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* Global-Warming: Global warming scientists on an expedition to Antarctica to show the affects of global warming, and melting ice, are stuck in the unusually thick ice: PRICELESS!!!

* Obama's-Way:

And now, that Kenya's near
And so I face the final judgment
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm lying
I've lived a life that's bull
I traveled each and ev'ry lieway
And more, much more than this, I did it Alinsky's way

Regrets, I don't have any
But then again, I'm just too perfect
I did what I had to do , I saw it through without redemption
I planned each racist course, each hateful step along the lieway
And more, much more than this, I did it Alinsky's way

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could hide
And through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and barfed it out
I faced it all and I stood tall and did it Alinsky's way

I've loved, I've laughed and cried
I've had my fill, my share of lying
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
To think I did all that
And may I say, not in a shy way,
"Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it Alinsky's way"

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
The right to say the things he feels and not the words of one who steals
The record shows I took the bows and did it Alinsky's way!

(Appologies to Frank)

Happy New Year!


* LIC: Looking back at 2013 we see the beginning of the unveiling of presidential deceit. The MSM has been so vested in The Obama's success that they turned a blind eye to lies and distortions that this regime is built on. Once the White House started limiting their access, coinciding with their diminished ratings, they began to question. They're still in the tank for the administration, it's just that now the crews are readying the lifeboats. Blatant lies about fast-n-furious, the IRS, Benghazi and ObamaCare became too toxic for the MSM to continue to excuse. The turning point may have been when after being caught in the "you can keep your plan, period" lie, The Obama lied about the lie saying that what he really said was you can keep your plan if the insurance companies hadn't changed the plans. Knowing full well that ObamaCare itself required the insurance companies to change their plans in order to comply to the one size fits all government requirements was to much for the media lemmings to defend. The emperor has no clothes, or in this case, the liar-in-chief (LIC). 2013 will go down as a turbulent political year which marked the beginning of the end of The Obama regime.


* EPA: What The Obama cannot get through Congress he does through executive orders or regulations. The EPA's new regulations against lead bullets is forcing the last bullet producing lead smelter in the United States to close as of December 31st. The company, Doe Run Co. in Herculaneum, MO, was founded in 1892. 145 employees and 73 contractors will lose their jobs. These regulations will cause bullet prices to sky rocket and will serve as an indirect way of furthering the regimes gun control agenda. Like coal, our most abundant energy source, The Obama unilaterally imposes his radical political transformation agenda via executive fiat. EPA regulations on coal plants has essentially made new plants impossible to build and is making existing plants harder to maintain. This raises electricity prices and hurts the very people this regime pretends to want to help the most. This executive overreach further hampers our economy and strengthens the ever increasing power of a domineering executive branch.


* Farce: During the Christmas break the White House announced that the president had signed up for ObamaCare. After a little prodding it was determined that the staff had signed him up and that they did it in person and not through the failed government website. Their excuse was, “Like some Americans, the complicated nature of the president’s case required an in-person sign-up, as you’d expect, the president’s personal information is not readily available in the variety of government databases uses to verify identities.” That's the under-statement of the year; "The president’s personal information is not readily available." His personal information has not been available for many years. Being elected president does not wipe a persons history or records clean. There are other reasons for taking those actions and the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has his own reasons.


Merry Christmas


* Liberals: The liberal mentality is a selfish one. If a conservative doesn't agree with your opinion, he'll ignore you, if a liberal doesn't agree with your opinion, he'll attempt to stop you from voicing it. If a liberal doesn't believe in our second amendment rights he'll try to keep you from obtaining a gun to protect yourself and your family, if a conservative doesn't agree with gun ownership he won't own a gun. This function of liberalism is the basis for their illogical policies and beliefs. ObamaCare is another example. If you choose not to purchase insurance, for whatever reason, whether it be you can't afford it or you would prefer to self insure, liberals pass an unconstitutional law to force you into buying a product against your will, for your own good of course. After all, who knows best what you need? The uproar over Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's private opinion expressed in a magazine interview follows the same pattern. If you don't agree with Robertson then ignore his statements, the liberal reaction is to silence him. This basic function is part of the definition of what it is to be a liberal or progressive. There's a reason why the GOP has an elephant as a mascot and Democrats have a jackass!


* Overload: Another executive delay was announced yesterday for 'hardship' if people lost their insurance and can't afford the new plans. The 'hardship' in this latest illegal delay is ObamaCare itself. ObamaCare is the root cause of the lost plans due to the one size fits all, big government knows all, requirements imposed by this Orwellian monstrosity. The Cloward-Piven strategy was to economically overwhelm the economic system which would lead to chaos and replacement with a socialist/communist system. We have a president who studied this theory and has promised to fundamentally 'transform' our country. His miss-leading lies and half-truths are a smoke screen for his actions. He takes credit for increased oil production while crippling oil drilling with regulations and reduced permits on pubic lands, knowing the increase production is coming from private lands. He talks about being the strongest president vis-à-vis Israel but backs the Muslim Brotherhood and is working overtime to remove sanctions on Iran. He promised the most open administration and has governed over the most secretive. Scandals abound, fast-n-furious, NSA, DOJ, Benghazi, IRS and others. It's Cloward-Piven on steroids, overload the system economically, politically and personally. Sooner or later something has to give, it's either this illegal regime or our way of life.


* Dynasty: A&E's Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has been placed on indefinite suspension. Robertson's comments about his Christian beliefs on homosexuality were made in an interview with GQ magazine. They represented his personal views and not those of A&E, but A&E succumbed to pressure from the gay and lesbian community when they suspended Robertson. In the interview Robertson said, "It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.” This has the intolerant homosexual community up in arms. We do have freedom of speech in this country and the founders though it so important that it is the first amendment in our Constitution. A personal opinion given in a personal interview show the weakness of the homosexual activists arguments. You can disagree with the opinion without the personal attacks. Robertson went on to say this in the interview, “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?” The homosexual community functions much like liberal American Democrats do, if they can't argue the facts they attack the messenger. Duck Dynasty is A&E's most popular show, they are shooting themselves in the foot and will regret their decision. Americans will stand with Phil Robertson.


* Waste: Sen. Coburn's wasteful government spending report (Wastebook) indentifies over $30 Billion dollars worth of government waste. This includes a Department of Transportation $50 Million grant for a transit center in Maryland that began construction in 1997. The government has spent $120 Million to date on a project that was only supposed to cost $20 Million. Only government, with your tax dollars, can get away with this kind of waste. Government work is like ten people on a project to dig a hole, nine of which are management and one does the digging. After the hole is dug another team of ten are sent in to fill the hole up. Again 9 managers oversee the one who actually does the work, and on and on it goes. Government by definition is inefficient, case in point, the ObamaCare website. Sen. Coburn's Wastebook identifies over $30 Billion in waste, why can't Congress identify $6 Billion over ten years instead of taking this amount from the backs of retired and disabled military? The budget deal takes $6 Billion from the cost of living increase of our military but not from that of federal employees. Our military risked their lives for our freedom, retired federal works risked paper cuts. An amendment to restore this cut was voted down in the Senate with all but one Democrat voting against the amendment. We need to elect a Republican Senate in 2014 to right this wrong as well as many others being perpetrated by this unlawful regime.


* Overreach: Thirty members of the House are taking civil action against the president for executive overreach. They claim, and rightfully so, that the president's picking which laws and portions of laws he will implement is unconstitutional since it violates Article II Section 3 of the Constitution. That sections states as follows: "He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper; he shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers; he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States." The key phrase in this section is "he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…" 'Shall' is a definitive term and not up for negotiation. It is the equivalent of 'must'. By providing waivers and delays in ObamaCare the president is taking it upon himself to rewrite laws to meet his policy and political needs. Tin-pot dictators and tyrants can do that, a president of the United States cannot, Constitutionally. If the court finds against these representatives then they need to take action in the House which the Constitution provides them, impeachment would be in order and for more reasons than just violating this section of the Constitution.


* Santa: A teacher in a New Mexico high school has been disciplined for telling a black student that Santa was white. Seems the student's parents complained to the school about being outraged that the teacher would say that. Santa is based on a historical figure, you can't change the fact that the figure (whether Kris Kringle or Saint Nicholas) were white men. There's nothing insulting about that. The Obama tried changing our history by saying that we're not a Christian nation and that Muslims played a role in the founding of our country. Facts are stubborn things, believing in the politically correct god of fiction does not make Santa or our founding fathers black or Muslim. Should a white family be outraged if a teacher tells their son that Martin Luther Kink, Jr. was black? Politically correct nonsense has permeated every aspect of our society. It's long overdue the time when common sense needs to replace this liberal attack on our senses.


* ObamaCare: Yesterday HHS released new rules affecting ObamaCare, basically moving the goal post in the middle of the game. In this case they are asking evil insurance companies to cover ObamaCare enrollees even if those enrollees have not actually paid any premiums. It's pretend insurance for pretend participants. Feed us now, we promise to pay later. Buried deep in the ObamaCare law is a $2 Billion slush fund to cover payments to insurance companies not made by people enrolling. Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution states of the president that, "He shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…" this president has not abided by the requirements and laws which he swore to uphold when taking the oath of office. Arbitrarily changing, delaying or ignoring laws is blatantly un-Constitutional. This regime is running our country into the ground and rules like a third world tin-pot dictator. At what point do we finally say, enough is enough?


* HHS: Secretary Sebelius, of the Department of Health and Human 'Sacrifice' (HHS), was at it again before the House Oversight Committee yesterday. She announced that HHS will be creating a new position, 'Risk Manager'. This position will be tasked to prevent disasters like the ObamaCare rollout has been. That's big government waste for you. Instead of accountability for the failures to date, starting with Sebelius herself, the government creates another bureaucratic layer. It's guaranteed perpetual failure. When Sebelius was asked who pays for the requirements in new ObamaCare compliant insurance policies, like pre-natal care for men and prostate exams for women, with a straight face she said that they are free to the people. The representative questioning her said, madam secretary, there's no such thing as a free lunch! This is the flawed mentality behind ObamaCare. You require coverage on things that people don't need or want, supposedly cover 30 Million more people, and you believe prices will go down. There's a huge disconnect between the regime's policies and reality. Seems like the best way to maintain your job in The Obama administration is to screw up. In fact the worst the screw up the better your chances of promotion.


* Budget: A budget deal was reached by conferees in the Senate but still has to be voted on. One main issue is a spending cut in Washington is not a cut, it's a decrease in the amount of increased spending from the previous year. The deal seems to roll back some of the automatic sequester cuts in exchange for future spending 'cuts'. That is, 'cuts' that aren't really 'cuts'. Regardless of the fine print, if avoiding another government shutdown mess can be achieved in the sort term, it's a plus for the GOP. Biased MSM coverage will not be diverted from the ObamaCare fiasco as it was during the last showdown. A net plus for all who seek to keep the focus on the failures of ObamaCare. Let's get back to fully implementing ObamaCare and letting the chips fall where they may. Elect a Congress in 2014 that will repeal this socialist redistribution monstrosity, that should be our main priority at this point.


* JesseTheid: On the heals of Mandela's death, racist ambulance chasing Rev. Jesse Jackson calls on a boycott of Florida. If the DOJ doesn't prosecute a civil rights case against Florida for Treyvon Martin, he said, “No doubt, the inclination is to boycott Florida, stop conventions, to isolate Florida as a kind of apartheid state.” Looks like the 'reverend' of race baiting wouldn't know apartheid if it bit him where the sun don't shine. Mr. Jackson should go back to Chicago and concentrate on the black-on-black violence that is destroying a once great city. He should also be condemning the out of control 'knockout' violence of black youth violently attacking unsuspecting innocent white victims. What he should do and what he does are usually at odds, his MO is race agitation and extortion in order to line his pockets with hush money. JesseTheid is about isolating the black community in order to take advantage of the demagoguery which maintains his position in a community devoid of true leadership.


* ObamaCare: Abraham Lincoln once say, "The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly." We agree, House Republicans should focus on reversing The Obama's illegal delays and exemptions so that the entirety of the monstrosity that is ObamaCare can be felt by all Americans. With the House and a third of the Senate facing elections in 2014, they won't be able to run away from ObamaCare's effects. During the 2012 election cycle, Democrats were able to sidestep the law because it was not implemented yet, only certain popular provision were starting to take effect. Nothing is free, extending family insurance to minors through 26 years, ignoring pre-existing conditions and covering 40 million uninsured comes at a cost. Lies about ObamaCare bringing costs down while at the same time accomplishing the previously mentioned items have proven to be as obvious as the 'you can keep your doctor and plan' ones. To 'strictly' enforce the law, as Lincoln said, would bring such a ground swell of support for repeal that no one in Congress would be able to resist that action. To do so would mean the cost of their re-election, and that is the one thing that takes precedence over their Democrat party allegiance.


* Friday: Another Friday, another week and the outlaw continues his reign. Last night in an interview with Chris "Thrill-up-my-leg" Mathews The Obama was questioned about why Americans are becoming skeptical of government, his reply was, “When we do things right, they don’t get a lot of attention, that’s not — that’s not something that’s reported about. If, on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati, in the IRS office that — I think, for bureaucratic reasons, is trying to streamline what is a difficult law to interpret about whether a nonprofit is actually a political organization deserves a tax exempt agency. And they’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged." Dismissing the IRS targeting of his political opponents by blaming Cincinnati again is outrageous. The Obama himself pretended to be outraged when in May he called the targeting of conservative groups “outrageous something that people are properly concerned about.” So which one is it? No big deal or outrageous? It's like he's starting with a blank slate everyday not believing people have memories and we have a video history of his lies. In the interview he also stated that to get things done in Washington you need one-party rule. He had one-party rule the first two years of his regime and what did we get for it, ObamaCare. A law which was crammed down our throats against our will and without a single Republican vote in either the House or Senate. Since after the 2010 elections he has had to rely on his un-Constitutional circumvention of Congress and the courts. As Clint Eastwood said, "President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," another week and the hoax continues.


* Double-Down: With the demonstrative failure of ObamaCare in full view The Obama goes on another campaign swing doubling-down on stupidity. Not only does he unconstitutionally change laws but he blames others and Republicans for his own failures. His latest is blaming the failed roll out of the ObamaCare web site on the government shutdown, which he also blames the Republicans for. No mention of the spending bills passed by the house that sat on Dirty Harry Reid's desk without seeing the light of day in the Senate. He says that as long as he is president the law will not be repealed. The truth is that the 1,700 exemptions and multiple delays, which he has implemented illegally, are piecemeal repeal. They constitute honey to make the medicine go down, the medicine of a socialist take-over of our healthcare system, the lynchpin of Communism, the act that makes people subservient to the state. That's the reason The Obama will not back down, it's ObamaCare to the end, the end of his regime or the end of our Constitution.


* Outlaw: What do you call a president who bypasses Congress, who makes recess appointments when the Senate is not in recess, who lies to the American people, who picks and chooses which laws (and portion of laws) to enforce and which to ignore? The recent 'nuclear option' in the Senate was The Obama's doing, through Dirty Harry Reid, in an attempt to circumvent the advice and consent Constitutional requirement on executive appointments. In this case, appointments to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. That court is the one charged with reviewing executive action and presidential overreach. It was so important to The Obama that 200 years of rules, going back to Thomas Jefferson, were thrown out the Capitol dome to allow three life time Obama court appointments. This would stack this critical court in The Obama's favor. Our Constitutionally mandated balance of powers between the three branches of government, Legislative, Judiciary and Executive is at stake. A president who bypasses Congress, ignores laws and controls the court, which would check his power, is by definition tyrannical. The transformation plan is proceeding on schedule and will only be stopped if Congress takes the action mandated in our Constitution to defend against what we are witnessing today, impeachment is in order. Either the Congress acts or the people will. If a president is functioning outside Constitutional law, he is an outlaw!


* EPA: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, The Obama regime is readying 134 new EPA regulations. Chasing global warming in an ever increasing cooling of the climate, like a dog going after its tail, it has become humorous. Like global warming rallies canceled due to ice and cold weather, they ignore the obvious and blindly follow leaders feeding them feel good diatribes. Not only are these new regulations just piling on to an over burdensome list of needless hurdles, they hurt an economy already reeling from this regimes policies and ObamaCare uncertainty. New water regulations would affect ponds, lakes, streams, wet lands and creeks on private and public lands. If your private property has an area that is only 'wet' after rain then it too would be subject to the EPA's regulation, private property rights be damned. From the self proclaimed non-idealistic president come the most idealistic nonsense. The economy is on life support and this regime is attempting to cut the power.


* Minimum Wage: Liberal groups are planning another day of protests at fast food restaurants on Thursday. Their pushing for what they call a living wage, a minimum of $15 an hour. Why not make that $20 or $30 an hour, why stop at $15? The answer is simple, businesses cannot support those wages for the jobs they have. The higher the wage the less jobs would be supported. The higher cost has to be absorb by either reducing employees, reducing employee hours or increasing prices. All of those results would be detrimental to the very people that these groups claim to want to help. Minimum wage jobs are not intended to be career positions. They are low skill entry level jobs whose wage should be determined by the businesses that offer them. If you don't like the wage don't apply for the job.


* Thanksgiving: In spite of the lawlessness of the current administration, their executive over reach, their three dozen czars, their executive orders, we still have a lot to be thankful for. We are heading towards a dependency driven nation at the hands of leaders who seek that dependency to maintain their power. This administration's model is one of socialist and Communist origin and incompatible with the American way and the American fabric. We where founded on God given liberty and principles deriving our freedom and rights, not from government, but from a higher authority. Government was necessary to protect our rights, not to re-write them. We are clearly at a fork in the road. One path leads towards shared misery at the hands of an over burdensome socialist/Communist government, the other leads back in the direction that has made this country the envy of the world and the economic engine that lifts, not only Americans, but others from poverty to prosperity. It is a path towards the very principles we are thankful for. Our core principles are at odds with those of this administration. We see the glass half full, and see the potential in every individual. This administration sees the glass half empty, they see a finite amount of prosperity that needs to be spread to all through government confiscation and welfare programs. We see an ever growing pie, like a rising tide lifts all boats, prosperity comes at the hands of those willing to put in the work to make it happen, not those who succumb to the ideology of lies and manipulation. We are thankful for our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This Thanksgiving we still have many reasons to be thankful, and we are.


* Vatican: The Obama administration is closing down the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See. The plan is to relocate personnel to the Italian Embassy. Security considerations when given when in fact it's just another attack on Christians in general and Catholics in particular. We have embassies in dangerous places in the world, places like Libya, Egypt and Yemen, no mention of closing any of those. After all, according to The Obama, this is not a Christian nation and Muslims contributed to our founding and the development of all '57' states. From the self professed 'non-ideological' president this is a slap in the face of a vast majority of the American people. Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Jim Nicholson said it's a, “massive downgrade of U.S.-Vatican ties, It’s turning this embassy into a stepchild of the embassy to Italy. The Holy See is a pivot point for international affairs and a major listening post for the United States, and … [it’s] an insult to American Catholics and to the Vatican.” We agree with ambassador Nicholson, we have a president who says one thing and does another, who sides with our enemies and contradicts our allies. The Obama is either ignorant or the main player in a choreographed dance of self destruction.


* CIC: The Obama was too busy 'fixing' ObamaCare to travel twenty minutes to Gettysburg to honor the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address. But the Campaigner-In-Chief (CIC) is not too busy to travel to the west coast for a change-the-subject propaganda fund raising tour. Fresh off the heals of a historic capitulation to Iran in a lob sided nuclear/sanctions deal, he's doing what he does best, talk, mislead and lie. He says he's not ideological when in fact he's the most ideological president we've had. He smirks at the suggestion that he's a socialist when his policies of redistribution are clearly socialist. He believes that people who were stupid enough to be fooled by him twice will continue to drink the Kool-Aid. He alienates our allies while befriending our enemies, cripples businesses with regulations and taxes while complaining about corporations. Overwhelm the system, both domestic and foreign, then pick up the pieces and transform them into a government controlled utopia of shared misery. Spread the wealth will become a common outcome of lowered expectations. This is what Obama's world looks like.


* Iran: Looking for another distraction like the 'Nuclear Option' The Obama regime is bending over backwards, to put it kindly, to appease Iran. Looks like a U.S. brokered deal has been struck in Geneva that would 'require' Iran to stop production of weapons grade nuclear fuel and in return they would have relief from the sanctions that brought them to the negotiating table to begin with. The sanctions relief would amount to $7 Billion. It's like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. A weakened opponent will capitulate to distract, our president is doing just that. Iran is not being forced to eliminate their nuke ambitions or dismantle any of their nuclear programs and in exchange they're getting the economic relief they need to prevent the Iranian people from revolting against their intransigence. This deal further isolates Israel and will lead towards nuclear weapons in the hands of a terrorist state. This is nothing but decisions made in the realm of what's good for the regime at the expense of what's good for our country and our civilization. We are being sold a bill of goods and history will prove this to have been a mistake. Just like North Korea has been.


* Distraction: The nuclear distraction has been implemented by Dirty Harry and The Obama. Almost 200 hundred years of protection of the minority in the Senate has just been thrown out the window by this reckless power grab. A simple 51 vote majority is all that is needed now to stop filibusters and overrule the minority party. The same people that were adamantly against changing this rule when Republicans controlled the Senate, Dirty Harry and The Obama, are the ones that rammed this though yesterday. It's in your face hypocrisy. It's both a power grab by Reid, The Obama and a major distraction from the ObamaCare debacle. Now The Obama can stack the judiciary with radical judges that will be beholden to him. It will also eliminate the leverage Republican senators had to obtain information from the executive branch that they have been withholding in order to cover up the misdeeds of this administration. It's another step towards the tyranny The Obama seeks in order to rule the American people. Some say it could never happen here, look around, it is happening, just another step in the transformation process.


* Racism: There is a scourge of horrendous acts of violence going on in our cities and the MSM is turning a blind eye to it. Bands of black youths are randomly picking out innocent victims walking down the street and delivering dangerous knockout punches whose only intent is to knock the recipient out with one punch. Perhaps if these innocent victims where aware that this breakdown of humanity was taking place they would have been able to protect themselves. This is where the MSM is playing the race card. If these bands of youths were white, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of those obviously racists white youths. They would also be labeled 'tea partiers'. For fear of being called racists the MSM itself is deploying racism by looking at the color of the attackers rather than the act itself. These acts show what happens when you have a total breakdown of society and normal human behavior. To ignore such barbaric behavior is to condone it. To refuse to cover this violence for the sake of not stoking fear in the community at large serves only to lead more innocent people into the "knockout game" trap. A life changing blow that inflicts permanent physical and emotional damage. Regardless of the color of the skin these acts cannot stand and must be eliminated at all costs. When the victims start fighting back and an unarmed black youth is killed in self defense the MSM will then cry out for 'justice'. By then it will be too late.


* 7.8%: That's the magic number that represented the unemployment rate released right before the 2012 presidential elections. That number was a dramatic drop from 8.1%, just in time for the elections. The problem with the drop was that it didn't make sense at the time. Jack Welch. Eric Bolling and others pointed out that the numbers didn't add up. There were 345,000 people unaccounted for from the previous month. The new number of 7.8% was flaunted by The Obama repeatedly in the days leading up to the election pointing out that it was the lowest the unemployment number had been since he took office. The Census Bureau is responsible for the survey that determines the unemployment rate. The New York Post is reporting that a Census employee, Julius Buckmon, was caught faking the results. According to confidential documents obtained by The Post, Buckman told them that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at the Census Bureau. Taken by itself, this is a disturbing incident with election manipulation as it's motive. Put this together with the Benghazi cover-up and lies, Fast-n-Furious cover-up and lies and the ObamaCare lies and you have a systematic manipulation of information for the sake of retaining power for the regime. It's what Communist dictators and third world despots do, it's what The Obama and his surrogates have done.


* 100-Million: Another whopper or slip of the tongue? During a tele-conference with his Organizing for Action (OFA) progressive worshippers, The Obama said that more than 100 Million Americans have successfully signed up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act. The official numbers release last week by the regime has that number at about 100 Thousand and that's including people who have selected plans but have not purchased them. That's like Amazon counting items that people have put in shopping carts but not purchased as completed sales. One could excuse this as a mistake but considering the audience, people who kiss the ground The Obama walks on, many of them probably believed this blatant exaggeration. He said, "I just wanted to take a few minutes to speak to everybody because you guys are the ones who are in the trenches, day-in, day-out, problems with the website ... have created and fed a lot of this misinformation, in the first month alone, we've seen more than 100 million Americans already successfully enroll in the new insurance plans." Seems he must believe that to keep digging is the way to get out of the whole he has placed himself in. He cannot bring himself to give in because ObamaCare is the line that cannot be crossed. It is the lynch pin in the transformation and without it his house of cards falls apart. An act of desperation but not the end of the line. When a rat is cornered it is the most dangerous, beware of the rat.


* WTF: When The Obama is caught in a lie he pivots to campaign mode, it's his failsafe position. His 2012 campaign machine whose slogan was Organizing for America (OFA) morphed into Organizing for Action (OFA) after the elections. The never ending campaign is continuing as The Obama rallies his troops in support of his lies. You can spin the lies in a number of ways but in the end, they are still lies. Misinformed minions that follow the idealist diatribe of a narcissist leader look beyond the half baked propaganda into the utopia of lost dreams where reality is shared misery. The follow in lock step without regard for our Constitution crowd can be counted on to blindly support this outlaw regime. Organizing for Anarchy (OFA) is what this is all about. It's stoke the flames of racial tension in defense of a failed black president. After all, it's not his policies, it's the fact that he's black that Americans are turning on him. The Opra herself even said so last week. Never mind that this so called racist nation elected a black president, not once but twice, how horrible these evil racists. The truth is that The Obama is the first affirmative action president. Damn qualifications and history, sealed records need not be seen, we were overdue. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This reminds us of a short lived slogan The Obama campaign tested in 2012, Win The Future (WTF). Take a step back and you can see that acronym makes more sense than any others, but it's not Win The Future, it's more like What The F!


* Fix: The Obama's fix for millions of Americans losing their insurance is to instruct state insurance regulators to ignore the law for a year. Another executive illegal action, bypassing Congress and selectively enforcing laws. This is just a ruse to take pressure off his lies but it will do nothing to change ObamaCare. Republicans in the house will be voting on a law that would allow insurance companies to sell policies that don't meet the one size fits all mandates by ObamaCare. This would give both the insurance companies and the American people a choice and bring market forces back into play. The Obama has stated he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. Proving that his pretend fix is just window dressing, the veto threat shows his contempt for Congress and the rule of law. If he intended to really allow freedom of choice and alternative plans then why the veto threat? Losing existing plans and moving people into the government controlled mandated system was the goal all along, it's not by accident or an unforeseen problem. ObamaCare funding is dependent on wealth transfer and people losing their policies are part of the pool that will provide that transfer. Lies upon lies have reached the point where credibility in The Obama is non-existent. The American people have been duped enough to now question what the president says. If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's a duck. In The Obama's case, a lame duck!


* Incorrect: That cradle of honest journalism whose motto seems to be, "all the news that's unfit to print," has stretched credibility too far. Faced with the obvious lie from The Obama about ObamaCare, the New York Times characterized the lie as an "Incorrect Promise." How about incorrect truth or not factually consistent with reality? The NY Times is so vested in The Obama that even when a blatant lie, and the subsequent disaster which it wrought, are in plain sight they still continue to tow the administration's line. To tell the truth would be tantamount to an admission of their ignorance and complicity for the past 5 years. Whatever morsel of credibility they have left would be lost, they can't afford the truth. Riding on a reputation from the time of the type writer, their power and influence has dwindled to a whimper of what it once was. Unlike an artichoke, after pealing away the layers, rather than a heart, a black hole lies there, a place where incorrect promises live and the truth goes to die.


* Iran: While the ObamaCare disaster is taking center stage, as it should, The Obama regime has been busy loosening sanctions on Iran and paving the way to caving on their nuke aspirations. 'Talking' with Iran is nothing more than delaying action which in return strengthens Iran's hand as they get closer to becoming a nuclear power. North Korea was given nuclear technology by the Clinton administration for 'peaceful' purposes. After years of talking and delaying North Korea developed their nukes and are now a nuclear power. Recently the North Koreans executed 80 people who's only crime was to watch South Korean videos. These very same people are armed with nuclear weapons thanks to talks, negotiations and delays, the same tact being undertaken with Iran. Thanks to the French, usually meek and led by a socialist president, they were the ones that showed backbone and refused to go along with the U.S. capitulation to Iran. A negotiated surrender which would have given Iran relief from sanctions without Iran eliminating their nuke aspirations. A negotiation which essentially prevents Israel from taking the necessary steps to insure their survival. The Obama talks to Iran while shunning Republicans and Israel. It's a thin line between incompetence, ignorance or an intentional neutering of American power and influence at the hands of a community organizer.


* Navigators:  AKA ObamaCare helpers, former ACORN community agitators and organizers. These are the people tasked to 'help' potential ObamaCare subscribers navigate the web of deceit that is the enrollment process. Navigators have now been caught on video by Project Veritas advising people to lie about their income so they can get financial support to pay their insurance premiums and prevent IRS audits. In the process they are also registering new Democrat voters. This goes to the heart of ObamaCare, it's not about healthcare, it's about government dependency and re-electing those which support the dependency. It's supplying the junkie to keep the dealer in business. Bill Clinton has just announced that the president should keep his promise that people can keep their plans and doctors if they like their plans and doctors. But there's an major issue here, the president lied knowing this could not happen because ObamaCare cannot stand financially without the influx of those which lose their current plans. They are the ones that fund the uninsured, elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. The law would not have passed without the lie and it cannot survive without that transformation. That's the catch-22 currently being realized. A delay would only postpone the train wreck, what is needed is to stop the train, and that will depend on the next elections.


* Veterans Day: We are indebted to Veterans, past, present and future for their selfless sacrifice in defense of our freedom. It's unfortunate that we have a president that only gives lip service to our military. He puts on a show, like today's at Arlington National Cemetery, while at the same time undercuts our Veterans at every opportunity. He rules over the purging of our officers which disagree with the destruction they see before their eyes while promoting those that tow the line. He strengthens his 'civilian security force' at the expense of our Veterans and active military. We see massive government waste and boondoggles while at the same time hear of Veteran's having their much needed healthcare denied or delayed. This regimes priorities do not lie with those who serve to protect the very government who now betrays them. In spite of our current leadership in Washington the vast majority of Americans are very thankful to our Veterans and will continue to support them. May GOD bless them all.

* Benghazi: It is now one year and two months since the Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent betrayal by The Obama regime. Still no one has been brought to justice, not the terrorists and not those in the regime who purposely lied to and manipulated the American people for the purpose of winning a presidential election. The Obama and his minions lied about Benghazi, Fast-n-Furious, IRS, DOJ and ObamaCare. Still no one has been held accountable. It's hard to hold someone accountable when their doing your bidding. Specially on this Veterans Day we owe it to the veterans who lost their lives in Benghazi to never forget. Who gave the Stand-Down order?


* Sorry: The Obama gave a half baked apology last night in an NBC TV interview. He said he was sorry people are having problems losing their existing health insurance policies. He did not apologize for lying to the American people in order to dupe them into supporting his take over of our healthcare system. He has yet to apologize for his myriad of lies including the Benghazi video lie or the Al-Qaeda is decimated one. When you believe you can walk on water and calm the seas it's hard to admit you are a blatant and pathological liar. When all your thoughts begin with "I", "mine" and "me" you can't be wrong, it has to be someone else's fault or the result of an unfortunate circumstance. This sorry excuse for an apology does nothing to fix the nightmare that is ObamaCare. It's not the government's business to tell us what we need and force us into buying a product we don't want. We have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness not life, liberty and a mandatory healthcare policy of the governments choosing. There's no liberty in that sorry.


* Tipping-Point: Virginia's election further illustrates the dilemma we're facing in the politics of numbers. High population centers in Virginia, inside the beltway. Richmond, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads are increasingly turning blue while rural areas are a bright red. Rural Americans dependent on themselves, their sense of individual responsibility and vote for those candidates that represent their beliefs, they stand for what our founding fathers believed in, limited federal government and liberty. As our government has grown through the years our liberty has been diminished in a ratio directly related to that growth. As government has grown so has it's largess and with it dependency. Those partially or fully dependent on government handouts are largely concentrated in our cities, our blue cities. Those blue areas are growing in direct relationship to the growth in government, both federal and local. That's what ObamaCare is all about. It's not about covering the uninsured because by all estimates there will be at least 30 Million people uninsured when ObamaCare is fully implemented. It's about dependency and wealth distribution. It will insure the currently uninsured at the expense of healthy youth and loss of insurance of those currently insured. That loss of coverage forces a change into a government imposed one size fits all socialist policy. This raises premiums and deductibles in order to cover others in those blue cities which keep electing politicians who promise, and deliver, the most for their votes. We are approaching the tipping point of no return and ObamaCare is the difference. The lynchpin of government control is our healthcare, our liberty and freedom hangs in the balance.


* VA: Republican Cuccinelli lost Virginia's governors race to Democrat, and Clinton close ally, McAuliffe by 3% points, 48% to 45%. Libertarian candidate Sarvis received 7%. There is no doubt that Sarvis made the difference in this election. In a two man race most of Sarvis's votes would have gone to Cuccinelli and along with them the election. It has just been learned that an Obama campaign bundler, billionaire Joe Liemandt, was the main force behind the Libertarian Booster PAC which got Sarvis on the statewide ballot. In what was clearly a successful tactic to split the opponents vote. The McAuliffe campaign outspent Cuccinelli by over 4 to 1 in an all out negative campaign for the highest office in the Commonwealth. This was not just a battle for the governors office it was a battle for the 2016 presidential election. If Hillary decides to run she now has a strong ally in what could be a very important swing state. The first battle of 2016 has now been lost but the political war has just begun.


* Lies-Squared: There's an old saying that when you find yourself in a hole you should stop digging. Seems The Obama not only continues to dig but is also using a bigger shovel. After being caught on the record repeatedly saying that if you liked your insurance plan you could keep it and if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, PERIOD, he is now adding an IF. Maybe if he was living in a vacuum he could get away with it, but not in today's world of instant news. Yesterday he said that what he 'said' was, "You could keep it IF it hasn't changed since ObamaCare was passed." It's the old Catch 22, if it hasn't changed you could keep it but the fact that ObamaCare passed required changes in the plans therefore you couldn't keep them. The Obama and his supporters knew this, and like the pre-election lies about Benghazi, ObamaCare lies helped him get re-elected. It's too late to turn these lies around, his brand has now been permanently tarnished. Conservatives have known about the lies since day one, Democrats are late to see but and now beginning to realize their trust was misplaced. Their only defense of the continuing lies coming from the regime is in their own self defense. They are so vested in the lie that is The Obama, they have to be dragged, crying and screaming from their own reality. Like shining a light and watching cockroaches scatter, the light is starting to shine. The statist government model is being shown up for what it is, a house of cards built on a foundation of lies.


* Global-Dump: Under cover of Friday afternoon, the president unloaded a global-warming executive order. The order calls on federal agencies to work with states to improve 'resilience' against perceived global warming. His executive order is as follows: “The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification and sea-level rise — are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies and public health across the nation, the federal government must build on recent progress and pursue new strategies to improve the nation’s preparedness and resilience.” Since 1979 we've been in a period of global-cooling. Environmentalist wackos have even stopped using the term 'global warming' and have switched over to 'climate change'. Even though The Obama is using the new term, he is still stuck on global-warming. In an economy barely staying afloat, even with $85 Billion a month pumping by the Fed, this order will only serve to further increase the already strangling regulations faced by our business and government contractors. The Obama doesn't miss a step when it comes to making life as difficult as possible for Americans. It's Cloward-Piven teaming up with ObamaCare. Overwhelm the economy then pick up the pieces with the transformation intended.


* Standards: The new tactics being used to excuse the lies about ObamaCare are to attack the insurance plans you couldn't keep, blame evil insurance companies and their inadequate policies. The very same insurance companies that helped lobby for ObamaCare with the promise that it would bring them more customers. Reality is the end game will be the elimination of insurance companies to be replaced with a socialist/communist single payer government system. The same kind of system which has been proven to be a failure everywhere else it's been tried. The regime's carnival Carney says the new ObamaCare policies are necessary because they impose minimum standards. You know, prostate exam coverage for women and prenatal care for men. Communist minimum standards, one size fits all, like North Korean grey jump suits. ObamaCare is HOLLOWcare, just in time for Halloween.

* 'Civilian Security Force': More and more retired generals and high ranking officers are speaking out on the purge going on in our military. In the past 5 years under The Obama, an unprecedented close to 200 officers have been purged, including four star generals. Many with made up charges whose common underlying thread is the allegiance to the oath they took to defend our Constitution. If you don't agree with the socialist transformation The Obama is undertaking and degrading of our military your career is over. Either tow the line, retire or be relived. The most powerful military in the world cannot be defeated on the battle field but is being crippled from within by the illegal corrupt civilian leadership currently in control. When The Obama was running for office he spoke of the need for a civilian security force as powerful and well equipped as our military. Billions of bullets have been purchased for government departments such as the Social Security Administration, DHS, IRS and others. Military armored personal carriers and automatic weapons have also been purchased for these departments. Could this be the civilian security force The Obama spoke of? Purge the military, strengthen the civilian security force and prepare for the confrontation. Keep in mind what Maj. Gen. Curry (Ret'd) pointed out in his article yesterday: Our senior generals and admirals would do well to remember the words of German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoeller when speaking of the NAZIs. “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out … Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."


* Doubling-Down: Getting caught RED handed in his outright lies on ObamaCare, The Obama decides to double-down. With some in the MSM finally starting to see the light and point out falsehoods told in an effort to snowball the American people, The Obama sticks to lies by saying, "Now, if you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law and you really liked that plan, you’re able to keep it. That’s what I said when I was running for office. That was part of the promise we made. But ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality, comprehensive coverage -- because that, too, was a central premise of the Affordable Care Act from the very beginning." The key to this statement is calling your pre-ObamaCare plan 'substandard'. Since insurance companies had to change their plans to meet requirements under ObamaCare, like maternity coverage for single men, those changes disabled the grandfather clause. The Obama knew this as well as Sebelius and others who participated in the lies to cover-up the truth about ObamaCare. Like the lies about Benghazi there was a means to the ends, it was about maintaining power and winning the 2012 presidential election. The ends justify the means, it's a Communist strategy and Muslims have a name for it as well, it's called al-Taqiyya. Muslims are taught this is an acceptable 'lie' to influence infidels and get ones way. al-Taqiyya means deception; the Islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies. This is a strategy The Obama has mastered, now he's doubling-down on it!


* Blame-Game: HHS Secretary Sebelius testifies before Congress and blames Verizon for web site outages. Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and other Obama excusers, blame insurance companies for dropping their insured. Millions of Americans are or will loose their current plans even though The Obama said they could keep their plans "period." The regimes lie was based on grandfathering in existing insurance plans if they did not change at all. The problem is their plans have to change to meet the obligations of one size fits all plans which ObamaCare imposes on those very same insurance companies. Democrats are also attacking Republicans for not supporting ObamaCare and trying to defund or repeal it. Republicans are trying to save Americans from the one size fits all, government controlled healthcare. Most American were against passage of this law and have opposed it ever since. Not a single Republican voted for the law in the House or Senate. Democrats keep saying it's the law of the land and that the president was elected to uphold it. Well Republicans were elected to oppose it and they represent the majority of Americans on this issue. Remember that when Senator Brown was elected in Massachusetts, to fill the seat vacated after Ted Kennedy's death, dirty Harry Reid changed the rules so the law could be passed with a simple majority of 51 votes. If not for that we would not be dealing with the mess that is ObamaCare and Americans wouldn't be loosing their coverage's and jobs. During this whole debacle we are led to believe that the president was ignorant to the facts and kept in the dark while he made his false promises to the American people. Maybe they can blame this on a video like they did in Benghazi?


* News-Flash: CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday night finally covered the Benghazi terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. Over thirteen months after the attack all of a sudden it's breaking news at CBS. They pointed out that prior to the attack Al-Qaeda flags had been spotted flying over government buildings in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens was told by security officials that they were going to be attacked. The British consulate had already closed down due to a prior attack. The U.S. consulate had also been attacked on a previous occasion, as what turned out to be a trial run. Although the 60 Minutes report is a welcomed change from their total ignorance of this issue until now, they failed to mention the regime's stonewalling and lies about the Mohamed video. That is basic to what happened in Benghazi and the regimes response. It was about influencing the presidential election. Who gave the stand-down order? There are still so many questions outstanding. Hopefully the MSM will finally stay on this story as there's much more there than meets the eye and those responsible for the attack, and for the cover-up, have yet to be held accountable.


* Period: According to the great pretender, "If you like your plan, you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period." What a difference a few weeks make, period. The easiest part of the government healthcare monstrosity known as ObamaCare should have been the web site. As everyone knows by now, the site,, does not work, period. People that go through all the hoops and finally get to where they can choose a policy are being hit with sticker shock. It's not a free ObamaPhone, nothing in life is free. If you're getting a subsidy or hand out someone else had to pay for it. A bill of goods was sold to an ignorant, illiterate, electorate, they were told that we could insure the uninsured, increase coverage and options for the insured, eliminate pre-existing conditions, cover "children" until the age of 26 and healthcare costs would go down. You can't add people to the insured rolls, increase their coverage, decrease payments to doctors and expect costs to go down. ObamaCare is about control and distribution of wealth. It's a major re-distribution from young healthy people to older people with common health issues that come with age. In most case it's like a reverse Robin Hood. Iit takes money from young financially challenged people, working multiple jobs trying to make ends meet, and gives it to older financially secure people in the form of healthcare. Welcome to government incompetence, period!


* Hillary: While giving a speech at the University at Buffalo Wednesday night Hillary Clinton was heckled by someone saying, "Benghazi, you let them die." An obvious reference to the ongoing BenghaziGate cover-up and Hillary's testimony before Congress when she said, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” It matters at this point and all others. Hillary's response to the heckler was this, "We have to be willing to come together as citizens to focus on the kind of future we want, which doesn't include yelling. It includes sitting down and talking with one another." That is of course unless sitting down and talking doesn't involve the Benghazi betrayal or cover-up. We're in an age that even with an overwhelming propaganda dump on the American electorate we have alternative sources of information, mostly from new media through the Internet. Information is the key. Socialists, statists, liberals, progressives and Communists seek to control media and propaganda. Information is the enemy of our enemies, lies are their allies!


* HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was the first comprehensive federal protection for the privacy of personal health information. It was very important in the safe guarding of our personal health information. You've probably signed a form at the doctors office, hospital or pharmacy indicating that you've been informed of your rights to privacy ensured by HIPAA regulations. That brings us to ObamaCare. In the process of signing up for ObamaCare your personal health information is shared by navigators, facilitators, web site databases, the IRS and fax machines. Where is your HIPAA protection during this process? Like other laws this regime has chosen not to enforce, HIPAA is being ignored. ObamaCare and HIPAA, by the very nature of ObamaCare's needs, are incompatible. This is at the heart of the problem with ObamaCare. Your personal 'protected' health information being controlled and disseminated by an overarching federal bureaucracy accountable to no one. It's about dependency and control, not health care.


* ObamaCare: Why was ObamaCare that highest priority for The Obama? Remember HillaryCare? It's not about the uninsured, it's not about the unemployed, it's not about the disenfranchised, it's about dependency. It's about power, control and incumbency. If you can manipulate the electorate into dependency on government largess, you can depend on their allegiance to that largess. Does Greece ring a bell? For anyone not paying attention, it's the method socialist's and Marxist's use to entrap the citizenry into submission. That's why with an economy that The Obama himself claimed was the worst since the great depression, his highest priority was… health care! Health care is vital to our survival. Without your health, nothing else matters. It is the way to your soul. The Obama is no fool, he is a student of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx, it's your soul he's after. Dam the Supreme Court or anyone else that stands in his way. Today we will witness history in the making. Tomorrow we may pay the price. May God continue to bless the United States of America.

Note: This BLOG is a re-print from 6-28-2013


* Excuser-In-Chief: The Obama looked like a snake oil salesman in the Rose Garden yesterday. He kept making excuses for the "glitches" when in actuality the glitches are a minor part of the issue. ObamaCare is the problem. With a backdrop of people who have signed up, probably the only ones so far, it made for good theater, specially when one of them almost fainted, perhaps the bull was getting too deep. You almost felt like he was about to say, "And if you order in the next ten minutes, we'll throw in another plan absolutely free, just pay shipping and handling!" With a straight face he said that people who have signed up are absolutely "thrilled" with ObamaCare. I don't think thrilled is the correct description but we won't get into that now. He directed people to a number to call, which if you could get through would direct you to the web site, so much for a work around. If signing up for this government run monstrosity is this difficult imagine what actual health care under that very same program will be like. No matter how many excuses the Excuser-In-Chief comes up with, to paraphrase an old saying, if it looks like a pig, walks like a pig and smells like a pig, it's probably a pig!


* Rat Hole: The Great Pretender will be spewing some more excuses today of why the ObamaCare web site has so many glitches. We're sure he'll say that there has been so much interest that the demand has overwhelmed the system. Another whopper from the master himself. Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured down a rat hole by The Obama regime on a Canadian company for the "glitch" ridden wed site. They had over three years to plan and build the site which is turning into another government boondoggle. By definition government is not efficient, they don't need to deal with the bottom line, they just move the line. Inefficiency navigated by former ACORN workers, enforced by political hacks at the IRS with personal health information on the line, what could possibly go wrong? Lenin once said the way to conquer a society is to control their healthcare. When you have this capability over the people you control their lives and their government. ObamaCare is not about healthcare, it's about control, it's about transformation, it's that serious. The future of our Republic is on the line!


* Pretender: Lies coming out of the mouth of the Great Pretender are so laughable that they're becoming entertaining. When asked in interviews about the lack of negotiation and compromise he repeatedly says that he has gone beyond what anyone else has in reaching out to Republicans and has even been criticized by Democrats for being so conciliatory (cue laugh track). A president is supposed to be the leader of all Americans, not just his party. This president has been the most divisive and partisan president ever. He interjects himself into local issues that have nothing to do with the office he occupies, while usually taking the most divisive argument without knowledge of the facts involved. He constantly demonizes his opponents while continuing his never ending political campaign. Community organizers don't know how to lead, they just know how to agitate and campaign. An acorn has turned into the Great Pretender. Even after the circus of the last three weeks, when an agreement on a continuing resolution and debt limit increase was reached, his lectured at the White House yesterday began with his thanking Democrats and 'responsible' Republicans. Does that sound presidential or conciliatory? He spoke of the rancor in Washington while ignoring the main instigator which is the Great Pretender himself. Foreign policy failure, domestic policy ignorance, economic idiocy, environmental extremism, racially divisive, Pinocchio envy, healthcare destruction and liberty crushing. He talks about how Washington is dysfunctional and the way the government works has to change. Our view of change is when the Great Pretender is finally set out to pasture and we can begin to pick up the pieces of what's left behind. His view of change is to finish the transformation he has begun towards a socialist/communist failure to be known as the United Socialists States of America. The Great Pretender has only just begun.


* Poison: The government shutdown is over and the debt limit has been raised, until we meet the can again down the road. What we got for all the trouble was billions in pork piled into the Senate bill. A dam in Ohio, $3 Billion pork in Kentucky and the list goes on. The inflict as much pain as possible strategy by the regime may have worked in the short term but in the long run it will come back to haunt them. For the first time our monuments were shutdown and at a higher expense than if they remained open. How much did all those rented Barry-cades cost? How did all those signs become available overnight when the government never works that fast on any other procurement? Back to business as usual in the cest pool. What we learned in the last 16 days is government still functions when its shutdown. Looks like a shutdown is not really a shutdown in DC just like a budget cut is not really a cut. The Obama regime, along with their accomplices in the MSPM, won the propaganda battle but the war is not over. Americans should not continue to accept special privileges for the political elite in Washington while the rest of the country has to deal with the bull they dish out. If ObamaCare is such a panacea then why doesn't The Obama, his staff and Congress have to abide by it? After all the vile attacks by The Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer and the rest of the radical left the well has now been poisoned. The non-negotiation negotiation turned out to be just another Washington blood letting. Absolute power corrupts, The Obama and Dirty Harry are prime examples.


* ObamaCare: A couple of weeks after the monstrosity known as ObamaCare officially began and enrollments total in the low thousands. At this rate it would take over 50 years to sign up the supposed 40 Million Americans that are not insured. The irony is that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that even after full implementation of ObamaCare 30 Million people will still be uninsured. So why destroy our healthcare system for that? The fact is that ObamaCare is not about healthcare, it's about government control. It's the lynch pin in a transformation plan from a free society into a socialist/communist one. If you enjoy going to the DMV, you'll love ObamaCare. Government is a failure as a business. The only reason they stay in business is because they can print money. ObamaCare is doomed to fail in the form it's currently structured. Young Americans will opt to pay the "tax" penalty of $100 a year rather than pay $300 a month knowing they can still get healthcare by going to the hospital. Middle class Americans having financial problems in this crippled Obama economy will also opt out. As ObamaCare fails government will step in and institute single payer thereby hammering in the last nail on the free market coffin. Tyrants control and a tyrannical presidency hands out vouchers, exemptions and delays for those in his good favor. As ACORN employees resurface as ObamaCare navigators one of the peripheral issues stands out, register Democrat voters to keep those promising the most transfer of wealth continue to get elected. Pushing our electorate towards that 51% dependency tipping point, their aim is transparent. This reinforces the concept that, as stated above, ObamaCare is about control, not about healthcare.


* Miranda: The terrorist master mind of the 1998 African embassy bombings, who was extracted from Libya 10 days ago, has been read his Miranda Rights. Why do terrorists deserve Miranda Rights in the first place? We're at war. Al-Libi, the terrorist, wrote the Al-Qaeda manual on how to resist interrogation, how far do you think our interrogators got in 10 days? Probably juts his name. It's almost like people in decision making positions in The Obama regime, beginning with The Obama himself, are intent on aiding the enemy. Al-Libi is now lawyered up and on his way to New York for trial in a federal court. His handlers probably had to give him some medication to stopped him from laughing. This regime is full speed ahead in their spying on Americans but how dare our military seek to gather information from terrorists intent on killing us. Makes you wonder which side they're on. We Barry-cade open air memorials to keep American citizens and our vets out while at the same time allow illegal aliens across the border and terrorist to roam free. The Benghazi terrorists are probably sipping on their umbrella drinks having a nice chuckle as we continue down the politically correct path to defeat.


* Benghazi: It has now been thirteen months since that fateful nigh in Benghazi, Libya when Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, U.S. Navy SEALs - Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were murdered by Islamic terrorists. No one in the chain of command has been held accountable and the terrorist are still roaming the streets planning their next attacks. Where was The Obama that night? Where are the pictures of the situation room? Who gave the stand-down order? Why were the survivors forced to sign non-disclosure agreements and not been allowed to speak to Congress? There are to many questions that remain unanswered, there is no time limit on incompetence and dereliction of duty. We owe it to our fallen Americans and their families to not let this tragedy continue to be covered up.

* Parks: It is costing the government more to Barry-cade and shutdown our national parks and monuments than it would to leave them open. All being done by The Obama to inflict maximum pain on the American people. When they denied death benefits to the families of our fallen in the Afghan war, they went too far. To burden families of our fallen soldiers at a time of their grief is an insult to them, a betrayal of trust and disgraceful.


* Conversation: A hero and mentor to both Hillary Clinton and The Obama was Saul Alinsky. Alinsky wrote the rule book by which community agitators create chaos and force political change. Alinsky said, "Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict." He believed as, his disciples believe today, that conflict was necessary for there to be change, a change towards a Communist society. He also said, "The greatest enemy of individual freedom is the individual himself." To Alinsky the individual is bad it's the 'collective' that's important and the government is necessary to control the collective. If you believe this, like The Obama obviously does, then the bigger and more powerful the control and dependency on government the better for your utopia. Individual God given rights and freedoms are the basis of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, Alinsky's teachings are the antithesis of our beliefs. This brings us to the interesting use of the word 'conversation' by Boehner and even Eleanor Holmes Norton, Saul Alinsky said, "There can be no conversation between the organizer and his opponents. The latter must be depicted as being evil." The Obama has accused Republicans of "extortion," "demanding ransom," "putting a gun to your head," "Burning your house down" and the list goes on. Depicting his political opposition as evil enemies and refusing to have a 'conversation' with them is straight out of "Rules for Radicals." Alinsky would be very proud of his disciple at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


* Disgraceful: Open air monuments are Barry-caded and chained shut while the National Mall is opened by the White House for an illegal immigration rally. Death benefits for family members of fallen heroes are denied while money flows to Sesame Street. It is nothing short of disgraceful how The Obama regime is singling out the most painful areas for closure and defunding while maintaining those their extreme ideology caters to. Refusing to negotiate before a CR is passed and the debt-limit is raised is like reaching a settlement before agreeing on the settlement. Only a fool could fall for such tactics, the tide is turning and Wall Street is starting to crumble. The Obama's Syrian red line disappeared before our eyes while he stands firm on his Congressional one. Cutting spending will not help him achieve his Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the welfare state, that's the reason for his outrageous remarks, attacks and intransigence. An Associated Press-GfK survey poll release today shows The Obama's approval rating at the lowest it's been, 37%. Disapproval is at 53%. The tide is turning on this highly partisan and ideological regime as politics in Washington is reaching a breaking point. Denying death benefits to grieving families is a bridge to far, this regime has hit its mark in history.


* Debt-Limit: Talk of default if the debt-limit is not raised 'unconditionally' is a joke and fear mongering. Tax receipts still come into the treasury regardless of whether the limit is increased. There's no default if we pay the interest on our debt which is $25 Billion a month. Tax receipts are $225 Billion a month. This is a red herring! The Obama insists that he's been more than willing to negotiate with Republicans yet at every turn he's demonizing them. He promises that if the debt-limit is raised he will then sit down and negotiate. On its face, that's stupidity, the American people are not buying it anymore. An overwhelming majority of Americans are against raising the debt-limit unless it's accompanied by substantial spending cuts. Giving a spendaholic a blank check is tantamount to economic suicide. The Obama claims that in the past the debt-limit was always raised without negotiations when in fact he negotiated it with Boehner in 2011. Talk about hypocrisy, here's what then Senator Obama said in March of 2006, "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, 'the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." 'Failure of leadership', we couldn't agree more!


* Neptune: Apparently The Obama now believes he is Neptune, god of the seas. In their attempt to make the partial shutdown as painful as possible, The Obama regime had the National Park Service inform charter boat captains in the Florida Keys that the 1,100 square miles of open ocean in the Florida Bay was closed to boating and fishing. The park service will use its rangers to enforce the closure. This means they will use more resources to close off 'open' waters than if they left the waters open. Makes sense for a senseless overreach. An anonymous Park Service ranger said, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Closing open waters to people that make their livelihood off fishing and tourism is another blatant overreach by this outlaw administration.

* Redskins: The Obama sides with those politically correct dim wits that believe the Washington Redskins should change their name. He says it offends a lot of people. Polls taken on the Redskins name come in at 4 to 1 favoring the Redskins keeping their name. Rumors have it that The Obama's middle name is offensive to a lot of people and he should change it. He can keep the middle initial H, as it would be the middle letter in his new middle name which starts with an A and ends with an E.


* Winning: To this White House the partial government shutdown issue is a game, a political game. It's a matter of inflicting the maximum political damage regardless of cost to our economy and our citizens. Like suspending White House tours and asking departments to find the most visible and painful cuts possible during the sequestration, now we have the White House ordering Barry-cades to be rented in order to shut down open air monuments. All for the sake of inflicting the maximum discomfort to Americans so they can pressure their representatives, you know, those evil Republicans. Help is of course coming in the form of the main-stream-propaganda-machine (MSPM). A senior White House official, speaking on how long the shut down lasts said, "We are winning...It doesn't really matter to us because what matters is the end result." The ends justify the means, where have we heard that before? It's a political game to The Obama and his regime, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


* Default:  It's becoming clearer every minute that the default De-Obama is talking about is in De-Facto a Dis-Grace to the office he occupies. With the partial government shutdown taking place he makes some National Park Service (NPS) employees "essential" so they can put up Barry-cades at national monuments. We're not talking about buildings that are shut down but rather open area monuments that do not require any workers present. Like a sidewalk leading up to the WWII memorial. This regime ordered NPS employees to put up Barry-Cades to keep our veterans out. They ordered Barry-Cades put up around the national mall to keep people from walking on the grass. Like the White House tours canceled because of this regime's need to make a statement, they choose to disrespect the very same veterans that made having our freedom possible. There is no name for the shameful way in which this president and his disgusting lemmings are attacking the very foundation of our America. The most partisan and damaging president of my lifetime is not skipping a step in his transformation policies. Last night he called a meeting at the White House of the leadership from both houses of Congress, not to negotiate but rather to point out that he had a meeting and Republicans failed to kiss his ring or bow to his incompetence. When you have the MSM propaganda machine at your back, it's amazing what you can get away with. There is no default in question, period! The debt ceiling coming up on October 17 is the big mama. But whether it's raised or not will not mean a "default." Money still comes into the treasury in the form of taxes and payments that prevent a default, payments to bondholders and social security checks will continue regardless. The end result of the path this enigma is taking us is polar opposite than what our founding fathers intended. That's why we had Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. You know, the one most elected officials continue to ignore. We are seeing the results of that ignorance. God help us!


* Glitches: The audacity of incompetence, that's The Obama in a nutshell. As the government went on a partial shutdown because the Harry Reid lead Democrat Senate wouldn't even take a vote on the House CR bill, The Obama went on a tirade attacking Republicans and calling it a Republican shutdown. Ignorance and flat out lies were in plain view in the White House rose garden yesterday. The Obama said the ACA (Un-Affordable Care Act - ObamaCare) was the law of the land and that the last election confirmed it. The House bill simply asks that Congress and White House staff have to abide by the law just like the rest of Americans do. If it's so wonderful, why shut the government down for this requirement? Big business gets a year delay but not the rest of Americans, why shut the government down for this requirement? This shutdown is the presidents making. He rules like a dictator with lies, propaganda and circumventing our Constitution and the will of the American people. The last election was partially about ObamaCare and the House remained in Republican control because of the American people wanting it repealed. The House is the closest representative of the people and they're doing the job they were elected to do. ObamaCare is a government run nightmare that will only get worse with time. The Obama compared first day glitches with Apple computer's iPhone. He said that the latest iPhone had a "glitch" and people didn't call for Apple to abandon it. Apple just fixed the "glitch." That was a truly strange comparison and one which only a demagogue knowing the MSM has his back could make. Truly comparing apples to oranges! People have a choice of buying an iPhone or another product, ObamaCare is a government run monopoly without accountability. The only thing consistent in a government run program is the fraud, incompetence and inefficiency built into the system. If Apple ran the government, half of it would be cut. Government is not a business and if it were, it would have been bankrupt many decades ago. Apple can fix glitches, government multiplies them. The Obama gave out a number people could call for help enrolling in 150 languages. What the %*^&# does that mean. Is this a one world healthcare system? Socialist healthcare systems have been tried before and people with the means from the countries that have them come here for their healthcare. When our healthcare is destroyed by ObamaCare, where are we going to go?


* Shutdown: Arsonists, Extortionists, blackmailers and anarchists, that's what The Obama, Dirty Harry Reid and Carnival Carney have been calling Republicans in the House. Seems The Obama can't live up to his red line on Syria but red lines with Republicans, that's a different story. He can talk with Iran's president but not with Republicans. It's plain to see who his real enemies are. This partial government shutdown lays squarely at the feet of The Obama and Harry Reid. Refusing to negotiate and find common ground is the stake they are standing behind. Negotiation and compromise is what Congress is elected to do. They talk, deal, buy votes and pass bills. Like it or not, that's what they do. In this case, Democrats are banking on MSM cover to avoid doing their jobs. They blame Republicans when in fact it is Democrats and The Obama that have not passed a budget since the unfortunate election of 2008. Republicans have passed three Continuing Resolutions (CR's) to keep the government funded, all three have been rejected by the Democrat controlled Senate. The issues in disagreement are very simple, give all American's the same delay the Regime is giving big business and treat Congressional and administration employees the same as everyone else. You can't say that ObamaCare is the best thing since sliced bread then exempt special interests from it because it stinks, leaving the American people to clean up the mess. Time to show up the elite political class for what they are, scavengers.


* ObamaScare: You don't negotiate with terrorists and you don't negotiate with The Obama. If one of the two parties in a negotiation refuses to even enter into a negotiation then what is there to negotiate about? Nothing. That's the position The Obama and Dirty Harry Reid are putting House Republicans in. Knowing full well that their patsy MSM has their backs, they believe there's nothing to loose. The American people should know better by now. Liberals keep saying ObamaCare is the law and it should be implemented, period. If it's the law then why don't these liberals accept the law for themselves, why do they need to be subsidized, why all the exemptions and delays? Like the central committee in Communist countries are exempt form the rules they impose on their citizens, our political elite exempt themselves from the laws they impose on the rest of us. ObamaCare is a disaster, if it wasn't, the very same people that passed it wouldn't be trying to hide from it. It is rotting on the vine and we should step back and watch it rot. The Debt ceiling debate will be a better place for the showdown.


* Debt-Limit: You have to pick the right fight and the right time. The defund ObamaCare fight during the continuing resolution debate was the wrong fight at the wrong time. Raising the debt-limit is the right fight at the right time. Almost 70% of Americans favor spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt-limit, that's when ObamaCare can be defunded or at least delayed for everyone as they are for large business and subsidized for Congress and the Administration. Besides being an Albatross around our necks and economy, ObamaCare is not about improving health care or providing health care to the uncovered, it's about dependency. Just as Welfare work requirements were unilaterally changed and food stamp rolls have sky rocketed, it's government dependency that drives these policies. When you become dependent on government you will continue to support those who promise the most benefits and continue your dependency. Just like a junkie seeks his next fix, a dependent citizen seeks his next handout. The Obama has said he will not negotiate in any way on the debt-limit increase. That statement is in stark contrast to what the American people want and expect from their elected officials. Bring it on! This is the time to show up to the fight, a fight for the American people and against an over bloated law which endangers our health care system, our economy and our freedom.


* Syria: An alliance of rebel groups fighting the Assad government in Syria has called for an Islamist government and are encouraging other groups to join their efforts. They have expressed their desire to not move towards a U.S.-backed democracy. This lends more credence to the belief that these rebels are infiltrated by AL-Qaeda and would lead Syria towards and anti-American, anti-west Islamist terror state. The Obama regime is supplying the anti-Assad rebels with arms which are now showing up n the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Like pouring fuel on a fire, we arm these groups at our own peril. Like Libya and Egypt before, Syria is another Obama foreign policy failure. Thanks to the defunding distraction the focus has shifted to a false accusation of the GOP wanting a government shutdown and away from The Obama's failures and scandals. We were just talking of an air strike in Syria, now the talk is of those evil Republicans that want to starve children and shutdown our government. Like puppets, Republicans are being played for fools. ObamaCare is a train wreck waiting to happen with it's wheels falling off as we speak, we should encourage that train wreck and not try to cushion it. Focus should be on eliminating the special interest exceptions so everyone can see the disaster that is ObamaCare. Then, and only then will even the uninformed amongst us see the light and go along with a change in the Senate to allow for complete repeal of this socialist takeover of our health care system.


* UN: The Obama gave another speech before the UN General Assembly yesterday. During his speech Islamist terrorists, associated with Al-Shabab, were still killing people at a mall in his homeland of Kenya. As with his telling of other terrorist attacks he mentions killing of innocent people but never once called out the Jihadists. If you were completely uninformed (or an Obama voter) and you heard all The Obama speeches you would have no clue as to the dangers we face or the enemy that is threatening the extinction of civilized society. The scourge of Islamic terrorism cannot be dealt with in a conventional way. You cannot reason with those who value death more than life and refuse to acknowledge your right to exist. The Al-Shaba terrorists in Kenya had an Islamic quiz for the hostages in the mall, if they failed, they would kill them. If they were Muslim they lived, if not, they died. That's the evil we face and political correct fools ignore. The Obama also said that the world is more stable today than it was five years ago. In other words, while he's been president. Never mind that the Arab Spring he helped bring about has turned into the Middle East nightmare, with no video to blame this year's turmoil on, The Obama just rambled on. You cannot defeat this evil with defensive tactics, you cannot lead from behind or you will loose your behind. Overseas contingency operations will not cut it, you either acknowledge your enemy and meet them with over whelming strength or you eventually succumb to their ruthless doctrine.


* ObamaCare: The train wreck that is ObamaCare is headed for it's political defeat, not by Republicans, but by the American people. From one of the sponsors, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), to the unions, they have seen the light and it's that of an oncoming train. While the wheels are coming off this runaway monster the Republicans in the House seek to cushion the blow and grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Attempting to force Senate Democrats to defund the signature legislative success of their president and force a confrontation on a possible government shutdown with turn the tide against Republicans and in favor of The Obama and his Senate accomplices. Surrounded by scandals and with ObamaCare's failures more evident everyday Republicans would be handing him a lifeline at a time we should be handing him an anchor. We should back up and watch the train wreck, point out those responsible for it, and take control of the Senate in 2014. Then we can eliminate the scourge of ObamaCare from the backs of our economy and the American people.


* Guns: Going along with their strategy of not letting a crisis go to waste, The shameless Obama used the solemn occasion of the Navy Yard memorial service to push for more gun control. The Obama said, "Clearly, we care. Our hearts are broken -- again. And we care so deeply about these families. But the question is, do we care enough?" In his opinion if you don't pass more gun control laws then you don't care about the victims and their families. This was an outrageous political attempt to play on the feelings of the families and friends of the victims of this massacre. Shootings like these have one thing in common, they happen in gun-free zones. Thanks to Bill Clinton's regulation that our soldiers be disarmed in military bases, we have created gun-free zones in places which you wouldn't imagine would be. If we hadn't disarmed our soldiers, Fort hood wouldn't have happened and neither would the massacre at the Washington Navy Yard. We ask our military to put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do in return is to allow them the right of self defense. It wasn't the shooters gun that killed 12 innocent people at the Navy Yard, it was the deranged shooter who new he was shooting fish in a barrel.


* Shameless: Yesterdays House hearing on Benghazi, by the House Oversight Committee, showed us the true character of the Democrats on the panel. While parents of murdered Americans were testifying, Democrats were absent from the hearing, showing their sheer disrespect for not only those parents but for the victims as well. Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, information management officer killed with Ambassador Stevens in the Benghazi attack, and Charles Woods, father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, killed in the late hours of the attack after coming to the aid of his fellow Americans, testified of their frustration with their government's lies and lack of commitment. Over one year after their sons were murdered, no one has been brought to justice and those in our government responsible for the cover-up and stand-down orders have yet to be determined. Democrats claim the hearings are political when the truth is, the Benghazi scandal itself is what's political. The president and his team, including Hillary Clinton, made decisions on Benghazi in real time through a presidential election political prism. Those decisions caused the lives of four Americans. This was Hillary Clinton's response to a Senate committee investigating the Benghazi issue on an earlier date, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?” Guys out for a walk with RPG's? How stupid can one be? No need to answer. What difference does it make? If it was your son who was murdered in Benghazi, how would those words make you feel? Think about that when you consider the shameless Democrats show of disrespect for the Benghazi victims, their families and the truth. Meanwhile back on the farm, The Obama knows everything about the chemical attack in Syria but nothing about what happened in Benghazi, shameless!


* ARB: The Accountability Review Board (ARB) which looked into the Benghazi terrorist attack response was and continues to be a joke. How can you investigate this issue and not interview the principle subjects? The Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton, was a principle decision maker and yet she was not questioned. It was like a line was drawn at mid-level employees and the ARB was told to start there and work their way down. Four State department employees were put on administrative leave, with pay, after the ARB report was submitted. All four of those employees were reassigned at State and are still on the job. They were temporary scapegoats and now are again enjoying another cushy government jobs. According to States Patrick Kennedy, this was punishment. In reality it was a paid vacation. We still have four Americans dead, including an ambassador, and no one has been held responsible domestically while the terrorists roam free in Libya. Facts are stubborn things, facts of a cover-up less than 60 days before a presidential election remain buried in the depths of White House red tape and lies. Who pushed the false video talking points which UN Ambassador Susan Rice polluted the airwaves with? The biggest question still remains, who gave the stand-down order? Who abandoned and left four Americans to die at the hands of ruthless murderers? Those carrying the regimes water say that help wouldn't have arrived in time. During the conflict, who knew how long it would last? This is nothing but a lame excuse for incompetence and betrayal. Where was The Obama? Where are the pictures of the situation room? All roads lead there, our fallen Benghazi citizens deserve the truth.


* Economy: Just hours after the start of the Navy Yard shootings on Monday, while the outcome was still in question and victims lay on the ground, the president pivoted back to the economy. Rather than reschedule his speech, out of respect for the victims and their families, he dove into a diatribe of attacks on Republicans for his obsession on their obstructing his economic policies. So much for presidential leadership. This president wouldn't know leadership if it bit him where the sun don't shine. Republicans are guilty, they're guilty of not doing enough to fight off the abuses of this administration. Dozens of Czars which bypass Congress, illegal recess appointments, cap-n-trade via EPA regulations, gun control via executive order and the list goes on. The president says there's no evidence that ObamaCare is harmful to the economy, if that were the case then why all the exemptions and delays? American businesses have spoken loud and clear, they are not hiring because of ObamaCare and they are cutting existing employee hours because of ObamaCare. The president is either ignorant or lying, maybe even a little of both, but in either case, it's clear ObamaCare is a drain on new job creation. He takes credit for increased oil and gas production when that production is on private lands and in spite of his reducing leases and curtailing drilling on public lands. He caters to environmental extremists at the cost of jobs and opportunity. He has denied the Keystone XL Pipeline to appease his leftist base. Crony capitalism and waste through failures such as Solyndra are a hallmark of his presidency. It's not about what's best for the American people or American business, he always comes down on the side of what's best for his political hide and that of his political supporters. All decisions made through the prism of political gain and not right and wrong or what's best for the American people. It's either incompetence on steroids or an intentional scheme to undermine our economy and transform our nation. Only time will tell.


* Navy Yard: Yesterday I blogged about Constitution Day before the events at the Washington Navy Yard. I worked there in the 70's and feel a kinship to those serving in that special place. As expected there was no mention of Constitution Day in yesterday's coverage. The lunatic who committed this mass murder had a history of mental problems and was a lost soul. The question remains, and may never be answered, why? Al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda and AL-Nusra called for attacks on Americans and our economy last week, could this madman have been paying attention to this call? We may never know but the timing puts this in question. Meanwhile we have the usual suspects, like Sen. Feinstein, calling for more gun control. If more of the personnel inside the Navy Yard would have been armed maybe the killings would have been reduced. This is not the time for knee-jerk gun control zealots to spew their typical ignorance, it's time to mourn those lost to this madman's rage and pray for those recovering from their wounds. There were signs in the killers history that were obviously missed. We need to get better at treating these cases before they become another Navy Yard story.


* Constitution Day: Today marks the 226th anniversary of the United States Constitution. A remarkable document which adhered to would have kept us from the mess we're in. Limited federal government and more state's rights, individual liberty and responsibility is what was intended and what we should strive to return to. A bloated bureaucracy has always shown to be a failure and wasteful. The larger the entity the more fraud and waste we find. History has proven this as we are living it today. You will most likely not find much mention of Constitution Day today as our current leadership has in essence ignored the very document which forms the foundation of our laws. Our Constitution is not an al-la-carte document in which we can pick and chose from. It's as strong as its weakest link. Rescuing our federal government from the abuses of the progressive onslaught and getting back to our founding principles will return our nation to its charted course. September 17th, National Constitution Day, we are thankful for the vision our founding fathers had. Now let's do what we can to get back to that vision.


* Weeds: Transformation in progress… Remember when The Obama whispered over an open mic to then Russian president Medvedev before the 2012 elections? He asked Medvedev to let Putin know that after the election he would have more flexibility. Like Gumby or a puppet, bend him or shape him to your hearts desire. Sometimes we get lost in the weeds but if you take a step back and look at the big picture, events and actions take on a different and clearer appearance. In the beginning of his presidency The Obama declared in Europe that America was exceptional just like Belgium was exceptional and others as well. By declaring all countries exceptional he was denying America's exceptionalism. In his speech Tuesday when he was trying to sell his no sale of a strike on Syria he reversed his European statement and declared America to be exceptional. Putin took offense to this and wrote it into his closing statement in his Op-Ed in the New York Times. All have been up in arms, left, right, middle, but not the White House. Perhaps it's part of that flexibility which The Obama passed on to Medvedev. Taking a look at the current Syria situation we see a neutered superpower handing control and prominence to a KGB operative both in the Mediterranean and in the UN Security Council. Through incompetence and an incoherent foreign policy we have let Russia Put-In their two bits and take over the conversation and propaganda lead. The KGB operative is now the peace maker and the Nobel Peace prize winner is the war monger. A fiction novel? No, just another step in the transformation process as seen from high above the weeds.


* Putin: Russian president Vladimir Putin wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times today titled "A Plea for Caution From Russia." He rambles about history and the increasing trust in his relationship with The Obama but it's his closing which prompts us to respond, here's Putin's closing: "I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is 'what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.' It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal." Denying American exceptionalism is in itself denying history. The Obama has denied our exceptionalism as well, even though his statement Tuesday reversed his previous opinion.  Our founding documents are all exceptional in their construction and beliefs. The first founding documents to declare God given individual rights based on Natural Law was our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They confer rights granted by God and not by government, rights that the government is entrusted to protect, not rights that the government created. You can move to other countries and be a resident and possibly citizen but will never be a Russian, German, Frenchman or Brit. Conversely, that is what makes America special. We are made up of immigrants and refugees. We don't conquer nations, we free them. Look no further than Europe for examples. We didn't take over the countries we freed, we just asked for land to bury our fallen. We are the worlds largest provider of aid and maintain the worlds waterways open for all free commerce. All people of this world can take pride in their nationality and country of origin but America stands alone in its exceptional history and beliefs. In our guarantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In God We Trust and with His Grace, America will continue to be that Shining city on the hill.


* 9/11: Twelve years after that fateful day, we remember. We remember those innocent victims in New York, Arlington and the field of heroes in Pennsylvania. We remember the first responders and volunteers that gave their lives to save perfect strangers. We remember the brave who lined up to enlist in our military to take the fight to our enemies for what they had done. Decisive action and victories in both Afghanistan and Iraq were later turned to failures by the self inflicted wounds of political correctness. Twelve years later justice has yet to be delivered to some of the terrorist responsible for these attacks. Twelve months since the betrayal and lies surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi and those terrorist are still on the loose planning more of the same. We are witnessing the results of leading from behind, from behind a community agitator and a politically correct veil of deceit. Napoleon once said, "The logical end to defensive warfare is defeat." That is the path our current leadership is taking us. We owe those who have perished at the hands of evil to fight back, with all our might, until this scourge is eliminated from the face of this earth.


* Kerry: Secretary Kerry's off the cuff remark that the only way for Syria to avoid a strike for their "alleged" use of chemical weapons is for them to turn their stockpiles over to the U.N. to control and eventually destroy, seems to have taken a life of its own. He also said they wouldn't do that. The Russian's jumped on the suggestion and initiated communications with both Kerry and the Syrian's. It is reported that Syria has accepted this solution which puts the Russians in a controlling position while at the same time gives The Obama an out. Compared to the lack of planning for the "unbelievably" small action proposed by the administration, this solution may be the best outcome for a bumbling and incompetent president. An attack on a sovereign nation is not an "unbelievably" small action, it is an act of war. You don't enter into any military action like this without a clear objective and an exit strategy, this administration has neither. With people like National Security Advisor Susan "Benghazi video" Rice it's no wonder the American people are overwhelmingly against any "unbelievably" small action on Syria. The Obama has backed himself and our nation into a corner, this may be the best case scenario for saving face even though the damage has been done.


* Cooling: The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is reporting that there has been a 60 percent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to the same time a year ago. That's a million square miles of new ice forcing ships to reroute cargo. What happened to environmentalist wackos "settled science" argument? It's hard for the AlGore's on the left to sell gloom and doom global warming scenarios when they are incased in ice. Global warming alarmists have been caught red handed in their scams. Their game is nothing more than a business and a way to transfer wealth from the treasury to and industry which preys on the good will of the American people. From global cooling to acid rain to global warming to climate change and now back to global cooling. It's called nature and the normal cycle of our diverse climate.


* Trust: How can you trust a government which lied to us about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting and NSA spying? Can you trust the same government when they tell you they have definitive proof that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on their own people? I don't think so. It's time to step back and take a deep breath. Saving face shouldn't cost American lives. When they say "no boots on the ground," they are lying, you need boots on the ground to laser guide missiles into their targets. Once that's begun, it will be hard to end. Red lines or no red lines, our American military should not have to pay for the narcissistic incompetence of their commander in chief!


* Intelligence: The intelligence that supposedly backs The Obama regime's reasoning for the Syrian government being responsible for the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people is flawed. Their supposed facts indicate that communications chatter from government forces showed movement away from the area in which the chemical attack took place. This same scenario is repeated every time Syrian forces are going to shell an area of hostile fire towards their troops. Al-Qaeda has been known to have Sarin gas because they've tested it. Here's a scenario, what if the rebels/Al Qaeda troops were storing Sarin in the area the Syrian government was going to bomb and then the Sarin was released by the subsequent bombing? This scenario supports the false assumptions being made and the political backing for that falsity. War is hell and hell happens in war. No one is declaring that Syria attacked another sovereign nation with chemical weapons therefore we should not be attacking Syria. If we are foolish enough to do so we will be opening the gates of hell.


* A-Team:  The Obama's never ending campaign was evident yesterday as his political A-Team joined him for a jam session. Looks like the outcome of their collaboration is him blaming the world and Congress for any red lines drawn on Syria. In Sweden today The Obama said, "I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line." His political brain trust is pushing for deflecting responsibility in order to save face. He explained that when the world passed a treaty against the use chemical weapons, they were setting a red line and when the U.S. Congress approved that treaty, they too set a red line. He clearly set a red line in his speeches on Syria and has again been caught in his own web of deceit. The trap is being set for Congress. If they approve the presidents attack on Syria, they will be held accountable if it goes wrong, if they do not approve, then they will be blamed is things get worse. Either way, The Obama has deflected responsibility from a hole he has already dug for himself and for the damage his irresponsibility and incompetence has done to our nation. Death by bullets, bombs, decapitation and chemicals is still death. One hundred thousand have perished in the Syrian civil war but the death of one thousand by chemicals is somehow unacceptable. The decapitation of a Catholic priest by the rebels and the eating of a captured Syrian soldiers heart by the rebels seems to not be as atrocious for The Obama regime as Sarin gas. There's an old saying, follow the money, you can also say follow who benefits from an action. The chemical attack benefits the rebels, so why would the Syrian government do it?


* Smoke: I got Bin Laden, I stopped the oceans rise and calmed the seas, I will make the call, I, I ,I. The I echo is what you get when half of the electorate is uninformed and the other half is apathetic. You get The Obama regime. The 'I' president who has a sealed history and no history of ever commanding anything prior to having the most powerful job in the world. You get a community agitator agitating the foundation of our republic, emboldening our enemies and alienating our friends. You get imaginary red lines which put our prestige in question and weaken our national security. You get bravado war mongering and threats to a sovereign nation with no direct American interest at stake. You get a presidential commitment to attack a nation prior to seeking authorization for such action from Congress then seeking that authorization putting our word and security at risk. You get a bully pretending to want to fight while at the same time getting his friends to hold him back.  You get incompetence from a bumbling commander in chief. You get strange bedfellows like John McCain pushing The Obama to take action comparing a unilateral attack on Syria to president Reagan's attack in Grenada. There is no comparison. In Grenada we had American students being held hostage by Communist rebels, Reagan authorized a limited and successful rescue mission. Where are the American hostages being held in Syria? McCain is off his rocker. Regardless of where this current incompetence ends, the damage has been done, perhaps that was the plan all along as The Obama continues to blow smoke.


* Guns: As he has done many times before when Congress fails to play along with his ideological agenda, he bypasses them. Who needs the Congress and the Constitution when the emperor can go it alone. Two new gun control orders where handed down by The Obama and announce by his side kick, foot-in-mouth Biden. While the media is focused on the Syrian fiasco why not slip in a couple of executive orders. One of the policies stops the government from allowing surplus military weapons from being re-imported into the U.S. by private entities. Under the new policy only the government or museums will be allowed to import these weapons. The weapons involved are mostly bought by collectors. This is just another way to keep law abiding citizens from purchasing guns, it will not do anything to keep arms from the inner city criminal element that continues to prey on their neighbors. The regime also presented a rule to require anyone associated with a corporation or trust to have to pass a background check and be finger printed before those entities can register a new gun. This too will not deter of affect inner city crime which is at the heart of the gun violence in this country. Further restricting law abiding citizens second amendment rights is not the answer. By definition criminals are not law abiding therefore are not affected by any of these gun control laws. Dependency on government, lack of personal responsibility and the disintegration of urban families are the seeds of the lawlessness and crime we see playing out in our cities. More misguided executive orders and gun control laws are not the answer.


* Syria: Administration representatives are saying it's too late to wait for the UN inspectors report on chemical attacks in Syria. Translation: We've made up our minds, regardless of what the report finds. With The Obama and others already on the record blaming the Assad regime of gassing their people a report that would contradict their assertions would be another example of the continuing foreign policy incompetence of The Obama regime. UN inspectors were on the ground, invited by the Assad regime, looking into a prior chemical attack. During this time the recent attack took place. Common sense and logic would dictate that a government which allows inspectors in to prove they weren't behind a chemical attack would not use these weapons while an inspection was taking place, it would be like cutting their own throats. U.S. intelligence tells us that an AL Qaeda affiliated militia, Ansar al-Sharia was behind the Benghazi terrorist attack which left four Americans dead, including ambassador Stevens. It is believed that this group is running training camps in Benghazi and nearby Darnah to ready jihadists in support of the rebels in Syria. These camps funnel fighters to rebel groups including the Al-Nusra Front which is the best organized of Islamist rebel groups fighting the Syrian government. By taking action against Assad The Obama would basically be backing the same terrorists that attacked us in Benghazi and their Al Qaeda accomplices. It begs the question, whose side are The Obama and his administration on?


* The Dream: Today marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech on our national mall. It was historic at the time and remains so today. In his speech he said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." We couldn't agree more. In a day and time when the racial ceiling has been lifted for decades now and with a black president and attorney general you cannot claim equality of opportunity is not the American way. Our founding documents state and enshrine, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," in the American fabric and not "Life, Liberty and Equal Outcomes." Where Dr. King's dream has faltered is in the choices made by those who have strayed from his dream, his dream of character has turned into a dream of dependency. His community has relied on charlatans who capitalize on race to gain power, influence and money. These false leaders like Jackson and Sharpton are themselves dependent on the dependency they thrust upon those they pretend to care for. It is no longer about personal responsibility but rather attempting to collect on a debt that has been paid a long time ago. Current generations of black Americans are mired in the breakdown of families and communities as a result of choices they have made in reliance on false leadership and government promises. Dr. King finished his speech with the following: "When we allow freedom to ring — when we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, 'Free at last, free at last, great God almighty, we are free at last." It's time for his community to get off the government plantation and start down the road to self reliance and true liberty.


* WMD: The MSM and even conservative media are lining up like little trained ducks behind a military strike on Syria. The fix is in. Condemnation of the Syrian government for using chemical weapons on their citizens is accelerating on a predictable scale. Never mind that logic would dictate the chemical attacks favors the rebels and Al Qaeda's side or that by carrying out a U.S. military strike The Obama would save face by claiming he followed up on his red line threat. Where is the outrage from media and Congress on unilateral action without Congressional approval? It's a repeat of the Libyan action taken unilaterally by this president at the risk of our national security. Although Syria is a bad actor in the Middle East, they have not directly threatened or attacked us. They are involved in a civil war against rebels who have been infiltrated by external forces, including Al Qaeda, who we are at war with. Siding with the rebels is tantamount to siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, both entities are in a global war between civilization and savagery. Battle lines are being drawn…


* Syria: Welcome to a no-win scenario. On one side you have the Syrian government and Iran and on the other Syrian rebels and Al Qaeda. You can't back the rebels without backing Al Qaeda. The Obama made a mistake when he drew a red line across an imaginary landscape then balked at backing up his own words. Chemical weapons have been used in Syria, the question remains as to who used them. If you take a look at who has the most to gain it would be the Al Qaeda lead rebels. With the UN on the ground the Syrian government would be suicidal if they were to use chemical weapons yet this is what we are led to believe. The attack was a fabricated and sacrificial murdering of innocents in order to get the international community to take action against the government. Our national security interest rests in making sure WMD's, both Syria's and Iraq's which were transferred there, do not get in the hands of Al Qaeda. We should take action to eliminate the weapons stockpiles and delivery vehicles then leave the conflict to those on the ground.


* College: Talking college and affordability The Obama keeps pushing higher education and government assistance. What it boils down to is student loan debt and unemployment. A college graduate under The Obama economy is not guaranteed a job but rather a place in the unemployment line. How about a minimum "living wage?" Government can't determine what course of studies will lead to employment after a debt laden college stay, only markets and demands for a set of skills can determine whether a graduate has the education necessary to meet the available opportunities. Markets free of crony capitalism and driven by natural demand is the best way for the economy to flourish and thereby making the expense of a college education worth the investment. Like everything else the government runs, if education and markets where left in their bureaucratic hands, only hardships will await the class of tomorrow.


* Gored: The purveyor of global gloom and doom, inventor of the Internet and environmentalists poster boy, AlGore is at it again. The global warming emanating from his mouth is now equating slavery, civil rights and apartheid to the global warming issue. His point being that in those cases the conversation was won and they have to win it on global warming. What they have been winning is the propaganda war with miss information and altered studies. Over 5 years ago AlGore said the polar cap would disappear in 5 years and the oceans would rise 20 feet. The cap is still there and the beaches are as well. How can anyone with such a bias and certifiable falsehoods be taken seriously? In the 1960's the big scare was global freezing, we were headed towards a new ice age, in the 1970's it was acid rain that turned into the global warming phase and now it's called climate change. Even global warming alarmists are admitting that the last ten years have been stable with no warming but of course they have to place blame somewhere so it's the volcano's fault. Yes, the lack of warming in the last decade is because volcanoes have been active and the ash they spew blocks out the sun keeping it from warming the planet. Interesting how pollutants from volcanoes block the sun and cause cooling but pollutants from humans block the sun but cause global warming. You can't have it both ways. We have climate cycles which are completely natural and cause changes one way or another over time. There are cold temp records and warm temp records being set all the time with the cold far out weighing the warm, this is normal and with the exception of AlGore's hot air, there is minimal impact on our world. Global warming is a business and attempts to extort finances from concerned and miss guided people and programs. It's a transfer of wealth from the developed world to the developing one while passing through middle men hucksters like AlGore. We should seek to minimize pollution whenever and wherever possible but we should do this in a common sense and economical way and not one which cripples our way of life through environmentalists doctored junk science.


* Minimum Wage: The Obama wants to raise the federal minimum wage from the current $7.25 to $9, unions want to raise it to $15 an hour. They argue that people need a 'living' wage. Minimum wage jobs aren't meant to be 'living' jobs, they are entry level low skill jobs. The core of our free enterprise system is the 'free' part. Businesses should be free to pay their employees what the market and the job allows not what government dictates the wage to be. When the minimum wage is raised people loose jobs and the government intent on helping those workers ends up hurting them. The underlying issue here is that The Obama economy is so bad that some people have to depend on entry level minimum wage jobs to survive. This is not a problem with that wage, it's a problem with our economy. If government were a business they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. If you ran a business would you let government bureaucrats dictate how your business should be run and how much you had to pay your employees? Obviously not and that in a nut shell is why they shouldn't be interfering with businesses. If unions want to make a difference they should be picketing outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that's where the problem lives.


* Cruz: Article II, Section 1 Clause 5 of our Constitution states the following: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.” When people, including conservatives and Tea Partiers, make excuses for violation of this important section of our Constitution, they seem to rely on miss information regarding the meaning of "natural born citizen." The Constitution is not a dictionary, meanings of words are dependent on the understanding of their definitions at the time and of the intent in the article that it's being used in. If the founding fathers wanted the meaning to be citizen, a simple term, then they would have used "citizen" instead of "natural born citizen." It is understood that the definition of "natural born citizen" was taken from the treaties titled "The Law of Nations" written by Vattel in 1758. The founding fathers framed this requirement around "natural born citizen" to protect our nation from having a president with divided loyalties. The Obama is a perfect example of the vision our founding fathers had. "Natural Born Citizen" is defined in Vattel's Law of Nations as, "A natural born citizen is one who is born of two citizen parents at the time of his/her birth." Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada to a father with dual citizenship (Cuba & Canada) and a mother with dual citizenship (USA & Canada). By the natural born citizen definition he is NOT eligible to serve as POTUS. Aaron Blake of the Washington Post writes, "Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and a mother who was a United States citizen. That makes him a U.S. citizen himself, but it’s not 100 percent clear that that is the same thing as a 'natural born citizen' — the requirement for becoming president." Again we point out that the founders used the term "natural born" for a reason, it's not the same as citizen. Kevin Glass of writes, "While the legal status of his eligibility for the office of the presidency isn't a settled matter, it's very likely that his mother's nationality at the time of his birth grants him the status of 'natural born citizen' under the Constitution." This is not true. Even those who misunderstand the meaning of 'natural' think that it means being born in the country. Clearly even with this liberal definition, Cruz does not qualify. We can't pretend to defend the Constitution when we are not willing to uphold a simple requirement whose intentions were clear, undivided LOYALTY to our Republic.


* Regulations: Even with Congress opposing some of The Obama's regulation madness we are being subjected to new regulations at a rate of one every 2 hours of every day. It is estimated that in 2012 the cost of complying with regulations totaled more than $1.7 Trillion. Now the EPA is on a new binge of 'climate change' regulations by again showing the disdain that this president has for the U.S. Constitution. If Congress won't act, he'll do it on his own through the executive branch. Junk science and economic strangling red tape are the basis for the ideological policies which drive this administration. Common sense does not enter into the equation nor does the Constitution's separation of powers. When the Constitution is ignored, as it was with the election of The Obama, it paved the way to subsequent violations. Our Constitution is not an a la carte smorgasbord of laws, you either abide by it in its entirety or you toss it in the trash heap, as this president is doing.


* Egypt: Thirty-Eight Christian churches and cathedrals have been torched by 'peaceful' Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Egypt recently. Christians have been persecuted and killed by followers of Islam, that so called peaceful religion. Anarchy and violence is what feeds their zealotry. The Obama speaking from his Martha's Vineyard vacation yesterday said the U.S. is not taking sides while at the same time taking sides in support of the Anti-American Muslim Brotherhood. He backed the Brotherhood against Mubarak and helped topple our long time ally. When the Brotherhood won elections and Morsi came to power he proceeded to declare himself emperor and change the Egyptian constitution. He had to back off after wide spread dissention which eventually lead to the pro-U.S. military removing Morsi from power. Instead of backing the military and stability in Egypt, The Obama put the weight of our power and support behind restoring the Brotherhood's control over Egypt. Knowing The Obama has their back the Muslim Brotherhood continues to call for violence in the streets as they vow to 'rage' until Morsi is returned to power. Egypt is a key ally of the United States which will be lost forever if the Brotherhood regain power. While not taking sides The Obama announced that a planned joint military exercise with Egypt has been cancelled, again showing his disdain for our ally, the Egyptian military, while he sides with the terrorist supporting Muslim Brotherhood.


* Cards: The Obama's former personal aid, Reggie Love, was interviewed at a Artists and Athletes Alliance function and gave some interesting information concerning his former boss. During the Bin laden raid by SEAL Team 6, when the mission was being monitored in real time in the White House situation room, Love told the audience that The Obama said he couldn't watch the whole thing so he left with Love and a couple of other aids to play Spades. Love says they must have played 15 hands of Spades. During his news conference last Friday, The Obama again took personal credit for getting Bin Laden, when asked by FNC's Ed Henry why eleven months after Benghazi the terrorist are still at large, The Obama said, “I also said that we’d get Bin Laden and I didn’t get him in 11 month, so we have informed, I think, the public that there is a sealed indictment. It’s sealed for a reason, but we are intent on capturing those who carried out this attack.” In that one statement he single handedly took credit for getting Bin Laden, while he was playing Spades, and also broke the law by indentifying the existence of a sealed indictment. It is illegal for anyone, including the president to do so. Since this president believes he is above the law, bypassing Congress and selectively enforcing laws are not out of the norm. This latest revelation by Loves raises the question of where The Obama was during the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Was he playing cards with Love or hanging out in the Choom mobile?


* Forgery: Another Republican congressman runs away from the forged Obama birth certificate. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) was asked at a town hall meeting about the issue and was provided information from Arizona's investigation into the forgery by chief investigator Mike Zullo. The investigation was an extensive forensic review of the birth certificate The Obama presented as a "photo copy" of his official Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. The result of the investigation was that the copy presented by The Obama was a forgery. Forging an official record is a felony. The question remains as to who created the forgery and if The Obama knowingly presented that forgery as an official document, then he is complicit in that felony. The congressman's reasoning for ignoring the issue is his belief that if the House impeached the president, the Senate, being controlled by Democrats, would not convict him when the case reaches them. He points out that Clinton was impeached but the Senate refused to convict him and he believes this damaged the American political process. If the document presented by The Obama is a forgery, and we believe it is, then our representatives are derelict in their sworn duty to uphold our Constitution by refusing to defend it and allowing a felony to take place before their eyes. These are the same Congressmen that have repealed ObamaCare 40 times knowing full well those bills would not see the light of day in the Senate. We contend that the forged Certificate of Live Birth is a much more serious issue than ObamaCare. If The Obama was impeached and then convicted in the Senate, ObamaCare would become null and void, case closed!


* ObamaCare: Another unilateral delay to a section of ObamaCare was announced by the White House yesterday. Limits to out of pocket medical expense will be put on hold until 2015. This along with the delay in employer mandates and other exemptions are just more proof that ObamaCare is a massive overreaching mistake. Liberal supporters of the president and ObamaCare in Congress cried for and received subsidies to cover costs associated with ObamaCare so they wouldn't loose staff. Another example of how elite politicians can subject Americans to laws which they either exempt or subsidize themselves from. Even when the law specifically states that Congress cannot exempt themselves from it, they do it anyway. Exchanges that are supposed to be running in October have not even been set up yet. On top of all the problems with ObamaCare we have a corrupt IRS that is charged with enforcing its provisions. A politically motivated IRS has proven that it cannot be trusted and now they are going to have access to your personal health data. Hard to be reassured knowing what we do about the IRS targeting the administrations political foes. There's a strong smell of rot surrounding ObamaCare matched only by the same stench coming from the regime itself.


* Bo: The arrogance of power is in clear view on The Obama vacation. Apparently there was no room on Air Force One for first dog Bo so he gets a private ride on a military MV-22 Osprey. The Osprey costs $11,000 and hour to fly and it's the first time a president has ever taken Osprey's on a vacation. White House tours are still cancelled but Bo gets a private flight. This is not the first time Bo has flown separately from The Obama's. Is this in your face waste and abuse or could there be a religious angle to not flying with a dog in your plane?

* BenghaziGate: Yesterday was the 11 month anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack and non of the terrorists have been brought to justice. We still don't know who gave the stand-down order or where The Obama was at the time of this national crisis. The administration's manipulation of talking points and information to influence a presidential election has been kicked to the curb by the MSM and thereby ignored by the American people. The wool was pulled over the publics collective eyes as they were blinded by White House propaganda. WaterGate was about covering up a third rate burglary, BenghaziGate is about so much more including the murder of four Americans. Where is the outrage? This issue will not go away because history demands the truth.


* Beating: Three 15 year old black boys senselessly beat a 13 year old white boy on a school bus, in St. Petersburg, FL, while the bus driver called for help. Other kids on the bus watched and some even took video of the beating. Where is the moral compass of those students? Says a lot about our society when people can sit by and watch another human being taking a savage beating and not try to stop it. The white equivalents of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are enraged and demanding a full federal civil rights investigation. Oh wait, there isn't a white equivalent to those two ambulance chasers. Perhaps people are seeing this for what it is, a vicious beating of a 13 year old by three 15 year olds. Not every action between people is racial like the Jackson's and Sharpton's would like you to believe. To them if it's white on black it's racial, if it's black on white, move on, nothing to see here. There's right and wrong and in most cases it's pretty straight forward. Jackson and Sharpton should heed the advice of their hero Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." The MSM, The Obama and race baiters nationwide should get over their prejudices and reevaluate the content of their character.


* Economy: New unemployment numbers released this morning show an additional 333,000 claims. Hundreds of thousands more dropped out of the work force. The Obama economy continues to spiral into oblivion artificially held in place by irresponsible FED pumping of $85 Billion a month. The economy sucks while the stock market soars. The soaring is on the wings of paper which are masking the weakness of an economy hampered by ignorant and irresponsible policies. Meanwhile The Obama continues his pivot by stressing the need for infrastructure spending even though the massive spendulus package of $787 Billion in 2009 ($1.2 Trillion with interest over 10 years) did nothing but add to our debt. The progressive/socialist answer to economic trouble is more big government, more spending, more taxes, more of the same. It's like being stuck in a ditch and trying to dig out by digging deeper. Just like you can't change the laws of physics, ideological politically motivated policies are not going to change the dynamic interaction of economic forces. There is a reciprocal correlation between the measure of a government's micro managing and the negative economic response it creates. A continuation of ObamaNomics is not the answer to the mess ObamaNomics has created.


* BenghaziGate: Almost 11 months since the terrorist attack and murders in Benghazi and now the administration has filed criminal charges. Those charges are sealed. Terrorists tortured and murdered 4 Americans, including our ambassador, and the regime's response is tantamount to issuing a speeding ticket. Maybe the charges are for illegal possession of rocket propelled grenade launchers? It is rumored that these charges are in response to The Obama choir in the MSM starting to stray from their administration's approved talking points. Now they can report that the administration is prosecuting the perpetrators. Meanwhile back on the farm, after an unprecedented closure of U.S. embassies in the Middle East The Obama goes on the Tonight Show to downplay the closures. Just precautions of course, probably due to those pesky overseas contingency operations. We don't fight wars with police officers and we shouldn't be fighting terrorists with judges. The Obama also said that we do not have a domestic spying program. What he really meant was we do not have a domestic spying program on Muslims and Mosques, that would just be politically incorrect. Spying on innocent Americans though, that's a different issue.


* Al-Qaeda: Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive, Detroit is dead and Al-Qaeda is alive. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. From the beginning of the outlaw Obama regime they have been turning their backs on the global threat of Islamic terrorism at the hands of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. No longer did we have a war on terror, it became overseas contingency operations. Today the Courts-Martial of Maj. Nidal Hasan starts, more than three and a half years since he murdered 13 and injured 32 others at Ft. Hood while yelling out Allahu Akbar. Clearly an act of terror and to this day the regime calls it an act of "workplace violence." On August 11th it will be eleven months since the terrorist attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, to date no action has been taken to bring those terrorists to justice. The Obama demanded that Mubarak step down in Egypt while throwing his and Americas support behind the Muslim Brotherhood. At every turn this administration seems to side against our nation's best interest. We're at war and until we call it what it is, and fight with the will to win, we will be doomed to defeat. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "The logical end to defensive warfare is surrender." We agree.


* Wisdom: It's common knowledge that with age comes wisdom, in most cases that statement is true. Yesterday The Obama had a birth day, today he is still as unwise as he was then. A new day didn’t bring a revelation of his failures just another step towards the abyss. His signature legislation, ObamaCare, is crumbling before his eyes as he attempts to resell it to the American people. Blinky Pelosi said they had to pass the law so we could find out what was in it, well, they passed it and the more we find out the less we like it. Much like everything else this regime does behind closed doors, the more we find out the less palatable it is. A volunteer phone bank in liberal Northern Virginia to resell ObamaCare had one lonely person manning the phones. Even his supporters are jumping off the runaway train. You can circumvent the Constitution and Congress with executive orders and illegal appointments but sooner or later it will catch up with you. Reality is nipping at the heels of a failed president, Happy Birthday!


* Congress: Poor congressional staff they almost had to deal with ObamaCare like ordinary Americans will. Congressmen and women went scrambling for an exemption/subsidy to ObamaCare so their staff wouldn't leave in the face of ObamaCare's mandates. Like magic, they have been saved. Congress has been granted special treatment so the taxpayer can continue to subsidize their insurance. ObamaCare has taken its place along with other laws Congress crams down our collective throats while exempting themselves to the carnage. Where in the Constitution does it say that members of Congress and their staff are a special class of citizen? There should not be any law that applies to Americans and not Congress. If this was the case, then maybe they would not subject us to burdensome and freedom infringing monstrosities like ObamaCare that they developed behind closed doors and without the support of the American people.

* Evil: Evil was on display in an Ohio courtroom yesterday. Ariel Castro spoke after hearing hours of testimony of the atrocities he committed on his three captives for a span of eleven years. The first captive, Michelle Knight, gave an emotional summary of her years of torture at the hands of Castro. Castro then compared his behavior to that of an alcoholic saying he couldn't control his sexual urges just like an alcoholic can't control his urge to drink. Alcoholics don't kidnap children and make sexual slaves out of them. Castro said he was not a monster but he is, he is a sick monster who kept his captives chained up in primitive conditions, beat them, forced abortions and then has the gall to say there was harmony in the house. This animal deserves to meet his maker, sooner than later, not life at the tax payers expense.


* Keystone: Yesterday The Obama laughed off supporters of the Keystone XL Pipeline saying the project would only create 50 permanent jobs. After his latest pivot to the economy you would think that any job creation would be a positive one but not to the campaigner-in-chief. The pipeline has many positives, it would create thousands of jobs during the construction process, bring much need economic activity to areas in its path and put more petroleum into the system. We have hundreds of pipelines criss-crossing the country, you can be sure that if they were an environmental issue the environmentalist wackos would be all over it. Turning down Keystone and making fun of its supporters is nothing more than pandering to The Obama's liberal base. Seems to be a pattern, if it hurts the American economy and people, then liberals are happy with it. Either through ignorance or blind faith, that usually ends up being the case. The Obama's never ending campaign is intended to paint him as an outsider, critical of the failures of leadership in Washington. Like an alter ego, he is just trying his hardest to help the people against politicians intent on doing them harm, principally those evil Republicans. His failures, like his shadow, never leave his side. It's about a phony president, with a phony history, running from scandals, where all roads lead to him.


* Minimum Wage: Workers in seven cities went on strike against McDonalds and other fast food restaurants on Monday. They were demanding a 'living wage' instead of the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. They want $15 an hour, more than double. Entry level minimum wage jobs are not intended to be a career position, what this issue shows more than anything is the failure of ObamaNomics. When the economy is so bad that people have to depend on minimum wage just to get by, we're in deep trouble. Minimum wage increases hurt the very people they are intended to help, it's simple economics. If you force an employer to raise the rate he pays an employee that employer will either reduce his workforce, not hire new employees, raise the price of his goods or services or reduce the size of the goods or amount of services. In all these cases the people hurt the most are the least likely to absorb the cost increase which is the low wage consumer. Washington, DC blew new jobs and employment for their citizens by imposing a higher targeted 'living wage' on Walmart. They hurt the very citizens they pretend to want to help. We should not have a minimum wage at all. It is not governments job to dictate what an employer pays his employees. Free markets are the best form of determining the value of goods and therefore the cost of providing those goods, including labor. There is a direct link between governments meddling in business including, but not limited to crony capitalism, and the size of negative impact which those obstacles cause. No need to look any further than the failures of government run economies in Cuba and North Korea.


* Fracking: Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) is a process by which high pressure fluids are pumped into the ground 8,000 feet deep releasing gas that can then be captured for our energy needs. Environmental extremists have been doing everything they can to stop this process claiming it contaminates drinking water. The Department of Energy reports that trace chemicals were injected with the fracking fluids and were not detected 3,000 above the injection site after a year long monitoring program. This is more than a mile below water sources. Fracking is a technological advancement that can put us well on our way towards energy independence. Hurdles in the way are not coming from our foreign enemies but rather from the usual sources, environmentalists and The Obama's regime. Energy independence would be a boom for our economy and would help to dry up the supply of Middle-East terrorist funds. Middle-East oil producing governments that stay in power by demonizing the west and controlling oil prices, with production limits imposed by their OPEC cartel, would be hard pressed to continue their monopolies on power and oil production. It's a shame that at a time when our economy is on life support we have the means to jump start it but are being held back by our own government. Held back by an idealistic president's transformative policies and political slight of hand.


* Vacation: The Obama's are heading off for yet another vacation on August 10th, this time to Martha's Vineyard. Seventy-five rooms have been rented for staff at the rate of $225-$345 per room per night. They'll be staying at a $7.6 Million home on over nine acres in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country. Did we elect a president or a king? At a time of major fiscal problems you would think The Obama's would stop strutting around like royalty and tighten their belts just like they've forced the American people to do. Eliminating just one of their vacations would more than fund White House tours which were closed for supposed lack of funding. If they cared about the financial mess The Obama is inflicting on Americans they could vacation at Camp David or their home in Chicago, but that would be too much to ask for people that are used to spending tax payers money without regard for those paying the bills. An even better idea would be a scenic vacation in beautiful downtown Detroit, we hear they have plenty of rooms available!


* Texas: There is no limit to The Obama regimes unlawful actions. The latest comes at the hands of attorney general Eric Holder. Last month the supreme court struck down outdated restrictions on southern states imposed by the 1960's Voting Rights Act. In a unilateral action, bypassing Congress and ignoring the supreme court decision, Holder is asking a federal court in Texas to impose restrictions that would require the federal government to approve any changes in Texas's voting procedures. This action singles out Texas and is nothing more than another political power play by the most political and divisive administration in our lifetime. Holder and The Obama oppose the new voter ID law that Texas wants to institute. The ID law is a way to minimize voter fraud by requiring voters to show that they are who they claim to be. There's nothing wrong with that. People have to show ID's to buy beer and at times when using a credit card, voting is much more important and its integrity should be protected. It's ironic that a black attorney general and black president complain about perceived racist voting requirements when if they were correct, they wouldn't be in the positions they currently hold. It's a matter of dividing the American people along racial lines in order to maintain their hold on power.


* Economy: As expected The Obama gave his usual economic diatribe yesterday. As if he was completely detached from any responsibility, he blames the usual suspects for standing in the way of economic growth and the middle class. It's all the fault of Republicans and distractions with those phony scandals. Of course the anemic economy has nothing to do with ObamaCare, his being at the center of all the serious scandals and his anti-business policies which are crippling economic growth. The economy is growing at a measly 1% in spite of his policies. This is no credit to him but rather to our economy that can still survive regardless of his attempts to transform it. For over five years now he has been in campaign mode and yesterday was no different. He deflects blame and demagogues his approval from the uninformed and gullible who continue to fall for government handouts in exchange for their political support. The Obama is the reason why senators do not make good presidents. They know how to debate and can talk a good game but when it comes to governing, they're two cards short of a full deck (perhaps an extra joker or two). We don't need a campaigner in chief we need a president that can lead and not divide Americans. The Obama will never be that president and when the mystery of The Obama is written in the history books we will look back in amazement of how we survive the greatest hoax in American history.


* Phony: Carnival Carney joined the band wagon of presidential defenders calling the regimes actions "phony" scandals. Lying to the American people in order to influence a presidential election after the Benghazi terrorist attack is a phony scandal to them. Having the IRS target the presidents political opponents through the president's chief counsel at the IRS is a phony scandal. Naming a FOX news reporter as a co-conspirator during a leak investigation by the DOJ and targeting AP reporters phone and email communications is a phony scandal. All these phony scandals are keeping the chosen one from fixing the economy, how dare those rascally Republicans stand in his way. The only phony thing around here is the phony presidency of The Obama himself. He will give another speech today about the economy and how Republicans are standing in the way. More phony baloney. Fixing the economy doesn't take the president's intellectual pinheaded cabal, it would just take repealing ObamaCare, approving the Keystone Pipeline, opening up federal lands for oil and gas, backing off EPA's anti-business regulations and reducing taxes across the board. If these things were done we would experience a booming economy, but that goes against the master plan of the chosen one.


* Detroit: Bankruptcy is the logical end of the welfare state. Detroit just declared chapter 9 bankruptcy because it has run out of money after decades of decline. Putting band aids on the problem and kicking the can down the road can no longer be continued. They now have to restructure their debt which mostly consists of bloated pensions which they cannot meet with the tax base they currently have. Liberal/progressive policies had doomed this once great city bringing it to its knees. You cannot tax your way to economic prosperity but that's what Detroit tried to do. A city at the heart of the American automobile industry of close to 2 Million people has dwindled down to less than 700 Thousand. Liberals and Democrats see the economy as a static object. One in which you can tax when you need funds and nothing will change. Common sense and reality do not abide by this view of economics. When taxes are raised economic output is reduced as people an companies adjust to more of their earnings being confiscated. If this confiscatory big government taxation continues the bleeding picks up. This accounts for the drop in population as people and companies relocate to more favorable cities and states. Meanwhile those responsible for the collapse sit around demanding a bail out and blaming corporations for their own stupidity. Detroit is what will happen on a national level if ObamaNomics is continued for an extended period of time. But when your ends are to make your subjects dependent on government in order to guarantee your reelection then damn the economy. That's why The Obama regime solicits food stamp recipients, eliminates the welfare work requirement and subsidizes laziness. These policies may lead to political control but eventually, they lead to Detroit. GM is alive and Detroit is dead!


* Racism: The Obama appeared at the daily White House press briefing Friday to the delight of admirers in the room. Look, no teleprompter, he's so special. Seems his race speech was timed to gin up support for Sharpon's planned Saturday rallies to demand "justice" for Trevon Martin. Expanding on his previous remark of, if he had a son he would look like Trevon this time he could have been Trevon 35 years ago. If he would have been Trevon 35 years ago and attacked Zimmerman like Trevon did, he would have met the same fate. The Obama even said that if Trevon would have been white the outcome would have been different. Hypothetical's are just that but if a white Martin would have sucker punched Zimmerman the same way Trevon did and then sat on him beating the living snot out of him, he too would have been a dead attacker. It's called self defense. The Obama also added fuel to the fire by playing the race card when race was not an issue in the case. There was no evidence that Zimmerman was a racist in the trial and the FBI investigation of the case also came up with that same conclusion. To fan the flames of racism where none exists is like crying wolf one time too many. The Obama, like Holder before him, also took issue with the Stand Your Ground Law which had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case. If you're on your back and getting beat up there's no way to retreat. You have a right to defend yourself and that's what Zimmerman did. Only race baiters can continue to claim this false narrative. Coming from a twice elected black president, his diatribe takes on an air of arrogance and stupidity.


* Cuba: A North Korean cargo ship was discovered to have been carrying contraband missile equipment from Cuba. The shipment was hidden under bags of sugar. After being caught red handed by Panamanian authorities the Cuban government explained that the parts were being sent to North Korea for repair. Why were they hidden then? Delegations of North Korean military often visit Cuba so it would be easy for the Korean's to send technicians to Cuba to repair the equipment if that were the case. No matter what supposed reforms are taking place in Cuba this event clearly illustrates that the Communist regime there is still an enemy of the United States and a rouge nation. This would be a good time to tighten the screws on Castro's communist paradise but with our own rogue administration in charge, don't hold your breath.

* Detroit:
That stronghold of liberal leadership and union thuggery has finally run out of excuses. Detroit has declared bankruptcy. Unable to meet its financial obligations, maintain public services or pay the exorbitant union pensions there was no option left but to file for bankruptcy. Detroit has been bleeding residents for decades as liberal policies and crime have driven businesses and people away at alarming rates. Unwilling to deal with the hardships in time, Detroit's elected liberal chose to keep kicking the can down the road. They are now at the end of the road and only drastic reform can put them back on a path to solvency.

* BenghaziGate:
It has now been learned that The Obama administration has been forcing survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack to sign non-disclosure agreements. What do they have to hide? Wasn't this just a Republican political smear? It's been over ten months since an ambassador and three other Americans were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack and we still don't know who gave the stand-down orders and who orchestrated the lie about the video for the American people. Where was The Obama when our citizens were being butchered? Why haven't any of the terrorist been captured or killed? Instead of going after our enemies, this administration is intent on going after Congress, more evidence that the enemy is within. As George Washington once said, "Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession."


* Pig: With ObamaCare getting closer to implementation, more and more supporters are jumping off the runaway train. Even original architects like Sen. Baucus (D-MT) have said it's a train wreck waiting to happen. The White House announced the employer mandate was being delayed until 2015. Not only is this an illegal act, it's a political move to limit damage to their Democrat allies during the 2014 election cycle. In response, the House passed a bill to extend the delay to all Americans. Today The Obama criticized the Republican led House for again passing a bill to repeal ObamaCare saying they have a lot of work to do for the American people and shouldn't be wasting time trying to repeal his wonderful plan. A little news for The Obama, the American people have never supported ObamaCare and the House is the closest representative of the American people. They are doing what the American people sent them to Congress to do. ObamaCare care is doomed to fail because of the American spirit. Americans dislike people telling them what they have to do, ObamaCare not only tells them, it forces them to buy a product against their will. ObamaCare depends on healthy young working Americans buying insurance in order to insure the non-working and elderly Americans. This is why the IRS was empowered to enforce ObamaCare. If you don't pay they can take it from you. This is not what a free society does and it's not what our founding fathers envisioned. ObamaCare should be repealed so common sense reform can be accomplished. Letting people buy insurance across state lines and tort reform alone will go a long way towards curing some of what ails the health care system, a system that with it's flaws is still the best in the world. No matter how much lipstick The Obama puts on the ObamaCare pig, it's still a pig.


* Guns: As to not let a crisis go to waste, even a made up crisis, The Obama and Eric Holder are pushing their attack on our second amendment. The Obama said we should honor Trevon Martin with gun control. Holder attacks the Florida Stand Your Ground law even though that law had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case. They seem to always side against a law abiding citizen being able to defend themselves. You never see them attack inner city gang violence. Holder said "It's time to attack laws like Stand Your Ground that senselessly expand the concept of self defense." What nonsense, self defense is not a concept, it's a right. We have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without life there's no liberty or pursuit of happiness. You have a fundamental right to defend that life by whatever means are available to you. If you are a lawfully permitted gun carry holder, you not only have a right but an obligation to defend your life when attacked. We should have leaders that discourage muggings and attacks not leaders who attack those defending themselves.


* Walmart: Washington DC's city council again shows how liberalism in reality equates to stupidity. Their well meaning policies result in hurting the very people they say they want to help. It's the difference between conservative common sense and liberal hypocrisy. The federal minimum wage is $7.25, some states have lower minimums, some have higher and some don't have a minimum. Georgia's is $5.15, Florida's is $7.79 and South Carolina doesn't have one. Washington DC's is $8.25, one dollar above the national average. The national unemployment rate is 7.6% DC's is 8.5%. In the Capital where the federal government resides and is basically immune to recessions, the unemployment is higher than the national average. This is due to liberal nonsensical policies, as is usual for most urban liberal run cities in the country. Now this brings us to the Walmart issue in DC. As a goodwill gesture Walmart has donated millions of dollars to organizations in DC that help it's poor. They have started construction on three Walmart stores and have another three proposed. The construction jobs and then permanent employment would be a welcome and bright light in this miserable Obama economy. But, there is a liberal 'butt' here. In their enlightened vision the city council passed a bill called The Large Retailer Accountability Act by a vote of 8 to 5. The bill increases the minimum wage in DC to $12.50, but only for companies that gross at least $1 Billion and are larger than 75,00 square feet. It was targeted at Walmart, the company that wanted to bring jobs to DC and provide low cost products and food savings to the very people that the DC council want to help. The bill basically exempts union run shops. Walmart has now cancelled plans for the three stores which have not started construction and is reevaluating the three stores currently under construction. This is the failure of liberalism in a nutshell. Government cannot and should not dictate what we can buy, when we can buy it, what we should pay for it or what the employer should pay his employee, free markets should. I you don't like what an employer pays, don't work for them, it's that simple. The private sector is the only way for free enterprise to operate and the only way to help those that are in need. Instead of people getting off the city's unemployment rolls the city council has insured they remain dependent on government handouts. When you bite the hand that feeds you, that hand will eventually realize it's not worth the effort. Liberty is the ability to choose, freedom is the result of making the right choice. DC's liberal council again made the wrong choice.


* Zimmerman: The jury in the Zimmerman trial got it right. Their acquittal verdict is vindication for the chief of police that was fired for not bringing charges against Zimmerman. No charges were originally brought because there wasn't any evidence to support it. The case was straight forward self defense. It wasn't until the media, and The Obama and Holder's In-Justice department turned the case into a racial one and supported demonstrations that charges were brought. Rev. Jesse "Race Card" Jackson was asked before the verdict if he would accept the verdict regardless of how it turned out. He said he would as long as it was a just verdict. Translation, only if Zimmerman is found guilty. Now that the jury has spoken, Jackson, Sharpton, and the NAACP are jumping on the race band wagon. Even though no racial prejudice has been proven by anyone associated with the case against Zimmerman, these racial zealots will continue their march against the facts and logic. They thrive on racial division for if there wasn't any division they would not have a job. The issue is not about the death of a black teenager, it's about stoking the fire and dividing Americans. If the death of black teenagers were the issue then where are these racial ambulance chasers when black kids are routinely gunned down in their own inner cities? In The Obama's and Jackson's Chicago over 200 homicides have taken place this year alone. Most are teenage and young adult blacks. Where's the attention to those deaths? Why aren't the usual race mongers bringing attention to this atrocity? The Zimmerman case wasn't about justice, it was a political witch hunt intent on reopening a racial wound these zealots are trying to keep from healing.


* Syria: Evidence is already mounting that U.S. weapons are turning up in Hezbollah's and Al-Qaeda's hands. From recent pictures posted on Islamic and other sites those weapons can clearly be seen. From the shape of the weapons they look to be in new condition. There's no telling if they were captured or bought on the black market. Intelligence has shown that Al-Qaeda rebels are an integral part of the rebels fighting the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar Assad. Hezbollah is based in Lebanon and can be considered an arm of the Iranian military machine. They are a direct threat to Israel. The Obama's Middle-East policies have been a disaster everywhere, it alienates our allies and benefits our enemies. Syria is no different. By supporting the rebels we're in essence supporting AL-Qaeda. The weapons used against Assad now will be turned on us and our allies later. There are times when our best interest and national security interest require that we stay out of a conflict, this is one of those times.


* Gitmo: A Jihad hugging rapper has released a YouTube video of himself being force-fed. This was done to bring attention to the force feeding of Gitmo detainees that have been on a hunger strike. The terrorists still in detention are the worst of the original prisoners. Of the over 600 prisoners released from U.S. custody 25% have been confirmed to have returned to Jihad against us and our allies. Our military has bent over backwards to appease the Gitmo prisoners including painting an arrow in each cells which points to Mecca. They receive prayer rugs, Qurans, Halal meals, recreation and entertainment. We are now force feeding those have been on a hunger strike. This practice should stop. You can't win with bleeding heart liberals or our enemies, force feeding is being equated to torture. If these miscreants want to starve to death we shouldn't stand in their way. Let them meet their maker early and thereby reduce the number of terrorist we have to baby sit.

* BenghaziGate: 10 Months and counting. The cover-up continues and no terrorists have been brought to justice. Meanwhile the independent film maker still sits in jail.


* Abortion: The Texas House of Representatives approved a ban on abortions after 20 weeks and improved safety requirements for existing abortion clinics to protect both the life of the mother and child. An abortion stops a beating heart and even before 20 weeks the result is the killing of an unborn child. Baby killing advocates are up in arms saying such ignorant things as Republicans are taking them back to the dark ages. Really? You're still allowed to kill babies before 20 weeks and you're complaining because you can't kill them up until their date of birth. If a pregnant woman is murdered or killed in an automobile accident it's considered a double killing, regardless of the length of the pregnancy. Why is that unborn child considered a human being but not the one which is aborted? These two cases do not reconcile. These same radical thinking abortion supporters approve of late term abortions where babies are manipulated in the womb in order to pull the body out while leaving the head inside. Then the abortionist sucks the baby's brain out through the back of the skull while the baby kicks for his life. This evil procedure takes place across the country and is as barbaric as an Islamic terrorist beheading an infidel. A unborn child is not an old pair of shoes that can be discarded carelessly. An unborn child is not an inconvenience, it does not ask to be conceived, but if he could talk, he would ask for a chance, his own choice, a choice of life.


* Lynching: The other day I overheard a conversation about the Martin-Zimmerman case. A video of Zimmerman was playing and the question asked was, "Who is that?" The answer came back, "That's the white guy who murdered the black kid." There you have the case in a nutshell. If you take race and political correctness away, this case is a simple one. One guy jumps the other and proceeds to beat the living hell out of him. The attacker (Martin) breaks the jumpee's nose (Zimmerman) as he cold cocked him on the first punch. He then sits on top of him beating his head on the sidewalk and punching him repeatedly. Martin was 6'2" and over 200 pounds, Zimmerman 5'9" and under 200 pounds. There is conflicting testimony as to the screams for help overheard in a 911 call but if you think of this logically, who would be yelling for help, the person doing the beating or the person being beat? Not too hard to come to a conclusion that Zimmerman would have been the one screaming. As they struggle, Zimmerman fearing for his life pulled out his holstered gun and shot Martin. With no race involved, that's the story and evidence, self defense. Enter a politically and media driven lynching calling it a "white Hispanic" killing of a black kid and your turn things upside down. Young pictures of Martin are plastered across the world as Zimmerman is tried in the court of public opinion. Regardless of the evidence and result of the jury trial, minds have already been made up. If disturbances and injuries result after Zimmerman is found not guilty, those injuries will be a direct reaction to the media and political witch hunt.

Correction: Martin's and Zimmerman's weights were both equal in the 170's.


* Morsi: Egypt's Morsi was elected by the Egyptian people after The Obama supported Arab Spring forced Mubarak from power in 2011. At that time The Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood and called for Mubarak to step down. During the recent uprising The Obama refused to call for Morsi to step down and even after the Egyptian army took control he called on the Army to return power to the "Democratically" elected civilian government. He was calling for control to be given back to the very people that abused their power which lead to the current crisis. The problem with tyrants is after they gain power they change the rules in order to stay in power. Morsi did just that. He changed the Egyptian Constitution under which he was elected and was leading a systematic purge of Egyptian society in favor of Islamic rule and Shariah law. The people had enough and called on the army to take control. Our president again was on the wrong side of the issue. History keeps showing that the best interest of our country does not coincide with that of The Obama and his world view. Whether it's end runs around Congress, targeting of political foes via the IRS or infringing on the first amendment, this president is an obstacle to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."


On eagles wings we'll maintain our God given rights and Constitutionally guaranteed liberty!

Happy Birthday America


* ObamaCare: The government takeover of our healthcare system, known as ObamaCare, is such a great deal that The Obama administration has to intimidate companies to support it and now is paying schools to brainwash their students. Students are being instructed in the "wonders" of ObamaCare for the purpose of "educating" their parents. After all, parents are too stupid to be able to determine for themselves that ObamaCare is in their best interest. As Blinky Pelosi once said, you have to pass the law so we can see what's in it. The more we see the more we dislike and this explains why architects of the bill, like Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), are calling ObamaCare a train wreck. The White House has just announced that a principle component of ObamaCare, the employer mandate, which was scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2014 will be postponed until 2015. This is largely being done to assist Democrats in their 2014 elections. Who wants to defend ObamaCare? Obviously not to many, including now, The Obama regime.

* FPOTUS: During the 2008 presidential campaign when The Obama was nominated by the Democrat party, Michelle Obama said for the first time in her life she was proud of her country. Forget about cures for diseases, liberating millions during WWII, putting a man on the moon, it was a nomination that made her proud. Now she's been in the White House for fives years and tells the public during an interview in Africa that she feels like a prisoner in the White House. Forget the largest personal staff of any first lady in history and the multi-million dollar vacations, she's a prisoner. For that she has earned the title of First Prisoner of The United States (FPOTUS). Can't wait until this prisoner is released from her bondage!


* Egypt: The Egyptian people are coming to their senses. President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have taken a path towards the Islamization of Egypt that is counter to it's history and destructive of its economy. When Morsi expanded his powers unilaterally the Egyptian people revolted and Morsi was forced to rescind those orders. That was just an act of political appeasement while at the same time the Morsi government continued it's march towards a Shariah driven Islamization of their country. Now the people have had enough and are demanding Morsi's resignation. 10 Million anti-Morsi Egyptians have take to the streets to protest his strong armed takeover and have vowed to stay until either he resigns or the military takes control. Military leadership has given Morsi 48 hours to comes to terms with the demonstrators or they will step in. It's nice to see that amidst the radicalization of the Arab Spring that commons sense and freedom is still alive in the hearts of the Egyptian people.


* Africa: While on his Africa tour The Obama pledged $7 billion in aid to provide electricity to sub-Saharan Africa while at the same time warning Africans to be wary of exploitation by countries, including the United States. He also apologized for past deeds showing again his disdain for American history and power. While speaking at the University of Capetown in South Africa he said, “We want to unleash the power of entrepreneurship and markets to create opportunity here in Africa.” How about unleashing the power of entrepreneurship and markets here? His regulations and executive orders have crippled American entrepreneurship and markets not to mentioned the economic damage already being done by ObamaCare. At a time when our debt is approaching $17 Trillion and annual deficits run over $1 Trillion if we have $7 Billion for infrastructure we should be spending it here. Once again The Obama is showing that it's not his words but his actions you need to watch.


* Gang of 8: The Senate passed the Gang of 8 immigration reform bill yesterday. A twelve hundred page bill which has not been read by most of the Senators who voted for it. Enough of these gang bills where bad laws are crammed down the throats of the American people. We elect our representatives to fix problems not add to them. They should go through the normal debate and amendment process rather than form these little old boy groups and strong arm legislation. The gang's bill is much of the same we've had before, amnesty now in exchange for promised border security later, plus plenty of pork to go around. We've fallen for this before and would have to be complete idiots to fall for it again (we are talking about Congress so that's not too far fetched). The key word used by many immigration bill supporters is "comprehensive." Comprehensive is code for amnesty. We do have problems with illegal immigration and those problems begin with border security. Problems continue with us not having the enforcement capability or will to deal with those that come here legally and overstay their visas. These problems need to be addressed and fixed before any long term solution for the illegal's currently here can be resolved. Immigration is being treated much like health care was. Instead of fixing the individual problem areas we throw out the whole system and end up replacing it with a much worse and convoluted monstrosity. If you have a flat tire on your car you fix it, you don't get a new car. Let's fix the border first, then we can move on to the rest. It's about national and economic security, take the politics out and then the pieces will fall into place.


* SCOTUS: Once again the black robes overturn the will of the people. The people's representatives, Congress, passed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the robes butchered it. Trampling on the basis of society as a marriage being between one man and one woman, the robes decided that this thinking was bigoted. In the California Prop 8 case they punted by saying that the Prop 8 defendants did not have "standing" to defend the statue. Prop 8 was a CA voter passed referendum defining marriage to be between one man and one woman. The liberal CA administration of Jerry Brown refused to defend Prop 8. For this reason the robes sent the case back to the lower courts essentially killing Prop 8. The Obama administration refused to uphold DOMA and refused to defend it before the court yet this case was taken. If marriage is not between one man and one woman why not between one man and ten women or one woman and ten men? Why not between one man and one goat? Marriage is not a right, it is a sacrament. People who enter into a legally binding contract such as a civil union should have all the protection anyone else receives. Marriage should not be in the tax code. Civil unions and marriages should be equal under the law for financial reasons but they are not equal under our religious principles. The basic building block of a society is the family and the basic building block of a family is a marriage between one man and one woman. Destroy this basis and you plant the seed for society's destruction.


* Voting Rights: The Supreme Court struck down parts of the 1960's Voting Rights Act. It was immediately met with anger from the usual race card trumping progressives. How long until we can see the content of the character instead of the color of the skin? We have a black president, black Attorney General but yet we still need a voting rights act? When can we just be Americans and not hyphenated Americans? AG Holder also echoed The Obama by saying he was deeply, very deeply disappointed in the SCOTUS. For equality to work we need to stop the inequality of discrimination in any form. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination. The Obama is still fighting the colonialists of his father's dreams so there is no reason to him to discontinue his divisiveness.

* EPA: EPA, the new IRS! Who needs Congress The Obama can just achieve his madness with executive orders and the EPA. Appeasing the AlGore loony tunes, The Obama announced new executive orders bypassing Congress and essentially declaring war on coal. Stating settled science which is neither settled nor science, if it meets his ideological make belief fantasies. Forget new jobs, we'll just cripple coal power plants that provide most of our power and watch as energy prices go through the roof. That will be great for business, if you believe in the tooth fairy. Another diversion to take focus off The Obama scandals: BenghaziGate - IRS - DOJ - NSA - EPA.


* Snitching: In October of 2011 The Obama signed an executive order which requires government agencies to implement insider threat detection and prevention programs. In essence what this order does is turn every government employee into a regime snitch by spying on his/her co-workers. Anything deemed "suspicious" by the employee is to be reported to their superiors. This is in line with the neighbor spying on neighbor push by this regime under the guise of helping prevent terrorist attacks. Under normal circumstances the snitching programs could be explained away but under this regime track record of targeting its political "enemies," it's another means by which The Obama regime can exploit their government power to intimidate and manipulate their opposition. Silencing their critics and increasing their stranglehold on power is the ends of which this process means to change how government is run. No longer a government of the people, by the people, it has become of the powerful for the powerful. Transformation in force and in our face.


* Amnesty: The gang of eight de facto amnesty immigration bill will be up for a vote in the Senate this afternoon. The bloated bill has been loaded with pork to go along with its false promises of border security. It's yet another bill which will be voted on before it has been read by most of the Senators voting. If you don't learn from history, you are bound to repeat its mistakes. We've been here before, made the same mistakes and now the gang of eight want to fool us into ignoring the past and trust them with the future. Democrats are salivating at the prospect of 11 Million new voters. Republicans are split between the need to secure the border first and the fear of alienating the Hispanic vote. The fact remains the 2012 election was not lost because of the Hispanic vote, it was lost because of the message, the messenger, MSM-Obama propaganda and voter fraud. The gang of eight bill does nothing to fix any of those areas. The bill should be sent back to the trash heap where it belongs. We have the means to secure the border and increase legal immigration. Secure the border and then, and only then can the status of the existing illegal aliens be debated and determined.


* The Obama: When scandals abound, stay above the fray, distract and divert attention. BenghaziGate is still a simmering wound that won't heal until the truth is told, the military leaders are aloud to talk and the decision to stand down is disclosed. IRS targeting of political enemies of the regime has yet to be thoroughly investigated and the 157 visits by the IRS commissioner to the White House have not been explained. NSA blanket spying on Americans. DOJ attacks on our first amendment by going after AP and FOX reporters has already had its desired results by silencing sources too afraid to put their careers on the line for fear of reprisals. It's the way third world tyrannies run, not what we would expect from our government. With all this as a background The Obama criticizes Catholic schools in Belfast, Ireland, announces our unilateral disarmament by reducing our nuclear capabilities by one third in Berlin, Germany as well as a renewed emphasis on attacking the imaginary threat of global warming. There has not been an increase in average global temperatures since 1979 and yet the global warming fanatics like The Obama continue to spout this nonsense and commit/waste tax payer funds towards the end of fixing a non problem. Growing government and wasting money is right in line with The Obama's transformative policies. The regime is going down in flames and The Obama is dancing around the campfire.


* Catholic Schools: While in Ireland for the G8 summit The Obama gave a speech Monday before a crowd of 2,000. In his speech he criticized Catholic schools for what he said fed into divisions in society. He was saying that religious schools, basically Christian schools cause society to polarize and therefore creates strife that leads to violence. Catholics schools teach religious principles of peace and forgiveness. This is in stark contrast to Islamic Madrasas which teach intolerance and violence as a means to a Muslim Caliphate. Don't hold your breath waiting for The Obama to use his same critique on the religious schools which do teach division and intolerance, that would not be politically correct or in line with his world view. Catholics are easy targets because they turn the other cheek, Muslims on the other hand, stab you in the cheek.


* Afghanistan: The Obama administration announced they will be meeting with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar tomorrow. This as the Taliban continue to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. There are many things that have gone wrong in Afghanistan, mostly due to our decisions and restrictions on our military. You cannot fight a war without the will to win it at all costs. War is hell and collateral damage is unavoidable but when you make that collateral damage the focus rather than the safety of our service men and women and the mission itself, you are in essence fulfilling the realization of your own defeat. The Afghan government has already been making overtures towards the Taliban in preparation for our withdrawal. The Obama regime is now doing the same as we are sealing the fate of the Afghan people. Instead of accepting our enemies surrender, like was done after World War II, we are now negotiating our own face saving surrender. This regime helped turn Egypt and Libya over to the Muslim Brotherhood, will be arming Al Qaeda rebels in Syria and will be surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban. Makes you wonder whose side The Obama is on. It's not his words, it's his actions.


* SCOTUS: Yesterday the Supreme Court came down on the side of voter fraud. Striking down the citizen approved Arizona Voter ID Law only serves to give voter fraud a pass. Federal voter registration forms which were intended to make registering to vote a simple process also makes its abuse the same. In the form the applicant signs a statement saying they are a citizen of the United States and are committing perjury if they are not. Voter fraud is alive and well as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck continue to elect our leaders. We have dead people voting, duplicate voting and voting by more voters than are registered in some precincts across the country. It's clear that this takes place and in many cases make a difference in the result. When a candidate is targeted by an organization like The Obama's ACORN, we see anomalies that can only be explained by massive voter fraud. The Supreme court has now stated that Arizona cannot require identification to show that the registrant is qualified to register. No proof required to register, no ID required to vote, what good is the citizenship requirement then if it can't be verified and ID's are not required when voting? You need an ID to buy beer but not to elect a president. The dumbing down of America continues…


* Rubio: Sen. Marco Rubio has sold out. Before the so called Gang of 8, he was insistent on border security as the prerequisite for any immigration reform. Now he says we need to legalize immigrants (notice he doesn't call them illegal immigrants) first so they can pay for border security. That's some truly twisted logic. Interviewed on a Spanish network show last week he stated that first comes legalization then border security. All this while airing political commercials which clearly state the opposite. Who's playing games here? Why don't we release bank robbers from jail so they can get a job and pay for bank security? Makes perfect sense using Rubio's logic. Facts are that we do have a broken immigrations system and the main reason for this is the failed promises of border enforcement the last time we went through this song and dance. Reagan fell for immigration reform/amnesty in exchange for securing the borders later. The later never came. We are now being asked by Rubio and others that this time we can trust them. At a time when our federal government is trampling on our Constitution, trust is the last thing we can rely on. Secure the border first then, and only then, will we be able to trust that a program can be implemented to deal with the illegal's that are in the country now.


* Syria: The Obama's red line was a mistake when he first brought it up and it's still a mistake now. We cannot police conflicts like these when our specific national interest is not on the line. The Syrian government is evil but so are the ragtag rebels they are fighting. On the side of the government we have the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah, on the other side you have Al Qaeda and the rebels. The Obama is now committing American resources to the Al Qaeda rebels and considering a no-fly zone.  The Al Qaeda rebels are our enemies, providing them arms is not going to change their hate for us, it will only give them weapons they can use against use later. There is a concern that chemical and biological weapons could end up in the hands of Al Qaeda, what we should do is identify the stockpiles of those weapons and take them out. There's an old saying that when your enemies are fighting each other you should leave them alone. That's our best option.


* Trust: Normal lines of political opinions have been mixed up during the days following the NSA snooping revelations. We have some conservatives and libertarians siding with big government overreach while at the same time some far left groups, like the ACLU and progressive politicians, have been criticizing the big government snooping. Could this be another divide and conquer ploy? How can The Obama regime justify unprecedented data collection while at the same time stating that the war on terror is winding down. The two are mutually exclusive. A defense being consistently put out there by people supportive of the data collection is that all the government is doing is collecting raw data and not listening to calls or reading emails. Really? The same regime that told us the IRS was not targeting their political enemies and then blamed the targeting on a couple of rouge agents, that same regime deserves your trust? If you can believe and trust them then I have some swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you, don't worry, trust me, it will be dry someday. Before usurping the job of president, The Obama said he had issues with the Constitution because it was made up of negative rights. It limited what our government can do to us rather than state what our government should do for us. He has been circumventing this "unfortunate" obstacle to big government through executive orders whenever possible. His positions and ideology run counter to our founding documents and his actions prove his intentions. The Obama's NSA massive data grab is a violation of the fourth amendment no matter which way you try to spin it. Security does not serve us when we have to sacrifice our freedom for it!


* Spoogle: Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was in The Obama's pocket throughout the presidential election of 2012. It has come to light that Google is among the companies that have been providing the NSA with data on Americans search and browsing histories. Did Schmidt provide The Obama campaign valuable data during the campaign? They are now in an all out cover your arse mode to repair their reputation. When online on our personal computers or smart devices we assume and expect a certain amount of privacy. Although we should treat emails like post cards, we don't expect that our searches or browsing would be recorded and possibly used against us. NSA is storing all our phone records and movements, Spoogle (Google's new earned name) and others are providing online data. No longer can you consider even your home to be a private sanctuary. To put a layer of privacy between Spoogle and you we suggest you use ''. They use the Spoogle search engine but provide a buffer between you and Spoogle. It's time to take a stand against a federal government hell bent on authoritarian rule. We either reduce the size, scope, waste of big government and get back to Constitutional principles or we lose our way of life forever. It's time to decide and take a stand.


* Freedom: The Obama regime's NSA total data grab is PC gone amok. It's the same as the TSA strip searching grannies and little children. Instead of profiling they throw a blanket over the entire population of travelers in order to appease minorities and seem 'fair'. The NSA is acting in the same manner. They throw a blanket over all Americans with the guise of gathering 'data' to prevent another 9/11. What good did that do in Boston? In Boston we even had specific information from the Russian's that the Tsarnaev brothers should be looked at for terrorist ties. They warned the FBI, not once, but twice and still they were able to build and set off bombs. But their data is safe at the NSA. If more resources were targeted on the Tsarnaev's instead of on innocent Americans perhaps the outcome would have been different. Edward Snowden, the Booz Allen contractor which leaked the NSA information, broke the law and should be tried. He should have stayed here, sought protection from consul and brought this government's overreach to light through channels available here. Instead, he chose to go to China and become an international pawn thereby diminishing his credibility. The Obama regime is the government our Constitution warned us about. What good is freedom when you're not free?

* BenghaziGate: Nine months since the Benghazi terrorist attack and the terrorists are still at large. Who gave the stand-down order?


* Zettabyte: The NSA is in the process of completing a massive data storage center 25 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. This data center is believed to be able to store 5 Zettabytes of information. To give you an idea of what a Zettabyte is, imagine if all human speech since the dawn of time were put in text and stored. That speech could be stored in 5 Exabytes of storage. A Zettabyte is 1,000 Exabytes. We've seen how government officials can abuse their power when they take capabilities and focus them on their political enemies. Case in point, the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups. When targeted information gathering takes place, with stringent safeguards, it can be beneficial to our national security. When this capability is abused to the point where blanket information gathering takes place, they have gone to far. Our right to privacy has been violated in the name of security. The 4th Amendment protects this right as it states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." We have an expectation and right to privacy. We cannot condone a government that tramples on this right. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he stated: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."


* Overload: Americans love an underdog. The Obama regime are like rabbits giving birth to a new scandal every time you turn around. Collecting phone records of ALL Verizon customers is just the latest birth. What about the other phone carriers? It makes no sense that only Verizon would have been singled out. But wait, there's more, there's Google, Apple, AOL, Yahoo and others. How can you reconcile the administration saying it's about protecting Americans from terrorist attack when at the same time the administration plays down the global war on terror and lets proven terrorist escape the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi? These records are not being used to monitor foreign calls or links but rather domestic activity across the board. It's a paranoid big government overreach and abuse of power. It's another step towards a big brother 1984 mentally on the road to serfdom. In your face appointments of Rice to be the top National Security advisor and an American history apologist, Samantha Power, to be UN Ambassador are meant to pile on. BenghaziGate remains at the center of the political storm but there's so much being thrown out that the focus is fading. Who made the call to stand down? The never ending Obama campaign is counting on Americans to start feeling sorry for the underdog, the poor president who is surrounded by incompetence and corruption for which he has no control or responsibility. He needs your support to clean it all up. When in actuality, the "underdog" is the leader of the pack.


* NSA: It was revealed through freedom of information act that The Obama's NSA obtained, through a secret court order, all phone records of Verizon customers. Over 129 Million American customers involved in this breach. This is an outrageous invasion of privacy by an outlaw regime. This makes the AP and FOX phone records stories pale in comparison. As is common for The Obama defenders this is just a continuation of Bush policies, it's Bush's fault. This tired old excuse doesn't hold water and never did. After 911, NSA targeted records of calls to known or suspected foreign numbers from US numbers. This was isolating possible terrorist links to known terror entities or areas of interest. What we have today with the Verizon records is a blanket attack on Americans freedom and right to privacy. It is domestic spying on steroids. Bush was concerned about the war on terror and links to terrorist groups. The Obama is concerned about American patriots gaining enough power to overthrow his outlaw regime. To him there is no war on terror only a war on liberty directed from and by the regime itself. This is just another piece of the puzzle coming together before our eyes. The alarm clock is ringing and it's time for Americans to wake up and fight the enemy within.


* Accountability: A word absent from the outlaw regime entrenched in DC. What is obviously wrongful conduct, if not outright criminal conduct, from outside the beltway is considered by The Obama regime as worthy of accolades and promotion. Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS manager in charge of the non-exempt applications department was promoted to head up the ObamaCare enforcement wing of the IRS. President Obama on Thursday nominated Victoria Nuland, Clinton's spokesperson at State, one of the officials primarily involved in the editing of the administration's talking points on Benghazi, to be the next assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. Now he is promoting Susan Rice, the UN ambassador who lied to the American people about the video being the cause of the Benghazi attack, almost a week after the terrorist stormed the Benghazi consulate and murdered four Americans, to be the top national security advisor. A position that does not require Senate confirmation. For carrying the administration's water and covering for The Obama, these bureaucrats are being promoted up the ladder of the regimes outlaw ranks.  It's like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


* Plouffe: The Obama's campaign strategist David Plouffe is in full attack the messenger mode. His target is chairman Issa after Issa made a comment on the Sunday talk shows calling Carnival Carney a "paid liar." Issa could have used normal double-speak phrases like misleading, not completely truthful, danced around the truth, wasn't forthcoming, factually incorrect, differs from reality, but instead he chose to call a spade a spade. Carney has been lying to the press and American people since becoming the press secretary, no matter what you call them, his words remain lies. The presidents henchmen and women are in full attack mode to deflect from The Obama's scandals. BenghaziGate, IRS and AP/FOX all lead to the Oval office and their job is to shield the president. The transparent administration is anything but that, they deny, plead ignorance and pass blame on others like it's second nature. The questions remain, on BenghaziGate: Who gave the stand down order? On IRS: How far up the food chain does the scandal go? On AP/FOX: An assault on the First Amendment, who orchestrated this attack? Plouffe, up in smoke!


* OFA:  The Obama campaign machine, having never stopped campaigning after the 2012 elections, is now in full defense mode. Obama for America, The Obama's political action committee magically transformed into Organizing for Action after the elections. The new group is a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit (supposedly not a political group). Interestingly, conservative groups like this type are the ones targeted by The Obama's IRS. It's unprecedented for a president to have a PAC acting on his behalf and basically pushing the presidents agenda through private non-profit, non-disclosure means. These operatives are now actively defending The Obama against the web of IRS deceit and complicity. They attack the messenger and call the scandal a political witch hunt about a couple of rouge agents in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their defense is that they're too smart to have developed such a stupid plan. It's obvious that the presidential wagons are being circled. There will not be a piece of paper with a presidential signature ordering the targeting that went on at the IRS but we do have video of speeches of The Obama demonizing his opponents as being criminal in nature and urging his supporters to "punish" their "enemies." There's a strong smell of smoke around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


* Shulman: Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House 157 times during The Obama regime. More than any other cabinet member by far. During the time period when the IRS was targeting conservative groups he visited 118 times. When asked about these visits during a house committee investigation he answered that a reason to visit was the Easter Egg Roll. A contemptuous reply from the head of a political rouge IRS. Targeting of this regimes enemies was not an isolated incident by a couple of agents it was a coordinated systematic abuse of power directed by the head of the snake. When the president tells his supporters that they must punish their enemies and then pretends to be shocked that targeting was going on it's beyond disbelief. The current scandals surrounding The Obama regime are not isolated incidents, they're not big government run amok, they are symptoms of a plan to transform our Republic. They are methods used in third world and Communist countries to control and enslave their people. They are foreign to our Constitution and principles and will therefore fail if we choose to enforce our laws. We cannot expect the very government that has abused our laws to investigate itself. This regime cannot stand on its principles because they have none.


* Carnival Carney: How can you possibly keep a straight face when listening to Carnival Carney defending The Obama regime? It's strikingly laughable. The daily press briefings have turned into a circus with carnival Carney leading the one ring show. It's like the White House spokesman lives in a administration bubble and no one in the room has access to information not specifically spoon fed by their propaganda machine. Questioned on Eric Holder's clearly false and misleading testimony before the house Judiciary Committee, Carney insisted that Holder was truthful because FOX reporter Rosen was not prosecuted. What Holder said under oath was that he didn't know of any such case and was opposed to such actions. In reality, he was involved in discussions of the Rosen case and personally signed off on it. They went as far as judge shopping to find a judge that would allow the warrant. This is the same Carney that said the White House only changed one word in the Benghazi talking points when in fact there were twelve revisions by State and the WH. How can you tell The Obama is lying? When his lips move. With Carney, you can tell he's lying when he walks in the room.


* Syria:  McCain spends Memorial Day with a "surprise" visit to the Syrian rebels, The Obama asks the Pentagon for plans to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria and Russia is sending advanced anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian government, what could possibly go wrong here? There are clear signs that AL-Qaeda is entrenched in Syrian rebel ranks so what the 'heck' are we doing supporting our enemy? The Syrian Assad regime is aligned with Iran and Hezbollah and supported by Russia, not a side we want to be on either. There's and old and proven policy for situations like these, if your enemies are fighting each other, step back and leave them alone. It's not a matter of picking the lesser of two evils, it's a matter of not picking either evil. We need to provide Israel every possible support while at the same time get our own house in order. The Obama regime has finally shown it's true colors as its socialist house of cards is crumbling before our eyes. Let's get to the bottom of BenghaziGate, IRS targeting and press manipulation and bring the guilty to justice. Only then will the government that survives have the moral standing to develop and articulate a cohesive foreign policy that makes our national security interests it's primary goal.


* Believe: Honoring our fallen heroes, the president laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia yesterday. He then gave a respectful, well written and delivered speech. One of the few times he didn't turn a speech opportunity into an attack on his opponents or a political song and dance. Unfortunately it's hard to listen to The Obama without the knowledge of his true intentions lurking near the surface of your thoughts. He talks of the brave sacrifice our military has made to protect our freedom but you can't help but think of his dereliction of duty when he abandoned the same military in Benghazi when they were under attack. He shows superficial respect while we're reminded of the Ft. Hood terror attack by Col. Hassan, while yelling out Allahu Akbar during his massacre, and then having the attacked labeled as "workplace violence." A designation that limits the support that the injured and survivors received after the attack. A visit to Oklahoma after the tornado disaster, Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery and today, a visit to the New Jersey site of hurricane Sandy's destruction, it's clear to see that the charm and distract offensive is in full swing. It's hard to attack someone you like, unfortunately for him, it's hard to like a liar intent on transforming your way of life.


Memorial Day 2013

We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country protecting our freedom!

Arlington National Cemetery


* Diversion: A Thursday foreign policy diatribe to divert attention from the regimes scandals played out yesterday, compliments of The Obama himself. Timed to change the subject on the eve of a holiday weekend, the intention was transparent. He downplayed the war on terror as if it were a thing of the past, something we overcame a long time ago. Memo to The Obama, misrepresentation of the facts does not make the obvious global Islamic war go away. Ignorance in the face of a determined and ruthless enemy does not change the facts. Weakness emboldens our enemies, it doesn't lessen their desire to destroy you. Overseas contingency, workplace violence, lone wolf, like an ostrich sticks it's head in the sand this president sticks his were the sun doesn't shine. Showcasing his pathetic weakness and appeasement will not distract from his incompetence and complicity in the IRS targeting, the DOJ trampling of the first amendment and specially the BenghaziGate betrayal.


* Savages: An unarmed British soldier was butchered to death in broad daylight in front of a primarily Muslim crowd yesterday. Woolwich Common, a low income community in London made up mainly of Muslims with over 80% dependency on public assistance, was the scene of the attack. These communities are a scourge across England and Europe as well. Their goal is not to assimilate, it's to annihilate. They don't migrate for the sake of their families and freedom, they migrate for the sake of furthering their Islamic ideology and caliphate. It's like a cancer metastasizing itself in the heart of the western world. Liberal immigration policies and guilt driven politically correct appeasement is leading European socialist countries to the slaughter. The war between these Islamists and us is not just a battle of territory, it's a battle for civilization itself. We see it happening in the U.S. in places such as Detroit. Indifference toward Shariah Law and capitulation to a radical political system masquerading as a peaceful religion, which is incapable of coexistence with others, will only lead to misery and slavery. War was declared on the civilized world and that world must fight fact with at least the same ruthlessness as is being applied by our enemies or be prepared to be overrun by the plight of Islam for a thousand years of darkness.

* Gitmo: The Obama is back on the close Gitmo bandwagon. Over 28% of released Gitmo prisoners of war have gone back to the battlefield to take arms against us and our allies and kill again. They are not criminals awaiting trials, they are prisoners awaiting the end of the war. Until their Islamic war ends they should continue to be held in a prison camp and as far away from a court as possible.


* Rouge WH: Lois Lerner, IRS director of tax exempt organizations, is taking the 5th amendment against self incrimination during today's Congressional hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Ms. Lerner said, " I have not broken the law, I have not done anything wrong," then refused to answer any questions after given her opening statement. The Obama said he first heard of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, specially Tea Party groups, from news reports. Coming from a narcissist who is always declaring the he is in control and personally responsible for events that shine kindly on his administration, he is likewise always ignorant and out of the loop when his regime is caught with their hands in the cookie jar. After supposedly learning of the IRS targeting on the news the WH blamed two rouge agents in Cincinnati, OH. Even though the IRS reports to the Secretary of Treasury, through a deputy, they expect us to believe that the information did not get to the Secretary and then the president. The Obama and his campaign demonized conservative groups, particularly Tea Party groups, and then expect us to believe that their administration was not involved in targeting their political foes. The very same targeting that limited those groups from fully participating in the presidential election which may have made a difference in its outcome. Limiting dissenting voices through IRS intimidation and delay was their intention and the outcome reflects their success. Ignorance is no excuse. The fish rots from the head, and the head is camped out in the rouge White House.


* Tea Party: After the Tea Party's great showing in the midterm elections of 2010 many of us were at a loss as to why they didn't have the same presence in the 2012 elections. Now we know why. The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS wasn't an isolated incident carried out by "rouge" agents. It was a systematic effort, orchestrated from the top to silence or severely cripple the opposition's political voices. As Tea Party type groups attempted to register as 501(c)(4)'s to fully participate in the political process, they met with targeted resistance and man made obstacles that unfairly targeted them and left liberal/progressive groups alone. The IRS interrogation included questions as out of bounds as asking one group what their members pray about. A conservative book club was asked to write book reports on the books they read. This and more was done to prevent conservative groups from getting out the vote. This is as damaging as voter fraud because it seeks to silence Constitutionally protected speech and limit your Constitutional right to vote. This outlaw regime has stooped to new lows in American politics by abusing the power that American citizens have entrusted them with. This kind of lust for power and control is taken for granted in Communist countries but it's incompatible with our Republic and Constitution. The Obama likes to talk of red lines, in this case, he has crossed our red line. From the dereliction of duty in Benghazi to the IRS and press attacks on AP and FOX, the lines are drawn.


* BenghaziGate: When your 'enemy' is getting close to the jugular you do anything within your power to survive, in the BenghaziGate case, you divert attention. As bad as the IRS targeting conservative groups story is, it's just a diversion to get the spotlight off the Benghazi terrorist attack, cover-up and dereliction of duty. A planted questions was asked of Lois Lerner, IRS director of tax exempt organizations, which prompted her to apologize for the IRS targeting of these groups. The question came at a May 10 American Bar Association conference by Cela Roady, a Washington lawyer in private practice. Roady said she received a call from Lerner the day before the conference requesting that she ask a question about tax exempt groups. In a statement obtained by ABC News Roady said, “I received a call from Lois Lerner, who told me that she wanted to address an issue after her prepared remarks at the [American Bar Association] Tax Section’s Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting, and asked if I would pose a question to her after her remarks." Logic would dictate that the IRS would not put itself in the cross hairs if there wasn't a good reason to do so. The reason is clear, orders must have come in from the White House to divert the pitch-forked mobs away from the gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The diversion worked. The vast majority of reporting this past week was focused on the IRS scandal, BenghaziGate was relegated to the back pages. The president can claim ignorance and distance from the IRS political targeting of the regimes enemies, even after The Obama demonized those same groups the IRS targeted by saying things like we need to punish our enemies. But the Benghazi questions remain and lead right to The Obama himself. When Bin Laden was taken out, The Obama spiked the football repeatedly and released a situation room photo of himself, Clinton, advisors and joint chiefs. Where's the Benghazi situation room photo? Where was The Obama when four Americans were being murdered? Who gave the stand down order? Who pushed the video? As bad as the IRS scandal is and as bad as the AP and now FOX first amendment issues are, Benghazi goes right to the heart of the beast. The nest of the machine intent on the transformation of our Republic and appeasement of our Islamic enemies, is securely entrenched in the White House bunkers.



* Rice: According to a report in Foreign Policy it looks like Susan Rice is going to be rewarded for her service in the BenghaziGate cover-up. She is to be named National Security Advisor after the current one, Tom Donilon, leaves his post. Let's see if we have this right, if she intentionally lied to the American people by appearing on five network news shows blaming a video for the Benghazi attack, then she deserves a promotion for helping The Obama win re-election by duping the public. If she didn't intentionally lie but instead was either gullible or ignorant then she deserves a promotion because she would fit right in with the rest of the gullible and ignorant in the administration. Makes perfect sense to us.

* Miller: Acting IRS chief Steven Miller explaining the IRS "grouping" of conservative groups for tax exempt approval was done to expedite their processing. He explains that groups involved in political activity needed more scrutiny. Those groups which contained words in their application such as tea party, patriots, constitution, and conservative were signaled out. He said that this was not done for political reasons. Interesting how groups with keywords like progressive, democrat or union were not signaled out. Nothing to see here, move along please. We also learned from Mr. Miller that Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS manager in charge of the non-exempt applications department was promoted by Miller to head up the ObamaCare enforcement wing of the IRS. What could possibly go wrong with this picture? Corruption, politically motivated persecution and incompetence, fits right into The Obama regime mold.


* Dump: Yesterday, one hour before the president made a statement on the IRS scandal, the White House released 100 pages of emails concerning Benghazi. The manipulation and sideshows would be comical if they weren't so serious. There are most certainly many more emails that have yet to see the light of day but with what was released, you can clearly see that the White House has been lying about their involvement in changing the Benghazi talking points. The culture of corruption at The Obama administration flows from the top down and the top is The Obama. He has even joked about having the IRS target his enemies and that's what they did. Government departments run by political appointees of the administration are an extension of the administrations will. These events are not surprising for Americans that have had serious reservations about this administration since its inception. Supporters of the administration have been so vested in its success that they have been blinded to facts that have been staring them in the face. They are finally starting to see the light. What other abuse of power is lurking just below the surface of this corrupt administration? Could the EPA be next? The IRS is to be the agency that enforces ObamaCare, can you trust them? These scandals are serious but are just distractions from the main event, the Benghazi cover-up for the sake of a presidential election and orders to stand down that lead to the murder of four Americans rest squarely at the feet of The Obama himself.


* Holder: Attorney General Eric Holder defended the seizure of AP phone records citing national security concerning a leak of information from an operation in Yemen. That operation was made public by AP during a time in the 2012 election cycle when the narrative of Al Qaeda on the run did not fit the leaked information that they were very much active and planning attacks on Americans. Leaked information about the Bin Laden raid, even though it revealed sensitive information, put SEALs in danger, led to the arrest of a Pakistani doctor who helped identify Bin Laden, was ignored by Holder and his In-Justice Department. The size and scope of the secret seizure of phone records is unprecedented and fits the pattern of the regime targeting people and organizations that are critical of them or do not tow the administration line. Meanwhile back on the farm, Carnival Carney continues his relentless lying and deflecting. His answers also fit a pattern, "Can't comment on an ongoing investigation," "We were not aware," "The president just found out from your reports," "It was an isolated incident," "Ask them," " IRS employee was appointed by Bush." Five failed years later and The Obama administration is still blaming Bush. The Tone and character of an administration is set and reinforced from the top, the president himself. The Obama is not aloof and out of the loop as he and his cronies pretend his is. He is a narcissistic community organizer with a Communist indoctrination who has promised to transform our country. Individually the current scandals can be analyzed and culpability determined, together though they paint a picture of a plan to undermine our republic. The end justifies their means and they mean to transform/destroy, the writing is on the wall.


* Liar-In-Chief: At yesterdays press availability with British Prime Minister Cameron, The Obama responded to a question on the IRS by saying "If it's true…" The IRS itself apologized for targeting conservatives on Friday so what does "If it's true" mean? They already admitted it! In response to a question on Benghazi he reacted with extreme arrogance and doubled down on his previous lies. To blatantly lie when there's an over abundance of evidence and records, including video of him completely contradicting himself is astonishing. He either thinks the American people are ignorant (he was re-elected so there may be some there there) or he is speaking directly to his lemming base who would follow him off a cliff if asked to. Later in the day the Associated Press announced that the In-Justice Department had obtained their phone records. IRS targeting their political opposition, AP phone records seized and BenghaziGate cover-up. This outlaw regime is showing it's true colors, the same colors many of us have been pointing out for years. For those who are finally seeing the light, it is an oncoming train, but welcome to the fight. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue it's a matter of the survival of our Constitutional Republic.


* Irony: A Friday afternoon dump, or is that apology, by the IRS has the media spinning. Admission by the IRS that they've been targeting Americans who are affiliated with groups whose keywords include Tea Party, Patriot, Conservative and Constitution should send a chill down everyone's back. This is government targeting and penalizing their critics for exercising their first amendment Constitutional rights. Undermining our Constitutional Republic with tactics such as these cannot stand. This coming from the same In-Justice Department which refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation after the 2008 presidential election shows a continuance of the same politically driven policies which plague the entire regime. The Obama administration would not volunteer this damaging information without a cause, their cause is simple, divert from the BenghaziGate cover-up investigation. In reality what this does is just reinforce the outlaw nature of this administration. Carnival Carney continues to lie about the talking points as more and more MSM lemmings are starting to jump ship. The Obama called on Navy SEALs to get Bin Laden and they responded, in Benghazi SEALs called on The Obama and he left them to die. The Irony of Benghazi is that if The Obama and Clinton would have done the right thing by responding to the cries for help from the doomed Americans and showed strength in the face of terror they would have breezed to reelection. Instead they had to resort to lies, distraction and covering up the truth. One important outstanding questions is was this a dereliction of duty and betrayal of trust or another appeasement to radical Islamists?  Today while Rome burns, Nero is back on the campaign trail as if nothing is happening. The Obama's propaganda propped-up deception is crumbling before our eyes, it's a beautiful sight as Liberty fights back.


* Disgraceful: Democrats, the MSM and late night comedians might as well be on the White House propaganda payroll. What happened in Benghazi and the cover-up that followed is a national disgrace that influenced a presidential election, left four Americans dead and these people are making fun of and attacking the messenger. To them it's not about facts and deception but rather about Republicans and FOX News insistence that the truth be told and those responsible be held accountable. They insist nothing new came out of the hearing on the 8th when the opposite is true. For the first time we heard testimony from witnesses that were on the ground in Libya and in the loop from Washington whose accounts differ from the lies being peddled by The Obama administration. We heard first hand that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with a demonstration. This is a complete contradiction to Clinton's testimony and the White House story line after the attack. We also learned that military assets were in Tripoli ready to deploy and they were told to stand down. This is contrary to the White House story as well. We learned that Clinton spoke to Hick's on the phone at 2am the night of the attack and know at that time that it was a terrorist attack and not a demonstration or some guys out for a walk with RPG's! The stonewalling by the White House and their cronies is starting to unravel.


* WHO: The BenghaziGate scandal is beginning to unravel thanks to brave American whistle-blowers. Eric Nordstrom, former regional security officer in Libya, Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya and Mark Thompson, Deputy Coordinator for Operations in the Bureau of Counterterrorism. Mark leads the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST), a joint forces team set up precisely for situations like what took place in Benghazi. Early in the Benghazi attack Thompson tried to get his team mobilized and was told by the White House that FEST was taken off the table. WHO made that call? Nordstrom detailed how his requests for additional security for the Benghazi Consulate were repeatedly denied. Hicks explained that a team of special ops in Tripoli were set to leave for Benghazi to assist but were told to stand down. WHO made that call? Hicks also described how he was instructed by senior State Department officials to not talk to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah alone. He was only to meet with the State's lawyer present. When that lawyer was kept out of a meeting with Chaffetz because he didn't have the required clearance, Secretary Clinton's chief of staff called Hicks and read him the riot act. This would not have been done without Clinton's knowledge. Hicks also reported that in a telephone call with the late Ambassador Stevens, Stevens told him they were under attack. There was no mention of any demonstration as was the administration's outright made up scenario during the cover-up. Military assets were told to stand down, WHO made that call? Democrats on the committee kept trumpeting their talking points by blaming Republicans for budget cuts and calling the hearings politically motivated. What was politically motivated was the Benghazi response and cover-up to manipulate public opinion six weeks before a presidential election. WHO has the power over State and military? White House Obama!!!


* BenghaziGate: After almost eight months of stonewalling and outright lying by The Obama and his administration, Darrell Issa's House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is finally going to hear from silenced voices of what really happened on the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack. The administration, MSM and Democrat propaganda machine call it a political witch hunt, we call it pulling away the layers of camouflage to finally reveal the truth. Response to assist our people during the attack was told to stand down, who gave those orders? Politicians like former Defense Secretary Panetta say that response wouldn't have gotten there in time and that their policy is to never send assets into a battle without knowing what they will be facing. Those are the two main excuses used for abandoning and thereby sentencing four Americans to death. First off, how do you know they wouldn't have gotten there in time if you didn't know how long the attack was going to last? Secondly, our special forces are trained to enter precisely the type of battles that Benghazi entailed. Pushing a false narrative with a video to deflect from a terrorist attack while downplaying the attack for the purpose of influencing a presidential election is what the BenghaziGate cover-up was all about. We owe it to the fallen Americans, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, U.S. Navy SEALs - Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods to get to the bottom of the national disgrace known as BenghaziGate!


* Ohio State: The Obama gave Ohio State's commencement address in a shocking display of narcissistic hypocrisy. Here's part of what he said, "You've grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that's at the root of all our problems. Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works. They warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can't be trusted." He's talking to graduates most of whom are in their early 20's and telling them not to trust anyone that complains about the government, warns of tyranny and is concerned of the uncontrolled expansion of the federal state. Those people he's warning them not to listen to are their parents! It's classic divide and conquer. Don't trust those you've been trusting but rather trust me, your fearless leader, I have your best interest in mind and will take care of you, like Julia, cradle to grave. Blah, blah, blah. Demagoguery hogwash from the master himself. Tyranny is always lurking around the corner, it takes an informed electorate to shed the light on imposters posing as your friend. Liberty is the ability to choose, freedom is the result of making the right choice!


* 3am Call: During the 2008 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton aired a political ad against The Obama about a hypothetical 3am call. In the heated Democrat primary she charged that The Obama didn't have the background and experience to handle an emergency situation if he were to be elected president. The insinuation was that she did have the experience necessary. History, through the Benghazi terrorist attack, has proven that both of them failed miserably at the 3am call scenario. Not only did they fail but they are guilty of leaving four Americans to die and of comminting election fraud on the American people. Changing talking points and manipulating public opnion in the run up to the 2012 election was at the heart of the lies and false narrative given. Six weeks before the election The Obama regime was pushing the "GM is alive and Bin Ladin is dead" mantra. According to Ms. Clinton, what difference does it make? According to White House spokesman Carney, it happened a long time ago. It matters a great deal Ms. Clinton, four Americans are dead and eight months is a long time, a long time to continue to lie and cover-up the Benghazi terrorist attack and the people involved in the cover-up.


* Police State: Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has been awarded $1 Million by the state of Florida for a new crime prevention unit. The focus of this unit is to take leads from citizens who suspect their neighbors of being anti-government. These are the kind of tactics that are common place in Communist countries like Cuba. There you have 'block captains' that report 'suspicious' behavior to the government. In Cuba they don't have our first amendment but it seems it's not relevant in Palm Beach County either. Under the guise of preventing violence the sheriffs office is pitting Americans against each other in a politically correct strategy of government sanctioned harassment. The Constitution be dammed, this is creeping loss of privacy heading towards a government sanctioned police state. Resisdents in Palm Beach County should be outraged but only time will tell how far down that road to serfdom we've gone down. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Amen!


* GITMO: During Tuesday's press conference The Obama reiterated his desire to close GITMO stating that detainees there have been held for a long time without a trial. News for the clueless, they are prisoners of war and can be detained until the war is over! They are not simple criminals that robbed your local grocery store, they have blood on their hands. Over 20% of the 500 prisoners released have gone back to the battlefield taking arms against us and our allies. At every turn this administration emphasizes religious tolerance cramming Islamic PC policies down our throats while at the same time demeaning Christians. The Pentagon released a statement saying, "Religious proselytizing is not permitted within the Department of Defense...Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis...” This administration classifies a terrorist murdering rampage by an Islamic monster, Col. Hassan, as workplace violence as he murdered unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood while yelling out Allahu Akbar and stops the interrogation of the Boston bomber, reading him his Miranda rights. They ignore the war around them and focus on our gun rights and supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants. They are threatening Christians while at the same time teaching Muslim tolerance and understanding to our military. They show their support for a political system masquerading as a religion while at the same time condemning Christianity which is the basis of our Constitution and society. It is much easier to deal with an enemy in the field of battle than an enemy within your midst.


* Whistle-Blower: The Obama held an impromptu press conference yesterday without an opening statement. Very unusual for a press conference not to open with a statement as these events usually are in response to some pending issue. In yesterdays event it seems the purpose was to deny any knowledge of the intimidation by his administration of witnesses in the BenghaziGate affair. In response to a question by FNC's Ed Henry The Obama said, "I'm not familiar with this notion that anybody's been blocked from testifying, so what I'll do is I will find out what exactly you're referring to." All other questions were answered in his usual misleading rambling style but the whistle-blower one was answered with denial of knowledge. This was the reason for the news conference. It was a way for The Obama to distance himself from the harassment on government employees which want to shed light on the tragedy of Benghazi and this administrations involvement in its cover-up. Former Senate Intelligence Committee Republican counsel Victoria Toensing is attempting to bring at least one of the witnesses forward but is being resisted by the administration and State Department. Rights are being violated and together with chairman Issa, Victoria Toensing will prevail in peeling the cloak off the incompetence and election fraud that is part of the BenghaziGate disaster.


* Red Line: The Obama has said that if Syria used chemical weapons on their citizens that would cross a red line which would cause a response from us. Last week Defense Secretary Hagel said that Syria had used chemical weapons, this week Hagel said we don't know for sure. Today The Obama reiterated that we don't know who used chemical weapons. Big picture is weakness from the top down. We're not calling for a military response but you put your national security at risk when you make blanket statements then turn away from them. Credibility is at the heart of respect and trust, this administration has neither. Syria is not an easy issue, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is aligned with Syrian rebel groups. If we help the rebels are we helping our enemies? We know Syria has WMD's and we know Saddam Hussein's WMD's went to Syria, the red line shouldn't have been their use but rather their movement. You move them we take them out. Weakness from this administration only encourages and rewards our enemies.

* BenghaziGate: In today's press conference The Obama said he wasn't aware of any witnesses being denied the right to a lawyer and to speak out about the terrorist attack in Benghazi. This flies in the face of the facts, from congressional requests for these witlessness to have protection, to lawyers statements which are in stark contrast to The Obama's statements. Something smells of cover-up and we know where that smell is coming from!


* Holder: Injustice department head, Eric Holder, has issues with the Constitution's right to keep and bear arms and rights of unborn children but not with manufactured rights. He said to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund:  There is a right to citizenship as a matter of civil and human rights. The meaning here is clear, Holder and The Obama believe that illegal aliens have a right to become American citizens and by extension should then have a right to vote. It's about dependence on government and maintaining power in the Democrat party for generations to come. We are teetering on the verge of that 50% threshold of government dependency under which a society will vote for the politicians who delivers the most largess. A wave of illegal's gaining the ability to participate in the political process would accelerate our societal demise. We would then go by the way of other failed socialist states in history's trash heap of failed experiments. Time is running out to turn this runway train around.


* W: Yesterdays dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library and museum was a historic event. The five living presidents and their first ladies were on stage to honor 43 on this special day. President Carter was gracious in thanking president Bush for keeping his word and credited him with ending the conflict in Sudan in 2005. President Bush 41 gave a short but heartfelt speech after which he turned to his son and said, "too long?" With a typical grin on his face, his great sense of humor and his personality shun through. Clinton was gracious as well and said he's considered the black sheep of the Bush family. The Obama, in typical campaign mode, interjected politics into the event by bringing up the immigration issue. It was tacky and tasteless, not unlike the speaker himself. W then took the podium and dedicated the library to the American people. It was an emotional talk which had him tearing up at the end. President Bush teared up because his love of country is heart felt, for this he is criticized by the left. The level of love that the Bush family has for our country is in stark contrast to the level of contempt that the MSM displays on a daily basis. President Bush ended his speech with a statement which sums up his optimistic view of our great nation, he said, "I will always believe our nation's best days lie ahead." History will shed a good light on our 43rd president, congratulations!


* Terrorism: Refusing to call terror what it is only encourages more terror in return. Joe Foot-in-Mouth Biden was in full form yesterday at the funeral service for slain MIT police officer Sean Collier, he called the Boston bombers, "Knock-off Jihadis." This regime and the MSM are bending over backwards to rule out a "foreign" connection to the Boston bombing. Facts be dammed. The bomber brothers came from a Muslim terrorist hotbed around Chechnya, Russia. The older brother went back for a six month visit. Six months, does that sound like a vacation to you? Still no connection for the ignorant who wouldn't know a fact if it bit them in the A__. As John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." Like institutional violations of human rights are enshrined in some governments laws, as defined in the Benedi Doctrine, the Islamic war of terrorism on humanity is institutionalized in the acts of terror committed by Muslims throughout the world, in the name of Islam. Acts of terror, like the one in Boston, are not individual criminal acts but rather cowardly, murderous, global events in an asymmetric war waged in the name of a political system, masquerading as a "peaceful religion," intent on the destruction of civilization as we've known it.


* FAA: The Obama regime's policy to make the sequester as painful as possible is taking shape at the FAA. Across the country flights are being delayed due to cutbacks from air traffic control. The reason for these cut backs are supposedly the reduction in budget increases of a meager 2%. Budgets are still larger than last years but don't let that get in the way of political gamesmanship. The FAA could eliminate waste or move funds around to lessen the effect but it seems that impacting the public in order to blame Republicans is the end game the regime is after. Never mind that the sequester was The Obama's idea in the first place, it's all about politics and propaganda. White House tours cancelled, parks closed, flights delayed and more to come. The Obama regime is not about serving the American people, it's about self serving their political interests.


* PC Terror: The Obama warns not to jump to conclusions after the Boston terror bombing yet he jumps to conclusions at every opportunity when race is involved. When a black professor in Boston is caught breaking into his own house, The Obama jumps to conclusions and blames the police, remember the beer summit? When Travon Martin brutally attacks George Zimmerman and gets killed in return The Obama says he could have been his son. But when it comes to serial Muslim attacks his response is, "don't jump to conclusions." Muslim Col. Hasan cowardly murders his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood while yelling out Allahu Akbar, but don't jump to conclusions, after all, it's just 'workplace violence'. The Boston bombers were 'good' kids that went astray, what could have influenced them, don't jump to conclusions. Now the administration has decided to try the younger bomber in in criminal court and not designate him as an enemy combatant. In The Obama's book Audacity of Hope, he stated, "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in any ugly direction." Winds are shifting and it's becoming clearer where The Obama is standing.


* Kerry: September 11, 2012, four Americans murdered in a terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi. Hours of begging for help while that help was told to stand down. Who gave that order? Why was a false story of an Internet video used as an excuse by The Obama regime for the attack? Who orchestrated the cover-up? According to former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make?" And now, according to the current secretary of State John Kerry, "we got a lot more important things to move on to and get done." In response to questioning by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Kerry's full quote was, "Let's figure out what it is that's missing, if it's legitimate or if it isn't. I don't think anybody lied to anybody. And let's find out exactly, together, what happened, because we need -- we got a lot more important things to move on to and get done." We do have many important things to get to but when it comes to misleading the American people to influence a presidential election, covering up facts surrounding a terrorist attack that left an ambassador and three other Americans dead, it matters a great deal. BenghaziGate must not be brushed under the presidential rug, we need to shed light on it, watch the cockroaches scatter then bring justice to bear on those involved, both domestic and foreign.


* LIC: During The Obama's hissy fit after losing the gun control vote in the Senate, the Liar-in-Chief (LIC) called the NRA liars. Like Pinocchio on steroids, this president knows no shame when it comes to serial lying. He said NRA lied about the gun legislation leading to a national gun registry when in fact the presidents own advisors claim that in order for the proposed expanded background check system to work it would have to depend on a national gun registry. Ask Australian's how they feel about gun registries and gun confiscation. They went down this incremental road and were eventually forced to turn in their weapons, supposedly to reduce crime and for public safety. Since the confiscation there crime has gone up, home invasions have gone up and murders have gone up. The outcome of the Australian governments gun confiscation has lead to a disarming of the law abiding Australian people and making them defenseless prey to criminal elements in their country. Once down that road it is very difficult to reverse course. We cannot allow our current outlaw regime and their accomplices in the media and Congress to take us down this same path. Our future depends on it.


* Boston vs. Benghazi: The horrible attack in Boston (on U.S. soil) killing 3 and injuring almost 200 innocents has rightfully been covered by all media. With speculation as to the attackers identity increasing you get a sense that the MSM if praying for the guilty to be a white, middle aged, anti-government American male. This would fit their politically correct leanings. The horrible attack in Benghazi, Libya (on U.S. soil) killing 4 and injuring an undefined number of others was largely ignored by the media. There is some doubt as to the Boston attack, there was none as to the Benghazi one. Over 7 months after Benghazi and still no justice has been brought to those responsible and the cover-up continues. Improvised Explosive Device's (IED's) are the tool of the Muslim militant. Whatever the result of the investigation into the Boston attack, what is clear is, the Islamic terrorist war machine continues its march across the world as innocent people are ruthlessly destroyed in the name of a political system masquerading as a "peaceful" religion.


* Ricin: Speculation is varied as to who the terrorists are that cowardly murdered innocent American's in Boston on Monday. What is not in question is that the act is terrorism. Today we've learned that the deadly poison Ricin has been detected in letters sent to Senator Wicker and President Obama. Recalling the 9-11 Trade Center terrorist attack, it was soon followed by similar mailings, at that time it was Anthrax instead of Ricin. Coincidence? Unlikely, we've been at war with an Islamic Jihad fanatical movement intent on our destruction for many years now. Their main weapon is terror. They are cowardly cave dwellers that hide under their slaves burkas and children's diapers. They are ruthless and must be confronted in a ruthless matter in return. It is not yet certain as to who is responsible for this attack but we error on the side of blaming our enemies in the Islamic world who have chosen a path of carnage on their way to hell.


* Evil: There is no question that we have evil and good in this world. Evil showed its nature yesterday in Boston. A cool northeast day where thousands gathered and participated in an annual event on Patriots day was marred by the evil we face. Like the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, embassy bombings in the '90's, 9-11 2001, 9-11 2012 (Benghazi) and now Patriots Day in Boston, the evil we face is real and we need to start facing it and destroying it before it destroys us. We go out of our way to avoid innocents in retaliation for terrorist attacks on us and are demonized by the left and our enemies across the world. Our Islamic enemies specifically target innocents and we're still to blame for having caused them to do it. Enough of this! War cannot be cleansed in a washing machine. War is hell, and if you wish war on innocent Americans you should get nothing but the hell you desire in return. A correct response to an evil terrorist act like the one we just experienced is an all out destruction of terrorist camps where we know them to exist, regardless of casualties. War is hell, if our enemies wish to go to hell we should accommodate the bastards all the way!


* Tax Freedom: This years date at which the average American tax payer has met his tax obligation comes 5 days later than it did last year. From the beginning of this year to April 18th is Uncle Sam's paycheck, after the 18th it's yours. If this weren't bad enough there is no end in sight for curtailing big government's wasteful spending. The Obama budget calls for the same tax and spend policies that continue to cripple our economy. His budget raises taxes and cuts a meager $60 Billion over a 10 year period out of over $46 Trillion in spending. That's such a mismatch it's laughable. There is obviously no intention from this administration of correcting the economic path that we continue to stray down. They choose to deflect from their economic incompetence by going after gun control and parading grieving parents through media outlets. Easing their grief is not in this regimes intentions but rather to capitalize on a crisis to achieve an otherwise unachievable goal. Current proposed gun legislation would not have done anything to prevent the Sandy Hook massacre. Sandy Hook is just an excuse to further the gun control agenda towards a national registration then confiscation scheme. History is replete with examples of confiscation and the disastrous outcome for the cause of freedom of those affected. In 1774 the British oversaw registration of firearms, in 1775 they started confiscating, in 1776 we had a revolution. You either learn from history or you're bound to repeat its mistakes.


* Background Checks: The so called "gun show loophole" is a red herring meant to mislead and put second amendment supporters on defense. How could anyone possibly object to background checks? The problem with this argument is that background checks have already been happening at guns shows. What is not required is a background check for a private sale or gift of a gun between two individuals. Demanding that private individual sales be subjected to background checks is like demanding that private sales of cars be subjected to driving record checks of the buyer. If the buyer is a repeat DUI offender, could you be held responsible if you sold a car to someone with a record who then kills another driver on the road? Criminals don't submit to background checks, they steal their guns. Deranged individuals, like the killer at Sandy Hook, also steal the weapons they use to commit their atrocities. Thousands of gun control laws are already on the books, try enforcing them instead of passing feel good legislation that just adds to the hoops and hurdles law abiding citizens have to jump through. Our second amendment clearly states that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Liberal gun control zealots are all about infringing this basic right, the right which guarantees all others. We propose that anyone voting to further infringe our second amendment rights should be subject to their own background check and if they don't pass, they can't vote. We also propose that if a bill reaches the president's desk that he too be subjected to a background check before being allowed to sign it. If he fails this check then he can't sign, what a novel idea, since the president couldn't even pass an E-Verify check he wouldn't be able to further his gun control agenda!


* Collective: Seems progressives that keep trying to repeat failed policies and philosophies believe that maybe, just maybe, if they try hard enough the end result will be different than in the past. It's Einstein's definition of insanity. We remember Hillary's "It takes a village," then we had The Obama regime's "Life of Julia," a cradle to grave dependence on government for defenseless Julia. The latest is a carefully crafted public "diss-service" announcement by that jewel of journalistic integrity, MSNBC. Their message to Americans is that our children do not belong to their parents or families, they belong to the "collective." The collective is therefore responsible for their upbringing and care, big government nannies will be there every step of the way. Collective, Communism, stupidity, no matter which way you paint it, the failure remains the same. It stands to reason that the further our government moves away from or founding principles and liberty the closer we get to the collective disaster of histories failed experiments. It's a case of the collective blinding of common sense by politically correct, irrational propagandists.


* Guns: New York passed a gun confiscating act called the NY Safe Act of 2013, it was passed in January. New York State police has been confiscating guns from legal gun owners who have been reported to take anti-depressant medication. These gun owner's legal permits are being rescinded then their guns confiscated against their second and fourth amendment rights. The HIPPA act is also being trampled on as it was supposed to protect a patients health care information. Veterans who have a care taker have also been determined to be "incapacitated" and are having their guns confiscated as well. Foot-in-Mouth Biden jokes that black helicopters will be swooping down and taking your guns, this is no joking matter. Maybe it's not by helicopter but by state troopers, the end result is the same, government embarking on tyrannical confiscation of American's firearms. Totalitarian regimes throughout history have disarmed their people for obvious reasons but no one would have believed that it could happen here. Well, it is happening and it's up to our states to fight back before "we the people" have to.


* Margaret Thatcher: Strong willed and principled, she earned the nickname, "Iron Lady." She was much more than a politician, she was a lady of uncompromising character and moral conviction. She once said, "To me, consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies. So it is something in which no one believes and to which no one objects." She would negotiate and deal when necessary but never compromise on principles on matters that where of import to the British people. Holding steadfast on not abandoning the British Pound for the Euro is saving Brittan from the demise of the Euro today. Lady Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." Our world is much better off today for Lady Thatcher having been a part of it. We were doubly blessed for the tandem of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, together they helped change the world from one of Communism and malaise to one inspiring individual liberty and GOD given rights. The lady said, "I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph." On the economy she believed, "There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty." Perhaps you can sum up her life with this quote, "There is no such thing as society: there are individual men and women, and there are families." Lady Thatcher was one of a kind, we have been blessed to have had her leadership and guidance when we needed it most. May GOD bless the lady, her family, friends and all who believed in her.


* Biden: Foot-in-Mouth was back at it again this weekend. This time he said that what we need is a "new world order." Obviously a "new world order" is what The Obama regime has been working towards, a Soro's inspired socialist new world order where the United States is no longer a super power. After all, it's not fair. In their skewed world, the United States is the one percent of the world and therefore must be taken down a notch. They believe America is exceptional like Belgium is exceptional and France is exceptional. In other words there's no such thing as American exceptionalism. This is the leftist, statist, progressive mind set and a new world order is necessary to keep America in line. No longer would our interest come first but rather the new world order's would be paramount. We get mired in daily struggles with this outlaw regime, so much so that at times we loose sight of the big picture. Thanks to Foot-in-Mouth the big picture is clearer today than it was last week. Biden went on to say that he is considered to be the optimist in the White House, we respectfully disagree, an image of Bozo comes to mind.


* Jobs: Unemployment dropped to 7.6%. That is what The Obama regime will spin and the MSM will repeat. What you won't hear from them is that new jobs were expected to be over 200 Thousand but came in at only 88 Thousand, new unemployment claims were over 380 Thousand and another 663 Thousand dropped out of the workforce. There are now 90 Million Americans out of the workforce but to this White House the economy continues to improve. If it keeps improving like this we'll all be unemployed soon! With all this dreary economic news and The Obama looking to raise taxes even further the big picture continues to become clearer. Defeat by economic ruin is the intent of our enemies and the enemies are within.


* UN Treaty: The UN Small Arms Treaty. disguised as an anti-terror gun treaty to prevent proliferation of small arms throughout the world what it truly represents is a tool by which governments can register, control and confiscate small arms. It was opposed by the Bush administration but supported by The Obama regime. Hilarious Clinton also is a strong advocate for it. As is typical hypocrisy for the UN, Iran had been selected to be vice president of the treaty conference. Like Cuba chairing a UN Human Rights Commission, the UN is a waste of money and belongs on the trash heap of history along side the League of Nations. As The Obama anti second amendment campaign seems to be running into road blocks in the Senate, the UN Smalls Arms Treaty could be a way for anti-gun zealots to bypass the normal process and subjugate our second amendment rights to a foreign entity. Although a super majority would be needed to pass a treaty, the same super majority was supposed to be the case for the passage of ObamaCare but after Scott Brown won the vacant Kennedy seat and a super majority was not feasible, Dirty Harry Reid managed to pass it anyway with procedural gerrymandering and a simple majority. Could they play the same games with this treaty? It would be a way for them to defer responsibility. Not out of line for an increasingly lawless regime.


* Ben Carson: You know when someone is hitting a nerve when he causes a reaction. Dr. Ben Carson is doing so on both the left and the right. He speaks truth to fiction and talking heads are miffed. When Dr. Carson says that our tax policy in unfair, he is right. When he says that if taxes were 10% across the board, someone making $10 Billion dollars pays $1 Billion in taxes and someone making $10 dollars pays $1 in taxes, that's fair. The person making $10 Billion is paying $999 Million more than the person making $10, there's nothing wrong with that, that's fair. Everyone would have skin in the game. His thinking is too logical so Dr. Carson must be demonized. That's the MSM's reaction and as usual it's completely wrong. Dr. Carson is the freight train coming straight at the lost left and since they see the world through a prism of race and class they're hamstrung because Dr. Carson does not meet their definition of a conservative. Some say Dr. Carson is being over exposed, we say bring it on. We need Dr. Carson's common sense now more than ever!


* Brat: North Korea's new leader, with a bad bowl haircut, continues to trash talk. Thanks to the Clinton administration in the '90's, the dark country of North Korea has missile technology and nuclear weapons. They are a starving communist failure who lives by candle light and humanitarian aid. Their only export seems to be bull, which is something they have in abundance. The latest ratcheting of tensions by the young bowl cutted brat is primarily intended to achieve economic concessions from the west and respect from his slaves. Even a spoiled brat knows when to stop their tantrums and one would think this brat will as well. If you push back on the brat he will continue his tantrums in an never ending spiral of stupidity. You either smack him down or ignore him. At this point our best option is to quietly prepare but publically ignore this rambling fool. Answering his rants will only encourage his foolishness. Time to let the brat sulk in the corner.


* Border Security: Outlining Democrats immigration proposal, New York Senator Chuck Schumer lists "legalization" then border security followed by a path to citizenship. We've been down this road before and like the old saying goes, those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. In the 1980's Reagan fell for immigration reform masquerading as amnesty with a promise of securing the border afterwards. That didn't turn out well for our security, did it? Reality is somewhere between blanket amnesty and rounding up 12 million people and deporting them. Regardless of what a negotiated immigration solution becomes, securing the borders as a pre-requisite is non-negotiable. It's not just a matter of immigration, it's a matter of national security.



* DOMA: Marriage is between one man and one woman, period! It is the basic foundation of a family and the only natural way to raise children. Civil unions are another thing and perfectly acceptable. Government shouldn't be in the business of dictating one's personal behavior, whether you agree with that behavior or not. What the problem is today deals with our out of control tax code. Marriage does not belong in the tax code. We should not penalize singles or same sex people that choose to join in civil unions because of their personal choices. It is not the governments business.  The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is right in its definition of a marriage between a man and a woman, it's the only natural way of sustaining a family, society and country. The failure resides in the tax code. Just as we shouldn't penalize same sex individuals that choose to join into civil unions, we shouldn't penalize our basic family union, the marriage between a man and a woman.


* Carrey: A despicable parody video by Jim Carrey attacking Charlton Heston and our second amendments rights shows the ignorance and hypocrisy of the left. As they strut around with their bloated egos, protected by armed body guards, they deny the same protection to other Americans. In Carrey's warped opinion, gun owners are "heartless 'mutherf___rs' unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids." By 'bend' he means disarm or compromise on our basic right to self defense. No thought given as to why massacres occur in gun free zones. Liberals like Carrey choose to attack law abiding citizens defending their constitutional rights rather than going after gang violence and armed criminals intent on going after the defenseless. The true heartless are idiots like Carrey that deny the very kids he pretends to care about the defense they're entitled to.


* WH Tours: Total cost for White House tours for an entire year would be approximately $936,000, that's less than $1 Million. The Obama administration is sending another $500 Million to the Palestinians, pouring more money down a rat hole perhaps to be used to purchase more rockets to rain terror on Israeli cities. But still the peoples house is closed to the public. VP Joe Foot-in-mouth Biden's entourage to Paris ran up a hotel bill of $1 Million and limo service for staff of over $321 Thousand. Liberals will argue that these charges are customary and needed due to security and other considerations. To some extent, that argument holds up but what doesn't is the excesses. Does staff need limo service on their tour of Paris? Does the size of staff and family accompanying the VP need to be as large as they are? The answer to these questions would surely be no. The problem here is the elite political class and disrespect for the value of the taxpayers dollar. We are not in normal financial times yet this administration spends money like drunken sailors (no disrespect intended to drunken sailors, especially since they spend their own money). And still no White House Tours….


* DHS: The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase another 360,000 rounds of ammunition. The ammunitions is supposedly destined for a federal training facility in New Mexico. The same facility received 240,000 rounds of hollow point ammo last month. In total, DHS has purchased over 2 Billion rounds of ammo. Napolitano refuses to answer Congressional inquiries into the unprecedented purchases which have fueled conspiracy theories. The question remains, why doe DHS need so much ammo? Are they preparing for an anticipated breakdown of order or are they removing the shells from the market to limit the amount of shells available to the public? Are they for The Obama's national security force? Whatever the answer is, the fact remains that these purchases are not normal and accountability needs to be forced on the White House by Congress. The "most" transparent administration in history sure has a lot to hide!


* Sequester Stupidity: When asked about the release of illegal aliens, supposedly due to the sequester, Napolitano said that maybe a couple of hundred has been released. As it turned out, according to the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) John Morton, 2,228 illegal aliens were released. Many of whom were convicted on DUI charges. The release of these convicted illegal's was nothing more than a political ploy to stir public opinion against Republicans for wanting to cut spending. Even though the sequester was The Obama's idea and there weren't any real cuts but only cuts in the amount of budget increases, they went ahead with this dangerous action without any regard for the safety of the citizens in the areas where illegal's were released. DHS and ICE are now actively searching for the released convicts. The irony of this is that it cost more to find a fugitive than it does to keep him incarcerated. If they didn't have money to keep them in jail due to the sequester, then how do they have the extra money to hunt them down? Beware a government that would release convicts to make a political point. If they are willing to do that, what are they not capable of doing?


* Smoke-n-Mirrors: The Obama can sell a snowball to an Eskimo. He's a smooth talking snake oil salesman who has proven his talents through two presidential elections. A person with a questionable background shrouded in mystery and sealed documents, community agitator credentials can only be elected president through believable lies and a complicit media. Like in the U.S., Israeli's need to look beyond his rhetoric and focus on his actions. Israel is in a much more dangerous world now than when The Obama became president and much of those changes have been a direct result of his administration's foreign policy failures. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and North Africa, the abandonment of Iraq, failures in Afghanistan and weakness on Iran have threatened Israel's security not strengthened it as The Obama claims. He says Palestinians deserve a homeland of their own but fails to realize that the Palestinians believe that Israel IS their homeland. Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Israel has tried land for peace and what that has led to is less Israeli land and no peace. A White House video released on the eve of The Obama's trip to Israel repeatedly shows a map of Israel without parts of its current territory, including its capital. Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, northern Israel and areas surrounding the West Bank. The Map shows Jerusalem as not being part of Israel but part of the West Bank, the Golan Heights as being part of Syria and Northern Israel as part of Lebanon. Beware the smoke and mirrors that hide their true intentions.


* Branding: It's not a branding issue Republicans have, it's a propaganda one! The RNC has performed what they call an "autopsy" on the last election and their branding. An autopsy is performed on the dead, are they insinuating that the GOP is dead? The problem we had in the last election wasn't that we didn't get the word out it was that lies and propaganda were left unchallenged. It's clear that the MSM is firmly entrenched on the liberal side and will skew their reporting and opinion pieces in that direction. They attack conservatives and Republicans at will. Republicans fail in that their goal, on too many occasions, is they want to be liked when they should seek respect. This was clear during the presidential debates. In the first debate, Romney challenged The Obama and clearly won the debate. Even the liberal MSM had to admit this although they brushed it off as The Obama having a bad day. In the next two debates Romney decided to not challenge and coast through them. He bent over backwards trying to agree with The Obama, we know how that turned out. When you have a political propaganda machine aided and abetted by the media against you, it's not a level playing field. To counter this you have to be clear in your message and point out the lies being perpetrated without soft peddling the differences. Pointing out differences with the facts to back them up would go a long way in winning the war of words.


* Perez: Thomas Perez, a self proclaimed progressive Democrat, has been nominated by The Obama to be the new Labor Secretary. Perez is a radicals radical. He was influential in derailing the Black Panther voter intimidation case from 2008 along with other racist radicals of the Holder In-Justice Department. Perez has attacked Sherriff Arpio of Arizona for Arpio's attempt at enforcing existing laws and protecting the citizens or his state, for which he was elected to do. Perez has also challenged Florida for that states attempt to purge it's rolls of illegal voters and non-citizens. He continues to fight common sense voter ID laws at every opportunity. As former president of Casa Maryland, a pro-illegal immigration advocacy group, he has ties to George Soros. He favors bringing Islamic anti-“blasphemy” laws to the United States. No matter which angle you look at this guy from, he's a true radical. In other words, he fits right into The Obama's radical regime. Heading Labor would bring another crushing blow to private sector business growth just at a time when we need it most. As Dr. Ben Carson said at CPAC, if you want to destroy this country, the methods being implemented right now, by this administration, is the way to do it.


* BenghaziGate: September 11, 2012 to March 18, 2013, that's six months and one week and still there has not been any justice in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Four murdered Americans, including our ambassador to Libya, and still no one or group has been held accountable. Cover-up of the attacked was in full swing during the last weeks of the presidential election because the attack was in direct contradiction to The Obama administration's line that Osama was dead and GM was alive. Truth was also dead and justice has been on vacation. For over six months now witnesses have been unseen publically. There were 33 survivors in the Benghazi attack, four of which are State Department officials. These witnesses have stated that they have been told to remain quiet and feel intimidated by the administration. Time is long overdue for these witnesses to come forward. Not only is it a disgrace that Americans were denied assistance when they were under siege but that, for political reasons, information surrounding this attack has been withheld from the American people. Terrorists and those who facilitated this attack need to be brought to justice and those responsible for the cover-up need to be outed, regardless of how high it goes. No one died in Watergate and yet a president resigned because of it. BenghaziGate is much more serious!


* Pelosi: Blinky Pelosi must be living in an alternate universe. Speaking of The Obama she said he was the most bipartisan president ever and that he doesn't do anything for political reasons. Dumber than a doornail or sly politician knowing the MSM will carry her water? Everything The Obama does is politically driven. His so called presidential trips are nothing more than a series of campaign events. He canceled White House tours to make a political point on the sequester then blamed the secret service for the cancelation. Total cost of the tours for a year comes to less than one of his golfing trips, not to mention Martha's Vineyard or Hawaii vacations. He meets with Republicans for dinner while his attack dog political action committee hammers the very same Republicans with lies and distortions. The unprecedented political action committee, Organizing For Action, OFA, formally known as Obama For America, is run by the same political hacks and uses the same propaganda techniques. Their campaign to transform will not be over until they achieve their ends or the American people see through their scheme, led from the top and aided by patsies like Blinky.


* Debt: The Obama says we're in no immediate danger because of the debt. After not passing a budget since The Obama regime took over in 2009, Senate Democrats are now drafting a budget that would raise taxes as well as spending. Seems these radicals are drunk on debt and refuse to admit they have a problem. In any recovery you first have to acknowledge the problem. Since they will not accept the obvious we cannot expect them to do anything but exacerbate the issue. Our national debt approaches $17 Trillion dollars, over 36% of which has been added in just over four years during The Obama regime. To not accept the failure of your policies and make the necessary changes will only doom our economy to more of the same and possible worse future hardships. As we've stated before, if the goal is to cripple our system and bring the United States down in our world standing, this administration is getting the job done!


* Bloomy: After a judge overturned New York's nanny mayor Bloomberg's soda ban, the nanny said, "temporary setback." He believes that the momentum is on their side. If the growth of government is momentum then that's a correct statement. If common sense prevails, then his momentum will be short lived. Government needs to stay within the boundaries necessary to perform it's functions and not to grow its tentacles and interfere into every facet of our lives. A bloated, over reaching government, whether it's local, state or federal is an enemy of liberty and personal freedoms. President Reagan said it best when he stated, "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." It is not the governments roll to dictate the size of sodas we should drink, it's a personal and market driven decision. Power hungry rulers like Bloomy and The Obama cannot see past their imagined importance to figure that out.


* WH Tours: At the cost of $18 Thousand a week, the White House tours have been canceled due to the "sequester," according to the White House. In actuality, it's not the sequester it's The Obama sequester tantrum. As instructed by the regime, any cuts should be made as painful as possible and no attempt should be made to minimize the "cuts" impact. Even though government agencies are still receiving more money than last year, even with the "cuts," they can't seem to run the same programs without sever impact on the public. In our lives, faced with reduced income, we cut the least necessary expenses, with The Obama regime, they mandate government cut the most likely to bring attention to the cuts in order to maximize their propaganda impact. Donald Trump has offered to cover the $18 Thousand a week price tag for the remainder of the fiscal year, the White House has not accepted his offer. If it were a money issue, that would be a sensible solution. This president governs like a third world dictatorship would.


* Mathews: Chris "thrill-up-my-leg" Mathews, that liberal iconic dim bulb says The Obama is a "Perfect American." His reasoning was as stated by Mathews, "Argue about the fiscal policy, all that stuff. But as a citizen. The guy went to school, he never broke a law. He did everything right." First off, the citizenship thing is questionable. "Never broke a law," by The Obama's own admission his was a drug user, both cocaine and pot, he broke laws when he did that. "The guy went to school," yes but those records are sealed as well, his status at the schools is a mystery. How about using a social security number that was not assigned to him, that's a federal crime which continues to be ignored. It's amazing how the cult of The Obama can cause some people to completely ignore all the information available to counter their miss-guided love affair. Even in the mist of an assault on the very freedoms which guarantees their right to spew their nonsense.


* Drones: Drone strikes on American soil is legal according to Eric Holder. This is a bridge to far! When an American citizen renounces his citizenship by taking arms in a foreign land against us, planning and executing attacks on Americans, he is a legitimate military target for our drones. On American soil, any military action of this sort is un-constitutional and cannot be allowed to happen. DHS has stockpiled ammo, ordered 2,700 light-armored tanks and now they’ve ordered drones. What are they planning? We stand solidly behind Senator Paul in his attempt to shed light on this outrageous action by The Obama regime!

* Gun Control: In Colorado State Senator Eve Hudak lectured rape survivor Amanda Collins on the perceived dangers of having a gun for self defense. She said that for every one victim that used a gun in self defense there where 83 that where victims of gun violence. She insinuated that those 83 have their guns taken away and used against them. What condescending nonsense. Amanda Collins had a carry permit but was not allowed to carry on campus where she was brutally raped at gun point yards away from a campus security station. State law disarming law abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to self defense in a "gun free zone" left her a defenseless victim. Her attacker later kidnapped and raped another woman then raped and murdered a third. Amanda may have saved herself from the rape as well as saved the other two victims from their fate if she was allowed to carry her concealed weapon on campus. These "criminal protection zones" need to be eliminated for the sake of our God given right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!


* Chavez: Can you smell that sulfur? Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez lost his battle with cancer and is now on a one way trip to hell. That's where miscreants and tyrants go. Chavez had taken a once proud and prosperous rich nation down the Communist path to serfdom. Controlling the media, nationalizing industry and commandeering property are the methods he used to control his country. Demonizing the U.S. and cozying up to our enemies, like Iran, were intentional actions that helped him curry favor with the poor and ignorant that believed his demagoguery. While Chavez chose the way of Castro's Communist Cuba, the way of shared misery, Venezuela's neighbor Columbia chose freedom and capitalism. Columbia has flourished while oil rich Venezuela has declined. If not for the benefits of the oil revenues their situation would be much worse. Now is a time when Venezuela can change directions and right their course back on the track that had made it a successful prosperous country and people. We hope the Venezuelan people have the wisdom and capability to make the right choice, their future is at stake.


* Cuts: As the sequester "cuts" have come and gone and the sky didn't fall we start realizing what the scare tactic game is. Government does not function like individuals or families. If we have a short fall of revenues we seek to cut the least painful areas of our budget. Perhaps skip a movie rather than a meal. Government on the other hand, when faced with choices in cutting spending will cut the most painful of the options. They do this because in the world of plenty that they live in the painful cuts are the most likely to be restored. This process is the norm but what makes a difference in today's economy is that we're not in a normal recovery, our economy is under siege by radical progressive anti-business policies. This "normal" governmental budgeting process/scare tactics can no longer be condoned or supported. There are plenty of examples of government waste that can and should be cut. Playing the tax the rich card will no longer work, it has been over played and people have seen though the smoke and mirrors.


* DHS: Last year the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bought 1.6 Billion 9mm and .40 caliber bullets. Now they have purchased 2,700 armored tanks called MRAP's. That stands for Mine Resistant Armor Protected vehicles. Why does DHS need 1.6 Billion bullets and why do they need 2,700 tanks? How many mines on U.S. streets? It's silly to get into conspiracy theories or is it? Remember when The Obama said he wanted a civilian security force as powerful and well funded as the military?" That was in 2008, could this be part of that plan? We have local and state police forces along with National Guard when necessary, why then would we need a civilian security force? You can excuse the bullets as a way for gun control nuts to limit the amount of shells available for purchase by the public but the tanks take this into a darker place. On their own these actions can be excused, taking a look at the big picture and it becomes more ominous.


* ObamaStration: It's March 1st, the sun came up and the sky didn't fall. Meanwhile Chicken Little is waking up to a photo op meeting with Congressional leaders. A meeting that should have taken place weeks ago, instead The Obama chose to parade around the country campaigning against evil Republicans by putting sequester blame on them for his idea. Making pretend "cuts" seem like the end of the world is going to backfire on the demagogue spewing fear and using exaggerated red herrings to stir up the American public in support of the White House. It's pretty difficult to make the case that all hell is going to break loose due to "cuts" when in the end you are still spending more money then you were last year. A "cut" in growth does not equal Armageddon. When you try to sell that Armageddon to push your continued attack on upper income Americans, and that misery doesn't happen, you end up with egg on your face. Their push of extreme examples could be the straw that breaks the camels back. The American people are starting to see through the games this White House continues to play. The only thing transparent about this regime is the way in which they manipulate their propaganda in an effort to achieve their twisted ends.


* Woodward: Revered liberal journalist of Watergate fame, Bob Woodward, speaking of The Obama's sequester maneuvering said, “a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.” This immediately sent shock waves through the ranks of the White House media handlers. How dare he jump off the reservation. It has been reported, and confirmed by Woodward, that a senior White House aide threatened Woodward. Director of the National Economic Council under The Obama, Gene Sperling was the aide at the center of this latest media intimidation by this outlaw regime. Gene Sperling yelled at Woodward in a phone conversation then later wrote to Woodward in an email that, "I think you will regret staking out that claim." In a totalitarian state, Woodward would already have disappeared, at least we're not there yet. Other journalists are coming out of the woodwork with similar stories of intimidation. This administration has a history of shunning news outlets and journalists who don't strictly tow their perverted stories they serve as the truth. The first cracks in this regimes media love affair are starting to materialize. We hope it continues.


* Aliens: 300 illegal aliens where just released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Arizona. These are not only illegal's but many have been convicted of crimes such as shop lifting. The reason for the release was given as a result of the sequester cuts. This is nothing but more scare tactics and political grandstanding by The Obama and his minions. Sequester cuts have not even begun so how can any future cuts justify releasing illegal's waiting for deportation? It's a punitive action against a state that has shown it's independence and will to buck the federal government on the issue of border security and immigration enforcement. The federal government under The Obama regime grows more tyrannical by the day and this is just the most recent example of an overreaching, omnipresent, big government. As in any government agency, ICE has waste in the system. By choosing to release inmates supposedly due to cost and not reduce waste in other areas is obviously a political ploy. This president does not want to solve problems, he is the problem. Propaganda and public opinion manipulation are the fuel that runs The Obama regime.


* MSM: The campaigner in chief (CIC) continues his road show today pushing his blame game for upcoming sequester "cuts." Meanwhile the MSM carries his water. If you listen to the media, the world will end on Friday when the sequester begins. To put the amount of cuts in perspective look at it this way, it's a decrease in a budget increase of 2 cents on the dollar. If your budget was going to go up by a dollar, now it will only go up by 98 cents. Would this cause you to starve or would you maybe cut back somewhere else in your spending. I doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what the average person would do, unfortunately our government doesn't seem to have any common sense. We bounce between fabricated doomsday scenario's intended to divide Americans and destroy the GOP. The Obama doesn't negotiate, he campaigns. You can't run an enterprise without a budget yet our bloated out of control government has been running wild without a budget since The Obama regime has been in power. Today he's campaigning in Newport News decrying what sequester cuts would mean to the Navy. With this administration it's all about perception and propaganda. If you repeat a lie often enough, with the aid of the complicit MSM, people will eventually believe it. We keep careening forward into a black abyss and only a united front, loaded with facts and reason can prevail against the evil we face.


* Sequestration: If you listen to The Obama speak of sequestration you would think the sky is falling. Children will starve, pollution will overrun our cities, police and fire departments will have to lay off workers and on and on and on… It's the ultimate hypocrisy to blame Republicans when the idea of sequestration came from the White House. If you put the numbers of sequestration in perspective you will see the ignorance of those decrying it. Sequestration will bring about "cuts" equally across domestic and defense spending. The "cuts" are only 2.5% of our annual spending and they aren't cuts at all.  In Washington speak a cut is still more spending than you had the previous year. In other words, we are only cutting the amount of increase in spending. Domestic and defense spending will still be higher this year then it was last year, even after the sequestration "cuts" go through. We have a government that is out of control and everyone is up in arms about decreasing the rate of spending increase by a minuscule amount. We have complete departments that can be cut without affecting the federal government's role. For starters, the departments of energy, labor and education could be eliminated. If The Obama and his regime's goal is to destroy our economy, they're doing their job well, if their goal is to help, they're either ignorant or stupid, maybe both!


* Resistance: In response to The Obama's executive orders infringing on our second amendment rights, "resistance" rallies will be held across the country tomorrow, February 23, 2013. We encourage anyone concerned over the zealous executive overreach and demagoguery to participate in these peaceful rallies to show your solidarity over our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Our founding fathers made it clear that they believed this right to be the one which guarantees all others. George Washington said, ""Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth." Thomas Jefferson said, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." James Madison said, "Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."  They knew the importance of this basic right and we do as well. Tyrants throughout history have used the muse of helping the children and protecting their citizens to disarm their populous. Once disarmed, this last line of defense and deterrent is forever removed and the very citizenry which the tyrant pretended to want to help become patsies for the totalitarian control which follows. This will never happen in the United States if Americans stand up to be heard. Tomorrow is an opportunity to do just that. We encourage everyone to find a rally in their area and participate. You can find the rally locations at


* Shotgun: Foot-in-mouth-double-barrel Biden has served up another one of his gems. This time speaking on the administration's push for additional gun control he said all you need to protect your home is a double-barrel shotgun. That's right, you just need to go outside and shoot off both barrels and the bad guys will just run away. Brilliant just brilliant. How many shells in a double-barrel shotgun, two, shoot two off and you're disarmed. If you're not home and need to defend yourself, you're screwed. Hard to conceal a shotgun. Not to mention that the second amendment is not just for self defense but as a last resort it's defense against tyranny. It's the last line that the government cannot cross. Between The Obama and brilliant foot-in-mouth Biden we have a double-barrel disaster.


* Voter Fraud: Melowese Richardson, an Ohio poll worker during the 2012 elections had already admitted that she voted twice, once for herself and once for her granddaughter. To which her granddaughter said, “It wasn’t a big deal.” Now it has been learned that three other ballots where mailed in from her address on the same day, November 1, 2012 and another was also traced to her. In other words, she voted 6 times. To this she doesn't see a problem. Article II Section 1 of our Constitution sets forth the criteria for our presidential elections, it is as follows: “The Congress may determine the Time of chusing [sic] the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States." It doesn't specify "days" but only "day." A day that will be the same throughout the United States. By watering down the requirements and spreading the days out on which people can vote we have only guaranteed that election fraud will occur. This past election was an outrageous example of a broken system. Not requiring identification and allowing multiple votes has eliminated the integrity of our election system. We have precincts where 150% or registered voters voted and others in which not a single vote out of thousands, went for the Republican candidate. This is a statistical impossibility. Liberals play the race card every time voter ID is brought up, it's how they defend the defenseless practice of voter fraud. The end result is an outlaw regime which is undermining our Constitutional Republic and leading us down the road to tyranny. It's like a runaway train on the wrong track of history.


* Brennan: As Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry correctly points out in one of today's articles titled, "Director of Central Intelligence," Islam is not a religion, it's a political system. When this "system" condones lying to achieve it's "political" ends and their foes accept their lies, it's a recipe for disaster. The first amendment to our Constitution states. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." The key part of this is "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The problem with Islam is its inherent disregard for any other religion and basic human rights. If you're not a Muslim, you can be killed. You're an infidel, and for the sake of the "religion of peace," can be eliminated. Brennan converted from Christianity to Islam and feels, “The beauty and goodness of Islam.” Lies to achieve their means, can a person like this be entrusted to lead our Central Intelligence Agency? Our current mindset, with respect to Islam, is what Winston Churchill warned us about when he said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last." The dragon is Islam and we're feeding it!


* H2O: In a sign that the message was successful the Kool-Aid drinking MSM keep piling on Rubio's infamous drink of water. In response to The Obama's big government, statist state on the union speech, Florida Senator Marco Rubio correctly pointed out that government is not the answer, it is the problem. A surgical destruction of The Obama's tax and spend big government failure hit it's mark, the only response from the left was to attack the messenger. A sip of water during Rubio's response became the vehicle by which the lemmings could pounce. How dare he drink while speaking, that's not presidential, his career is over. If you can't win the argument on its merits then get personal and take on the character of the messenger. The ignorant fall for this trick every time, the very same ignorant that facing failure of leadership voted for a continuation of that failure in a move forward towards their own demise. We're teetering on the edge of tyranny, for now our defense is information, logic and common sense. Let's pray that's enough…


* PC Nuts: Administrators from Camarillo High School in California kicked four students out of a basketball game and suspended them for wearing American flag bandanas and chanting USA, USA, USA. Gabe Soumakian, the superintendent of the Oxnard Union School District said the USA chants had "racial overtones." He went on to say, "it has to do with the fact that they are making a chant regarding that we are from the USA and you’re not. Whether that’s the implied intent, that’s the way it comes across. We have a very diverse student body in the district, as a superintendent I think we need to pursue this further. We need to work with teachers and students and the community about the concept of cultural proficiency.” What a bunch of hog wash. This is nothing more than another example of political correctness gone amok. Foreign students in this country are not prisoners here, if you don't like it, leave. The fact remains that a majority of administrators, teachers and professors across this country are in the it's always Americas fault camp and we should be culturally neutral. Their policies and prejudices penalizes the vast majority of students to appease a very vocal minority. We are raising a generation of appeasers to follow in the footsteps of the appeasers in control of our government today. We need to turn this nightmare around before it's too late and students with black Al-Qaeda bandanas start chanting IED,IED,IED.


* Paying Problem: Turning logic on it's head liberal/progressives are now saying we don't have a spending problem, it's a "paying" problem. So their answer to this paying problem is, drum roll, more spending. Makes perfect sense if your goal is to destroy the economy by expanding the welfare state. In the state of the union The Obama promised to double down on failure. He promised more "investment" in green energy because as everyone knows climate change is a given. This is code for throwing more good money after bad. Solyndra, ENER1 and A123 Systems come to mind. Your tax dollars dumped in the green energy toilet. How about federal pre-school coverage for all the children? Why not, we can't wait to start indoctrinating them when they get to elementary, let's start in the crib. This wasteful spending would be bad enough in good times but in times with trillion plus deficits it's committing economic suicide. New unemployment numbers came out today and they were slightly lower then last months, they came in at 340,000 new claims but with a caveat. "Some" states were late in reporting, surprise, a bad number is going to get even worse. John Adams once said, "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt." But don't worry, we don't have a debt problem either, it's a "paying" problem!


* The Obama: If you were from another planet, let's say Uranus, and landed last night in time for The Obama's state of the union speech you would think all is well with his fantasy world. In reality, it's far from it. The Obama has a gift of gab (also know as bulls__t) when he puts his spin on the truth. He says things which sound good, and if you live in a vacuum, they even sound believable. But in actuality he is far removed form reality. He asked Congress to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour. At a time when over 8 Million people have dropped out of the workforce and over 22 Million are unemployed, raising the minimum wage would only add to that misery. When this rate is raised, jobs are lost and fewer new jobs are created. On the sequester which takes effect on March 1st, he pushed the blame on Congress when in fact it was the White House who proposed the sequester which would be disastrous for our defense department and cripple our military. At a time when North Korea is testing nukes and long range delivery systems and Iran inches closer their own nuclear bomb these cuts would be a national security nightmare. The Obama said, "As long as I'm commander-in-chief, we will do whatever we must to protect those who serve their country abroad, and we will maintain the best military the world has ever known." It was disgusting to hear these blatantly false words. Remember Benghazi? Our Ambassador and three other American where murdered and the president deserted his duty to do "Whatever we must" to protect them or come to their aid. After proposing more big government disguised as "investments" he said, "Nothing I'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime." Really? Not a single dime? This from a regime which has increased our debt by over $6 Trillion in four years. What about the war on terror? North Africa and the Middle East are going up in smoke and not one mention from The Obama. We have a dangerous emboldened president divorced from reality and intent on finishing his transformation. If Congress doesn't play along he will use executive orders to accelerate his destruction. All hands are needed on deck to stop this runaway train.


* Dis-Union: Lincoln's birthday will be celebrated tonight by a partisan state of the dis-union speech. The Obama continues his campaign of divided and conquer before a joint session of Congress. He will most likely stress that his continued attempts to help the middle class have been met with antagonistic Republican partisanship. In The Obama's warped world those words may ring true, in our real world, it's turning facts into fiction and fiction into fantasy. The Obama and Democrats have yet to produce a budget during his time in office. They claim to have already cut spending by $1.2 Trillion dollars but what they fail to point out is that this cut is over a ten year period while at the same time their deficit is over $1.2 Trillion every year. The tax increase passed in December was already spent, a single bill took care of that. Sandy relief, saddled with pork, did the job. Most likely calls for more taxes will come again from the usual sources because in their world we don't have a spending problem. Failed policies with more of the same on the way will do nothing to turn our economic mess around. Remember the transformation that The Obama promised? It's happening before our eyes as we are distracted by an enigma intent on changing America into a failed state and it's citizens on each other. Lincoln must be turning in his grave.


* Dorner: Radical liberals and anti-gun zealots believe only police and military should have weapons. Forget the second amendment, that was a different time and place. If only police officers and military personnel have these weapons then what happens when one of them flips out, like in the Christopher Dorner case in California? He was fired from the LAPD for making false statements and so far has murdered 3 people, 2 civilians and one police officer. He has also injured 3 others. Americans have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. First of all is life, and in order to protect that life, we have a right to self defense which includes any weapon that is available to others. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Dorner has military training and police training, he is a skilled and experienced killer on the loose with vengeance on his mind. Citizens should be allowed to protect themselves and their families against threats of violence and murder, regardless of where that threat comes from.


* USPS: As of August of this year the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will discontinue Saturday mail delivery. They will still deliver packages on Saturday. This is in response to an annual loss of over $16 Billion. The savings after this action are estimated to be $2 Billion. What about the other $14 Billion? The USPS is a microcosm of the U.S. Government. It's a lessen in government duplicity, largess and waste. If run like a business you could guarantee that they wouldn't be losing $16 Billion a year or else they would not be in business. There's a old saying that nothing is certain but death and taxes, you can add to that, and a government job. There are defenders of the status quo who would argue that if the USPS were privatized rural areas would not have postal service. This argument falls flat when you consider that rural areas have FedEx and UPS service. What we don't need is a post office within a mile from each other in many cities throughout the country. In an age where letters have been going the way of the dinosaur, failure to adapt equals failure to succeed. This goes to the heart of the problem, big bloated government like a big bloated postal service does not adapt and does not care about the bottom line when that bottom line is the public trough. It's like watching the movie Titanic, we know how it's going to end, but we watch it anyway.


* BenghaziGate: February 11th marks five months since the Benghazi terrorist attack and murder of four Americans. Still no response from this administration, only misleading statements and excuses. It is being learned that the Benghazi consulate was being used as a conduit for arming the Syrian rebels via shipments of arms to Turkey. Five months and still those responsible are on the loose and the Mohamed video producer is still in jail. Where is the media outrage? If this had been the Bush administration they would be covering and attacking 24/7. Meanwhile the administration shift Americas attention towards "common sense" gun control laws on the path to national registration and eventual disarmament. Korea is planning nuclear tests, Iran moves closer to it's nuclear ambitions and the administration ignores the gathering storm to focus on American's rights. Beware the enemy within…


* Drones: Man-less high tech vehicles have become a key resource for our military in carrying out their missions overseas. It is important and necessary for us to use our advanced technology to achieve objectives of war. The war on terror was not of our making. It began in 1979 when Iranian Islamist attacked our embassy in Tehran and held Americans hostage for a year. After years of appeasement, September 11, 2001 brought the necessary response and we've been at war ever since. Drones have become an integral part of that effort. This administration has declared that drone attacks are on American citizens are legal. This is a dangerous line that needs to be strictly monitored. When an American citizen takes up arms against the United States, aiding and abetting our enemies in a foreign land, he can be targeted. We agree with this perspective for when a citizen joins our enemies and recruits and plans attacks on Americans from foreign soil he has relinquished his citizenship and become an enemy combatant. This was the case with Anwar al-Awlaki. He was killed by a drone while actively recruiting and planning attacks on Americans while an imam in Yemen. What we strongly oppose is any targeting of American citizens on American soil by drones of any kind. Without due process, targeting Americans in America is unconstitutional and cannot be condoned under any circumstances. Crossing that line is a slippery slope which would enable a tyrant to reign terror on American citizens.


* Border Security: Janet Napolitano is setting the stage with statements like "we have records amount of border security" and "the infrastructure's in place," and surely to follow, "the border has never been more secure." The ground work is being laid and Rubio is being played. If there's supposed to be a 'trigger' to enable permanent residency status for current illegal's, who makes the call to pull the trigger? Looks like the trigger is being pulled as the deal is being inked. The trap has been set. Republicans are being played just like when they went along with The Obama tax increase then, punting debt ceiling down the road when The Obama refused to debate the issue giving him an increase to buy time. It's a long, long road we're heading down, forward into oblivion. We have military bases throughout the world, some in places where the need today is questionable. We should relocate some of those bases and personnel to our southern border. This would secure the border and allow for a sensible immigration solution without the blanket amnesty being disguised as 'comprehensive reform'.


* Anti-Gun CIC: The campaigner-in-chief (CIC) is at it again. Today The Obama is heading on a campaign swing pushing his anti-gun agenda disguised as 'sensible' gun control laws. If a knife is used in an assault couldn't that knife be considered an assault weapon? Rather than work with Congress on this issue the CIC is doing what he does best, campaign and misinform. His rants will be chopped up into convenient sound bytes to be regurgitated by the MSM ad-nauseum. Background checks for gun purchases are being used today yet criminals don't summit to these, they just steal guns or use straw purchasers to buy one for them. Background checks won't eliminate this. Since the assault weapons ban ended in 2004 violent gun crimes have actually gone down. This ban, when it was in place, did nothing to stop the Columbine massacre. It's just a feel good liberal panacea that only serves to further limit the American people's second amendment rights. If so called assault weapons are on the street, and they are, then a law abiding citizen should have the right to have the same weapon to defend himself and his family as a criminal has.


* School Shooting: Another school shooting took place yesterday, this time at Price Middle School just south of Atlanta, Georgia. What prevented this one from being a massacre was a good guy with a gun. An armed security guard heard shots and came to the rescue. He was able to disarm the shooter. A 14 year old student was shot in the neck and taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to make a complete recovery. The school had a metal detector which obviously didn't make a difference in preventing this incident. Utah allows teachers and administrators with carry permits to carry arms in their schools, there has never been a school massacre in Utah. The hypocrisy of the anti-gun crowd is palatable. They shout out against the right to bear arms while at the same time being guarded themselves by protection details with guns. They laugh off suggestion of having armed guards at schools while their children are protect by armed guards. Hollywood rails against gun violence while the very same actors are involved in glorifying gun violence in the extremely violent movies that line their pockets. Don't look for the MSM to run endless reports of the heroic action by the guard at Price Middle School, it doesn't meet their demonizing scenario. As predicted by NRA's Wayne LaPierre, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Chalk one up for the good guys!


* -0.01%: Surprise, surprise, our economy is shrinking! Throughout our history, after recessions come recoveries, and those recoveries are usually stronger relative to the extent of the recession itself. Meaning the worst the recession the strongest the recovery. This normal economic cycle can be affected when government over steps it's interference and places obstacles to economic growth itself. This administration has done just that. Through ObamaCare and overreaching regulations, our economy has been shackled with needless obstacles which continue to limit private sector growth. Whether it's being done intentionally or through sheer economic ignorance, The Obama regime has clearly not been on the side of businessmen and women which his demagoguery seems to suggest. Numbers released yesterday show that the great recovery coming from the lips of the duped is in actuality the first step into another recession. The economy shrunk by 0.01% the last quarter of 2012. So much for the 'great' recovery. With the continuing policies of an anti-business, pro-union, pro-regulation and pro big-government administration we're going to be in for a rough ride.

* Hagel: At a time when the Middle East is in turmoil and Iran is inching ever closer to a nuclear bomb, the last thing we need is a secretary of defense who's weak on Iran and critical of Israel. Hagel has also shown the propensity for cutting Defense which at a time of world tensions and an increase in Islamic radicalism would be detrimental to our national security. We now have a secretary of state in John Kerry who demonstrated against the war in Vietnam and called his fellow soldiers murderers, a disgrace. Chuck Hagel at Defense it would be like the wolf guarding the henhouse. Unfortunately these radical appointments are no surprise coming from a radical administration. Confirmation of Hagel should be defeated for the sake of our national security and military cohesion.


* Immigration Trap: Immigration reform is necessary, amnesty or what liberals like to call it 'comprehensive immigration reform' is not. Power of the fastest growing demographic cannot be denied. Democrat's are counting on this vote as they pander towards that end. It is clear that if a blanket amnesty program is put in place without first securing our border we'll just be inviting more illegal immigration. This is where the trap is being laid. The Obama and Democrats will insist on amnesty and promise to secure the border, Republicans cannot and should not go along with this but as they refuse they will be branded, again, with the anti-immigration label. This propaganda emphasized by the complicit MSM will be difficult to defeat. Promises of security later have been made before and never lived up to. Reagan fell for it in the eighties and here we are in the same boat. On most issues the Spanish community's views parallel those of Republicans, unfortunately they have been hoodwinked by snake oil salesmen into betraying their values for the sake of political expediency. There is no easy solution to this issue but securing our borders is paramount in reaching a permanent and just outcome. Our national security is at stake.


* Sheriff Clarke: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. said, “calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. There are certain situations — and I think most people get that — where 911 is going to be of no use. For instance, once the wolf is at the door, once the intruder is inside your home, once you’re on the street and someone sticks a gun in your face to take your car or your wallet, you don’t have the option of calling 911.” We agree with Sheriff Clarke. In the middle of the night, with an armed intruder at your door, your best defense is a loaded gun and not a smart phone. His critics contend that he's discouraging people from calling 911. That's not what he's saying at all. In most cases, 911 can be your best option but under a life threatening situation a gun will usually be. Would you put a sign in your front yard that read, "Gun free house?" He also encourages citizens to take gun safety courses so they can defend themselves. He continued, "You have a duty to protect yourself and your family." It's amazing that this common sense thinking can be so foreign to liberals intent on disarming law abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of ruthless criminals. The Obama is currently on a propaganda campaign for so called "sensible" gun control laws. This ignores the fact that we already have over 20,000 "sensible" gun control laws. By definition criminals don't obey laws, creating more of the same only further infringes on our second amendment rights and would continue the process of disarming the people.


* Betrayal: Manipulating tyrants throughout history have used psychological techniques to hoodwink a trusting populace. Hitler disarmed the German people for the "public good" to reduce crime. The rest is history. Other's have used similar means. The Obama maintains a public persona of being a strong supporter of Israel yet, his actions do not match his words. Only through a complicit MSM or what seems to be more like a state run media can this charade be carried out. Israel is in a much more precarious position now then when The Obama regime began. In a magazine interview he was asked if he had ever fired a gun, The Obama said he did so with guests at the president's rural retreat. "Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time, and I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations. And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake." This is the befriending stage of the psychological manipulation and propaganda campaign which is currently taking place. It's an attempt to pressure second amendment supporters into capitulating on minor gun control steps when in actuality we'll be heading down the bait and switch path. The second amendment is not about skeet shooting. Befriend, befuddle then betray. They will push background checks between private individuals. Interesting that The Obama would not qualify under the same background checks he supports. Maybe a compromise is in order. We'll back universal background checks, if at the same time we have background checks for the office of president of the United States.


* Vive la Différence: Women have made great contributions to our military throughout our history. There is no denying this as they are active in support, medical and air combat roles. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta just announced that women will now be allowed on the front lines. This is a mistake that will hinder our ability to carry out dangerous assault missions. No matter how you paint it, there is a difference between the sexes that cannot be denied. That physical difference should be celebrated and not integrated into a front line unit whose strength is equal to it's weakest link. War is about destroying and breaking things, there's no getting around that. Men have that ability built into their DNA, women do not. Women on the front lines would cause sexual tensions in the ranks and would also give our enemies another weapon to use against us. In a scenario where a female soldier is captured by enemy combatants, would we react in the same way as if that soldier was a male? Would a male soldier be more likely to assist a female than a male, even if that assistance could put them both in peril? There are many jobs in the armed forces that have been and continue to be bravely carried out by women but being in a fox hole should not be one of them. There is a God given difference, let's celebrate it, not destroy it. Vive la Différence!


* Faux Outrage: In what seemed to be a rehearsed comeback on the BenghaziGate issue, Secretary Clinton emotionally delivered her line. Responding to Senator Johnson's questioning over the false story that was put out by the administration, Clinton blasted, "Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?" Guys out for a walk one night? What a bunch of bull. She makes it sound like some guys strolling down the street with their RPG's and ice cream cones deciding, hey, let's kill some Americans. What does it matter? It matters greatly. It was the snow balling of the American electorate with the MSM lackeys towing the line. A terrorist attack on American soil from a decimated Al-Qaida did not go along with the administrations story line. Over four months later and the only one paying a price is the producer of the Mohamed video. Some of the same terrorist where involved in the hostage taking in Algeria and may also be involved in Mali. Not to worry, the FBI is investigating. The murder of Ambassador Stevens and three Americans was an act of war not a crime to be dealt with in a court of law. It should have been dealt with from above with a leveling of terrorist camps in eastern Libya. The fire in North Africa is spreading and Nero is fiddling.


* Clinton: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today said she blamed heavily armed attackers the day after the Benghazi attack, but why did she still blame the video? She spoke about a funds shortage for security and blamed the House for cuts but that still doesn't answer the questions as to why calls from the ground for support were turned down. Why was the video pushed and who made the decision to push the video scenario? BenghaziGate was clearly a cover-up of a terrorist attack, murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans, in a coordinated effort to influence the presidential election. It has been four months since this attack and not a single terrorist has been brought to justice. Weakness emboldens our enemies. This is not conjecture, it has been proven historically and even admitted to by terrorist leaders themselves. Arab Spring in Northern Africa has turned into a terrorist Islamic tidal wave. The Clinton BenghaziGate Senate hearing song and dance does not answer the most pertinent question, who made the call to refuse support when our citizens were in distress? You can't blame funding when assets were available. You can't blame funding if you place an ambassador and his staff in harms way without having adequate security. Was Ambassador Stevens funneling weapons to Syrian rebels? This is not a failure of funding but rather a failure of leadership. Why haven't any of the personnel at the Benghazi consulate been made available to answer questions as to what happened on that fateful evening on September 11, 2012? Four Americans are still dead four months later and still no response, those responsible for this failure in our government have gotten away with incompetence, starting from The Obama himself.


* Collective: I had a nightmare last night. Awoke in a daze, The Obama's second inauguration. Unfortunately it wasn't just my nightmare, it's ours. Stop the name calling, you evil Republicans! Themes from The Obama's inaugural speech reflect the radical that he is. Global warming initiatives, gay advancement, gun control and a collective mentality. In The Obama warped world it's big government solutions that take center stage. This administration is the embodiment of insanity as defined by Einstein, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." No mention in his speech of the dire economic mess we're in, no mention of the over 8 million Americans that have dropped out of the workforce, no mention of the war on terror as Al-Qaida is on the rise in north Africa, no mention of an out of control deficit problem, no mention of our murdered ambassador to Libya four months after, with no action to date. We are heading down a rat hole with a blind captain at the helm. Republicans need to ignore the media, grow a backbone and stand firm. Americas House was re-elected to hold the line, they need to start living up to the trust the American people placed in them.


* Forest for the Trees: Loss of liberty does not happen overnight. It usually takes years or decades. Through incremental progressivism, a society is slowly transformed from free loving individuals to lost subjects of the state. Our descent into the abyss began decades ago but is just now being accelerated at an alarming pace. The Obama has been prepared for the role he is playing, he is not doing this alone, but rather the talking head of a communist cabal intent on destroying the United State of America, the greatest country our world has ever known. People smirk when you speak of this and The Obama and his minions laugh it off. Castro, Hitler and Stalin laughed it off too. Tyranny does not happen overnight. History is replete with examples, as history is also replete with ignorance of history itself. Crisis has been taken advantage of for the sake of this transformation. The economic crisis of 2008 was used to transform our healthcare system, the envy of the world, into a national, socialized, healthcare disaster. When the economy was the number one concern, healthcare was transformed, this was no coincidence, it was an opportunity to further a political agenda. Now with the tragedy at Sandy Hook, The Obama is going for the jugular, our right under our Constitution, to protection against tyranny in government. Don't look at the current administration in it's individual infringements and/or executive overreaching, but rather, look at the last five years in it's totality. We're a lot further down that road of no return than many would have believed possible, but we are down that road. With this latest crisis, the battle lines are being drawn. The Obama and his cabal are testing the resolve of the American people, we cannot fail that test, for the alternative is not an option!


* EO Abuse: We did not elect a tyrant. A spineless media carrying the presidents propaganda is a very dangerous combination. We knew that Biden's gun violence task FARCE was just a smokescreen for a pre-determined assault on the second amendment. Yesterday, using children as props, the president announced 23 new executive orders dealing with gun violence. Here are some of the orders:

Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system. * This violates the very reason for HIPAA regulations which guarantee privacy in medical records. It could also lead to disallowing a citizen the right to have a gun if he or she is taking a 'pre-determined' medication.

Launch a national safe and respoible gun ownership campaign. * The NRA has been conducting such classes throughout it's history.

Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes. * This violates a current law that states doctors may not ask their patients about guns.

Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities. * This violates laws covering doctor-patient confidentiality. Can a doctor be held legally responsible for NOT reporting someone who later goes on to commit a crime?

The Obama is also 'urging' Congress to pass laws covering three other areas, they are:

1. Universal background checks for anyone buying a gun. * This includes private sales. We believe background checks are necessary and should be expedited for gun dealers but to regulate private sales violates the constitutional right to privacy. If you sale a car should you have to check the background of the buyer? Does he have a license, is he wanted for a crime, DUI?

2.Restore an assault weapons ban. * This would define many common semi-auto rifles as assault weapons. The second amendment doesn't ban assault weapons and it's intent as a deterrent to tyranny in government demands that citizens have the right to have weapons that can accomplish that task!

3.10 round magazine limit for all guns. * This is just a cosmetic and incremental step towards their goal of marginalizing our second amendment. Clips can easily be swapped out and or manufactured.

If the president was really interested in eliminating massacres, like the one at Sandy Hook, then he would back policies to protect our children with security at all schools. His children and that of other anti-gun zealots are protected by armed guards. Bottom line is we have a president who is accelerating his transformation policies through executive orders at the expense of our liberty and freedom, the Constitution be dammed.


* 'King' Obama: The president has made it a habit to bypass Congress and is now on an accelerated path towards tyranny. He appointed over 30 Czars to bypass the Constitutional advise and consent powers of the Senate. When he couldn't get "Cap-n-Trade," global warming nonsense legislation enacted, he proceeded to do it on his own through the EPA. When Congress refused to create a debt commission, The Obama did it by executive order then ignored their findings. Last year he gave one million illegal aliens amnesty through executive order. He also ordered the Department of Injustice to ignore the Defense of Marriage act, essentially breaking an existing law Constitutionally passed by Congress. Today he will most likely announce infringements of our second amendment rights through a reported 19 new executive orders. The Biden "Gun Violence" task force was just a task farce as we expected. The end result was predetermined. We had a revolutionary war to free ourselves from a king, the second amendment gives us the right to defend against tyranny, The Obama is going to try to marginalize that right. Republicans and Democrats must hold the line, if not, freedom loving Americans will!


* Arrogance: We have a president who thumbs his nose at the Constitution, attacks his opposition and never diverts from campaigning. His news conference yesterday was a clear indication of how he intends to run his second term. It's either his way or the highway. How dare Republicans think that they can debate raising the debt ceiling, the chosen one demands it be raised without compromise on spending. If necessary, he will do it on his own. Hope the journalist in the room were wearing boots. The Obama has laid out his plan, no negotiations, he will use the bully pulpit in an aggressive campaign to divide and conquer his opposition. He says he won the election because the American people agreed with him and that's that. No, he won the election through massive voter fraud, dependency and ignorance. He says Republicans will be responsible for social security checks not going out, for the military not being paid and so on, what arrogant nonsense. If the debt ceiling is not raised, government is still funded. Tax receipts still come in. What would happen is the government would have to prioritize, just like families do. Fund the necessary functions and hold off on the wasteful ones. What The Obama and his lackeys are afraid of is in a true funding shortfall we would be able to see all the waste that's built into our bloated government. We can't continue to increase our debt by over $1 Trillion a year. In one term, The Obama has increased our debt by over $5 Trillion. He is on track to raise our debt in 8 years as much as all the administrations before him had done in 235 years. Time to start reigning in this tyrant wannabe, our Constitution demands it.


* Bloomberg: New York mayor Bloomberg said that 19 year olds are not responsible enough to have a pistol or rifle. Meanwhile, in a land far away, said 19 year olds are handling automatic rifles in defense of his sorry ass's ability to say stupid things. The arrogance of the leftist elite in this country is palatable. It's no surprise that places where gun control laws are the strictest, gun violence is the highest. Chicago has the strictest laws and the worst murder rate yet they want to add even stricter gun control laws. It's completely counter intuitive yet not surprising coming form the liberal government of the windy city. One third of all schools in this country already have armed guards protecting the students, there hasn't been any accidental shootings there or massacres by an insane nut cases. People with concealed carry permits are not allowed to enter school grounds with a weapon, this law just guarantees that if a criminal intends to enter a school and kill innocent children that they will be the only ones with a weapon. This law is counter productive and should be changed, for our children's safety, school zones should no longer be target zones for deranged killers.


* Task Farce: Joe "Foot-in-mouth" Biden has been working on a presidential "Gun Violence Task Force," which is more like a gun task farce. It's all for show as Biden meets with victims groups, Hollywood film makers and the NRA. Biden stated that the president will act even if it's by executive order. This was a clear signal that the conclusion of the task farce was predetermined and is only being used to provide cover for their plans to infringe on our Constitutional rights. If they were truly looking for solutions to eliminate violence in "gun free" zones they would not be focusing on guns. After all, these massacres occur in "gun free zones." They may start off with an order to identify all purchasers of ammo, then they will require registration, for purchasing as well as existing guns. The pattern is simple, identify, register then confiscate. It's incredible how facts and history do not deter the truly ideological policies of those currently in power in our executive branch. The economic and regulatory policies of this administration have been a disaster. Their current path on gun control will similarly be a disaster. They may not want to pick that fight.


* Second Amendment: As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

This integral part of our Constitution is the right which guarantees all others. Our basic God given right is the right to life. It would follow that our right to protect that life goes hand in hand with the second amendment. No where in the text does it state anything about hunting and target practice, it's about self defense and "security of a free state." This amendment does not limit the arms you can have to pea shooters and pistols. If you're ever in a situation where law and order breaks down, like was the case in New Orleans after Katrina, you would want the most powerful and effective weapon you could have to protect yourself, your family and possessions. History has shown that tyranny's disarm their subjects. The former Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba all disarmed their people. In our book, gun control is hitting what you aim at. All other types of control are just that, control, attempts by government to limit and restrict our second amendment right to self defense and as a last line, to guard against tyranny.


* Deficit: The gun control hype in congress and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are but a smoke screen for the out of control spending of this administration. We already have an abundance of gun control laws, they did nothing to stop the recent shootings. More laws will not change that. What congress needs to be focusing on is curving the enormous deficits that are damaging our economy. They argue over cutting a trillion dollars over ten years when every year the deficit is going up by over a trillion. This equates to less than 10% of the added debt being reduced. That will not get the job done. The trajectory of this curve will lead to Grecian style austerity or economic collapse. The debt ceiling needs to be used by the House to hold this administration feet to the fire. Force the Senate to pass a budget for the first time in during The Obama regime and force real spending cuts and entitlement reform. Republicans capitulated during the fiscal cliff negotiations and were still blamed for the outcome. No more nonsense. Stand firm on the debt ceiling, no significant spending cuts then no ceiling increase, the can has reached the end of the road.


* Taxes: It's no secret that Democrats and the Democrat party are for tax and spend policies. No matter how many ways they try to spin it, this fact is a given. What is interesting and somewhat enjoyable to watch is how these very same people are surprised and disappointed when their own taxes go up. In their warped world, taxes should only go up on the "rich." You know, the ones that hoard all the good peoples money in their mattresses. After all it's not fair for the top 1% of earners to ONLY pay 40% of income taxes. They should be paying much more. Welcome to reality. ObamaCare taxes, the end of the payroll tax holiday and tax increases on small business are going to all take a big bite out of the middle class, further adding to the unemployment rolls. Just like the hypocritical Hollywood elites that support liberal big government policies and higher taxes yet move their assets and purchase homes in low tax states to avoid the taxes they support, these Obama supporters are in for a rude awakening. It's the big government panacea that only works in their imaginary world. The golden goose cannot lay a golden egg, if you cook the goose!


* Good Guns: Not much attention has been given to a theatre shooting in San Antonio, Texas. On December 16th a gunman ran into a theater and started shooting, it is reported that 30 rounds were shot off and one victim was shot in the back. An armed off-duty police officer ran towards the shots and returned fire, hitting the assailant 4 times. Both the shooter and the victim survived. This story has been ignored by the liberal anti-gun media and liberal politicians intent on further limiting our second amendment rights. A gun is just a tool and in this case, a tool in the right hands prevented a massacre. This goes against gun control zealots intent on disarming American citizens. Like NRA's LaPierre said, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." In this case it was a good gal with a gun. With over 20,000 gun control laws on the books, the last thing we need is more of the same. It is no accident that where gun laws are the strictest, gun crime is the highest. Massacres occur in "gun free zones," so it is logical and correct to assume that gun free zones only signal to criminals where unarmed innocent victims are. It's about time that we give our children the same level of protection that the very same politicians that want to outlaw guns receive.


* Economic Power: As consumers, conservatives have as much or more economic power than liberals. One way we can exercise that power is to start putting our money where our mouths are. Whenever possible we should show up the hypocrisy of the left by only using services from, or buying products from, companies and individuals who agree with us politically. If a company donates to causes which are contrary to your ideals and who fund candidates that outright oppose conservative principles then don't give them your business. Don't be afraid to ask. It doesn't have to be confrontational just simply state that you wish to support people and companies that have the common sense to support politicians who in turn will support them. Not fund politicians whose policies, through regulations and taxation, penalize the very people who support them. If enough people did this, we could make a difference. Remember Chick-fil-A? They stood by their principles and were rewarded by the public. Consider this a peaceful protest of the ignorance that helped elect The Obama to another four years of destructive policies.


* Pork: Republicans are under attack (nothing new here) for failing to bring the Sandy Disaster Relief Senate bill up for a vote in the House. Boehner already betrayed his caucus by bringing the fiscal cliff bill up without a majority of the Republican members support. The Sandy bill does not have their support, not because of the amount but rather for the pork that it is saddled with. The two Democrat Senators from New York, Gillibrand and Schumer, piled on the pork. Amongst the fat in the bill are: $150 million in funding for Alaskan fisheries, $336 million in Amtrak expenses, $2 million in taxpayer funds to repair a room on one of the Smithsonian buildings in Washington D.C. and $4 million for repairs to the Kennedy Space Center. Although those expenditures may have legitimate merit, they should stand on their own and not be used to buy votes or take advantage of the disaster relief needs. We have an out of control spending problem in Washington and need to limit wasteful spending whenever possible. Republicans need to stand firm to reign in this wasteful big government practice. They are going to catch heat anyway, they need to ignore the heat and stand up for the trust the American people placed upon them to cut spending. Representatives make up the peoples House, the closest to the citizens concerns as they are all up for re-election every two years. It's time they grew a backbone and stood up to big government waste!


* Suppository: The fiscal cliff deal passed yesterday wasn't a bitter pill but rather an involuntary suppository. Tax increases with promises of spending cuts, it's like Déjà Vu  all over again! We've been down this road many times and the end result never changes. That's why we're in the fiscal mess we find ourselves in. We have a spending problem, yesterdays deal doesn't change that. The Obama is now threatening that he will not debate the debt ceiling with Congress, it should just be raised because the chosen one says so. More bull from the king of the heap. A majority of Republicans in the House correctly voted against the fiscal deal because it doesn't do anything to combat our spending problem and it raises taxes. There's nothing in this bill that will spur job creation and improve the economy but there is added taxation that will kill jobs and economic growth. The monster can has been kicked down the road again.