In God We Trust




* HNY?: Thanks to a president that's oblivious to the reality around him, ignorant to the results of his actions and perfectly aware of what he is doing, 2015 was a tough year. Unfortunately he promises the same for 2016, transformation, economic stagnation and retreat from the Islamic terrorist threat that is ever present. He continues on his path to closing our terrorist prisoner of war camp at GITMO in order to meet a politically correct campaign promise. Our security be dammed, it's all about politics! It's been a year when The Obama administration capitulated to the number one sponsor of terror, Iran, in exchange for nothing. A year where the industrialized advanced countries in the world had a feel-good convention in Paris to penalize themselves for their success and strip their citizens of their money in the name of a 'climate change' agenda to please their politically correct propaganda machine. A year when racial tension has peeked thanks to the stroking of those tensions by the supposedly first 'post racial' president. He has been anything but that, The Obama has been the most racial president in modern times. As he promises to continue his destruction, we need to take him at his word. 2016 will be an interesting year, a year to look ahead while also looking behind your shoulder. Never-the-less, Happy New Year, in God We Trust!!!


* Primary: Trump is wrong on Virginia's "loyalty oath" idea. The Virginia GOP is considering having a "loyalty oath" that people would have to sign off on when voting in the Virginia Republican primary. First of all, why is the primary open to any voters that are not registered Republicans to begin with? Open primaries are an invitation for your political opposition to influence and possibly select your nominee. Nothing against Senator McCain but, history will show that Democrats and independents helped him gain the Republican nomination in 2008. The MSM was complicit in that endeavor as they 'trumped' him until he was the nominee, then they destroyed him. Trump is wrong because he is condoning the same thing. Perhaps he is doing this because it will limit his votes. His history is all over the place and his opinions are as well. He talks a good game but we don't need another narcissist in the White House. To make a simple analogy, would a football team allow their opponents to choose their starting quarterback? Only if they want to loose!


Merry Christmas


* Clinging: Memories of clingin. Early in The Obama's 'Magical' run to the presidency on a 'magic' carpet of racial guilt and entitlement, he mentioned people 'clinging to their guns and religion'. After seven long years of his condescensions we have a president 'clinging' to his 'religion' and excuse for Jihadis of 'a' religion. There's no other explanation for that lack of response to the threat we face. He said they are not a huge industrial power that can destroy us. That's code for why should we worry about them. Was AL Qaeda a huge industrial power when they brought down the World Trade Center? He is either ignorant, stupid or complicit, there are no other explanations. He fiddles like Nero did while our world burns. He also had the gall to say that they have failed with the ISIS strategy but the failure was in the White House messaging of their 'successes'. Really, how ignorant can that be. His failure is our misunderstanding of his failures. How stupid are we?


* GITMO: Here we go again. While everyone is focused on the refugee crisis, and rightfully so, The Obama has approved another 17 Gitmo prisoners to be released. The lame excuse repeated by a Defense Secretary under duress is, they are 'low level detainees'. First of all, detains are not who are at Gitmo. They are prisoners of war, terrorists! Many of these prisoners of war have returned to the battlefield killing innocent people, including Americans, after being released by The Obama. This is just another magician slight of hand, look where I want you to and miss the action, then be amazed. In 2017 we will look back and say how did GITMO get closed without Congressional approval? The answer will be that The Obama betrayed us, as he promised, with his transformation. The question is, how much more damage can he do in the remaining year he is in office. Not just words anymore, it's all about his actions that matter.


* Reality: At every turn reality is polar opposites to The Obama rhetoric. It's words, just words. After a shameful Oval Office address on the pretend war on 'ISIL', he stage a photo-op at the Pentagon to emphasize his imaginary war on ' ISIL'. The use of 'ISIL' as opposed to 'ISIS' is simple, ISIS stands for a "state." By calling the terrorist stats 'ISIL' he takes away the state piece. Just like when he called them a 'JV team'. Talking up a failed policy does not make that failure a success. At the Pentagon today The Obama said, "We are hitting ISIL stronger than ever." Really? Words, just words. He continued, "Squeeze it's heart make it harder for ISIL…ISIL leaders cannot hide… You're next." Scary, right? Words, just words. This is all about failed leadership or a plan realized, either way, we're in big trouble. Imaginary man-caused global warming, a half degree change in temperature in the next decade, the direction of which is in doubt, is less likely to murder you and your children in cold blood than the real ISIS Islamic terrorists in our mists.


* Paris: One-hundred-ninety-five (195) countries in Paris reached what they like to consider a 'landmark' climate change accord. In a city who was recently hit by a well coordinated barbarian Islamic terrorist attack at different locations, their song and dance climate conference is nothing but a joke. It's not about fixing what's not broke, it's about the transfer of wealth from developed industrial countries to the third world. It's about crippling the Unites States, it's about The Obama's continued transformation process. If he wasn't half black he would have already been impeached and tried for treason! Now back to the climate. According AlGore's predictions, the seas would have already risen, making Arizona a beach front state and the Arctic would have melted by now. Remember the change from global warming to climate change? That was not done for grammatical reasons, it was done because the global warming pushers were wrong. Many scientists are predicting a cooling trend due to the Sun's natural cycles in the next decade. That's right, it's nature that affects our temperature, it's natural and it always changes, it's called weather. Like it or not, weather changed long before us mere humans started driving cars. Our number one threat right now is the Islamic terrorist threat, not an ill conceived future temperature change that us humans have very little impact on. Just sit back and watch the show. Politically correct intellectual dim bulbs will pat themselves on the back for their idiotic accord while Islamic terrorists continue to murder innocents for the beliefs.


* Misdirection:  Magicians use misdirection when performing, The Obama does as well. Islamic terrorism is rearing its ugly head all around the world as proof that we ARE in World War III, a war that Islamic extremism has declared on civilization. In response to the obvious, The Obama, his administration and their lackeys in the MSM misdirect attention to their anti-Constitutional gun grab. Forget the man behind the curtain, it's the evil guns that are killing innocents across the world and recently in Bernardino, California. If you pull the curtain back you will see that there are no Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Mormons behind it. The worldwide terrorist attacks are being perpetrated by the Islamic Jihad wave that is invading our countries and lives. The political correct thing is to not profile, the insanity correct thing is to not profile, the common sense thing is to open your eyes and realize we are our worst enemy. The Islamic terrorist barbarians of ISIS are beheading children for being Christian, raping women for not being Muslim or just because they can. What kind of idiots are the current leaders of this once great country? We don't usually agree with Trump but when everyone is attacking him at the same time, we need to step back and question the motives. The White House attacked him as being against the Constitution for suggesting we should put a litmus test on the religion of any refugee coming here. They even said he didn't qualify for the presidency because of those views, meanwhile they ascribe to an unverifiable refugee screening process entering our country from the heart of the ISIS threat. ISIS has been true to their words, they said they would infiltrate refugees with their Jihadists, they have already done that. While the White House, Democrats and the MSM dance around the issue, ISIS is loading the 'gun'. We should stop refugee immigration from any country currently infiltrated by ISIS. The visa waiver program with Europe should be suspended until they increase their security. This is not a anti-Muslim policy, it's a survival policy It's time to circle the wagons before it's to late.


* Terrorism: We are surrounded by fools and patsies. After the obvious Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA yesterday, liberals, the MSM (I repeat myself) and other Islamic terrorist excusers were in hyper mode. They were doing cartwheels and back flips trying to find any way to blame the murders on "workplace violence." Workplace violence does not involve multiple people, period. Need look no further. When all of these terrorist attacks are perpetrated by Muslims within the age range of 20 to 40 why do we have to reinvent the wheel trying determine what the cause was? The Islamic terrorist war came to us on September 11, 2001 and it is still here. The longer we let ISIS glamorize terrorism the more lives will be lost to their senseless barbarism. Islamic terrorism is a cult of death. They dance in the streets when innocents are murdered but decry acts of retaliation when the terrorists meet their maker.


* Hypocrisy: In keeping with the last seven years of presidential hypocrisy the 'climate' conference in Paris and a recent administration action take the cake. The climate conference took place where another horrible terrorist attack happened just last week. Instead of joining forces to eliminate the scourge of Islamic terrorism, they pollute the environment with their hundreds of planes, vehicles and security teams to gather and complain about pollution. So obviously counter to the concerns of the American people. Current poles show the American people's top concern is terrorism. Recently two Muslim truck drivers claimed they were discriminated against because the had to transport alcohol. Their religion supposedly goes against the consumption of alcohol but doesn't say anything about transporting it. Not only that, but they knew they had to transport alcohol when they took the jobs. In step with the biased and divisive Obama administration the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued the trucking company, Star Transportation, for not accommodating the religious beliefs of the drivers. Here's the hypocrisy, what happened when Christian's religious beliefs were trampled on by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple? What happened when a county clerk was jailed for not issuing same sex marriage licenses against her religious beliefs? The Obama administration condemned the Christians and the EEOC was silent. That is liberal/progressive politically correct hypocrisy!


* Shame: At the Paris 'global warming' conference, The Obama was very animated. After all, it's a subject dear to his heart. Blame America for the climate and continue to bankrupt us with policies that defy factual support. After the recent Paris terrorist attacks, The Obama was calm, withdrawn and rudderless. Just like any issue or situation that doesn't meet his political agenda, he just puts us to sleep while he struggles for the words. Now at the Paris Climate Change Conference The Obama is animated, forceful and full of what comes out of a bulls derriere (French lingo for color). He said, "We salute the people of Paris for insisting this crucial conference go on." What's crucial for Parisians is to stop another ISIS inspired terrorist killing spree, not to declare a war against climate change which defies credulity and evidence. In a recent poll only 3% of Americans believe climate change is the number one threat to us. But that doesn't agree with what The Obama regime believes because it detracts from their foreign policy failures and the rise of ISIS. He says and believes countries will be under water and cities will be overrun if we don't do anything. He also believes that those changes cause terrorism. Years ago the AlGore said the Arctic Polar cap would melt by 2013, guess what, it's still there. There is no beachfront property in Arizona and the polar bears are not extinct. It would be nice if we had a president that was inspired against terrorists that are actually ruining peoples climate by decapitating them than by a bogus climate change agenda that distracts from his failures.

Happy Thanksgiving

* Sinister:
We either have a naïve president or an accomplice in the Islamic caliphate in which we are currentlly dealing with. The Obama's actions are either naïve or they are part of his transfromation plan to not only change America but chage the world. His own caliphate to support the ISIS caliphate. Far fetched? Then give me a another explanation. His supportors claim he's a genius, well, you can't be a genious and an idioit at the same time, unless you are pretenting to be an idiot. While the rest of the cilivilized world is outraged about the Islamic terrorist murders in Paris, The Obama is monotone and dismissive, why? Is it intentional or is he approving of the carnage? Americans see Islamic terrorism for what it is but The Obama claims ignorance and attacks Republicans. Annallysits at the Pentagon central command claim they were instructed to 'tone down' their assestments of ISIS. There is political manipulation of intellegence that banana republics do. Is that what we have become? The Obama White House calims that Syrian refugees go through a three year process to immigrate here, really? Where are they during those three years? We are witnessing a successful transformation.


* Appeasement: It's a disgrace that an American president could be more animated and forceful about Americans than the terrorists that are beheading innocents, including Americans. Hours before the deadly and cowardly terrorist attacks on innocent and unarmed people in Paris, France, The Obama said that ISIS (or as he has his administration calls them, ISIL) was contained. ISIS is not simply an Islamic terrorist group, they have a military, they hold territory and they project Jihadists across the world. This is world war three and The Obama feels like American citizens and the bogus global warming scare are bigger threats. He is monotone when speaking of the ISIS threat and his policy to 'contain' them but is animated and emotional when he criticizes Republicans for what he calls, being scared of "Widows and three-year old orphans." Someone should tell the clueless commander in chief that widows have become suicide bombers (as one did in the raid yesterday) and three year old orphans are being trained by ISIS to become martyrs for their evil caliphate. Three-year old orphans turn into sixteen year old and thirty year old killers. It's been reported that over 70% of refugees invading Europe are Muslim men from their twenties to late thirties, the age group that commits terrorist acts in the name of Islam, their 'religion of peace'. We cannot begin to defeat this evil and challenge to civilization, until we have a president that responds to the threat with unlimited force. Appeasement is not the answer! We agree with Winston Churchill when he said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last."


* Superpower: There is currently one 'superpower' in the world but you wouldn't know if your watching what's going on. ISIS led terrorists attacked three locations in Paris on Friday and murdered over 120 innocent civilians, mostly young people at a concert. What evil does that? It's Islamic terrorist evil and we know where they are and our narcissistic, no boots on the ground, leader refuses to engage. As the only super power we can destroy ISIS in weeks if we choose to. We are not because either we have a completely incompetent leader or we have an Islamic accomplice in the White House. History will tell but current actions lead us to believe the latter. The Paris attack was not a set back, it was another battle lost in a war against the evil that is Islamic terrorism. There is no reason why the powers of the world, led by a competent U.S. president (which we don't have), can’t destroy ISIS in a matter of weeks if not days. We know where their bases are, we know where their training camps are, we know where their supply lines are, then why! It's the commander in chief that is betraying his oath of office, the American people and the world. Civilization is at stake and he would rather attack Republicans than the jihadist terrorists that are murdering innocent civilians. It says something when a socialist president of France is more forceful against Islamic terrorists than the supposedly leader of the free world. History will show this shame for what it is.


* Accomplice: In Turkey today The Obama said that the Paris Terrorist attacks that killed over 120 people and injured hundreds was a 'set back'. He said his plan is working on containing 'ISIL' which everyone else calls ISIS. He either refuse to see the enemy for what it is or he is an accomplice in assisting our enemies. It's not a far fetched notion considering the outcome of his policies. He has released terrorists from Gitmo and even five in exchange for an Army deserter. Today he released five more of the most hardened terrorists from Gitmo to the United Arab Emirates because he couldn't release the directly to their home country of Yemen. The Obama says ISIS contained, that doesn't pass the smell test. He says his strategy of containment is working. Tell that to the victims in Paris! It's clear that jihadists are infiltrating the refugee exodus from 'Muslim' countries. One of the them was identified as a Paris suicide bomber. The Obama administration is planning on resettling thousands of those refugees here with no clear method of vetting their identities. This is tantamount to an invasion of Jihadists into our country condoned by an complicit president. The French call it an act of war, The Obama calls it a set back. God help us!


* U-Brats: In our universities today we are witnessing the stupidity of the liberal, politically correct hypocrisy that has invested out schools for decades. It's about spoiled brats guilt trip over their easy lives. Regardless of color, it's the liberal guilt trip. Why should I have more than someone else? Get over it, life's not fair. Our Constitution guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not life liberty and the equality of outcomes. You are what you make yourself to be. Many misinformed and brainwashed students across the country are jumping on the you owe us bandwagon demanding free college educations and relief from their student loan debts. They talk about other countries that give everyone free college educations. What they fail to mention is that those countries where college education is free, like Cuba, many of their people are illiterate and go hungry. As everyone with half a brain knows, nothing is free but the air you breath and if liberals could tax that it wouldn’t be free either. You get what you pay for, if not, then get a refund, crying about the inequality of outcomes makes one a cry-baby. It's the privileged and you-owe-me crowed teaming up to destroy common sense and freedom of speech. We used to assume the college campuses where a place to learn, they have now become a place to finish the indoctrination of a nation of spoiled brats.


* VA: On this Veterans Day we give thanks to all those who have served to protect our freedom. They are the ones who defend our God given rights enshrined in our Constitution. Without their sacrifices through the years, and through the battles, they have been steadfast in the defense of our nation's being. The Constitution guarantees our rights, our veterans guarantee our Constitution! That said, we now have the Democrat front runner for president, Hillarious Hillary Clinton saying that the Veterans Administration's problems have been overblown and are being taken advantage of by Republicans. Tell that to the veterans that have died waiting in line for a doctors appointment at the big government run bureaucratic mess that is the VA. Republicans want to privatize as much as possible of the VA to provide the service that our veterans deserve. There are few things government does well, our military stands out in that regard. Overall, big government is a big failure in its waste, duplicity, incompetence and lack of accountability. Our veterans should be given a choice, if a VA appointment is not available then they should be able to go to any hospital or physician on the VA's dime, our dime. Hillary's defense of the VA and criticism of Republicans is not about fixing the VA, it's about keeping big government institutionalized failures in place. After all, the smaller the government the less dependent Americans will be on government, and the less dependant Americans are on government, the less Democrats will be in power to control our lives.


* PC-Generation: Protests at the University of Missouri by spoiled, politically correct brats are a microcosm of the generation of pansies in the pipeline. We've taken for granted that most of the teachers and professors in this country lean left, some radically so. It takes time to raise a generation of liberal lemmings but we are now seeing the result of a successful transformation of a generation into an intolerant mob. Liberals like conservatives believe in freedom of speech and of the press, where we differ is, liberals believe in those things as long the speech and press agrees with them. When they don't, they either shout it down or try to prevent it. The liberal PC mindset is counter to a free flow of ideas because those ideas and the facts that support them negates their ideological views. Views that time, history and practice have shown us to be failures. As John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." Liberals try to alter facts through politically correct garbage that has been brain washing our children for years. It's time for some common sense.


* Gitmo: When The Obama first came to office, one of his priorities was to close the terrorist prisoner camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO). What drives him to close GITMO shows his lack of concern for the war on Islamic terrorism in which we are currently in. He found he couldn't unilaterally close the camp so he's been systematically releasing prisoners to achieve his wishes by any means. It is estimated that one third of the released prisoners return to the war against civilization and us. That is a generous estimate as it is impossible to actuality tell how many have re-joined the terrorists. The Obama even went as far as trading five known terrorist prisoners for one American deserter, Bergdahl. Now, even though the White House admits they don't know if it's Constitutional for The Obama to unilaterally close GITMO through executive order, they admit that he may do it anyway. Why let the Constitution interfere with a promised transformation? Legal president and separation of powers has not stopped this president from acting unilaterally before, one way pr another he will close GITMO. Either by closing it outright or by releasing every prisoner until the only people left at GITMO will be the guards.


* Climate: News flash for our brainwashed 'global warming', 'climate change' friends, weather changes. Before man set foot on this earth there was weather, cool, cold, warm and hot. It's natural, get over it. In the recent past we had warnings of an upcoming ice age in the 70's, then we had warnings of acid rain, then we had global warming fanatics kick in with their fearless leader, the carbon foot print king, AlGore. The seas didn't rise and we're not floating away in our imaginary escape pods. Polar bear populations have gone up, contrary to global warming fanatics that paint a very different picture. Common sense dictates that in the brief Arctic summer there will be some ice berg melting in some areas, but at the same time, there are others being formed elsewhere. This is the dirty little secret the global warming alarmist fail to mention. Global warming/climate change politicians are not about saving the planet from something we have very little control over, it's about control, big government control, global control, exactly what The Obama's transformation is all about. The upcoming Paris climate change conference is a global warming joke. They just don't realize that the jokes' on them!


* Soros: Radical liberal/progressive billionaire George Soros is attacking his country of origin, Hungary, for attempting to close its borders to the waves of Muslim immigrants coming their way. Soros is dead wrong. He believes that national borders are the enemy of mankind. He funds radial liberals in this country that also believe our borders should be wide open to all. We're not living in the1800's anymore. Early immigrants and refugees to the U.S. assimilated to our culture and language. Americans by our nature are immigrants. You can come from anywhere in the world and become an American. That can't be said for other countries. We get our strength from the diverse backgrounds of Americans and their families. The difference between past immigrants and most of the current ones is the lack of assimilation. When a wave of immigrants comes to this country and does not assimilate they are no longer immigrants, they are an invading force. This is what we're currently witnessing across Europe. The mostly male, young Muslim men are going in waves into Europe and some are being transferred into our own country. At a time when Islamic radicals have declared war on the west and are crucifying, beheading, burning and raping all infidels in their path, open borders is a declaration of surrender. Soros, Hillary and The Obama are on the wrong side of history.


* Joke: Putin and ISIS are filling The Obama U.S. void in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iran's Ayatollahs and ISIS are filling The Obama U.S. void in Iraq. It's like, two American enemies walk into a bar…, but this is not a joke, what is a joke is The Obama sending in F-I-F-T-Y, that's 50 'special ops' troops to deal with an army of terrorists, Russia and Iran. Now that's a joke. The Obama made fun of Republican candidates not being able to handle CNBC moderators so how could they deal with Russia and China. The GOP candidates handled the biased CNBC candidates aggressively and showed them up for what they were, liberal pansies. Exactly what the Russians and Iranians have shown The Obama up to be, a liberal pansy. An incompetent, liberal, narcissistic community organizer pretending to be something he is not. Looking forward to when this chapter of American history can be thrown in the trash heap of history where it belongs.


* Rose: Yesterday on "CBS This Morning" a puzzled Charlie Rose pressed Marco Rubio on his statement that the Benghazi hearings proved that Hillary had lied. Newly released Hillary emails clearly proved that Hillary emailed her daughter on the night of the attacks and told her the attack was by an 'Al Qaeda like group'. Later she told the Libyan president and Egyptian prime minister the same thing. Around that same she released a statement to the American people blaming the YouTube Mohamed video. That theory came about after she had spoken on the phone with The Obama and their cover-up plan was devised. The video lie was continued for weeks including by The Obama in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly. Blaming the video would deflect from their failures in Libya and their campaign lies about Al Qaeda being decimated. Rose, dumb-founded by the clear facts before him went off blaming the CIA talking points. Ex-CIA officials have said that their talking points and classified analysis never blamed the video for the Benghazi attacks. Those talking points were altered by the White House. It's amazing how far the left continues to go in their zeal to cover-up for Hillary's cover-up. John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." Not all Benghazi evidence has been disclosed as emails and other communications continue to dribble out, but what is clear from what has already been released is that facts do matter and those facts clearly point to a cover-up by Hillary and The Obama. History will show whether there will be any accountability for the deceit perpetrated on the American people.


* Debate: Last night's Republican presidential debate was less of a debate and more of a showcase for the leftist media bias. The CNBC moderators were less moderators than vicious attack dogs with a liberal agenda, intended to pit the candidates against each other. CNBC is supposed to be a business network, they showed their true colors last night, they are more of an extension of the hyper liberal MSNBC than they are a business network. Before the main debate started it was clear listening to the ramblings of the CNBC panel between the two debates where they stood. Their political leanings where more than transparent. It was if the panel and moderators were part of the Hillary campaign staff in disguise. Senator Cruz said it plainly, “Nobody believes that the moderators have any intention of voting in a Republican primary.” The Republican National Committee deserves some of the blame for the outcome of this debate/grilling. If you allow a radical left organization like CNBC to host a debate, don't expect fairness. Instead of addressing economic issues, which was the supposed intent for having CNBC host, the evening was a clear showing of the liberal MSM bias as they attack Republicans and make excuses for Democrats.


* Gore: Former VP and global warming fanatic AlGore is pushing a Harvard School of Public Health study about CO2. They claim that increased CO2 levels has impact on human cognition and decision-making, in other words, makes people dumber. Makes sense if you have less oxygen and more CO2 that it would affect your senses. Global warming advocates like Gore must be smoking the stuff because it obviously has affected their senses and cognitive ability. The U.S. Navy conducted tests on nuclear submarines and concluded that average CO2 concentrations of 3,500 parts per million (ppm) — levels, which are nearly 10 times higher than what Harvard claims, is safe. CO2 is the latest drug of the climate crowd, they're accelerating their lobbying ahead of the Paris climate change party to push their climate boondoggles. AlGore complains about CO2 while living in a mansion, flying in a private jet and driving around in a gas-guzzling SUV. If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary you will see his picture.


* VA: In an interview on the liberal MSNBC Rachel Maddow show Hillary was asked about the Veterans Administration scandal, she said, “it’s not been as widespread as it has been made out to be.” The problems with the VA are rooted in big government bureaucracy. The bigger the agency the bigger the bureaucratic problems. Hillary blamed Republicans for what she called, “ideological agenda” and also said they want the VA to fail. How moronic can you be. She went on to say, “They try to create a downward spiral, don’t fund it to the extent that it needs to be funded, because they want it to fail, so then we can argue for privatization.” Sure, Republicans want to starve children, poison the waters stop grandma's social security. Republicans want to help veterans by either fixing the VA or privatizing to speed up the services to our veterans and improve their healthcare choices. Hillary excuses the incompetence and delays that are contributing to the deaths of many of our veterans while waiting for service. The VA is a microcosm of big government failure. That narrative goes against big government liberals, progressives and socialists, but then, I repeat myself. Fixing the VA by privatizing would show up big governments failures and waste. If our government was a business it would have gone bankrupt long ago. Duplicity, incompetence and lack of accountability has spread throughout the government is like an out of control infestation. Time to call in the exterminators.


* FBI: After Republicans at the Benghazi hearing failed to catch Hillary in her obvious lies it's looking like only the FBI investigation stands between her and the Democrat nomination for president. With Democrats on the committee running interference for Hillary and the MSM eagerly defending her, only an indictment can derail the runaway liberal steamroller that is the Hillary campaign. General Petraeus was convicted of a single instance of miss handling confidential information, Hillary mishandled thousands of emails, many with confidential information, on an unsecure private server and with un-cleared third parties. In the hearing Hillary lied about the video cover-up and about not being responsible for the security at the Benghazi compound. She was the source of the video cover-up as was identified by new emails showing the timeline of her revelations of the truth behind the attack and then of the video lies for the sake of the presidential election. She lied about Ambassador Stevens going to Benghazi on his own accord when she was the one who sent him there. She put him in harms way then ignored his calls for increased security after 20 incidents at the compound before the 9/11 attack. Security personnel available to Ambassador Stevens went from 38 when he was sworn in as Ambassador in May of 2012 to 9 when the September 11, 2012 attack took place . Not only were requests for additional security denied, existing security was dramatically reduced at the same time. According to State Department rules, security for diplomatic sites, including temporary ones, lies squarely at the feet of the Secretary. Hillary lied about this responsibility, either intentionally or through ignorance. In either case those aren't the character traits you want in a leader at any level. It's time for the FBI to do it's sworn duty and uphold the laws that were clearly broken by Hillary Clinton.


* Benghazi-Lies: After nearly nine hours of testimony yesterday before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, some points remain in question:

    ♦ If Ambassador Stevens was a friend of Hillary's, as she claims, then why didn't she contact him after two previous attacks at the Benghazi compound?

    ♦ After learning that the compound was under attack why wasn't military help sent in? Hillary says that there were no response teams available that could have got there in time. How did she know how much 'time' the attacks would take? There was a team in Tripoli that were told to stand down, who gave that order?

    ♦ An hour after the attack, Hillary emailed her family and told the Libyan president and Egyptian prime minister that it was an Al Qaeda like group that attacked in Benghazi. Around the same time she made a public statement that is was a demonstration as a result of an Internet video. That narrative of blaming the video was an intentional political play to deceive the American people in the days leading up to the presidential election. If Hillary and The Obama regime would have told the truth their political futures would have been in jeopardy, they chose to lie.

   ♦ Hillary and her friend Sid Blumenthal had numerous email communications on her personal email account. She said these were personal emails but many contained advice from Blumenthal on Libya. She said these were 'unsolicited' but many of her emails to Blumenthal asked for more info from him. Depends of what the meaning of 'unsolicited' is. She shared Blumenthal emails with other high level State Department and White House officials, common sense would dictate that they where in fact 'work related'. Since she labeled them 'personal' then how many did she delete when she did her server wipe?

    ♦ Hillary passed the buck on the security issue saying that security was not something that she was responsible for but Republicans pointed out to her that on a previous Accountability Review Board finding it was determined that security for diplomatic personnel lies squarely at the desk of the Secretary of State. Not only were Ambassador Stevens requests for additional security denied his security was actually decreased.

Benghazi is important because the American people where lied to in order to influence a presidential election. Americans died because of insufficient security and a lack of response when the attack took place. The president and secretary of state of the United States conspired to cover-up a terrorist attack in order to get re-elected. Watergate was about a cover-up after a break in into a democrat election office during and election campaign, no one died in Watergate. Benghazi was about a cover-up after a terrorist attack on a U.S. compound, four Americans died. The latter greatly outweighs the former!


* Benghazi: Chairman Gowdy started the Benghazi Select Committee hearing by stating that the previous investigations were not serious because they did not have the information that has just been obtained (from the private server) and they did not interview the witnesses on the scene in Benghazi. Cummings then made his opening statement attacking the chairman and the committee as nothing but a 'fishing expedition'. With all the requests for additional security by ambassador Stevens, following two previous bombings, why didn't Hillary provide the security Stevens requested considering he was her friend? She had continuous email communication with her friend Blumenthal about Benghazi and Libya but where are the emails from Stevens, her friend? Did they exist, and if not, why not? Why did Hillary initiate the false video protest story knowing that there was no demonstration at the time of the terrorist attack in Benghazi? It was pointed out that Hillary communicated via email to her family the noght of the attack that it was an Al Qaeda affiliated attack and repeated that to the Libyan president and Egyptian prime minister yet told the American people that it was due to a video. Chairman Gowdy asked her about the communications with Blumenthal and she said they where 'unsolicited' yet Gowdy read some of her email communications clearly showing that she was asking Blumenthal for more information. Blumenthal was working for the Clinton Foundation. At the end of the first round of questions there was fireworks between Democrats Schiff and Cummings and Republican Gowdy. Democrats on the committee are clearly running interference for Hillary and disgracing the very committee they serve on. For them it's not about getting to the truth but rather a political attack on Republicans for wanting to get to the truth behind the Benghazi cover-up and lies behind the video and lack of security. Why didn't we respond when the attack took place; because it would go against the claim that Al Qaeda was decimated less than two months before a presidential election. Who pushed the video and who gave the stand-down order? The song and dance continues…


* Sanctuary: The Senate yesterday voted against closure on the Stop Sanctuary Cities Act. By a partisan vote of 54 for closure and 45 against. A total of 60 votes were needed to bring the bill up for a vote on the floor. All but one Democrat voted to continue sanctuary cities, one Republican, Kirk (R-IL), voted with the Democrats. The bill was created after Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien felon who had been deported five times. He was in San Francisco because that city is a sanctuary city. They don't enforce federal immigration laws and allow illegals a free ride at the expense of their citizens. The Obama and his regime sued states and cities that wanted to enforce federal immigration laws while supporting cities and states that ignore them. What would this regime and their Democrat cronies do if a city decided to ignore federal gun control laws and become a gun sanctuary city where all citizens were allowed to own and carry without permits? Democrats clearly put politics before common sense backed by a divisive president who supports sanctuary cities at the expense of the laws he swore to uphold when he took the oath of office.


* Self-Help: Israeli's teach their children how to defend themselves, Palestinians teach their children how to 'stab a Jew'. With the violence in Israel being perpetrated by Palestinians, John Kerry and the White continue to make the moral equivalence case between terrorists attacking innocent civilians and civilians defending themselves. Kerry said, “We continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence, and Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been, from random acts of violence." He's urging Israeli's to 'restrain from any kind of self-help'. OK Israeli's, don't defend yourselves, leave that up to the authorities. What a moronic thing to say and believe. The Obama regime's belief that the attacks are 'random acts of violence' was again stated by Kerry. It's the same mindset they use to deal with the world wide Islamic terror threat. They view them as individual criminal acts just like they view the prisoners of war at Gitmo as individual criminals worthy of rehabilitation and Miranda rights. It's a politically correct slow motion surrender. There is no moral equivalency between right and wrong, it's either one or the other. They only grey area here is the smoke the Jihadist leaves behind when he meets his maker.


* Reign: Another Trump asinine statement. Criticizing Jeb Bush for saying that his brother kept us safe after 9/11, Trump said, "The World Trade Center came down during his 'reign'." Trump may be the 'king' of his empire and 'reign' over his minions, but that's not what a president does. George W. Bush was president for less than eight months when the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place. He wasn't a king, he was our president. During the Clinton years we had the first World Trade Center bombings (1993), the Khobar Towers bombing (1996), the African Embassy bombings (1998) and the terrorist attack on the USS Cole (2000). The Clinton response was to deal with these attacks as random criminal acts. His White House even hid evidence that Iran was directly involved in the Khobar Towers bombings so they wouldn't be 'pressured' into taking action against Iran. The lack of response to those attacks led directly to 9/11. Bin Laden and other terrorists saw the U.S as weak, our lack of response gave them grounds to believe we were. George W. Bush's decisive response after 9/11 kept us safe until now. Trump also claims that 9/11 would not have happened if he were president because he would have kept the terrorists out. Facts are that 16 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were here legally. Instead of attacking Republicans and Monday morning quarterbacking perhaps Trump should study history and formulate a credible foreign policy stance.


* Equivalency: With the world's focus on Syria, Russia and ISIS, Palestinians found themselves neglected. In order to remedy this their leaders encouraged attacks on Israeli's. They have gone from throwing rocks to now attacking innocent civilians with knives. When civilians and Israeli police and military fight back they are accused of murdering Palestinians. The MSM has constantly taken this position and their biased anti-Israeli coverage encourages more attacks and more killings. The state department and the White House have taken a position of placing moral equivalency between the Palestinian terrorists attacking and hacking Israeli's to the Israeli's who have been fighting back. This equivalency is tantamount to appeasement. They have criticized Israel while calling for calm and 'proportionate" response. If someone is coming at you with a knife and you have a gun are you supposed to go get a knife? Israel does not initiate these confrontations with the Palestinians, they finish them. It's time our government stopped appeasing terrorists and started defending our strongest and most loyal ally in the Middle East, Israel and the Israeli people deserve our support.


* Democratic: It's getting a bit annoying listening to people call the Democrat party the 'Democratic' party. CNN even had a banner calling the debate the "Democratic Presidential Debate." Does that mean that the Republican debate was not Democratic? Our founding fathers knew better than to create a true democracy when this nation was formed. They created a representative republic. Republicans stand for those principles, hence the name. A true democracy is like two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, we all know how that would turn out. It is the rule of the masses over the rights of the individual. We believe in empowering the individual, that is what out Constitution is about. It's about individual rights as opposed to collective rights. The Magna Carta, which preceded our Constitution, gave the people a collective right, our Constitution took this a step further and enshrined our God given individual rights into the foundation of our nation. The farther we stray from those principles the closer we get to losing those rights. It's time to call the Democrat party what they truly are and what they truly believe, they have moved so far away from being democratic that they should be renamed the Socialist party.


* Debate: Hillary won the Democrat debate last night by default. The others running treated her as the anointed one and didn't lay a glove on her. Her multiple flip-flops she brushed of as growing and learning and she got away with it. The email scandal was laughed off by a gift from Sanders. He said, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about emails.” The crowd erupted in support of Sanders and Hillary walked over to him and shook his hand. The email scandal is not about politics it's about breaking the law, mishandling of classified information and a blatant attempt to keep her correspondence secret. It's a character issue, her history has proven her character is flawed. No matter how she is sugar coated, underneath is a rotten core. A lying manipulating political creature whose case for being president rests solely on her gender. Asked why she wouldn't be a third Obama term she said the answer is obvious, she's a woman. As secretary of state, Hillary was at the heart of The Obama foreign policy failures. She got the 3am call from Benghazi and failed it miserably. She lied about a video and the result of her incompetence led to the deaths of four Americans. She has a lot to answer for, perhaps she'll answer in a striped pant-suit from behind bars.


* Idiocy: Putin's Russia is filling the vacuum left by The Obama's failures and The Obama concentrates on the fantasy of Global Warming. Jets, equipment and troops pour into Syria as Russia backs Assad, asked about this on "60 Minutes" Sunday and The Obama says that's not leadership, "My definition of leadership would be leading on climate change, an international accord that potentially we'll get in Paris." ISIS terrorists just killed 100 innocent people at a peace rally in Turkey this weekend, they are on the move in Iraq, Syria and Libya and The Obama still believes that Climate Change is the biggest threat to us and the world. Regardless of where you stand on the Global Warming debate, a fraction of a degree either way is not as deadly as a suicide bomber or a terrorist with a dirty bomb. It is astounding that in the face of a clear challenge by Russia and the loss of U.S. credibility, The Obama can be focusing on Global Warming and ignoring the world around him. It's truly a case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The incompetence of this regime and particularly that of The Obama knows no bounds.


* March: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 'Million Man March' Saturday on the mall in Washington, DC. The theme of the rally was "Justice of Else." Or else what? What kind of justice? Farrakhan said, "Let me be clear. America has no future for you or for me. She can't make a future for herself, much less a future for us." He has always been a segregationist and continues to this day. He applauds the looting mobs of Ferguson and complains about what he calls, "too much mass incarceration" of black people. No mention of the disproportionate crime committed by young black males in our society. People like Farrakhan thrive on division, fear and anger feed their narcissistic hunger for power. One of the speakers at the rally was a native American who led the crowd in chants of "Down, Down, USA." Patriotism and love of country was nowhere to be seen on the national mall on Saturday. Anger and racism was the call of the day. At 82 it's time for Farrakhan to fade away and take his hate with him. The black community needs new leaders, optimistic leaders that build on the promise of Martin Luther King Jr. and not on the hate of the likes of Farrakhan.


* Guns: The Obama is heading to Oregon today to further his ideological attack on our second amendment. He plans on doing another end around on Congress by executive order. Gun control, by making it harder for individuals gun owners to sell a gun from their collections without a background check. Non of the mass shootings in recent years would have been prevented by this new executive order. Those shooters all passed background checks or obtained their guns from someone who did. This is just another political ploy to not let a tragedy go to waste by doing something idiotic. If you want to do something to stop mass shootings then get rid of gun-free zones. If you let people defend themselves nut jobs would be less inclined to inflict their evil on the innocent. A deranged individual might still get a couple of shots off but he would be confronted. The only thing that stops a killer with a gun is someone else with a gun. The Obama will probably cite a statistic that the U.S. ranks third in the world in murders, while that may be true, if you take away four cities, Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans we would be ranked fourth with least murders. Those cities have the strictest gun control laws. But don't let facts get in the way of ideological stupidity.


* Intel: Reports on Syria indicate there was an intel failure in the lead up to Russia's actions. It doesn't take covert intelligence to notice a military build up in the light of day. Leading up to Russia's air strikes was a steady stream of military equipment including bombers and fighter aircraft along with surface to air missile systems. Since ISIS does not have an air force why the need for SAM's? You would either have to be blind or complicit in the actions to not see what Russia was preparing to do. Putin's plan is simple, destroy Assad's western backed opposition groups then go after ISIS with a ground force of 150,000 troops. Once the so called 'moderate' rebels are eliminated the choice will be Assad or ISIS. The result will be clear, ISIS will be destroyed in Syria and Assad will remain in power thanks to the Russian build up. At that time the question will be whether Russia continues after ISIS in Iraq with Iran's assistance and what our role will be at that time. Time for a no fly-zone in Syria has passed. The community organizer has organized another American defeat but was it by failure of policy or intentional, we believe it's the latter.


* Emails: Turns out that Hillarious Clinton had hired Datto Inc., a Connecticut company, to provide a private cloud backup of her emails. The FBI has asked the company to turn over all the Clinton emails it has in its possession. If the backup contains the emails that Hillary deleted, her so called 'personal' emails, it could provide more proof that she broke laws pertaining to handling of classified information. People have gone to jail for much less than Hillary emails have already shown, why hasn't she been charged? There are two scenarios, the first is that charges are still being considered since not all the information has been available, specially that which was deliberately deleted or wiped from her server. The second is that politics will again save the Clinton's from being subject to the same laws that apply to everyone else. Repeating her lies over and over again does not make them true and any number of half hearted apologies will not make them go away. Time will tell but for now, 'liar' remains the main word people associate with Hillary Clinton.


* Iran: The Washington Times John Solomon is reporting that the Bill Clinton White House hid information about Iran's involvement in the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996. That terrorist bombing killed 19 U.S. servicemen and wounded hundreds. Solomon reports that, "FBI interviews with a half-dozen Saudi co-conspirators who revealed they got their passports from the Iranian embassy in Damascus, reported to a top Iranian general and were trained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC)." The Clinton White House hid the evidence from the public and from intelligence agencies to prevent pressure to respond to the attack. Like other terrorist acts during the Clinton years, including the first World Trade Center bombing, they saw these act as criminal in nature and not terrorism or state sponsored. That type of thinking and lack of response led directly to 9/11. When a state, Iran, commits an bombing of our military housing and kills 19 American servicemen it is not a criminal act, it is an act of war. Quick and swift retaliation should have been the response not a politically calculated attempt to distract attention and cozy up to the perpetrators of the bombing. This borders on treason. Our enemies understand strength and resolve, when we respond with weakness and appeasement it encourages more of the same. We are facing the same failures by The Obama regime as that of the Clinton years. In light of this information Congress should take up the Iran nuclear surrender deal again. Iran has the blood of our servicemen on their hands, from the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia to Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has targeted Americans for years and they now have been rewarded with hundreds of billions of dollars and a path to a nuclear arsenal. We have treason being played out in front of us and the Congress sits idly by.


* Putin: Russia is intensifying their air strikes in Syria and have announced they are sending in 150,000 troops to destroy ISIS. They should be able to destroy ISIS in Syria but this move is meant to cement Assad's control over the Syrian people. Russia is targeting all of Assad's opposition including our allies who have been left defenseless by The Obama regime. What remains to be seen is whether the Russian troops will follow ISIS into Iraq or stop at the Syrian border. The writings on the wall, Assad will remain in power and Russia will have gained an important foot hold in the Middle East. They are filling a vacuum left by the incompetence of The Obama regime's foreign policy. It's to late for a redo on the red line and our lack luster campaign against ISIS has given them time to increase their numbers and Russia time to plan their moves. Putin has exploited The Obama's weakness and undermined American credibility. One thing our enemies and allies alike know is weakness and insecurity, specially in that part of the world. It's now time to escalate our war on ISIS in Iraq and push towards Syria, we can meet the Russians at the border and exterminate ISIS or we will loose our influence in Iraq for decades to come.


* Gun-Free: Another gun-free zone shooting and gun control zealots jump to their normal reaction. The Obama is still mum on the Kate Stanley shooting by an illegal alien but immediately makes a statement about the shooting in Oregon. Nine students were murdered by a deranged individual and The Obama blames Republicans in Congress for standing in the way of more control laws. The facts are that Oregon has very strict gun control laws, that didn't stop the killer. Killers seek out the defenseless, gun-free zones are the easiest targets. Those zones should be renamed victim-gun-free zones because everyone there is a sitting duck. The Obama's adopted home city of Chicago is as close to a gun-free zone city as one can be yet there are over 50 shootings there every weekend with an average of about 13 deaths. This happens every weekend and yet The Obama and all the other gun control hypocrites ignore it. The Oregon community college where the murders took place yesterday had a security guard who was armed with pepper spray. Laughable that you think you could defend people against a heavily armed shooter with pepper spray. These kind of shootings are not going to stop until people are allowed to defend themselves and gun-free zones become a thing of the past. Gun-free zones are an experiment that failed the very people they were intended to protect. Like all other liberal panacea ideas, they look good on paper but then reality steps in.


* Russia: It's easy to get lost in the fog of war, but we're not in a war, according to The Obama regime. Alerts and headlines show an increasingly volatile Middle East with the cross hairs on Syria. A Russian three star general prances into the American embassy in Iraq and demands that the U.S. stop flying over Syria because they are starting their bombing campaign against ISIS. In fact, Russian planes attacked anti-Assad pro western forces. On its face it looks like the Russian's are flexing their muscle and taking control of the fight against ISIS when in fact, what they are doing is supporting Assad by eliminating their Syrian opposition while letting the U.S. and it's allies fight ISIS. If you take a step back you may see a different picture. These actions come the same week that Putin and The Obama met at the UN. We are seeing a smoke and mirrors slight of hand master power play. The Pentagon and regime talk tough for our consumption while giving Putin the go ahead behind closed doors to do exactly what he is doing today. The Obama message to Putin, through an open mic in 2012, was that after the elections he would be more 'flexible'. We saw that flexibility in the Crimea and Ukraine, we are now seeing it in Syria. The Obama's weak plan of first 'downgrading' then 'defeating' ISIS is clear now. He has allied with Iran, Russia and Syria, sacrificed the Assad opposition, to defeat ISIS after Assad's reigned has been cemented into place by a new Russian presence in the Middle East. After the dust settles, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan will be under the control of our enemies, not The Obama's enemies, our enemies!


* Syria: The Obama has been on the wrong side of history in his short time in office. His obsession with toppling stable governments in Libya, Egypt and Syria gave rise to the Arab Spring and strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood. He toppled our ally in the war on terror, Kaddafi and that led to Benghazi, chaos and a refugee crisis. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which led to the ousting of long time ally Mubarak and the takeover by Morsi. After Morsi attempted to 'transform' Egypt and change their constitution he was overthrown by the Egyptian military led by el-Sisi. He restored order and dealt a major defeat to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama condemned Morsi's overthrow and demanded he be reinstated. Again he was on the wrong side of history, backing our enemies and alienating our allies. Next in line for The Obama was toppling Syrian president Assad. His weakness during the red line threat along with the withdrawal of our forces from Iraq led to the rise of Isis. The Obama failure and weakness in dealing decisively with ISIS has created a power vacuum which is now being filled by Assad's ally, Putin. Russian forces are now aggressively taking to Assad's defense disguised as an attempt to defeat ISIS. There's no question Russia will go after ISIS but only after they destroy the Free Syrian forces that have also been fighting Assad. Russia began air strikes on what they called ISIS positions when in fact they are targeting areas controlled by the Free Syrian forces. Russia has also now demanded that the U.S. stop flying in Syrian air space. This is what happens when a weak community organizer goes up against a hardened KGB operative. It is being reported that Russian air superiority jets are in theater and surface to air missiles are in place even though ISIS has no air force. This is a deliberate show of force in the face of continued weakness and incompetence by The Obama regime.


* Planned Parenthood: Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee today. As if on queue, Democrats on the committee, led by Cummings, accused Republicans of politicizing the hearing and attacked the messenger, the Center for Medical Progress, CMP for what Cummings called altered tapes. The videos released by CMP clearly show evidence of Planned Parenthood's staff and management making deals to sell aborted baby body parts. Even when confronted with this indisputable evidence they continue to attack the messenger and defend Planned Parenthood's barbaric and illegal abortion practices. Richard's and Democrats are on the same page. Republicans are not trying to put Planned Parenthood out of business, they're just trying to eliminate federal funding for abortions and illegal selling of fetal tissue. According to statue, no federal dollars going to Planned Parenthood are to be used for abortions, 30% of their funding comes from our tax dollars and it is believed that over 90% of their work is abortion related. With those numbers it is inconceivable that federal funds are not going towards their abortion factories. The general counsel for the National Right to Life Committee, James Bopp, told the House Judiciary Committee that, “Recorded conversations, released by the Center for Medical Progress reveal many legal issues with Planned Parenthood’s procedures and practices regarding fetal tissue procurement. These procedures and practices of Planned Parenthood, and their tissue procurement partners, show that federal laws when applicable, have been and are continuing to be violated during the procurement and sale of human fetal tissue.” There may not be enough votes in the Senate at this time to stop federal funding but we have to see that Democrats who support abortion funding and selling of baby parts are not reelected and are replaced with people who respect life at every stage of development.


* Clinton: Bill Clinton has come out of hiding to make some idiotic statements. According to Bill, Hillary's email troubles are the fault of those evil Republicans. It's because Republicans are scared of Hillary that they have to make up stories and tear her down. Let's see if we have this right, according to Bill, Republicans forced Hillary to install a private email server in her Chappaqua mansion, then forced her to use this private server for her Government classified emails. They forced her to use her official email on non-secured, non-government systems including her cell phone and iPad. Republicans also forced her to delete over 30,000 emails that they deemed were 'personal' in nature and need not be reveled. They also forced her to have the server 'wiped' clean. We're back to 'it's a vast right wing conspiracy'. That's the Clinton's fall back position, never take responsibility for your mistakes, just attack Republicans and their imaginary right wing conspiracy. Hillary's email issues aren't political, they are legal. She broke the law by exposing classified information to non cleared individuals on non secure platforms. Time will tell if the law applies to the Clinton's like it does to everyone else or if they are again going to get away with 'murder'.


* Shutdown: Government funding deadline is September 30th, next Wednesday. Democrats are daring the GOP to shutdown the government so they can have their MSM lackeys carry their political water and blame Republicans. It's all about defunding Planned Parenthood for their abuse of aborted fetuses and selling baby parts. The videos taken by The Center for Medical Progress are very telling and straight forward yet the MSM, Democrats and Planned Parenthood continue to attack the messenger saying the charges are "alleged." There's nothing alleged about videos showing conversations with Planned Parenthood executives talking about baby parts procurement and having to keep it "quite" to avoid disclosure and headlines. With all the video evidence Democrats continue to attack Republicans with accusation of them wanting to defund women's health programs. It's defunding Planned Parenthood's death factories and illegal baby parts business that Republicans seek to defund. It's about time they showed some backbone and stood up for the innocent unborn victims of the slaughter houses. They are would be constituents whose voices were silenced before they took their first breath. Like Carly said, "It goes to the character of our nation." Some things are worth fighting for, regardless of the cost.


* Differences: Pope Francis brought a Christian message of love, peace and brotherhood. He started his speech to a joint session of Congress with, "The land of the free and the home of the brave." He said, "Most of us were once foreigners." He also called for us to live by the Golden Rule, to do unto others as we would have done unto us. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Pope Francis' visit has been inspirational. Although he touched on a few hot political subjects, immigration, climate change and the death penalty, his words are thought provoking. He speaks of religious freedom and inclusion, this in stark contrast to Islamic teachings. Where Christianity embraces other religions and beliefs Islam condemns them. Christianity teaches us to live in peace, side by side with others, Islam teaches Muslims to kill non-believers, infidels, wherever you find them. Infidels either convert or can be killed. What a contrast in beliefs. In the most simplest form of this, a Christian and a Muslim living side by side is acceptable to the Christian but despised by the Muslim's Islamic teachings. May God bless Pope Francis.


* Assimilation: In New Jersey Muslim parents demonstrated and taunted school officials for not closing schools for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Some parents chanted, "We're going to be the majority soon." That's the problem in a nut shell. Muslim immigrants don't assimilate or integrate, they seek to change their host countries. Their birth rates are twice that of the national average. If they want their Muslim holidays why not stay in their Muslim countries or immigrate to another Muslim country? That's not part of the plan, it's a long term plan to slowly overwhelm a country's resources and overpower with sheer numbers. They don't pledge allegiance to our flag, they face Mecca five times a day in prayer. Their Islamic political system is run under Shariah law, that law in their minds, supersedes our Constitution, no assimilation there. Beside the peaceful immigrants and refugees coming to the west, there are Jihadist. ISIS has stated they will take advantage of the refugee crisis by infiltrating Jihadist amongst them. We need to take them at their word, they are already doing it. If only a small percentage are Jihadists that's still a large number of potential terrorists heading into Europe and eventually coming here. Today you can attack Christians but don't say anything about Muslims or you'll be labeled Islamophobic. Political correctness will doom us into submission unless we turn the tide soon.


* Abortion: It is believed that after 20 weeks an unborn child can feel pain. Today the Senate failed to move legislation that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks. The Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act failed to reach the 60 votes it needed to proceed. What makes this vote so outrageous is that only 3 Democrats voted for the bill and 42 Senators voted against it. The Democrat party is clearly the party of abortions. They claim to be for women's health but what about all the aborted baby girls that aren't given a chance, they are defenseless female victims of the Democrat abortion machine. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not about reducing funding for women's health, it's about defunding the wholesale of baby parts with tax payer dollars. Planned Parenthood raises plenty of money preying on ignorance and playing political games, they can fund themselves. Our tax dollars should not continue to fund the killing of unborn children and the selling of their body parts to the highest bidder. This goes to the heart of who we are as a nation. Shame on Democrats for supporting the killing of innocence.


* Muslim: Trump was criticized for not 'correcting' a question posed to him at a town hall meeting. The questioner made a statement about Obama being a Muslim then asked what Trump was going to do about Muslim training camps and when are we going to expel Muslims from this country. Trump responded that they were going to take a look at these things when elected. The media was up in arms, how dare he not condemn the question and statement. This from the same liberal politically correct media that fails to correctly identify Islamic terrorism for what it is. Now Carson has been brought into the media cross hairs, he was asked if a Muslim should be president, his response was logical. He believes that Muslims are incompatible with our institutions, and he is right. Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion. Its law is Shariah law and Shariah law is not compatible with our Constitution, period. Christians don't create 'no-go zones', Muslims do. Freedom of speech is fine with Muslims as long as that speech is supportive, once it becomes critical it is forbidden and can even call for a 'fatwa' or death sentence for someone speaking ill of Islam or Mohamed. Our founding fathers where religious men and wrote our founding documents with a firm Judeo Christian basis. These documents and Islam are not and can never be compatible and by extension a Muslim should never be president.


* Debate: Last nights GOP debate was a clash of styles and character. One thing was clear, when not before an adoring audience, the reality star, Donald Trump, shrinks away. He was clearly out classed and out performed. There was no substance in his answers only platitudes and poll numbers. Carly was sharp and knowledgeable and continues her climb. Rubio showed his command of the topics especially on foreign policy. Jeb did a good job and showed his heart when he came to W's defense against Trumps attack. Christie backed Jeb against Trump and was also sharp in his responses. Carson's laid back style kinda laid him at the back of the pack, he didn't seem to connect last night. Paul, Walker, Huckabee, Kasick and Cruz had forgettable nights. Overall it was an entertaining and informative debate. The question remains, how long will the Trump sideshow last? His grade school insults and amateurish, narcissistic behavior is getting old.


* Invasion: If you look at the makeup of the refugees heading to Europe, one thing stands out, the large majority are young Muslim men. You'll see an occasional child or woman draped in a shower curtain but it's overwhelmingly young men. Looks much less like a refugee exodus than it does an invasion. These 'refugees' have much less in common with European culture than they do with their neighboring Muslim countries, so why don't they go there? Why do they go to countries foreign to their way of life then try to change those countries? They create 'no-go' zones where they can maintain their culture and laws. They don't assimilate they infiltrate. While this is happening before our eyes our leaders ramp up their global warming nonsense and look the other way. ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism expands, a 'refugee' invasion is on the way and Nero is fiddling. The question remains, is it incompetence or an intentional process to compromise our way of life? It's looking more like the latter everyday.


* Climate: On Pope Francis' visit we will see two-pees in a pod, Francis and The Obama. The Pope speaks of the poor and downtrodden, vows a life of poverty, all the while surrounded by luxury. The Obama speaks of the 'have nots' while surrounded by luxury and opulent vacations. They're both against personal gun ownership while surrounded by heavily armed guards. The Pope believes a 'revolution' is needed to combat 'climate change'. He said humanities 'reckless' behavior has pushed the planet to a perilous "breaking point." On his Global warming Alaska political trip, The Obama said, "The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past, unless the world acts more aggressively and more quickly, entire nations will find themselves under severe, severe problems: More drought. More floods. Rising sea levels. Greater migration. More refugees. More scarcity. More conflict." The Obama and his administration believes that their imaginary man-made global warming is the biggest threat facing us and the world. This while a refugee humanitarian crisis is engulfing Europe due to Islamic terrorists and the lack of response from us and the rest of the civilized world. The Pope and The Obama's intent is to con the world into a 'climate change' deal in which wealth is transferred from the west to third world nations, in other words, to be squandered by third world tin-pot dictators and tyrants. This climate change agenda goes hand in hand with their anti-capitalism beliefs. It penalizes success and rewards failure. Par for the course!


* Iran: Today Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei again threatened Israel and us, thumbing his nose at the nuclear deal. He tweeted out, "#Israel‘s security will not be ensured whether there will be an #IranDeal or not." In the tweet he included a link to a video showing multiple missile launches with him repeating what he tweeted. Congratulations to the Democrats who marched in lock step with The Obama and the Ayatollah. You have handed our enemy and the world's number one sponsor of terrorism a huge gift. A gift of over $150 billion to fund their terrorism, militarization and nuclear ambitions. At a time when sanctions should have been increased The Obama hands Iran a lifeline, just like he did with the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. Makes you wonder whose side he is on because up to now his actions have aided our enemies, emboldened our foes and alienated our friends and allies.


* Syria: Today we remember that horrible September day fourteen years ago when Islamic terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans in New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. Fourteen years later we have a president who has abandoned the war on terror and who's policies have given rise to ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East and North Africa. The refugee crisis occurring in Europe is a direct result of the rise of Islamic terrorism, instead of just trying to deal with the immediate needs of the refugees we should be taking aggressive action to stem the flow by eliminating the cause. Syrian president Assad was not a threat to us, ISIS is. We should take on ISIS with all means at our disposal and eliminate that evil from the face of the earth. It is spreading like a cancer and needs to be cut out at the source. The stronger they get the easier is for them to recruit. The more refugees are created the bigger the pool from which they can recruit. Eliminating ISIS is the logical first step. They have declared war on us and the civilized world with their barbaric actions and declarations. We can and should help create and supply refugee 'safe' zones while at the same time take the battle to ISIS. The longer we wait the worst the situation will get on both fronts. Today of all days should bring this real and impending threat into focus.


* Economy: Hillary, Biden and Sanders have been busy lately trashing the economy but they fail to mention that it's The Obama economy and liberal policies that are to blame. Over regulation, over taxation, ObamaCare and government red tape are hampering small business and directly affecting job growth. The false low unemployment rate is manipulated by not counting the millions that have stopped looking for work. It's the Democrats economy and one in which they can complain and try to deflect blame for, but it's their economy. Voting any of the Democrats into the White House in 2016 would only guarantee more of the same or worse. Hope and change has turned into despair and disaster for far too many Americans. Racial tension is at the highest level it has been since the sixties, fueled by a divisive president and his failed economic policies. They're saying things like;

"I am hot. I am mad, I am angry."

"There is something profoundly wrong when ... the average American is working longer hours for lower wages and we have shamefully the highest rate of child poverty of any major country on earth."

"How many people in your own neighborhoods are in trouble, can look their kids in the eyes and say with heart, 'Honey, it's going to be OK?' Not enough! Not enough!"

Like Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Expecting failed Democrat policies to suddenly succeed fits that definition.


* Iran: It is foolish and stupid to make a deal with a terrorist state while that state continues to sponsor terrorism, kill Americans and chant 'death to America'. Before the ink was dry on the surrender deal with Iran they were already denouncing the deal and stating publically that they were not going to abide by it. Yesterday Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the Israel would not survive the next 25 years and again called the U.S. the "great Satan." Here's his quote, “After negotiations, in Zionist regime they said they had no more concern about Iran for next 25 years; I’d say: Firstly, you will not see next 25 years; God willing, there will be nothing as Zionist regime by next 25 years. Secondly, until then, struggling, heroic and jihadi morale will leave no moment of serenity for Zionists.” In a shameful show of unity behind the Iran deal betrayal, all but 4 Democrats in the Senate are supporting the deal. This even after The Obama bypassed Congress and took the deal directly to the UN Security council in a betrayal of the deal he had made with Congress. Now he is having Senator 'Dirty' Harry Reid block a vote on the deal. They're afraid that a vote would show that almost 60 Senators are against the deal. This is a reflection of the public, 70% of Americans polled do not approve of the deal. Republicans in Congress are correctly representing the will of the people while The Obama and his cronies are doing the bidding for the Ayatollahs.


* Refugees: Actions and lack of actions have consequences. The Obama's failure to secure a status of forces agreement in Iraq led to the rise of ISIS. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya has led to turmoil in those countries. His failure in the confrontation with Assad in Syria contributed to the disaster there. The Middle East is on fire as men, women and children are flooding into Europe escaping the misery and dangers they face in the home countries. If The Obama regime hadn't supported the overthrow of Khadafy in Libya we wouldn't have had Benghazi and refugees wouldn't be scrambling to escape today. This regimes actions and in-actions has directly affected the current crisis and in some cases, may be the cause of the huge wave of refugees fleeing for their lives. It's a humanitarian disaster in the making in the short term, in the long run it's going to be a political and social nightmare as these refugees will have a hard time assimilating into western societies they may find themselves in. Long after The Obama's failed presidency is over we and the world will still be feeling and dealing with the affects of its incompetence.


* 5th: The Hillary Clinton email show continues unabated. The latest is her IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, has indicated he will plead the 5th when he is asked to testify about what he knows. He work for Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign and came to work for her when she became the Secretary of State. He was given the title of 'Special Projects Manager' and worked directly for Clinton. Mr. Pagliano was the technician that set up her private email server in her Chappaqua, NY home. In other words, he knows where the 'bodies' are buried. People don't normally plead the 5th when they have nothing to hide. Anything Mr. Pagliano did, he did at the behest of Hillary. He should be given full immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony. There is clear evidence that classified information was compromised by Hillary's use of a private server, that is a crime and the FBI is investogating. The question is why isn't she already facing a judge? For decades the Clinton's have skirted the law and gotten away with 'murder'. This could be the time when their free ride ends.


* Surrender: Only in Washington, DC can a loss be celebrated as a victory. Like when governmental departments budgets increase, but not by the requested amount, can be called a budget cut, a failure to sucker the Senate into supporting the Iran nuke surrender deal is being lauded as a victory. Yesterday the retiring liberal Senator Mikulski form Maryland stated she will vote in support of the surrender. The vote is not a vote for the bill but rather a vote to not override a veto. She had nothing to lose and will go down with The Obama in this historic defeat. What's amazing is that 34 Democrat Senators could put party before country and before their constituents, 70% of which oppose this deal. It's also appalling that after The Obama took the deal to the UN security council for a vote before the Senate had a chance to vote, as he had promised, they could still support him. Patsies comes to mind. Mindless political beings that march in lock step with an idiotic policy of letting the worlds major terrorist state self inspect their nuclear facilities. The same idiocy that kept moving the goal line until Iran had everything they wanted, a United States surrender to the Ayatollahs all the while they are preaching death to America and Israel. We are witnessing treason and our Congress is standing idly by. Israel was willing to take out Iran's nuclear capability, like they did Syria's, and The Obama threatened to shoot down the Israeli jets. That's how far this regime has and will go to achieve their ends. Ends which are counter to everything our great country has stood for since its founding. A socialist community organizer progresses in the transformation of a great nation, aided and abetted by patsies in the Democrat party and spineless Republicans.


* Terrorism: From the early days of The Obama regime we witnessed the bias this president has against police with reference to the black community. When he jumped to conclusions in the Cambridge, MA case when a professor was arrested after he was caught breaking into a home then confronted the police officer, it was clear to see his bias. In July of 2009 he said, "I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts – what role race played in that, but I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that he Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home." Other cases like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray reinforce the belief that The Obama, his in-justice department and regime in general are racially divisive and tend to consistently side against the law enforcement community. There is a global war of Islamic terrorism going on and now we have domestic terrorism inspired by groups like the Black Live Matters against police. Four police officers have been murdered in the past week alone. Just like we don't see a majority of Muslims denounce Islamic terrorism we are not seeing the majority of the black community denouncing these murders. As police officers across the country have justifiably reduced their proactive policing, murder rates have increased significantly. The lie of black lives matter has to be shown for what it is, an anti-police, racist, pro-anarchy movement. All lives matter!


* Science?: As if on queue, The Obama is spewing his global warming nonsense in Alaska. What a surprise, ice melts in the summer. How many global warming quack scientist did it take to figure that one out? The more money is poured into scientific research from political groups or governments with a certain political agenda, the more the 'scientific' results seem to be skewed towards that agenda. When it was proven that a highly respected institution, the University of East Anglia, had cooked research on global warming the crowd attacked, not the university's researchers but the scientists that discovered the discrepancies. It's always attack the messenger. You don't have to be a scientist to understand that while some ice in the arctic melts during the summer, new ice forms in the Antarctic during the same time while its winter there. This process reverses itself as the seasons change. In 2014 the Antarctic ice coverage reached a new record. This is from NOAA's own from October 7, 2014: "When Arctic sea ice extent dips to its yearly low, Antarctic sea ice extent climbs to its yearly high. Recent years have brought record low summer sea ice extents to the Arctic and record high winter extents to the Antarctic. In September 2014, Arctic sea ice reached its sixth-lowest extent in the satellite era. But on October 7, 2014, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported that Antarctic sea ice extent set a new record high for daily extent: 20.11 million square kilometers (7.76 million square miles)." Climate change is normal, it's weather, no matter how much hot air hovers around an Obama speech, it's not going to make a hill of beans difference on the big picture.


* McKinley: The Obama is going to Alaska on a three day political trip to fear monger about global warming. To draw attention to the trip he decided to rename America's tallest mountain, Mount McKinley. The new name will be Denali, the name of the mountain before it was renamed McKinley to honor the 25th president who was assassinated in office. McKinley led our nation to victory in the Spanish American War. He was as assassinated six months into his second term in office. Mount Denali was renamed McKinley to honor the president. He was a Republican, could that have something to with The Obama's decision to rename it? What we're going to see and hear on this trip is the same tired global-warming/climate-change fear mongering that has become par for the course for progressives intent on forcing the false global warming narrative down our throats. Policies that will cripple our economy and destroy jobs, nothing new there, the same failures that have become the trademark of a failed presidency.


* Ignorance: The Obama jumped on the liberal gun control bandwagon by comparing gun deaths to terrorism. He said, “What we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.” By adhering to the liberal playbook of not letting a tragedy go to waste they play games with information and twist facts. Short of confiscation, no gun law would have prevented the killer of Alison Parker and Adam Ward and yet, The Obama and other gun control zealots spought their gun control lies. If you look at where the vast majority of gun violence occurs you will find that it's in the inner cities where liberal politicians rule and the strictest gun control laws are in place. Most of that gun violence is black on black violence. Mental health, immorality and gangs play the largest role in gun violence across the country. Terrorism is a worldwide movement with Islamic ideology at its core. Our gun violence are individual acts carried out by deranged and sick individuals, there's no comparison. This was just another attempt to divert attention from The Obama regime's lack of a forceful and coherent policy to combat ISIS and terrorism in general.


* Tragedy: Reporter Alison Parker and camera man Adam Ward were insanely murdered by a deranged black racist, intent on killing for the sake of his perverted sense of racism. While they were interviewing a business women in Moneta, Virginia, he calmly walked up to them, paused for about 17 seconds, then began shooting at point blank range. He killed Alison and Adam and shot the business woman in the back. He then fled and was later found driving on I66 in Fauquier County where he ran off the road and fatally shot himself. In the process, between the shooting and his end, he posted a gruesome video of the shooting. This was clearly a premeditated murder for the sake of murder. An evil act that cannot be remedied by any law. Before the echoes of the death shots had ceased across the Virginia countryside, Hillary Clinton, White House spokesman Josh Ernest and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe immediately jumped on the gun control bandwagon. A shameless reaction to a tragedy, even before their families and friends had a chance to start their grieving. Par for the course for political beings that have no common sense or sense of decency. It's all about politics and gun control to them ignoring the facts that the worst gun violence is the United States occurs in cities with the strictest gun control laws. But, as has been proven many times in the past, facts don't matter when they contradict your ideology.


* Blowhard: Do we need another MeMeMe narcissistic president? It's all about the polls with Trump, the media made up wonder kid. The left props him up like they did McCain so they can tear him down later, like they did McCain. The right props him up because he say things they want to hear but ignore the substance. If trump wasn't a billionaire would anyone be paying attention to him? Very doubtful, his campaign is an extension of his reality show, he attacks with relentless abandon. His idiotic deportation plan would not only costs hundreds of billions of dollars but would also be unconstitutional. You can't forcibly deport American citizens, regardless of what you feel about the 14th amendment to our Constitution. The media is obsessed with the Trump traveling freak show, like the bearded lady and the two-headed cow, he attracts onlookers for the sheer oddity of his persona. He personally attacks FNC anchor Megyn Kelly because she dare ask him some tough questions, the kind of character you want in a president? His China policy wouldn't put a dent in his billion dollar pockets but would make just about everything we buy almost double in price, disproportionately affecting the poorest amongst us the most. He has struck a cord, it's the anger felt by most Americans against the politically correct madness that has over taken this country like a plague. He shuts out media outlets when they don't sing his praise. He is an aborition, the angry uncle that makes some sense but you look forward to the dinner being over. For now the freak show continues, but as the Republican field dwindles down, the circus will come to an end and be chalked up to an interesting episode in our political history. Like the Flintstone's Barney 'Trump' Rubble, fun to watch for a while but the episode will not last long.


* France: What a surprise, another attempted terrorist attack by a young Muslim man. No old ladies from Oklahoma or little girls from Utah, a young Muslim. The MSM and The Obama White House are still trying to figure out what could have possibly been his motive, duh! A young Islamic terrorist attempted to murder innocent people on a French train, he was carrying an AK-47, a gun and several clips for the AK, not the kind of things you carry with you on a train ride in the country. Alert passengers on the train sprung to action and prevented a bloodbath. Mark Moogalian, a Frenchman was reported to be the first to respond, he was shot in the neck with the gun, then Americans Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman jumped in. They were able to subdue and beat the Moroccan terrorist close to his 72 virgins, they beat the 'Islam' out of him. These 'lone' wolves are anything but, they do not operate in a vacuum, they are linked by an evil political system masquerading as a religion, it's Islamic terrorism that unites them, not unemployment or poverty. It's time to bury the political correctness that burdens us and concentrate on the evil around us. Through a vigilant and assertive citizenry this evil can be stopped, but only after political correctness becomes a thing of the past.


* Campaign: Seeing her campaign heading into a tail spin, fueled by her own stupidity, 'poor' Hillary takes a break from her $100 thousand a week vacation rental in the Hampton's. She's come a long way since her 'dead broke' days after leaving the White House in 2001. She now thinks that hitting the campaign trail again will change the facts of her illegal handling of secret government communications through her illegal server. Those facts remain and her joking and blaming republicans will not alter what she has done. Now that the MSM is starting to catch up to the news, her days are numbered. Her plan is like painting a skunk's stripe, it still stinks. Meanwhile Joe 'foot-in-mouth' Biden met with Elizabeth 'sitting-bull' Warren over the weekend. Possibly to plan a strategy for entering the presidential race or to see if Warren is planning at trying her hand at maybe being the first American Indian president. It must have been an interesting pow-wow!


* Socialism: Gallup just released a disturbing poll in which 69% of people in the 18 to 29 year old group say they would vote for a socialist for president. This is direct proof that socialist/progressive teachers and professors have finally made their way into the minds of our children. By rewriting history and sugar coating communism's failures they have glamorized socialism while demonizing capitalism and the American way of life. The poll also shows that 50% of people from 30 to 49 would vote for a socialist. When breaking it down by parties we can see this a little clearer. 59% of democrats would vote for a socialist while 49% of independents would and only 26% of republicans. The democrat number makes sense and explains why Debbie "whatshername" Shultz couldn't explain the difference between a democrat and a socialist when asked to do so by liberal TV host Mathews. The basic differences is in name only. The disturbing number is that 26% of republicans would vote for a socialist. Socialism is governmental control of the economy, we are pretty close to that now. Communism is control plus ownership, GM comes to mind here, not there yet but some would like to keep heading in that direction. The end result of both socialism and communism is failure, it cannot stand on it's own without outside support for a very simple reason, as Margaret Thatcher once pointed out, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." The MSM has played a big role in brainwashing the electorate. There's hope though, what we have on our side are the facts and historical proof of the success and advancement that capitalism, and the American way, has brought not only to us but the entire world. What we need is a candidate that articulate that.


* Iran: The bad 'surrender' deal with Iran just got worse. It seems the more we learn, the more outrageous this whole issue becomes. First we learned that 24/7 anytime inspections were really notify Iran and they have 24 days to comply. Yesterday it was revealed by the Associated Press that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made a deal with Iran that their nuclear test facility/military base in Parchin, which has been used by Iran to test nuclear components, will self-inspect. The deal will allow Iran to self-inspect and send samples to the agency. You can't make that up. That's like letting someone that is court ordered to submit to urine tests bring them in. Iran continues to chant death to America and state that they will not submit to inspections and yet The Obama and his cronies continue to push democrats for their support. The question is how can any democrat possibly support the Iran deal knowing what we know now? The Obama's legacy, and that of any senator that supports him, will be a nuclear Middle East and an escalation of terror in a place that is ground zero for radical Islamic terrorism.


* Amazon: Not the rain forest, the incredibly successful company. The economically failing liberal rag, the New York Times, attacks an economically successful company because it fits their ideological bent. They claim horrible working conditions and policies are taking place at Amazon. No one is being held hostage at Amazon and many former Amazon employees have moved on to successful careers using the efficiency and knowledge they gained there. Capitalism works, even when hamstrung with enormous governmental red tape and regulations. Amazon has succeeded even with these hurdles and continues to grow at a great rate. Perhaps that's why the progressive editors at the NY Times felt it was time for a hit job. Chances are you've ordered something from Amazon, they have great prices, delivery times and customer service. Liberal bleeding hearts can't stand the success of companies like Amazon so they determined it was time to publish an attack piece. They ignore the obvious, if you don't like your job at Amazon, get another job. Amazon is not growing because they mistreat their employees, they are growing because they are creating jobs, they're efficient and people want to work there. This flies in the face of the NY Times hit piece. Fortunately, in the future, Amazon will be selling antique editions of the New York Times long after they have gone extinct.


* Anchor-Babies: Trumps plan to deport complete families of illegals, including American citizen children is not only illegal, it's logistically close to impossible. A child born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents is Constitutionally an American citizen. They are entitled to all protections provided to any other American citizen. They cannot be rounded up and deported in a crazy scheme to allow them back in at a later time. Romney was criticized for his self deportation plan which was much less radical than this one. Whatever is going to happen to the illegals currently here is a question that should be answered after and only after our southern border is secured. The Obama's executive orders which pervert our existing immigration laws need to be repealed on day one of a new administration. Secure the border with a combination of wall, fence and troops. There's no reason why some of our military bases cannot be moved to or new ones created on the border. There are many ideas for dealing with this issue that can be discussed and solutions will come in time. In the meantime, if an illegal is caught breaking the law, deport them. If they come back, lock them up for 5 years like Kate's law would do. Perhaps we can give some illegals a shot at residency in exchange for their working on building the wall. This way Mexicans won't just be paying for the wall, they would be building it as well!


* Hillarious: Taking a page from The Obama's book of political tricks, Hillary is making fun of the legal predicament she has placed herself in. She said, "I love Snap Chat, those messages disappear by themselves." Hiding evidence, destroying official government communications and mishandling of top secret information is not a joke. Like The Obama laughs off his fraudulent birth certificate, Hillarious laughs off her email destruction. Hiding Benghazi communications is no laughing matter. Blaming an imaginary 'right wing conspiracy' is as old as Bill and Hillary's skirting of the law. Bob Woodward said Hillary's email issue reminded him of the Nixon tapes and that, "Nixon didn't remember the bad stuff." Nixon may not have remembered the bad stuff but Hillarious sure does, she just refuses to acknowledge it. Courts of law are no place for jokes, Hillarious' stand-up routing will just take her so far, soon she'll be pleading the 5th and getting fitted with a pin-stripped jump-suit.


* Cuba: Secretary Kerry is in Havana today and spoke this morning at the U.S. Interest Section. He said that changes needed to be made since the policies of the last 54 years have not helped the Cuban people. The problem is the change is one way, we're handing the Castro dictators a life line while they are stepping up their attacks on Cuban dissidents. The American flag was raised before a controlled crowd of hand pick supporters while dissidents were either rounded up before hand or kept at bay by the communist apparatus of the Marxist regime. The problems in Cuba are not the economic embargo by us, it's the communist system stupid. The Castro dictatorship has survived because of support from the Soviet Union, then Russia, China and Venezuela. The Venezuelan support was drying up because of their own communist government and the fall of oil revenues. At a time when the communist dictatorship in Cuba was heading into the abyss, in steps The Obama with his life line. The Castro dictatorship is rescued and we get nothing. Not even a convicted cop killer that Castro has been harboring for years. The Obama is a master at making bad deals with our enemies while alienating our friends. Reopening our embassy in Havana is a sign of surrender to the evil that is the Castro regime. Another in the line of foreign policy disasters that The Obama regime specializes in. It's a shame.


* Server: The basic question in Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server is 'why'. It was not for convenience, that would have been to use the governments secure email servers without having to go through the trouble of setting up your own. The answer to the 'why' question is intent. An intentional move to hide her communications from official government oversight and circumvent the government's freedom of information act. Hillary has been around politics most of her life, she can't claim ignorance in the face of the facts that show she not only violated the her own rule for handling State Department communications but she also broke existing laws by revealing and sharing top secret information on her personal email account. Although 'smoking gun' emails have already been found, her case goes far beyond that. It goes to the heart of a crooked career politician who feels a sense of entitlement and believes she's above the law. Both Bill and Hillary have been able to escape the legal consequences of their actions for decades, we will now find out if she will finally be held accountable for her actions. Ignorance is not a legal defense. No matter how much she and her defenders try to spin the news they cannot change the facts. John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." He must have had Hillary on his mind.


* Leadership:

Submitted by Lang Atwater:

If you believe that our forefathers were great and intellectually gifted and this is reasonable given their ministrations gave birth to greatest nation on the planet, then it follows that in these more arduous and demanding times we need men and women of even greater integrity and ability to govern. We need wisdom not cleverness, discernment not guile, we need selflessness not scheming. We need honesty not subterfuge. We need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not plausible deniability. We need leadership built upon the simple notion, one for all and all for one, not the mindless and bereft law making of those who have a seared and parochial agenda. As in our founding days, as a nation we are in perilous times. The self-absorbed Roman Empire learned it by imploding. We seem to be on a path to test the depths of their stupidity and depravity. I pray for wizened, gifted, honest and discerning leadership before it is too late.


* Server: Revelations that some of Hillary's email that went through her 'private' home email sever had classified material in them come as no surprise. The intelligence community and inspector generals have stated so. Hillary turned over 30 thousand emails and deleted 30 thousand emails. Of a sampling of 40 emails that she turned over, at least 4 were found to have classified material. That's 10%. If you extrapolate that over the 30 thousand it would be 3 thousand classified emails that were illegally handled through her server while she was Secretary of State. What's interesting is that these emails have been found in the batch that she turned over, what about the ones she deleted? How many were in the 30 thousand she deleted? What else was in the emails she deleted? Also, in the emails she did turn over there's a gap at the time when the Benghazi betrayal and cover-up took place. What happened to those emails? Many are calling for her to turn over her email server but that ship has already sailed. By her own admission the server has already been 'scrubbed'. Scrubbing is not just deleting, it's destroying. You can wipe out the data by formatting and writing over the previous data on a drive. But to take this destruction further you can simply physically obliterate the drive through physical means and also by exposing them to strong electro magnetic fields. With all that was at stake in the illegal handling of government emails, the Clinton's would have spared no expense to see that the server's drives could not be used to produce evidence against her, when in fact, the destruction of that evidence is evidence itself. But all this is nonsense because, as she likes to remind us, it's just a 'vast right wing conspiracy'.


* PSI: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doubled down on his penalty handed down to the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. It's an extreme punishment for circumstantial evidence involving the inflation PSI of footballs during the Colts Patriots playoff game. In the Raven's Ray Rice case, Goodell had video of Rice knocking out his then fiancé in an elevator and gave him a lighter penalty originally than Brady. In the Brady case, the second half of the game when refs had control of the balls and pressure, the Patriots did much better than the first half with supposedly doctored balls. The MSM is covering this like a who dunnit and how dare Brady cheat his way to victory while at the same time mostly ignoring the butchery and killing at the hands of Planned Parenthood. The systematic practice of selling baby parts even has some abortion proponents disgusted but it just doesn't fit the MSM's political agenda. It's much easier for them to sensationalize about a footballs PSI and invented conspiracy than to cover the facts and videos surrounding the killing and selling of human life. It's an immoral shame.


* Turkey: Partner or foe? Turkey has agreed to allow U.S. air power use their airspace and air fields as they join the fight against ISIS. But their true motives may have just come out when they not only bombed ISIS targets but also went after Kurdish ones. The Kurds are our strongest allies in the war against ISIS but they are enemies of Turkish president Erdogan. Under it's current rulers Turkey has been moving away from their traditional secular government towards a more Islamic one. The Kurds stand in their way and threaten that change. Given the stupidity of The Obama regime, they have now allowed our allies, Kurdish fighters, to be sacrificed for the convenience of having Turkey's assistance. Couple this with the surrender nuke deal with Iran and you have a perfect storm of incompetence. Defenders of the Iranian deal say that before Iran attains a nuke that Israel will take the targets out. There's a major problem with this thinking, it has been revealed that in the Iran nuke deal there's is a section that stipulates that Iran will be defended against strikes on their nuclear facilities by their treaty partners. In other words, the U.S. is obligated under this deal to defend Iran against Israel. That is outrageous and should be a deal breaker from the start. The incompetence and treachery of The Obama and Kerry knows no bounds.


* PP: Planned Parenthood continues their defense against undercover videos by attacking the video makers. There's no excuse for the ending of a human life and selling the body parts for whatever reason. No matter what your stance on abortion is there's no reason why they should be funded by our tax dollars. Over $4 billion tax dollars has gone to Planned Parenthood over the last decade. That money could have been spent elsewhere or not at all. Planned Parenthood says the federal funds they receive do not go to support their abortion services, that on its face is a joke. Their defenders repeat the lie as if it were Gospel. This is the time to end federal funding for such a disgraceful organization. There's nothing about parenthood in it, they should change their name to Planned Death. After all, every abortion stops a beating heart.


* BC: Staying true to form, while in Kenya over the weekend, The Obama joked about the birth certificate issue. He said, "I suspect that some of my critics back home are suggesting that I'm here to look for my birth certificate. (laughter) Um, that is not the case." His forged Certificate of Live Birth is not a joke, it is a great hoax that has been perpetrated against the American people. He never had a birth certificate. In Hawaii they have certificates of live birth not birth certificates. Here are some simple facts that show the White House produced PDF 'copy' of The Obama's certificate of live birth is a forgery: The date of the certificate is supposedly 1961, in 1961 these forms where typed on typewriters and not produced on computers, The Obama's is computer generated with Times New Roman font. That's a computer font that had not been developed yet. The race of the his father was listed as 'black'. In 1961 the term used was 'negroe'. His father's nationality shows 'Kenya' but that country had not been created yet, it wasn't called Kenya until 1963. In 1961 Kenya was called British East Africa Protectorate. The name of the hospital listed on the forged certificate says Kapiolani but in 1961 the name of the hospital was Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital. The inconsistencies are too numerous to completely list here. But just from these few points you can see that this is not a joking matter!


* Kenya: For the first time since lying his way into the presidency, The Obama is going back home to Kenya. His grandmother, who said she was at his birth in Kenya, will be cooking him some meals as she is sure to continue to be kept in check. We know The Obama's loyalties are not 100 percent American, his actions have proven this, and that is why the importance of his non-natural born status cannot be denied. Whether he was born in Kenya or not doesn't really matter as his father was never an American citizen. Taking both of these facts though is even more reason to doubt his authenticity. Our founding fathers knew the importance of complete loyalty in the person holding the highest office in the land. Without that loyalty circumstances could arise that could put our national security in danger. Case in point, the Iranian nuclear deal. Our founding fathers were correct and The Obama's actions has proven them so. He's in the process of transforming a great Constitutional republic into a third world socialist police state that caters to the likes of radical Iranian Ayatollahs. The Obama's main advisor is Valerie Jarrett, she was born in Shiraz, Iran, does her mixed loyalties matter when advising the president? There was a strong reason for Article II Section 1 Clause 5 of our Constitution, and that reason was to prevent a presidency like that of The Obama's: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States."


* CMP: The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) broke the story behind the butchery of Planned Parenthood's doctors. They were the ones that exposed the selling of baby parts by abortion doctors that receive $500 million a year from our tax dollars. For years our tax dollars have been used to provided funding for an abortion factory that doubles as a clinic. As expected, Planned Parenthood attacked the messenger and now has The Obama department of in-justice onboard. The DOJ is looking into the investigative reporting of the Center for Medical Progress. Instead of looking into Planned Parenthood's illegal trafficking in human organs, they are looking into those who brought that illegality to light. This of course if par for the course for an outlaw regime who releases illegal criminals unto our streets and supports the murder of millions of un-born Americans whose lives have been snuffed out before they were able to see the light of day. All lives matter including the lives in the womb.


* Abortion: The progressive band or angry presidential candidates eagerly denounced Trump for his remarks about McCain but have stayed silent on Planned Parenthood. Trump's stupid remark about McCain not being a war hero deserves criticism but it pales in comparison to the butchery that takes place at Planned Parenthood where un-born human beings are being manipulated in the womb so as not to 'crush' vital organs that will be sold on the black market. They cherish the pro-abortion, pro-death voters to the point where the inhumanity of Planned Parenthood's death doctors becomes a poison pill. They will avoid the evil and redirect to silly political side shows. Where is the moral compass of a political party that denies the basic right to the un-born, the right to life. You can't have liberty and the pursuit of happiness without life. Life that has been cheapened by the butchers of Planned Parenthood and their defenders, the Democrat party and their soulless leaders.


* Baby-Parts: Planned Parenthood has again shown their true colors. Their colors are a bloody red. They talk about and treat un-born human beings as if they were machines or toys that can be disassembled for sale. Forget the life they are destroying, it's about making money on the 'scraps.' Recently a wine sipping Planned Parenthood doctor spoke to an under cover journalist about destroying a baby in way that vital organs can be harvested for sale. Planned Parenthood came out attacking the reporting rather than denying their butchery. This morning another video has been released that reinforces the pattern that is systematic within this abortion factory. In the video, the President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, Dr. Mary Gatter, was asked, “What would you expect for intact tissue?” She responds, “Why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying?” When asked again for a number Gatter replies, “Well, you know in negotiations the person who throws out the figure first is at a loss, right? So…” When asked again she says, “Okay, $75.” When the under-cover buyer says that it seems low Gatter says, “I was going to say $50.” Then the buyer says she would offer $100 Gatter quickly responds with, “Okay.” Planned Parenthood is not about parenthood, it's about abortion, destroying human life and selling human organs. To this day they still receive tax payer dollars in support of their savage butchery of human beings. The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000. It's about time that prosecution of Planned Parenthood doctors begins and that this outlaw organization meets the same ends that they have inflicted on the un-born, a slow painful death.


* UN: At every opportunity, The Obama shows little regard or respect for our Constitutional form of government. He bypasses Congress with executive orders, Czars and regulatory mandates from the EPA and others. Now with the non-deadline surrender nuke deal with Iran, another end run around Congress is taking place. First of all, the 'deal' was not called a 'treaty' in order to bypass the Constitutional requirement of Senate approval for a 'treaty.' Secondly, The Obama agreed to 'allow' a Senate vote to appease Senators who were about to derail his surrender talks with Iran. Evidence of his intention to bypass Congress was visible today when the United States brought up the Iran deal for a vote before the UN Security Council. The deal was approved by a unanimous vote. If The Obama was serious about the Senate vote he would have waited until Senate approval before bringing in up before the UN. It is now a fate accompli. Regardless of what the Senate does the UN has already paved the way for Iran to get their way. A continued nuclear program, lifting of arms embargo and funds to continue their support of terrorism throughout the Middle East and the world. All the while still maintaining their anti-American, anti-Israel rants and promises to defeat and destroy us. With American hostages still rotting in Iranian jails, Iran was caught with their hands in the cookie jar and were allowed to take the jar. We got nothing in return. The Obama's anti Constitutional rule continues unabated.


* ISIS: Pamela Geller's cartoon Muhammad's don't kill, ISIS' Muhammad miscreants do! Fifteen minutes following an ISIS tweet, MuhamMAD Youssef Abdulazeez attacked an Armed Forces Career Center and a Navy Recruiting Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He killed four un-armed Marines in cold blood. Like in other terrorist attacks and killings, both of these locations were politically correct gun-free zones. It's nothing new to see terrorists attack recruiting centers, they do this in Afghanistan and Iraq. Out military are trained in the use of firearms, there is no reason to have our service men and women act as sitting ducks or targets for the Islamic terrorists that are at war with us and civilization. Authorities and the White House said it was an act of domestic terror, which again shows their ignorance by ignoring the war around us. They say we should not jump to conclusions but that doesn't stop The Obama from jumping to conclusions when the situation meets his politically warped ideology. The recent murders in Charleston, SC are a classic example of his jumping to conclusions when it meets his beliefs, it was white racism wrapped in a Confederate flag that killed those people. When the Obama made a statement on this terrorist attack he said, "Lone gunman," ignoring Islamic terrorism, then "We take all shootings seriously… In the meantime I ask all Americans to pray… We'll be thorough and prompt." These statements were said in an emotionless, monotone manner, the same as at every occasion when his mind is on the golf course and not on the event he is commenting on. Like he has no skin in the game, his emotionless response tells the story. You have to be blind to not see the forest for the trees unless you choose not to. ISIS and Islamic terrorism are like a Portuguese Man of War, you cannot destroy it by investigating a tentacle then taking that tentacle out. You have to destroy the soulless, mindless blob, you have to destroy ISIS from the head on down.


* McCain: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was asked about what he thought of Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix, Arizona in which over three thousand people attended. His reply was, “It’s very bad. This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me, because what he did was he fired up the crazies.” You may not agree with everything Trump says, I certainly don't, but when McCain calls Republicans that believe in securing our border "crazies" he's insulting the base of the GOP. All the GOP presidential candidates agree that we have to secure our border first, they may not articulate it the same way Trump does, but that's a common thread. McCain was never strong on this issue and that's why he became the MSM and DEMs hand picked Republican candidate in 2008, they picked him so they could defeat him, and they did. Our border has become a revolving door for illegal alien criminals, McCain has been a part of the Congress who has let the American people down for decades on this issue. Combined with a president that has actively sought to release illegal felons unto our streets and condone 'sanctuary cities', the end result is the senseless violence that we see today. Whether this is being done intentionally or through shear stupidity, the end result is the same. How many more Kate Steinle's does there have to be before the American people wake up to the reality that the government is failing its number one Constitutional task, to protect and defend.


* Shameful: Yesterday the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, testified in Congress on illegal immigration issues. He was asked about Kate Steinle, this is what happened, Rep. Steve Chabot asked Johnson, "Has the administration reached out to the Steinle family, to your knowledge?" "To who?" Johnson replied. "To the family of the woman who was brutally murdered by this individual who had committed seven different felonies in four different states and to my understanding had been deported, kept coming back, has the administration reached out to that family?" Chabot asked again. "I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that question sir," Johnson said. This is absolutely a shameful disgrace, for the head of Homeland Security to not know about the senseless murder of Kate Steinle at the hands of a 7 time felon who had been deported 5 times while testifying on illegal immigration is nothing short of astounding. He is either a complete moron or incompetent, perhaps both. At the same time that this is going on The Obama pardons 46 felons and sends them each a presidential letter while still not even mentioning Kate Steinle's murder or contacting her family. He contacts gay football and basketball players, reaches out to gay couples but can't reach out to the grieving parents of an innocent American murdered by an illega,l in a sanctuary city, which has been given a free ride through the failed policies of a failed president.


* Vaseline: With reference to Iran, Vaseline has nothing to do with vacillate but does have other uses, we hope Kerry and The Obama enjoyed it. The Obama, with his ever present wing nut Biden at his side, announced the cave to Iran. Their multiple non-deadline deal has led to a deal at any cost, a bad deal, a deal that lifts sanctions on Iran, allows them to continue their nuclear program, allows them to continue their ballistic missile program, removes the arms embargo on Iran and frees up over $100 billion for the terrorist state. Iran's military sites are protected from inspections and any inspection on a 'declared' nuclear site would have to go through an Iranian committee in which they have one week to review and respond whether they will allow the inspection. It's a joke. Iran has killed hundreds of Americans in Iraq and continues to be the world's number one state sponsor of terror. Iranian Ayatollahs and negotiators are praising their god for the victory as Kerry and The Obama search for another jar of Vaseline.

* Fairness: I her first major economic policy speech, Hillary gave a dull, point by point process for bigger government control over private sector business. She called for a 'living' minimum wage without mention that a minimum wage job is not supposed to be a 'living' wage job. They are entry level jobs for low skilled and young workers. When you raise the minimum wage you lower the number of jobs available for entry level workers. This means more unemployed youth on the streets and more unemployed adults on government assistance. She also called for 'profit sharing', really! She proposes to take part of a corporations profits and give them to the employees. We have profit sharing now, it's called stocks. Employees are free to buy stocks in their companies. Taking profits forcibly is not only against the law but it's anti-capitalism communist style tyranny. She spoke of corporations paying their 'fair share' when we already have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. High tax rates will only force more corporations to move their operations overseas. Companies aren't stupid, they're in business to make money. If you make it more expensive to conduct business here they will simply go elsewhere. Her economic knowledge is that of a slow learning kindergarten dropout. All the while, listening to her is again like fingernails on a chalk board… make it stop!


* Illegals: The Center for Immigration Studies revealed figures in a report that sheds some light on the outrageous Sanctuary City policies. They acquired their data through the Freedom of Information Act. The report shows that there are 276 Sanctuary Cities and that those cities released over 8,000 illegals in the last 8 months alone, and 17,000 total. These are releases of illegals that the Immigration Service had asked to be turned over. The recent senseless murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal alien has drawn focus on The Obama regime's policies and Sanctuary Cities. The Obama is quick to jump to the defense of black criminals while remaining quite of the murder of a white female at the hands of an illegal alien. It just doesn't fit their plans. Trump has gained support because of his blunt talk on the danger we face with our current policies and the porous border. We have illegal criminals flowing back and forth across our southern border with minimal resistance. The Obama regime is complicit in the crimes committed by illegals which they have protected, released and attracted. There is anger across the country for what liberal immigration policies and selective enforcement has directly led to, an increase in violent crimes at the hands of people that should not have been here to begin with. Any kind of immigration reform is senseless until our border is secure. These two should not be looked at together, secure the border first then we can begin to discuss immigration reform. It's no longer just a matter of political opinion, it's now a matter of life and death.


* Update:

Iran - Apparently The Obama regime does not know the definition of 'deadline'. Just like they don't know the definition of 'red line', they are once again extending the nuclear giveaway talks with Iran, this time until Monday. To recap, we had a March 31st deadline missed, that was extended to June 30th, that was missed and extended to July 7th, that was missed and extended until July 10th, and now that 'non-deadline' was missed and extended until Monday the 13th. Kerry says, "We will not rush and we will not be rushed." That should be corrected to 'we will not be rushed until we completely capitulate to the Ayatollahs demands'. What good is your word when it's worthless. Red lines not enforced and deadlines not kept diminish your credibility and character. With this regime it's very difficult to see how much worse it could get.

Greece - Last Sunday the Greek people voted overwhelmingly to reject more austerity measures in exchange for new loans from the EU. They danced in the streets on Monday and by Tuesday woke up from their hangover to find out they were heading over a cliff. Banks shut down, long lines at ATM's and supplies running out. Be careful what you wish for, it can sometimes come true. A stagnant economy from years of socialism has wrecked Greece's GDP and economic outlook. A socialist addict, like a drug addict, has to hit rock bottom before they can recover, Greece is getting close. The question remains whether they will see the error of their ways in time or go by the way of the dinosaur.


* Immigration: The illegal immigration debate has just been taken to another level. The senseless killing of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal alien has shed some light on the failed policies that allowed this tragedy to occur. The illegal alien had been convicted of 7 felonies and had been deported 5 times. He said he went to San Francisco because he knew it was a 'sanctuary city'. That's a place where illegal aliens are given refuge from federal immigrations laws. These cities, of which there are over 200, are placidly supported by The Obama regime. Why does The Obama regime sue a state, Arizona, for trying to enforce federal immigration laws but yet condone 'sanctuary cities' for ignoring federal immigration laws? That's all about policy, this administration enables illegal immigration, releases convicted illegal felons unto our streets then claims to support strong enforcement of our immigration laws. The facts are simple, if we have a porous border and you deport an illegal alien felon, he's going to get back in. Defenders of illegal immigration like to twist statistics by saying that illegals commit less crimes as a whole than the general population. What they fail to mention is that 100% of illegals have already committed a crime, they came here illegally! Until we secure our border, nothing else matters, and until we secure our border, illegals that are convicted of felonies should be locked up.


* Dance: The Iran U.S nuclear song and dance continues and Iran is leading the way. What good is a deadline when it's not a deadline. Like The Obama's 'red line' in Syria, their 'deadline' in the talks has legs. We heard back in March that June 30th was it, the fixed deadline for a deal. June 30th came with no deal so The Obama regime gave Iran another week, until July 7th. Yesterday was July 7th and still no deal so while all the other ministers have gone home Kerry remains and Iran gets another extension, this time supposedly until Friday. The Iranians are expert negotiators, while they keep talking their centrifuges keep spinning and Kerry keeps spinning. The Obama said recently that he's willing to walk away from a bad deal, another in a long list of lies, we know that because his lips were moving. If the deadline keeps moving because it's a bad deal then why are we still talking? The administration is so desperate for a deal that they are paving the way for a cave to Iran. One way or another they will get some kind of deal, as the dance continues…


* Greece: The proud people of Greece are in an economic sink hole because of socialism and now their stubbornness is going to make it worse. Margaret Thatcher once said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." Greece ran out of Germany's money. When you have a socialist system in which the entitlement state has overwhelmed the producers and workers it becomes a house of cards, you know how that's going to end. Unfortunately when people become accustomed to the benefits of their exaggerated pensions and leave it's very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. The European Union was willing to bail Greece out if Greece agreed to increased austerity measures, on Sunday they overwhelmingly voted NO to more austerity. They voted to dig a bigger hole, one of which they may never climb out of. Greece is not a self sufficient country, they import almost everything. Greece is to the EU what a 45 year old is to his parents when he is still living at home. If he votes to not take on any more chores in exchange for being allowed to stay, then don't let the door knob hit you in the derriere on the way out. Although we are nowhere near the economic state that Greece is in we are headed in the same direction. We have time to change course, 2016 will determine if we will or if we will continue to chase Greece down the pit.


* Tampa: On Saturday, July 4th, most Americans celebrated the birth of our great nation, but some didn't. One group that disgraced our country and history is the Uhuru Solidarity Movement of which protest organizer Jesse Nevel represented. They turned out in Tampa on Saturday for a so called “end racist violence” protest declaring that the American flag was nothing more than a “piece of sh*t.” Jesse Nevel said, “To us the Confederate flag and the American flag, those represent the same thing which is that this country, this social system was built on slavery and genocide.” The protestors burnt the American flag while chanting "black lives matter." Nevel went on to say, "Both the Confederate and the U.S. flags represent slavery, genocide and bloodshed. This country was built on the oppression of African people. White violence is as old as America itself. It is time white people to stand up and take responsibility for this history. Reparations for stolen black lives!” And so it begins, the campaign against the Confederate Battle Flag was just the start, our American flag is next. These groups refuse to take responsibility for their own state of affairs, it's much easier to vilify others than take responsibility for your own actions. Our American flag stands for liberty and freedom, a flag that millions have bled to protect and defend. People like Nevel are like walking scum, they disgrace the very country that has given them the freedom to act like idiots. There will always be the fringe cases like Nevel, unfortunately The Obama has poured fuel on the racist fire and increased their ranks. It will take real leadership from the next president to begin to turn the tide on these misinformed fools.


* Independence: Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day. The birth of a great nation born out of the quest for liberty and independence. Through the years, specially the last six, we have sped towards and ever increasing dependence on government and a weakening of that spirit of independence from where we originated. Indoctrination of our youth with progressive propaganda has been dumbing down a generation leaving open the door for tyranny. It's not as far fetched as you would like to think. Scottish historian, Sir Alexander Frasier Tytler, Circa 1801, said, "Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage." We are falling deeper into the dependence stage, on this independence day we pray that we can avert that cycle and fuel a rebirth of that independence spirit which we celebrate.


* ISIS: Heading into the 4th of July weekend all law enforcement agencies are on high alert. Personal leave has been canceled due to unusually high 'chatter' in social media and the airwaves. While we increase our defensive posture, ISIS increases their offensive one. President Bush used to say we need to stop them over there so they don't come over here. To president Obama it's, they're a JV team over there so no reason to be concerned that they'll come over here. We're not only minimizing the threat in the Middle East we are compounding it with our Rules of Engagement (ROE). We're flying a minimal amount of sorties, just so the regime can say they are fighting ISIS, the ROE causes 75% of the sorties to come back without dropping their munitions. Even a simple sortie is being micro-managed by The Obama White House in a way that cripples our military and enables our enemies. It has just been learned that The Obama is blocking our Arab allies from sending weapons directly to the Kurds in their fight against ISIS. The Kurds have shown the backbone that the Iraqi army has not. They are strong allies and fierce fighters that take the battle to ISIS. Instead of arming them we are playing political games with Baghdad out of fear of not upsetting Iran. Everything this White House does is done trough the political prism of ideological ineptitude. ISIS is not an imaginary Islamic force hiding in the shadows. They have a standing army, and as such, are a concrete target for destruction. What it takes is the will to destroy these savages over there before they come over here. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "The logical end of defensive warfare is surrender." The Obama must have been a student of that strategy.


* Carter: Before The Obama's blundering foreign policy failures, President Carter was seen as the worst foreign policy president in our history. The Obama has clearly taken that prize and continues to pile on. Speaking at the Aspen Institute last week Carter said that The Obama's foreign policy accomplishments “have been minimal” and our influence is "lower than it was six or seven years ago.” He went on to say, “On the world stage, I think [Obama’s accomplishments] have been minimal. I think he has done some good things domestically, like health reform and so forth. But on the world stage, just to be objective about it, I can’t think of many nations in the world where we have a better relationship now than when he took over.” He does have one nation and it happens to be the capitulation to the Cuban dictatorship of the Castro brothers. He befriends our enemies and alienates our friends. The Obama is announcing today that embassies will be opened in Cuba and here as the relationship advances. This while Cuban prisons are still populated by political prisoners and Cubans continue to die in the Florida straights escaping that hell hole of a Communist Utopia. Carter presided over a time of foreign policy failures like when our embassy in Iran was seized by the Iranian revolutionaries that came to power when we abandoned the Sha and the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan. During his final year in office, Carter did realized his failures and reversed course. Unfortunately The Obama is just doubling down on failure.


* Delay: Today was the deadline for the Iranian nuclear talks, not surprisingly, another delay was just announced. Talks will be extended until July 7, 2015. Another week to give the regime enough time to cave gracefully to the Ayatollahs in Iran. What's going to change in seven days? Are the Ayatollahs going to stop calling for 'death to America'? Are they going to allow surprise inspections on their nuclear sites? Seven days will not change any of that, it will only give them seven more days to continue to reinforce their defenses against a possible attack on those facilities. March of this year was another deadline missed where we told that the June deadline was fixed and if no agreement had been reached then strong sanctions would be imposed on Iran. To paraphrase a great American, Well, there they go again!

* Flag: A group calling itself, "Disarm NYPD," is calling for burning the American Flag at Fort Greene Park in New York tomorrow. They stated, “There will be no peace until we tear down this system of oppression. It isn’t enough to take the flag down; we must put an end to white supremacy once and for all.” The Confederate Battle Flag was just the beginning, what these anti-American anarchist want is the destruction of America itself. They continued by spewing the following: “We do not believe the ideals of America are anything to be revered. We are building something that will be much better than America. While the so-called patriots yell that we should just leave, we instead choose to dream. We dream of what real freedom looks like: freedom from paramilitaries occupying our communities, beating and killing our sons and daughters; freedom from our communities being destroyed by the speculative capital of gentrification; freedom from mass surveillance; and freedom from systemic racism.” Tell that to the citizens of Baltimore when the police scaled back after being attacked by the mayor. Black on black crime sky rocketed. Failure of our education system, controlled by progressives, has led to a generation of dim bulbs devoid of factual history and poisoned by political correct nonsense. The American flag is a symbol, it's a symbol of freedom and liberty and of the sacrifices of so many through the years. It is a symbol of the greatest nation our world has ever known. If you want to burn that symbol of greatness, don't do it in front of me!


* Iran: Tomorrow marks the deadline for the Iranian nuclear deal. Our European partners have already given up while The Obama and Kerry are groveling for a last minute deal thinking any deal is better than no deal. Meanwhile Iran's Parliament chants 'death to America' while their Ayatollah's lead the chants. The Iranian 'supreme' leader categorically states that there will not be any surprise inspections of their nuclear or military facilities so why haven't we walked away from the table? Where is our leadership? President Reagan walked away from talks with former Soviet leader Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland and that led to the fall of the Soviet Empire. That was leadership and standing for principle. Today we have leaders that stand for the rainbow flag and worship at the alter of global warming. Tomorrows deadline should come and pass and sanctions should be increased on Iran. Not until they stop their nuclear program and can verifiably commit to dismantling their centrifuges should any talks be resumed. We should concentrate on bringing their economy to its knees and this time back the people of Iran against the tyrannical theocracy they suffer under.


* Activism: The schizophrenic Justice Roberts was his opposite self today in his dissent on the gay marriage ruling of the SCOTUS. Yesterday he wrote the majority opinion upholding SCOTUScare by ignoring the letter of the law and rewriting it in what he believed was the intent. Today he accuses his fellow Supremes that voted to uphold gay marriage for over stepping their power and making up law. Yesterday he was activist Judge Roberts, today he is Constitutionalist Judge Roberts, tomorrow is a toss up. The sacrament of marriage has been sacrificed at the alter of politically correct activism. There were no restrictions on civil unions, the right way to go would've been to allow the states to decide and allow civil unions to have the same rights and protections as marriages. Unfortunately now the lid is off Pandora's box. The co-equal branches of government are no more. We have an executive branch that usurped part of the legislative branch through executive orders and Czars, and now a judicial branch that has usurped another part of the legislative branch. Congress seems to now be relegated to a side show with rubber stamp capabilities. Another sad day in a long line of them brought to you by The Obama and his Kool-Aid drinking followers.


* SCOTUScare: Obama's secret admirer has done it again, Justice Roberts has again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. In a surprise ruling on The Obama's signature law he has managed to rewrite it as he did when he ruled that the "mandate" in ObamaCare was really a tax and therefore made ObamaCare legal. Now he has ignored the law as written by ignoring the words, "Established by the State." Roberts reasoning is that if those words are taken literally the law won't work and therefore it couldn’t have been the intent of Congress. In other words, words don't matter. With The Obama you have to watch his actions not his words because, like in Roberts world, words don't matter. Justice Scalia rightly points out that if words don't matter then any law can be made to be what the court deems it to be. Even though this SCOTUS ruling is outrageous on its face, it's actually politically beneficial to Republicans in this current political cycle. By rescuing ObamaCare again, Roberts has saved the GOP Congress from having to deal with the political backlash of having the loss of subsidies dumped on their lap by the regime and the MSM. Now they can just point out the falsities and hardships that the law is causing and financial disaster that it will bring. By mandating that Americans buy a product and limit what product they can buy, the government has overstepped its authority and slid into the realm of tyranny. Our once greatest health care system in the world is being destroyed before our very eyes. In his dessenting opinion Justice Scalia suggests that we should now call ObamaCare by a more just name, SCOTUScare. Roberts saving ObamaCare from the ash heap of history does truly merit the lofty name of SCOTUScare!


* Institutionalized: Hillary continued the racist division march in the aftermath of Charleston. In a speech before the Christ the King Church, a black church located in Florissant, Missouri she said, “I know it’s tempting to dismiss a tragedy like this as an isolated incident, to believe in today’s America that bigotry is behind us, that institutional racism no longer exists. But despite our best efforts and highest hopes, America’s struggle with racism is far from finished.” There will always be racists of all colors, it's a human fault, but America is not a racist nation. We elected a black President twice and the left stills uses the racist card at every opportunity. There's a lot of blatant racism in the world today specially from countries who contributed large sums to the Clinton Foundation, those countries truly have institutionalized racist policies. For an ex Senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate to say that the United States of America has "institutionalized racism" goes way beyond rhetoric. It is a direct condemnation of the country she wishes to serve, it is an act of betrayal to the country she owes her living to. Communist nations have institutionalized human rights violations in their laws, the United States does not. Perhaps Hillary is practicing for her own "apology tour" if she is elected in 2016? Leaders bring people together, progressive politicians tear them apart.


* Flag: In making his first statement on the murders in Charleston, SC last week The Obama brought up the old tired gun control issue. It went along with their strategy of not letting a tragedy go to waste. He was wrong to do that just as South Carolina's governor Nikki Haley is wrong to call for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag for the grounds of the Capitol. The first victim of the church murders has yet to be laid to rest and political games are already being played. The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of the south's rebelling against the abuses of the north, it was not a symbol of slavery since the north had slaves too. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves of states that were in rebellion against the government. In other words, it only freed southern slaves while still allowing the north to have slaves. The flag was turned into a symbol of slavery against the true history of which it represents. Whether the flag flies on the South Carolina Capitol grounds is up to South Carolina. What shouldn't have been done is to tie it to the nine victims of last weeks killings at the hands of a deranged psychotic racist. Not long ago the Confederate Battle Flag flew atop the Capitol Dome in South Carolina, they debated taking it down and came up with a bi-partisan agreement to remove it from the dome and place it on the grounds of the Capitol. This debate has already been had. Removing it completely is capitulation to the politically correct and a slap in the face of South Carolina's proud heritage.


* Racism: During the aftermath of the horrendous murders in Charleston, SC last week the people of Charleston and the families of the victims showed great compassion. Some of the family members spoke at a bond hearing for the murderer and said they forgave him. In the midst of their pain and suffering, and even before they had a chance to burry their loved ones, their beliefs stood strong, their Christianity was heartwarming. The citizens of Charleston followed in their footsteps by coming together in support, a show of unity across all racial and economic lines to march hand in hand. It was a stark contrast to recent events and riots like in Ferguson and Baltimore. It was a time to bring Americans together but like in other cases The Obama chose to divide. In an interview with Marc Maron that aired today the President said, "Racism, we are not cured of it, and it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. That's not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It's not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don't, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior." There you have it, plain and simple. He degrades the office he holds further by using the N word and chooses to stir up old wounds rather than support the unity shown in Charleston. Another shameless act by a shameless president.


* Guns: After the horrible mass murder in the Emanuel AME Church, in Charleston, SC, the presidents reaction was shameful. All indications are that the murder of nine innocent people was perpetrated by a racist psychotic young man. It's a time of mourning for the victims, their family, friends and community. It's not a time for political grandstanding, which is what The Obama did. Like in other tragedies, liberals always seem to pull out the gun control card, like it was the gun who pulled the trigger. This was another case of a mentally ill person doing an unthinkable act by taking the lives of innocent people. Crazy people and criminals will always find a way to obtain a gun, what excessive gun laws do is disarm the law abiding citizen and keep them from defending themselves and their families. What would have stopped the killer in Charleston would have been a gun in the hands of one of the victims. Gun free zones are open targets for killers, the insane and deprived. The Obama also stated falsely that these types of acts don't happen in other advanced nations. That is a flat out lie meant to influence the ignorant followers of his every word. Guns are inanimate objects, they don't have a brain and they can't get up and kill people, if they could, we would have millions of murders every year by guns run amok. What we have are politicians run amok taking advantage of tragedies for their own personal political gains. Shame on The Obama and all other like minded gun control Nazis!


* Iran: The Obama regime is not, according to Kerry, fixated on the military dimension of Iran's nuclear program. Iran continues to stand firm on their demands while the regime seems to keep giving in to their requests. A major point of contention is a program of unannounced inspections on Iran's nuclear facilities. Without this most important aspect of a deal there is no deal and yet The Obama regime seems to be downplaying it. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, has repeatedly said that Iran will not allow unannounced inspections. After one deadline after another have been missed for a deal we are fast approaching what was supposed to be the last deadline, the end of this month. A deal at any cost would all but guarantee that Iran would become a nuclear state thereby starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Kerry said, "We know what they did. We have absolute knowledge with respect to the certain military activities they were engaged in. What we're concerned about is going forward. It's critical to us to know that going forward, those activities have been stopped, and that we can account for that in a legitimate way." Kerry is either naïve or foolish to believe that the Iranian's will change their ways. The only deal that would work with Iran is if they agreed to dismantle all their centrifuges, agreed to unannounced inspections to verify the dismantling and stop calling for the destruction of Israel. In exchange for that, sanctions would be removed. If they do not, then the strongest possible sanctions should be imposed on them, and if necessary, military action should be taken to take out their fortified nuclear installations.


* Trump: Donald 'I'm Very Rich' Trump announced he is running for president yesterday. Amid fanfare he spent most of the time stroking his ego and attacking the other Republican candidates. He said he would build a wall on our southern border and make Mexico pay for it. The Donald said, "Nobody builds walls better than me!" There was a lot of I, I, I in his speech as he enumerated how many buildings he owns and showed the audience his balance sheet. Saying he is worth nearly $9 billion he said he didn't need donations and would pay for his run with his own money, because after all, he is very, very rich. Although at times Trump makes some good points, must of all, he is so full of himself that it's hard to take him seriously. Being President is not the same as being a mogul. Mogul's don't have to deal with Congress. Trump wouldn't be able to wave his magic wand and do whatever he wants in a government of checks and balances. Trump can write the checks but those aren't the checks at play here. A successful candidate should point out the failures of The Obama-Clinton years and how he or she would deal with the challenges we face. Solutions and not tearing your fellow Republicans down is what we're looking for in our next candidate.


* Pope: When Pope Francis replaced Pope Benedict it was clear that he was going to be the peoples Pope. He was an inspiration to the worlds Catholics and others as well. In his role as Pope he is an excellent ambassador for Christianity and Catholicism in particular. But to prove that there are no perfect humans he is now showing his human imperfections in the form of falling for the global warming climate change hoax. He said that global warming would bring “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” according to a leaked draft of his upcoming encyclical. He also says that a failure to act would be of “grave consequences for all of us”. He calls for a new global authority for “tackling … the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions. Humanity is called to take note of the need for changes in lifestyle and changes in methods of production and consumption to combat this warming, or at least the human causes that produce and accentuate it,” he wrote in the draft. “Numerous scientific studies indicate that the greater part of the global warming in recent decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases … given off above all because of human activity.” He has fallen hook line and sinker for the propaganda that has been peddled by the climate change perpetrators whose objective is the transfer of wealth on a global scale from the civilized world to the third world and to enrich themselves and their partners. In reference to climate change 'deniers', or in other words, people who deal with facts not lies, he will go on to say, “The attitudes that stand in the way of a solution, even among believers, range from negation of the problem, to indifference, to convenient resignation or blind faith in technical solutions.” Pope Francis needs to get back to his calling of preaching the faith and not peddling the global warming hoax and perpetuating the economic disaster it would bring.


* Hill-Rev2: Hillary announced she was running for president again over the weekend in a controlled show at Roosevelt Island, NY. The audience was thoroughly screened with some RNC staffers having to turn their t-shirts inside out in order to stay at the event. Her carefully prepared stump speech could have been taken from past progressive speeches, as some of the lines clearly were. It was the same tired attacks on Republicans, Wall Street and 'billionaires'. She didn't attack millionaires because the Clinton's are worth more than $200 million and she wasn't the pauper she pretended to be when speaking about leaving the White House. According to Hillary, Republicans are only for the rich and want to hurt the middle class and poor. We also know, through progressives like Hillary, that Republicans want to starve children, pollute our water and air and are climate change 'settled science' deniers. Last but not least, Republicans are also waging a war on women. The real war on women is truly being waged by countries, companies and individuals who donate to the Clinton Foundation. Not a peep about that though as she also avoided mentioning her illustrious foreign affairs years as Secretary of State. It's going to be very difficult, no matter how much the Clinton machine and their MSM accomplices try to blame the miserable economy on Bush or Republicans, to be able to pull that off. It's been almost seven years since The Obama regime took over, they own the economy as does Hillary. That pig won't fly! Wonder if she's going to have a third announcement party after the next scandal hits the fan?


* ObamaTrade: How can Republicans in Congress ever complain about how ObamaCare was passed when they our now willing to do a similar thing with ObamaTrade? It the trade deals are what they are hyped up to be then why the secrecy? If The Obama backs it and it's kept from the public then it has to be bad. That was the track record has been and there's no reason to believe it will change now. As part of the deal the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission will have authority over trade, immigration, environmental, labor and commerce regulations. Congress would be giving up authority vested in it by our Constitution. The deal would also lower the approval vote in the Senate from 61 to 51 votes. This deal will relinquish authority to a foreign entity that which vested in our government, it goes against the very grain of our institutions. George Washington once said, "Let there be no change [in Constitutional powers] by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed." This is another step in The Obama's promised transformation. The question is, why are Republicans aiding him in our demise?


* Kirby: Recent Pentagon spokesman, Admiral John Kirby, was really an administration apparatchik in disguise. When he gave updates and answered questions it was as he was WH press secretary Josh Ernest's echo. He is now out of the closet and an official regime spokesman, this time at the State Department. New position, same old misdirects. The regime announced that 450 more U.S. military 'trainers' are heading to Iraq. When asked about this deployment Kirby was emphatic about it being at the request of the Iraqi government because, after all, they are responsible for their own defense. This is code for the buck stops in Bagdad and not at 1600 Penn. ISIS can recruit at least that number of terrorists weekly. It is estimated that the ISIS ranks have grown to between 25 and 30 thousand with 15 to 20 thousand foreigners in the mix. As long as ISIS continues to march and conquer new territory they will continue their growth. They are not simply a terrorist organization they have become an army. You don't defeat an army with policing, you defeat them with overwhelming military power and the only country involved that can do that is the United Sates. Not because it's in Iraq's interest but because it's in our national security interest and in the interest of our civilization's survival. The only coherent policy coming out of the White House and The Obama's lips is to blame others. From it's Bush's fault, the Pentagon hasn't sent us a complete strategy to it's the Iraqis responsibility, it's the same failure. Unfortunately from how things are taking shape our next president is going to inherit a much larger and powerful enemy to deal with and one in which a larger force will be needed to counter the evil we will be facing.


* Free-Range: We all heard he story of children being taken away from their parents for the simple act of walking home from a park or playground without adult supervision. What are considered Free-Range kids now are what we used to take for granted, freedom. The welfare of their children is the parents responsibility. The state has a role when parents are abusive to them but not when they are merely exercising their freedom. The latest case of over reach by government is a couple with a eleven year old who typically comes home from school to be met by a parent. Normally he is met by his father who lets him in the house, if his father is not there he is to wait in the back yard for his father or mother to arrive. Recently both the father and mother were delayed by an hour and a half due to traffic and rain. When they arrived the parents found the police there and were arrested for child neglect. Their son was in his back yard playing basketball. The authorities said he didn't have access to shelter or water. Yet there was a shed in the yard as well two sinks and two hoses. They also said he had no food but failed to admit that he had already eating his snacks. They also said he had no bathroom but the officer relieved himself in the backyard while the eleven year old sat in the police car alone. This case occurred in Florida where there isn't a minimum age for children to be alone. This is a case of busybody neighbors intruding into affairs that were non of their business and an overzealous government interfering into the privacy of a law abiding family. Since when is playing in your back yard a crime? It's time to bring commons sense back and reign in an out of control government.


* SCOTUS:  Yesterday The Obama took a swipe at the Supreme Court in two ways, first by saying the decision on the ObamaCare challenge is an easy one and then by saying they shouldn't have taken up the case to begin with. Today he is taking his show on the road in an attempt to persuade the public that their experience with ObamaCare is not the truth. He plans to say, “Five years in, what we’re talking about is no longer just a law. This isn’t about the Affordable Care Act. This isn’t about ObamaCare. This isn’t about myths or rumors that won’t go away. This is reality. This is health care in America.” The reality is opposite from his promises. You can keep your doctor and your plan are just two of the lies that were told to sell ObamaCare in the first place. Government programs are almost impossible to eliminate. Like weeds on steroids, they grow in direct correlation to the bureaucracy that supports it. He will go on to say, “There are outcomes we can calculate – the number of newly insured families, the number of lives saved. And those numbers add up to success. Then there are the outcomes that are harder to calculate – yes, in the tally of pain and tragedy and bankruptcies that have been averted, but also in the security of a parent who can afford to take her kid to the doctor. The dignity of a grandfather who can get the preventive care he needs. The freedom of an entrepreneur who can start a new venture. The joy of a wife who thought she’d never again take her husband’s hand and go for a walk in God’s creation.” Lofty words from an empty suit. He is building a case to blame the Supreme Court if they strike down the subsidies and the GOP for supporting the challenge. The true blame should be on the closed door writing and deal making that led to a law that was completely partisan and wasn't read before it was passed. The wording of the law is the Achilles heal that will begin the unraveling of the law itself.


* ObamaCare:  When asked about the current legal challenge to ObamaCare, while in Germany today, The Obama went on with his typical lies and misdirect. He said that not allowing federal subsidies for people in states that signed up under was not the intent of the law, but regardless of that statement that's the way the law is written. The words in question are that subsidies would be available to those who sign up for coverage, "through an exchange established by the state." It is clear that the law states that federal subsidies would only be provided for the insured in state exchanges. Without those subsidies, ObamaCare falls apart since most states did not set up their own exchanges or scraped their exchange due to problems. He bragged about what he said was 16 million people being insured now but of course failed to mention how many millions lost their existing policies and doctors and how those that still have policies had their rates sky rocket. Not only did their rates go up but their deductibles did as well. Studies have shown that the number of uninsured still remains in the millions and that hospital emergency room visits by the uninsured is still a problem. ObamaCare was supposed to alleviate those problems but obviously it hasn't. ObamaCare was never about insuring the uninsured and lowering rates for everybody, it was and continues to be about wealth redistribution and government control of your health choices and information. A fundamental aspect of Communism and tyranny is to control the people's health information and health choices. He called out the Supreme court by saying this was an easy case. He's right about that, according to the letter of the law, federal subsidies for state run exchanges are illegal. It's a simple case alright!

(Updated 6-8-2015 6:40)


* Voting: Hillary Clinton has reached into her typical progressive bag of tricks and pulled out the voter intimidation card. She blasted Republicans yesterday for what she says is their attempt to keep minorities from voting. She criticized voter ID laws and said that voter fraud didn't exist. Both of these attacks are false. They are used to inflame minorities into voting for their Democrat big government plantation masters by demonizing Republicans. Never mind that Republicans have been on the side of minorities and individual rights since the GOP's inception. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. In the1960's Republicans helped pass civil rights laws against the wishes of many Democrats. Republicans believe in protecting the integrity of every vote by requiring identification to vote. There is nothing wrong in identifying the voter in order for that voter to exercise their Constitutional right. A fraudulent vote disenfranchises every vote, it does not discriminate. Her claim that there's no voter fraud is a bold faced lie. There are proven cases of voter fraud every election cycle. When a voting precinct has more votes cast than registered voters in that precinct, that is voter fraud. We know that about 50% of registered voters vote in any given election so when you have over 100% of registered voters vote, that's not an anomaly, that is fraud. When voters vote in two or more cities, counties or states, that is voter fraud. When dead people and Disney cartoon characters vote, that is voter fraud. Scare tactics, name calling and race baiting are typical progressive tactics and they've only just begun.


* Trade: In a normal world, trade agreements are good for the parties involved. They are good for business and the economy. But why the secrecy? If the current trade deal being worked on, Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) is such a bargain it should be openly debated and viewed. It shouldn't be locked away under guard in the basement of the Capitol. Just by having The Obama strongly back this deal leaves many questions in our minds. The last time he was strongly behind anything we got ObamaCare and we all know how well that's working out. Like Blinky Pelosi said, "You have to pass it so we can see what's in it." We've been down this road before. Citizens have a right to know what their representatives are doing on their behalf, after all, they work for us and not the other way around. Congress had a rule that all laws be openly displayed to the public for five days before being voted on, what happened to that process? Make the trade deal public or strike it down. It's time to bring honesty back into the legislative process.


* Respect: With the inevitable laugh track at the ready, The Obama spewed the following diatribe yesterday, “People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the Untied States in world opinion ranked below China and just barley above Russia, and today once again, the Untied States is the most respected country on earth. Part of that I think is because of the work we did to reengage the world and say we want to work with you as partners with mutual interests and mutual respect. It was on that basis we were able to end two wars while still focusing on the very real threat of terrorism and try to work with our partners in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the reason why we are moving in the direction to normalize relations with Cuba and the nuclear deal that we are trying to negotiate with Iran.” With the Middle East on fire, Russia annexing parts of Ukraine, ISIS on the offensive and China flexing their muscle it's hard to accept what The Obama is trying to peddle. It is rumored that a remote high power microphone picked up a faint man's voice in the White House's living quarters singing with what appears to be a shower in the background. It went something like this, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out why the world loves me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take care not to offend me." This was repeated several time before a female voice could be heard saying, stop singing that stupid song and hand me my Twinkies. The source of the rumor wishes to remain anonymous but you could hear the laugh track in the background…


* Caitlyn: It's official now, Bruce Jenner has morphed into Caitlyn Jenner. She's even made the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. We found it interesting that even conservatives were saying things like, "She deserves to be herself," and "She's finally who she was born to be." Shouldn't that be She is finally who 'he' was born to be? Up is down and down is up, it's a mixed up world we live in. As far as we know there is no gay or transgender gene. But there are many forms of mental illness. If Bruce Jenner was really Caitlyn Jenner all along shouldn't he/she have to return the 1976 decathlon gold medal he/she won in record fashion? After all it was the 'men's decathlon that he/she won. We believe what you do in your personal life and how you wish to live that life is a personal and private choice, but when depravity is flaunted in our faces as normal, that we don't condone or accept. There's God's laws and natural laws and then there are man-made perversions of those laws. This whole episode goes along with the marriage argument and that institution's current attack. Marriage is not a right, it is a sacrament, it is the heart of the family structure, which in turn is at the center of society. We shouldn't glorify that which is an anathema to God's laws, natural laws and normalcy.


* Senators: Another Senator enters the presidential race. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced his bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Graham is a good Senator but that's not what we need in 2016. Senators are consensus builders and debaters, we need strong leadership to start on the repairs necessary to undo The Obama regime's disastrous years in office. Before the 2008 election of a Senator it had been 48 years since one had been president, that was John F. Kennedy in 1960. What is need in 2016 is an ex-governor or CEO, someone who has had experience in leadership and delegating in order to achieve their objectives. We need someone who knows how to trim the bloated excesses of an ever growing federal government. Someone who stands up to our enemies and supports our allies, regardless of public opinion polls or what the United Nations says. We don't need a president who apologizes for our country and tries to befriend our enemies, or someone who trades enemy terrorists commanders for an Army deserter. We don't need someone who doesn't understand our history, doesn't love this country and hasn't visited all '57' states. The GOP 2016 nomination process is under way, Senators need not apply!


* Carly: Carly Fiorina has been shadowing Hillary answering questions from reporters drawing a stark contrast between her and Hillary. While Hillary avoids unfriendly reporters like the plague, Carly welcomes the challenge. Carly speaks succintly about policies and accomplishments, Hillary speaks of waffles, chicken and corn dogs. She is playing the run-out-the-clock game, as the only serious candidate for the Democrats, her strategy is the less said the better. It's a good strategy for her because as we all know, listening to her is most of the time like finger nails on a chalkboard, you can feel it at the back of your neck. While the MSM avoids mentioning the diversity in the Republican field they are lining up all their arsenal to attack the GOP while letting Hillary get away with murder. Rules don't apply to her. The diversity of the Democrat field is easy to see, a lying career politician who has accomplished holding positions but with no success in any of them and a self proclaimed socialist who would cherish a Moscow on the Potomac. At least Bernie Sanders is honest about his intentions. So that choice is clear, a lying progressive or an honest socialist, what a choice! When the first Republican debate was announced the rules showed that only the top 10 in the field would be on stage. Some of the lower tier candidates complained, Carly instead, welcomed the challenge. God speed Carly, keep shinning the light on the Clinton cockroach motel.


* Iraq: While ISIS continues its death march in Iraq the White House announces a new strategy. After the fall of Ramadi you would think the regime would rethink their strategy and push harder to defeat ISIS. Instead they are heading in the other direction. White House press Secretary Josh Ernest annouced the new strategy is to support the Iraqi forces to do what 'we are not going to do for them'. He continued by saying, "The United States will not be responsible for the security situation in Iraq." Not only was the rise of ISIS a result of the failure of The Obama regime to secure a Status of Forces agreement, it has now been learned that The Obama ordered the CIA to train ISIS jihadists in Jordan for the fight against Assad in Syria. Those very jihadists are now part of the terror force that is wrecking havoc in Iraq and Syria. Degrade and destroy has now turned to ignore and excuse. When the Iraq war policy, under George W. Bush, was not going well he followed his generals advice and changed his police and the surge was born. That turn events on the ground around and let to the victory which was squandered by The Obama. Rather than a surge of his own to defeat ISIS, The Obama has chosen another route, one of surrender and defeat. ISIS is not just a local threat to Iraq and Syria, they are a growing global threat and a direct threat to us as well. We either fight them now or fight them later when the battle will be harder and casualties greater.


* ROE: Micro managing our air campaign against ISIS, the White House seems to be deliberately losing this campaign. Our pilots are upset over the Rules of Engagement which limit their ability to complete their missions. Rules that cause target approval to take hours are counter productive and are resulting in over 75% of flights returning without dropping their ordnance. Against ISIS we are flying 14 sorties a day, in the air war in Kosovo we flew over 1125 a day. This shows the lack of will and resolve that The Obama regime has undertaken in the campaign against ISIS. Instead of degrading and destroying the scourge of ISIS we are allowing them to metastasize into a military and terror force that will be harder to defeat as time goes by. You either eradicate them now or face an ever increasing force later that will increase the cost both monetarily and in human treasure. Our military works best when they are given a mission and allowed to carry it out according to their professionalism and training. Micro managing from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue guarantees failure.


* DNC: On Friday the Democrat Party wished a “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!” Then they tweeted a picture of President Obama with an ice cream cone. That's how out of touch the party of progressive losers is from reality. On Memorial Day we remember and give our respects to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty and freedom. We honor those selfless sacrifices. It is not just another day for a presidential photo op. The Obama gives lip service to our military in public while in private he pulls the rug out from under their feet. Thankfully we'll only have one more Memorial Day during his failed presidency to deal with.


* Memorial Day: On this Memorial Day weekend we remember the sacrifices our military has made through the years and continues to make today. We mourn those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. At the same time we celebrate that such men and women lived. We should also be aware of what is happening to our veterans with their treatment at the hands of the Veterans Administration (VA). In 2008 The Obama campaigned on the failure of the VA to meet the needs of our veterans. It's been six years since he's been in office, the VA budget has gone from $85 Billion in 2008 to $154 Billion in 2014, and the problems have gotten worse. Not only do we have systemic failures, which lead to veterans dying on waiting lists, we also have an example of the failure of bureaucracy. The current failure of the VA shows that it's not an issue of funds, doubling the VA budget didn't put a dent in the problems, it's big government inefficiency and lack of accountability. Our veterans deserve much better treatment for their service and sacrifices. Imagine for a moment what it would be like if instead of running their own hospitals and services the VA was simply a conduit through which our veterans would get their healthcare at regular hospitals. Veterans would be given a card for their service and any cost of their healthcare would be paid by the VA. They would be able to go to the doctor of their choice. We owe them at least this much and it would in the end be less expensive than the colossal failure that is a government run VA. Built it inefficiencies and incompetence are inevitable in government run institutions. The VA disaster is a microcosm of what ObamaCare could be on a national scale. This Memorial Day weekend, we remember.


* Guard: Ramadi falls to ISIS then the White House orders 130 of the 1 million documents obtained after the Bin Laden raid released. They've had these documents since May of 2011 but chose to release some now to distract from their failure against ISIS. It was announced today that ISIS has just taken over the city of Palmyra, Syria, it's an ancient city just 130 miles east of Damascus. It has a wealth of artifacts dating back over two thousand years. ISIS has a history of destroying art, sculptures and archeological finds, they will most likely do that again in Palmyra. It has been documented that ISIS now controls 50% of Syria. Doesn't sound like ISIS has been degraded and had their supply lines cut like the Pentagon and the White House claim. Yesterday The Obama gave the commencement speech before the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Instead of speaking on the global threat of Islamic terrorism he chose to focus on global warming saying it's a "serious threat" to national security and blaming 'climate change' for the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the civil war in Syria. He also said, "Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act— and we need to act now.” An 'immediate risk'? While ISIS continues their savage atrocities it is 'climate change' that has the commander is chief worried. He truly is either living in a parallel universe or completely incompetent. Perhaps both!


* Hillarious: Hillary finally took questions from reporters yesterday after weeks of avoiding them. She was asked about the delay in releasing her State Department emails and she responded that they belong to the State Department and she encourages them to release all her emails as soon as possible. You could see her nose grow as her lips moved. She didn't mention anything about the 30+ thousand emails she deleted from her server before she ordered her server be scrubbed or wiped clean. Since her home email server was what she used for both personal and work related emails it was up to the State Department to determine which were personal. She clearly broke, not only rules governing government emails, she may have also violated laws which were written to protect classified government information. She laughs off questions as if they are beneath her, after all, our rules don't apply to the Clinton's. With the help from their friends and MSM they have been skirting the law for decades. With everything that is known about her history it defies logic how anyone can, with a straight face, defend the defenseless and commit to voting for her for president in 2016. No character and a trail of destruction follows an empty pantsuit along the campaign trail.


* Setback: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, said that Ramadi is not an important city in Iraq. Ramadi is the capital of Anwar province, the majority Suni province which was at the heart of our victory in the Iraq war. Many American lives where lost in retaking Ramadi and Anwar from Al Qaeda and their sympathizers. A couple of days ago the Pentagon announced that ISIS communication and supply lines have been severed and that ISIS was only capable of small hit and run attacks. The following day Ramadi falls to ISIS as Iraqi forces fled for their lives leaving behind innocent civilians to fend for themselves. Many of those civilians, women and children included, have already been slaughtered by the ISIS savages. The Pentagon's propaganda strategy to prop up The Obama's ISIS policy is just as much a failure as the policy itself. Degrade and destroy with no clear strategy to achieve the destruction of ISIS is a pipe dream. ISIS is not just a terrorist force whose barbarism is pure evil, they also have a standing army. That army has heavy weapons and machinery stolen from the Iraqi forces. That standing army needs to be destroyed and you can't do that from the air alone. It will take a committed boots on the ground force backed up with relentless air support to defeat this enemy. The longer we take to fully engage the harder the fight will be and the more casualties will be the result. The Obama and his MSM cowards will continue to blame Bush but that old excuse is losing its effectiveness. After six failed years of the regime's leading from behind policies it is becoming clearer by the day that Middle East fires have been stoked by the irresponsible approach that this regime has undertaken.


* WMD: Much is being made of the way Jeb Bush answered the hypothetical question about going into Iraq. The fact remains that Saddam Hussein had WMD's because he used them on his own people and there were numerous U.N. resolutions demanding they be destroyed. It has become a given by the MSM that George W. Bush was wrong to go into Iraq because there were no WMD's. Because a large cash of these weapons were not discovered does not mean they weren't there. In 2006 the number 2 official in Saddam Hussein's Air Force, General Sada, said the WMD's were transferred to Syria right before the U.S. invasion. We know that WMD's were used in Syria last year, where did those weapons come from? The question posed to Jeb Bush was, "Knowing what we know now would you have gone into Iraq?" Not only is that a hypothetical, it is flawed because knowing what we know now is wrong if that knowledge is based on a lie. It's time we move on to what we are going to do to correct the damage that has been done, and continues to be done, by the disastrous Obama regime and stop focusing on trick questions that have no bearing on today's problems.


* Mo-Money: After yesterday's tragic Amtrak derailment the left has responded with their patented knee-jerk reaction, Mo-Money. Their answer to every issue is to throw more taxpayer funds at the problem. From the preliminary information, made available by the NTSB, the train was going 106 miles per hour into a curve where the speed limit was 50 miles per hour. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put 2 and 2 together and come to the conclusion that the train operator was speeding. More infrastructure spending cannot keep the human factor from making a mistake, either accidentally or intentionally. Liberal solutions seem to always consist of more government, money and/or regulations. We have spent over $12 trillion in the war on poverty and the poverty rate is about the same as it was when the Great Society was begun in the 1960's. President Johnson announced it in Appalachia and the poverty there is the same. It's color blind, poor white Appalachians are the same as poor blacks in the inner cities. Throwing money at the problem prolongs the problem and does nothing to provide an alternative pathway out of misery. Every time you fill up the gas tank in your car you're paying taxes which are intended for the highway trust fund. A fund that, just like the Social Security Trust Fund, is raided for other purposes. Big government spenders raid these fund then claim to need more funds because they are running out. They are running out because they continue to be raided by big spending liberals and in some cases RINO conservatives. We need to get back to basics and cut the huge governmental waste that seems to continue to grow unabated. When a criminal kills with a handgun, liberals ignore the killer and focus on gun laws and regulation. When a train derails, killing passengers, they blame infrastructure and ignore the conductor. That is the way they run government and that's the reason we are bankrupting future generations.


* Redistributionist: The Obama was back on his soap box calling successful Americans 'lottery winners'. It's a variation on his 'you have to pay your fair share' nonsense. The top 5% of earners pay over 50% of incomes taxes and yet that doesn't seem to be enough for socialist/progressives like the president. He also continued his FOX envy with his criticism of the only network that doesn't swallow his bull, hook line and sinker. FOX points out that the president's policies are hurting the very people he pretends to want to help, the middle and lower middle class. But to him it's a personal attack on his authority and his beliefs. Its his 'you didn't build that' reincarnated. Capitalism has done more for lifting people out of poverty and improving everyone's lives than all other economic systems in the history of the world combined. The ignorance of the left in realizing this will doom them to repeat history's mistakes like those made by miserable communist regimes like Cuba and North Korea. Their failures are not due to the rest of the world or capitalism, their failures are due to their systems. Governmental systems that are based on a socialist/communist ideology in which human rights are institutionalized (Benedi Doctrine), and liberty is smashed under the heavy foot of an authoritarian, ever powerful government and police state. Instead of lying about a fair share of the pie a president should inspire citizens to grow the size of the pie and improve their lives, not by trying to tear down those more successful than themselves, but by aspiring to success as well. Our founding fathers enshrined in our Constitution equal opportunity not equal outcomes. It's is up to every individual, through their God given talents and abilities to achieve the success that they desire and not that which is dictated by an intrusive ever expanding federal authority.


* Tributes: Another black eye for the NFL. It turns out that some of the patriotic pre-game displays honoring our troops at NFL games have been paid for by your tax dollars. The Defense Department has paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million over the last four seasons for those displays. It's not only the right thing to do for teams to invite our military to present the colors at their games, it's the respectful thing to do. We are free to attend those games because of the sacrifices our military have made and continue to make for our liberty. The fourteen teams that received tax dollars are the Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Cowboys, Packers, Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings, Steelers and Rams. Not only has the NFL been a tax exempt organization through all these years but they also took our tax dollars to honor the very military that gave them the freedom to do what they do. Shame on the teams that participated in this travesty.


* NFL: After the fiasco of the Ray Rice initial punishment, when he knocked his then fiancé unconscious in an elevator, NFL commissioner Goodell goes politically overboard against the Patriots and Brady. For supposedly using underinflated balls in the first half of the AFC championship game against the Colts, Brady has been suspended for four games without pay, the Patriots fined $1 Million and will lose a 1st round draft pick in the 2016 and a 2nd in 2017. That is an outrageous penalty for a violation that has not been proven. Footballs used to be provided by the manufacture and sent directly to the officials. They then 'scrubbed' the shine off the balls to improve the grip then provided these balls to the teams for the game. This changed when the NFL competition committee decided to improve the game so they would let teams bring their own balls to the game. They are allowed to practice with the balls and then the quarterbacks chose which balls to bring to the game. The balls are required to have between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI for the game. Each team plays with their own balls. Some quarterbacks like softer and some like stiffer ones. Kickers use new balls provided by the officials. When the teams bring their balls to the game they are turned over to the officials for a pressure check. The officials are supposed to check each ball then give them back to the teams 10 minutes before the game. Keep in mind that officials handle the balls during the game and none of them complained until the Colts did. The Colts were losing and demanded the officials check the balls at halftime. They did and found some underinflated balls. The untold story here is that the Colts also had underinflated balls. At halftime the officials corrected the pressure in all the balls. In the second half the Patriots continued to dominate the Colts and won the game. At half time the Patriots where winning 17-7, at the end of the game they won 45-7. With the PSI corrected balls the Patriots did better and outscored the Colts 28-0. This entire episode is a witch hunt by an NFL reeling from the bad publicity they gave themselves after the Ray Rice episode. Either the NFL should return to providing the balls or they should allow each team to inflate their balls to their quarterbacks preferred pressure. The politically correct attack on the Patriots and Brady is unwarranted and will not stand.


* Summit: An interesting thing happened on the way to the summit. The Obama's Camp David summit of U.S. and allied Arab leaders will lack the attendance of 4 of the 6 heads of the Arab states. It's not as much a summit as it is a groveling session by The Obama to get the Arab states to go along with his capitulation to Iran. He wants their cooperation and backing for the disastrous nuclear deal he is negotiating with the Ayatollahs. The king of Saudi Arabia was to have a one on one meeting with the president before the summit, he is skipping the it. The king of Bahrain, home to the Navy's 5th fleet is also skipping the summit. These developments highlight the regime's foreign policy failures as they have alienated our allies and befriended our enemies. The nuclear deal being 'negotiated' with Iran has two major points, it gives Iran a clear path towards a bomb and it relives Iran of the remaining sanctions. The only reason Iran even agreed to negotiate was due to sanctions which have now been watered down. You cannot, as the regime claims, turn them back on with the flip of a switch. That would work as well as their 'reset' with Russia did.

* Benghazi: September 11, 2012, 2 years and 8 months ago and still no one has been held accountable. Who pushed the video lie? Who gave the stand-down order?


* VE-Day: Today marks the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, Victory in Europe. Three months ahead of the victory over Imperial Japan, the victory in Europe marked the end of a long and bloody war there. It was won by what is referred to as "The Greatest Generation." A generation of selfless Americans that put their lives on hold and went overseas to fight on foreign lands for, not only our freedom but that of the world. It was a ruthless war fought with a tenacity that would be unacceptable by today's politically correct standards. We defeated Berlin by carpet bombing them, you would have heared the outcries of 'collateral damage' by the PC police if they were around back then. If they were around then we would all be speaking German. If people with the character and fortitude of the Greatest Generation were leading our nation and military right now ISIS would have already been tossed into the trash heap of history. The Islamic terrorist scourge on the earth would be met with an appropriate force that would not just control but would decimate them. Some say taking the fight to them would be like playing whack-a-mole, they would pop up here and there. If so then you wipe the moles out where ever they rear their ugly heads. The whack-a-mole critics are not taking into account that ISIS is a full blown army with tanks, personnel carriers and other heavy equipment. They have to be fought with an overwhelming force intent on their destruction. A force like that of the Greatest Generation that showed what it took to defeat a evil enemy. We salute all those of the Greatest Generation that gave us the freedom we cherish today.


* ISIS: The official White House position on the Garland, TX terrorist attack is that there's no connection to ISIS or any other terrorist group. They continue to ignore the obvious. The connection is Islamic terrorism in the name of Allah and their Caliphate. You don't need a direct physical link to see that or to see the war all around the world. The two terrorists that met their maker in Garland, at the hands of a sharp shooting police officer, pledged their allegiance to ISIS and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attempted attack. This does not mean anything to a White House with its head in the sand like an embarrassed Ostrich. ISIS has now said they have over 70 trained soldiers in the United States with 23 already committed to terrorist attacks. They named states that they are in, which included Virginia and Maryland. ISIS stated that the Garland attack showed the willingness of their soldiers to gave their lives for their twisted cause. They also threatened to murder Pam Geller and anyone who supports her. In other words, anyone who supports the first amendment. Their mission is clear, bring the fight to our shores and strike terror in the timid. Our mission is not clear, it is titled; 'No Boots on the Ground'. You cannot negotiate with this enemy of civilization, you either defeat them or they will defeat us. The longer we wait to fully engage the harder the fight will be and the more loss of life will become inevitable. It doesn't take a village, it takes a leader with conviction and character to take on such an enemy. Unfortunately that kind of leader is not what we have today.


* Speech: Don't mess with Texas! Two wannabe ISIS inspired jihadists intent on killing innocent people were met with a Texas welcome 21 gun salute. The target of their attack was a Mohammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas. Pamela Geller organized the event as a way to show that freedom of speech needs to be defended. We don't live in a Shariah theocracy, there's a reason why the first amendment of our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. The second amendment, the right to bear arms, protects the first and our liberty. If Islamist terrorists and would be terrorists don't like our freedoms, leave if you're here and don't come here to begin with if you're not. The problem is that reasoning does not compute with their twisted illogical thinking and political system called Islam. The winner of the draw Mohammed cartoon contest, Bosch Fawstin said, "We can't be cowed by this because once this goes, once free speech goes, it's over." He is right, without the first amendment we become a herd of sheep at the mercy of wolves. The left have had their usual response, just like they attack the messenger when they disagree with the message, in this case they blame Geller and the draw Mohammed contest for "provoking" the attack. This kind of thinking is dangerous because it's a moral surrender to the evil that would destroy and kill for simply drawing a cartoon. Kudos to Pamela and all those that stand up for our freedom liberty.


* Mosby: Baltimore City's States Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, did the bidding of the rioters in her over zealous charges against officers in the Freddy Gray case. Facts seem to support charges of illegal arrest and involuntary manslaughter but second degree murder is a bridge too far. Generally second degree murder can be defined by one of these three situations:
A killing done impulsively without premeditation, but with malice aforethought
A killing that results from an act intended to cause serious bodily harm
A killing that results from an act that demonstrates the perpetrators depraved indifference to human life.
There is no proof, visual or otherwise, that any of the six officers acted with an intent to kill Gray. Seems Ms. Mosby's grandstanding and charges have more to do with political ambition than it does with justice. When she announced the charges on Friday Mosby ended her speech with this, "Last but certainly not least, to the youth of the city. I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment. This is your moment. Let's insure we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. You're at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our time is now." Answering the call of the looting thugs Mosby is now their heroin at the expense of six police officers careers.


* Sanders: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced yesterday that he is running for president. Sanders is a socialist/communist that brings some levity to the race. One admirable character trait of Sanders is his 'I don't care what you think attitude'. He is also against negative political ads and promised not to run any. His main reason for entering the race is what he sees as the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, he believes his socialist policies would fix that but it has been The Obama's socialist policies that have made things worse the last six years. Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists all say they represent the poor and middle class but in reality their policies make things worse. By penalizing businesses, through over regulation and taxation, liberal policies indirectly hurt the very people they pretend to want to help. Contrary to what Hillary says, corporations and businesses create jobs. Government only create government jobs. By penalizing job creation and success liberal policies kill jobs and ingenuity. Redistribution of wealth only creates resentment by those that create jobs and dependence from those who have been given government largess. It will be interesting and entertaining to see Sanders campaigning as he is an out of the closet socialist.


* Trust: It was hilarious. Hillary Clinton gave her first policy speech of her presidential campaign and it was on 'trust'. Can't make this stuff up. The most untrustworthy of all is lecturing us on trust. If it was pouring down rain and you were soaking wet and Hillary said it was raining you still wouldn't believe her. She said, “we must urgently rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among Americans. …Restoring trust in our politics, our press, our markets.” Instead of lecturing she should try to rehabilitate her own trust by actually being honest and truthful for a change. We know that's a tall order for the "What difference at this point does it make" candidate but to us it makes a great deal of difference. Without trust you have nothing. When trust breaks down in a relationship, the relationship suffers and can be ruined. When trust breaks down with our elected leaders they're no longer our leaders. Hillary missed the mark big time on this message, she's the last person to be speaking of trust. We wonder if she could be so tone deaf on this issue how can we trust her with any other decision?


* Orioles: For the first time in the 145 year history of professional baseball a game will be played without any fans. After canceling yesterday's game with the White Sox the Orioles announced that today's game will be played without the public in attendance. Not only is this the wrong message to send the citizens of Baltimore, it's a surrender to the chaos the rioters brought. With a city that is already reeling from the riots and business losses closing the game to the publics leaves the stadium workers without the income they depend on to feed their families. After 9/11 the first New York Yankee baseball was sold out. In a surprise move President Bush threw out the first pitch, it was a very emotional moment and a unifying event for the city and country. The Oriole White Sox game today could have been a unifying event for Baltimore as well.


* Baltimore: As Baltimore was starting to spiral out of control after the death of Freddie Gray, the mayor makes an incredible statement. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted that she asked the Baltimore Police Department to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.” She wanted to strike a balance. That idiotic statement was a signal to rioters that the police were instructed to give them "space" to destroy, a free ride to riot, a get out of jail free card. Her words and her restraint on the police led to the chaos and destruction we saw in Baltimore yesterday. Contributing factors were the closing of schools and shutting down of the light rail system. You shut down the transportation that students use to get home and you release them early from school, that's a recipe for disaster and that's what happened yesterday. Freddie Gray's death was a tragedy and if a police officer was responsible for his death then that officer or officers will have to be held accountable. Riots and destruction do nothing to bring that justice about. The chaos in Baltimore was not about Freddy Gray, it was about a lost generation of youths with no morals, stuck in the liberal hell holes that are the inner city.


* Evidence: Hillary's followers, blind defenders and paid operatives are gloating about George Stephanopoulos interview of Peter Schweizer. The author of "Clinton Cash" was grilled by the long time Clinton defender. The highlight for them was when Schweizer was pressed and had to admit he didn't have any direct evidence that ties the Clinton's to a specific act. In cases of influence peddling and cash for favors there rarely is any direct evidence. It's the big picture you have to keep and eye on. Did donors benefit from their contributions to the Clinton foundation from actions that Hillary took or didn't take? The answers is yes. Is there direct evidence, none yet found but perhaps there was some in emails on a secret server that have now been destroyed. Clinton forces continue their attacks on Schweizer to destroy his character while ignoring the charges. This like all the other Clinton actions will most likely fade away and when Hillary finally answers questions on the issue the answer will most likely be, we already covered that, it's old news. Déjà vu all over again!


* Prison: Bill and Hillary Clinton have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar again and their response; it's a vast right wing conspiracy. They never answer for their crimes they just attack the messenger and discredit the people asking questions. It's always old news and they laugh it off, nothing to see here, move along. They continue to get away with 'murder' because they have a complicit MSM and a corrupt Department of In-Justice. New Jersey senator Bob Menendez was charged by Holder for influence peddling, conveniently after Senator Menendez criticized the president's Iran policy. It was clearly a political hit job. What Hillary did while Secretary of State, accepting huge donations from foreign governments and companies, more than dwarfs Menendez yet there's no charges coming her way. The Clinton Foundation cheated on their taxes by tens of millions of dollars and instead of facing charges they just get a redo. No problem, they are amending their returns. It is unthinkable what they are getting away with. Instead of stumping on the campaign trail in her Scooby van she should be measured for her prison pantsuit.


* Earth-Day: The president travelled to the Florida Everglades to declare, "You don't have time to deny the effects of climate change." The Obama's photo-op trip to the Everglades covered 1,836 miles and used 9,180 gallons of fuel in Air Force One. Not to mention the carbon foot print for security, staff and press. He downplays the global threat from terrorists, denies there's a genocide is taking place against Christians by Islamic terrorists and yet sees climate change as the biggest threat to our survival. I don't know about you but I haven't seen 'climate change' beheading innocent Christians. The hypocrisy of the earth-day worshiping global warming fanatics is incredible. They fly around in their private jets, ride in their limousines and live in their mansions while lecturing us about carbon footprints and their global warming. Perhaps if they walked the walk instead of talking smack they would be taken seriously by people who put facts before fiction. Meanwhile, one day after Earth Day, ISIS continues to grow.


* NeroBama: The Obama says the world is a lot safer with less conflict today than it was thirty years ago. He has made many idiotic statements in the past but this one must take the cake. The Middle East is on fire with Iran months away from building a nuclear bomb. Russian's are still in possession of Crimea and control eastern Ukraine. European cities are being overrun with Muslim immigrants intent on changing those cities and countries and not assimilating. In the United States we are being divided by the most polarizing president and attorney general in modern times. Our economy continues to limp along due to the policies of this regime. The regime demonizes the 'one percent' while artificially pumping up the economy in a way that benefits the 'one percent' while low income Americans continue to suffer. Minimum wage demonstrations underscore the issue that our economy is hurting. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be career positions or jobs that support a household. They are low skill jobs for people entering the workforce. The Obama is like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, there's smoke all around the world, as well as here at home, and NeroBama is fiddling.


* Old-News: In typical Clinton fashion, the Clinton's and their political machine brush off any critic and accusations as it's 'old-news'. The reaction when a question or a statement is made about Hillary's lies or secret server is to brush it off as old news and attack the messenger. The attacks question the motive and do nothing to answer the questions raised. They attack the messenger. It's only about the new packaging she's attempting to sell to the American people. She's a women of the people riding in her Scooby van and eating at Chipotle. It's about being the first woman president regardless of character or qualifications. It's critically important that the Clinton's are not allowed to get away with it this time. She needs to be pressed and not allowed to change the subject. If you stay on her long enough the real Hillary comes out, the "What difference at this point does it make?" Hillary. The one that's like rubbing a balloon or fingers nails on a chalk board. That Hillary, the two faced lying evil Hillary. The Mr. Hide Hillary.


* Hypocrisy: Hillary Clinton and her Democrat cohorts make a big deal about their made up war on women while at the same time Clinton takes huge donations from country and governments that discriminate against women. The real war on women is taking place in the Muslim world where women are second class citizens and no not have the same rights and privileges as men. From not being aloud to drive to being stoned for having been raped. Women not able to leave their houses unless they are accompanied by their husband or other male family member. Why do liberals falsely attack Republicans for a non-existent war on women while ignoring the true war on women? The hypocrisy is obvious, Hillary speaks up with political attacks while taking money from countries that are keeping women down. If she really cared about women's rights she would give the money back or not take it to begin with, but don't hold your breath. That would call for some honesty which is non-existent in the empty pant-suit.


* ISIS: Why does everyone in The Obama regime, including their joint chiefs generals, call ISIS ISIL. It's like an order has been given by the political handlers that ISIL is the only way they can refer to ISIS. Everyone else calls them ISIS. The leading from behind strategy of no boots on the ground is just a show and not a military strategy. ISIS is now on the verge of taking Ramadi, one of Iraq's major cities and one in which many American's sacrificed their lives for. General Dempsey, the head of the joint chiefs, said Ramadi is not a significant city and not part of the Caliphate. Since when does Dempsey decide what the terrorists consider part of their Caliphate? That is nonsense and an insult to every American family that lost loved ones in the battle to free Ramadi in the Iraq war. Saying Ramadi is insignificant is like saying we've lost the battle but it doesn't matter. It does matter, it matters in the way we are not fighting Islamic terrorism in the forceful way we should and we're letting their numbers build to the point when a huge ground presence will become inevitable if we actually intend on defeating the scourge of ISIS. Unfortunately that will not be happening until we get a president that puts our country first and stops appeasing our enemies.


* FARC: On April 14 The Obama announced another in his steps of capitulation to the Communist dictatorship in Cuba. He stated that Cuba was being removed from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terror list. There's no reason for Cuba to be removed from the list other than the Castro dictators asked for it and The Obama likes to grant what our enemies request. Just hours after he made that statement a terrorist group which is sponsored by Cuba, and given safe haven there, murdered 10 Columbian soldiers and wounded 17 others. The group is called FARC which in Spanish is, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People's Army. They are a Marxist insurgency terrorist group intent on the overthrow of the Democratically elected Columbian government. Support for Marxist groups like FARC was the reason Cuba was placed on the State Sponsors of Terror list back in 1982. They supported groups in Central America, South America and Africa. Their behavior has not changed, what has changed is they now have an ally in the White House.


* Hilarious: The self proclaimed 'champion' of the people, Hilarious Clinton, is off on a road trip. In her "Scooby Doo' van with her Mickey Mouse handlers, it would be so much fun to be a fly on the wall. Hill's pretend caring for the 99 per-centers is as transparent as The Obama regime has not been. In her newly formed stump speech she talks of putting America back on track. That is laughable coming from someone who has been instrumental in derailing America to begin with. As the Secretary of State she was the point person for the regime on foreign affairs, the world is now a much more dangerous place than when she and the rest of the regime lightweights came into office. From the reset with Russia to the Arab Spring and now the rise of ISIS. She was a failure in the Senate and a worst one at State. Even her staunches supporters can't name one accomplishment in her supposed illustrious career. We can name one, being married to President Clinton. Not only was she a senator, who make terrible presidents, but she's a secretive serial liar. She lied about Benghazi and she lied about her secret email server housed in her mansion in Chappaqua, NY. In her run she can probably count on those just wishing to vote for a woman, but remember, those who just wanted to vote for a black man contributed to the downfall of this great country. It's not gender, race or religion that matters in our president, it's character, experience and policies that make a good president. Hillary is a failure in those areas and the last person we could trust in the White House.


* Senators: By definition, senators are partisan debaters. They are one of a hundred of a legislative body. They talk, use procedures, trade votes for special interests and sometimes accomplish something meaningful. They do not make good presidents. Their jobs are not executive ones, they are consensus builders, not leaders. There's a reason why, before The Obama, the previous senator elected president was John F. Kennedy in 1960. Not only was The Obama a senator, he was a one term senator and ineligible to hold the office of president according to our Constitution. We now have Cruz and Rubio running, two one term senators that don't meet the Constitutional Natural Born requirement either. How can you claim to uphold the Constitution when the fact that you are running is in violation of that very same Constitution? The GOP would be wise to nominate a governor to carry the Republican banner to the White House in 2016. Leadership and executive experience matters when running for the most powerful job in our country. The office of president is no place for on the job training, we're witnessing the results of what OJT in that office can bring.


* Cuba: The president continued his betrayal of the Cuban people and his predecessors by bending over to the Castro dictatorship. While Raul Castro trashed the United States, The Obama sat silently knowing that he wasn't a part of what Castro was talking about, he was above it all. Castro didn't let him down, he made The Obama the exception and said that The Obama was an honest man. Coming from a lying, murderous dictator, doesn't sound like much of a compliment but for the president it stoked his narcissist ego in just the right spot. Probably sent a thrill up his leg. The Obama said he wasn't a prisoner of the past, insinuating that he is breaking with American policy and giving the communist dictators in Cuba the much need assistance they're seeking to keep their hold on power. While The Obama may think he is not a prisoner of the past he ignores the prisoners of the present that fill Castro's political gulags for the crime of speaking out against the 'revolution' and its tyrannical henchmen. The Obama deals with our enemies, the Castro's and the Ayatollah's, while alienating our allies. He is truly an enigma and the damage he is doing to our stature and national security continues unabated.


* Hillary: Talking heads in the MSM are anxiously awaiting Hillary's announcement. They are giddy with excitement as they anticipate her run for president in 2016. It goes right to the stupidity of the media and blind followers of the Clintons that whatever they do, doesn't matter. Hillary was at the heart of the Benghazi scandal in which four Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorist while she failed the 3 am test. She participated in the cover-up and in the smokescreen of blaming a video for a demonstration that never happened. She ran a private email server in which official government business was being conducted and possible classified material may have been compromised. She should be lawyering up and preparing her defense instead of preparing a run for the White House. To paraphrase Hillary, what difference at this point does it make, it makes all the difference in the world! The last thing we need is another power hungry liar in the White House.


* Scott: Walter Scott's killing by South Carolina officer Michael Slager was horrendous. This is a simple case of abuse of power and malicious murder. A traffic stop for tinted windows turned to death when officer Slager found that Scott's license was suspended, regardless of what words may have been exchanged after that moment, there was no possible reason why Slager should have shot Scott in the back while Scott was running away from him. An unarmed person running away is of no threat at all. This is not a color case, it's a right and wrong case. It's not about 'black lives matter', it's about human lives matter. The South Carolina police department, where Slager worked, handled this case properly, they immediately took action to bring justice to the citizens of their county and specially the Scott family. Prosecutors are building a case of murder against Slager and they should prevail. Blatant disregard for human life like in this case had no place in a civilized society. Officer Slager should pay the ultimate price for his actions in the cold blooded murder of Michael Scott.


* GOP: As Senator Rand Paul jumps into the 2016 presidential race, would be competitors and their supporters have started their attacks. Republicans can be like crabs trying to climb out of a hole, they pull themselves down. All eligible candidates should be given the opportunity to explain their positions and let the best man or woman win. Candidates that don't meet the Constitutional requirement for holding the office of President should stop pretending to stand for the very Constitution that they are violating with their run. These candidates are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal. With the disaster that is The Obama presidency, the lies and deception by Hillary and the obstruction by Dirty Harry Reid, 2016 should be a setup year for a Republican victory. But this victory can only be had if we do not destroy ourselves in the process. All the eligible candidates have positions we can agree with, but only the one that meets most of our expectations and carries themselves in a presidential manner will carry the day. Keeping the message positive and clearly explaining the difference between Republican principles and the Democrat government plantation will go a long way towards our victory in 2016.


* Shame: Muslim evil continues to slaughter Christians throughout the world and The Obama speaks of how he is disappointed in what Christians say that is not Christian. He said he was a 'Christian' in a monotone shameful way, almost as he was either apologizing on sending a message to his Muslim brethren. The latest Muslim massacre took place in The Obama's father's (and maybe his) homeland of Kenya. Islamic terrorists separated Christians from others in a Kenyan university and systematically murdered them. That is evil and yet The Obama doesn't even mention it while he attacks Christians for what some may say. There is no moral equivalency between these two actions but the president cannot see reality before him. He is either blinded by his ideology or intentionally trying to undermine our Judeo Christian heritage while at the same time promoting the evil Islamic ideology that murders innocents. There is a right and wrong, good and evil, it is a bitter pill to swallow knowing that the president chooses wrong over right and evil over good. It's an upside down world in which his perverted ideology lives.


* DOJ: Holder's department of in-justice has done it again. The Obama regime informed Congress that it will not prosecute Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress when she testified before Congress two years ago. When Lerner testified, she pleaded the fifth amendment then gave a speech proclaiming her innocence in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. When you plead the fifth you cannot at the same time give you defense, that nullifies your fifth pleading. The most political DOJ ever has done it again. The DOJ is part of the investigation so how can they be impartial? It's like a criminal sitting in judgment on his crime. The fact remains that conservative groups were targeted by The Obama regime and to date no one has been held accountable. Congress needs to reign in this rouge regime, the Constitution is at stake. Now Democrat NJ Senator Menendez has been charged with corruption, this after Menendez dared criticize the regime for it's Iran policy and caving to the Mullah's. The Obama regime continues to use it's executive power to intimidate and punish its political enemies. The writing is on the wall and our Congress refuses to read it.


* Outrage: Kerry has defected to Iran, The Obama admits to the forged certificate of birth and of being a closet Muslim, Hillary turns herself in and Dirty Harry Reid takes revenge on his exercise machine with an IED… April Fools! Actually all hose listed above are fools and it is April, so it's not that far from the truth. Where is the outrage about Hillary's wiping her server clean? At first it was she deleted her 'personal' emails then, when people started saying that you can recover deleted emails, all of a sudden they weren't just deleted, the actual hard drives where wiped clean. But there's nothing to fear here, after all, Hillary already turned over the emails that were work related. Does the police rely on criminals to turn over their evidence voluntarily? Yet we are to believe that Hillary's honesty is such that no one can possibly think that she is withholding evidence or lying. The Clinton lies and misdirection has become so common place that it's almost an expected outcome. They play by their own rules and are not accountable to the people or the Constitution. Where is the outrage?


* Sanctions: Today is the latest of many deadlines in negotiations with Iran on their nuke program. Deadlines are reached and then extended by a desperate president. As Iran continues to delay they get closer and closer to a bomb. The same scenario played out with North Korea. Delays accepted by the Clinton Administration led to a nuclear North Korea. Sanctions is what brought Iran to the negotiating table to begin with, Republicans wanted to increase sanctions if Iran didn't agree to dismantle their nuclear capabilities, The Obama regime took Iran's side. Now we have weakened sanctions with Iran making the demands while The Obama and Kerry pray to Allah. Iran is demanding that they can keep their enriched Uranium, continue to spin their centrifuges (in underground reinforced bunkers) and that sanctions be immediately removed. No question what Reagan would have done, he walked away from negotiations with the Soviet Union which helped bring about their demise. Not only is The Obama not on the same planet as Reagan, he doesn't even stack up to Carter.


* Indiana: Governor Mike Pence of Indiana signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law last Thursday. The law basically reinforces the First Amendment of our Constitution. It was immediately attacked by liberals and the radical homosexual lobby. Hillary tweeted, "Sad this new Indiana law can happen in America today. We shouldn't discriminate against ppl bc of who they love." Interesting that the RFRA is a law that was passed by Congress in 1993 on a bipartisan Senate vote of 97-3. It was also signed into law by Hillary's husband, then President Bill Clinton. The law does not allow a person to discriminate but does give his or her religious beliefs a legal footing in cases where 'governmental interests' are involved. Even though RFRA is a federal law in a 1997 Supreme Court case (City of Boerne v. Flores) the court found that the law was generally inapplicable against state and local laws. Indiana is the twentieth state to pass its own RFRA law. The knee-jerk reaction from the left, progressive and the LGBT army of activists is just another attempt to ram their beliefs down our collective throats. The government shouldn't be in the business of telling people how to live their lives but at the same time they should not be telling people how to live up to their religious beliefs.


* Iran: In Iraq The Obama regime is providing air support for Iranian forces on the ground against ISIS, in Yemen we're fighting against Iranian backed rebels. Back on the home front The Obama regime has declassified a 1987 report which states Israel's nuclear capabilities. It has been a long held belief that Israel was a nuclear power but for the first time the U.S. has shown evidence of this publically. Just another show of this regimes anti-Israeli policies, The Obama has again thrown Israel under the bus. This is just one more piece of evidence of The Obama's disdain for Israel and his ties to our sworn enemy Iran. There's no loss in translation when Iran's "supreme" leader leads chants of "Death to America." It's not an English translation problem, it's a failure on the part of our president problem. Our president, elected by the ignorant, is leading to our demise along with a secretary of state who denounced his fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War. Kerry did so during testimony before Congress and by throwing his bogus medals over the White House fence. That is our secretary of state who is leading the negotiations to legitimize Iran's nukes. This is what an ignorant electorate has delivered. A regime of pin headed intellectuals whose only accomplishment is in how much they have screwed things up. In the Middle East they befriended our enemies while alienating our allies and are now pouring fuel on the fire.


* Chickens: Just as The Obama's American-hating, Black theology loving, non-pastor Jeremiah Wright said, "America's Chickens are coming home to roost," this time is the Obama's "Bergdahl chickens are coming home to roost." The Obama traded five high level Taliban Gitmo prisoners for the deserter Bergdahl and even had a Rose Garden ceremony celebrating the trade with Bergdahl's parents. There's was enough evidence at the time that Bergdahl was a deserter but it was just another way of releasing prisoners from Gitmo and aiding our enemies, in exchange for a photo op in the Rose Garden surrounded by presidential lies. It's surprising there are any roses left with all the lies raining down on them. The regime attempted to change the outcome of the Bergdahl investigation but in the end, the investigation found that Bergdahl was guilty and is now being charged for desertion. The regime was able to delay but they couldn't stop it, it was the military's honor at stake. Intelligence is now telling us that three of the five high level prisoners traded for Bergdahl are re-engaging into their old terror networks. Scandals, what scandals, it's all the media and the vast right wing conspiracy. We have an enigma in the White House and our Congress is asleep at the wheel.


* Blame: It's incredible that after 6 years of an adoring media covering his derrière, The Obama has the audacity to blame his multitude of scandals on, you guessed it, the media. He blames the 24 hour news cycle for drawing attention to his regimes troubles. Constantly deflecting blame is a character flaw that goes to the heart and soul of the narcissist-in-chief. There are lies about ObamaCare, Benghazi, border security, deportations, DOJ, IRS targeting, trading Gitmo prisoners for a deserter, blaming the rise of ISIS on Bush and the list goes on. Actions like siding with a foreign government (Mexico) and suing an American state (Arizona) for that state's attempt to enforce existing immigration laws is another outrageous act that this president has gotten away with. Dealing with the devil on a nuclear deal while the Mullah's shout "Death to America" while at the same time undermining and attempting to affect the downfall of our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, goes without saying that The Obama regime is actively taking steps that are contrary to the best interests of our country and our national security. Taken individually these acts, both foreign and domestic, are counter to what our president should be doing. But taken as a whole it's an orchestrated attempt at overwhelming our system to create enough chaos to achieve the promised transformation.


* Cruz: Senator Ted Cruz is the first Republican to officially announce his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential race. He did so this morning at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. It was an excellent speech touching on his parents background and his family's deeply religious beliefs. He spoke of the Constitution and the need to restore it as it is a means of limiting the excess in government and abuses of our liberty by a runaway executive. He promised to secure our borders and abolish ObamaCare and the IRS. We agree with all the points Sen. Cruz brought up but there is a major point we disagree with. The Constitution is not a buffet where you can pick or chose which parts you will enforce and which you will ignore. Article II, Section 1 Clause 5 of our Constitution states the following: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.” Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada to a father with dual citizenship (Cuba & Canada) and a mother with dual citizenship (USA & Canada). Cruz does not meet the requirements under our Constitution to serve as President. You cannot stand for the Constitution without standing for the entire Constitution.


* Iran: The Obama sent a personal video message to the people of Iran insinuating that there are those that are standing in the way of a negotiated deal/treaty between them. Another slight at our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. It is being reported that when he finally called Bibi Netanyahu yesterday he insinuated that he didn't believe the prime minister when it comes to a two state solution with the Palestinians and that the U. S. must reanalyzed our options with regards to our relationship with Israel. He is bending over backwards to appease our enemy and alienating our biggest ally in the region. Against ISIS what seems to be a non-strategy is shaping out to be anything but. Our lack of commitment in defeating ISIS has given Iran the opportunity to infiltrate Iraq in a significant way. As Bibi said before Congress, "In the case of ISIS and Iran, the enemy of your enemy, is your enemy." The Obama's strategy, we suggest, is to allow Iran's control of Iraq and thereby continuing their spread throughout the region. It is estimated that during the Iraq war Iran was responsible for over 20% or American fatalities. While this was going on we turned a blind eye to it. Now they are on the verge of getting legitimacy for their nuclear ambitions, at the hands of The Obama regime. Like on the domestic side many say the president is clueless, it is the opposite. He is following a well planned strategy of transformation and so too on the foreign side, his seemingly clueless policies are serving a pre-conceived plan to reduce our nation to a has been superpower while changing the face of the geopolitical reality.


* Un-Intelligence: The Obama regime has again shown their betrayal and stupidity. Their Director of National Intelligence (or lack of intelligence), General James Clapper has just released their Worldwide Terrorist Threat Assessment. Absent form the list are Iran and their proxy Hezbollah. Iran was number one on the list last year. Another case of caving in to our enemies while alienating our allies. The report also changes the name of Jihadist to violent extremist. We are witnessing the most politically correct and ignorant administration in our history. The Obama is Carter on steroids. They are either completely incompetent or intentionally aiding and abetting our enemies, either way it's a dangerous situation for our future. The Israeli people just handed a true statesman, Bibi Netanyahu, a huge victory on Tuesday and our president has yet to call and congratulate him. Yet when the Iranians had their latest coronation The Obama called right away to congratulate the new president. It's amazing how this blatant in your face ignorance and stupidity can be happening at the highest level of government and our dumbed down electorate just accepts it as the new normal. Nothing to see here, just move along…


* Blame: He's back to the blame Bush game. The Obama has no shame. He is now blaming President George W. Bush for the rise of ISIS saying that they grew out of our "invasion" of Iraq. ISIS did grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq but that was a result of The Obama's failure to reach a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government and his zeal for withdrawing all American troops from Iraq. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by leaving Iraq at a time when the Iraqi military was not up to the task of defending Iraq from Al Qaeda. Bush warned in 2007 that leaving Iraq would give rise to Al Qaeda. His words have proven to be prophetic. If The Obama and his regime would have listened to our military commanders, Iraq would not have been abandoned and ISIS would not have had the opportunity to rise to the force that they have become. How many lives would have been saved if The Obama would have followed the advice of the military instead of choosing to fail through his ideological incompetence?


* LIC: The Liar-In-Chief (LIC) has been caught in another one. When Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu came to speak before a joint meeting of Congress The Obama used the excuse of the upcoming Israeli election for not attending. Not only did he not attend but he refused to meet Netanyahu during his visit. No one from the cabinet or any position of leadership within the regime attended. They did not want to influence the Israeli election. What a crock. In the meanwhile the State Department had given a $350 thousand grant to a political group called One Voice who was participating in Israeli politics on behalf of Netanyahu's political opponents. Jeremy Byrd, an influential player in The Obama's ground game during his election was dispatched to Israel to actively work against Netanyahu. So The Obama doesn't meet Netanyahu in order to not influence the election while actively working to defeat Netanyahu through his henchmen. You can't make this stuff up, this regime is as crooked as a three dollar bill.


* Pantsuit: It's no surprise that Hillary Clinton set up and used a secret email server for all her email correspondence. That's the way the Clinton's operate, they follow their own set of rules and answer to no one but their egos. The Clinton's history is full of shady deals and mysterious deaths, here are some examples: James McDougal - Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons who died of an apparent heart attack. Mary Mahoney - A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Vince Foster - Former White House Councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose Law Firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide. Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the Air Traffic controller committed suicide. C. Victor Raiser, II - Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992. Paul Tulley - Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock on September 1992. Described by Clinton as a "dear friend and trusted advisor". Ed Willey - Clinton fundraiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day His wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Jerry Parks - Head of Clinton's gubernatorial security team in Little Rock .. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Park's son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house. James Wilson - Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to the Clintons' Whitewater deals. Kathy Ferguson - Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones Lawsuit, and Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones. Bill Shelton - Arkansas State Trooper and fiancée of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancée, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancée. This is just part of the list. The following are Clinton body guards that died of suicide or mysterious causes: Major William S. Barkley, Jr., Captain Scott J . Reynolds, Sgt. Brian Hanley, Sgt. Tim Sabel, Major General William Robertson, Col. William Densberger, Col. Robert Kelly, Spec. Gary Rhodes, Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu and Todd McKeehan. Coincidence? You be the judge. The empty pantsuit's only accomplishment was being married to a president. The history of the littered wreckage of lives they leave behind should be enough to disqualify her from any position of trust.


* Cropped: The New York Times and most other liberal media continue their narrative that Republican's opposition to The Obama regime is driven by racism. After the Selma commemorative march they made it an important point to say that there were few Republicans in attendance. Did they take a poll? Did they question the marchers or did they just take it for granted that the black community are all Democrats just like Democrats take for granted the black community? As cartoonist Michael Ramirez correctly points out in today's cartoon, the NY Times cropped their credibility when they cropped the picture of the Selma march. President Bush and Laura marched in the first row, they were completely cropped out of the picture that was displayed by the NY Times. Showing president Bush did not fit the NY Times liberal narrative. If the black community would get off the Democrat government plantation perhaps they would realize that their interest is best served by the Republican policies that empower the individual vis-à-vis the state. It is through individual empowerment and responsibility that growth and freedom can be attained for all those seeking it, regardless of race or economic standing. Our Declaration of Independence guarantees "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It does not guarantee equal outcomes, that is left to the individual, when government attempts to falsely create equal outcomes through redistribution of wealth and quotas they in fact diminish our ability to pursue what our God given potential could be.


* Iran: The Republican Senators' open letter to Iran has struck a nerve, not necessarily with Iran but with The Obama regime and their lackeys. How dare Republicans inform the Iranians that we have a Constitution. A simple lesson on our Constitutional Republic would serve this administration well. We are not run by a king, emperor or tyrant wannabe. We have co-equal branches of government with checks and balances to prevent one from dominating the others. The Obama must have gotten his Constitutional credentials out of a Cracker-Jack box because he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. For the sake of making a deal with Iran The Obama regime is willing to sell out the nuclear security of the world. Instead of Iran making concessions to prevent crippling sanctions they are the ones making demands on the U.S. and the other negotiating countries. They claim their nuclear development if for producing electricity and peaceful purposes but can't explain why those 'peaceful' reactors are built in under ground reinforced bunkers and hidden from UN inspectors. Any deal that Iran gets from a capitulating White House will be over turned when we get a president that puts America first and doesn't compromise with our national security. It's not Al Qaeda, ISIS or Iran that gets The Obama riled up, it's Republicans.


* Selma: The first "post-racial" president is anything but. Speaking at the commemoration of the 5Oth anniversary of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, The Obama focused on what he called the "long shadow of this nation's racial history." Apparently that shadows stretches all the way to the West Wing of the White House. What was supposed to be a transparent administration that took our country past the racial divide of the past has been the most secretive with over 30 unaccountable czars and the most racially divisive, stoking the race card at every opportunity. He spoke of his belief that minority voting is suppressed in this country presumably because states wish to maintain the integrity of votes cast. Voter ID is meant to protect every vote, illegal voting disenfranchises minority votes as much as it does majority votes. It's a straw man argument that is condescending to minorities in our country. You need an ID for many things, open an account, fly, buy beer but when one is required to vote it's racist according to the race baiters in the 'long shadow' of our racial history. The time to move beyond racist thinking has long past and yet we still have those longing for those days, because by doing so, they can excuse their incompetence and ignorance.


* Hypocrisy: If you look up Hypocrisy in the dictionary you would see a picture of Hillary Clinton. It has just been revealed that while the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private email address. Not just a private address like a Gmail or Yahoo account but a private address of *** with the actual mail servers residing in her Chappaqua, NY 'poor- girls' mansion. Home servers are set up for various reasons, one of which is security/secrecy. In the Clintons case, it's not to difficult to figure out which 'S' it is. Here's a little taste of the Hillary hypocrisy, in 2007 she said of the Bush administration, "Our Constitution is being shredded, we know about the secret wiretaps, we know about secret military tribunals, secret White House email accounts, it is a stunning record of secrecy and corruption. Cronyism run amok, it is everything our founders where afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent." Well, well, isn't that special. Since she was 'dead broke' and couldn't afford a government supplied email account she had to trade in her grocery cart for a home server to support her own private email. Of course there is no reason to believe that through the years of being a Senator and Secretary of State that she would once use her secret private email account for any government or official business. That just wouldn't be Hillary like, and besides, "What difference at this point does it make!" It could have just been some guys for a walk one night and decided to install an email server in her basement :-)


* FCC: The FCC's regulation of the Internet that went into affect on February 26th is nothing but a power grab by the government. For what's supposed to be an independent agency, the head of the five person panel hinted that there was influence by the president. The panel is made up of three Democrats and two Republicans. The vote went down party lines with the three Democrats voting for the regimes version of 'Net Neutrality'. That's democracy for you, it's like two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. The two dissenting FCC commissioners, Ajit Pai and Mike O’Rielly, say that the new regulations are far-reaching, largely unchecked and pose a threat to consumer bills and to innovation in the industry. The new regulations basically treat the Internet as if it were a utility. The problem is that the Internet is not a utility and the regulations that were written for utilities back in the 1930's do not apply to the new age of technology of which the Internet is vital. Commissioner Ajit Pai said it best, "The FCC’s net neutrality regulatory regime is a solution that won’t work in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.” In other words, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! About the new regulatory document Commissioner Mike O'Rielly said, "It's guilt by imagination, trying to guess what will go wrong in the future.” The success of the Internet and the entrepreneurship it has spawned was largely due to its open and free nature. The government would tax air if it could so beware, they're coming for your money disguised as benevolent servants of the public. Reminds us of a great Milton Friedman quote, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand.


* DEMs: Like the black community takes for granted that Democrats stand for them, so too does the Jewish community. In reality, Democrats keep the black community on the government plantation for their political gains. Yesterday we witnessed the childish and disrespectful way in which The Obama regime and a number of Democrats treated the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. Blinky Pelosi turned her back on the Prime Minister on the House floor just like the regime has turned their backs on Israel. Fifty-five Democrats as well as all of The Obama regime boycotted Netanyahu's speech. Making a deal with Iran that would in as little as ten years enable them to build a nuclear bomb is like making a deal with the devil. Like Bibi said, "In the case of ISIS and Iran, the enemy of your enemy, is your enemy." Yesterday we witnessed a stark contrast between The Obama and Netanyahu, it was a contrast between a leftist, world citizen narcissist and a statesman. Netanyahu concluded his historic speech this way, "Facing me right up there in the gallery, overlooking all of us in this chamber is the image of Moses. Moses led our people from slavery to the gates of the Promised Land. And before the people of Israel entered the land of Israel, Moses gave us a message that has steeled our resolve for thousands of years. I leave you with his message today, 'Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them.' My friends, may Israel and America always stand together, strong and resolute. May we neither fear nor dread the challenges ahead. May we face the future with confidence, strength and hope. May God bless the state of Israel and may God bless the United States of America." Yesterday we witnessed a Churchillian moment in which a real statesman made our leaders look like a JV team.


* Bibi: Susan 'Benghazi Video' Rice was doing the Sunday song-and-dance for The Obama again this past weekend. This time it was trashing our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. The regime is so concerned of making a deal, any deal, with Iran that they risk alienating our friends. This follows a pattern ever since The Obama regime began. In the beginning it was the apology tour with the landmark speech in Egypt. Then it was the backing of the 'Arab Spring' and Muslim Brotherhood. This led to the downfall of two allied governments, Mubarak  in Egypt, Kaddafi in Libya along with unrest throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The failure in securing a status of forces agreement with Iraq followed as did the rise of ISIS. The Obama has welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration and has a primary advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who is Iranian. There is no surprise on which side he is standing with as the 'political winds' change. There are varying interpretations of what The Obama meant in his books about "standing with them if political winds change…" but there is no doubt as to what his actions have shown, he has stood with them and not Israel. The regime is in a hissy-fit because the prime minister of Israel is speaking before a joint session of Congress and will tell the truth about the threat that a nuclear armed Iran posses. Bibi hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said, "American leaders worry about the security of their country, Israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country." The Obama regime is negotiating with an Islamic theocracy intent on the destruction of Israel and our country. They have American blood on their hands. Bibi is a statesman who loves his country and ours, The Obama fails on both accounts.


* Internet: The regime and Democrat controlled FCC is beginning the end of what has been one of the greatest achievements of our lifetimes, a free and open Internet. The Internet evolved from the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) which was the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP. That technology became the basis for the Internet. U.S. Department of Defense funded the ARPANET project back in the 1970's. At the time I was mainframe customer service engineer working on many government department computer centers for contractors such as Honeywell and Digital Equipment Corporation. Some of those mainframes supported the ARPANET infrastructure with DataNets and intricate communications technologies. This was a period when mainframes were booted with punched cards know as IBM cards. We've come a long way and most of that progress was due to the government staying out of the way and letting entrepreneurs and the technology create and provide what we've come to take for granted today. The Obama regime's FCC is about to change all of that for the worse. By using the term 'Net Neutrality' they and playing a politically correct game with regulations and interference that will destroy innovation and hurt our economy. The 'Neutrality' in that name is anything but. Instead is should be called 'Neutered Net'. A wise economist Milton Friedman once said, "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." He was correct, the government should not interfere with the one section of our economy that is working, growing and non-political.


* War: Liberals/Progressives/Socialists same names for the same thinking. Their defense of inaction on the part of The Obama regime on the war on Islamic terrorists is partly based on their attacks on Republicans for being war mongers. Republicans and conservatives don't love war but they understand that, as a last resort, war is necessary. It's like when liberals create policies to help the poor they actually hurt the poor the most. The unintended consequences of liberal utopian beliefs and actions hurts the economy in a way that affects lower income Americans the most. Wealth transfer doesn't do anything to increase wealth. Liberals believe in a limited pie that needs to be shared, conservatives believe we can increase the size of the pie. History has shown that this is the case. This same belief and philosophy makes wars last longer and increases our loses. Through a lack of forceful commitment to aggressively pursue victory and rules of engagement that put our military in danger, we prolong the length of the conflict and we sacrifice more blood and treasure. Our national security has never been threatened because we were too strong. It's at times of weakness that aggression is most likely to occur. War is hell and that hell is what you try to avoid, but when necessary, you have to rain hell on your enemy and use every means at your disposal. That is the surest way of achieving victory and containing the conflict. Evil that burns people alive and buries children alive cannot be reasoned with. You either destroy them or they will destroy you.


* DHS: Senate Democrats are filibustering the Department of Homeland Security bill because it defunds the presidents illegal amnesty. A purely political ploy to blame Republicans for any shutdown of the DHS. The Obama himself said on 22 occasions that it would be illegal for him to unilaterally act on amnesty for illegals then suddenly, after the Fall elections, he bypasses Congress and rules by executive order. Democrats and liberal talking heads are bending over backwards to defend the president saying he had to act because Republicans wouldn't. Makes sense if you live in a vacuum and you don't have a Constitution. What the president did through his executive amnesty was to violate the Constitutional separation of power by ruling like an emperor or tyrant. It's shameful that not only is The Obama in violation of our Constitution but Democrats are also in violation of the Constitution and the oath of office they took when elected to represent the American people. Clearly the majority of Americans are against the presidents amnesty action and their representatives in Congress are betraying them. When politics overrides principle you get what we are witnessing today, a lawless Democrat party doing the bidding of a lawless Democrat president.


* Rudy: Rudy Giuliani said what most people are thinking. By saying that the president doesn't love America he stated what is obvious from The Obama's remarks and actions. The response from the left has not been to attack the message but rather to attack the messenger. That's their normal response, a knee jerk response, they can't argue the facts so they try to destroy the messenger. Taking a look at Barrack Obama, AKA Barry Sotero's childhood you can understand what formed his beliefs. His father was a communist from Kenya who abandoned him, his step father took him to Indonesia and was also a leftist. Barry went to an Indonesian government school where only Indonesian citizens were allowed to attend. After his mother separated from Sotero she dumped him at her parents in Hawaii. Her parents were also communist sympathizers who were very close to Frank Marshall Davis, a member of Communist Party USA. Barry's grandparents were white while Davis was black. They introduced Barry to Davis so Davis could mentor him, which he did. Davis filled Barry with communist propaganda from a tender age of 9 to his mid teens. That teaching must have had a deep and lasting impact on him and it's clear from his lack of belief in American exceptionalism that it did. Barry speaks with passion about issues like Trayvon Martin and Ferguson but is monotoned when speaking about the global threat by Islamic terrorists. He defends Muslims at every opportunity and condemns Christians and Jews without skipping a beat. He even says that Muslims were part of the American fabric since our founding. Those beliefs are not what most Americans believe and his inaction against the evil we face today are what Rudy Giuliani was talking about. He was correct in his assessment and the attacks on him by the left, the White House and the MSM are proof of it.


* Warning: In a surprise move our military has telegraped to the Islamic terrorists in Iraq that this Spring an offensive will take place to free Mosul from ISIS. Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and has been in control of the barbarians since The Obama labeled them the JV team. Some say that this move to state your plans ahead of time is meant to pressure the Iraqi government into following through with the military operation. If the purpose of a campaign to free Mosul is also to destroy your enemy there, why telegraph your plans? It could be argued that this move will reduce collateral damage but the damage in Mosul has already been done. People have been slaughtered there by the evil Islamic terrorists known as ISIS. But what if there's a more nefarious motive? What if The Obama regime has ordered the military to reveal the plans to aid our enemy? After all, releasing terrorists from Gitmo aids our enemy. Revealing plans could also have been done to show that The Obama is serious about fighting ISIS even though he refuses to call them Islamic terrorists. A real leader doesn't play games like this. If The Obama truly wanted to destroy ISIS he wouldn't telegraph our plans and he wouldn't be running around making excuses about how 'peaceful' Muslims are against the 'violent extremists'. We may not be at war with Islam but Islamic terrorists are at war with us and until we have a commander in chief that realizes that we will continue to lose ground.


* Excuses: The Obama continues to downplay the threat of Islamic terrorism by refusing to identify the enemy and blaming economic conditions. Yesterday before his Summit on Violent Extremism he said, “No religion is responsible for terrorism; people are responsible for violence and terrorism.” That would be true if they were individual acts of violence or terrorism but when there's a common link like Islam then it's obvious that the religion/political system is responsible. He says that an overwhelming majority of the worlds Muslims are peaceful and against jihad. That could be true but it white washes the facts. If there are 1 billion Muslims in the world and only 20% support jihad and condone terrorism that's 200 million people. That is more people than supported the Nazi's and Japanese Emperor before WWII. The world is seeing the rise of a global threat of Islamic terrorism and The Obama regime is talking jobs and work programs and refusing to admit the link in the terrorists groups. The common thread is Islam. He said, “Around the world and here in the United States, inexcusable acts of violence have been committed against people of different faiths by people of different faiths, which is, of course, betrayal of all our faiths. It’s not unique to one group or to one geography or one period of time.” This is an attempt to make a moral equivalency between religions but it's blatantly false. Christians, Jews and Hindus are not over running towns and villages raping women, beheading people and burying children alive. The longer we wait to take the war to the existential threat of Islamic terrorism the more difficult the task will be and some of the allies we have now may not be around when the battle takes place.


* Three-Ring: The Obama regime three-ring circus continues unabated. Yesterday Eric "Black Panther" Holder attacked FOX News for critizising the regime for not calling Islamic terrorists by that name. He said it's more important what you do than what you call them. That's the problem, they are not 'doing' because they refuse to identify the enemy, you know, that JV non-threat. The regime acts as if FOX News is the enemy and not ISIS. Maybe we should call them FOXIS and that way they would take the threat seriously. Meanwhle back on the state department farm, spokesperson Marie Harf said on Hardball, “We cannot win this war by killing them; we cannot kill our way out of this war. We need ... to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs...” Blah Blah Blah. That is a spokesperson for our State Department, this administration is a joke and a dangerous one at that. The fact is that people joining ISIS are mostly from well to do families and have jobs. It's about Islamic ideology and joining the jihad's genocide of infidels that encourages them, not a lack of jobs. We have fools on the bridge of the Titanic and heading towards the Islamic iceberg while the regime is rearanging deck chairs.


* Outrageous: After the savage beheading of 21 Coptic Egyptian Christians The Obama makes a statement and called them Egyptian 'citizens'. Still being politically correct and refusing to call a spade a spade. He can call out Christians when he makes an asinine statement about the 'Christian' Crusades and inquisition but cannot call out Islamic terrorist when they're staring him right in the face. His refusing to call the murdered Egyptians 'Christians' is a deliberate act at avoidance and appeasement. The civilized world is begging for leadership and The Obama is playing golf, like he did again yesterday after the Egyptian 'Christians' were beheaded. Jordan's Hussein and Egypt's Al-Sisi are taking the battle to ISIS, The Obama is convening a White House conference on 'Violent Extremism' today. The best way to bury an issue in Washington is to schedule a conference or a study. Egypt bombed Islamic terrorist camps in eastern Libya. These are the same camps where the terrorist that attacked our consulate in Benghazi and killed four Americans, including ambassador Stevens, came from. Two and a half years after the Benghazi attacks and we have yet to retaliate. Why is it that the Egyptians were able to find those terrorist camps and we weren't? It's very doubtful that we didn't know where they were, it's much more likely that The Obama refused to take action. It's difficult to defeat an enemy when that enemy has help from the inside, in this case, from inside the White House.


* ISIS: The evil Islamic terrorist state that is metastasizing in Syria and Iraq has now beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. This is not what The Obama calls "violent extremism" it's plain and simply Islamic terrorism! ISIS is on the move and the president is either playing political games or is complicit in their advance. This is no longer a political battle between Republicans and Democrats, both sides see the growing danger and the inaction in the president's response. The only reason he went to Congress for a war resolution on ISIS was to limit our response to ISIS and to use the Congress as a scapegoat if things go wrong. You don't ask for a war resolution and place limits on that war like a three year limit and no 'boots' on the ground. On other issues the president believes in, he acts unilaterally with executive actions. On this critical threat he asks Congress. You can smell the hypocrisy and it doesn't smell good.


* Fool: Last summer when American hostage James Foley was beheaded by ISIS The Obama gave a short speech and less than 8 minutes later was teeing off on the golf course. Now we learned that on the day that it was announced that American hostage Kayla Mueller was killed by ISIS The Obama makes the most foolish ObamaCare propaganda video with In the video he is seen making faces, taking selfies with a selfie stick and practicing in front of a full length mirror. Not only is this degrading to the office he holds, the timing is a slap in the face of the reality that surrounds us and the men and women fighting our Islamic terrorist enemy. He keeps down playing the Islamic terrorist threat and plays games with semantics and videos while our enemy sharpen their swords and shovels. At a perilless time for both our economy and national security from the worldwide threat of Islamic terrorism what is needed from our president is leadership and character. What we're getting is silly videos and Nero fiddling. It gives new meaning to 'fool on the hill'.

(Link to Buzzfeed Video)


* Timeline: What seems on the surface to be a good thing is surrender in disguise. The Obama has asked Congress to pass a 'war' resolution against ISIS but with a catch, timeline of three years and no troops on the ground. He pulled all troops out of Iraq and that gave way to the rise of ISIS. He has put a timeline on Afghanistan and the Taliban is already on the march there. What if WWII had a timeline of three years? We entered the war in 1941 and would have been out in 1944, Germany would have won and we'd all be speaking German now. A half effort in a war is like being half pregnant, it doesn't work that way. War should be a last resort but when you reach that point it should be an all out ruthless effort to victory. Not accommodation but destruction of your enemy. The Islamic terrorist threat we and the rest of the civilized world faces is an existential threat to our very being. There's no compromise with the evil we face. With evil that buries children alive, beheads non-believers and burns their prisoners alive while filming their atrocities for the whole world to see. There are no half measures that can defeat this evil. An all out assault with coalition grounds forces with heavy air support is the only way to get the job done. Leave political correctness behind and turn the dogs loose!


* Benghazi: It's been two years and five months since that fateful day in Benghazi, Libya when four Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists. We still don't know what The Obama was doing during the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, who gave the stand down order and who pushed the false Mohamed video story. After many months of stonewalling and misleading Congress the House empowered a Select Committee to investigate. Democrats on that committee are doing the regimes bidding and attacking their Republican colleagues. Elijah Cummings, Democrat's ranking member, is the main instigator accusing Republicans of a political which hunt. Democrats are more interested in protecting the regime than they are about getting to the truth. If there was nothing to hide then why the stonewalling and why the lack of cooperation by the White House? Why is the MSM ignoring the Select Committee's hearings? Watergate became a huge deal because of the cover-up and the attention paid to the hearings. Watergate was about a burglary at a Democrat campaign office in the Watergate apartment building and the subsequent cover-up, no one died. Benghazi is about the killing of an American ambassador and three other Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists two months before a presidential election. The facts and missing pieces in the Benghazi case are much more serious than Watergate's were and yet it's being white washed by a sympathetic media and an ignorant electorate. Godspeed to committee chairman Trey Gowdy.


* Existential: National Security Advisor Susan "Mohamed Video" Rice was acting as the regimes point person when she recently spoke on 'existential' threats. The point behind her remarks is the regimes opinion that 'violent extremists' are not a existential threat to the United States. She stated that the enemy in WWII was but these 'extremists' are not. After all, ISIS is just a JV team. A JV team with over 40,000 members and spreading like a cancer in the Middle-East and north Africa. The Obama regime still refuses to identify our enemy and at the same time they limit our response to their defeat. Meanwhile the Islamic terrorists are burying children alive, beheading journalists, raping women and crucifying anyone that gets in their way. In many ways they are a bigger threat to our existence that the enemy armies of WWII because they are a cancer from within. They infiltrate societies and recruit from within. Their goal is to eliminate the existence of non-believers, infidels. Their ideal is that civilization itself would be eradicated and replaced with their extreme Shariah Law, a political-religious system that is incompatible with our Judeo-Christian foundation and beliefs. They aim to essentially eliminate our existence, what could be more 'existential' than that?


* Williams: NBC anchor Brian Williams has been caught embellishing stories. Big surprise, a lying liberal. An amazing amount of time has been spent discussing William's lies and his lies during his apology. But what about The Obama's lies? They have become so common place that they hardly invite interest, specially from an adoring main stream media that starts defending him before he's even spoken a word. He keeps saying the southern border is the most secure it's ever been, this is a direct contradiction to what our border agents are saying. When army deserter Bergdhal was exchanged for five senior Taliban prisoners from Gitmo the lie was there wasn't an exchange. Then The Obama said that at the end of all wars prisoners are exchanged and that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and FDR did it. That's three lies in one. George Washington became president after the war of independence had ended, there were no prisoners to swap. Lincoln was assassinated before the end of the Civil War, he couldn't have swap prisoners since he was dead. FDR died before the end of WWII, he too could not swap prisoners since he wasn't around at the end of the war. Seems the president missed his history classes more than he attended them. He once said he had almost visited all '57' states… missed that class too. Williams lies are shameful and he will never command the trust of an audience again but the president's lies are dangerous and they need to be exposed at every opportunity.


* Organization: According to The Obama, ISIS is 'an organization'. Asked about the burning of the Jordanian pilot he said, If the video is authenticated… "It's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization." The Boy Scouts are an organization, ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group of savages intent on the destruction of civilization. He also said, "Lest we get off our high horse let us not forget what was done in history in the name of Christ." He is now making a moral equivalency between the defensive crusades against Islamic conquest to the evil atrocities of Islamic terrorists. It takes courage and leadership to command respect and lead a war effort, in the current president we have neither qualities. A leader is someone like the King of Jordan who after finding out about the burning of his pilot cut his trip to the U.S. short and returned to Jordan. He then ordered the hanging of two terrorists prisoners that had previously been sentenced to death. One of which was the terrorist that ISIS had demanded be released in exchange for the pilot (which they had already killed). This morning the king ordered air strikes in Syria against ISIS in their stronghold. Then while visiting the family of the pilot the returning F16's flew over the house in a show of respect, that is leadership. After the beheading of an American journalist last year The Obama made a brief statement then hit the golf course, that is NOT leadership. This regime is like a black hole where good ideas, leadership and courage get sucked into space.


* ISIS: The horrendous killing of the Jordanian pilot should come as no surprise. The unfiltered evil that the Islamic State commits on a daily basis should be enough to force the entire civilized world into their destruction, but it hasn't. The Obama administration as well as other western allies still refuse to call them what they are, Islamic Terrorists. The regime is still calling them ISIL instead of ISIS or IS. The difference between ISIS and ISIL is the last letter S, for Syria is replaced with L for Levant. The first two letters are in common and they stand for 'Islamic State'. The common thread between the terrorists is 'Islam' and yet it is the one word The Obama regime and all other politically correct appeasers refuse to associate with them. You cannot defeat your enemy until you identify your enemy. Jordanian air force 1st Lt. Muath al-Kasaesbeh was captured by ISIS in November when his F16 crashed during an air strike. After torturing him for over a month they placed him in a cage, poured fuel in it and burned him alive. They put the video online and showed it on screens for their perverted followers. This evil cannot be contained, you either destroy them or wait your turn to follow the same fate as Muath al-Kasaesbeh. Appeasement is not the answer, an all out offensive with every option at our disposal is the only way to achieve their destruction.


* Budget: The Obama's budget is like a broken record, stuck on failure. Even when the Democrats controlled Congress, the president's budgets never had more than a few supporters. His budget doubles down on failed policies that if enacted would accelerate the demise of our economy and the transformation he's promised. Increasing taxes (penalties) on the productive sectors of our economy and giving credits (rewards) to the un-productive sectors is a recipe for disaster. When you penalize a process you get less of it. Likewise when you penalize productivity through regulations, penalties or taxes you get less productivity. It's common sense and logical. For some reason the left/progressives cannot see this logic as it goes against their grain, their ends justified by means that destroy the equality they pretend to want to accomplish. The statue of liberty stands on Ellis island, not the statue of equality. You have the liberty to succeed and the liberty to fail and sometimes it is through our failures that we learn to succeed. The Obama's budget is a political waste of paper intended to stir up populous support and further divide our country.


* Cuba: The Castro brothers know a fool when they see one, and in The Obama, they have one. Even after the ridiculous life line that The Obama gave the Cuban government the Castro dictators want more. They are now demanding we turn over Gitmo to them and we make reparations for the suffering of the Cuban people. The U.S. embargo is not the reason for the suffering of the Cuban people, it's the Communist system stupid! Cuba can and does trade with all other countries and they have tourists from around the world visiting their apartheid hotels and beaches. Their economy is in shambles because of the failure of Communism. How about we make some demands. Demand the release of all political prisoners, the return of all private property confiscated during the revolution, compensation to American businesses that were taken over by the dictatorship and free and open elections. These demands should have been met before any easing of relations but for a president that exchanges five senior Taliban prisoners for one American deserter, bad deals are his specialty. Recently the flow of Cuban's escaping the island prison has increased, this shows that the Cuban people know the Communist government is not going to open up. The Communist leadership's lives depend on maintaining the status quo. The only thing that changes in Cuba is the cars get older and the misery deepens.


* Netanyahu: The Obama regime said that the president was not going to meet with Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu because it was too close to the Israeli election. That of course is just an excuse because they have dissed Netanyahu and undermined Israel at every opportunity. Netanyahu is speaking before Congress on March 3rd at the invitation of speaker Boehner. He will most likely be describing the dangers posed by Iran currently and what a nuclear Iran would mean to the world and Israel in particular. The Obama doesn't want this truth to be told. They are negotiating with evil hoping that evil will change, it won't. Iran keeps negotiating in order to inch closer to the nuclear weapons they desire. In a blatant political move The Obama regime is now interfering in the Israeli elections they claim not to want to affect with a meeting. The deputy national filed director in Obama's 2008 campaign and filed director in the 2012 campaign Jeremy Bird is now in Israel campaigning against Netanyahu. Can't get more in your face than that. Not only is The Obama backing Iran's interest they are actively seeking to defeat the prime minister of our staunchest ally in the Middle East. There is no limits to where this regime will go to meet their warped political vision of our country and the world.


* BATFE: Through executive action, on January 2nd, the BATFE added to the already cumbersome gun control regulations and infringements on our second amendment rights. The Obama regime has signed on to the United Nations Arms Treaty, this treaty if ratified by the Senate would negate the second amendment. Even if not ratified it could still hinder our rights through international regulations and the ability of our manufacturers to deal with and supply arms to our allies. Like other policies which this regime cannot force through Congress they will, through executive orders or regulations, circumvent Congress, the will of the people and our Constitution. The second amendment right to gun ownership is the right that guarantees all others. All tyrannical governments confiscate the peoples weapons. Many start with mandatory registrations then, when they have indentified ownership, the next step is easy. By surrendering our sovereignty to the UN and betraying our Constitutional right to bear arms The Obama regime is again showing the true nature of their lawlessness and basic distrust in the American people.


* Al Marri: Another terrorist has been released. This time it's a terrorist that was working with KSM (the 9/11 mastermind) before the 9/11 attacks. He was considered a 'sleeper'. He was being held in solitary confinement in a Navy brig in Charleston, South Carolina. Last month an American couple being held by Al Qaeda were released, their captures wanted Al Marri in exchange. It's no coincidence that this release came in exchange for the couples release. The regime claims they don't negotiate with terrorists, it's just a coincidence. Just like it was a coincidence that Army deserter Bergdhal was released after the Taliban 5 were released from Gitmo. It was also a coincidence that three convicted Cuban spies were released at the same time that Castro released Allan Gross. It is laughable how the outlaw Obama regime can blatantly lie and expect the public to trust them. By trading with terrorist they are guaranteeing that more Americans will be kidnapped. If it's working for them they have no reason to change their ways. This regime is not only fighting a half hearted war against Islamic terrorism, they are also aiding our enemies by releasing senior terrorists back into the field. Congress needs to put a stop to this before it's too late.


* Sniper: Chris Kyle, "American Sniper", is a huge hit at the box office. Liberals are besides themselves. Idiot's like Michael Moore called snipers cowards then had to eat his words, like he eats everything else, after the backlash against him. It's typical for the blame America first crowd to, blame America first, they can't understand the patriotism imbedded in the soul of the American people. "American Sniper" exemplifies the American spirit and call to duty that so many proud patriots feel. Many of those answer the call and volunteer to fight for and defend our freedom and liberty. Clint Eastwood did an excellent job of bringing Kyle's story to the screen and into our hearts. "American Sniper" brings the story of heroism and the invisible scars that war leaves behind to life. In response to Moore's attack on Chris Kyle, Green Beret Sniper Bryan Sikes wrote an open letter to Moore. We include it here for your amusement:

Mr. Moore-

Good afternoon there sweetheart, I hope this finds you alive and well. You can thank our men and women of the armed forces for that, by the way, and that also includes us cowardly snipers. It seems you’ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of a bear claw to tweet some junk about snipers being cowards.

My buddies and I got a good laugh over the tweet, so I thank you. For a guy worth $50 million dollars, you sure have quite a bit to bitch and cry about. I guess like a moth to flame, you too gravitate towards things that are popular and in the moment — in this case it’s snipers. Too bad for you that your attempt at being relevant via your 70+ year old family experience has failed. It has only made you look dumber than a bag of hammers. Next time you should try something more original than going after snipers for one reason or another…that was so last month.

It’s typical of “men” like you to criticize the intestinal fortitude, focus, discipline and patriotism of a sniper. It must stem from an inferiority complex or something. But hey, it’s okay cupcake. We snipers are thick skinned and the efforts of world class turds such as yourself to portray us in a negative light only makes us laugh. If you and I were in the same room, I’d throw you a smile and gently pat you on the head knowing you’re nothing more than a mouth breathing, Crisco sweating waste of space not even worthy of being in the presence of a sniper. It’s almost funny how people like you preach things like ‘acceptance’ and ‘not passing judgment’ or ‘labeling people’, but then are the first to do so when a person is in some way dissimilar from you.

So tenderfoot, I leave you with this final thought: what if you found yourself in some sort of hostage situation where you were held at knife-point by some crazed person and they were dead set on making an example of you by bleeding you out on Hollywood Blvd in front of the world, and the only way out was with the precision aimed fire of a sniper? Would you want that coward to take the shot? Because knowing how you feel about snipers such as myself and your hatred of firearms, I’d probably drop the mag, roll the bolt and go get a Jack & Coke before helping you out.

Very Respectfully,



* Israel: Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress by speaker Boehner and has accepted. The Obama is in a hissy fit because the White House was not consulted. This from the same president who on Tuesday threatened Congress with veto's and made it clear that he would by-pass Congress like he's already done several times. The White also announced that the president will not be meeting with Netanyahu, another slap in the face of our closest ally in the Middle-East and the only Democracy there. At hand is the question of sanctions on Iran and Iran's continued progress in their quest to obtain nuclear weapons. Iran has a track record of using negotiations to delay sanctions in order to continue their nuclear program. Before the current negotiations sanctions on Iran were working. Those sanction brought them to the table. When they did The Obama regime eased the sanctions before any tangible concessions were made by the Mullahs. Iran's economy began to recover after those sanctions were eased, in exchange for that easing Iran has been belligerent and caused deadlines to already be extended twice. Now the Republican controlled Congress wants to set up new sanctions that would kick in after the current negotiating deadline, if no deal is reach. The Obama is strongly opposed to this even though they would not take place unless Iran refuses to agree to a deal. Netanyahu is obviously supportive of new sanctions and has warned many times of Iran's delaying tactics. The Obama has been on the wrong side of all Middle-East issues to date. He strongly backed the Arab Spring and Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt, Libya and now Yemen were lost in the process. Egypt's military stepped in to rescue that country from the throws of the Muslim Brotherhood. The rise of ISIS in Iraq took place because of The Obama's abandoning that country after he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Now he is siding with Iran and giving Israel the cold shoulder. One has to wonder, whose side is he on?


* Abortion: The "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" has run into some opposition on what looks like political motives. The act would ban abortions after the 20th week of a pregnancy. Exceptions would be allowed for a woman who is raped, but only after reporting the rape to law enforcement. An abortion stops a beating heart and even before 20 weeks the result is the killing of an unborn child. Baby killing advocates are up in arms saying such ignorant things as Republicans are taking them back to the dark ages. Really? You're still allowed to kill babies before 20 weeks and you're complaining because you can't kill them up until their date of birth. If a pregnant woman is murdered or killed in an automobile accident it's considered a double killing, regardless of the length of the pregnancy. Why is it that an unborn child is considered a human being but not one which is aborted? These two cases do not reconcile. These same radical thinking abortion supporters approve of late term abortions where babies are manipulated in the womb in order to pull the body out while leaving the head inside. Then the abortionist sucks the baby's brain out through the back of the skull while the baby kicks for his life. This evil procedure takes place across the country and is as barbaric as an Islamic terrorist beheading an infidel. A unborn child is not an old pair of shoes that can be discarded carelessly. An unborn child is not an inconvenience, it does not ask to be conceived, but if he could talk, he would ask for a chance, his own choice, a choice of life.


*PSOTU: The post state of the union remains the same, we're still headed in the wrong direction. The progressive transformation of a republic into a socialist tyranny continues its march with the little emperor leading the way. In last nights state of the union we saw a defiant president that ignored the results of the last elections and threatened the new Congress with vetos. He was true to the expectations of a statist view of governance. It's like a one trick pony, raise taxes on the rich and grow government in order to redistribute the wealth. He called for a minimum wage increase when it's not the governments job to dictate private sector salaries. Cuba's communist government dictates wages in that country and the average income is $20 a month. Sounds like the way to go doesn't it? It's incredible that after seeing what socialist policies like his have done to governments and economies in Europe that he could possibly think they would work here. Failed policies fail wherever they are tried no matter how you sugar coat them. Government cannot give money to someone without first taking it from someone else. When you over tax/penalize success you get less of it. We should be encouraging success by lowering taxes and rates. This would stimulate the economy and create jobs, thereby increasing tax revenues. On the Islamic terrorism front the president was mute. According to him it was 'turn the page' the problem is over. He terms the evil as 'extreme violence'. Refusing to identify your enemy does not make them go away. We're in for an interesting two years, hopefully they'll be enough pieces left when The Obama nightmare is over.


* SOTU: Tonight The Obama will be flaunting his executive overreach in the face of the Congress he intends to ignore. There will be an illegal alien in the box with Michelle so he can tell a melodramatic story to defend his illegal amnesty order. He will have recently swapped Cuban hostage Allan Gross in Michelle's box so he can lie about his unilateral surrender to the Castro dictatorship. Her box will be very busy tonight. He will tell whoppers about how his policies have improved the economy when the opposite is true. Over 90 million Americans have left the workforce and are not included in the unemployment numbers. The recent improvement in the economy can be directly credited to the falling price at the pump. More money in peoples pockets is like a huge tax cut which in turn fuels our economy. Falling pump prices can be directly attributed to American technological advancements in fracking and increased production on private and state owned lands. This progress has been made in spite of the regime's policies to limit drilling and exploration. But he'll attempt to take credit for the outcome anyway. He will demonize the top wage earners by playing the liberal inspired class card. He will announce increased taxes on the people who are already over burdened with a progressive tax code that penalizes success and rewards failure. 'Free' college for everyone, who can argue with that? It will be a demagoguery 101 lesson with pixy dust, smoke and mirrors. Besides The Obama, the biggest threat to our way of life is Islamic terrorism, don't expect much on this subject from the podium as this doesn't meet his agenda. Hope Congressmen and women bring their boots, it's going to get deep in there!


* Character: Today we commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and remember his words. In his most famous speech he said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." King believed in peaceful protest but what we saw in Ferguson and other places were anything but that. When looters trash stores and burn cars it is their character that we are judging. Democrats, liberals and progressives judge and group people by the color of their skin then claim the high ground when anyone criticizes them. It's time the black community moved beyond the race ambulance chasers like SharpTounge and Jackson towards King's dream. It's about personal responsibility, family and love of country. It is through building the character of the individual that the dream will come true, but only if the baggage is left behind.


* Offense: The emperor declares that he is going on 'offense' against the Republican led Congress. He has issued blanket veto threats for any legislation that goes against his policies, regardless of whether those policies are un-constitutional. Perhaps if someone could convince him that ISIS is Republican he would go on 'offense' against them. The regime is more hostile towards democratically elected officials than they are against the evil butchers that make up the Islamic State. You know, the Islamic State that the emperor says is not Islamic. His focus is always centered in the political sphere. It's about amnesty, environmental extremism and promising government largess without a way to pay for it. He lies about and ignores our southern border at a time of war. It's not just Mexicans coming across for a better opportunity, many from the Middle East have been caught illegally entering across the border. If some have been caught you can guarantee that others have made it through. With the current state of Islamic terrorism on the rise it is a dereliction of duty to allow enemies to gain entrance into our country in such an easy manner. The emperor's stated intention of going on offense is offensive. The president's primary function is to uphold the Constitution, which he hasn't, and to defend our country, which he is failing at. His job is not to attack a co-equal branch of government and divide the American people but that seems to be what he's best at.


* Gitmo: Five more of the worst prisoners were released from Gitmo last nig. The Obama continues to slowly close Gitmo by releasing what he calls 'detainees'. Non of the prisoners are 'detainees', they are prisoners of war and should not be released until the war is over. Not the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, the war with Islamic terrorists. It's incredible that the leader of the only superpower in the world is leading from behind by fighting a limited war against this evil enemy. He refuses to define the enemy and releases hardened prisoners back into the field to join the battle against us and our allies. Makes you think that he is either completely incompetent or he is betraying his oath of office.

* College: The Obama announced that he wants community college to be free to all. Why not make cars free to all? Or how about a house? Nothing is free except the air we breath and when big government figures out a way to tax oxygen that won't be free either. In order to provide free community college tuition the government would have to pay for it with our tax dollars. Either a tax increase or diverting funds from other programs. It is estimated that it would cost $36 billion a year to fulfill this free tuition. This is another ploy by an outlaw regime to put Republicans on the defensive. If the Republican led house fails to deliver on this irresponsible promise then they will be labeled as anti-education. Unless they can successfully point out the irresponsibility of The Obama they will loose the information battle with the MSM carrying the regime's water as usual.


* Paris: The White House is still refusing to call the Paris Islamic terrorist attack what it is, Islamic terrorism. This while they're making excuses for the president's absence. Their main excuse is that there was too short a notice for the president's security. This has been debunked by many in the secret service community and advance teams with experience in quick changes in travel plans. With this White House it's always someone else's fault. They can never take responsibility for an error in judgment. What was the president doing Sunday when the world leaders met in Paris? What was the president doing when four Americans were murdered in Benghazi? We are in the middle of a global Islamic jihad against civilization and The Obama's priority is regulating the Internet and shutting down coal powered electric plants. The Obama regime continues to play politically correct games with the evil thread that connects today's terrorist acts, Islam. They claim that most Muslims are peace loving people. By his analogy, in WWII we wouldn't have been at war with Nazis because most Germans were not Nazis. Nazi attacks would have been seen as individual criminal acts and Nazis caught would be Mirandized and sent to federal courts. If there were Nazis already in detention (ref. Gitmo) they would be released to return to the war. We would all be speaking German and this blog would not exist.


* Veto: New congressional leadership is meeting at the White House with The Obama today. There are at least 5 veto threats already on the table, not the kind of start you would expect if the idea is to work with Congress. The Obama has basically drawn a line and not only signaled, but has firmly stated, that he will not compromise on the issues he has laid out. They include: Keystone XL, ObamaCare, amnesty and regulations. He has a pen and he will continue to abuse his office by using it. He will promise what he can't deliver, like free community college for everyone, without a way to pay for it. He will then blame Republicans for blocking higher education funding. He will lay out traps and use the complicit media to do his dirty work. They will offer greater tax breaks and benefits at the expense of high income earners pushing the number of people that depend on government largess closer to the 50% tipping point. If congress refuses to go along with the wealth re-distribution scheme they will blame Republicans for being against the middle class. There is no will on the part of the White House to actually achieve progress in solving the problems at hand. Their goal is to further divide the American people by income and race. After all, a divided public can more easily be controlled. We are in for a bumpy ride...


* Absent: World leaders marched in Paris yesterday in solidarity with the French people and a show of unity against Islamic terrorism. Absent from the march was The Obama, Biden, Kerry or any other high ranking official from the worlds only superpower. Even Israel's Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority's Abbas where there. Our absence was a slap in the face of unity and a victory for our enemies. Excuses of security being the issue is nonsense. The president goes to events such as economic summits to meet other world leaders and security is never used as an excuse not to go. Meanwhile as another diversion the White House announced they will convene a summit on February 28th to battle 'Violent Extremism'. This summit was announce in September and was to take place in October but was quietly canceled by the White House before the midterm elections. No reason was given for the cancellation at that time. Now it's resurrected as a political ploy to distract from the Paris no-show. No where in the announcement of the 'extremism' summit is the mention of Islamic terrorism. The Obama regime refuses to identify the enemy for what it is and without defining your enemy you are doomed to defeat. Political correctness is the Islamic terrorists biggest weapon, it shields them from the force necessary to squash their evil intentions. Winston Churchill once said "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last." The Obama regime needs to stop feeding the dragon.


* IslamicTerror: From the White House on down descriptions of the attack in Paris say, "act of terror". Missing from these statements is the elephant in the room, Islam. Politically correct reasoning is behind these reactions. The continuous terrorist attacks going on all around us have a common thread and that thread is Islam. You cannot separate Islam from the worldwide terrorism we are witnessing. Whether you have a lone wolf, a cell or sympathizer, the evil remains the same and Islam is the common thread. There are many making excuses for the so called 'religion of peace' saying that it's been hijacked by extremists. This is what the Koran says, “Slay them (unbelievers) wherever you come upon them.”  “When you meet unbelievers, smite their necks.” Doesn't sound very peaceful to us. Slay them wherever you come upon them, that's what the true believers of Islam are doing. It's time to take the politically correct blinders off and call these terrorist acts what they are, Islamic terror. Until you clearly define your enemy you cannot defeat them. The Obama and others say we are not at war with Islam but we know through their savagery that Islam is at war with us.


* Emotionless: It's not the words as much as the emotion or lack thereof. When The Obama stokes the fires of racism after events like Ferguson he does so with intense emotion in his words. You can tell by the way in which he portrays his feelings that he's invested in the event. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his point of view, his emotion tells the story. When it comes to the war on terror and terrorist attacks like the one in Paris yesterday, it's just words. His speech becomes monotone and dreary like he's just going through the motions. There's no commitment in his voice, no heartfelt emotion in his speech. While he's commanding over a 'no boots on the ground' half hearted effort in fighting ISIS he's simultaneously releasing the most dangerous of prisoners from Gitmo, only to have them return to the fight against us. We are at war and have been for some time now. It is world war III, it is a war between civilization and Islam, a war between humanity and barbarism. You don't fight that war with half hearted measures because it is essentially a war for our survival. You fight with every means at your disposal and you lead with a firm commitment to be victorious. You lead with emotion and strength. Alexander the Great once said, "I do not fear an army of lions if they are led by a lamb. I do fear an army of sheep if they are led by a lion." We have the strongest army in the world and it's being led by a lamb. ISIS does not fear us because they have seen what The Obama has done. From backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East to withdrawing from Iraq and releasing Gitmo prisoners, The Obama doesn't seem to have his heart in the fight and worse, at times, seems to be aiding our enemies.


* Terrorism: Islamist terrorists have hit again. This time at the offices of magazine Charlie Hebdo. That magazine had posted cartoons of Mohammed. The terrorists yelled out Allahu Akbar and said the 'prophet' had been avenged. The magazine's editor and cartoonist were murdered along with 10 others. While making their escape the three terrorists murdered a police officer while the officer laid injured with his hands up and begging for mercy, they shot him in the head. The evil that lives in the soulless bodies of these terrorists knows no bounds. In their warped inbred world a simple cartoon depicting their 'prophet' is tantamount to a death sentence. You cannot reason with what you cannot understand. Unfortunately these terrorists aren't on their way to hell to meet their virgins, they are still on the loose. The Obama regime's first reaction was to label it an act of violence, once they realized how ignorant that was they are now calling it an act of terror. That fact remains that their first reaction was the politically correct and insane notion that terrorist acts are just violence perpetrated by individuals and not the evil that Islam manifests through its followers. In 2012 before the United Nation general assembly The Obama said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (view video) The future of the innocent people murdered at Charlie Hebdo does not exist, The Obama was right.


* Senate: The do nothing Dirty Harry Reid Senate is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when Dirty Harry would run interference for the White House so they could blame Republicans for what they labeled the 'Party of no'. Turns out they were the party of yes whose hundreds of bills were tabled in the Senate. Dirty Harry had a big table. Now it's time for the Republican controlled Congress to start passing bills and force The Obama's hand. His cover has now been blown. The MSM will still cover for him but their influence is continually eroding. The American people are starting to see the hypocrisy in their coverage and lack of coverage. Pass bills like Keystone Pipeline, border security, make releasing Gitmo prisoners illegal without Congressional approval. Regardless of the status of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, releasing senior enemy prisoners from Gitmo is equivalent to aiding and abetting our enemies. At least 30% of released prisoners have been confirmed returning to the fight against us and our allies. The number is surely higher as not all can be confirmed. There is no reason to release these prisoners until hostilities against us have ceeded and that time is no where in sight. Congress must stand up to the runaway abuses of power happening before our eyes at the hands of the emperor in the White House.


* Emperor: The self appointed emperor Obama will be hitting the road campaigning for his do-it-alone policies. His actions since the mid-term elections have shown his disregard for the will of the people. Right after the shellacking he and his party took in the elections he stated his disregard by saying he heard from those who "didn't" vote. Translation, the results didn't matter, he's going to do what he wants regardless, and he has. He continues to release the most dangerous prisoners from Gitmo in order to close the facility. Since Congress didn't go along with him, he will do it piece meal. Since Congress didn't go along with his amnesty for illegals plan he went about it on his own through executive action. For a so called Constitutional professor, his is a joke. He is either ignorant of the Constitution of he treats it as it's an ala-carte lunch buffet, picking and choosing only the parts that benefit his warped views of government power. Our founding fathers intended the federal government to have minimal powers, reserving all non-annunciated powers to the states. Even before the emperor the federal government had grown way beyond what was intended, The Obama has accelerated that growth and is turning the executive into a monster our founders warned about. Now that Republicans are in control of both houses of Congress we will see if they have the backbone to stand up for our Constitution and use the remedies our founding fathers gave us to deal with precisely what we are witnessing today. All politics aside, this is about the survival of our representative republic.