgrounds and economic standing together, he is a colorblind embodiment of the American Dream!


* Appeasement: Korea, a bastion of Communist ideological madness where people are punished for not physically mourning the passing of one of their 'Dear' leaders, has just successfully launched an intercontinental rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. In the Clinton years, the North Korean Communist Hell hole acquired technology for developing advanced rocket systems thanks to the appeasement of the administration. The Kim's continued their nuclear aspirations while the Clinton administration pretended to have avoided a crisis. Appeasing in exchange for window dressing does not our national security make. The dark North Korean abyss stands in stark contrast to the thriving South Koreans. Same people, different political systems. Taking the North Korean model to the extreme the whole world would be doomed. By the same token, taking the Islamic model to the extreme the same outcome would be achieved. We are in the 1990's again with regards to Iran. Appeasing an evil regime, intent on world dominance and the annihilation of those who disagree with them is history repeating itself. Seems liberals/progressives/socialists/communists or whatever you want to call them are ignorant to history and the difference between right and wrong. Devoid of common sense and historical reasoning they are bound to make the same mistakes. We are heading towards a black hole of ignorance and destruction. Our saving grace is the American Idea is not a political system, it's a way of life. Made up of people form all walks of life and all backgrounds, it's about a belief of something greater than yourself. In the God given rights enshrined in our Constitution. It's the American way, like no other place in this world, we are the last bastion of hope and we will prevail!


* F-16's: With Egypt firmly in the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and their president Morsi taking steps towards turning Egypt into an Islamic state, The Obama administration is moving forward with a military order. Two years ago the Mubarak government ordered 20 F-16 fighter jets. These fighter jets can be a direct threat to Israel and our own forces in the case a major Mid-East war were to break out. Three months after the Benghazi terrorist attack on our consulate, and subsequent cover-up, the terrorist are still at large. Arab Spring has turned to Arab Winter and this administration is fueling the fire. The F-16 fighter jets are some of the most advanced tactical fighters in the world. Until the Egyptian political situation is settled we should not be supplying them with any more weapons. Financial aid should also be reviewed. In Syria, The Obama has now recognized rebel groups as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. 29 different Syrian rebel groups have pledged allegiance to the Al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front. The Nustra Front is responsible for killing American soldiers in Iraq is the primary force fighting against the Syrian government of Assad. It is believed that murdered US Ambassador Stevens was aiding arming these very same Syrian rebels through Libya. We should not be providing weapons or assistance to groups or states that are in direct contradiction of our national security interests.


* Right to Work: Unions are up in arms in Michigan. They are protesting the Michigan legislature's passage of a right to work bill that will be signed by the governor. The bill basically grants every worker in Michigan the option of joining or refraining from joining a union. Until now, a worker was required to pay dues to a union even if they didn't want to be a member. This bill gives them the right not to. Teachers have joined the protesters in a show of solidarity. The Obama said, "Right to work laws don't have anything to do with economics they have everything to do with politics." Wrong as usual for the Marxist-in-Chief. It has to do with liberty and freedom. The Obama and unions say they stand for workers but the truth is they only stand for union workers. What about the rights of non-union workers, they could care less. It's about unions political power. Unions are basically an extension of the Democrat party. Their tax exempt status is a sham. They fund Democrat campaigns and in exchange get Democrat legislation to protect their corrupt scam. Their out of balance demands and pension benefits have crippled many companies, are bankrupting state economies and hurting the very businesses on which they depend for their jobs. Case in point the Hostess bankruptcy. Rather than accept the company's compromise they chose to walk the picket line and force Hostess out of business. Instead of reduced benefits they are now unemployed. They bit the hand that fed them one to many times. Michigan is joining the other 23 right to work states in an effort to reverse their economic collapse. Hats off to the Michigan legislature and governor for standing up for the "workers" of Michigan.


* Obama Hamas: Israel's negotiations with Hamas is like Republican's negotiating with The Obama. Hamas is intent on Israel's destruction, it's in their charter, the only reason they settle for temporary cease fires is to rearm and continue to fight another day. The Obama's intent is the transformation and some would say, destruction of America as we've known it. In unguarded moments he has stated his beliefs, from his "spread the wealth" comment to "you didn't build that," it's a foreign philosophy. His intent is not to solve our economic issues or to compromise, if that was the case, he would have come to the table after the overwhelming Democrat defeat in the 2010 mid-terms. Hamas lives to fight another day as they are not term limited, The Obama at least is, or is he?


* Cliff Dive: For The Obama, the fiscal cliff is about rubbing Republican's collective noses in their presidential defeat. Elections do have consequences, Republicans were re-elected in the House to stop The Obama's "forward" progress into the abyss. Republicans need to show some backbone and call his bluff. If it's a bluff, then The Obama will back off, it it's not, then he'll get what he wants, higher taxes. The fools that voted for him will also get what they voted for, stalemate in Washington and another step towards economic disaster. ObamaCare alone is a tax increase on everyone, so let it be, walk away, we'll pick up the pieces down the road after the train wreck. The assumption Democrats make is that Republicans will be blamed for the outcome, this assumption fails in one basic fact, Democrats are the party of tax increases and no matter how many times they try to lie about this or how much propaganda is levied on the American people, you can't change that basic fact. Can't blame Bush now, The Obama will own the shared misery.


* Voter Suppression: Problems from the presidential election of 2012 continue to surface. Even though The Obama received 10 Million votes less then he did in 2008 he was able to win because Romney received almost 3 Million less than McCain. Considering the enthusiasm for voting The Obama out of office it stretches credibility to accept those numbers. We saw the ground swell in the 2010 mid terms, to believe that it wouldn't translate into a 2012 defeat of The Obama is like selling snow balls to Eskimos. There is clear evidence of voter fraud. If you have precincts where 20 thousand votes are cast and not a single one goes to Romney, you have a statistical anomaly that clearly shows manipulation of the process. When you have precincts that have close to 150% voter turnout, you have clear evidence of voter fraud. Now we have statistics about our military voters being suppressed. Military votes dropped dramatically from 2008. Just looking at some of the swing states, here are the drops: Florida from 121,395 to 65,173 - North Carolina from 19,109 to 7,848 - Alaska from 13,766 to 6,585 - Virginia from 41,762 to 12,282 - Ohio from 32,334 to 9,707. These are drastic changes and show a systematic suppression of the voters that sacrifice so much to protect the very right they have been disenfranchised from. We encourage governors and political leaders in Washington to fight for the rights of those who are fighting for us. The electoral college has not cast their votes yet, but time is not on our side.


* Revenue: If the object of higher taxes on the top 2% is to raise revenue then why does The Obama and Democrats insist on raising rates? If the same revenue can be raised through reforming the tax code, you would logically conclude that added revenue would be achieved. But this is not the case, it's not about revenue, it's about political power and pandering to their liberal base. History has shown that cutting tax rates increases revenue, the opposite is also true, raising rates decreases revenue. This is shown by the fact that the same Democrats say we need to keep rates low for the middle class and correctly imply that raising those rates would hurt the economy. The same applies to raising rates on the top 2%, it will hurt the economy. Those in the middle class as well as low income Americans will be hit the hardest. It stands to reason that if the object is to help the economy, the middle class and low income families, the way to achieve this is to lower rates on all Americans. More government is not the solution to our problems, less spending and less government meddling is.


* Youth: American youth overwhelmingly support The Obama and his socialists policies. It's difficult to understand this if you're older, specially when you consider how those very same policies are crippling their economic outlook and well being. We assume their knowledge is similar to ours and their opinions should therefore be like ours. This assumption is completely wrong, they have been educated in a politically correct environment that has rewritten our history in a negative light and been selectively taught concepts that are foreign to our founding principles. It is the same teachings that believe in selective enforcement of our Constitution. After all, it's an old document, written at a different time and doesn't necessarily reflect today's environment. This mistaken concept is at the heart of lost reasoning and common sense. The vast majority of teachers and professors are liberal, it thus follows that their teaching will reflect their point of view. A view that is critical of our American principles, our Judeo Christian history and specially of American exceptionalism. It is no wonder then that their opinions and political choices are going to be skewed to the left. They take this path at their own peril and only time, experience and knowledge will turn their thinking around. Education and information is key to saving this generation from their ignorance before it's to late.


* Gun Control: Tragedy in Kansas City. Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher went to his girlfriends and murdered her then he went to the Chiefs practice facility, thanked his coach and general manager then walked away and took his own life with a shot to the head. A horrific tragedy for everyone involved, specially for the families left behind. Unfortunately twisted liberal minds take tragedies and turn them into idiotic anti gun crusades. During halftime of the Cowboys Eagles game last night, NBC sports anchor Bob Costas quoted writer Whitlock saying such things as, "Handguns do not enhance our safety," and "If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today." To a liberal, it's the guns fault. By their thinking, why aren't the millions of guns in the United States getting up and killing their owners as you read this BLOG? Guns are used over 2 million times a year in securing our safety yet statistics shouldn't get in the way of a liberal rant. If Belcher was intent on killing his girlfriend and taking his own life, he could have done this in many different ways, the gun just happen to be a tool, not the source of the problem. To turn such a tragedy into another attempt at attacking our second amendment rights is just another outrageous liberal progressive interpretation of their twisted reality.


* Checkmate: Tim "Turbo Tax" Geitner delivered the administrations fiscal cliff plan to Republican senate leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell's reaction was to laugh out loud. When you see the proposal you can understand McConnell's reaction. The proposal calls for $1.6 Trillion in new taxes, multiple years of new stimulus spending, executive power to unilaterally raise the debt limit and future spending cuts of $400 Billion. Ha, Ha, Ha, the joke's on us. Common sense would dictate that this outrageous proposal would not see the light of day, but then again, commons sense did not prevail in this election. The Obama is all about a Marxist transformation of the U.S., the redistribution of wealth and the equal sharing of misery. If Republicans cave on tax increase he can blame the resulting economic downfall on the Republicans for not allowing "enough" of an increase. If Republicans hold firm and refuse the tax increase then everyone's taxes will go up and the Republicans will be blamed for that. In either case, taxes go up and The Obama gets the additional redistribution he has planed on. This coupled with the ObamaCare tax it's case closed, checkmate.


* Dirty Harry: Reid thinks Americans are fools. Considering that The Obama was re-elected, he may be right. Brushing off criticism that DEM's don't want to go along with spending cuts he says that they have already cut a trillion dollars and should get credit for that. Very misleading and idiotic. On the surface it sounds good but the truth is far from it. A trillion is planned to be cut over 10 years. The problem is the deficit is 1.4 Trillion dollars a year. That means our debt will increase by 14 Trillion minus the trillion cut would still give you a $13 Trillion increase in ten years. Rather than meet with Republican leaders to discuss the options the president is in his familiar campaign mode, demagoguing the issue and playing the class warfare card. You can confiscate all of the top 2%'s income and you still wouldn't make a dent in our deficit. The problem is spending and entitlements. Until these are dealt with, there will not be any improvement in our economic outlook. Republicans should stand firm and not fall for promised spending cuts that will never materialize. No rate increase, tax reform, major spending cuts and entitlement reform is what's needed.


* Rice & Bull: The Benghazi cover up is not just about the murder of an American ambassador and three other Americans, it's about election manipulation. It's a tangled web of deceit engineered by the administrations with The Obama at the center. Rice participated in a closed door meeting with senators yesterday to clear the air in the Benghazi mess, it seems from the reaction of the senators that the opposite has happened. They expressed the opinion that they are more concerned now then before their meeting. A funny thing happens with lies, they tend to breed more lies. More light needs to be shed on this cover-up so as the administration cock roaches scatter, we can begin to get to the bottom of this scandal. This is much worse then Watergate and at it's core was the intention of corrupting our presidential election. The Obama's intent was to take this issue beyond the election with the assistance of the MSM. The MSM is therefore complicit in the cover-up. Their plan worked, the American people were duped, the election was rigged. Benghazi didn't meet The Obama's scenario that Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was decimated. The truth was not what they were selling. The question is, will Congress have the backbone to bring those responsible to account?


* Tax Pledge: Bipartisanship and compromise on taxes in the real world means, Republicans cave and Democrats lie. As some top Republican leaders are hinting that they are abandoning their no new tax pledges, in order to put "revenue" on the table, Democrats slither away thinking, "Got them." It's déjà Vu all over again. In the '80's Ronald Reagan fell for tax increases in exchange for promised spending cuts from DEM's, we got tax increases but the spending cuts never came. In '88 George H. W. Bush famously stated, "Read my lips, no new taxes!" During his administration he was talked into caving on this pledge in exchange for spending cuts by DEM's. He lost re-election and the cuts never came. It's like the Republicans are Charlie Brown and Democrats are Lucy with the football. She always promises not to pull the ball away and Charlie always falls for it. The story ends the same every time, Charlie falls on his ass. Meanwhile back at the farm, Republicans prepare their caving tactics while DEM's scheme. Not raising taxes is one of the fundamental principles that conservatives hold dear. This principle is clear and should not be lost. The reasoning is logical and historically correct. Compromising will not change the facts. If your increase taxes, you reduce economic activity which in turn decreases revenue. The logical extension of this principle is if you decrease taxes you increase economic activity and thereby increase revenue. It is estimated that if taxes are increased on Americans making over $250 Thousand you will lose 700,000 jobs. The $82 Billion of increased taxes would only pay about 10 weeks of interest on our national debt. In the meantime how much will the unemployment benefits for those newly 700,000 unemployed cost? At $300 a week in unemployment benefits, 700,000 unemployment checks would total $210 Million a week, $!0.9 Billion a year. Doesn't sound to smart, but then again, what does the Government do that's smart? Raising taxes on the DEM's favorite boogie man is nothing more than playing the class card for the sake of political pandering to ignorant and envious Democrat voters. In the end, we all lose.

(Corected 11-28-2012: $210 Million originally posted as $210 Billion.)


* Voter Fraud: How is it possible for so many experienced political minds to be so wrong in this past election? No one would put their reputation on the line and boldly predict the election for Romney the way it was done by the likes of Barone and Morris without having sufficient information to back those predictions up. Even so, we are told that Romney received millions of fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. Does that seem believable to you? After four years of failure and a strong showing in the 2010 mid-term elections we are expected to accept there was less enthusiasm for defeating The Obama transformation then there was for voting for a week candidate in McCain. With just an additional 407,000 votes in four swing states, Romney would have received 275 electoral votes. Those states and their margins are: Florida: 73,858 - Ohio: 103,481 - Virginia: 115,910 - Colorado: 113,099. We saw precincts where 100% of the vote went for The Obama and are to accept this, precincts where registered voter turn out was 147% and we are to accept this when normal turnout is between 50% and 70%. We heard evidence of electronic voting machines changing Romney votes to Obama and we are to accept this. You can bet that if this fraud was the other way around the DNC would be up in arms and so would it's media accomplices. The RNC is playing dead or maybe they just are. Could this weakness stem from case No. 09-4615 which according to, "The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected voter fraud." The Obama has not been re-elected yet, that election is done by the Electoral College whose electors meet in their respective states on the Monday following the second Wednesday in December, this year it will be the 17th. Red states that been marginalized by this years fraud can abstain from this Electoral meeting. If no quorum is reached then it would be up to the House to select the president and the Senate to select the vice president. This would be a drastic situation but our constitution takes this into account. We are in a drastic situation and extreme measures may be called for. This scenario could play out, but don't hold your breath. It seems most republicans would rather be liked then respected. Hopefully we'll have another opportunity to right this wrong but for now we know, history will hold us accountable.


Happy Thanksgiving


* Turkey Day?: Thanksgiving is a uniquely American Holiday. It's the one day a year that we set aside to give thanks for our blessings, for our family and our friends. A non-commercial Holiday to take a step back and enjoy. Although it's tradition to eat turkey on Thanksgiving it's not Turkey Day. Saying Happy Turkey Day belittles Thanksgiving and is like saying Happy Holidays on Christmas. There's nothing offensive about Christmas and Christ is the reason for our celebration. So now that we got that off our shoulder, enjoy your turkey and Happy Thanksgiving!

* Bombing: While negotiations are under way for a cease fire between Hamas and Israel, a terrorist bomb goes off on a bus in Tel Aviv. Hamas has yet to claim responsibility but they are dancing in the streets and giving out candy to children, a tradition to celebrate the murder of innocent people. On September 11, 2001 they reacted to the murder of 3,000 innocents in much the same way. In their evil world, killing is good. No peace will be achieved until, as Golda Meir said, "They love their children more than they hate us."


* Hamas: There is one political authority in the Gaza strip and it's a terrorist organization. Hamas has been terrorist since its inception and its charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Israel was fooled into giving up authority of Gaza in exchange for peace. That peace has never been realized and never will if Hamas continues to rule this territory and the Arabs living there continue to hate the Jewish people. Iranian rockets have been funneled into Gaza for years through tunnels from Egypt. The Mubarak government was doing a good job of limiting these shipments but now, with The Obama's Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood is facilitating it. The brotherhood is tied at the hip with Hamas, like birds of a feather they terrorize together. There's no surprise, now that our election is over, the re-election of The Obama has embolden them to escalate their terror indiscriminate rocketing of Israeli towns. Intent on doing maximum damage to innocents, their purpose is clear, it's not peace, it's political pressure to gain more concessions from Israel and more support from Iran. They have been and continue to be a proxy and patsy for Iran. No country would put up with what has been happening to Israel. To have indiscriminate rocket attacks on your towns by a terrorist neighbor intent on your destruction and sit idly by would amount to suicide. Hamas has served its mission for Iran. The mission of testing Israel's current rocket defense systems is only a prelude to a bigger and more dangerous war to come. Peace cannot be negotiated. A temporary cease fire would only enable the rearming of Hamas. Only through an overwhelming and ruthless military victory can peace be achieved.


* Taxes: The Obama and democrats are flat out lying about taxes. They talk about a tax cut for the middle class but there's no tax cut on the table. The Bush tax cuts are not new tax cuts, what's at stake is keeping the current tax rates. If they are not extended, everyone's taxes will be going up, this on top of the ObamaCare "tax" would be catastrophic for our already anemic economy. What the administration and democrats want to do is raise taxes on the top earners who already pay a disproportional share of taxes. The top 2% pay over 40% of income taxes, does that sound fair? It's pandering and race baiting. What we should be talking about is cutting tax rates on everyone who pays them. Last year around this time this same issue came up, at that time The Obama said he was going to extend them because raising taxes on anyone in a bad economy was counter productive. Why is it OK to raise them now? It's not, the fundamental principles have not changed and the economy is still bad, if not worse, than it was last year. What we need is simplification of our over bloated tax code and major spending cuts. Republicans should hold firm on the tax issue, no tax rate increases on anyone! Loopholes and deductions can be limited in exchange for rate decreases. You can't tax your way out of a bad economy. Only through fiscal discipline and an improved economy will revenues increase. We need to roll back regulations that are strangling our small businesses, roll back drilling moratoriums and stop the attack on American coal.


* Facts: There are facts in the BenghaziGate mess that cannot be changed. Facts don't evolve, they're either there or not, true or false. Continuing to conceal facts about the terrorist attack in Benghazi and the subsequent administration obfuscation of the truth with misleading information and contradictory stories, will not change those facts Today Gen. Petraeus is testifying before congressional committees about the facts surrounding the Benghazi affair. Not his affair but the Benghazi affair. From reports of the closed door meetings it seems the general has changed his tune. When he testified on September 14th he towed the administration line that it was the result of a mob encouraged by an Internet video critical of Mohammed. We assume the investigation on the Petraeus affair was being held over him by the administration. Petraeus is now saying that he knew the attack was terrorist related the first day. This testimony directly contradicts his testimony from September 14th. Was there perjury in his first testimony due to pressure or downright blackmail involving his affair or was he just misunderstood? There seems to be a lot of smoke surrounding BenghaziGate, only time will tell if we will find the fire.


* News Conference: First news conference in 8 months. Now that the election is over, The Obama faced the press with freshly died hair. Asked about why UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on five news shows telling the false story of the video being to blame for Benghazi he said, "She gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. If senator McCain and senator Graham and others, want to go after somebody, they should go after me." All roads lead to the president so don't worry, they'll get to you. He also stated that Amb. Rice had nothing to do with Benghazi. If that's the case then why was she sent on five news programs to answer questions about something she had no involvement in? Her misleading, if not outright lying for the administration makes her part of the Benghazi cover-up, she most definitely has something to do with Benghazi now. When asked if he did anything to save the Americans being attacked in Benghazi The Obama said as soon as he know he gave the order to do everything possible to help them. If that's the case, why wasn't anything done? Why did the SEALs call for support go unanswered? Everywhere you look there is contradictory information and a tangled web of deceit.  Over two months of a cover-up in an attempt to get past the election, now were' past it, let the unraveling begin and justice be served.


* BenghaziGate: Watergate on steroids. Watergate was peanuts compared to BenghaziGate but it seems that people on the street are brushing it off. To them it's about a seamy affair and provocative emails. Our Republic is at stake. We have involvement of the White House, CIA, FBI and Justice. It's about perversion, extortion, terrorism, murder and the subsequent cover-up with a presidential election at stake.

* WH Meeting: After re-election the first major meeting The Obama had was with unions and special interest groups beholden to BIG GOVERNMENT. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was not invited. The implication is simple, we're going to be getting a doubling down of the same failed policies of the last four years. Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


* Petraeus: The complicit MSM ignored the Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent White House cover-up to aid in the re-election of The Obama. They ignored the murder of an American ambassador, two SEALs and an aid. Four Americans murdered in what was clearly a well planned and coordinated terrorist attack and they brushed it off as a mob response to an Internet video that no one had seen. The creator of the video was rounded up and jailed while the terrorists roam free in Libya. Now they're covering the affair between CIA director Gen. Petraeus and his biographer. When Gen. Petraeus testified before congress and went along with the video scenario it was not only difficult to believe but seemed too convenient in it's timing to the election. As details continue to dribble out we now know that the FBI investigation into Patraus ended this summer. Attorney General Holder was informed of the issue and it stretches credibility to believe that a case which compromised the CIA director was not relayed to the president. If it wasn't, then when is Holder resigning? If it was, it's just another thread in the unraveling of The Obama administration cover-up on Benghazi. Did Petraeus go along with the video narrative under duress? Is it a coincidence that two days after the re-election of the enigma Petraeus submits his resignation? The American people have been misled by a complicit media, a corrupt administration and a fallen general. This morning we learned that ISAF Commander, Gen. John Allen, who served under Petraeus, exchanged 30,000 emails with Jill Kelly, the person which informed the FBI of threatening emails which led to the discovery of the Patraus affair. This unraveling story and cover-up will finally lead back to Benghazi. Too late for the election and the dumbed down electorate. With the stupidity that we witnessed with this re-election it's possible that even this wouldn't have made a difference to The Obama lemmings.

* Voter Fraud: 59 voting districts in Philadelphia reported 0, that's ZERO votes for Governor Romney. The vote totals there were 19,605 to 0. We know these are overwhelmingly Democrat and black districts but zero votes is way beyond the realm of possibility.


* Veterans Day: We owe our veterans a great deal, not the least of which is, integrity in our elections. They sacrificed to protect our liberty and freedom and in return we're allowing our elections to be mired with widespread fraud. For example, in St. Lucie County Florida there are 175,554 registered voters but 247,713 votes were cast. This is just one county in one state, imaging what the total across the country would be if all the counties are looked at and audited. In Philadelphia there were precincts where 99 percent on the presidential vote went for The Obama. We know that the black community overwhelmingly voted for the status quo but 99 percent? This isn't North Korea? Voter ID laws need to be implemented across the country. This isn't about suppressing the vote it's about insuring election integrity and minimizing voter fraud. We owe it to our veterans and fallen heroes. May God bless them.


* Conservatives: Over 3 million so called conservatives sat on the side lines while The Obama was re-elected. They reason that voting for a northeast moderate was something they couldn't do. But contributing to the re-election of a Marxist was? Like shooting yourself in the foot, this thinking has doomed us to another four years of a transformation that may be irreversible. We will work to minimize the damage because we know that there is too much at stake to throw in the towel. Giving in by either staying out of the struggle or voting for a third party candidate in protest, only guarantees your defeat. Enough of this non-sense and blaming Romney bull. We lost, America lost and the price is yet to be paid. We move on now, learn from our mistakes, redouble our efforts to educate the uneducated amongst us and vow not to fall prey to the same pitfalls that we have just lived through.

* Illegal Alien Idea: Employ anyone on this side of the border in the border states to help finish a barrier between the US and Mexico that can be enforced. Move some military bases to the border or build new ones there. Once the border is secure, we provide a path to permanent residency to those who are on this side of the border. There is no easy answer to this issue but this one possible scenario is worth exploring. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic and they share our conservative values. We need to cultivate this relationship, not alienate it.


* Hangover: Two days after the nightmare of main street and we can start to evaluate where we stand. The stock market tanked as a prelude of things to come. We have reached a tipping point in our nation from which we may never recover, but we'll keep trying, we live to fight another day. A brief synopsis tells us the following: Women fell for the "war on women" lies, Hispanics continue to fall for Democrats pandering, blacks vote in unison like in third world tyrannies and conservatives stayed home. Apathy leads to tyranny. Everyone is going to pay the price for Tuesday's mistake in one way or another, the coming recession is squarely on the laps of the misguided. Now we move on, for our children and future generations, we have no choice. We will redouble our efforts in the hope that when half of the electorate realize the error of their ways and those that sat out realize the futility of their apathy, reason may return. History has proven that Democracies fail when fifty percent fall for what we just witnessed, but we do not have a Democracy. Our founding fathers created a representative Republic and that Republic lives. Together we can keep the fire of liberty burning and return our country to conservative principles that form the backbone of our historical success. We can't go back and change anything but we can contribute to what our future brings. Rather than shift to the left, we need to reinvigorate our conservative principles and not settle for settling.


* Stupidity: [stoo-pid-i-tee] To re-elect a failed Marxist president with a buffoon for a side kick, even after four years of incompetence. To believe you're on the wrong track, like a runaway train heading over a cliff, and chose to continue heading in the same direction.

Usage: I voted for the same miserable anti-business, anti-American policies because of my stupidity.

Welcome to the USSA, the America we knew is no longer, the scales have tipped, may she rest in peace.


* Pigs: This week we celebrate the 4th anniversary of the founding of The disastrous election of The Obama in 2008 inspired us to do our part in order to keep this kind of mistake from happening again. Education and information makes a difference when you can get the information to the uninformed. Armed with facts, citizens are less likely to be duped into believing pie in the sky lies. Stupid Frogs are those that let themselves be boiled slowly by accepting small changes until it's too late to turn back. We were headed in that direction. It's the same as a method for capturing wild pigs in the forest. First you put out some corn, the pigs come and feed. Then you put up one side of a fence and corn, the pigs come, explore the fence, and seeing no danger proceed to eat the corn. Next you put up the second side of fence with the same results. The third side goes up with corn in the middle, the pigs explore for a bit then eat the corn. On the fifth day the fourth side goes up with an open gate. The pigs are puzzled but after not detecting the danger, they enter the enclosure and feed on the corn. Now the gate gets closed behind them, they are trapped. They squeal and jump about but to no avail, their fate is sealed. With no exit they proceed to feed on the corn. They lose the ability to feed themselves and are now completely dependent on the corn provided by their captors. They are dependent on the hand out, the welfare, the entitlement. The direction we're heading in is not a good one and the end result is predictable. How many sides of the fence are up is questionable, that they're going up is not. Today we start taking down the fence and freeing the American people from the shackles of an overbearing government, our future depends on the outcome!


* Bookend: When off his teleprompter the true beliefs of The Obama come out. During his campaign for president in 2008 he told Joe the plumber that we should spread the wealth around. That was a strong indication of his core political thinking. A thinking that points towards a socialist Marxist philosophy which sickens society and poisons the soul. It leads to mediocrity and shared misery by punishing the productive sectors of society and rewarding the non-productive. Even with this revelation, and aided by the MSM's love affair, a majority of American's rushed to shed their collective white guilt and prove they could vote for a black man. That man being grossly unqualified with political ideals that were foreign to America's founding did not matter. During this campaign he said, "If you have a business, you didn't build that." Another tell tail sign of his radical anti-American ideology and the MSM continued to make excuses and ignore the facts and evidence before them. He has been the most anti-business president and they have the audacity to blame Republicans for standing in the way of the transformation, a transformation that would only serve to take us a little closer to a European style failed socialist state. Now in his closing argument, another non-teleprompted moment gives us the bookend to his creed, revenge. At an event he mentioned Romney's name and after some boos from the lemmings he said, "Don't boo, vote, vote, voting is the best revenge." Revenge for what? Revenge for Romney? What did Romney do to you that seek revenge? Revenge for America's success? This would fit the ideals from The Obama own book, "Dreams From My Father." Not dreams "of" my father but "from" my father. These dreams are at the heart of The Obama's beliefs and are the antithesis of the American ideals and principles. As The Obama says, "Words, just Words" that's what he's been peddling for four years. It's not his words, it's his actions that we begrudge. Spread the wealth, you didn't build that and revenge, The Obama big picture. Revenge against an American success story and pay back for his father's and his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis's beliefs. We've seen what four years of failure look like, what four years of transformation look like, and we're not falling for it again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Tomorrow America makes that choice. Continue down the path of destruction or right the ship of state. As Governor Romney says, "Vote for love of country."


* We Know: The Obama home stretch stump speech is replete with "We Know." He Says, "We know the ideas that work," "We Know what change looks like," "We know how to create jobs." Then he says, "We knew it would take more than one term." He was the one who said, "It's a one term proposition." It's laughable how after four years of failure he can face the American people and with a straight face spew out that garbage. The Obama also said, "After four years as president you know me by now." That's exactly right and that's his problem, after four years "we know" he has failed miserably and he's alien to American ideals and her founding. We know that four more years of the same would be disastrous. Yes Mr.. president, we know you and we don't like what we see. Good riddance!

* Bookered: Looks like Bloomberg has been Bookered. After dissing a presidential visit in the wake of hurricane Sandy the day before, New York Mayor for Life Bloomberg endorses the enigma in chief. Was there any federal aid in the balance? What promises were made? So many questions, so little time.

* Benghazi: Meanwhile White House silence on the Benghazi cover-up is deafening. Running out the clock with the aid of the MSM seems to be their game plan. Leadership and responsibility be dammed. Four more days!!!


* Unemployment: Weekly unemployment claims came in at 365,000. Seems to be stuck in the 350K to 400K range, couple this with new jobs numbers that will most likely range in the mid 100K and you have evidence of a stagnant economy. Nothing in the remaining days of the election will change this big picture. The Obama campaign's glossy pamphlet, full of the same rehashed failed policies of the last four years, sandwiched in between images of the enigma, did nothing to change the economic realities of misery. The job interview is almost over. Whatever we know and don't know about The Obama, one thing is certain, he is a failed president, hell bent on transforming America into a third world calamity. Four years is long enough to see through the smoke, mirrors and excuses. Time to let him go!


* Support: In the wake of hurricane Sandy's destruction, The Obama took to the airwaves to reassure Americans that the government is there to help and will stand behind them. Anything that is needed will be provided as big brother is there to help. Where was that help for our people in Benghazi? When ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for increased security, he was denied, even after the Benghazi consulate had been bombed in June. After coming to the aid of Steven's, and under heavy fire, Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty asked for help and were denied. Where was that support then? Even with a laser trained on the very mortar position that would later take their lives, they were denied and left to die. Who made that call Mr. President? Excuses about not having a complete picture of the situation on the ground is just that, excuses. We had a drone in the air providing real time images and two highly trained and experienced SEALs on the ground providing first hand intel and yet, they were let down. Commanders in theatre would have normally made the call to provide support, their decision to not assist had to come from the only one with the authority to make that call, The Obama was in the room and must have made the call for our forces to stand down. It was a politically driven sacrifice that continues to be covered up.


* Big Government: In the wake of Sandy's destruction there will be the usual defenders of big government, making big government excuses. They'll tout that big government is necessary for the people to be able to survive situations like this. Government is necessary to provide a safety net for the needy, provide law enforcement, fire-rescue and national security. A streamlined efficient smaller government can be more effective than a large behemoth who trips over it's own largess. Smaller local, city, and state governments are the ones that provide the support that people need in times of tragedy like that brought on by national disasters. Big government cannot prevent storms like Sandy or other natural events. It is up to the individual to heed the warnings, take in the available recommendations and provide for their own safety. Getting out of harms way is up to us and not up to a bureaucrat with a political agenda. The power of individual liberty and freedom is what prevents personal tragedies, not big government demagogues.


* Mistaken Loyalty: At any other time in our history a presidential race between a Democrat and a Republican would mean a typical choice between two party's and their policies. In our current presidential election, this is not the case. Like hurricane Sandy is barreling towards the coast, meeting up with two other systems, it's forming a perfect storm. This is not unlike the perfect political storm which we are facing on November 6th. It's the meeting of a politically correct progressive Democrat party, a Marxist ideologue president and a complicit main stream media. It's not your fathers Democrat party. It's one that is deeply vested in a charismatic speaker who inspires through misleading statements and demonizing his opponents. An enigma who deflects blame for his failure while continuing down the same failed path, all the while speaking out the words, "trust me." At every opportunity this president has played the race and class cards to incite hate, and in some occasions, violence. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that either on or after the November 6th elections, racial tension may be stroked in such a way as to solicit inner city unrest and riots. In this scenario, Marshall Law would not be as unthinkable as we have always thought is was. Batten down the hatches, the storms are approaching.


* Supreme Court: Lost in the daily news and political campaigning is the Supreme Court issue. The court hangs in the balance. It's possible that the next four years will see one and maybe two vacancies on the court. If The Obama is reelected you could see the second amendment perish and Americans ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical government wiped away with the wave of a gavel. It is the one amendment that protects all others. Confiscating arms is the method by which tyrants and dictators are able to control their people. It sets America apart and guarantees our liberty. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Keep in mind this election is not just about the economy and national security, the Constitution is at stake.


* Trust: Who can you trust? The Obama calls Governor Romney a "bullshitter" in a magazine interview then stumps about trust. Trust is a key element in this election and we simply can't trust a liar with a hidden past. We can't trust a president that leaves Americans to be slaughtered and tortured by an Islamic enemy then lies and covers up the attack for over 44 days now. We can't trust a president who blames others for his failures and takes credit for events that don't merit it. We can't trust a president who seals his records to keep his ineligibility to hold the office of POTUS hidden then blatantly presents a proven forged BC as proof. We can't trust a president who sues a state for attempting to defend their citizens from an illegal assault and enforcing laws the federal government has failed to uphold. We can't trust a community organizer with an upbringing deeply rooted in Marxist ideology to maintain our liberty and freedom. Simply put, we can't trust The Obama to keep America strong but, we can trust him to destroy our way of life.


* Benghazi: There's no other way to put it, the president continues to lie about Benghazi. Emails have just surfaced that state the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the Benghazi attack at 6:07 PM on September 11. We also had a drone overhead that witnessed the attack and yet The Obama and the White House failed to act and continue to lie. There was live communication between the consulate and the State Department and yet nothing was done to protect our personnel on the ground. The White House claims that Al Qaeda was not involved but they have no answers for why the Al Qaeda flag was hoisted over our consulate. It's almost as if this administration believes the lies they dish out. It's no longer acceptable to claim they are waiting for the investigation to finish before they take any action. Conveniently the investigation is scheduled to be finished after the election. Hopefully by then, what is Americas nightmare, The Obama regime, will be packing their bags.


* Presidential: With an even keel and steady temperament, Romney showed his presidential character in last nights debate with The Obama. Completely avoiding Benghazi gate was a strategic call on the governors part that in the end, served him well. The Obama on the other hand was nasty, condescending and misleading (code for lying). The Obama telling Romney that we have ships that planes land on and ships that go under water was not only condescending but an idiotic statement for a president to make. This kind of language may work with the lame supporters that are in the tank for him but for the American people in general, it came across as a desperate attempt to paint Romney as out of touch. The presidents failure to obtain a status of forces agreement with the government of Iraq was a huge foreign policy failure which rests directly at the desk of The Obama. The sacrifice of blood and treasure that it took to liberate Iraq was squandered by this president and his administration. Romney made an excellent point when speaking to The Obama's apology tour in 2009 that The Obama went to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq and bypassed Israel. The Obama's stating that America has dictated to other countries in the past and basically apologizing to the Arab world while ignoring Israel was well noticed in the region, specially by our enemies. In a follow up to this, Romney said, "America has not dictated to other nations, we have freed other nations from dictators." We couldn't agree more!


* Illegal Donations: Amounts under $200 do not need to be reported to the elections commission. It's possible that in 2008 The Obama campaign received millions of dollars in illegal foreign donations through their web site. This election season is no different. The Obama site does not require that a donor check off that they are an American citizen, it does not do a zip code match to the credit card entered and does not ask for the security code. Considering that their site receives over 40% of traffic from overseas servers (verified by their IP addresses) this activity is an in your face attempt of gathering illegal foreign donations for the presidential election. Where is the outrage from the so called media? We have an illegal president soliciting illegal contributions and the media is only concerned with big bird and binders. It's like they're wearing blinders while they ignore the man behind the curtain. In two weeks we'll decide whether to put an end to the error that is The Obama nightmare.


* Setup: During Tuesday's debate when Romney was correctly pointing out that The Obama took over two weeks to call the Benghazi attack a terrorist act, sour Candy rudely interrupted. As pointed out by writer Sher Zieve, she chimed in that The Obama had actually called it a terrorist act, at this time The Obama said, "say it a little louder," followed up by, "get the transcript." At this point Sour Candy waved the transcript in the air. Here's where collaboration shows up. How did The Obama know that Sour Candy Crowley had a transcript? Sure looks like a setup between the campaign and the moderator, specially when you consider that immediately after this moment she wouldn't let Romney follow up and abruptly changed the subject. This regime will do everything within their means to stay in power. Beware, the next two weeks will hold surprises.

* The Obama: Playing the race card is par for the course for the president. This is part of his personal upbringing, indoctrination and ideology. If you're mentored by a communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and surround yourself with radicals like Ayers and Dorn, you're going to turn out like The Obama. We know that The Obama is a millionaire, the question is, how does a community organizer turned public servant become a millionaire? Where did the money for his ivy school education come from? He did have a law degree from Harvard and practiced for a short period (defending slum lords) but that doesn't make you a millionaire. A close association with convicted felon Tony Resco garnered him a sweetheart home deal, but that doesn't make you a millionaire. So many questions, so many sealed documents, ken ya believe any of the bull that comes form The Obama's teleprompted lips?


* Hole: There's an old saying, "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Looks like The Obama and his administration didn't get the memo. After weeks of lying and covering up their reaction to the Benghazi terror attack, now they’re in cover the presidents butt mode. Carnival Carney, after pushing the video scenario is now trying to back The Obama's debate miss-representation of his speech on September 12th. He's saying the president called the attack at Benghazi a terrorist act in the Rose Garden on 9/12. "No acts of Terror" is not the same as "This act of terror." If that's what he meant then why the video line by Ambassador Rice, Hillary Clinton and The Obama himself on the Letterman Show, The View and before the general assembly at the United Nations? Looks like the White House is still digging…


* Sour Candy: Moderator or biased judge? Last nights presidential debate showed Sour Candy Crowley as a biased judge overseeing a so called debate in which she cut Romney off at every opportunity and helped The Obama with his answers. Final time measurement showed The Obama getting 10% more time than Romney. When Romney wanted to clarify an obvious miss-statement by The Obama, Sour Candy would cut him off and change the topic to keep him from correcting the president. The most glaring interference by Sour Candy was on the Benghazi terrorist attack and murder of our ambassador. When Romney correctly pointed out that it took the administration over two weeks to call it an act of terror she interjected that the president had called it an act of terror the following day in the Rose garden. He did mention "acts" or terror in his statement but didn't call the Benghazi attack that, he was blaming the video. The following day he went to Las Vegas for a fundraising, skipping his security briefing in the process. If he thought it was an act of terror then should he have been going to a fund raiser? That Sunday, UN ambassador Rice went on behalf of the president to five Sunday talk shows insisting the Benghazi attack was in response to the video. The president went before the UN general assembly and continued to blame the video, never once calling it an act of terror. Even though this terrorist act occurred on 9/11 he has yet to make a definitive statement calling this action what it was, an act of terror on the anniversary of 9/11. To paraphrase Joe "foot in mouth", Bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is alive.


* Malala: The Obama and Democrats keep pushing a made up "war on women" in an attempt to garner their votes. Forcing insurance companies and Catholic institutions to provide free contraceptive medicine and services goes contrary to our first amendment rights. No one is keeping these services from women and most women have now seen through this charade. Meanwhile the real war on women goes on with minimal reporting and no outrage from American feminists organizations. Malala, a fourteen year old Pakistani girl was targeted by the Taliban for promoting girls education and criticizing Taliban treatment of women. The Taliban sentenced her to death and sent a team to carry out their "justice." While returning home from school on her bus the attacker entered the bus and shot her in the head at point blank range. Two of her classmates were also injured. Malala is still unconscious and has been transferred to Great Brittan for medical treatment. Women in these Islamic countries are treated like animals, make that, worse than animals. If a woman is raped she gets stoned. Women aren't allowed to leave their house if not accompanied by their husband or other relative. Then there is "honor" killings. 20,000 women and girls are murdered every year by family members for bringing what they consider dishonor to the family. That's the real war on women, it's going on every day while the world ignores this barbaric treatment of women by followers of a political doctrine masquerading as a religion.


* Intelligence: The Obama is always blaming others for his incompetence. The fairy tale told about the terror attack in Benghazi and the video has transcended into blame the intelligence community. Interesting how intelligence leaks about the Bin Laden raid, the Stuxnet virus and "underwear" bomber were readily available but something as damming as the torture and murder of our ambassador, along with three other Americans, has been kept under wraps. The cover up is always worse then the action being covered up. This administration can never take responsibility for their actions so it's always blame others. Ambassadors work at the behest of the president. It is not possible that after having had previous attacks and having requested increased security that this information did not reach the president. This was not the embassy of Sweden, it was Libya, in the midst of an internal power struggle between civilization and the dark forces of Islamic terror. The State Department will be the next thrown under The Obama bus as his campaign talking heads continue excusing the presidents actions. Incompetence has no excuse!


* Chesher Biden: Not sure if Joe "foot-in-mouth" Biden was being his cranky, arrogant self or auditioning for a Poli-Grip commercial at last nights VP debate. Interrupting Ryan 82 times in their 90 minute debate takes some doing, the way he did it, takes a jerk. It was nothing short of obnoxious disrespectful arrogance. Short of facts and without a positive record to run on, cranky Joe pulled out the distraction card. Maybe he over medicated because the last half hour he seemed to mellow and his voice even changed. He did resort to the typical scare tactics on Medicare and Social Security which fell flat when Ryan rebuked his assertions. On the Libyan cover-up he threw the intelligence community under the bus claiming that the White House was going on their information when they blamed the video for the attacks and murder of our ambassador. Seems the rest of America and the world knew what this White House didn't, how stupid does he think the American people are, no need to answer, they know, The Obama was elected in 2008. Yesterday marked a month since the terrorist attack in Libya and still no response from this failed administration. Time for angry-cranky-old Uncle Joe to be let out to pasture. On November 6th we'll do our part to help retire Chesher Biden, good riddance!


* Fudge: Here we go again, cooking numbers just in time for the election. New unemployment numbers released this morning dropped to 339,000. One important fact missing from that number is one of our largest states failed to report their number of new unemployment claims and therefore is not included in the total. How lucky for The Obama. This doesn't just happen by accident. Just like the unemployment rate magically dropped to a number lower then when The Obama took over, this new claims number just happens to be the lowest since 2008, before the age of The Obama, coincidence? Hardly, it's what we expect from third world despots and tyrants not from our government. Of course these numbers have their impact, for instance, here's USA Today's headline: "Claims for unemployment benefits plunge 30,000." Associated Press (AP) says, "The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid plummeted to 339,000 last week, the lowest level in more than four years." You get the point, it's all about manipulating the vote and minimizing the destruction of our economy. Fudged numbers, smoke and mirrors, lies and deceptions, the tools of fools.


* Big Bull: Romney was correct in bringing up the issue of funding for PBS. A successful corporation, they need to compete in the market place without the unfair advantage of tax dollar subsidies. With marketing bonanzas like Sesame Street a broke government shouldn't be borrowing money from China to give to PBS. The Obama and his radical campaign divert from their failures by making fun of the Big Bird PBS issue. Our embassies are attacked in Egypt and Libya killing four Americans in Libya and The Obama skips another security briefing in order to fly to Vegas for a fund raiser. He can't take time to meet with the Israeli prime minister but has time to visit the babbling geese of The View, where he proclaimed himself "eye candy" (barf). He has time for the likes of Letterman and Pimp-with-a-Limp but not for meeting with his own jobs council. We have a president who is in dereliction of his duty for the job he was mistakenly hired for. Tomorrow marks a month since our country was attacked in the latest terrorist action by our Islamic enemy and still no response from this White House. To them it's all about Big Bull, Big Lies and a Little Bird.


* Gas: Everywhere in the U.S. gasoline prices have more than doubled since The Obama took office, in California, it's worse. Gas prices there are heading into the $5 range and some places even nearing $6 a gallon. California's strict formulation requirements and hyper environmentalist policies hamper relief. Meanwhile the usual suspects are crying foul. The very politicians that believe high gas prices are necessary to reduce pollution and force us into dangerous green mini-cars are claiming oil company conspiracies and blaming them for gouging. The MSM will continue the administrations propaganda blaming speculators and the oil industry. No blame of course for The Obama's failed energy policies, refusal of Keystone XL Pipeline and 40% reduction in offshore drilling permits. When this administration fails, and someone points it out, they attack the messenger. After Romney shellacked the emperor in their first debate, they called Romney a lair, in this case, big oil is the messenger, they're the liars now.


* Detroit: According to the Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA) Detroit is too dangerous to visit. They are warning that if you go there you are entering at your own risk. Police officers fear for their lives in the country's most dangerous city. Leading the nation in the homicide rate, it is a hell hole of liberal government gone amuck. Decades of big government liberal policies have destroyed a once prosperous city. Neighborhoods in decay and worsening, there are areas of the city where you can buy a house for a dollar, and yet they still remain vacant. Forget Greece, Detroit is more of a harbinger of what a future Obama America would look like. Government dependence, chaos and anarchy. Only through conservative principles of lower taxes, business friendly policies and private sector investment can this city be turned around. It can be done, but not with their existing leaders. Unfortunately the entitlement class of Detroit will not change the very people that keep them on the government plantation. This is a lesson to be learned for the rest of the country, the choice is clear and it's ours.


* Fishy: Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%, under 8% for the first time since January 2009. Something smells a little fishy. New jobs numbers came in at 114 Thousand, at least 140 Thousand are needed just to keep up with population growth. July and August jobs numbers were revised up when they're normally revised down, fishy. Miraculously 800 Thousand new part time jobs were reported in September with a large increase in government jobs. The economy is still tanking, manufacturing lost another 16 Thousand jobs in September and yet the unemployment rate drops to 7.8%, fishy. North Korea has freed its people, Iran is not building a nuclear bomb, the Castro's have given up power in Cuba and cows can now fly. The Obama gets stomped in a nationally televised debate and two days later the economy has recovered, fishy. No coincidence that a regime in trouble would stoop to manipulation of statistics to hold on to power. Wonder what the gullibility number looks like?


* Clock Cleaning: The Obama showed up to a clock cleaning in Denver last night and got his cleaned. It was substance vs. myth and substance destroyed the myth of the chosen one. It was obvious that the emperor was shown for what he is, a big government socialist trickle down misery demagogue. The Obama sees government as the answer to all, the driving force behind business and opportunity. That ideology is simply wrong and been proven so during the last four years as well as everywhere else it's been tried in the world. Millions of Americans got to see Gov. Romney for the first time last night and saw a smart, knowledgeable presidential candidate ready to fix our economy and right the ship of state. On the other side they saw a self appointed emperor shown up for what he is, an empty suit on an empty chair.


* Buried: A visibly angry Joe Biden said the middle class has been buried for four years. We have to agree with Foot-In-Mouth, Bin Laden is Dead, Al Qaida is Alive Biden. Talk about angry, old white dude, Big Joe is the poster boy. His anger was supposed to be towards what he claims would be Republicans raising taxes on the middle class, in reality, Republicans are for tax cuts and the biggest tax increase in history is coming at the hands of The Obama administration. Expiration of the Bush tax rates and ObamaCare will raise taxes on everyone, further burying the middle class that has been buried the last four years. Failed economic policies are like a tax on the middle class as well. Doubling of the price of a gallon of gas is like a direct tax, rising food prices is another. Replacing this administration will remove the yoke from the neck of Americas small businesses and middle class. It's either The Obama's father's dream or the American dream, the choice is ours.


* Hack: It was revealed yesterday that China was able to hack into security computers in the White House. The official White House statement on the issue was that nothing was compromised. Really? Isn't his the same White House that lied about the Libyan terrorist attack for over two weeks? You can't believe anything coming out of this outlaw regime. They are mired in corruption and affiliations with people, foreign and domestic, that do not have our best interest in mind. It's possible that the area that was hacked contains our nuclear codes information. If China had the ability to compromise this networks security, they have the ability to disguise their tracks.

* Debate: The Obama's handlers are making the case that The Obama can't chew gum and walk at the same time. Minimizing the verbal capabilities of the liar-in-chief is no easy task. After all, he can stop the rise of the oceans and his speeches make people faint. But now, he's not prepared or ready to face the "super" debater, Romney. They really do think people are stupid, well we know that to be true, at least the ones that blindly support the enigma.


* Voter Suppression: The Obama's injustice department has sued several states arguing that their voter ID laws are discriminatory. They say that requiring an ID disenfranchises minorities. Who's the racist here, the states for trying to maintain the integrity of the election process or The Obama administration believing that minorities are too stupid to bring an ID with them when they vote. On July 17th of this year the DNC, The Obama Campaign and the Ohio Democrat Party sued the state of Ohio because their election laws extended the deadline for military absentee ballots by three days. Are they trying to suppress the military vote? According to the Military Protection Project there is a 92 percent drop in absentee ballot requests in Virginia alone. This drop is in comparison with the ballot requests from 2008. It is no secret that the military is more conservative than the general public. It would stand to reason that these voters would vote for Romney in overwhelming numbers, so their suppression would be a priority for The Obama and his minions. Think about this the next time you see this administrations attempts to restrict states from preventing voter fraud and remember that, while our military is fighting overseas to defend our liberty and rights, their rights are being challenged by the very administration and commander in chief that rule over them.


* Libya: Over two weeks after the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya, which killed our ambassador, and The Obama has yet to call it a terrorist attack. The administration's line is their waiting for the result of the FBI investigation, they could be waiting a long time. The FBI has not been able to place any agents on site because of "security" concerns. Their plan, like Clinton's in the 90's, is to treat this attack as if it were a crime. Scour the crime scene, round up the perpetrators, read them their Miranda rights then bring them to trial. In The Obama's world we would still be investigation Pearl Harbor, with FBI agents in Japan. Embassies attacked, ambassador killed and Nero is still fiddling. We know where terrorist and Jihadist camps are in the Benghazi area, they should have been flattened on September 12th.

* Rice: Our UN ambassador, Susan Rice, the same administration representative who took to the Sunday talk shows last week to openly lie about the Libya terrorist attack, skipped Israel's prime minister's speech at the UN yesterday. It seems she was too hungry to sit around for Netanyahu's speech and had to go to lunch. The Obama refused a meeting with Netanyahu, supposedly because of his tight schedule (The View and Letterman got his time), and now Ambassador Rice is too busy for him. Jewish voters take note, he's taking you for granted and endangering our national security in the process. A vote for The Obama is a vote for Iranian appeasement.


* Polls: There seems to be a plague of polls. Looks like polls on polling, not dissimilar to having a meeting to decide when to have a meeting. Pollsters use "weighing" techniques to better predict the outcome of an election. Most skew the sampling to participation percentages from the previous election. For instance, if in 2008 Democrats voted with a 4 percent higher rate than Republicans then a pollster will sample 4% more Democrats. The problem with this method is that 2008 was an unusual year. We had our first black candidate and an enthusiastic electorate chomping to shed their white guilt and vote for the black guy. His lack of experience, mysterious past and radical associations didn't matter, they were blindly lead and bought the snake oil. This election, the enthusiasm is in correcting the error that has crippled our nation and brought our economy to the brink of disaster. Polls showing your candidate losing can either discourage you or convince you to get involved. Visa-Versa polls showing your candidate ahead can convince you that your vote is not necessary and discourage your participation. Seems like either way the result may be the same. When news outlets continue to show close polls or polls that flip back and forth it's like the weather reports of an upcoming storm. They tease you into watching while exaggerating the circumstances. We suggest you ignore the polls, stay involved and make your vote count. After all, the only poll that matters is the one taken on November 6, 2012.


* Moral Equivalency: During his United Nations speech yesterday The Obama failed to condemn the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. He continued to deflect this obvious terrorist attack by blaming the video which has been used as an excuse. Saying that the video should not justify riots and attacks is in itself blaming a protected form of freedom of speech for the riots and attacks. Muslim countries do not have the same beliefs in free speech that we do, they live by a different standard. In those countries, free speech can get you killed. It is therefore not morally equivalent to compare a video clip to murder and destruction. Two weeks after the terrorist attack which left four Americans dead, this administration has yet to take decisive action in response. Weakness and indecision invites aggression. In a world where enemies of freedom live by the sword, only the sword is respected.


* Bumps: When the Iranian people took to the streets, The Obama sided with the Ayatollahs and left freedom fighters dying at the hands of government snipers and thugs. The Iranian government have been the worlds leading terrorist sponsor since they stormed our embassy and took our personnel hostage in 1979. Since then they have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq through proxies and IED's. Another enemy, Syria, murders thousands of its citizens and this administration sits idly by while the void is filled by our enemies. Meanwhile, two "allies" in the war on terror, Libya and Egypt, come under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood insurgents and The Obama wholeheartedly supports the insurrections and commits American forces through a no fly zone to facilitate their demise. In exchange for this effort, Libyan forces rape and murder our ambassador. According to this president, these actions are "bumps" in the road. As these events unfold, The Obama, his mirror and his lemmings continue down the path of failure, transformation and destruction. Stupidity is at the heart of his followers, drunk on ignorance.

* UN: The Obama's UN speech: Blah, blah, blah, it was the videos fault, blah, blah blah, blah, thank you!


* Noise: The Middle East continues to burn and Barack "Nero" Obama considers talk of the situation as just "noise." Interestingly Iranian president, "And-I-Need-A-Job" also is of the same opinion, he called it "noise" as well. Coincidence? The Obama has time for appearances on Letterman and The View but not for meeting Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, even when Netanyahu offered to come to Washington to meet him. The Obama also stated that Israel is one of our closest allies in the region. One of our closest? Whose closer? Our ambassador to Libya is murdered and raped during a terrorist attack on our consulate and this administrations response is to apologize for a video. There's never been a president more antagonistic towards Israel than this one, couple this with Iran being a step away from building nuclear bombs and we have a perfect storm. This administration continues to marginalize the terrorist attack in order to avoid the necessity to respond in a meaningful way. The Obama's Carteresque foreign policy madness invites anti-American action, alienates our allies and emboldens our enemies.


* Wealth: Democrats-Socialists-Marxists look at wealth like a pizza, there’s just so many slices. If the evil rich have 6 of the 12 slices then there’s only 6 slices left for everyone else. So that 'evil' 5% have 50% of the pizza. But that’s the wrong way to look at it. If wealth was a static number then we would have the same wealth today that we had in 1912. What is needed is a bigger pizza, creating wealth, and that’s what you get with liberty and freedom, more pizza/wealth to go around.

* Terrorist Attack: Finally, after 9 days of misleading and disinformation about the Libya consulate attack and murder of our ambassador, the White House admits it was a terrorist attack. Press secretary Carney said, "It is self evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack." If it was so self evident then why did they lie about it for 9 days? Now this administration is using your tax dollars to pay for commercials in Pakistan showing The Obama and Clinton apologizing for the video. This while Pakistan is giving it's workers the day off to "protest" against America in a "National Day of Prayer." The Obama White House is now also comparing the upheaval in the Middle East to the Fall of the Berlin Wall! Are we being led by stupid, ignorant, liberal, socialist, fools (I know those are redundant names) or treasonous comrades, only time will tell.

* Flag: The official Obama web site is selling a replacement for our American flag. It's the Obama logo in place of the stars, plus nine red and white stripes in place of the thirteen we have now. Does that mean that The Obama has nine disciples? We know he meant to transform American but change our flag too? This is in your face "transformation."


* Redistribution:  A 1998 audio tape of The Obama has surfaced in which he clearly states his beliefs in government and in redistribution of wealth. His MSM propaganda arm ignores the tape while his talking head defenders cast it off because it's 14 years old. Romney left Bain Capital about fourteen years ago, why isn't that too old? Regardless of this excuse, it's the same message he gave Joe the Plumber in 2008 and the same underlying policy behinds his presidency and class warfare divisionary tactics. His campaign slogan is "Forward," and they scare people into not wanting to go back to policies that they say got us in this mess to begin with. The problem with this scare tactic is that Forward is anything but, it's actually backwards to failed socialist and communist policies. Communism IS redistribution of wealth, how well did that turn out for the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea? The problem with redistribution is simple, you can confiscate current wealth but you can't future wealth, because it won't be there. It's the same failed logic that proponents of increased taxation on the rich use, it's a static failed logic. Marxists assume that if you confiscate wealth that you will be able to continue to do it and if you increase taxes on upper incomes that those upper incomes will remain the same. Facts don't bear this out because the economy is dynamic. If you punish an action you get less of it, if you tax success, you get less of it. If you redistribute wealth you will have less wealth created which in turn reduces what is available for your redistribution. This is not theory, it is proven history. The Obama's redistribution and punitive policies have failed the American people for almost four years now, four more years and his fathers dreams will have come true, imposed on a free people, by the enigma that has brainwashed the electorate.


* The Governor: Romney spoke from the heart when he truthfully explained that 47% of Americans don't pay income taxes and are dependent on the government, in one form or another. It was a true statement and most Americans know that. The Obama's MSM pounced on Romney like a hungry dog on a slab of meat. In response to the faux outrage by the media and advice from his political handlers, he has softened this opinion. It reminds me of a "governor." Not one of a state, but one of an engine. An engine governor limits the throttle to keep the go kart or other vehicle from going to fast. It's like a governor on the governor! It's time to remove that governor and unleash Romney with the truth on the American people. The public is ready for it.

* Propaganda: Holder's In-Justice department and Media Matters coordinating, say it isn't so. Proof of coordinated hit jobs on FOX and another news outlets was discovered through freedom of information requests by the This proof goes unreported in the MSM, no surprise. Like captain Renault said in Casablanca, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" as he walks away with his cut.


* Constitution Day: Yesterday was the 225th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution, did you hear anything about it from the MSM? Did our schools teach history about this great document to our kids yesterday or did they ignore it? The answers are obvious. We are in the middle of an orchestrated attack on our Constitution by way of this administrations infringement on the first amendment. This basic amendment is fundamental to the Constitution itself, it's about freedom. The first amendment does not guarantee the integrity, content or wisdom of speech, only the right to exercise it. It is fundamental to a free society. The Constitution is not a bunch of suggestions on parchment paper, but rather, the structure by which a great country, based on God given ideals, was created. Our liberty and freedom, which the Constitution guarantees, is the antithesis of the Islamic message, a message of hate, intolerance and violence. The two systems are like oil and water, they can touch, but they will never mix. The Obama regime, and their MSM propaganda arm, are clearly on the wrong side of this divide.


* Madness: Marines not allowed ammo while guarding our embassy in Cairo, "Friendly Fire" murders of our soldiers in Afghanistan, U.S. Embassies attacked throughout the Middle East and an inept administration saying these attacks are not intended against the United States. It's all madness and stupidity on steroids. The Obama's outreach to the Muslim world is not working out as advertised, or is it? If his goal was to weaken and cripple this country, it's mission accomplished. Like a wolf guarding the hen house, The Obama is overseeing our demise, both domestically and overseas. An attack on an American embassy is an attack on our soil, an act of war. Our ambassador to Libya was tortured, raped and murdered and this administration is still blaming a film. In the Middle East we are dealing with an extreme political system masquerading as a religion, you cannot reason with madness. You either face it head on and defeat it or you turn your back and run. What is certain is this administration has to be replaced, we can survive foreign enemies and attacks but we cannot endure another four years of self inflicted wounds from the enemy within.


* Doubling Down:  The Obama and Hillary are doubling down on stupidity. They continue to blame the Mohamed movie trailer for "demonstrations" in the Middle East. The attacks were coordinated and the Libyan's murder of our ambassador was a carefully orchestrated attack by over 400 terrorists. All timed to coincide with 9-11. The Mohamed movie trailer was posted on YouTube on July 2, 2012. Why didn't they riot on the 3rd? The trailer is an excuse to justify their hatred and extreme Islamic ways. They declared war on us, The Obama is facilitating it and we're falling for it. We are our own worst enemy. It's always been the liberal mind set to blame America first. If we're attacked then of course, we must have done something to provoke it. At any given time you can find anti-Islam, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish literature, cartoons and videos. Christians and Jews don't riot and murder as a result of literature, cartoons or videos, Muslims do. These demonstrations are encouraged by Imams and politicians to deflect anger towards the west and away from their failed miserable societies. Primitive tribal societies that live, and die, by the sword.


* The Obama:  U.S. Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered in Libya on 9-11. After the State Departments apology to Muslims, the administration attacked Gov. Romney for condemning the actions of terrorists in Libya and Egypt, and correctly pointing out, the administrations' apology for their actions. The MSM pilled on, ignoring the apology and concentrating on Romney's timing. The WH propaganda arm on queue again. The apology did come out before the ambassador's death was determined but it doesn't undermine this administrations failure in recognizing the enemy we face. In The Obama's Rose garden speech condemning the murder in Libya, he failed to even mention the Cairo, Egypt attack on our embassy. These acts were coordinated by an Islamic enemy that does not reason with diplomacy, the only reason they understand is force and an unconditional will to triumph. Either they lose, or we do, there is no compromise with an enemy that believes in your extinction! Coupled with refusing to meet with the Israeli prime minister, one has to question this presidents intentions. Ambassador Stevens was our representative to the anti Qaddafi forces in Libya. In return for his dedication, he was murdered. The Arab Spring has now turned into the Arab Winter. Barrack "Nero" Obama fiddles while the Middle East burns!


* Libya-Egypt: Yesterday we pointed out the evil that we are confronted with in the form of the Islamic threat. Later in the day our embassy in Egypt and consulate in Libya were attacked by Islamic mobs, killing our ambassador to Libya and three others. On the anniversary of 9-11, this was no coincidence. The Obama's state department responded, not by condemning the attack, but by condemning their excuse for the attack. Here’s the official statement, "The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions." An outrageous act of political correctness. At the same time, The Obama has denied a request by Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, for a meeting stating that he's too busy. This administration is out of touch and not acting in the best interest of our allies and our national security.


* 9-11: Eleven years after that fateful day on September 11, 2001, we remember those innocent lives lost, in that cowardly and evil deed. It was the manifestation of pure evil. This is not, as The Obama likes to label it, a national day of service, it's a national day of remembrance. We remember the day that a militant political philosophy, disguised as a religion, declared war on the United States and the civilized world. Islam is not a religion, it is a political and judicial system that's completely incompatible with liberty and freedom. We also remember the Palestinian people dancing in the streets when they heard of the attacks. We remember our enemies rejoicing in what they considered a huge victory. Our world changed forever on that fateful day. We either face this pure enemy and call their evil what it is, or we perish in a swamp of political correctness. May God Bless those lost in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania, and may God Bless their families.


* Polls: Viewing recent presidential public opinion polls is a strain on common sense. With four years of proven failure to show for his time in office, The Obama leads national polls. It's obvious that the propaganda arm of the White House, the MSM, is doing their job for a continuation of The Obama's transformation policies. You can't listen to what this president says, you have to look at his actions. His actions are as clear as daylight, if he wasn't a failure, we wouldn't be talking about the economy and 23 million Americans wouldn't be unemployed. If you take the time to review The Obama's own books and the background that is not "sealed," you will come away with a clear understanding that this president is intent on bringing America down economically, militarily and morally. When he talks about the rich, fair share and the one percent, he is talking about America! He is a globalist and we, the United States of America, are the one percent of the world. He does not strive to lead by example and show the rest of the world what liberty and freedom can accomplish but rather, he pursues policies and change that will bring the U.S. to the level of others. He is not failing at his goals, he's succeeding at our expense. When he says, "We're not going back," he means precisely that, he does not want to go back to the days of American greatness, he wants to go "Forward" towards America's demise. He's approaching his ends by whatever means possible. If re-elected, he will put the last nail in the coffin. We need to keep that from happening!


* Bite-Me & The Empty Chair: VP Joe "Bite-Me" Biden, AKA Foot-In-Mouth, gave an impassioned speech defending his boss, The Empty Chair. It was a personal reflection of his experience with the president that has a "Big Stick." His complete pitch can be summed up in his best line, "Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." A lot was made about the courage that it took to make the call to eliminate that miscreant. We were looking for him for over a decade. The Empty Chair delayed the call for 6 months then finally decided to go in just after he presented his forged birth certificate, coincidence? Courage? SEAL Team 6 had the courage. "Bite-Me" came across as an angry, old, grey-haired politician, sucking up to his benefactor. The Empty Chair can give a speech, after all, that's all he's been doing all his life. But when he mentions the word "Citizenship," it sends a chill down your spine. Citizenship of what country? A lofty speech full of empty promises, strike that, they are now goals, after all, he never said it was going to be easy (at this point it was time to change the Dumbocrat barf bag). Empty goals from an empty chair trying to fool the same empty skulls.

* Unemployment: New jobs numbers came out today with the unemployment rate coming down to 8.1%. But don't let the drop fool you. New jobs came in at only 96,000 and 368,000 more Americans dropped out of the workforce. In other words, the economy is still tanking and the unemployment rate only dropped because more people dropped out and joined the millions already sitting on the sidelines, or on the government dole. How is that for hope and change?


* Weather: The new Democrat word for "Can't get enough lemmings to fill a football stadium" is "Weather." After months of preparation trying to repeat the Denver love fest of 2008, the bloom is off the rose. They couldn't even bus in enough people from surrounding states to fill the stadium. So their spin is, blame the weather. 20% to 30% chance of thunders storms is the normal weather report in many areas, including North Carolina, this time of the year. They knew this when they chose to hold The Chosen one's coronation in the stadium. Seems like North Carolinians aren't up to being fooled again.

* Clinton: Something about pointing a boney "Lewinsky" finger in your face telling you that The Obama inherited a terrible situation that kinda makes your stomach turn. No matter how he tried to sugar coat it, The Obama failures shine through. Now who's carrying who's bags?

* Un-Democratic: The Un-Democratic Democrat National Convention showed their true colors yesterday. In a voice vote to reinstate the word GOD into their platform the nays clearly had the majority. Stunning the chair, the vote was retaken, not once, but twice. In each case, the nays won, but the chair stated the ayes had it by a two thirds majority. Democratic?


* 16 Trillion: As timing would have it, our national debt passed the $16 Trillion mark yesterday, just in time for the Democrat National Convention. That's 16 Trillion reasons to replace the failed presidency of The Obama and his merry men. While running in 2008 he promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term. Instead of cutting it by half, he doubled it and has kept it over $1Trillion every year since taking office. One-third of our total debt since the founding on our nation has taken place during The Obama years yet he wants more time to finish the job he started. Really, to finish his transformation? The Obama talks the talk but he cannot hide his failure or is that success. After all, if your intention is to "change" our country and "transform" it into a socialist utopia, he hasn't failed, he is right on target. The choice in November couldn't be any clearer.

* In GOD We Trust: It's our national motto and completely banished from the Democrat platform. The word GOD does not appear anywhere in their platform. It was removed and that doesn't happen by accident, it goes to the core of a radical party that has left the American people behind.


* Democratic?: If the Democrat's convention is the "Democratic" convention does that make the Republican one "Un-Democratic?" The Republicans had a Democratic convention, they had primaries and caucuses, and in the end, Romney got enough votes to win the nomination. The Democrat's are having a coronation of the chosen one, you know, the one that stops the oceans from rising. It's a convention of special interest groups and redistributionist's. If they were Democratic they wouldn't have rammed an un-Democratic take over of our healthcare system down the throats of the American people, knowing that the vast majority of the people were against it. Now we have an un-Democratic ObamaCare monstrosity that's raising taxes and killing jobs nationwide. The record is clear, four years of failed socialists policies that The Obama can try to hide from but he can't run away from. It's the Democrat National Convention, nothing Democratic about it.

* Voter ID: An interesting turn of events, the same White House that sues states for requiring ID's to vote is requiring ID's to attend their convention. By their own standards, they're racist and bigots. How dare they try to suppress the attendance!


* Voter ID: Voter ID laws are required to prevent voter fraud. If a voter can make it to a voting location they can make it to a DMV. No one eligible to vote is being disenfranchised by requiring them to show an ID. Voting is one of the most important things a citizen can do, yet Democrats want it to be as easy as breathing. No requirements necessary. If no ID is required, can children vote? Voting is not a right, it is not GOD given, it is a privilege. It is a privilege restricted to American citizens. By definition, if it's restricted to American citizens, you should have to show that you're an American citizen, it's as simple as that. Would you want illegal aliens or people intent on destroying our country to vote? It's about identification, stupid!


* Tale of Two Party's: This years presidential election themes are clear, solutions vs. excuses. Republicans are discussing solutions to what ails us, saving Medicare and Social Security by reforming them, taking the strangle hold of government regulations off our small businesses and keeping taxes low. Democrats attack the messenger, demonize their opposition and make excuses for their failures. They try to divide and conquer, pitting Americans against each other on race, income and religion. They see an American and classify them by race, economic standing and political affiliation. Republicans see Americans! If a Republican doesn't like guns, they don't buy one. If a Democrat doesn't like guns, they try to try to outlaw them. Republicans believe in the smallest minority, the individual. Democrats believe in big government and the collective. Republicans believe in American exceptionalism and that with the right leadership, we can again unleash the prosperity and ingenuity of the American idea.


* Profiling:
Ann Romney gave an impassioned speech on her love for her husband, Mitt Romney. A brief history of their lives together and the struggles they overcame. In response to her eloquence, Juan Williams says, "Ann Romney ... looked to me like a corporate wife. The stories she told about struggles — eh! It's hard for me to believe. I mean, she's a very rich woman, and I know that, and America knows that." Prejudice, racism and profiling, that's what liberal talking heads do. Their hypocrisy is outrageous. It's the contempt they show for the so called "rich" or successful. To them, it's not fair. Doesn't matter if their wealth is earned through years of sacrifice and hard work. Class profiling by media elites carrying The Obama's water. November 6th can't come fast enough.


* "Extreme": The new KEY word for the radical liberal press and The Obama campaign is "Extreme." Their trying to paint Romney as extreme after calling him too moderate to win the Republican nomination in the primaries. You can't have it both ways. There's nothing "extreme" about Romney. He's a good man, a successful man with a loving family. He is the embodiment of the American Dream. He doesn't need the presidents salary or perks that come with the office. He would live a very comfortable life without the spotlight. He has a calling to make sure that the American dream and our founding father's sacrifice is worth fighting for. He isn't doing this for himself, he doesn't have to, he's doing this for future generations of Americans, his children and grandchildren. We do not want a "transformed America." We want the United States of America, where Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness reigns supreme. He's not a dreamer, he's a believer, he's lived it.


* Huckabee: Gov. Huckabee is equating Biden's, "They're going to put Y'all back in chains" comment to Romney's joking about no one questioning his birth certificate while speaking to a home town Michigan crowd. On one hand you have a sitting vice president stirring up racial hatred while joking about slavery. Slavery is nothing to joke about and yet the first African-American president comes to Foot-In-Mouth's defense. In the other case, Romney made a joke about an issue that millions of American's care about deeply. The Obama's qualifications to fill the office of president is no laughing matter either but, that's exactly what the MSM, FOX and most Republicans have done, laughed it off. There's a lot of information about the qualification issue, mainly the "Natural Born" requirement which The Obama does not meet, but if you take a step back from preconceptions and just look at the big picture you will usually come to the conclusion that where there's smoke, there's fire. Why would the president allow Lt. Col. Terry Lakin to be imprisoned for simply questioning the presidents legitimacy? If all he had to show was his birth certificate, why didn't he do it? Why did he spend millions of dollars to fight it's release in the courts then come out with a proven forgery on April 27, 2011? Why are all his college records sealed? What does he have to hide? Smoke, fire? It's not a laughing matter, it's a serious Constitutional crisis. Our country is being divided and destroyed by "the enemy within" and we're laughing it off. It's about the Constitution, liberty and freedom. The Constitution is like a chain, it's only as strong as it's weakest link. If we weaken Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, we weaken the Constitution to the point of breaking. The Obama's actions are proof of that. Let's not allow it to break on our watch!


* Syria: Major concern is rising over Syria's threat to use chemical weapons on its people. The Obama has even said that this would trigger U.S. action. The question is, where did these weapons come from? Iraq? Former Iraqi generals have stated that Saddam Hussein sent his WMD's to Syria right before the U.S. invasion. Could this be vindication for the Iraq war? The MSM and Bush critics were quick to pounce on the WMD issue without looking at he evidence. Some WMD's were destroyed during UN sanctioned inspections and Hussein even used these weapons on his own people. Regardless of all this information the MSM and public condemned our government for fabricating WMD concerns in Iraq. Now Assad is preparing to use them same imaginary WMD's on his people and the very same people that were critical of the Bush administration are cautioning Syria on their use. Typical hypocrisy from the typical sources.


* CBO: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced yesterday that if action is not taken on the "fiscal cliff" which is coming January 1, 2013, we will head into a recession shortly thereafter. Meanwhile the Labor department is reported to have spent $500 Thousand of spendulus funds on ads to promote the success of the spendulus. Those $500 Thousand didn't create a single job, but that was par for the course for the failed Obama spendulus. The head of the CBO, Doug Elmendorf, also said the deficit for 2012 will be $1.1 Trillion. According to The Obama his policies worked. In his upside-down world they worked. If your goal is to destroy our economy, they worked. If it's to transform American into a failed socialist state, they worked. With all this facing our country the MSM an president's campaign distract with trivial personal attacks on Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul. Propaganda is a powerful tool, it's how tyrants and dictators stay in power.


* Dempsey: Joint Chiefs of Staff head Gen. Martin Dempsey is wrong to criticize SEALs, and special ops vets, for their advocacy against The Obama administrations reckless disregard for our national security. At issue is veteran SEAL Ben Smith and others creating a film entitled, "Dishonorable Disclosures." The film criticizes intelligence leaks from the Oval office which endanger the lives of our military in the field. It also takes issue with The Obama taking credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. They correctly point out that our military and America brought Bin Laden to justice. By grandstanding and taking credit for this action the president endangered the personnel still in the field and compromised ongoing and potential new actions that could have been taken to further inflict harm on this evil enemy that wants to destroy us. Our special ops have every right to express their opinion as American citizens. They fought, and many paid the ultimate price, for the right to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. Actions by this president and his administration may have already cost American lives in the theatre of war. These leaks only purpose is to further the political standing of The Obama. These aren't just political tactics, there are lives at stake. They are treasonous and must stop.


* Biden-Watch: No word from the exiled one, maybe he's working on his memoir. It is being rumored that a secret service advance team is in Tamp ahead of a trip by ol' Joe next week. We would hope that if this is the case the Republican National Convention organizers have the common sense to give Foot-In-Mouth a prime-time speaking spot. It would bring some comic relief to the attendees.

Biden walks into a bar with a dummy. The bar tender asks, "Where did you get the dummy?" The dummy says, "The White House."


* Job-Interview: Electing a president is like hiring a CEO. Much was said during the 2008 campaign about Sarah Palin not being qualified to be vice president but very little about The Obama being qualified to be president. The hypocrisy was palatable. Palin had been a mayor and governor, both executive positions. The Obama had been a community organizer. Now we're hearing that Romney has no foreign policy experience. What foreign policy experience did The Obama have in 2008? None! Now after 4 years of The Obama's failed policies on both domestic and foreign policy fronts we have a new choice to make. Double down on the mistake of 2008 or hire a president who is truly qualified for the job of chief executive. The Obama says his policies have worked and he needs four more years to finish what he started. If his policies worked we wouldn't be talking about the economy, his policies would have fixed the problem. He did inherit a recession but he has shackled our economy to a point close to collapse. In the foreign policy area he has alienated our allies and strengthened our foes. Islamic fundamentalist have toppled governments in the Middle East and Iran is on the verge of a nuclear weapon. Couple all of this with having a court jester as a vice president and you have a ticket of despair, division and distraction. The election in November is as clear a choice as we've ever had. Reverse the mistake of 2008 or lose our way of life, it's that serious. We've seen what an out of control, enigma of a president can do when he has to face re-election. What he would do without that constraint would bring our country to the brink. The choice is clear.


* MediScare: Conventional wisdom says Romney's pick of Ryan would cause problems because of the MediScare avalanche that would come their way. It seemed to start out that way but why is The Obama campaign still harping on Romney's tax returns? Distraction, lies and attacks are all the failed presidency and campaign can muster. Facts are stubborn things, The Obama is raiding Medicare by over $700 Billion to help pay for ObamaCare. They are the ones that are changing Medicare as we know it. Romney-Ryan are trying to save Medicare. If left alone it will go broke, if gutted like The Obama did for ObamaCare, it will go broke. Doing nothing is not an option. Time to turn the country over to grownups and throw these pin-headed intellectual dim bulbs out on the street where they belong.

* Biden-Watch: After coming back from "Siberia" for only three days on the campaign trail, looks like Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" is back in exile. We miss him already. After a meeting in the White House yesterday, poor ol' Joe was headed back to Delaware. Not sure is he was gagged and his phones disconnected, one can only speculate…


* The Obama: In 2009 The Obama said he had three years to turn the economy around and if he couldn't, then he would be a one-term president. Now he says he needs more time to finish what he started. That's the problem in a nutshell, we don't want him to finish what he started. His transformation needs to go on the trash heap of history along with other failures like Communism. The Obama was inspired to believe in Marxism by his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis. He espoused these beliefs while at Occidental College as a foreign exchange student. There is no change there, he still believes in that failed philosophy. Don't listen to his words, he's a slick manipulator, watch his actions, that's were his true intentions and beliefs lie, literally.

* Biden Update: The non-stop-gaffe-machine, AKA, VP Biden did it again in Blacksburg, VA yesterday. During another rambling speech he said, "Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?” Biden leads the "21st Century" in stupid statements!


* He's Back: Yesterday we pointed out that VP Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden had been missing in action. All of a sudden he appeared in his usual idiotic form. Speaking at an event in Danville, Virginia to a small group, made up mostly of minorities, he said of the Romney-Ryan ticket, "They're going to put Y'all back in chains." He also said we need to win North Carolina, forgetting he was in Virginia. We missed Joe, he brings so much fun to the campaign that he should be on the Republican payroll. The dangerous part of this is, he's just a heart beat away from the presidency. At least with The Obama we know we have is a Marxist enigma, but at least he's predictable, with Joe, we have an unstable fool.

* Energy: Romney hit the nail on the head by describing The Obama's "All of the above" energy policy as anything above ground. Solar, wind, manure. Forget fossil fuels, they are the target of The Obama's environmentally radical EPA. By his own admission, The Obama had said that he would make coal so expensive that new plants would not be built. Old plants will also have to close because they can't afford to meet the new regulations imposed on the industry by an out of control EPA. We generate half of our electricity from coal so the impact of these policies would be catastrophic for jobs and the cost of energy. To pander to his environmental extreme constituency he is willing to sacrifice our economy and good middle class jobs.


* MIA-Biden: Everyone with a political opinion has been voicing it except… VP-Foot-In-Mouth Biden. Has anyone heard from him? Is he still under wraps in an undisclosed location or on an extended vacation to Siberia? Who knows for sure except his keepers, but one thing is certain, the vice presidential debate in October is going to be a lot of fun! As a public service we would to announce that if you have any information as to his whereabouts you are encouraged to call 1-555-JOE-LOST.

* DWS: DNC chair Debbie "What's-Her-Man" Schultz was at her lying best this weekend on FOX News. When asked what she thought was the political affiliation of the people behind the despicable ad accusing Romney of killing a woman with cancer, she responded she had no idea what affiliation they were. The super PAC is run by an ex Obama press secretary and supported by several other administration insiders yet she doesn't know if they're Democrats. These people actually believe the American people are stupid. You would have to be stupid to fall for their lies, but then again, there are some stupid people out there. That's the only way you can explain the continued re-elections of people like DWS, Barney Frank and Hank Johnson. Remember Johnson? He's the Congressman that questioned and admiral about the possibility of Guam tipping over if all our military equipment was placed on the same side of the island. These Democrats are actually elected to office.


* Ryan: Choosing a VP running mate could be considered the first presidential decision a presidential candidate makes, in this case, Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan was an excellent decision. Democrats typical talking points were all over the airwaves as the scare seniors campaign hit high gear. "Romney-Ryan will change Medicare as we know it," was their mantra. The fact is Medicare is going to change "as we know it" anyway, the choice is to let it go bankrupt, like The Obama and Democrats would do or saving it like the Romney-Ryan plan does. The Obama cuts $700 Billion from Medicare in order to help fund ObamaCare, that changes Medicare as we know it. The Romney-Ryan plan calls for no changes for anyone 55 or older. This is plain and simple, no existing Medicare recipients would be affected. Democrats will lie and demagogue this issue with their willing accomplices in the MSM touting their falsehoods. Pundits underestimate the intelligence of the American people. They say we're not ready for a serious discussion on the economy and entitlements. We say, remember the mid-term elections of 2010? American voters resoundingly defeated the status quo and showed the need to turn away from the euro-socialist path The Obama has been taking us in. Voters proved they're ready and will do so again in November.


* Ads: On the presidential lie-about-my-record-and-personally-attack-my-opponent stump The Obama complains about negative ads from the Romney campaign. Interesting how we haven’t seen any ads calling The Obama a murderer like The Obama camp has about Romney. We haven't seen a leader of the Senate on the Republican side flat out lie about The Obama on the Senate floor either. Desperate attacks by a campaign and it's allies that have nothing to run on and everything to run from. Democrats in close races will be skipping the Democrat National Convention in North Carolina, they also refuse to be seen with the chosen one or discus his signature legislation, ObamaCare. If you have nothing to run on your only course of action is attack and lie. Your dedicated Kool-Aid drinking lemmings will fall in line. Romney is correct in not getting into the gutter with The Obama, his team can do that for him. His focus should be keeping the conversation on the economy, after all, that's what The Obama camp's lies and attacks are trying to prevent.


* Liberal-Mind: A liberal mind is like the final frontier, the undiscovered country, the black hole. It’s where common sense and logic go to die. Case in point, take the recent Chick-fil-A issue. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, makes a statement as a private citizen which is in line with the vast majority of Americans, he states his belief in the biblical definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. Common sense, and a personal opinion. But to the liberal/progressive/socialist/communist/Marxist mind it’s an insult and gets swallowed up by the black hole of idiocy. How dare he challenge the chosen one, The Obama. Never mind The Obama espoused the same opinion during the 2008 presidential campaign and as recently as a couple of months ago. Cathy’s remark unleashed the venom of the brainless and their MSM propaganda associates. Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel declared that Chick-fil-A did not have Chicago values. I guess Chicago values are more in line with lawlessness and backroom deals than common sense, after all it follows Rahm’s motto, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” There are more former Chicago politicians in jail than sand pebbles in an hour glass. This outrageous response and downright attack on our first amendment protected freedom of speech triggered a backlash of support for Chick-fil-A. Liberals believe in freedom of speech, as long as that speech agrees with them! A Chick-fil-A appreciation day was held. The crowds broke records for Chick-fil-A’s across the country and many of the restaurants ran out of food. Still the MSM and brainless amongst us didn’t get it. Chalk up another one for the black hole that is the liberal brain. NASA just successfully landed a rover on the surface of Mars to explore and determine if there’s life there. Perhaps they should develop a miniature version and launch it to the inner sanctums of the liberal brain and determine if there’s any hope of finding reason!


* Blinky: Former speaker of the house, Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi is in her attack dog mode again, or is that still? Anything to take away from The Obama's and Democrats' failures. Now she is saying Republicans are members of the "E. Coli Club." That's right, those evil Republicans want to poison your children. They want you to drink polluted water, breath dirty air and eat rotten food. That's beside them trying to kill Social Security and take away your Medicare. No mention of how ObamaCare guts Medicare by $500 BILLION. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures. Tirades like this shows two things, Democrats are nuts and their audience are idiots. Can anyone with over a 2nd grade education really believe their bull? Since The Obama did win in 2008 there must be a lot of those gullible idiots out there. One would hope that this time around, with the history of 4 failed years, the legions of fools may have been whittled down. Like that old saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, only time will tell how many will allow themselves to be fooled again. The future of our Republic hangs in the balance.


* Failed Policies: The Obama's economic excuse is to continue his blame Bush and the Republican led house. Never mind the complete control of Congress for the first two years of his regime. He keeps harping on not going back to failed policies of the past. So according to The Obama, failed policies created the greatest economy in the history of the world. Failed policies are the incentive for people to immigrate hear from all over the world. Failed policies allow our failed country to help the rest of the world. Failed polices freed Europe and defeated the Soviet Communist threat. Thank God for failed polices. In The Obama and Reid upside down world, success is failure and failure is success. The only thing that's clear is we can't survive any more of The Obama's success!


* Biden: VP Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden is on his second week long vacation in just over a month. Vacation or exile? The Obama campaign is clearly depriving the public of the entertainment that Biden provides. From asking a wheel chair bound audience member to stand up to saying things like "the president has a big stick," Biden is an endless source of idiotic statements. We will be patiently awaiting his return to the campaign. Perhaps after politics Reid and Biden could form a comedy duo and take their show on the road.


* Iran: "And-I-Need-A-Job" again called for the annihilation of Israel. You can't spin tyrannical idiocy. Iran's intentions are clear and have been so since their hard core Islamic revolution of 1979. They have killed countless of Americans directly and indirectly through their proxies like Hezbollah and Iraq's Shiite militias. While we talk, they harden their nuclear sites and continue their path towards their nukes. All the while, telling the world, their program is for nuclear energy. Simple question for the gullible amongst us, Why do they need to hide and harden their "peaceful" nuclear development sites? How many more Americans must die before we finally confront this clear menace before us? The sooner the better, time is not on our side.


* Chick-fil-A: Progressive numbskulls like Chicago's mayor Rahm Emmanuel were shown up yesterday. After Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy stated be believed in the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, proponents of gay marriage had a hissy fit. Rahm said that Chick-fil-A didn't have "Chicago values" and was not welcome in the city. Other like minded dim-wits fell in line criticizing Cathy. Yesterday the people spoke as lines formed at Chick-fil-A's across the nation, setting a record for the day. Many of the restaurants ran out of food. People voted with their feet and money to show government busybodies that they've had enough. These same people and many more will be lining up this November to throw the bums out. We've had enough already, it's time for real change.


* Forward: The Obama Marxist slogan for his presidential campaign is "FORWARD." The period is part of the slogan. Common thinking is it means forward then stop. Campaign operative Axelrod though says it provides finality. We believe it means exactly what it is, "period." Forward at any cost with a strategy of divide and conquer. There will be constant personal attacks on Romney to divert attention from the dismal Obama economy. When attention is placed on the economy the canned excuses will be it's Bush and the Republican House that are at fault. A majority of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction and moving forward in that direction would be a mistake. It's like being on the Titanic and knowing what lies ahead and yet not doing anything to change course. To paraphrase Einstein, insanity would be re-electing The Obama and expecting different results.


* Olympics: There are a lot of good swimmers out there, but some are better than others, is that fair? Years of sacrifice, dedication, practice and conditioning sets some apart but are they responsible for their success? Did they build the roads and bridges that led them to the pools? After all, if it wasn't for their benevolent government they would not have had the opportunity to break that record. Every individual has God given talents and strengths of one kind or another, it's what you do with those gifts that sets you apart. We should encourage and reward those striving for excellence, that's why we have competitions and medals. By the same token, businesses and individuals should not be penalized for success, we should celebrate and encourage it, not demean and impune them. It's about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not life, liberty and equal results.


* Tax-Cut Lie: Congressional Democrats, Democrat talking heads and their MSM team mates keep pushing the big tax lie. They keep harping on the false premise that entending the so called "Bush tax cuts" are tax cuts, they are not! What's at stake is continuing the current tax rates or adding NEW taxes. After all, the Bush tax rates were just a reversal of the Clinton tax increases. What Democrats and the president are pushing are tax increases on higher income citizens and small businesses. At the end of last year The Obama said that increasing taxes on anyone in a recession would hurt the economy. That basic premise hasn't changed , yet today, with a dismal economy, the want to do just that, increase taxes. This is nothing more than class warfare for the sake of rallying food stamp collectors and the government dependent class to support the very politicians that are hurting them with policies that hurt the economy that would be of benefit to them. Minorities and the poor are the worst hit by The Obama's policies and his crony capitalism. They speak of fairness when in all actuality they are espousing a dependency class that is counter to the basic premise of liberty and personal responsibility. The Golden Rule says, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, The Obama's rule is, do unto others because it's not fair that they have more than you.


* Border Chaos: The Obama's Dream Act by executive order is anything but order. As in many cases during this outlaw regime, if congressional passage is not forthcoming then executive fiat will have to do. He has stated in the past that he can't do immigration reform on his own then proceeds to do it on his own. He sues a state, Arizona, for that states attempt at enforcing existing immigration laws then changes federal policy to allow illegal's sanctuary. The New York times report the changes as the following:

"Under the change, the Department of Homeland Security will no longer initiate the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States before age 16, have lived here for at least five years, and are in school, are high school graduates or are military veterans in good standing. The immigrants must also be not more than 30 and have clean criminal records."

ICE agent Chris Crane, President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council said, "Prosecutorial discretion on dreamers is solely based on the individuals’ claims. Our orders are: If an alien says they went to high school, then let them go. If they say they have a GED, then let them go, officers have been told that there is no burden for the alien to prove anything-even with the greatly relaxed policies, an alien is not required to prove that they meet any of the criteria." Agents are at risk of reprimands and loss of jobs if they cross the administration in their new policy. This in essence defeats the enforcement of our border security. Just another lawless action by a lawless administration in an attempt on pandering to a community in an effort to grow the next generation of Democrat lemmings.


* Small-Arms-Treaty: Meetings on the UN Small Arms Treaty are coming to a close quietly with The Obama administration negotiating in support of it's passage. Hillary Clinton is doing her part as a strong advocate for surrendering our sovereignty to the latest UN power grab. Disguised as an anti-terrorism agreement, if ratified by our Senate, it would supersede our Second Amendment rights. With the Senate under the control of the mischievous "Dirty" Harry Reid, danger lies in the lame duck session. After the November elections, Senators with nothing to lose may compromise their constituents rights in an idealistic sellout of our Constitutional rights. The UN is a failed playground for tyrants and dictators weighted heavily against our best interests. It is time this organization went the way of the League of Nations. Put your senators on notice, we will not surrender our rights!


* Feinstein: Senator Dianne Feinstein D-CA head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said this week that the source for national security leaks was the White House. Now she is back tracking by saying she was sorry that her comments were being used against the president. She also said she believes the president is very concerned about the leaks. Looks like another stray democrat has been taken behind the White House woodshed. How dare she go against the official regime propaganda machine. She's been "Bookered." If you look at who benefited from the leaks you can easily surmise who the source of the leak was. These leaks were clearly intended to benefit The Obama politically by falsely showing that he was tough on our enemies. When in fact, the leaks compromise our national security and aid our enemies by revealing sensitive information. All that matters to this regime is The Obama's re-election. This end justifies their means.


* Attitude: The Obama spoke before the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention yesterday and said, "Because we're leading around the world, people have a new attitude toward America. There’s more confidence in our leadership. We see it everywhere we go." Obviously he's talking from the point of view of our enemies. Yes, our enemies have a new attitude of us because they see our leadership in the world shrinking and our influence dissolving under the failed leadership of The Obama. If his intent was to destroy our influence oversees along with his transformation domestically then he has been very successful. Somewhere in a dark cave, a picture of The Obama is being honored.


* Gun Control: After every tragic shooting we get the same chorus of gun control zealots coming out of the woodwork. The shooting in Aurora, CO was a tragedy carried out by a psychotic individual living in a fantasy world. Yet the gun control Nazi's want to turn it into a new excuse to take away or further tighten controls on our second amendment rights. Facts don't get in the way of their faulty reasoning. The places where the most gun violence take place are the same where the tightest gun control laws exist. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, DC, Baltimore and Detroit. Simply put, criminals don't obey the law so why would they obey gun control laws? Those laws only guarantee defenseless victims and easy prey. If there were armed citizens in the theatre where this tragedy occurred perhaps there would be less grieving families today. After all, true gun control means hitting what you aim at!


* Natural Born Citizen: All Chevy's are cars but not all cars are Chevy's. Everyone born in the United States is a citizen but not all citizens are "Natural Born." At the time of the writing of our Constitution the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" was well known by our founding fathers. According to Vattel's 1758 book, "The Law of Nations," a natural born citizen is one who is born of two citizen parents at the time of his/her birth. They specifically used this term when drafting Article II Section 1 Clause 5 which clearly states the requirements for the office of president. If they wanted the requirement to be simply a citizen or someone born here, they wouldn't have used the term "Natural Born Citizen." It's not that complicated. Their intention with this requirement is a sound one, undivided LOYALTY to the country which the president leads. Here is the actual clause:

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States

Someone like The Obama is precisely why they placed this requirement in the Constitution and by allowing The Obama to hold the office of POTUS, we are perverting their vision and the very Constitution which they so carefully drafted.


* Illogical: It would seem that The Obama's recent attacks on business and his revealing Marxist ideology would be a death knell for his re-election bid, but there's a reason for his boldness. He is not playing to the logical or economically concerned American citizen. His audience is the dependent class, the almost 50% of Americans who are on government assistance of one kind or another. He knows he will get the hard core Democrat vote anyway so he is pandering to the envious, to the Occupy crowd and to the misinformed. You can make clear and simple arguments of why The Obama is destroying, or as he promised "transforming," the American system, but those arguments would fall on deaf ears to those dependent on his big government largess. That's why he concentrated on passing ObamaCare when the economy was tanking and why the huge increase in food stamps and unemployment. It's about dependency, both between the citizen and government and the politician and voter. Our future hangs in the balance.


* Fraudulent:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's chief investigator, Mike Zullo, has now positively determined that the birth certificate released by The Obama in April of 2011 is a fraud. They were researching the meaning of codes in the fields on the birth certificate. After contacting the retired former Hawaii clerk who signed the certificate, she informed them that certain codes meant that a field was NOT filled out. But on the certificate that The Obama released those fields were filled out. Obviously this means the fields were fraudulently filled in. The problem now is where to take this finding. He can't take it to Holder's injustice department as that would be equivalent to flushing it down the can. The best option is a Congressional hearing but that would take Congressmen who would actually live up to the oath of office they took. It's time to uphold the Constitution and bring the usurper to justice.


* Roads & Bridges: Class warfare continued… Speaking on the stump in Virginia The Obama credits the government for businesses success. Unbelievable. It's not the entrepreneur or savvy business person that creates success and jobs, it's big government. After all, government builds roads and bridges and without those the business wouldn't exist. What a bunch of Marxist dribble. If there was any doubt about The Obama's ideology, this should put that to rest. He's a Marxist to the bone. Doesn't matter to people like him that if it wasn't for the taxes paid by businesses and successful people there wouldn't be any funds to build those roads and bridges and pay for his worthless salary. The Demagogue-In-Chief (DIC) is off his rocker!


* Secrecy: Obama for America, Forward into the abyss, the campaign that smells like rotting fish. They keep harping on Romney's finances. News flash for The Obama lemmings, Romney is rich! He made his money by being a successful businessman in a successful venture capital company creating successful businesses. What a concept, actually accomplishing the American dream. Polar opposite from the pin-headed-liberal-bleeding-heart-losers that make up the core of The Obama machine. The campaign is also attacking what they call Romney's "secrecy." This coming from people who are accomplices in keeping the most secretive president in US history under wraps. The Obama's background records have been sealed to such an extent that when his presidential library is built, all his records will fit in an out-house. That would be a site to see…


* NAALCP: The National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People (NAALCP) welcomed Romney to their convention, then booed his speech. He mostly received luke warm response until he mentioned that in order to create jobs he would repeal ObamaCare, the boos and jeers came out in full force. How dare he criticize The Obama's signature achievement. It's very simple, if you care about jobs then ObamaCare is your enemy, it's an albatross around the neck of small business. If the NAALCP's dear leader cared about jobs he wouldn't have spent his political capital and the first two years of his presidency passing ObamaCare and taking over one fifth of our economy in doing so. The African-American community, which the NAALCP claims to represent, has an almost double unemployment rate than the national average. How is that Obama hope and change thing working out for them? It's incomprehensible how this same community can support the failed president by an almost 96% rate. Hopefully they will see that the light at the end of the tunnel is that of an oncoming train and get off the government plantation that is holding them back. Only through individual responsibility and liberty can they turn their communities around. Backing the same failed policies of the Democrat special interest machine will only continue to suppress their lives.


* Hogwash: The Obama continues dancing with lies in describing his class warfare tax hikes. First of all, there are NO tax cuts in the "Bush Tax Cuts." Leaving them in place means nothing changes, the current rates remain intact. Any changes would be tax increases. What The Obama is proposing is increasing taxes on people and small businesses that make over $250 Thousand a year. He has the gall to tell people on the stump that if the rates are extended for the "rich" it would cost every family of four $2,200 a year. Hogwash is too kind a word. If left in place nothing changes, so how can that be an increase of $2,200 a year? The equation is very simple: lowering taxes increases economic activity while increasing taxes decreases economic activity. Obviously The Obama must have missed this lesson when he was in the Indonesian Madrasa.

* Border: On the heals of an executive order sanctioned amnesty for illegal's, The Obama administration is now planning on closing nine border patrol stations. CBP spokesman Bill Brooks said, "These deactivations are consistent with the strategic goal of securing America's borders, and our objective of increasing and sustaining the certainty of arrest of those trying to enter our country illegally." Their excuse will probably be that they need to close stations to concentrate on other areas. News flash for the brain dead in the administration: by closing a station you are creating a hot spot. Stupidity knows no bounds with the regime occupying the White House.


* Mini-Bush-Rate: The latest Obama class warfare gimmick is a partial endorsement of the so called "Bush Tax Cuts." The political smoke and mirrors is about allowing the Bush era tax rates to continue but not for the evil rich, you know, those that make over $250 Thousand a year. Tell a small business that makes $250 Thousand a year that they're rich and you'll get an earful. The top 5% percent of income earners, including small businesses that file a sole proprietorships, pay over 50% of the income taxes. Is that fair? This is nothing more than the same class baiting demagoguery that The Obama is famous for. Blame the rich, those greedy unfair people that just happen to own businesses that employ the very people he pretends to want to help. Last August he agreed to extending the Bush tax rates for a year and said, "The last thing we want to do is raise taxes during a recession." What changed between then and now? Our economy is a mess and spiraling downward. The difference is the class warfare card he likes to play, specially now during the run up to the election. Wealthy people didn't get that way by being stupid. If you raise the rates to a confiscatory level, like The Obama wants to do, they'll find ways around it and/or escape it.


* Records: In their ongoing attempt to run away from the miserable Obama economy, his political hacks attack Romney instead. They request Romney release all his tax returns. Romney has already released the last two years. People in glass houses? I don't think The Obama wants to go down the release your records road. The Obama is like a mystery novel in reverse, we know the ending but the beginning is a mystery. Forged birth certificate, sealed college records, sealed passport records and sealed financing records. They can run from Obama's failures but they can't hide. Their attempts are starting to get to the laughable stage. DNC chair Debbie "Was-a-Man" Shultz is one of the biggest culprits. When she states that The Obama has created millions of jobs and we're heading in the right direction, in spite of the evil Bush recession they inherited, it feels like she's trying to cram 10 pounds of doggie-doo in a 5 pound bag, it's going to get messy.


* Fast-Furious-UN: What do a failed, and covered-up, Obama administration gun running scheme and the UN have in common? Gun control! The gun running scheme, known as Fast & Furious, was a program devised in dark halls, at the highest levels of The Obama administration. The concept was to "let" guns "walk" into the hands of Mexico's drug cartels and watch them come back into the U.S. After these illegal guns are used in crimes on U.S. soil the administration could bolster their call for more gun control laws. After all, if American guns are being used by criminals who acquired them from Mexico then we would need to tighten our laws to keep Americans safe. Attorney General Holder's contempt of Congress and The Obama's Executive Privilege declaration are evidence that there's a cover up in the process. Only time will tell where the evidence leads or who will fall on his sword for the prez. Meanwhile, back at the UN cave, a conference is taking place to tweak the Small Arms Treaty. The UN conference started on July 3rd and will end on the 27th. Behind the scenes the administration is working to "tweak" the treaty to make it palatable to the American people, when in essence what it will do is make our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms null and void. It's a treaty which The Obama and Hillary Clinton strongly support. With the guise of fighting world wide gun trafficking and, by extension, terrorism it's nothing more than a vehicle to turn over our Second Amendment rights to a conglomerate of third world dictators. It would require tracing of firearms, compulsory registration of all guns, including those used for sport and hunting. First they take your name, then they take you gun, then they take your soul. Eliminating guns from the citizenry is the way dictators and tyrants stay in power. The Senate would still have to ratify the treaty, but considering what this Senate has done before during lame duck sessions, we are at high risk of losing this right. If we work hard enough to reach our senators we can prevent this catastrophe from occurring.


* Shameful: Shameful is too nice a word to describe the disgraceful, vile, anti-American comments Tweeted by a bunch of twits yesterday. Rather than celebrate Americas independence, they chose to trash our country with disgusting explicative's. A clean one that still shows this feeling was from, so called comedian, Chris Rock, he tweeted, "@chrisrock, Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks, 4 Jul 12." You expect this reaction from our enemies but not from Americans, specially ones that owe what they have and freedom they enjoy to the very country their trashing. Independence Day is a time when we celebrate our liberty and freedom, it should be color blind, but obviously to some, it's not. Idiots like Rock should be reminded that slavery still exists, today, in many parts of the world, including Africa. It's also aggravating to see fools from all over the world trashing the very country that created the innovations and technologies that allow them to communicate their filth.

Happy Birthday America


* Missing Link: In trying to determine what the reasoning behind the Roberts ObamaTax was, we noticed an interesting "missing link." Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts determined, out of thin air, that ObamaCare was a tax. He turned an apple into an orange. Nowhere in the mandate did the Democrats who wrote the law say it was a tax. The Obama had said and continues to say that it's not a tax. It was a mandate, period. Now that it has been magically turned into a tax we face a dilemma. You can be taxed for property, income, purchases and actions. How can you be taxed just for being? It takes participation and/or some kind of action that can be taxed for the tax to take place. In this case, you can be taxed for in-action. Just like the mandate, this is an overreach which takes away the limits on government which the Constitution correctly imposes. With this precedent, the government can force you to do anything they feel is in the publics interest. Is it too much to think that the government can tax you for breathing? Perhaps at a rate commensurate with your weight. Beware the tyranny of unlimited government power.


* LIAR: Now that the dust is settling on the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, the phrase of the day is. LIAR, LIAR, YOUR PANTS ARE ON FIRE! Like cock roaches running from the light, Democrats are running for the ObamaCare TAX(s). According to Blinky Pelosi, it's just Washington speak, oh yeah, very entertaining to watch them rascals run from the facts. The White House press secretary is still calling it a "penalty." Chief of staff Lew says we need to move on. Why, the anointed one, The Obama, himself called on "us" not to re-fight old battles but to move "forward" instead. Yes, "forward" into the abyss. Some other dim liberal bulbs insisted that the Tea Party was over because the Supreme's declared it a tax and it's constitutional. That goes to the heart of their reasoning, they are flat out wrong. The reason for the Tea Party was and continues to be big government overreach through taxes and regulations. This ruling is like pouring gasoline unto an already flaming fire. After all, the "TEA" in Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. This unconstitutional "mandate," masqueraded as a tax and has been exposed by the much vilified Roberts. Perhaps he has done our country a great favor, only time will tell.


* SCOTUS: Great news, ObamaCare has been upheld, not as a mandate, but as a TAX! So much to say, so little time, let's start with the ObamaCare Judgette, Elena Kagan. She was a strong proponent of ObamaCare when she was a solicitor for The Obama and danced like a girl just invited to her prom when ObamaCare was rammed through the Congress. Was her vote in doubt? It's like starting a race and giving the other guy a BIG head start. Common sense would dictate that she would recuse herself from this judgment, common sense would also dictate that the chief justice would ask her to recuse herself, obviously common sense is not part of what the Supremes have. This brings us to another Obama appointee, Sonia Sotomayor, any doubt about her vote? The other usual suspects are to be expected, Ginsburg and her cohort Breyer, the auto votes for illogical. Now to The ObamaRoberts TAX. How in the realm of reality can anyone, particularly a supreme court CHIEF justice, say a 2,700 page law which was not written as a TAX be ruled Constitutional as a TAX? It boggles the brain, almost as bad as beating up against the proverbial Supreme Court wall. What the "H" was he thinking? Now comes the good news, it 's a blessing in disguise. By magically turning a MANDATE into a TAX, Roberts has transformed this whole election into a battle between traditional American values of liberty and freedom to one of socialist/Marxist BIG GIVERNMENT control. The battle lines are drawn, outlined as you will, by the Robert's court. Whether we choose history's failed policies of socialism/Marxism/Obamanism or choose to return to proven success of Americanism depends on what we do with our votes this coming November. The Obama is proof positive that affirmative action does not work. Robert's is proof positive that our future hangs in the balance!

(Highlighted words)


* ObamaCare: Why was ObamaCare that highest priority for The Obama? Remember HillaryCare? It's not about the uninsured, it's not about the unemployed, it's not about the disenfranchised, it's about dependency. It's about power, control and incumbency. If you can manipulate the electorate into dependency on government largess, you can depend on their allegiance to that largess. Does Greece ring a bell? For anyone not paying attention, it's the method socialist's and Marxist's use to entrap the citizenry into submission. That's why with an economy that The Obama himself claimed was the worst since the great depression, his highest priority was… health care! Health care is vital to our survival. Without your health, nothing else matters. It is the way to your soul. The Obama is no fool, he is a student of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx, it's your soul he's after. Dam the Supreme Court or anyone else that stands in his way. Today we will witness history in the making. Tomorrow we may pay the price. May God continue to bless the United States of America.


* Constitution: The Obama is in violation of the Constitution, not only in qualifications under Article II Section 1 Clause 5 but also in the oath he took. The presidential oath of office reads as follows, "I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, how can it be said he has done that when he selectively ignores parts of it and laws which he swore to uphold. From declaring that his administration was not going to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to bypassing existing immigration laws though his executive order. The latest in this reckless presidency is instructing Homeland Security to ignore requests from Arizona for immigration status of suspected illegal's and refusing to take illegal's off the hands of Arizona's law enforcement personnel. This in direct violation of the Supreme Court ruling Monday. We have a president who sues a state for that state trying to secure it's borders from the onslaught of illegal aliens, including possible terrorist suspects from the Middle East. This president has made a joke out of the oath of office and the Constitution he swore to preserve, protect, and defend.


* Carter: Best known as the worst president in our lifetimes, Jimmy "peanut brain" Carter is at it again. This time he's accusing The Obama, and by extension the United States of what he calls, "widespread abuse of human rights," because the president has authorized drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists. He also said, "Instead of making the world safer, America's violation of international human rights abets our enemies and alienates our friends." Carter is a poster boy for our enemies and a disgrace to Americans. If The Obama is able to avoid the justice that is due him for usurping the office of POTUS through fraud, we can envision a case of dueling blame America first ex-failed presidents. Perhaps they will be able to start their own little club of elitist buffoons.


* Egypt: From Arab Spring to Summer nightmare. Egyptians have elected Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood as their president. During the Arab Spring, the brotherhood stated they would not run a candidate for president, did anyone really believe that? Democracy works in the Arab world, but only once, when hard line Islamists are elected, . If they get their way, these Muslim zealots will impose Shariah law and change the face of Egypt forever. Morsi believes in a Muslim worldwide caliphate and that their capital should be in Jerusalem. He has called on his "brothers" to take up their arms, embrace martyrdom and march on Israel until they're dead at the doorstep or they achieve their goal of Israel's annihilation. Thanks to The Obama's incompetence, an ally in the Arab world has been lost.


* Blinky: Looks like Blinky Pelosi has been led off of the reservation again. First she ranted about being able to arrest Karl Rove and put him in a Congressional jail cell. This in response to the House Oversight & GOVT Reform Committee vote to hold Holder in contempt of Congress. Now in response to The Obama invoking executive privilege she says that those critical of Holder and The Obama are involved in a "nationwide scheme to suppress the vote." It's unbelievable that someone this far removed from reality can be elected to Congress, not to mention attain a level of leadership that she holds. But then again, seeing the company she keeps, it's not that far fetched. Stupid voters deserve stupid leadership.


* Security: The Obama and his administration's shameful hypocrisy is in full bloom. They impose executive privilege on In-Justice department documents that, according to Holder, the president was not aware of, but yet reveal national security secrets without any regard to their consequences. When Bin Laden was taken out by SEAL Team Six, The Obama danced around like a chicken with its head cut off, endangering our military and Pakistani informants. They recently revealed our involvement in the Stuxnet virus that affected Iran's nuclear facilities as well as the Flame virus. In an attempt to show The Obama to be strong on military matters they released information that the president has a "hit list" of 100 that he personally has the say in. In other words, he's on the trigger. So national security information can be leaked but the In-Justice department cover-up of information that lead to the murder of a border agent must be protected. It's a world turned upside down with the wolf guarding the hen house.


* Executive Privilege: After many months of stonewalling Congress, Holder now has now obtained Executive privilege from the White House. Executive privilege is intended to protect the presidents communications in matters of military, national security and diplomacy. During Secretary Holder's testimonies before the House Oversight & GOVT Reform Committee he asserted that The Obama was not involved in this matter as Holder had not discussed this with him. If Holder was telling the truth then this executive privilege declaration is not legal. If holder was lying, and The Obama was involved, then Holder committed perjury before Congress. In either case we have a serious Constitutional crisis brewing. We have contended in the past that the failed operation known as "Fast and Furious" was a gun control scheme perpetrated on the American people from the highest levels of The Obama administration, possibly even including the president himself. If that was the case, then that's why they invoked executive privilege. A better name would be executive stonewalling. Let the games begin!


* Distraction: Since last Friday the political talk has been about The Obama's amnesty announcement. Thursday another round of bad economic numbers came out, Friday's announcement completely changed the subject. It's all about the economy stupid and this administration is doing everything possible to change the subject. The executive order announced is as divisive as any step taken by this administration but in their view it's worth the negatives as long as they are dictating the subject. What remains to be seen is how far they will go to hold on to power. It's up to the American people to pressure their representatives to hold this administration lawlessness to account. Time may be running out…


* PIC: The Panderer-In-Chief (PIC) pulled another Friday surprise. After blaming congress for years for not coming up with "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." which is code speak for amnesty, The PIC decided to do it through another congressional by-passing executive order. Tyrants don’t need congress or a constitution to rule. Seems that The Obama has as much respect for the rest of the constitution that he does for Article II. With complete control of congress and the executive in the first two years of his regime he could have rammed through his immigration plans if he so wished. What this order boils down to is an election year pandering for the Hispanic vote. No immigration reforms can be negotiated until our borders are secure. It's not just a matter of immigration, it's a matter of national security. All this action proves is the urgency in removing from power the illegal regime that is The Obama administration.


* Hypocrisy: Race baiting, class warfare, evil rich, 99%... Tactics used by The Obama to divide and conquer while lining his pockets with ritzy, lliberal, bleeding heart donors. At $40 Thousand a head, this elite group of Hollywood dim bulbs donated to The Obama campaign. The equivalent of an annual salary (on average) for those in the private sector was dropped into the black hole that is the coffers of The Obama campaign. Why aren't the Occupy nut jobs protesting these 1%'s? Hypocrisy has no bounds when coming from the mind of a liberal. After all, it's all about fairness, and pulling your fair share, and leveling the playing field and blah, blah, blah. Forget the horrible socialist big government policies of a failed president, it's till Bush's fault.


* More Excuses: The Obama's latest tact, besides blaming Bush, is to blame Bush some more. Now it's the supposed "structural deficits" he inherited that have caused the deficits. All he needs is four more years to fix everything, stop the oceans from rising and end global warming, or is that climate change? Four more years to finish the "transformation" he promised would be the end of the American dream as we've known it. We are at a crossroads which will determine whether we go the failed way of socialism/communism or return to free enterprise and individual responsibility. The Obama and his cronies keep saying we can't go back to the failures that got us here. What they don't explain is the failures are the very socialist policies that have been infecting our system for decades. You don't cure those errors by doing more of the same. Liberty and freedom is the medicine we need. Less government, less regulation, lower taxes and more personal responsibility. No more Obama bucks, Obama food stamps or Obama Kool-Aid. The good thing for us is that The Obama will double-down on his failure, for to do otherwise, would be admitting to them.


* "New Party": In his Chicago years, The Obama joined the radical socialist group known as the "New Party." In 1996 while running for the State Senate in Illinois, minutes from a New Party meeting stated the following: "Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party." There are those who continue to deny The Obama's background, confronted with what is known about him and what the history of the past three and a half years have shown us, it is truly mind boggling that people can still be in denial. Either in fear of being labeled a racist or through mere ignorance, it is difficult for anyone to continue to sidestep the issue with all the facts at hand. Mentored by Frank Davis (Communist Party USA member) in his formative years, his associations with Wright, Ayers and others don't seem to make a difference when one refuses to see the truth.


* Iran Sanctions: At a time when the Iran nuke issue is reaching the point of no return, The Obama administration has exempted six additional countries from sanctions that will start on June 28th. These countries are: Turkey, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Ten European countries and Japan have already received exemptions. What good are sanctions when the country being sanctioned can still continue to do business as usual? This is just another sign of the incompetence of this administration with regards to this approaching threat and dereliction of our national security interests. Iran is not even denying their quest for a nuke as they recently stated, through a government controlled media outlet, that the Islamic world needs to have a nuclear bomb in order to protect itself from the "aggression" of the United States and Israel. This action by The Obama administration will result in either Iran obtaining a nuke or military action to destroy their nuclear sites.


* Private Sector: Un-scripted, un-telepromted moments reveal the truth. In the Q&A following The Obama's "Blame Congress" for the economy diatribe, he wondered into his own reality. When asked about the economy he said, "The Private sector is doing fine." This was not a miss-speak as some talking heads have concluded but rather a honest glimpse into the mind of a socialist. To paraphrase an old saying, he sees the economy through government colored glasses. If government is being forced to cut back on employment, all is wrong with his world. It's about big government, the nanny-all-powerful-state that drives his opinions. You could have a booming private sector with shrinking governments and it would still be a problem in his view. Governments are a necessity to serve and protect the people but when they expand to the point of dominating and enslaving the people, that is when they've gone to far. The private sector has lost over 4.6 Million jobs since 2008, by anyone else's math, that is not doing fine. This reminds us of a great Ronald Reagan quote, "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves."


* Leaks: We wonder if The Obama wears his Noble Peace Price medal around his neck when he's reviewing his HIT list? Intelligence leaks are politically intended to bolster The Obama's foreign policy credentials, but at what price? At minimum, these political hack leaks constitute blatant irresponsibility with intelligence information, at worst, laws have been broken and life's may be lost, if they haven't already. This is not a partisan issue, it's a matter of national security. No one in their right mind will assist us in gathering sensitive intelligence if they think their identity will be reviled putting their lives and their families in danger. The Obama administration zeal to remain in power outweighs any consideration of what the best course of action for our country is. Their choice seems to always lean towards political expediency over the national security they've been entrusted with. Just another way in which this radical administration is undermining the best interest of the American people.


* Voter Fraud: Holder's Injustice Department has ignored actual and proven voter fraud and intimidation and yet they are threatening Florida for trying to clean up their voter rolls. Florida has taken up an initiative to remove from the rolls dead people and non-citizens. Holder considers this to be a disenfranchisement of voters rights. Can't make this stuff up. So let's see if we've got this right, if you're dead and removed from the voter rolls you've been disenfranchised. If you are an illegal alien or here on a visa and your name is removed from the voter rolls, you have been disenfranchised. The Obama administration picks and chooses which sections of the Constitution they want to uphold, so it is no surprise they are going after another state that wishes to uphold the integrity of our voting system. You need an ID to buy beer but not to vote, which is more important? Bottom line is, this administration depends on the Mickey Mouse and Goofy vote to win.


* Terminal: No, we're not talking about an airport or train station. We are all "terminal." We live our life's to the best of our ability according to the knowledge and experience God has graced us with, then we move on. What matters is not what our income was, how many homes we had or how powerful we became. What matters is what our heart tells us. Our families, our sons, our daughters, our friends, our loved ones, the ones that are set in stone, that will make up our memories. We believe all Americans have in their soul the best interest for their fellow man and their families. Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians and everyone that doesn't fall in those categories, but still love the American ideal, and want the best for their fellow man. The difference we have is in how to achieve that goal. Our founding fathers knew the way was through LIBERTY! Liberty after all means the freedom to make a choice, and if you make the right choice you still have LIBERTY, if not, you become a slave of the state, big government, communism or whatever else you want to call it. The choice is ours, history will determine whether we made the right choice, our hearts know better!


* Guns:
Friday, Chavez's communist regime in Venezuela banned all sales of guns and ammunition to private citizens. They claim it's to fight rampant crime but we know better. All communist regimes ban guns so they can control their people with strong arm tactics. Under these drastic gun laws only the government and criminals have guns. According to another bastion of Human Rights, China, “The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens' lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership...” There's a reason why our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is so prevalent in our Constitution, it protects all our other rights! The Obama administration and secretary of state Clinton want to join the United Nations "Small Arms Treaty" which would effectively negate our second amendment rights. They claim the treaty is to combat global terrorism when in fact it's another ploy to control the people. It's a backhanded way of doing what Venezuela, China, Cuba, North Korea and other communist governments have done. Just another reason to get rid of this radical administration.


* NoClassBama: What should have been an above politics formal unveiling of President George W. Bush's official White House portrait, turned into another class-less Obama moment. He just couldn't help himself. Although he did commend Bush on his handling of the transition to The Obama, he had to again attack Bush for the "disastrous economy" he inherited. An economy that was so bad, the depths of the problem were not apparent at the time. What a bunch of bunk. Over three and a half years into his failed administration and he's still blaming Bush. Couldn't let an opportunity to bash Bush pass him by. No class and disgraceful. An embarrassment to the country and the office which he illegitimately holds.


* Obnoxious: It's like an incremental slide towards oblivion. Liberal talking heads on the boob tube are getting more obnoxious by the minute. Their chosen ONE was supposed to bring peace, lower the rise of the oceans and save our planet. The enigma that is their savior has been shown up to be the incompetent "progressive" fool he was destined to be. His defenders are faced with either pie in the face or continue their masquerade. Some will jump ship, others will go down in a blaze of fury. In either case, it's both entertaining and aggravating. Lately, it's been leaning towards the aggravating end to the point that even balanced shows that put on these fools will lose audience. Who wants to listen to the a snake oil salesman when he's trying to sell your country to the devil? Stupidity takes many forms, we're witnessing it on a daily basis.


* Socialist: The highest civilian honor our country can bestow is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Obama has given the award to Dolores Huerta. She is the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. That organization describes itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.” Huerta has openly supported Communist Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. If there was any doubt where The Obama stands this should erase it. Unfortunately the MSM will ignore it, liberals will excuse it and the narcissist-in-chief will laugh it off. No matter how much proof and facts you present to the Kool-Aid drinkers they will dismiss it. Nothing to see here…


Chris Hayes, MSNBC anchor, said he is "uncomfortable" in calling America's fallen military members "heroes." He believes that by calling them heroes we are justifying and encouraging war. This is just another example of the pin-headed liberal MSM and their loathing for our military and our fallen heroes. Coming a day before Memorial Day, his statements were like rubbing salt into an open wound. On Memorial Day we honor and remember those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country and defense of our freedom. From the war of Independence to today our fallen defenders of freedom are HEROES in every sense of the word. It's sad to think that the very freedom that allows people like Hayes to spew their garbage was provided by the HEROES he disgraces.


Memorial Day 2012

We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country protecting our freedom!

Arlington National Cemetery


* Pinocchio: Snake oil salesman, smoke and mirrors and The Obama, the perfect trifecta. In a fund raiser in Denver, CO The Obama said, "Since I've been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years." Our Republic has been in existence for 236 years, our national debt is now $15.7 Trillion, five trillion of which has been added in The Obama's first 3.5 years. In other words, The Obama managed to rack up one third of the debt in less than one-hundredths of the time. Amazing that he thinks he could get away with such a lie. One of the ways they justify this whopper is by continuing to blame Bush. They tack on Tarp and the Spendulus spending on Bush. This is laughable on it's face and disgraceful in its claim. Welcome to North Korea. The anointed one is off his rocker!


 * Biden: Another Biden "Foot-in-mouth" gem. Fresh from his screaming tirade of last week, he now criticizes Romney by saying that his experience at Bain Capital makes him as qualified to be president as a plumber. You can hear the stampede of plumbers leaving The Obama pixi dust parade. Seems like the veep believes that being a community agitator and two-year Senator qualifies you for president while being a Governor, business executive and running the Salt Lake City Olympics does not. We have a failed Socialist president and all is well in Biden Land.


* Bookered: Newark mayor Cory Booker had the nerve to stray off the big government plantation. On Meet the Press this weekend he had the audacity to defend Bain capital and private equity. He criticized The Obama's campaign for their attacks of Romney while he was at Bain. Within hours of his straying, Booker produced a video, which appears on, defending The Obama and his attack on Bain. We believe this video was taken after Mr. Booker had his knees stitched up. How dare he stand against the liberal attack machine and their class warfare campaign tactics. Former Democrat Rep. Harold Ford also criticized The Obama's campaign Bain attacks. No information of where Mr. Ford has been hiding since his criticism. For liberals/progressives/Marxists to survive they have to walk lock, stock and barrel, together, like Lemmings off a cliff.


* Chicago: Must presidents travel home for a break, even though a president is never really off the clock. President Bush would travel to his Crawford, Texas home often. President Obama travels anywhere but home. Even when he was in Chicago for the NATO conference he stayed in a hotel. Very odd. His excuse was that it was due to traffic considerations and then it was to help the economy. Good grief Charlie Brown, even when he's supposedly "home" he's really not. Yesterday after the NATO conference he also said that his job as president is to make sure everyone has a "fair" shot in this country and that he is the president of all the people. Really? The most divisive president in our history taughts his being for all the people, it's not only laughable it's downright imagination. The Obama is the antithesis of what our founding fathers believed America was all about.


* Bain: The Obama political attack machine is going after Romney with individuals who lost their jobs when their steel company (GST Steel) was closed down after Bain had acquired it. Romney and Bain where in the business of making money for their investors by buying companies and restructuring them to make them successful, not to make them fail. If the latter were the case they could not have stayed in business. The facts are that while at Bain, Romney had a 70% success rate in growing companies. The misleading example of the GST Steel The Obama campaign is touting came during a time when cheap steel from places like China were flooding the market. Many steel mills and companies went belly up, that was not Bain or Romney's fault. Romney and Bain have many success stories, take the following as examples of the many companies they have helped and by extension the thousands of jobs they helped create: Staples, Sports Authority, Steel Dynamics, Dominos, SunGard, Guitar Center, Toys "R" Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Clear Channel Communications, Burger King, Brookstone, Dunkin' Donuts, The Weather Channel, the list goes on but you get the point. Compared to The Obama's war on capitalism Romney's success is laudable. Distractions and slight of hand cannot distract from the realities that are the failures of ObamaNomics. Unlike in 2008, The Obama now has a record in office for over three years. A record of division, class warfare, huge deficits and failure. Facts are stubborn things, no matter what excuses they make, in the end, their own record will be their downfall. Although his personal history is still in doubt, there is no doubt about his administrations incompetence.


* Harvard: acquired and posted a bio of student Obama from his publisher while he was at Harvard. The publishers, Acton & Dystel, produced a booklet with short bios of it's authors. The Obama's bio states, "Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." Acton was reached by and said, "almost nobody" wrote their own bio's but that they were "probably" approached to approve the text as presented. Why would they claim that The Obama was born in Kenya? Did The Obama review the bio? The usual deniers will be out in full force laughing this off as just another birther distraction. Nothing to see here folks, move along and don't pay attention to that man behind the curtain.


* Biden Unleashed: Looks like foot-in-mouth forgot his medication yesterday. Screaming at his audience saying things like, "The rich don't get us... We have dreams," he resembled more an angry carnival barker than a vice president. 80% of the so called rich today are first generation "rich." They got there by following the American "Dream" and following their own dreams. To suggest that rich people deny others dreams is not only flat out wrong it's classic race baiting. By The Obama/Biden's own administrations numbers any one making over $250 Thousand is rich, Joe Foot-in-mouth is one of those evil rich. Therefore, by his own reasoning, he is denying his own "dreams." Kind of silly on it's dace, isn't it Joe? This administrations record is so abysmal that only distractions and pitting one group of American's against another gives them any hope of re-election. Fortunately the public is finally seeing through their socialist charade.


* North Carolina:
This week NC joined 29 other states supporting the traditional basis of the family as a marriage between one man and one woman. The very next day the president stated his "evolved" thinking that he believes in gay marriage. Seems like The Obama has evolved while everyone else is stuck in the Middle Ages. Morals don't evolve only idiocy does. His new campaign slogan, "Forward," mimics that of other socialists/Marxists whose policies have wrecked societies and economies across the world. He wants to move us forward towards the path taken by Greece, France and other EU nations, a path that will lead to tyranny or civil war. A new Rasmussen poll shows Romney leading The Obama in NC by 51% to 43%. Seems the only positive evolution here is the realization by the American people that the enigma in the White House is the failure we have known him to be.


* JP Morgan: The usual chants of "more regulations" are coming from the usual suspects. JP Morgan's investment loss of $2 Billion has big-government anti-capitalists salivating for the old "don't let a crisis go to waste" mantra. What happened to the excessive Dodd-Frank legislation that was supposed to prevent banking issues such as this one? JP Morgan is a private bank which made a private investment that went wrong. They are solely at fault and will take the loss in stride. It is not governments responsibility to meddle in private investments, regardless of their size. Most of JP Morgan's investments are positive ones of which you don't hear anything about. It's about scandal and big government intrusion into our free enterprise system. JP Morgan will be fine, if only the feds will leave them alone.


* Israel: There is no question that The Obama administration has been a thorn in the side of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the state of Israel itself. Not only have they allowed Iran to continue on its path towards a nuclear weapon, they have impeded Israel every step of the way. Earlier in the year the administration leaked information of Israel's plan to attack Iran's nuclear development sites. Now they have entered into negotiations with Iran that amount to nothing more than delay tactics and possible betrayal. The Arab Spring has left Israel further isolated in the region and now a possible acceptance of Iran's nuclear ambitions by The Obama administration would pull the rug out from under an Israeli strike, further isolating the Jewish state. Taking all this into account it is unbelievable that American Jewish voters still favor The Obama over Romney by a count of 61% to 28%. To blindly support a candidate because of the "D" after their name is the same mistake the black community continues to make. It's not just words, it's actions that these two groups need to pay attention to. If they continue to ignore the facts they do so at their own peril.


* Sheriff Joe: The Obama's In-Justice Department lead by political hack Holder is at it again. After Sheriff Joe Arpaio set up a investigative team to look into The Obama's fraudulent records, in response to concerned citizens, the In-Justice Department sued the Sheriff with false allegations of systematic racial prejudice in their handling of illegal aliens. This is the same department that sided with a foreign country against an American state (Arizona) and sued that state for passing a law to uphold federal immigration law. We have a government at war with a state and the rule of law. Just after taking office Holder dropped voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party during the 2008 election. In a clear cut case with video evidence and witnesses this was a blatant political action against the will and rights of American citizens. Meanwhile a contempt of Congress charge is proceeding in the House for Holders refusal to turn over information in the criminal Fast and Furious program which caused the death of one border agent and scores of others on both sides of the border. You can try and cover up for a while but in the end the truth will prevail, at that time justice will be forced upon the Obama/Holder In-Justice Department. We pray that Sheriff Joe stands strong against the onslaught of The Obama administration's attacks and their accomplices in the MSM.


* Biden Part II:
Loose canon or useful idiot? You make the call. As we wrote yesterday, Biden's statements in support of gay marriage were only a prelude to The Obama's statement on ABC news that he has now evolved his thinking and believes in gay marriage. When he was a state senator in Illinois he believed in gay marriage then steered clear of this opinion when he became a U.S. Senator. Flip-flop or just evolving for political expedience. It's about politics and money. Cowing to economic pressure from gay activist groups, he decided to back gay marriage. The Obama campaign in taking for granted that the black community will ignore this development even though they are against it. In a recent Washington Post/ABC poll they found that 55% of blacks oppose gay marriage and 42% support it. Unfortunately over 90% of this community will still blindly vote for The Obama, first because he's half black and secondly because he's a Democrat. Huge unemployment rates in black communities be dammed, it's full speed ahead to the government plantation.


* Biden: He's on a roll this week. First it was his statements that he doesn't see a difference between gay marriage and marriage between a man and a woman. Now he says the Iranian problem is Americas fault because before The Obama we were isolated in the world. The blame America first crowd has a good mouth piece in foot-in-the-mouth Biden. The question seems to be, is Biden a loose canon or is he being used to make points with the radical left while leaving room for plausible deniability from The Obama and his administration? We think the latter. Biden has disappeared in the past when the White House didn't want any distractions but at this critical time in the election process he seems to be out front with outrageous statements. That's not by accident but rather by design. Expect more gems in the days to come. Foot-in-the-mouth is always good for laugh.


* Terrorism: Another terrorist plot was foiled by our covert ops. Panty bomb part II, a newer improved version of the failed Christmas Day panty bomb. But how can this be when The Obama State Department has declared the war on terror is over? That was as believable as their stance that the Taliban is almost defeated in Afghanistan. While The Obama administration has been pushing negotiations with the Taliban they have also quietly been releasing Taliban prisoners only to see these terrorist return to the battlefield. Another case of feeding the dragon by this clueless administration. Like the Clinton administration in the 1990's, The Obama administration believes terrorist acts are the same as criminal acts thus they believe that terrorists can be tried in civilian courts with all the rights our justice system provides. This mentality lead to 911 and will only set us on the path to another attack. It seems their warped beliefs are not based on historical background and experience but rather Ivy league, intellectual pin-headedness.


* France:
Yesterday France took a sharp turn to the left by electing a socialist president. Francois Hollande won in a run-off with current president Sarkozy. Hollande promised to reduce the retirement age from 62 to 60, reverse some of the austerity measures and increase taxes on the evil rich. Greece and Germany are going the same route. When people become accustomed to the welfare state they continue to vote in those who promise them the most. It is at this point when democracy breaks down as the numbers of people working and having the fruits of their labor diminish will themselves rebel against this injustice. The solution can either be tyranny or a serious reversal of the socialist machine with emphasis on a free market to improve economic opportunity and individual responsibility. We need to make this turn away from big government failure before we face an electorate that takes us down the same disastrous path.


* 8.1%?: New jobs numbers for April were released today, they were a dismal 115,000. New first time unemployment applications went up to 340,000 and yet the unemployment rate went down to 8.1% from 8.2%. As the economy continues to tank The Obama and his minions will be touting the 8.1% as a sign of improvement in the economy. This is nothing but smoke and mirrors and fuzzy math. As the number of Americans who have dropped out of the work force continues to climb the administration continues to spin. Just like inflation in food and gas is not counted in the national inflation figure, people giving up on The Obama economy are not counted in the unemployment figure. No doubt those perpetrating this con on the American public will continue their misleading campaign throw election day. By then the unemployment figure will be under 8% and The Obama will be claiming all is well as a result of his policies. The stupid and gullible will fall in line, hopefully their numbers will be fewer that in 2008.


* Chen Betrayal: Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped house arrest with supporters assistance and made it to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. His crime was speaking out against China's one child policy and forced abortions. Conveniently for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chen "decided" to seek medical attention in a Chinese hospital and not leave China just before her arrival. Chen had received a threat to his family if he stayed in the U.S. Embassy. The official administration line is Chen made his choice to stay in China of his own free will. If that was true why would he risk his life and his family's by seeking asylum to begin with. We are witnessing a blatant betrayal of Chen and his human rights at the hands of the Clinton State Department and The Obama administration. As Winston Churchill once said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last." Step aside, the dragon is eating.


* Afghanistan: When a president visits our military in a war zone it's commendable, when he does it for political reasons, it's despicable. In his campaign speech from Afghanistan yesterday he said, "The goal that I set -- to defeat al Qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild -- is now within our reach." Key word is "I." Just like he singularly killed Bin Laden, something no other president would have had the b___s to do, he singularly defined the mission is as self serving as any of his other political ploys. There is no level so low that The Obama can't go below it. January 2013 will definitely be the "End of an Error." can't wait for that day!


* May Day: Traditionally this is a day when Communists take to the streets to celebrate that historical failure we know as Marxism/Communism/Socialism. Dancing to their misery, servitude and isolation. The Obama has shown support for the Occupy movement which is not even a veiled attempt against our free enterprise system, it is in your face Communist sympathizers backed by international union thugs like SEIU and Soros. The Obama came from a radical background, mentored by Frank Marshal Davis (Communist Party USA member), politically sponsored by Weather Underground Communists Dorn and Ayers and had Communists in his administration like Van Jones yet we are to believe he is anything but a flaming Commie. If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck and looks like a Duck what do you think it is? The new Obama campaign slogan is "Forward". With the 'O' in "Forward" being The Obama logo it is just another sign of the true meaning of his transformation. Those who choose to ignore this fall in line with other societies that ignored the signs before them and fell victim to it's atrocities. Liberty can be very fleeting, once lost it's very difficult to regain.  The Obama said in the past that it's "words, just words," when listening to any of his speeches remember that.  It's not what he says as much as what he does, after all, actions speak louder than words!


* April 27: While there's much talk this week of the anniversary of Bin Laden's justice at the hands of our Navy SEALs on May 1, another anniversary has been overlooked. This past Friday, April 27th, was the anniversary of White House release of the Mickey Mouse forgery of The Obama's birth certificate. It might as well have been written in crayon since our Congress, the media and most of the people have ignored it. It's not even a good forgery and was falsely presented as a photo copy of the original when in fact it is a layered PDF file which was never created from an original but rather forged to serve as a decoy. Bin Laden was suspected to be in hiding exactly where the SEALs got to him in September of 2010 yet the raid didn't take place until May 1, 2011, four days after the fraudulent birth certificate was presented by The Obama, coincidence? Did he finally make the call to OK the raid to change the subject? The birth certificate, besides being a forgery and part of the fraud that is The Obama, is insignificant since The Obama's father, by his own admission, was never a U.S. citizen. The Obama is therefore not a "Natural Born Citizen" according to our Constitution's Article II Section 1 Clause 5. The definition of "Natural Born Citizen" was confirmed by the Supreme Court in the case of Minor v. Happersett (1875). As The Obama takes credit for something he had very little to do with, keep in mind the credit belongs with our military and intelligence community and not with a president who undercuts them at every opportunity.


* Biden:
Thank God for Vice President Joe "foot-in-mouth" Biden, he's the gift that keeps on giving! On the "stump" today (no pun intended), he said the following paraphrasing President Roosevelt's famous quote and refering to The Obama that he is: "speaking softly and carrying a big stick, I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you." As the crowed laughed to another Biden gem, the clueless one shrunk back into his stump. Can't wait for his next brilliant speech. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of some more bumper stickers being ripped off across the land, to be continued…

* Nanny-State:
The Department of Labor is proposing new rules dealing with youth labor in agriculture. The rules would make it difficult for children under 16 to work on family farms. Family farms are the basis of American agriculture and food production in our country. The mind numb intellectual dim-wits in Washington want to micro manage American farms, American families and destroy our way of life. Ronald Reagan said it best when he stated, "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." We are facing a socialist/Marxist monster that is growing like a cancer. An out of control government that needs to be reigned in before we're all doomed.


* Double-Dip: The Obama anemic recovery is heading south. New un-employment claims released today went up to 388,000. Orders for durable goods decreased by 4.2%. This besides all the Keynesian cash that has been pumped into the economy over the last three and a half years. The only number the administration can crow about is the un-employment rate dropping to 8.2% last month but this number is skewed as it was modified after millions of people dropped out of the job market. Rising fuel costs will continue to deteriorate the fragile economy. Only reduced regulation, reduced taxation and increased domestic oil/gas production will help at this time. This presents a catch-22 for the administration, if they do what is necessary to improve the economy they alienate their radical base. But then again, they wouldn't think of doing this since dependency on government programs is at the core of The Obama's transformation promises. Like a drug, the more dependents the government has the more power the bureaucratic pushers have and so continues the path to oblivion.


* Record: The Obama is running… from his record. His campaign is all about division, half-truths, blaming others and criticizing GOP plans. He uses the race card whenever possible, pitting people against each other by stereo typical prejudices. He demonizes the wealthy by falsely claiming they're not playing "fair" even though the top 1% of income earners pay 37% of taxes and the top 10% pay 71%. He claims there is more oil production then ever even though he had nothing to do with it and has done everything within his power to reduce our domestic oil and gas production. He attempts to blame Bush like an old broken record when after three and a half years of his failed policies have provided a history which he cannot run from or hide from like he has his personal one. As the economy continues its downward spiral he fiddles and blames others. The emperor has no clothes and the sight is not pretty.


* Rubio VP?: Florida Senator Marco Rubio is doing a great job in the US Senate and is very articulate in promoting Constitutional arguments and solutions to problems which are confronting our nation right now. Recently there has been much talk of a possible Romney-Rubio ticket. We highly discourage this potential ticket as it will alienate millions of Americans who feel strongly about our Constitutional requirements to hold the office of POTUS and by extension VOTUS. Rubio does not meet the Constitutions "Natural Born Citizen" clause (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States).  Marco Rubio was born in Florida on May 28, 1971. His Cuban parents emigrated to the United States in 1956 and were later naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975. Since his parents were not American citizens at the time of Rubio's birth he is not a "Natural Born Citizen" according to the definition of the term at the time of the writing of our Constitution. This definition was confirmed in Supreme Court case Minor v. Happersett (1875). We need Marco Rubio in the Senate to help reign in our out of control government and support Romney's efforts to right our ship of state.


* CIC: The Obama never stopped campaigning since fooling a majority of the electorate to put an enigma in the office of POTUS. Early in his administration when the economy was spiraling downward he focused on ObamaCare. Not to help the economy but to help him steamroll our country into a socialist health care system which would form the basis for his transformation. Like a Police song, "every move he makes, every step he takes," is intended and choreographed to his ideological takeover of the useful idiots whom he counts on to get re-elected. Only through information and education can we avert his goal. He can try to deflect and blame others but he can't hide from his record. His pre-presidential past is a mystery, his record as a failed president is not!


* Tipping-Point: What do ObamaCare, un-employment benefit extensions, and welfare have in common? It's all about power. Power of politicians and government over individuals. Dependency of the citizenry on government programs and handouts. When you get to the point when over half of the people are dependent on Government, in one way or another, they will always vote for the politician which promises the most and continues their gravy train. That point is the tipping-point and it's rapidly approaching. When over 50% vote instead of work you start heading down the path of no return. The Paul Ryan budget plan is a way to avert this catastrophe. This election is about a basic choice, follow the failed socialist/Marxist path to destruction or turn around towards liberty, individual responsibility and opportunity. Big government or freedom. It's the election of our lifetimes.


* Speculators?: In another attempt to deflect attention from his failed energy policies, The Obama is initiating new attacks on what he calls oil speculators. Basically it's an attack on investors and the free market. Forget about denying the Keystone XL pipeline, closing off-shore drilling, gulf drilling moratoriums and moratoriums by regulation and not opening up Anwar. The MSM carries The Obama's water with lies about an "all of the above" energy policy. Logic dictates that if you want carbon fuel prices to rise in order to reduce our use of them and you structure your policies towards that end then making excuses for achieving your objective is not going to relieve you of your success. This policy success comes at the price of our energy needs and our economic well being. It's not oil speculators it's The Obama speculating on being able to fool the American people again.


* Discovery: The most traveled of the Shuttle fleet, Discovery, piggy backed on a modified 747 for it's final flight today. From Cape Canaveral Florida to Dulles International Airport in Virginia. With this final flight ends an era of space dominance and pride. In light of the GSA waste, which is surely repeated across government agencies, the shuttle program was and engineering marvel of public-private partnerships. The choice to end the program before a replacement was ready was a huge mistake amplified more so by government largess and pie in the sky green program failures like Solyndra. The shuttle will always live in our memories as a shining example of the greatness that is America and what our free enterprise system is capable of achieving. God Bless the USA!


* Axelrod: Obama campaign chief strategist Axelrod seems to be in competition with Biden for the head administration loose-lip award. Over the weekend while being interviewed on a national news show he said this election is a choice between prosperity for the middle class and all Americans and growth in the private sector versus staying the disastrous course we're on. Sounds like a great endorsement for replacing The failed path that The Obama and his policies have taken us for the last three and a half years. If you really want to trace back to the beginning of the failed path you can see it's roots in January of 2007 when Democrats took control of both house of Congress. From then on we been on a wreck less progressive/socialist nightmare which is destroying our economy and eroding our individual liberty. The choice is clear, continue the path to European welfare state socialism or return to American capitalism, economic freedom, lower taxation/regulation and smaller Constitutional government. Federal-centric failure or state-centric success, our future hangs in the balance.


* Mini-Me: Much anticipated ballistic missile launch by North Korea ends like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July. The Obama administration had offered food aid in exchange for NK's curtailing their missile and nuclear tests. In response, the new NK dictator, Mini-Me-Dear-Leader Kim Jung Um thumbed his nose and proceeded with his tantrum. Forget the food aid and squeeze the North Korean regime economically. Appeasing and rewarding bad behavior will only get you more of the same. This part of the Axis of Evil needs to be further isolated and left to crumble under the weight of their own incompetence.


* Reagan: The radical left led by The Obama despise what Ronald Reagan stood for yet they invoke his name to sway the gullible. The latest misleading rant was by The Obama yesterday saying that Reagan would approve the Buffett Rule. He even suggested that the name could be changed to the Reagan Rule. This president is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan. If Reagan where alive today he would be leading the fight against The Obama's assault on our economy and way of life. Reagan cut tax rates and as a result oversaw an economic expansion that lasted over 20 years. Reagan was suckered into tax increases in exchange for spending cuts that never materialized and never made that mistake again. It's common sense to believe that leaving more capital in the hands of the American people, at all income levels, is good for the private economy and creates jobs. Higher taxes reduces private wealth and job creation. Unfortunately this common sense is missing from the radical class and race baiters in the Democrat party.


* Gingrich: On Sunday Newt Gingrich seemed to signal that his campaign was coming to a close and that Romney would be the nominee. Yesterday Santorum suspended his campaign knowing that Romney has all but clinched the nomination. Santorum did the right thing by ending his campaign but unfortunately didn't endorse or even mention Romney's name is his speech. Gingrich is now saying that it's a two man race. He claims he would back Romney if Romney gets the nomination and that defeating The Obama is the primary focus. If Gingrich believes his own words he would be suspending his own campaign as well. Prolonging the race at this point is only playing towards the re-election of The Obama. Resources that could be spent educating the American people on the lies and propaganda that is coming from The Obama and his accomplices are being wasted on primary attack ads. We need everyone on board before the summer because waiting until the end of the convention would be to late.


* Fair?: While on his race baiting, class warfare re-election campaign trail The Obama continues his inflammatory rhetoric. After all, it's about "fairness." According to this line of reasoning, echoed by the MSM like an endless groundhog day, it's the evil rich's fault. The Obama will be raking in $15 Thousand a head in a fund raiser while beating them over the head with the Buffett Rule. How can Buffett's secretary pay less in income taxes than billionaire Buffett? If Mr. Buffett is so smart why doesn't he pay his secretary in stocks so she could pay the same rate as he does, instead of crying foul and demonizing others like him. If Buffett doesn't think he's paying enough in taxes than why doesn't he just write the government a big fat check? If he believes so much in big government then why is he willing his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation instead of leaving it to Uncle Sam? Hypocrisy is at the heart of the Buffet Rule and The Obama class warfare demagoguery.


* DWS: DNC chair and Obama cheerleader Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) is at it again. First it was the GOP hates women and now it's the GOP wants the economy to fail so they can defeat The Obama. Why would the GOP offer up budgets that would help save our economy and energy plans like the Keystone XL Pipeline if they wanted the economy to fail. What they are doing is pointing out the failures of The Obama's policies and how those disastrous policies are destroying our economy. The logical conclusion to extending the very same policies she espouses is a Greece type meltdown. The House passed Paul Ryan's budget is intended to reverse the damage done by this administration to our economy and avert the economic crisis which will surely take place if changes aren't made soon. Demagoguery and personal attacks are the only action that will be coming from the DNC and DWS in the coming months.


* Augusta: Time for the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta and the usual cries of gender discrimination are in full swing. Augusta is an all men's club, always has been. The controversy is taking a new turn this year as the main sponsor, IBM, now has a female CEO. Women are allowed to play at Augusta as long as they are invited by a member, just as male non-members have to be invited by a member. Being a private men's club is perfectly legal just as private women's clubs are. Should women's only clubs be forced to accept male members? No, that would be absurd. Should Girl Scouts be forced to accept boys or Boy Scouts be forced to accept girls? There are to many serious problems that need our attention to be wasting time on this dead end issue. It's Augusta's members decision whether they maintain their male only tradition or fall prey to a PC full court press.


* God Bless the USA: Political correctness strikes again. This time at Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Lee Greenwoods song "God Bless the USA" was supposed to be sung at an assembly but the school administrators wanted to change it to "We Love the USA." Seems like God is offensive to these PC zealots. No one had complained about the song before they decided to change it, then after some backlash, they decided to drop it altogether. Perhaps someone should point out to these liberal stiffs that "In God We Trust" is our national motto. Maybe they would like to change that to "In Love We Trust." Kumbaya to all…


* Paul: The Obama is jumping all over Paul Ryan's budget calling it a Trojan horse built around the radical right-wing. Ryan's budget plan passed the House The Obama's budget plan did not even get one vote. Not even a single Democrat voted for it. Which one is the radical plan? The only radical plans are those perpetrated by The Obama to transform our nation into a failed socialist/communist state. Ryan responded to The Obama with the following: "Desperate and demagogic is how I would describe his speech in two words, unfortunately we've become accustomed to this kind of rhetoric from the president. I feel like it's Groundhog Day, except it's April. He essentially said the same thing last year. His speeches are becoming more partisan and desperate by the day and his attempts to divide the nation and to distract people from his own failure to lead - I just don't think it's going to work," he continued. "I think people are smarter than that." Ryan is right on the money. The enigma in the White House is starting to unravel like an out of control child. The Obama sees America's past as a failure and a possible communist future as a success. He is not only completely out of touch with the heart and soul of our founding fathers principles, he is the antithesis of their vision.


* Supreme-Threat: He's back! The Obama falsely called out the supreme court in his 2010 state of the union and now he's at it again. Whether he received leaked information from his plants on the court or he senses the failure of his argument on ObamaCare, he's deflecting blame, as is his habit. He castigates conservatives saying that to have a law which was "duly constituted" by an elected legislature struck down by un-elected judges is tantamount to legislating from the bench. "Duly constituted" is the key phrase in this attack. Not a single Republican voted for ObamaCare in the house or senate. It was created in back room deals under the cover of night without any participation from the GOP and against the wishes of the vast majority of American citizens. In whatever measure the ObamaCare monstrosity was constructed it is the supreme courts role in our Constitutional Republic to determine its Constitutionality. By The Obama's logic, any law passed by Congress is Constitutional because they where elected. With that logic we wouldn't need a Supreme Court. Tyranny's don't need Supreme Courts either. The Supreme Court will strike down ObamaCare because to fail to do so would mean the unraveling of the Constitution itself. Individual liberty is at stake.


* Russia: The Obama attack dogs, VP Biden and Secretary of State Clinton, were jumping all over Romney over Romney's criticism of The Obama "open-mic" slip of the tongue. In what The Obama thought was a private conversation he told Russian president Medvedev to pass a message to president-elect Putin that he needs space in their talks until after he's re-elected because he'll be more flexible then. In other words, hold on musical chair presidents for a little while and I'll give you everything you want. Romney expressed concern and said Russia is, "our number one geopolitical foe." Biden responded with, "This is not 1956, we have disagreements with Russia, but they're united with us on Iran. One of only two ways we're getting material into Afghanistan to our troops is through Russia ... if there is an oil shutdown in any way in the Gulf, they'll consider increasing oil supplies to Europe." They're with us on Iran? What planet is foot-in-mouth Biden on. Russia and China have both be adversarial against us on Iran. Meanwhile Clinton said, "I think it's somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don't agree." Maybe if she looked backward she would notice that appeasing Russia at every opportunity has yielded nothing from them in return. Failed leadership, policies and appeasement is what the disastrous Obama administration is all about.


* Big-Oil: In a Rose Garden ceremony yesterday The Obama continued his demonizing of the oil companies, blaming them for the high gas prices. He wanted congress to eliminate tax write-offs, what The Obama wrongly labels as "subsidies." They are tax write-offs just like other industries have. He wants to use any revenues that would come in from elimination of these write-offs to double down on his failed green investments like Solyndra. Like Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." The dirty little secret is if these write-offs were eliminated, gas prices would go up even higher, the new revenues would be jus like an increase tax on anyone who uses gas. New taxes would just be passed on to the consumer, just like any other industry would do. As in previous votes the presidents wishes were dashed by common sense in the Senate. The Obama knew this would happen, this is nothing but presidential politics and slight of hand. Blame evil oil for high gas prices to take away focus from your own failed policies.


* SCOTUS: The Supreme Court is now deliberating on what may be the most important case in our nations history. The Constitution, being the document that forms the basis of our judicial system, is at stake. A document which limits the role of government it is contrary to the basic principle of ObamaCare which calls on government to mandate personal contracts and destroy personal liberty. For a government to be able to force an individual into an act of commerce is a government that can force an individual into anything. This case should be a slam dunk for common sense in support of our Constitution, the scary part is that our liberty may be one vote from extinction. The four liberal justices, Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan will most likely betray the Constitution and the American people. Just like the second amendment was upheld by a 5-4 decision, one vote from disaster, this ObamaCare vote equally hinges on the edge. Liberty is in the balance.


* Broccoli: The Obama lawyers arguing before the Supreme Court that ObamaCare is Constitutional are using a foolish argument. They contend that under the commerce clause, to regulate commerce between the states, individuals that don't have insurance are already participating in commerce with insurance companies. What? Their view is that since you don't have insurance you may need to buy it and you are also affecting the price of insurance for those that are buying it therefore you are involved in commerce by not being involved in commerce. Funny how the warped liberal mind works. In response to this argument Justice Scalia said, “Could you define the market — everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli.” ObamaCare crosses the line of liberty into the realm of tyranny. If our government can force us into purchasing a product they can force us into anything. It's basically coercing an individual into entering into a contract. The mere fact of that coercion makes the contract null an void. It is shameful that Justice Kagan, appointed by The Obama, former solicitor general for The Obama and cheerleader for ObamaCare is sitting in judgment of this critical case. Regardless of Kagan, Constitutionality will prevail and ObamaCare will be struck down in a close 5-4 decision.


* Open-MIC: Insert foot! The Obama has a tendency, supported by his MSM, to laugh away problems. Laughing away his forged birth certificate does not make the issue go away. Laughing away his betrayal of national security revealed by an open mic when speaking with Russian president Medvedev does not make it any less dangerous. One of his first acts as POTUS was to betray our Eastern European allies, like Poland, by killing the defensive missile shield deployment which had been promised by the previous administration. He now ask's the Russian's to give him space and time until he gets re-elected so he can betray the American people with national security giveaways. In a previous open mic slip up he showed French president Sarkozy his disdain for Israeli prime minister Netanyahu by complaining the he had to deal with Netanyahu every day. Words just words? No matter how they try spinning this latest revelation the question remains whether the majority of American voters will be fooled again or finally see the light.


* Gina: A good friend of and frequent contributor, Gina Miller, has become one of the victims of the radical communist attack on radio stations. It seems these mind numb robot machines, like the Daily Koz, believe in freedom of speech but only when that speech is in line with their political agenda. Gina defended Rush Limbaugh after the Fluke controversy. Rush clearly made a mistake by attacking Fluke directly when she insisted on free contraception and abortion inducing pills under ObamaCare, while the issue at hand was first amendment religious freedom. For Gina's stance on principle she was unceremoniously terminated from her radio BLOG at Clear Channel's News Radio 104 FM. Information is the enemy of our enemies and lies their allies! Gina's voice will continue to inform and educate in our mission to save our republic from the likes of The Obama and Soros.

* Chasers: The shooting death of 17 year old Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, by George Zimmerman has brought out the usual racial-ambulance-chasers. They include The Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton. Jumping to conclusions is a common denominator for these racists. Remember The Obama with the Harvard college professor and the "beer summit?" As the story goes you can hear a 911 call where the faint sounds of "help" are heard in the background before shots are fired. The assumption by all has been that Trayvon Martin was the one yelling for help after Zimmerman had followed him during a neighborhood watch shift, but according to a witness interviewed by FOX 35 in Orlando, "John" told them, "The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: 'help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911, when I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point," Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red. This was a tragic incident but to blow it up into a racial situation takes the kind or near sighted racist beliefs that only racists like The Obama, Jackson and Sharpton can accomplish. They seek to stir up racial tensions for personal and political reasons. Just recently in Kansas City, MO a white 13 year old was set on fire by two black teens. As reported by KMBC, “They rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open…one of them poured gasoline, then flicked the Bic and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve white boy.’” Did you hear any outrage by The Obama when a white boy was burned intentionally by two black boys? Outrage from the media? Their silence was defining.


* Santorum: Obviously Rick Santorum does not believe an Obama second term would be dangerous. Yesterday he suggested that re-electing The Obama may be preferable to Romney because with The Obama you know what you're going to get. This while the common denominator between all the GOP candidates has been "anyone but Obama." While playing with an Etch-a-Sketch in response to what a Romney aid said about the general campaign, Santorum's statements are nothing more than desperation from a dying campaign. He might as well join The Obama campaign for he is doing more damage to the GOP than any of The Obama's lemmings.

* ObamaCare: Today marks the second anniversary of ObamaCare. Don't expect any ticker tape parades at the White House as they are running away from this albatross as fast as they can. They crammed it down the publics throat against the vast majority of Americans opinions. Today across the nation, "Stand Up for Religious Freedom" is having demonstration against ObamaCare and The Obama's administration violation of the first amendment. Requiring the Catholic church to provide free contraception and abortion inducing drugs to employees of the church's schools, hospitals and charities is a direct violation of our Constitution's first amendment with regards to religious freedom. ObamaCare is a monstrosity and must be eliminated at its roots.


* Oil: The Obama and his surrogates have been running around making excuses for high gas prices and his failed policies. Their consistent talking point is, "We have only 2% of the worlds oil reserves but consume 20% of the worlds oil." Unfortunately for them these misleading statistics and going to bight them where the sun don't shine.

In Utah, Wyoming and Colorado along we have more oil shale then the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Energy experts estimate that if we were to open up drilling and go after oil and gas aggressively we would have more than 200 years of supply at current consumption rates. We're going to continue to get the misleading song and dance from the administration and their supporters, including the MSM, until election day. High gas prices will squash their talking points as more and more Americans feel the pinch at the pump. The anemic recovery will also suffer, as we head into the summer months, at the hands of ObamaNomic's failures.


* Romney: Primaries have been held in 34 states now and Gov. Romney is clearly the runaway leader. Mathematically neither Santorum or Gringrich can get the total number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. While Santorum and Gingrich are claiming the mantel of "true" conservative in the race, conservatives are joining other Republican voters and coalescing behind Romney. Yesterday Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed Romney saying, "We face huge challenges, and we need a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.” We applaud and agree with Gov Bush's endorsement. Not having a nominee until the end of the convention in August would give our candidate only two months to defeat The Obama socialist propaganda machine. This is not a normal election, we have an enigma in the White House who has circumvented the Constitution and will no doubt accelerate it's destruction if given the chance. Romney is our best bet to prevent that disaster.


* Keystone: As pump prices average near $4 and upwards of $5 in some areas, The Obama is hinting at partial approval of Keystone. Like a bottomless bucket, this idea doesn't hold water. It's only intended at giving his supporters and the MSM (a little redundancy there) an excuse for his failures. Significant changes in administration energy policies will not take place between now and election day. Facts from The Obama's own history and his stated beliefs are in line with increasing gas prices. His only concern is the speed by which they are increasing and the timing. He will get cover from the confused, they will insist that there's more oil drilling now than at any time and that import levels of oil are down. Both those statements are true but they don't tell the story. Increased production is due to the Bush administration expansion of drilling leases and opening offshore drilling, areas that were closed by The Obama administration. Import levels are down because The Obama economy is anemic and has caused a reduction in demand. If you can see through the smoke and mirrors the true failure of The Obama's policies will be easy to see.


* Energy: The Obama belittles his detractors saying things like, "Do you think I really want high gas prices in an election year?" Insinuating that his opponents are idiots to even think such things. It's not imaginary, it's the actual belief The Obama, his advisors and his energy secretary have. Before his election in 2008 The Obama said that his cap and trade policies would necessarily cause electricity to "sky rocket" because coal plants would have to shut down. He also believes that our gas prices should be in line with that of Europe, currently over $10 a gallon. Energy secretary Chu said before Congress that the administrations goal was NOT to bring the price of gas down. After getting slapped around by the WH PC police he later retracted that statement in another hearing before Congress. This administration's policies of shutting down offshore drilling, not permitting drilling in Anwar, not allowing the Keystone XL Pipeline and subsidizing green energy failures like Solyndra is evidence enough of the responsibility The Obama and his policies have to bear in the high gas prices we are seeing today. With people like The Obama it's not his words, it's his deeds you have to pay attention to!


* Panetta: Defense secretary Panetta disarmed marines for a session with Afghans during his surprise visit this week. The story is he didn't want to make the Afghans uncomfortable since they were not armed. Our Marines are there protecting and defending the Afghans, for the defense secretary to disarm them is a slap in the face to their sacrifice. Afghan's continue their demonstrations against us, the Taliban promises to behead Americans, Afghan president Karzai asked that our military retreat to their bases and our defense secretary disarms our Marines. You can't asked our military to keep their head in the fight when they don't know what they are fighting for. If we don't have the will to take the fight to our enemies with all the means at our disposal then we should get out. Having already announced our withdrawal date we are only putting our sons and daughters through needless danger. This is the direct result of what happens when politicians run wars.


* NAALCP: The National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People known as the NAACP has taken the voter ID requirement to non other that that bastion of human rights, the United Nation Human Rights Council. Current members of the council include China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. You can't make this stuff up. Requiring a voter to show a picture ID in order to maintain the legitimacy of the voting process is considered a crime by the radicals amongst us. The UN Human Rights Council is a joke. Consider the members, China where slave labor reigns supreme, Cuba where dissent is welcomed with prison sentences, Saudi Arabia where women can't vote or drive. The council is in Geneva, Switzerland for another junket at the expense of the American tax payer. The NAACP is arguing that U.S. voter ID laws disenfranchise voters and suppress minority votes. These lame brain individuals pushing international condemnation of our voting integrity are shameless. You need to show and ID to buy beer but heaven forbid you require one for voting. We ask, which is more important? What are Democrats afraid of, losing their Mickey Mouse votes? Our country is in deep trouble with the likes of the NAACP fighting tooth and nail to continue The Obama's transformation. If they had it their way we would have an open election with no restrictions at all. Our founding fathers created a Republic, not a Democracy, for the very reasons we are seeing today. After all, a Democracy is two wolves and sheep voting on what to have for dinner.


* Hillary: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemns the oppression of women. That statement is laudable, the target of the attack is not. It's not about the mutilating of the female genitalia at the hands of Muslims so their women can't feel pleasure, it's not about honor killings at the hands of Muslims for "shaming" the family, it's not about women not being allowed to drive or leave their house without being accompanied by a male family member, no, that would make sense. It's about evil "extremists" that criticize The ObamaCare mandate that religious entities provide contraception for free to those that work for those entities. Forget the 1st Amendment, what does the Constitution matter to those who disagree with it? According to Hillary the "extremists" are not the radical Taliban or other Shariah loving miscreants but rather Republicans that believe in freedom. We are witnessing a world turned upside down where common sense takes a backseat to illogical politically correct madness. The scary part of it is the MSM is providing cover and fanning the flames of this convoluted destruction of our way of life. We either defeat this menace every time it rears its ugly head or we succumb to it. Our future is in the balance!


* Voter-ID: You need a photo ID to drive (that's a license for those Democrats from Uranus), a photo ID to get food stamps, unemployment, get a job, to fly but not to vote. The Obama's injustice department lead by clueless Holder is blocking the Texas voter ID law. The law requires voters to show a photo ID in order to vote. Obviously Democrats believe that people that vote for them are too stupid to be able to bring a photo ID along when they vote. Do we really want anyone this ignorant to vote in the first place? Maybe if voter ID laws were in place nationwide in 2008, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and the seven Dorks would not have elected The Obama in the first place. If I were a Democrat voter targeted by the Holder-Obama machine I would be offended. But then again, with half a brain you wouldn't be a Democrat voter to begin with.


* Establishment: Gingrich has suggested that Santorum quit his run for the nomination while Santorum was beating Newt and Newt was coming in fourth out of four. Now he claims that Romney can't win because conservatives don't support him. This while Romney continues to win caucuses and primaries and Newt keeps losing them. Exit polls show that conservatives are supporting Romney. Newt is like a runner being lapped and telling the leader to give up because he's only a lap down. Others keep harping about Romney being the establishment candidate. If establishment means having superior organization and support then it's probably true. The facts are that if you've mounted a campaign before, as Romney did in 2008, then you're going to have a leg up on the competition. People who have supported you before will most likely do so again. Those people may have moved into positions within the party that benefit your run. If that constitutes establishment then so be it. Romney is clearly our best bet at defeating the enigma that is The Obama. It's time to join forces against the true foe and stop driving up our candidates negatives.


* MSM: The Breitbart vetting of The Obama continues with the release of a video from The Obama's Harvard days which clearly shows a radical Obama leading a demonstration. He encourages students to follow the racist radical professor Derrick Bell. The MSM has shown highly edited clips of this video in an attempt to circumvent the issue. Their talking points are, "The nothing so see here" or "this is old news." They're clearly following the Alinsky communist strategy of preemptive strike and shape the news in a way as to misdirect and reduce it's impact. The MSM joining forces with The Obama and radical left is not new, what is new is that finally some Americans that had been lulled into a socialist stupor may finally see the radical nature of the enigma that is occupying the White House. Wright was not just a pastor at the church that The Obama attended for 20 years and Ayers is not just "someone in the neighborhood," as The Obama has claimed. It's time to shed some light on the cockroaches and what them scatter. Let the games begin…


* Gas: The Obama's calculated reaction to high prices at the pump is blame the evil oil companies. He tells people that every time they fill up they should remember that the oil companies are making a lot of money. No mention that the federal and state governments make more than twice what the oil companies make on every gallon of gas without having to lift a finger for it. The government doesn't explore for oil, drill for oil, transport the oil, refine the oil into gas, supply the gas stations with their product or sell it. They just collect then blame oil companies for making a profit. His answer is to eliminate oil company deductions which would only cause the price at the pump to go up even higher. When his energy secretary was asked last week before a Congressional panel if the administration's main concern was to lower the price of gas, Chu's answer was "No." As Chu has said before, our prices should rise to the level of Europe. Europe's price is in the $10 a gallon range right now, good plan Chu. The Obama and his radical environmental team is intent on high energy prices because it fits their plans. Unfortunately for them it's an election year and the high prices are going to hurt big time. The feeble economic recovery is going to slide into reverse if prices rise much higher. No mention of opening the banned offshore drilling areas or the Gulf moratorium by bureaucracy. How about Keystone, no, that would be to sensible. We'll just let Cuba and China drill of the Florida coast. With a complicit media you can get away with murder.


* Bibi-BO: If you came from another planet, like maybe Uranus, and landed at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference yesterday in DC you might think the person impersonating the president of the United States was the strongest supporter of Israel on this planet. But then again, if you happen to have lived on this planet for the last few years you would know better. In a vacuum, The Obama talks the talk but like in every other instance you need to pay attention to his actions, not his words. After all, they're just words. He says he has Israel's back, that's while he's not stabbing it or pushing Israel off a cliff. His first foreign act as president was to go to Egypt where he began his apology-groveling tour. We recall when the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, was first invited to the White House by The Obama, he had to enter through the servants entrance (maybe they were painting the front door). How about when The Obama suggested that Israel should pull back to the 1967 borders, you know, the indefensible ones before Israel was attacked by the Arab world. How about siding with the Iranian Mullahs over the Iranian demonstrators when those demonstrators were being gunned down in the streets? Leaking that Israel was going to attack Iran this Spring, oh that was probably having Israel's back also. The Obama told the gathering of gullible something to the effect of, don't listen to those who say I don't support Israel, remember this is an election year and it's just politics. The only politics here is the pandering The Obama looks to get away with in this feeble attempt of fooling the people again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Speaking of Muslims, in Obama's own book, "Dreams From My Father," he wrote, "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." The big picture is pretty clear!


* Breitbart: Andrew Breitbart recently said, "Wait 'till they see what happens March 1st." Andrew was referring to footage which showed The Obama in his college days appearing with Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Andrew said, “I’ve got video from his college days that show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008 – the videos are going to come out.” Andrew died unexpectedly on March 1st, he was 43, coincidence? Arpaio's news conference on the fraudulent Obama birth certificate was also on March 1st, coincidence?

* Arpaio: After presenting evidence that the birth certificate the White House produced on April 27, 2011 in yesterdays news conference was a forgery and all the so called journalists in attendance could ask was, "what's your motivation?" Silence from the MSM is deafening. Our republic is being systematically destroyed from within and all the media can talk about is contraception. Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse showed evidence the certificate produced by the WH was not a reproduction from a paper source but rather a fabrication by a computer. Layers in the fraudulent document clearly prove is was created and not a copy. Evidence was also shown that The Obama selective service card from 1980 has a fraudulent date stamp. Sherriff Joe's quandary now is where to go from here. He can't take this to the Injustice Department to be buried. A congressional investigation is what's necessary but how can you expect that to take place when up to now they have turned their backs on this issue? Both Democrats and Republicans have been derelict in their duty to uphold their oath of office. Sheriff Joe has vowed to continue the investigation and we applaud him for it. A fraud has been committed therefore the case cannot and must not be dropped.


* Sheriff Joe: After concerned citizens of Arizona presented information to Sheriff Joe Arpaio raising questions of The Obama's eligibility to the office of POTUS, the sheriff promised to look into the issue. He set up what he calls a Cold Case Posse which consists of three former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys with law enforcement experience. Members have been examining evidence since September. Sheriff Joe will be presenting the posse's findings at a news conference which is scheduled for 3pm Eastern (noon Pacific). The conference will be held at the sheriff’s training center, which is on the outskirts of Phoenix, rather than at a downtown office due to the threat of protests. The main issues which the posse has been looking into is the fraudulent long form birth certificate the White House released last April and the "Natural Born" requirement in the Constitution. The supposed copy of the birth certificate was clearly anything but that. It was a layered PDF document which showed discrepancies that were clearly visible in any browser. The Natural Born requirement according to accepted definition at the time the Constitution was written as well as through Supreme Court decisions states that to be Natural Born a citizen must be born of two citizen parents. In simple language, to be a Natural Born American the candidate must have been born in the Untied States of two United States citizen parents. The parents themselves don't have to be Natural Born but the candidate does. By The Obama's own admission his father was never a citizen of the United States. In a previous case in Georgia, a judge succumbed to pressure and stated that The Obama was born in Hawaii and was Native Born therefore he was Natural Born. That was nonsense as both The Obama or his lawyer were AWOL at the proceedings and if the framers of the Constitution meant Native Born they would have written that instead of Natural Born into Article II Section 1. The difference was clear then and it's clear now. The Injustice department has sued the Sheriff over what they call prejudice in his treatment of illegal aliens. Today we find out if Sheriff Joe has been able to stand up to the political pressure placed on him and his state. The news conference can be seen on live stream at

* Breitbart: Today we have lost a great American. Internet pioneer and conservative icon Andrew Breitbart passed away early this morning in California. Andrew was only 43 years old. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, children, family and friends. May God bless his soul.


* Gitmo: Islamic terrorists in Gitmo get a new $750 Thousand soccer field. While Muslim zealots are busy murdering American soldiers in Afghanistan we're busy pampering terrorist prisoners with recreational facilities. All this is taking place while The Obama regime negotiates the release of high level prisoners to the very same Taliban that is calling for the killing of Americans. You cannot win a war when you don't have the will to take it to the enemy. Politically correct rules of engagement and apologies only serve to embolden the very people you are fighting. The terrorists at Gitmo are prisoners of war and as such they should remain behind bars until the war is over, how ever long that takes.


* Santorum: Santorum robo-calls Michigan Democrats ahead of today's primary asking for their vote in the "Republican" primary. Open primaries, like Michigan's, is the reason we got McCain last time around. Republicans shouldn't choose Democrat candidates and visa-versa. Groveling to Democrats for their support is a sign of desperation in the Santorum camp. Santorum wrongly states Romney's position on the auto bailouts. He says that Romney supported bailouts of his "billionaire buddies" on Wall street but was against the auto workers bailout. What Romney was against was wasting our tax dollars on a bailout of the unions when a structured bankruptcy was what was needed. As it turned out, after the bailout, GM had to go through the structured bankruptcy that Romney suggested was needed in the first place. The losers were the American tax payer and bond holders in GM stock. The winner was the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) which was responsible for the stranglehold on GM. Misleading information on your opponent is not the way to win over fellow Republicans. Concentrate on policies that would reverse the disaster that is The Obama regime.


* Taliban: The Taliban continue fueling demonstrations and attacks in Afghanistan. This morning a Taliban supported suicide bomber killed 9 and injured 24 outside a U.S. military base. U.S. soldiers were among the injured. So far four American soldiers have been killed, two by an Afghan soldier and two by an Afghan police officer. Meanwhile President Karzai calls for the U.S. to surrender the soldiers which burned the Korans so they can be tried in Afghanistan. No apology from Karzai for the murder of the American soldiers. These are the same people that trample through the streets killing and destroying property over cartoons. You can't reason with unreasonable people, the sooner we get our troops out of that quagmire the better. Since Karzai is siding with the Taliban we should stop pretending that he's our friend. The Obama's apology for the Koran burnings only made things worse. Weakness and incompetence invites the kind of reaction were seeing play out in the streets of Afghanistan. Weakness and incompetence is what makes up The Obama.


* Afghanistan:  Irrational Muslim fanatics are taking to the streets, destroying property and killing people. Two American soldiers were killed yesterday by an Afghan soldier that we trained. All this is a result of some Korans being found n the trash at an Army base in Afghanistan. The Korans had been burned. The Korans in question had been found by guards at the base to have been used by detainees to pass notes amongst themselves. In essence, the Korans had been desecrated by the detainees themselves they were then taken out of circulation and destroyed. No backlash by the Afghans of the desecration of the Korans by the detainees, just of the burring by our soldiers. In exchange for this idiotic response and uprising our bowing, spineless president apologizes to the Afghan president and people while they are killing our soldiers. This is outrageous. We are sacrificing American lives and treasure to free these very same people from the slavery that would be a return to Taliban rule, while they spit in our face. Afghan president Karzai should be the one out front condemning these demonstrations but instead he is in hiding. Afghans don't lose wars, they just change sides. With the announcement that we will be retreating from Afghanistan the current government has already begun this transformation. Since this administration does not have the backbone to take the war to our enemies in an effective way, it makes no sense prolonging our agony. If you're going to surrender, do it quickly, time to get out.


* Hyphenated-Americans: There's only one place in the world where an immigrant or refugee can become one of the people. You can move to Germany but you will never be a German, France but you will never be a Frenchman, Spain but never be a Spaniard. Only in the United States of America can a foreigner come and become an American. That's one of the beauties of this great land. We are not hyphenated Americans, we are Americans. Some choose to pit one group of Americans against another by race, ethnicity and income level, these artificial divisions are meant to control us by making us dependent on the group and thereby governments special treatment of that group. The Obama has now launched a new campaign called African-Americans for Barack Obama. In an ad targeting this group of Americans he says "We have come to far to turn back now." Race baiting anyone? President of all the people? We have an enigma in the White House that's destroying our way of life and pitting us against each other.


* Carney: Interesting how the travelling carnival show that is The Obama regime should have a spokesman named "Carney." For his latest liar, liar pants on fire moment Carney says The Obama didn't turn down the Keystone Pipeline. Then he follows with a diatribe about how it's the Republican's fault. Here's his twisted reasoning. "The Republicans were the ones who unfortunately decided because they were looking for scalps, I guess, or wins in a situation where they somehow found themselves on the wrong side of cutting taxes for 160 million Americans last December. They decided to play politics with this decision and attack the payroll tax cut extension. Even though it was made clear by the State Department that doing so would make it impossible for them to conduct the review responsibly, they did it anyway knowing what the result would be." "Play politics?" This president is nothing but politics. He has never stopped campaigning and has run his administration in continuous political mode. From cramming ObamaCare down our throats to bypassing Congress we have a tyrant in the making. With any real hope the traveling freak show will end this November.


* Small Dreams: Fresh from lowering the oceans waters, saving polar bears and leading from behind The Obama now focuses on the shrinking American Dream. He stated recently in Iowa, "Folks don't have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream." Shrinking of the American Dream a-la The Obama style. Forget about the past, don't aspire to great things just be happy with what you have, after all, the government is here to take care of you. We can guarantee your abortions, food stamps, health care and security. We will not only protect you from enemies, foreign and domestic, but we will also protect you from yourself. We will keep you from eating those fries that go to your thighs. The dumbing down of expectations goes hand in hand with the dumbing down of America itself. For the only hope left in The Obama dream is ignorance and slight of hand. Benjamin Franklin once said it best, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."


* Israel: Reports are surfacing that The Obama administration is publically and privately urging Israel not to attack Iran's nuclear sites. The Administration believes that sanctions are working and need more time. The problem is sanctions do not work on a outlaw regime like Iran's who intent is the destruction of Israel. This is not a belief it is their stated goal. While Iran saber rattles, oil prices soar and diplomats scramble. Iran is hinting at entering negotiations. As previous negotiations have gone, this is only a delay tactic. Just entering into talks would put undo pressure on Israel to hold off. After all, why should Israel attack when Iran is willing to talk. Soon Iran's nuclear sites will be out of reach of a conventional air strike. Time is not on our side. This window of opportunity is closing and our stance should be one of complete solidarity with the state of Israel.


* Energy: We take for granted that our elected leaders will do everything within their power to keep our energy costs down and provide the environment where energy companies can provide the power which we need to function and grow. That assumption is not only wrong when it comes to the radical left but it is also naïve. During the 2004 elections, Sen. John Kerry said he believed gas prices show be around $5 a gallon, he believed this would be good for the environment. The Obama's energy secretary, Steven Chu said, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." The Obama said during the 2008 election that coal power plants would have to be closed and that it would 'necessarily" cause the price of energy to rise. He also put a moratorium on gulf oil drilling, refuses to allow increased domestic drilling and canceled the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada. We should explore all sources of energy but crony capitalism to pay off campaign donors in the 'green" energy sector, like the failed Solyndra, is not the way to go. The market should determine winners and losers. While green energy would be preferable to fossil fuels until it becomes efficient and feasible we must continue to produce the energy which runs our economy. Either we produce it or we buy it from questionable countries that do not have our best interest in mind. High fuel prices are not counter to the wishes of the progressive/socialist which are running and ruining our country now.


* Numbers: The MSM, The Obama and his merry men are dancing in the streets with the release of "government" numbers. Can you trust numbers from an administration which disregards our Constitution? The unemployment rate in Cuba is 0%, how about those numbers? Between December and January 1.2 Million people disappeared from the employment rolls yet "government" numbers showed 240,000 new jobs were created in January as the unemployment rate dropped from 8.5% to 8.3%. The biggest direct cost to every American is food and gas yet food and gas prices are not figured in the "governments" inflation figures. Believe it or not that's the crock they're trying to feed us. Remember this the next time you hear that things are getting better and we're heading in the right direction. Consider the source and remember that the ends justify their means and they mean to transform.


* Class Warfare: The Obama thinks that if he repeats the lie that his tax policies are not class warfare often enough then people will start believing it. The useful idiots and gullible already believe it. The budget he released on Monday is a joke which, if enacted, would take us further down the road to ruin. Now they are floating the idea of gutting our defensive nuclear arsenal by 80%. That's from 5,000 to 300. This on top of the already planned cuts in our defense department. Put this together with his call for $800 Million for the Muslim Brotherhood and the picture couldn't be clearer. The Obama goals are transparent; destroy our economy, ignore the Constitution, gut our military capabilities, pit Americans against each other and finish the transformation. If you don't think this is possible just look at the current polls that show The Obama ahead of any GOP candidate.


* Constitution: The Obama regime White House says the "contraception" compromise will stand. Therein lies the problem. It's not a "contraception" issue at all, it's a Constitutional one. Many say ObamaCare must be overturned, it's bigger than that, The Obama must be overturned! The Obama believes in a "living" Constitution in which, in his socialist world view, it can be manipulated, ignored and bypassed. Our founding fathers foresaw this evolution happening that's why they placed in the Constitution safeguards that if adhered to would prevent what we are witnessing today. The importance of the "Natural Born Citizen" clause that many say is not important, its to late or it doesn't matter, does matter. The lack of complete loyalty to our country and Constitution is at the root of what ails us. Is a president who bypasses Congress, ignores existing laws (such as DOMA) and dictates through executive order a president or a tyrant? His 2013 budget which was presented yesterday increases the deficit by another $1.3 Trillion dollars. At a time when we're in a deep hole this president speeds up the digging. In February of 2009 The Obama said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term, instead his has raised it by close to $5 Trillion. One of the most absurd items in the budget is $800 Million dollars to support he so called "Arab Spring." In other words we will be borrowing $800 Million dollars to give it to the Muslim Brotherhood so they can continue their march against the west and the U.S. in particular. The USS ObamaTanic continues full steam ahead towards disaster.


* Greece: Riots in Greece is what happens when you try to turn back from the precipice of a cradle to grave nanny state. There are three possible outcomes, bankruptcy and more severe austerity measures, totalitarian rule to control the people or everyone has to buy into personal liberty and responsibility. Greece is trying to put the Genie back in the bottle, that is easier said then done when the majority of your citizens live by the public troth. Most of our major cities are closer to Greece than you would think and some states, like California, are teetering as well. It's interesting how Greece's flag is blue and white. On a political map our inner cities are blue which represents years of failed liberal policies. White stands for surrendering to the power of the state. If The Obama is reelected our inner cities will burn like Greece is burning now when changes come near the end of the train wreck. The only way to avoid it is take the medicine now and choose the path our Constitution set forth. Limited federal government, lower taxation/regulation and more personal liberty and responsibility. This election is not typical, our future is at stake.


* Useful Idiots: A poll was released this week showing that 20% of Republicans and 50% of Independents say they would vote for the Obama this November. This is an obvious testament to the brainwashing and selective reporting by the MSM and The Obama regime. If these people would be presented with the facts of what this administration is doing to our Constitution they wouldn't respond the way they are now. We have a president who was never vetted and does not meet the Constitutional requirement to hold the office of POTUS. By his own admission his father was never an American citizen therefore The Obama is NOT a "Natural Born Citizen" (ref. Supreme Court case Minor v. Happersett (1875)) as required by Article II Sect 1 of the Constitution. He has bypassed Congress in many cases and has over 30 Czars that answer to no one but the president. He chastised the Supreme Court before the American people in a state of the union speech to a joint session of Congress. His unconstitutional ObamaCare is now in direct violation of the first amendment protection of religious freedom. If The Obama regime gets a second term there may not me a Republic to save when his transformation is complete. Useful idiots like the 20% of Republicans and 50% of Independents are what our enemies are counting on. We have less than ten months to educate the misinformed amongst us.


* Halftime: Clint Eastwood was suckered into a Chrysler super bowl political ad disguised as a commercial. The "Halftime in America" ad was a thinly veiled endorsement of The Obama's regime. Halftime through his administration we have witnessed a dismantling of American freedom and crippling of our economy. The Obama boasts of how he saved the American car industry when in fact what he saved was the unions. GM declared bankruptcy anyway while their bond holders got the shaft. Chrysler was sold to Fiat. Using Detroit as an inspiration for America is like building a snow man in the Sahara desert. Decades of liberal rule and government dependency has left Detroit in shambles. Detroit is an example of what the rest of the country will look like if The Obama is allowed another half to finish the job. It's not halftime in America, it is nearing the two minute warning. We're running out of time to turn this nightmare around.


* Tipping Point: According to data compiled by the Heritage Foundation, American's dependence on the federal government shot up 23% in two years under The Obama. Sixty-seven Million people rely on some form of federal aid. These programs now account for over 70% of the federal budget. In comparison, the same figure in 1990 was 48.5% and in 1962 just over 25%. All this is happening at an alarming rate and it's being accelerated by The Obama transformation which he promised. If this promise is fulfilled the America we've known will be a thing of the past. While progressive/socialists amongst us rail against the rich not paying their fair share, facts do not support their conclusion. In 2009 almost 49.5% of Americans did not pay any income taxes. In the 1960's only 12% of Americans didn't pay income taxes. We are now at the tipping-point. When you get past that 50% mark there will be no turning back. Our constitutional Republic stands in the balance.


* Class: According to Democrats and The Obama it's about the poor getting poorer, the evil rich not paying their "fair share" and the middle class shrinking. Where in our Constitution does it divide people according to class? We do not have a class society, we're Americans, we're all equal under the laws of this land. We have different income levels and aspirations because that's what liberty is all about. The choice of where we go and what we get out of our endeavors depends on our will and ability. Places that have equality of outcomes are miserable places to live where the state holds all the cards and you're stripped of your God given human rights, places like Cuba and North Korea. The Obama continues his misleading and blatantly false statements of "Class." He states that the middle class is shrinking and that it's harder for the lower class to get ahead because of the evil rich that don't pay their fair share. Here are some facts: Between 2001 and 2007 44% of the lowest 20% of wage earners moved upwards while 34% of the highest wage earners moved down. Facts are stubborn things but why let them get in the way when they are detrimental to the transformation in which we find ourselves.


* Unemployment: Don't be fooled by the drop in the unemployment rate from 8.5% to 8.3%. Just governmental smoke and mirrors. Two things contributed to the drop: Seasonal adjustments and disenchanted jobs seekers. There were over 2 Million less people employed in January than December yet the government reported a job growth of 240 Thousand. Only in Washington can you get statistics like that. "Seasonal Adjustments" are adjustments to the total workforce pre-determined by cyclical events such as Holidays. People leaving the workforce due to not being able to find employment are simply eliminated from the figures used to determine the unemployment rate. Of course defenders of the administration will try to spin these numbers by saying the reduction in total workforce is due to baby boomers retiring. That may account for some of the drop but they are offset by new people coming into toe workforce from high school and college. The bottom line is the economy is in deep trouble and will not recovery until real change comes to the White House. The MSM will carry the water for The Obama re-election but we must educate our fellow citizens so as not to fall for false hope packaged in fancy talk and hollow promises.


* Holder: AG Holder was on the hot seat again yesterday in the House. On Tuesday Chairman Issa wrote Holder the following:

“Since the department initially misrepresented the facts and misled Congress, it is necessary to investigate the department’s response to our investigation. Your actions lead us to conclude that the department is actively engaged in a cover-up.”

Testifying before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Holder continued to dance around the truth with his denials and half truths. It's very clear for any one viewing this charade that the AG and his Injustice Department are hiding information and delaying the investigation. Could this delay have anything to do with our presidential election? How far up does the corrupt Fast and Furious operation go, the AG, the WH, The Obama? We believe this operation of "gun walking" was not intended to track illegal gun sales but rather to further the radical left's desire to ban guns all together. Once guns were allowed to walk and the illegal action of the purchase had taken place the agents in the field were instructed to let them perpetrators go. The only plausible reason for this was to have those guns show up in the U.S. and support calls for more stringent gun control laws to an already burdensome infringement on our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. A disarmed citizenry is the goal of all tyrants and dictators, that's why our founding fathers made this right second only to freedom of speech and religion. Don't look for Holder to resign anytime soon since he and The Obama's political survival are interdependent.


* Poor: Gov. Romney makes a statement about the poor and the floodgates open from all sides. Taken out of context, he said, "not concerned about the very poor." You can take anything out of context and use it as a political bomb. The legions of poor have grown during The Obama's 3 years in office as more and more Americans suffer from the socialist injustice of Socialism. Romney was simply stating the obvious, we have a safety net in place for the very poor and that if some fall through the cracks then he would fix those cracks. If he didn't care about the poor why would he donates millions of dollars to charity year after year? He also said he wasn't concerned with the well off because they are doing OK. He wants to focus on the middle income earners, the 90 to 95% of Americans that need relief from an over burdensome federal government. By helping the vast majority of Americans in this way we will improve the quality of life for all Americans. Unlike The Obama policies which seek to make Americans dependent on government, Romney aims to free Americans from the clutches of un-American policies of the progressive/socialist amongst us. The difference is as clear as that of a successful CEO and a radical community organizer. George Washington versus Sal Allinsky. Would you hire The Obama to run your company?


* Dragon: Looking to bring in a combined $5.3 Million today, The Obama, Biden and Michelle will be busy mingling with the 1%. Hypocrisy at its finest. The Obama will be at a fund raiser in Washington at the ST. Regis Hotel with 50 1%'s taking in donations at $35,800 per person. After that ass kissing he'll be having dinner in a private residence in Chevy Chase with donations of $35,800 per couple, 35 couples expected. Now we know what he means by soaking the rich and having them pay their "fair share." So "fair share" means donating to The Obama's campaign in order to bring about your own destruction. Brings to mind Winston Churchill's statement when he said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last." 120 fools will be going to the end of the feeding line today led by The Obama himself.


* West: Florida Rep. Allen West was right on the money in his Palm Beach speech this week. Referring to The Obama and his cronies he said, “Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else,” he continued. “You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.” West clearly points out we are Americans and the classification and divisions being orchestrated by The Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others in the Democrat party is Un-American. West is a decorated retired Colonel in the U.S. Army and served our country proudly, he later said, “This is not about 1 percent or 99 percent. This is about 100 percent. It’s about 100 percent America. And I will not stand back and watch anyone defame, degrade or destroy that which my father fought for, my older brother, my father-in-law, myself, my nephew and all my friend still in uniform.” Critics are obsessed with West's statement and are demanding an apology but it is this administration and their allies that need to apologize to the American people for the division and trampling of the Constitution that they have been carrying out.


* Reality-Politics: We have become a nation of reality TV and sixty minute episodes. In this make believe world, problems are solved with a simple beginning, middle and end during a sixty minute period. This mentality has also manifested itself in our political campaigns. Decisions are being made on the last interview, the last debate, the last ad. Life is not that simple. We need to look at candidates in their totality. Their background or lack thereof as in the case of The Obama. Voting records, life experiences, positions held, leadership qualities and character. Character does matter and should be a qualifying factor in our search for a leader, specially a president. Loyalty goes to the heart of character, loyalty to family, friends and country. Tomorrow Florida votes in very important Republican primary. Not only is Florida a swing state which mistakenly voted for The Obama in 2008 but it is also a closed primary state. Only Republicans are allowed to vote in this primary and that's the way they all should be. No reason why Democrats and independents should choose our candidate just like Republicans shouldn't be choosing the Democrats. There's only one candidate in the Republican field who meets the test and would match up favorably against The Obama machine this fall. That candidate is Governor Mitt Romney. It's time to stop the infighting and concentrate on the true foe, defeating the radical socialist administration which is tearing and dividing our country like never before.


* Arizona: The thin skinned narcissist currently occupying the White House showed his true colors during Wednesdays meeting with Gov. Jan Brewer. At an Arizona airport the governor met The Obama and handed him a hand written letter welcoming him to the state and asking for a meeting so they could discus the economy and border security. At this point the president criticized Brewer for her depiction of him in her book, "Scorpions for Breakfast." The governor correctly pointed out that The Obama wasn't interested in border security but rather amnesty for illegal's. During Wednesdays confrontation the president walked away from Governor Brewer while she was in mid sentence, a very rude and disrespectful action by any one, particularly a president to a governor. The Obama's answer to crime on the border was to post signs on the Arizona border warning people not to enter the area. This while at the same time having his Department of Injustice sue Arizona for attempting to do what the federal government is refusing to, protect their citizens by enforcing immigration laws. The Obama is a tyrant/dictator wannabe as his actions to date have shown.


* Newt:  At every opportunity Gingrich wraps himself in Reagan's legacy. Listening to Gingrich you would think he single handedly was responsible for Reagan's success. Not so fast, in an article that we've posted today, assistant secretary of state under Reagan, Elliott Abrams sheds some light on Gingrich during the Reagan years. Here's an exert from Abrams's article:

Gingrich scorned Reagan’s speeches, which moved a party and then a nation, because “the president of the United States cannot discipline himself to use the correct language.” In Afghanistan, Reagan’s policy was marked by “impotence [and] incompetence.” Thus Gingrich concluded as he surveyed five years of Reagan in power that “we have been losing the struggle with the Soviet empire.” Reagan did not know what he was doing, and “it is precisely at the vision and strategy levels that the Soviet empire today is superior to the free world.”

Next time you hear Gingrich invoke Reagan remember that as a historian he doesn't always have his history right.


* SOTU: What is clear about last nights State of the Union speech is that The Obama is just an Occupy Wall Streeter in a suit. It's like Occupy White House (OWH). What we heard was what was expected, the same diatribe about the need to finish what he started. His transformation is leading straight to destruction of our way of life, to continue in the same path would be suicide. He proposes to double the capital gains tax, an act that would seriously damage investment in this country and would further hurt an already struggling economy. As expected he played his usual class warfare card by calling out the top 1% of Americans to pay their "fair share." Like a broken record stuck on failure this administration is broken and refuses to change from their failed policies. He proposes more crony capitalism with increased investment in failed companies like Solyndra. Bottom line is he's calling for more taxes and bigger government, exactly the opposite of what's needed. The choice in November couldn't be any clearer, continue the path to bankruptcy like Greece is doing or return to smaller government, lower taxes and regulations. Survival of our republic depends on making the right choice this year, we may never get another chance to save it.


* Blame-Game: The Obama game plan is simple, blame Congress and Republicans in particular. It's about how the DIC (Demagogue-in-Chief) single handedly saved our economy from crashing and saved or created millions of jobs (keep an eye out for the smoke and mirrors). It will be interesting to see the reaction in the faces of Congressmen and women who know the truth. The reactions will probably be muted since Congress is trying a new seating arrangement like if it's members were in kindergarten. It's going to be boy-girl, Democrat-Republican, incredible but true. It's all abut politics and the snow job on the American electorate is going into hyper drive from here on out. From the State of the Union The Obama will be heading off on a campaign trip to 5 swing states, attacking the do-nothing Congress. Forget about any meaningful legislation coming out for the rest of this term, just mud slinging from here on out.


* Union: Tomorrow night The Obama will give the State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress. It is customary for a president to begin this annual speech with "The State of the Union is Strong." This year that statement would be far from the truth. Our state of the union is divided and weak. We have been divided by this president through his class warfare, race bating and "injustice department." He will speak of needing to continue the path he is taking us down with an emphasis on "fairness." Fairness is this administrations code language for wealth redistribution. He will make a point of the unemployment rate dropping to 8.5 but won't mention the hundreds of thousands that have dropped out of the work force. The economy is still reeling from burdensome regulations that continue to flow unabated from this administrations agencies. Perhaps he would be better off giving this speech in Cinderella's castle where his was last week, after all, his words are just fantasy.


* Perry: After various self inflicted wounds, Texas governor Rick Perry dropped out of the Republican race yesterday. One of Perry's main reasons for entering the race was the need for a Washington outsider to go to Washington and clean up the mess. The remaining candidates consist of a former Senator (Santorum), a former speaker (Gingrich), a current congressman (Paul) and the only outsider, a former Governor (Romney). So, while dropping out he throws his support behind Newt, a Washington insider with deep roots in the swamp. Gingrich's former colleges have been running from him like he has the plague. Yes, Newt does have some big ideas but while they may play well in a Republican forum expecting the same response from the general population would be a mistake. While it would be interesting, at first thought, to see a Gingrich Vs. Obama debate, in reality we could be facing a nightmare. Remember The Obama - McCain debates? Old, grey haired white guy versus a smooth talking black man. Didn't turn out very well for the good guys. With Newt it would be The Obama versus old, grey haired, angry white professor. Appearance does mean a lot to all those dim bulbs out there who don't pay attention to the facts. The Obama war room would have a field day with a Newt run.


* Keystone: The Obama has said no to more energy and jobs for Americans. By denying the Keystone XL Pipeline deal he has caved to his environmental wacko base at the expense of our best interest. He coupled his denial with blame for Republicans, typical of this president to always blame someone else for his failings. He opines that if the Republicans hadn't stipulated in the payroll tax cut extension that he had to make a decision on Keystone then things might have been different. What nonsense. There shouldn't have been a delay in the first place. The Obama's goal was to push the decision past the elections with the excuse that studies needed to be done before a decision could be made. This while ignoring the studies that were already done. Pipelines are nothing new, we have hundreds of pipelines already, this was not about whether we need it or not, it was strictly political in order to appease his radical base. We have a president who has been in campaign mode since day one and will stop at nothing to guarantee his reelection. He will lie and mislead while been shielded by his MSM accomplices while he runs away from his record and radicalism. Can the American people be fooled twice by a charlatan? We'll find out this November.


* Romney: Gov. Romney's dancing around reveling his taxes and income information is only adding fuel to an imaginary fire. Like other wealthy individuals he does not receive "ordinary" income but rather income from investments in the form of capital gains. That income is taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income. This disparity will be highlighted and demagogued by The Obama and his MSM cheering section. Romney needs to stop the dancing, make a clean showing of his records and not apologize for anything. There is no shame in being successful and there should likewise not be any guilt either. Take pride in your success and the jobs you have been able to create and help create. The class card will be played, that's a given, what he does with it will show his character. Just like he has promised not to apologize for America, Romney should not be apologizing for his success.


* Gingrich: At times Newt Gingrich shines with his professorial retort and command of history. Being president does not a professor take. It's about vision and leadership. You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps and you can tell allot about his past by the opinions of those he dealt with. Not many of his former colleges have sung his praise and many have warned against his run. Gingrich's past is wrought with debris and discontent. When the vindictive Newt comes out to play, run for cover. Like a baby in a high chair throwing a fit, after Newt is finished, someone has to clean up the mess. It would be interesting to sit through a Newt college lecture but would you want to sit through a ball game while enjoying a cold beverage with Newt at your side?


* Reid: Dirty Harry Reid says the he hopes the Republicans have learned and will not be guided by the Tea Party because the Tea Party is driving them off the cliff. He's got it completely backwards. The freshmen class of Congressmen of which Tea Party Republicans are the mainstay were voted in precisely because of Reid, Pelosi and The Obama's reckless socialist policies. The behind closed doors ObamaCare nightmare as well as class and race warfare helped give rise the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not a party at all, it is the manifestation of the majority of Americans who are fed up with the politics of Washington and the destruction of the American way of life. Run away government spending. taxation, regulations and waste is what fuels this dissent. Curtailing our government and returning our focus to our founding principles of small government, low taxes and personal liberty is what's at stake. Do we follow the failed European model that The Obama and his stooges are taking us towards or do we right the ship of state. Our future and the very survival of our Republic are dependent on making the right choice this November.


* Mercedes: Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz is using the terrorist. murderer and butcher of the Cuban Communist Revolution to sell cars. In a new campaign to sell "green" cars they're idolizing Communism. Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes-Benz Chairman of the Board of Management said, "Some colleagues still think that car-sharing borders on communism, but if that's the case, viva la revolucion!" A defunct system responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people worldwide being glorified by a mainstream auto maker is on its face outrageous. Maybe they're planning on opening up a dealership is Venezuela? Other than appealing to the ignorant they will be alienating a large portion of their customer base. Would you buy a car from a manufacturer who idolized Bin Laden for the sake of selling their cars? In Cuba's history, Che was as evil and Bin Laden was to us. His death couldn't have come too soon just as we hope Mercedes marketing with his image comes to a quick end as well.


* Schultz: DNC head and favorite attack dog of the left Debbie "diarrhea-mouth" Wasserman Schultz is at it again. This time she blames the Tea Party for the shooting of Rep. Giffords in Tucson, AZ last year. Speaking of the shooting Schultz said, "The discourse in America, the discourse in Congress in particular . . . has really changed, I'll tell you. I hesitate to place blame, but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn towards edginess and lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party movement." Even though the shooter had no political affiliation and has been declared "unfit" to stand trial, she continues her attacks on conservatives. She speaks of edginess from the right while ignoring her own attacks such as saying Republicans are anti-women and anti-immigration. No mention of Democrats saying Republicans want to starve children and throw Granma off the cliff. These false accusations will only intensify this year as the radical left plays every card in their skewed deck.


* Primaries: GOP candidates keep attacking each other as if they were on the DNC payroll. You can't defend the free enterprise system while criticizing a candidate who practiced it. Capitalism is a word coined by Karl Marx to describe our free enterprise system. It's the best economic system, bar none, when not interfered with by government. When government picks winners and losers through crony capitalism that's when things go awry. For the system to work you have to risk and with the risk you either succeed or fail. Failure is part of the system, and out of failure comes stronger companies and people. When government interferes, with bailouts and special incentives, you get systematic failure which leads to socialism and eventually communism. What Gov. Romney did at Bain Capital was to participate in the free enterprise system to the best benefit of the company he was running. Republicans can't defend this system while playing politically correct games with semantics and attacking a successful business man like Gov. Romney. What we need today is a president that will do to our bloated federal government what Romney did at Bain, if a department or agency can be fixed, fix it, if it can't, eliminate it. We don't need a scalpel approach to big government we need a chain saw. Looking forward to Romney taking a chain saw to government waste.


* Core: The Obama campaigned in Washington, DC last night and continued his attack on Republicans. He said Republicans threaten the "very core of what this country stands for." Small government is at the core of America's foundation and Republicans stand for that, low taxation is at the core of America and Republicans stand for that and most of all, liberty is at the core of what America stands for and Republicans stand solidly behind that. What isn't at the core of what America stands for is the very core of The Obama himself. He is as foreign to American values as water is to a desert. All this coming from the person who just before the 2008 election said, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Ever since then he's been busy doing just that, transforming our country into a third rate economy and third rate military power. At the core of The Obama stands Alinsky, Ayers, Wright and Marx, all foreign to American values and core principles.


* Iran: As the noose on Iran tightens, Iran reaches out to their friends in our back yard. Treated to a red carpet reception, Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (And-I-Need-a-Job) arrived in Venezuela to meet his buddy Hugo Chavez. He's also going to Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador. All bastions of freedom, not! At the same time Iran is bringing us to the brink of war over their threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, he seeks support from his commie friends in our hemisphere. He intends to lesson the impact of new sanctions on Iran's Central Bank as well as increasing European economic sanctions by increasing Iran's economic ties with Latin America's misfits. The old adage rings true that you can tell a person's character by the company he keeps, this company is obviously anti-American and anti-freedom. All this while inching closer to a nuclear weapon. Before the November elections we will have a confrontation or war with Iran, it's just a matter of time.


* Defense: With tensions around the world increasing and the dark cloud of Islamic fundamentalism on the move our fearless leader is now gutting our military. The administrations new defense strategy is to start gutting our military in numbers and ability to fight in two concurrent wars. All this while the federal government continues to grow. There are over 7 million federal employees. We have federal departments such as Energy that have proven to be a colossal waste, yet they continue to grow. We have duplicity across agencies throughout our federal government. There are areas in our defense where savings can be accomplished but gutting our capabilities is not in our national security interest and goes contrary to the primary function of government to defend and protect. The Obama is wrecking our economy, bypassing Congress and now diminishing our military capabilities. We have found the enemy within, he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


* CIC: The Campaigner-In-Chief (AKA The Obama, Barry, BO) never did stop campaigning after 2008. From day one as president he blamed all the nations woes on his predecessor. If it wasn't Bush's fault then it was those "waskely Wepublicans." At every impasse rather than sit down with the opposition he chooses to go before the cameras and bash the opposition. During the debate over extending the payroll tax cut in December he never once called Republicans and Democrats to the White House to settle differences but rather he went before the cameras and blamed Republicans for the issue while playing his usual race card. Now he goes against precedent and the White House's own policy to bypass Congress's Constitutional mandated confirmation process to appoint the head to the new and controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He announces this appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray in the politically critical state of Ohio. No coincidence there, his every move is a politically inspired campaign event to maintain power and secure his re-election. He is not and has not ever been the President of all the people, he has intentionally divided Americans by his radical socialist transformative policies, racial lines and class warfare. His methods are not governing they are ruling. At a time when critical issues of war and peace are at hand, he has chosen his selfish survival over the welfare of the American people.


* Power Grab: In another instance of the out of control presidency of The Obama, he has bypassed Congress with a "recess" appointment. The appointment was of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Senate has previously failed to confirm this appointment yet The Obama installed him anyway. The problem is the Senate is not officially in recess since they have 3 Senators meet every three days to prevent such appointments. Bypassing accepted rules and precedence The Obama has again acted like an executive tyrant by making this appointment after the Senate adjourned for one day. In previous actions this president has proceeded without Congressional consent so one more executive power grab is par for the course. This action must not stand. The Senate must act immediately to reverse this appointment and eliminate this new layer of bureaucratic largess. At a time when our government is broke why do we continue to grow it?


* Gun Laws: Out of control anti-second amendment guns laws target law abiding citizens. Former Marine Ryan Jerome from Indiana was visiting New York in September when he noticed a sign at the Empire State Building saying that guns were not allowed. He has a valid carry permit from Indiana. After approaching a security officer to ask where he could check his gun, the guard called the police who arrested Mr. Jerome. He spent two days in jail and faces a mandatory three and a half years in prison and possibly fifteen years if convicted. This issue goes to the heart of the problem with liberal bastions of idiocy like New York. In November the House passed HR 822 which recognizes state issued carry permits on a national level, with some restrictions. The Senate does not have a similar bill and is not expected to take one up considering it's an election year and Democrats will be pandering to their base. In the mean time, law abiding citizens like Ryan Jerome are at the mercy of anti-second amendment zealots intent on pandering to criminals at the expense of American patriots.