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* SOPA: A bill being considered in Congress to stop copyright infringements should be opposed by everyone. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), although well intentioned, is a gateway to censorship. SOPA would allow private companies and our government to censor sites by removing them from search engines, cutting off financial streams such as VISA and MasterCard and block site traffic. There's a fine line between copyright violations and freedom of speech. Political sites could be black listed by government thereby limiting dissent and criticism. This would be like a modern day book burning. The beauty of the Internet is it's openness. Of course you can't believe everything you see or read on the Internet, that's common sense. We don't need the government to tell us that. When it comes to freedom of expression we would always support too much of it over censorship. By limiting content on the basis of copyright we start the walk down a road to government control of information. That is a road traveled by despots and tyrants and has no place in America or the Internet. Happy New Year!


* Fairness: Radical left Progressive's lead by The Obama throw around the "fairness" issue at nauseam. Fairness and fair share are nothing more than code words for redistribution of wealth. The Progressive/Socialist argument flies in the face of the facts. IRS figures show that the top 5% of income earners, making $154,643 and up, earned 31.7% of total adjusted gross income and paid 58.7% of all federal individual income taxes. Is it fair that 5% of Americans pay almost 60% of the income taxes? Lies repeated often enough will eventually be taken as truth but only when left unchallenged. Only through ignorance and media complicity can these lies carry the day. Our Constitution guarantees Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, not Life, Liberty and Equal Outcomes. With personal liberty comes personal responsibility. We need to get back to the basic belief in our God given individual freedom and human rights for they are the basis for our individual success.


* Deficit: Since the debt ceiling increase of $2.1 Trillion was agreed to last summer $900 Billion has been added to our debt. The Obama is now asking for the additional $1.2 Trillion increase. This administration and Congress continue to sink us further into debt without any significant plan on reducing their spending spree. They keep blaming the new class of Republicans for getting in their way but that's precisely what they were elected to do. In the landslide election of 2010 the American electorate sent them to Washington to stop the madness. They've started to make a difference but have met resistance from both Democrats and Republicans. The goal of the Alinsky and Soros progressive, of which The Obama is the ringleader, is to cripple our nation economically and lead us into their new world order and end the American way of life. The 2010 Republican victory was the first line of defense in this battle, 2012 will either bring in reinforcements or accelerate our decline into the abyss of socialist misery.


* Nigeria: For the second year in a row Nigerian Islamists murdered Christians in the name of their "peaceful religion." Christmas day bombings rocked churches across Nigeria killing 27 in Saint Theresa Catholic church, Over 32 are feared dead in the terrorists attacks. Establishing Shariah law in Nigeria is the goal of the Islamists and nothing short of that will stop the carnage. How can you deal with people who are intent on your submission or your death? You cannot coexist with a gun on your head or a boot or your neck. You must meet this evil head on and defeat it in the most ruthless way possible or submit to a life of Dhimmitude, there is now middle ground. As we continue to play the politically correct game of tolerance, storm clouds are gathering around us.


Merry Christmas


* Arizona: First The Obama sided with a foreign country, Mexico, and sued Arizona over Arizona's law reinforcing Federal immigration law. Now they are suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged racism in his department. The FED's claim that Arpaio is racist against Hispanics in their approach to enforcing their laws. What this boils down to is a political which hunt. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is bravely looking into The Obama's illegality to serve as POTUS and is being singled out for daring to challenge The Obama and his outlaw regime. Racism was Holder dropping of the blatant New Black Panther Party's poll interference in the 2008 presidential election. Arpaio's upholding his states laws and doing his job is to be commended not attacked. We have a government that is attacking our rule of law and transforming our country via executive order and political Czars. To add insult to injury the regime has just announced a reduction of National Guard troops on the border by 75%! That's cutting the existing 1,200 troops down to 300. this is an outrageous dereliction of duty and an invitation for illegal's and potential Middle-Eastern terrorists to come dancing across the border. The enemy within is living fat, dumb and happy in the executive branch. Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio at!


* Payroll-Tax: Not extending the "temporary" payroll tax cut will hurt the economy just like any tax increase would as well. We're not talking about a new tax break to put money in people's pockets, this is about not taking it to begin with. The problem is this is not income tax but rather social security funds that are being affected. Businesses plan at least a year out, you cannot make changes on a two month cycle. Extending the cut for two months does nothing but waste time and money. The house passed a bill then the senate passed a separate one. As with other legislation the two versions need to be reconciled. What the president and Dirty Harry Reid want to do is cram the senate version down the house's throat. It's our way of the highway. Unfortunately with their media accomplices they will milk this stalemate for all the political points they can get. Making Republicans look like they're stonewalling the extension when in fact they want to extend the cut. With The Obama in full campaign mode don't look for any leadership from the White House. Blame is the game at the expense of the American people and our economy.


* Christmas: Our U.S. Capitol Christmas tree has no visible ornaments or signs depicting the Nativity, Christ or Christmas. There is a highly visible ornament which says. "I (heart) President Obama." This is political correctness gone amuck. It's not a Holiday tree it's a Christmas tree. Christ is the reason for the season. Saying Merry Christmas is not offensive. Our founding fathers were religious men who based our founding on religious principles. There is no such thing as separation of church and state anywhere in our Constitution. They believed that government should not establish a religion but rather guarantee the free exercise of religious beliefs. Merry Christmas.


* Vacation: The president and first lady travel the world representing the American people yet they still go on numerous tax payer funded vacations. The latest is a 17 day vacation to Hawaii at a total cost of over $4 Million. President Bush used to vacation at his place in Crawford, Texas. Do you remember the Obama's vacationing in their home in Chicago? They prefer, Martha's Vineyard, Spain, Africa and Hawaii. There is no end to the hypocrisy of our elitist progressive leaders.


* Debate: What was clear about last nights debate is that, excluding Paul, any of the candidates would be a great improvement over what we have now. Unlike The Obama, the Republican candidates believe in American exceptionalism and will stop the landslide of regulation and politically correct red tape hat has hampered American business for the past three years. The Keystone XL pipeline is a clear example of the difference between the candidates and the president. The president succumbed to pressure from radical environmentalists and put off a decision on the pipeline until 2013. Everyone of the candidates would have OK'd the pipeline at first opportunity. It means jobs and energy, both of which are sorely needed. The latest AP poll shows 52% don't want The Obama to have a second term. His house of cards is starting to crumble down around him to the benefit of America's future.


* Holder: Attorney General Eric "Fast-N-Furious" Holder is wrong on voting rights. Saying he will bring the full force of the Justice Department to bear enforcing voting rights he slams states which require an ID in order to vote. You need to show an ID to board a plane, does Holder oppose that as well? Isn't voting a more important action than flying? Our Representative Republic depends on the integrity of our voting system, without that integrity we would be no different than a third rate banana republic. In 2008 Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Seven Dwarves voted. Holder and his fellow progressives falsely attack Republicans painting them as suppressing minority voting. What Republicans and like minded Democrats are trying to do is uphold our system of government by simply requiring the voter to identify themselves with an ID.


* Trump-Card: Seeing the writing on the wall Donald Trump correctly cancelled the December 27th debate in which he was moderating. He wrongfully committed to a debate before having the participants agreement to go. His reluctance on eliminating the possibility of running as a third party candidate sealed the death of this debate. Now he's still floating the possibility of running, this would be a drastic mistake. Remember Ross Perrot is 1992? He single handedly handled Bill Clinton the presidency by splitting the George H.W. Bush vote. If Trump believes his own words he cannot possibly take part in the re-election of The Obama. That would either bring about the end of the transformation into a socialist/communist society or a second American civil war. Either one is an undesirable outcome to an American nightmare in which we currently find ourselves.


* Capitalism: The Obama continues his repetitive lying about capitalism. In the face of historical contradicting evidence, he keeps stating that free enterprise and capitalism has never worked. Capitalism has been the driving force for prosperity throughout the world. Led by American exceptionalism and entrepreneur innovations. Arguments can be made that we would still be riding horse and buggy's if not for the incentive to reach out for the rewards which capitalism brings those willing to sacrifice and invest. Take away that incentive for self improvement and you take away the will which drives progress. Faced with the blaring evidence that socialism, as driven by The Obama policies of the last 3 years which failed miserably, his strategy consists of dividing Americans with class warfare, race prejudice and lies. They are counting on the old theory that if you repeat a lie enough times people will start believing it. The gullible and useful idiots amongst up will, we call the Stupid Frogs.

* Drone: We lost an advanced technology drone over Iran and The Obama asked them to return it. Faced with a decision to destroy the drone or let Iran have a propaganda and military vistory, he chose weakness and capitalation. Once again this president has failed the American people through his ignorance and stupidity.


* Trump: It looks more and more like Trump is going to be debating Gringrich as the other candidates are not going. Gingrich on Friday said. "I think if you're afraid to debate with Donald Trump, people are going to say, 'so you want me to believe you can debate Barack Obama but you're afraid to show up with Donald Trump?'" That statement can't be further from the truth. Trump dropped out of the race and has now seen an opportunity to get back in. He has insinuated that he may run as a third party candidate. Can you imagine any competition where one of the potential competitors was a judge or could influence the judging by framing questions? That's what's happing with the Trump debate. Why not a Bachman, Romney or Perry debate? Would that be OK?

* Tebow: The power of believing. Much maligned rookie Denver quarterback Tim Tebow was said to not be NFL caliber. His college style would not translate to the pros. But Tebow believed. His religious beliefs translate into a strong feeling of self and power beyond our understanding. He instills in his team mates that same value system and has ridden a wave of positive attitudes and winning ways in the Broncos six game winning streak. Breaks do have to come your way but winners can make those breaks happen and capitalize on them when they do. The Broncos will lose games at some point but that will not diminish the miracle that is Tim Tebow. We believe!


* Terrorism: In 2009 The Obama-Napolitano Department of Homeland Security, in the midst of a global jihad against the U.S. and the west, decided that they should focus on what they called, "Right Wing Extremists." Now they have come forward with guidelines for spotting potential terrorists. Since The Obama regime is like a bad joke here are a few ways they identify potential terrorists alla Jeff Foxworthy: If you have more than seven days of food stored, you can be a terrorist. If you're missing a finger, you could be a terrorist. If you have more than one gun, you could be a terrorist. If you have weather-proof ammunition, you could be a terrorist. This misguided, out of control regime targets Americans, turns it's back on our allies and aids our enemies. The DIC (Demogauge-In-Chief) continues feeding the MSM his daily dose of propaganda to be relayed to the gullible amongst us. In the end, the truth will save us, but only if enough people can see it.


* MSM: We're in a heap of trouble if the MSM continues carrying The Obama's water. His so called Economic Fairness speech on Tuesday was strewn with falsehoods, misleading statements and outright lies. Seems the new definition of lie is when The Obama opens his mouth. With his accomplices in the MSM willing to provide cover and his campaign rhetoric going into overdrive we face a danger in the number of uninformed people that will fall for his diatribe. Regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, if enough lemmings fall for his class and race warfare plays, we will begin the steep fall over the precipice. We don't have a president, we have a campaigner in chief who many times sounds more like an American adversary vis-à-vis Castro and Chavez than he does a president. He supports anti-American occupy defecating numbskulls and helped facilitate an Islamic revolution in the Middle East disguised as a Democracy movement. He continues to manage the destruction of our once free enterprise system while blaming economic misery on his predecessor and Congress. Never mind that he had complete control of Congress for the first two years in office and was able to cram through the unconstitutional monstrosity known as ObamaCare, against the vast majority of Americans will, but that seems to have been part of his plan. Just as his attacks on our history are easily defunct by facts, his support of socialism can easily be destroyed by history. Information, facts and logic will lead us to victory, but only if enough Americans are open to the truth.


* Fair-Play: Invoking Teddy Roosevelt, The Obama went about his new theme of fair-play yesterday. He said, "We are greater together when everyone engages in fair play, everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share." The problem here is, to liberals/progressives fair means spreading the wealth and penalizing success. It's not about a fair start, it's about equal outcomes. When they see a race they focus on the finish and see inequality. He went on to say, "there's been a certain crowd in Washington," who say "if only we cut more regulations and cut more taxes — especially for the wealthy — our economy will grow stronger (and) jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everyone else. ... It doesn't work. It's never worked." This is more revisionist history from those that wish to impose their convoluted ideals on everyone else. Cutting taxes and reducing regulations worked great during Reagan's presidency and ushered in over 20 years of prosperity that benefited all levels of our economy and the American people. To say this has never worked is ignoring the facts or a bold faced lie intended to mislead the uninformed.


* Taxes: The Obama attacked Republicans in Congress again yesterday for being against the extension of the temporary payroll tax cuts from last year. He wants to raise the unfair burden on the top wage earners. The top 5 percent already pay over 50 percent of the income taxes but this is not good enough for liberals. Republicans want to offset the extension with spending cuts. The irony here is The Obama recognizes that raising taxes would hurt the economy, raising taxes on the middle class that is. Yet he can't see that raising taxes on anyone hurts the economy. The best analogy of this is like taking a bucket of water from the deep end of a pool and purring it into the shallow end. The water level remains the same. Our problem is too much spending not too little taxing. The Obama and his Democrats in Congress have increased our deficit by 5 Trillion dollars in three years. Time to stop the madness and drastically cut spending and government waste.


* SF Nanny: Typical for liberal/progressive big government busybodies to continue trampling on our freedoms with the excuse of knowing what's best for us. In an attempt at fighting childhood obesity, these radical San Francisco big government fools have passed a law that will go into affect on Thursday. The law prohibits giving away toys in meals unless the children's meals meet certain nutritional requirements, including fewer than 600 calories, no more than 640 milligrams of sodium, less than 35 percent of total calories can come from fats, and the meals need to include a half-cup of fruit and three-quarters of a cup of veggies. This attempt at interfering with business and citizens right to chose for themselves is being thwarted, as it should, with simple American ingenuity. McDonalds has decided that in San Francisco they will stop giving away toys in Happy Meals. If a customer wants a toy for their child they simply pay an extra 10 cents for the toy. Viola, stupid liberal feel good law has been circumvented. What a waste. If liberal legislators would spend less time trying to regulate our lives and more time minimizing government's stranglehold on free enterprise, our economy would be humming. But then again, if they did that, they wouldn't be liberal they would be sane!


* Socialism: Fed to the Euro rescue with Monopoly money. The latest in a series of global financial disasters has been averted by more smoke and mirrors. The problem is not banks, capitalism, corporations or businesses. The problem is socialism, communism and stateism. Cradle to grave inbred dependency induced into citizenry by demagogues and wannabe tyrants. You can secure your power if enough people are dependent on your survival. This works on and individual level as well as a governmental level. The failure of economies across the world are directly related to the socialism they have grown into. Eventually you milk the cow dry, we're almost there. Future economic well being will only be achieved through a reversal of socialist trends and movement toward capitalism and free markets. Education is key. Our schools have been taken over by progressives who have mis-educated our young through their ignorance, and in some cases complicity in anti-American schemes. It may take a generation to correct the damage but it's worth fighting for.


* Climate: Scientist are gathering in South Africa for another "conference" on Global Warming, or is that Climate Change, what will it be next? Their report shows the bias in politically and economically influenced "science." It's clear from one of the many emails between scientists that have been discovered that their ends justify their means. One such email states that the trick would be to decide on an outcome then select the research that supports their conclusion. Temperatures change, it's called weather. You can pick and choose statistics to make your argument but you can't change the facts. Think back to your past, you've seen cold and mild winters, hot and mild summers, that's weather. The Sun has more of an affect on our weather than anything man could do. Think of if this way, the more smog we put into the air the less sunlight comes through and the cooler the temperatures are. The climate change hoax is like The Obama's transfer of wealth on a global basis.

* British Embassy: The British embassy is on it's second day of siege from Iranian protestors and The Obama says that Iran should hold the protesters responsible. What a bunch of crock. Remember the demonstrators in the streets that were gunned down by Iranian security forces? The siege of the British embassy would not be taking place if it were not condoned and sponsored by the Iranian government to begin with. They are pressuring the west against taking any actions on the Central Bank of Iran. The Obama's statement is in line with Iranian interests. Short of military action, sanctioning the bank is the only way to pressure Iran, this administration is not willing to do what is needed to defeat this scourge on humanity.


* Iran: So called "protesters" storm the British embassy in Tehran with chants of "Death to America." It's 1979 all over again as the Mullahs deflect attention from their evil regime by rallying the ignorant. As pressure mounts on Iran to give up its nuke enrichment program the cornered rat is starting to lash out. Look for other deflections like Hezbollah and Hamas as Iran has used these terrorist partners to redirect anger towards Israel. The world of terror we live in today has Iran's fingerprints all over it. Nothing will change until this scourge from humanity is neutralized or left impotent. Before the 2012 elections we will have another war in the Middle East and Iran will be right in the middle of it.

* Barney: Good riddance to Barney "twinkle toes" Frank. Liberal blabber mouth from Massachusetts and Freddie Fannie enabler. More than any other Congressman, Barney was integral in helping to cause the housing crisis. By denying problems which were clearly cropping up in the housing industry during the early 2000's, he fought off any attempt at reforming dangerous policies being pushed on banks by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. After re-districting in his Congressional district and seeing the writing on the wall he chose to quit rather than lose re-election. Appropriate ending for this thorn in the side of common sense.


* Police-State: The U.S. Senate is scheduling a vote today on giving the military the ability to arrest American citizens on American soil without charges or a trial. Declaring the whole United States as a "battlefield" would grant them this ability. We strongly oppose this bill as it is a dangerous step towards a totalitarian state. American citizens that have joined our enemies and declared war on us from a foreign land are game for our military, as they in essence have renounced their citizenship by their actions. An American citizens on American soil deserve all protections entitled to him/her by our Constitution, period! Regardless of who the president is, this action would lead to abuse and intimidation. Dirty Harry Reid has tabled 15 jobs bills sent over from the House and yet has time for this monstrosity. It's time to wake up our friends and neighbors before it's to late.


 Thanks to our troops and their families for the sacrifices they make, today, and everyday, in defense of our liberty and freedom!


Happy Thanksgiving



* Debate: Here's our view of the GOP debate last night in the order they appeared on the stage: Santorum - Good conservative and right on the profiling issue. We should be profiling to protect our citizens. If there were little green men from Uranus committing acts of terror would we still search little old ladies and molest children? Paul - Libertarian with good domestic economic ideas but completely naïve in foreign affairs. This is to dangerous a world to climb into a shell and pretend we're not at war, regardless of a declaration. Perry - True conservative with a proven record of accomplishment in Texas. Had his best debate performance. Good 20% tax and part time Congress plans. Romney - Another solid steady performance but we still have issues with his continued defense of RomneyCare and the global warming hoax. Cain - Good business credentials but lacking in his foreign affairs experience and knowledge. Gingrich - The smartest man in the room but his attack on Paul Ryan's budget plan and siding with Hillary on ObamaCare and Pelosi on global warming still has our heads spinning, Bachman - Knowledgeable is both domestic and foreign affairs with strong conservative values. Huntsman - A diplomat who was un-diplomatic when he sparred with Romney. After giving his opinion on removing troops from Afghanistan, Romney questioned if he would pull them out right away, Huntsman snapped back, "Did you hear what I just said?" We believe the stage needs to be cut down to size. In the end it will be Perry, Romney and Gingrich fighting for the nomination. How that turns out is to early to tell but any of the candidates would be a vast and needed improvement over the current occupant of the White House.


* Super-Fail: No "super" in the Super Committee. To begin with the committee itself was the shirking of responsibility by the congress. The makeup of the committee spelled it's failure from the start. It was a microcosm of the polarization in Congress. Republicans know that tax increases hurt the economy and held firm against them while Democrats would rather play the class warfare card than cut spending. We're in a deep hole and keep digging. The committee's task was to cut $1.2 Trillion over ten years even though we're overspending by $1.5 Trillion this year alone. It's first grade math. You can't continue to spend more than you take in or we will end up worse than Greece. The Obama chimed in yesterday after the committee announced their failure. He blamed the Republicans for not going along with a "balanced" approach. Balanced to the left means tax increases, plain and simple. He also stated that he will veto any changes to the automatic "sequester" cuts that are now triggered. 50% of those cuts, $600 Billion dollars will be from Defense. This is in addition to the already $450 Billion in cuts to defense that are already planned for the next ten years. The Obama's own secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, has said these cuts would be destructive to our military and national security. Maybe this will allow for The Obama's national security force he envisioned during the 2008 campaign. A dangerous bridge will be crossed if he continues down this road.


* Flyover Country: Michelle Obama was treated by boos at yesterday's NASCAR championship race in Homestead, FL. In an attempt to reach out to America's heartland, what liberals call flyover country, The Obama's are going to the country. Next week they are planning a salute to country music at the White House. You know these people, they are the ones The Obama thinks cling to their guns and religion. Fool me once , shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This last ditch effort will fail. Americans have seen through the charade that is The Obama and the "transformation" he's attempting.


* Spending: The so called Super Committee is tasked to cut the deficit by $1.2 Trillion over ten years. This is a ridiculously low number. Taking into account that our current year deficit is estimated to be $1.5 Trillion and we're only cutting $1.2 Trillion over ten years we are just digging a deeper hole from which we may never climb out of. Democrats have not even had an annual budget during The Obama years. When they do propose a cut it's only a cut in the amount of increase. In other words, Washington is the only place where you can spend more and yet consider that new spending a cut. Smoke and mirrors and blank checks will ruin our economy and our future prosperity. By breaking a country's back economically, political victory can be achieved without firing a shot. We're in the mist of this political war between powerful forces, some of which would like nothing better than to end America's dominance in the world. Where we end up depends on difficult choices we make today. It's the spending, stupid!


* Voter Fraud: Do Democrats support voter fraud? You would come to that conclusion if you listen to their leaders. The second ranking Democrat in the house, Rep. Steny Hoyer says, "we are witnessing a concerted effort to place new obstacles in front of minorities, low-income families and young people who seek to exercise their right to vote." This hysteria is all about politics and pandering to minorities. It's about Republicans and states requiring ID's at polling places in order to vote. Don't minorities, low-income families and young people have to show an ID to fly, to drive a car, to open a bank account? Are those things more important than voting? Perhaps if ID's were required in the 2008 elections, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck's Obama votes wouldn't have taken place. In light of obvious voter fraud in the 2008 elections the least that can be done is requiring an ID to vote. States that require ID's will provide them free of charge for those that can't afford them. There is no barrier to voting only willingness by Democrats to corrupt the system when the results would benefit their candidates.


* Energy: The Obama administration places special interest environmental concerns over American jobs and energy independence. They have chosen to put off a decision on approving the Canadian pipeline, known as the Keystone XL Pipeline, until after the 2012 elections. Jobs, jobs, jobs, that's what's spewed on every stop on the campaign trail. But when it comes to actual private sector jobs, not government feel good taxpayer dependent jobs, The Obama punts. It's not about jobs for this administration, it's about special interest and big government. The Keystone XL Pipeline would create a minimum of 20,000 construction jobs and many more in the energy field. The Canadian oil will be sold regardless of the pipeline, the question is whether we get it or it's sold to China. It is in Americas best interest to allow the pipeline, unfortunately the president does not have Americas best interest in mind, it's all about his political base support at the expense of our economic well being.


* Water Boarding: The Obama believes the enhanced interrogation technique known as "water boarding" is torture. Water boarding was only used on a few detainees and was also used on our own soldiers in training. The irony is that The Obama's blatant claims of responsibility for the killing of Bin Laden would have never happened had it not had been for water boarding. The technique lead directly to a close associate of Bin Laden's which in turn lead to his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. We're in an unconventional war with an enemy that doesn't play by the rules. It would be foolish and cost American lives if we're not willing to use all means at our disposal to attain the information necessary to save those lives. Col. West did just that in Iraq. After a mission in which a few of his men were captured, other soldiers captured one of the men involved in the abduction. The captured man refused to disclose where the Americans were taken. Col. West stormed into the room where the questioning was taking place and placed his pistol in the detainee's crotch, West then pulled the trigger. West then said the next time he wouldn't miss. The detainee gave up the information which lead to the successful rescue of West's men. For his heroic action, Col. West was forced to resign the service. Our politically correct hand cuffing of our military leaders such as West is aiding our enemy. The Obama through his criticism of our efforts and apologies for America is aiding our enemy.


* Lazy: That's what the president thinks of the American people. In his own words, “We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America." That's what he said at the Asia Pacific summit in Hawaii. To The Obama it's always someone else's fault. Could it be that the 3rd highest corporate tax rate in the world may have something to do with businesses having reservations about coming here? Maybe it's the endless government regulations that are coming from this administration as fast as government printing presses can pump them out. To big government socialists it's never the governments fault. The worst president in American history continues his blame America and Americans first crusade at the expense of our prosperity. There are 358 days left until we can right the wrong that is The Obama regime!


* Veterans Day: The contrast between the Occupy miscreants and our Veterans is striking. Today we take time to honor our great American veterans while at the same time are reminded of the anti-American scum manifesting itself across the country in the form of the Occupy protests. Our veterans sacrificed of themselves to protect the liberty and freedom we enjoy. One of the liberties they defended is the very freedom of speech which the Occupy band of fools take for granted. It is that very freedom which allows them to disgrace and dishonor the country that enables their hate. The irony of their misguided complaints is the logical end to their demands would eliminate the very freedom they enjoy in the first place. Our veterans deserve better than what they are witnessing on the streets they fought so hard to protect. We honor our veterans today and every day for their sacrifice and devotion to our great country.


* Waste: Yesterday The Obama signed an executive order to cut "government waste." If that were true, his whole administration, beginning with him, would be unemployed. Just another dog and pony show for his adoring media. The order supposedly instructs federal agencies to cut waste. Unfortunately government doesn't work that way. They have built in processes to increase or match the previous years waste in order to receive the same budget dollars for the new fiscal year. This discourages efficiency and encourages the ever increasing size and waste in a federal bureaucracy that has grown beyond our needs to the point of being a huge burden on our economy. Drastic cuts and a balanced budget amendment is what's needed to truly correct this waste.


* Holder:
Eric Holder was on the hot seat yesterday over the failed Fast and Furious sting operation. He claims he can't possibly know about all operations being undertaken by his department. That's true but he can and was aware of one that went as badly as this one did. He also claims he didn't see memos that were clearly addressed to him. He lectured Congress on making this issue political when in fact the Fast and Furious operation was political from the start. It was intended by Holder and The Obama administration as a way of twisting "illegal" guns coming across the border into more gun control legislation. If he has nothing to hide why is he hiding what he does have? Holder runs the most political and racially driven Department of Justice in our history and should resign in order to bring justice to slain border agent Terry. Terry's murder was a direct result of Fast and Furious guns intentionally introduced by Holders corrupt administration.

* Israel: The Obama showed his true feelings for Israel and it's leader through an open mic at the G20 summit. As French president Sarkozy tells The Obama that he dislikes Benjamin Netanyahu, and thinks he's a liar, The Obama responds that he has to deal with Netanyahu every day. Breaking news: The Obama's teleprompter is accusing the mic of sexual harassment!


* Rubio: We like and support Florida Senator Marco Rubio. He speaks truth to fiction and deliberates in a way that any citizen with an open mind can understand. He will be a great Senator and maybe someday, Governor if he so chooses to go that route. As far as vice president and president of the United States he does not qualify. He was born in the United States of America of Cuban parents before they became American citizens. According to our Constitution this does not meet the requirement of "Natural Born Citizen." He believes in the greatness of this country and that the greatness is due to our liberty and the individual American spirit. Our current president does not share those beliefs and is equally unqualified to serve as president, according to our Constitution. We are a nations of laws, liberty and faith. Unlike other nations in the world we do stand alone. Alone in our exceptionalism. We treasure it, and at times take it for granted. But in the end, it's that spirit, that God given Liberty, the God given human rights that will save us from ourselves.


* MSM: Two weeks after the alleged sexual misconduct hit job on Cain and still countless of supposed "investigative" reporters are still on the job. None of the "accusers" have come forward but yet the MSM keeps tracking and disseminating the political attacks on Mr. Cain. We have the most secretive and mysterious president in our history yet none of the MSM dug into his past. The Obama has sealed college records, sealed passport records, sealed birth records, nefarious associations and yet, no MSM investigations or questioning of his past. We have the greatest fraud been perpetrated before the American people and not a hint of any investigate journalism can be seen from sea to shining sea from the MSM. Regardless of the birthplace of The Obama, he does not meet Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution's requirements for the office of POTUS. "Natural Born" means of two American citizen parents. By his own admission, The Obama's father was from a British colony, that later became Kenya, at the time of The Obama's birth. This is not a fringe issue, it goes to the core of the reason for this requirement to begin with. Our founders foresight in requiring a "natural born" American was precisely to prevent what we are witnessing today. Meanwhile our elected leaders stand by as our country is being destroyed from within.


* G20: The DIC (Demagogue-In-Chief) is lecturing G20 summiteers in France on economics. That was not a joke, but it is laughable. At the root of Europe's economic troubles is the run away failures of so called "social Democracies" which are beholden to the welfare state. Over spending, over taxation, over regulation and a dependent citizenry leads to what Greece is living through today. So our fearless leader proposes more of the same with his "American Jobs Act" doubling down on the failure the Spendulus proved to be. Insanity or planned economic destruction of the greatest economy the world has ever known. Capitalism and a free enterprise system is the only remedy for what ails the world's leading economies, anything short of that will lead to an economic implosion from which true misery would be hard to avoid.


* Cain: Why is the main stream media (MSM) obsessed with a sexual allegation that took place almost two decades ago? Didn't the same media insist that the sexual transgressions by President Clinton and his perjury was just about "sex." Remember their logic was that it's a personal matter and has nothing to do with his ability to perform the job of POTUS? We are living in an upside down world where good is bad and bad is good. We are cuddling the Occupy crowd of losers while condemning the mainstream American Tea Partier's. This is playing in to the hands of the very people and groups that are destroying our country. The Soros anti-American crowd is having their way with us and it needs to stop. Cain has been misled by buying into this nonsense. This election is about the future of our Republic. That's correct, Republic, not Democracy. A Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, you know how that's going to turn out. It's about time we got our priorities in line. We need to save our Republic. Herman Cain is a Patriot and a great American story.  He's heads and tails better than the current occupant of the White House and a living example of the American Dream!


* Greece: After a second bailout of Greece was in the works to avoid a Euro meltdown Greece is balking at its acceptance. The new bailout calls for stronger austerity measures by Greece, this in light of riots in the streets over the last ones. The main culprit here is failure of the welfare state. The incremental disaster that is socialism leads to a citizenry which "feels" and becomes entitled to handouts and cradle to grave control by the nanny state. Take a look at California, it's our Greece. By spreading the wealth and increasingly punishing individual achievement at the expense of liberty you will be traveling down this same failed path that history has proven a failure. Take a look at the following from Scottish historian, Sir Alexander Frasier Tytler, Circa 1801:

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage."


* Lynching: What we are witnessing by The Obama propaganda machine, formally known as the Media and recently known as the Main Stream Media (MSM), is exactly what Herman Cain said would happen, a "High Tech Lynching." All you need with this Soviet style media is an accusation by an "informant" or someone "associated" with the "situation" or "Accusation." Then all of a sudden you have a "High Tech Lynching." In airports across the country today travelers were treated to the "unbiased" wall-to-wall coverage on CNN of the accusations by the unidentified "informant" of an "accusation" that "supposedly" happened in the 1990's. Let's put this in perspective. Remember when President Clinton lied under oath saying, "It depends on what the meaning of is, is." Here's the link to the clip: Back then it was his personal life and had nothing to do with his ability to perform the duties of POTUS, even though he was lying 'under oath'. There was a 12 year extra marital relationship with Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey said he groped her in the White House in 1993 and in 1994, Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit against Clinton, claiming he propositioned her three years earlier and then there was the infamous Monica Lewinsky affair in the Oval Office. But not to worry, those were just personal matters that don't have anything to do with Clinton's ability to serve as president. Cain was absolutely right in predicting the high tech lynching he's experiencing now, at the hands of the racist, class warfare party, the Democrats and their MSM.


* 1% Myth: Liberal tax and spend Democrats led by the DIC (Demagogue-In-Chief) continue their support for the occupy three ring circus. On his weekly radio address The Obama again called on the top 1% of wage earners to pay their fair share. Even though the top 1% already pays over 40% of the income tax, that doesn't seem to be enough. If you confiscated every penny these people make you still would not make a dent in the wasteful spending and deficit problem we face today. This is not about solving the problem, it's about class warfare and rallying the Democrat's liberal base for the presidential elections in 2012. Meanwhile drugs, sexual assaults and arrests continue at the Occupy ____ (fill in the blank) parties.


* DEM Nonsense: Like kids in a school yard, Democrats are playing games as usual. Now they want to deflect blame for their failures by saying it's a "Republican Congress." Let see if we have this right, Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and oversaw the disastrous housing bubble burst with their mandates to banks and passed ObamaCare without any Republican support but NOW it’s a Republican Congress to blame. Silly Democrats, tricks are for kids. Democrats on the House Committee that oversees their franking privileges also want to ban the word "ObamaCare" from being used in any House mailings. They say it violates the rules against sending mailers for "personal, partisan, or political reasons." So they want to ban mention of the signature legislation of The Obama regime's first three years. Are they now ashamed of the monster they've created? You would think that with the economy in the toilet they would be more concerned with improving the atmosphere for private sector job creation than playing games with semantics, but then again, they are politicians out for their own survival. Let the games begin…


* Big Brother: The Obama has added a new item to his litany of complaints against Republicans. According to his campaign diatribe, Republicans want dirtier air, starve children, throw grandma off a cliff, hate women, want to fire teachers and police and now, if Republicans don't go along with his destructive plans then the American people will be on their own. That's right, on your own people, no big brother to take care of your every needs. This time he may be right. We want less government, less regulations and less taxation. It's about the individual, that's what sets the United States of America apart. When our founders wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights they enshrined is those founding documents the rights of the individual versus the state. Never before had that been done. The Magna Carta, which preceded our Constitution, gave rights to the people as a collective but not to the individual. We've been headed in the wrong direction for a long time but with The Obama it's the wrong path in turbo mode. It's about time we turned the ship of state around and that's what the Tea Party is all about. The Obama and his Occupy America useful idiots are doomed to failure because the heart and soul of this great country will in the end stand up and defend our great nation against the foreign enemy that has been knawing at our core. In God we trust!


* DOJ: The Obama-Holder Department of Injustice has done it again. They started their political agenda in 2009 by dropping the slam dunk case against the New Black Panther's voter intimidation. You remember that case, uniformed and armed with a billy club, New Black Panther thugs waited outside a poling place intimidating those who entered to vote in the 2008 elections and telling them that a black man was about to rule, their time had come. They've also selectively chosen which laws to enforce like in the case of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Last year they put out a directive that they would not enforce the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Now, after border patrol agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr. was charged with using unnecessary force in the arrest of suspected Mexican drug smuggler and cleared by the I.C.E. Office of Professional Responsibility and the DHS Inspector General, The Obama DOJ went forward with the prosecution. At the request of the Mexican government, the ACLU infiltrated DOJ prosecuted Diaz for "Improperly lifting" the suspects arms. Agent Diaz has been sentenced to two years in prison. This is yet another example of the enemy within. This same DOJ wanted to prosecute CIA agents for waterboarding terrorists and Navy SEALs for punching terrorists in the stomach.


* Libya: Interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil said on Sunday that Shariah would be Libya's principal law. So much for Democracy breaking out in the Middle East. Islamist were insisting that moderation would prevail. This moderation is like hanging from a two foot rope rather than a three foot one. There is no moderation in Shariah. The Obama administration has backed the overthrow of former allies in the war on terror and ushered in a more dangerous and threatening transformation that will continue to undermine and threaten American security interests and further isolate Israel. The two places where they have kept a distance are the two most hostile to America and Israel, Syria and Iran. Whether this has been done through ignorance or as part of a master plan to diminish our standing is yet to be determined. The Arab spring is quickly becoming the Arab nightmare.


* Afghanistan: Afghan president Hamid Karzai has just shown his disrespect for America's sacrifice to free his nation. He owes his very presidency to those who he now condemns. In an interview with Pakistani TV station GEO he said, "God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan, If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan's help, Afghanistan will be there with you." Afghanistan continues to be attacked and members of his government have been assassinated from attacks planned and carried out from Pakistan. It is outrageous for Karzai to show such disdain for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to fight Al-Qaida and the Taliban in his country. History has shown that Afghani's don't loose wars, they just switch sides. These are the first steps in that direction.

* GOP: The Obama and his sidekick "Foot-in-Mouth" Biden continue their relentless attack on Republicans for not passing his Spendulus II masquerading as America's Jobs Bill. With the MSM carrying their water, they blatantly ignore that it's the Democrat controlled Senate that has failed to pass his bill, not once but twice now. Expect The Obama to bypass Congress like he has on many previous occasions in whatever way he can do to accomplish the same failure through Executive order that he's been unable to through the normal Congressional process.


* Eligibility: In our opinion The Obama does not meet our Constitution's Article II Section I "Natural Born" requirement to hold the office of POTUS. The 2008 election was a political perfect storm where the country was duped by The Obama propaganda machine, aided and abetted by the MSM, to elect an unqualified con artist to our highest office. Forget that he was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, hadn't even served one term, was never an executive, had all his college records sealed, passport history sealed, went to Pakistan twice in the '80's when it was illegal for a U.S. citizen to travel there, went to Occidental College on a foreign student grant, holds a social security number from Connecticut where he never lived, spent over a million dollars fighting release of his "birth certificate" in the courts then releases an obvious forged "certificate of Live Birth," we could go on, but facts are stubborn things and these won't go away. In light of this information and The Obama "transformation" that we've all been witnessing for the last three years, it's very frustrating that our Republican Representatives and Senators have not stepped up to the plate and defended the Constitution they took an oath to protect. It is no surprise that today's Democrats don't because they have strayed so far from Constitutional adherence that it has become a given to not expect any defense of liberty from their ranks. We know this president is not going to be impeached between now and November of 2012. It does our country no service to attack our Republican leaders when they are holding the front line against the propaganda and treacherous machinations of The Obama regime. As was done in the mid-term elections, we need to stand firm, hold the line and rally all patriots to send this administration to the trash heap of history where it belongs.   If The Obama happens to be re-elected either by voter fraud, intimidation or other unforeseen events, then we would find ourselves in a Constitutional crisis for which a different tact may be necessary.


* Mud: Some mud wrestling events can be fun to watch but a Republican presidential debate that resembles more a mud wrestling match than a debate leaves a sour taste in you mouth. We are facing the most divided electorate in our history with race and class warfare being encouraged at every opportunity. Focus should have been on failures of The Obama administration and not how to tear each other down. We have anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism, pro-communism demonstrations going on in our country supported by our president, unions, the Nazi party and Communist Party USA and instead of pointing these things out and debating the policies that got us to this point, they tear into each other like a wild feeding frenzy from an episode of Animal Planet. It's almost like crabs in a hole trying to climb out. Once one gets ahead, the others bring him down. Enough already, focus on the president and emphasize what you would do to bring our government back in line with our Constitution. Our next president is the one who takes the high road and speaks the truth to what is tearing our country apart. It's The Obama regime and the transformation that we should focus on.


* Rationalizing: The latest liberal/progressive/socialist/communist (pick your favorite misguided bleeding heart fool) strategy is an attempt at conniving the connivable. Here's their true meaning; since the wealthy became that way by using the infrastructure (roads, bridges, services) that are provided by government, to which "everyone" pays taxes to support, then their wealth should be shared with "everyone." It's all about the collective, the workers or is that the commune in communist? This kind of thinking is the antithesis of what our founding fathers based our nation on. Their great foresight was about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not life, chains and the equality of outcomes. Capitalism is the economic system that allows you to achieve what you are willing to sacrifice for. Socialism is the economic system that brings about the equal sharing of misery. That's not an opinion, that's historical fact. Failure of education or success of the "communist plan" is what we're experiencing today. Where you stand at this crossroads will determine our future. God help us if we continue down the current path. Our politically correct society has created a vacuum by removing any celebration and mention of God from our institutions. That vacuum is being filled by enemies of liberty and enemies of God. Lines are being drawn, chose wisely!


* Demagogue: The DIC (Demagogue-In-Chief) continues his bantering scare tactics on the campaign trail. His latest diatribe, "The Republicans plan boils down to this: 'Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance." Sounds familiar. Do people actually believe this garbage? No need to answer, the Kool-Aid party on Wall Street is answer enough. Rather than demonstrating at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue against the failed regime policies they wrongly attack America itself. These useful idiots are the foot soldiers in Obama's transformation army. They would trade their souls for a loaf of bread, a pound of rice and proudly wear the chains their political dreams will bring them. On a lighter note, a truck carrying The Obama's teleprompters was stolen just outside of Richmond, VA.


* Uganda: In typical style The Obama administration dumped bad news on Friday afternoon hoping to minimize public scrutiny. They announced the deployment of 100 troops to Uganda to help eliminate the leader of a rebel group from the battlefield. This is being done in our National Security Interest. National Security Interest? The group, Lords Revolutionary Army, has never been involved in any anti-American actions or terrorist plots. What's the national security interest? We agree that the LRA is a despicable group but where's the African Union and the United Nations? This is a unilateral unconstitutional action that further weakens our military at a time when we're already involved in three wars and have a potential conflict with Iran in our future.

* Kool-Aid: The Kool-Aid party continues their anti-American non-sense on Wall Street and other cities throughout the country. They are being supported by the kooky fringe like, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, George Soros, Blinky Pelosi, The Obama, Nazi Party of America and the Communist Party USA. This definitely lends credibility to the old saying that you can tell a persons character by the company he keeps. Any questions as to where The Obama stands now?


* Iran: Another line is being drawn in the sand in response to Iran's involvement in a foiled terrorist plot in the U.S. announced this week. The Saudi ambassador was targeted for assassination and both the Saudi and Israeli embassies were bomb targets. Although we don't engage in business with Iran we will be increasing sanctions on them. This is as worthless as attempting to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun. We've seen what previous sanctions have accomplished as Iran gets closer to the nuke's they desire. Iran has been at the root of world terrorism since the Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979. I guess you could call it their "Persian Spring." Through the years we've seen how well that turned out. Iranian finger prints are on IED's found in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've been assisting and sponsoring the killing of our soldiers and innocent civilians for decades. When we had an opportunity to back the Iranian people when they took to their streets, The Obama called for calm and sided with the Ayatollah's. This path with Iran will only end in a mushroom cloud. The time to take action and support the destruction of their nuclear aspirations is upon us. The price of delay is one which will be costly in treasure and life. As Winston Churchill once said, "Appeasement is feeding the dragon hoping he will eat you last."


* Biden: VP Biden was in Michigan yesterday pushing The Obama's jobs bill while blaming Republicans for it's failure. No mention of why the Democrat controlled Senate, after delaying the vote with the "nuclear option," wasn't able to pass it. Enough Democrat Senators, including Manchin of West Virginia, have the commons sense to realize that if the first stimulus didn't work then a second one would just be fools folly. Biden used an old tired liberal trick of saying that if the jobs bill wasn't passed murders and rapes would go up in Michigan. Sounds like children will starve and old ladies will be thrown off a cliff in their wheel chairs all over again. When these same liberals pass new fuel efficiency standards for cars which result in more deaths on the roads, they are mum on any correlation and even argue against it. This is just more evidence that The Obama's "American Jobs Act," which was launched in a campaign joint session speech before Congress, is just a political ploy and act of desperation. Spendulus II is dead on arrival.


* Holder:
Convenient timing or something more sinister? As subpoenas were being prepared for secretary Holder, he releases information of a foiled terrorist plot. A plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and bomb both the Saudi and Israeli embassies was discovered and one of the plotters was arrested. The interesting piece of information is that this was know since June of this year. Why announce it yesterday? Just another case of misdirection and counter propaganda. The subpoena's were issued today for Holder and other top level Justice Department political hacks. Reminds us of when The Obama presented his "forged" long form birth certificate then suddenly the news of Bin Laden's killing took center stage. Even though Bin Laden's location was known for over six months prior to the actual killing, it was a convenient distraction. Coincidence?

* Agitator-In-Chief: Tea Party demonstrations were peaceful, respectful of the law, pro-American and clean. The Kool-Aid demonstrations going on today across America are direful, unlawful (over 1,000 arrests), anti-American and filthy. With clear evidence of the anarchy involved you would expect the president to be pointing out the irony in the protestors messages, but instead, what we are witnessing is the Agitator-In-Chief actually condoning and encouraging them. Once a community organizer always a community organizer. Lines are clearly drawn and we know where this president stands.


* China: "Dirty" Harry Reid pulled the "nuclear option" last week in an effort to keep The Obama jobs bill from coming to a vote. After all, if this Spendulus II bill were to be voted down by a Democrat controlled Senate then The Obama would lose his blame Republicans card. The Nuclear Option in essence is taking away the minority power in the Senate. By taking this extreme action, Harry has removed deliberation from the deliberative body. Skipping over the jobs bill, Harry will now bring to a vote a China currency bill that will serve no other purpose than to further damage our already ailing economy. A trade war with China could cause runaway inflation as most everything we buy is made there. Perhaps this is part of The Obama regimes plan. After all, he would then be able to add China to the ever growing list of people, countries and events on which to pass blame for his failed policies.


* Pelosi: Ignorance is bliss. Or this that stupidity knows no bounds. Either way, Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi fits the bill. She backs the "Occupy Wall Street" anti-American, one-world, socialist dim bulbs while having called the Tea Party "Astro-Turf." According to Blinky, American families that gathered to show their support for our Constitution in an orderly and legal fashion were not a grass roots movement but ungrateful socialist and Marxism loving deadbeats deserve Americans support. This is another clear example of how far off the beaten path liberal leaders of the Democrat party are. She questions why Republicans didn't object to the Tea Party. She gives a new meaning to stupid. These demonstrators want to destroy our country and assist The Obama in his transformation. Notice there are no anti-Obama signs at the demonstrations when it's clearly his policies that have extended the recession and put our economy in a tailspin. The very corporations that they are protesting against most likely employ their parents who in turn have supplied them with the upbringing and public education that has turned their brains to mush. Iran calls these protests the American Spring, we call them, American garbage, no need to recycle… Please.


* Steve Jobs: As misguided students, disillusioned unemployed and rent-a-mobs protest on Wall Street we lost an American icon. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs lost his battle with Pancreatic cancer yesterday at the young age of 56. The irony is palatable. Protestors crying out against our American capitalist system, corporations and banks while they communicate and organize using the very iPhones that Steve Jobs and his corporation developed. These spoiled rotten misfits of society need to spend some time in North Korea's communist utopia or rent a cell in Castro's political prisons so they can truly appreciate the beauty of our Constitution and liberties protected therein. Some have insinuated that these protestors are the Democrats answer to the Tea Party. If so then they are the Kool-Aid Party. They follow their socialist dream like lemmings to slaughter. Our condolences to Steve's family, friends and company. May he rest in peace.


* The Obama: On his campaign soapbox during his new conference today, The Obama again threatens Congress to pass his jobs bill now. If Republicans are against it then why don't they explain why they're against putting teachers back to work, fixing bridges and putting people back to work. Ignoring that it was his Democrat leader in the Senate, "Dirty" Harry Reid who blocked a vote on his bill, he continues his attacks on Republicans. After all the bill will be paid for and will not add to our deficit, he says. With smoke and mirrors it will be paid for by raising taxes and adding the debt reduction function to the already empanelled debt reduction "super committee." Raising taxes is disguised as having the "rich" pay their fair share when in fact we have an unfair percentage of the tax burden being carried by the so called rich already. When 5% of the tax payers pay over 60% of taxes that's more than a fair share. If the super committee doesn't come up with the cuts then an automatic reduction of 50% will come from our defense budget. At a time when we're involved in three wars and the Middle East is going up in smoke these cuts would not only be irresponsible but they would be dangerous. He says that's it's either his jobs bill or do nothing. This a false choice as Republicans have stated their plans for economic growth and have passed a budget which was tabled in the Senate by "Dirty" Harry Reid. The same Democrat leadership which has yet to pass a budget during the three years of this regimes existence. The Republican plan focuses on private sector growth through lowering the government regulatory orgy of the last few years and reducing taxes in a way that would give businesses the certainty that they need in order to invest and grow without the cloud of big government taxation and regulation hanging over their business plans. The other issues that need to be addressed are the burdens of ObamaCare and financial micro managing of Dodd-Frank. We're seeing early results of Dodd-Frank with debit card fees being assed by banks. In exchange for Dodd-Frank limits on what banks can charge merchants, banks will be making up the loss by charging their customers instead. This is a clear example of why governments meddling has unintended consequences and when those consequences arise the very government zealots that engineered these changes are the first ones up in arms complaining about it. Hypocrisy, demagoguery, class and race warfare is their game plan. Only a clearing of the deck in November of 2012 will bring us real change that will turn our economy around.


* Jobs Bill: The Obama continues his Republican bashing campaign photo ops disguised as Presidential trips. Blaming those evil Republicans for blocking his jobs bill that will put every unemployed American (and illegal) back to work. Unfortunately for him his own Democrat controlled Senate, led by none other that "Dirty" Harry Reid, is blocking his jobs bill from a vote in the Senate. Shortly after Reid blocked the bill form a vote in the Senate Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, emailed this message to the presidents supporters:

"President Obama is in Dallas today urging Americans who support the American Jobs Act to demand that Congress pass it already.

Though it's been nearly a month since he laid out this plan, House Republicans haven't acted to pass it. And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is out there actually bragging that they won't even put the jobs package up for a vote -- ever.

It's not clear which part of the bill they now object to: building roads, hiring teachers, getting veterans back to work. They're willing to block the American Jobs Act -- and they think you won't do anything about it.

But here's something you can do: Find Republican members of Congress on Twitter, call them out, and demand they pass this bill."

There you have in a nutshell another blatant attempt to corrupt the process. This White House and their political hacks continue perpetrating this propaganda on the American people assisted by their MSM accomplices. Remember, it's not the quality of the speech, it's the content of the character.


* Christie: Enough already. How many times must a potential candidate say he's not running before the media believes him. Recently Gov. Christie said he wasn't running because he wasn't ready, we agree. He's in his first term as Governor of New Jersey and has done a great job but, he's not ready. The media frenzy sorrounding his possible run is nothing more than an attempt to take focus away from the established Republican candidates, all of which would be a great improvement over the socialist and illegal Obama regime.

* Media: MSM piling on Gov. Perry continues at every opportunity. This time the issue is a rock that was painted with the slur "Niggerhead Ranch" on land leased by Perry's family for hunting. When Perry's family were made aware of the rock they had it painted over. Keep in mind, it was not their property nor did they paint the slur on the rock. This is another media hit job with a guilt by association mentality. Where was this same guilt by association in regards to The Obama's raltionship with admitted terrorists Bill and Bernadine Ayers, Rev. Wright's racist anti-American Black Theology church for twenty years and the assorted Communists, like Van Jones, that worked for this president?


* Wall Street: Demonstrations by ignorant socialists and socialist leaning people continue for the third week on Wall Street. These acts of rebellion can be laid directly at the feet of Class Wayfaring Obamaites and Union thugs. Pitting the haves and have-nots leads to what we're seeing play out in the streets. Idiots like Michael Moore railing against capitalism while at the same time counting his millions made through capitalism is the height of hypocrisy. Capitalism has been the worlds greatest economic engine. It lifts people out of poverty and provides for the highest standard of living our world has ever known. Taking The Obama and these socialists ideology to it's logical conclusion would lead you to a world in need and poverty like in Cuba and North Korea. Capitalism is not our enemy but it can be our economic salvation if we can get the government off the throat of prosperity.

* Drones: The drone killing of al-Awlaki and Khan was a clear victory for the good guys and loss for terrorists that aim to destroy our way of life. Republican candidates Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are dead wrong in their criticism of this attack. They complain that al-Awlaki was an American citizen and therefore this was an assassination. Al-Awlaki was an American citizen by birth and nothing else, his loyalties were obviously elsewhere. When an American citizen joins forces at war with America and not only is involved in killing innocent Americans but also leads those efforts, he forfeits his citizenship and becomes simply an enemy combatant. People like Paul and Johnson also say that he was found guilty without the benefit of a trial. This is the same thinking that believes we should Mirandize terrorists caught in the field then try them in Federal courts. This is insane and dangerous thinking. Al-Awlaki had many years to turn himself in if a fair trial is what he wanted. Instead he chose to continue the fight and plan more death and destruction. Keep those drones coming, there are many more cockroaches out there!


* Iran: Religion of peace? That's what defenders of Islam say when in fact reality tells a different story. Youcef Naderkhani is a Christian pastor who has been sentenced to death for the crime of not denouncing his Christian faith. The sentence is to be carried out today unless enough pressure is placed on Iran to change their minds. A religion which condones killing because of your faith and stones women for being raped can hardly be called a religion. It resembles a cult more so than any peaceful religion. They anchor themselves in communities throughout the world and spread like a fungus on civilization's soul. It does not assimilate into the societies it enters but rather seeks to control through intimidation, Dhimnitude and fear. Either this evil is confronted at every opportunity or life as we know it will change over time into the barbaric world they envision. Time is on their side. We pray that Youcef's life is spared from another senseless act of Islamic insanity.


* Perdue:
Democrat North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue suggested this week that Congressional elections should be suspended in 2012 so that the Congress could concentrate on solving our problems instead of worrying about their re-elections. She and her staff have been busy back tracking those statements and pulling Ms. Perdue's foot out of her mouth. Her defenders say it was sarcasm or she was kidding even though her tone of voice was not that of sarcasm or joking. It was basically a slip of the tongue for an idea that is not to alien to progressive's ideological idiocy. The very reason to have elections is to remove politicians from office that don't live up to the trust that our citizens placed in them and to the oath they took to uphold our Constitution. The 2010 mid-term elections are a prime example of this. The House switched from Democrat to Republican control because people were fed up with the way Democrats were hijacking our Constitution and cramming the unconstitutional health care takeover known as ObamaCare down our throats. We need the 2012 elections more than ever, for Congress but specially for the presidency. The most important elections in our lifetimes is coming and the American electorate is chomping at the bit to remove The Obama regime albatross from our economy and way of life.


* ArmsGate: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives "Operation Fast and Furious" continues to unravel before our eyes. Conflicting testimony and Justice Department deflection is indicative of more to come. The operation was supposedly intended as a sting to sell arms to arms traffickers and catch them in the act in order to curtail gun running across our border. John Dodson, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent, testified to the House Oversight and Government Reform committee as follows: "Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals -- this was the plan, it was so mandated." He added: "My supervisors directed me and my colleagues not to make any stop or arrest, but rather, to keep the straw purchaser under surveillance while allowing the guns to walk." Border patrol officer Brian Terry was found murdered near Rio Rico, Arizona, two guns traced to "Operation Fast and Furious" were found near his body. What appears to be a botched operation from the top, we believe is more sinister that that. Operation Fast and Furious was in reality a method by which anti second amendment ideologues like The Obama and Eric Holder could manipulate gun running in a way that would paint our gun rights as being at the root cause of gun violence. That violence in turn could be used to further restrict American's gun rights. The way our agents were restricted and stop from pursuing arrests is indicative of the manipulation from the top. In pursuing a policy of "The ends justify the means," in this case it's the ends that will be the undoing of this corrupt Justice Department.


* Geithner:
Treasury Secretary Tim "Turbo Tax" Geithner says that even if The Obama's new jobs plan cost $200,000 per job created, it's still worth it. He claims that there aren't any alternatives but to flush more of your tax dollars down the toilet. Therein lies the problem with the pin headed socialist "intellectuals" that make up The Obama regime. They can't trust Americans and our capitalist economic system. In their world, only government knows best and only big government can solve problems and create jobs. Forget about getting government off the backs of American small business while these people are in power.


* Racism: Congressional BLACK Caucus, Miss BLACK America, BLACK Entertainment Television, National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People (NAACP) and on and on, what ever happened to being judged by the content of your character and not the color of your skin? The Obama is stirring the race pot once again by calling black Americans to fight and put their "boots" on so they can march. Black Americans should be marching, they should be marching against the failed socialist policies of their fearless leader, The Obama. Unemployment and economic misery is far worse in the black community than it is in others. Even with these facts staring you in the face, this community continues to support their failed president overwhelmingly (90%+). Percentages of black support for liberal Democrats and The Obama in particular rival those of fake elections in such Utopias as Castro's Cuba and Kim's North Korea. Not until our black American brothers and sisters get off the government plantation will there be true equality. Your leaders are bankrupt and only stay in power through the galvanizing of racial hate at the expense of true freedom and opportunity.


* Iran: Ramblings of a mad man. Iranian president Ahmadinejad (I'm-a-Need-a-Job) was at it again at the UN yesterday. Speaking of the United States he said, "By using their imperialistic media network which is under the influence of colonialism they threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust and the September 11 event with sanctions and military actions." He also called 9-11 a "mysterious act." "Mysterious," the only mystery here is how a brainless fool can possibly create speech. He and his Mullah's are a joke and a thorn in the side of civilization. The worst part about this is these same idiots are on their way to acquiring a nuclear bomb. A terrorist who is willing to commit suicide for his Islamic cause will kill as many innocents as possible, given a nuclear weapon they would not hesitate to use it. Life as we know it depends on stopping this nightmare scenario from playing out.


* Palestinians (This entry was sent to us from a contributor): I was instrumental in the "Road Map for Peace" in Sharm el Shake Egypt in 2004, for President Bush and the Bush White House. We thought we had a road map. We did! History will tell. We need to get back to the road map. Foresight of an Israeli State and the coexistence, in peace, of a Palestinian state. They both need to exist and flourish. They are from the same ancient tribes that were split in conflict. We look alike, we have some of the same customs, at times the same dialect. Why not the same life? Palestinians, we are your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, stop killing us. Love us!

* Millionaire Myth: The Obama claims his tax millionaire scheme is not class warfare but like most of his other ramblings, that's exactly what it is. Using 2009 government IRS figures only 0.2% of tax payers had income of over $1 Million dollars. That group paid over 20% of the income taxes for the entire country. That's 2 tenths of one percent paying over 20 percent, does that sound fair to you? Are they not already paying more than their fair share? What about the 50% of people that pay zero income tax, is that a fair share? If you confiscated every penny that these tax payers make it still would not put a dent in the outrageous spending orgy going on by this administration. From the joint session campaign speech to his daily diatribes, The Obama's class warfare machine marches on in a steady pace to save the only job he really cares about, his own.


* Palestinians: If the Palestinians through their leadership aspired peace and coexistence with Israel then peace would had been accomplished by now. Israel has given up land for peace, given up control to the Palestinian Authority for peace and yet it has been an illusive wish. The crux of the problem is the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and majority of Palestinians do not believe in Israel's right to exist. You cannot live at peace with a neighbor who's stated aim is your destruction. The obvious end to that equation is war. Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir had it right when she said. "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."


* Media Bias: During the debt ceiling debate Republicans in the House passed a Cut-Cap-Balance bill to tackle the debt issue. The MSM was unanimous in criticizing the GOP for passing a bill they knew would not pass the Democrat controlled Senate and would be vetoed by The Obama even if it did. Now we find The Obama trying to pass a tax increase which he couldn't pass when the Democrats had control of the House, Senate and White House. Instead of the same response from the media they join The Obama bandwagon by piling on Republicans and calling them obstructionists. The established propaganda machine known as the MSM cannot be any clearer in their blatant bias. They have, for a long time now, lost all credibility. No longer journalist they have become a rubber stamp for liberal/progressive policies which are destroying our country.


* No-Class: The Obama's latest plan calls for new taxes of $1.5 Trillion. We just went through a very confrontational debt ceiling negotiation in which new taxes were an obvious deal breaker. Knowing this, The Obama is proposing new taxes in a clear "class warfare" play for votes. These proposed taxes, although labeled as taxes on the wealthy so they can pay their "fair share," is a jobs killer. Most of the taxes would be imposed on small businesses and job creators. In an economy in which jobs are the key issue and 9.1% unemployment we should be doing everything possible to increase job creation not hamper it. More taxes and regulations equals less jobs and freedom. We're clearly going in the wrong direction and The Obama is accelerating.


* Energy: Government throwing our tax dollars down the green energy black hole is the story of Solyndra. For the sake of political expediency The Obama backed another solar power failure. Even though reviews of the company from the Bush administration to the current one showed that Solyndra was a shaky investment at best, political pressure was placed to approve over $500 Million in stimulus founds for the company. Both VP Biden and The Obama touted the company with The Obama even saying, "Companies like Solyndra will lead the way to a brighter and more prosperous future." You can keep that future for yourself Mr. Obama! Green energy can and should be part of our goal of energy independence but it should be decided by free markets not government meddling and crony capitalism. This is the mindset of liberal elites and their useful idiots always believing government knows best. The Solyndra story is just the latest example that their beliefs are flat out wrong. Like our great president Ronald Reagan once said, "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."


* FEMA: Government is not efficient and even wasteful in many cases. If you follow this logic then you can easily conclude that more government leads to more inefficiencies and more waste. A classic example has just been brought to light in Alabama. After tornados ravaged some schools there FEMA stepped in and built tornado proof shelters at the schools that were damaged. Schools themselves will be rebuilt at which time FEMA wants the communities affected to "buy" the shelters. The localities do not have the money to purchase the shelters so the brain trust at FEMA are going to follow their regulations to the "t." Here's where the big government idiocy comes in, if the communities can't afford the shelters then FEMA will pay them to tear the shelters down and haul the debris away. Is it any wonder that our government is out of control? It wouldn't take much effort to find and cut waste from a government that can come up with regulations like the ones concerning these shelters.

* Gitmo: Recidivism rates from GITMO continue to rise. 27% of released detainees have returned to the battlefield. The Geneva convention does not apply to non-uniformed terrorist caught in the field of battle. We have every right to hold these combatants until hostilities seize, no matter how long that takes. In cases where a prisoner was clearly guilty of murder they should be subjected to interrogation then tried after they've reveled all they knew. If found guilty they should be swiftly put to death. We are fighting a war and in war it makes no sense to release your enemy back into the field to kill again.


* Solyndra: In May of 2010 The Obama said, "Companies like Solyndra will lead the way to a brighter and more prosperous future." That was after a White House sponsored federal loan guarantee of $500 Million to Solyndra, a startup solar panel manufacturer based in Freemont, CA. Solyndra is now a defunct bankrupted failure just over a year after receiving this massive influx of taxpayer money. If this is the brighter future The Obama intends for the rest of America, he's doing his best to achieve that goal.

* Turner: Democrat's out number Republican's by 3 to 1 in Weiner's old district in Ney York. Yesterday Republican Bob Turner, a retired businessman defeated Democrat David Weprin is the special election to fill the Weiner vacated seat. The election was a clear referendum on The Obama's failed economic policies and anti Israel foreign policy. If you listen closely you can hear the clatter of foot steps as Democrat's begin running for the hills and away from The Obama train wreck.


* Ad: As predicted the so called Jobs speech before a joint session of Congress was just a campaign gimmick after all. The DNC has just come out with an ad playing a portion of the speech. A clear violation of House rules that prohibit video from floor speeches from being used in ad's. The jobs plan itself is nothing more than son-of-Spendulus. A mini version of a failed stimulus plan. If the almost Trillion dollar stimulus didn't help the economy what makes this administration think that more of the same failure will work this time? Not only is it more of the same but it also includes tax increases that are dead on arrival. The Obama knows this as it is part of the plan. The trap that we spoke of in previous BLOG's has come to be. It is nothing more that an excuse to lay this administration's failed economic policies at the feet of the Republican's in Congress. The Obama will be stumping the country blaming economic hardships on Republican's for failing to pass his jobs plan. The Obama was dragged by Republican's into extending the Bush tax rates at the end of 2010 admitting that any tax increase would be harmful to the economy. If it was harmful then it's definitely harmful now, the difference is we're in full campaign mode now and political rhetoric and gimmickry will only intensify.


* 9-11: Painful memories were revisited on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. Like a wound that doesn’t heal, tears that never dry, lives forever changed. Liberal whitewashing of the most horrific attack on American's in our history will not change the facts. Evil reared its ugly head on 9-11 ten years ago in the form of an intolerant religion. It was an attack on civilization in general and America in particular. A generation of innocence was lost on that fateful day. The Obama administration aided by their enablers in the media would like to take the focus away from the perpetrators of this horrific terrorist act by turning 9-11 into a "National Day of Service." When evil stares you in the face it does no good to turn your head. You must confront it and defeat it. Allowing a mosque near ground zero would be an insult to the memories of the innocents lost on that fateful September morning ten years ago. For some, it's about religious freedom yet religious freedom did not allow for religious services to commemorate and give solace to the families of the those murdered on that day. It's not religious freedom to allow that symbol of intolerance to be built so close to the ashes their evil left behind. We will never forget!


* O'Trap: As predicted, the trap has been set. Presidential speeches before a joint session of Congress have now been officially diminished to political pamdering. The Obama annoucned his "American Jobs Act" with the grace of a three ring circus ringmaster. Even though no bill has been introduced he repeatedly said, "Pass this bill…" Pass this bill and we'll build roads, pass this bill and we'll educate our children, pass this bill and we'll save the average family $1,500 a year, pass this bill and your toast will be buttered. Like Blinky Pelosi had said about ObamaCare, "Pass it so we can find out what's in it," so too did The Obama follow the same idiotic process, pass this bill and we'll tell you later what's in it. Some comedy relief was had when he said, "This is not political grandstanding, not class warfare." Glad to see the president has a sense of humor, Republicans enjoyed those lines the most. He also said he doesn't believe we have to strip collective bargaining in order to compete in the global market. Tell that to GE's CEO Immelt who heads the president jobs task force and has recently decided to move plants to China. The president tasked him to come up with ideas for jobs creation but I guess he forgot to tell him what country the creation should be in. Immelt could be seen in the presidential box, the irony was palatable. He blatantly threatened Congress with 'you better pass this or else' because I'm taking this message to every corner of this country. Therein lies the trap. If Congress doesn't pass this "son-of-Spendulus" bill then the economic misery that is Obamanomics will be placed squarely at the feet of the Republican's in the House. The mystery bill will have a price tag of $447 Billion but we can just tack it unto the already agreed to $1.5 Trillion dollars the "Super Committee" is supposed to cut in spending over the next ten years. And if they don't come up with the cuts by the deadline, no problem, the extra $447 Billion will just be added to automatic cuts that would be triggered of which 50% will be from Defense. Something here smells, but that’s par for the course. Conveniently, just after the presidents speech the administration reported they have a credible terrorist threat for 9-11. A threat they knew of all day but saved for the very moment when it would take focus away from dissecting the latest presidential diatribe.


* Gibson Guitars: Federal agents raided the Gibson guitar factory in Memphis, Tennessee. The raid was to serve search warrants for possible violation of the Lacey Act of 1900 which was intended to prevent importing of illegally obtained bird feathers. The law was amended in 2008 to include wood and other plant sources that may have come from countries where their harvesting was illegal. The problem centers around Ebony wood from India which are used in the frets of Gibson guitars. The irony here is that if the finished fret was imported then the law wouldn't apply. In other words, if Gibson didn't employ the American workers that build their frets but rather imported them from foreign workers then that would be OK. Aren't we supposed to be encouraging American job creation Why is The Obama regime attacking American companies? Gibson Guitars are 100% American made. Another problem with this federal raid is that other guitar manufacturers use the same Ebony wood but they were not raided. Those other companies are lead by Democrats while Gibson is led by a Republican, Henry Juszkiewicz, who has donated to Republican candidates. This is just another case of this administrations crony capitalism and anti-business hypocrisy. Jobs numbers came out today showing new first time unemployment claims for the week at 414,000. With this Obamanomics destroyed economy continuing its downward spiral is there any wonder why businesses are running scared? Our economy will not start a true private sector lead recovery until The Obama regime is defeated. Until then, do as Winston Churchill once said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."


* Banks: Our federal government is suing 17 large banks for $30 Billion. They claim it's to recover some of the loses from subprime securities held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Let's see if we have this right. First congress through the limp brain trust, lead by Barney Frank, force banks into questionable loans to unqualified recipients to allow low income individuals to obtain mortgages. The banks bundle loans into securities which are bought and backed by Fannie and Freddie. When all hell breaks loose and banks, Freddie and Fannie are on the brink of insolvency, the Fed's step in and bail them out with our tax dollars. The Fed's then turn around and sue the very banks that they forced into questionable loans and then bailed out. Makes sense, don't you think? There is no end to the hypocrisy of our liberal leaders.


* Workers: The Obama's union jobs rally - political, in a GM parking lot - expected, in union and liberal decimated Detroit - priceless! Talk about incendiary rhetoric, from Joe foot-in-mouth Biden to Teamsters Hoffa, lots of fun was had by a concentrated gathering of kooks. Biden said, “You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates…the other side has declared war on labor’s house.” Teamster's head Hoffa said, “President Obama, this is your army, and we are ready to march. Everybody here’s got a vote. If we go back, and we keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.” So much for civility and ideas to help our economy. We're witnessing cornered rats that can't deal with the reality that the American people have had enough of their lies and manipulation. They claim to stand for the "workers" but yet it's "workers" that have been led astray by the very policies they defend. It's these same workers, that form the majority of their base, that are suffering the most from the economic disaster that The Obama and his socialist's/progressive's continue to give them. It's raining down on their "war" parade. These people are out of touch. They call Republicans and the Tea Party enemies, S.O.B.'s and evil. This translates to the Constitution is evil, small government is evil and individual liberty and responsibility is evil. They are the antithesis of what made this country great. If only they could see the light before all their Kool-Aid is gone.


* Labor: It used to be that labor meant a hard days work in exchange for decent days pay was rewarding and fulfilling. Now we think of labor as an adversarial relationship between overreaching union thugs and the businesses that employ their members. This relationship is fostered by strong arm tactics and community agitators or what some would call organizers. What good would it do a union if all their demands where met yet the company that met them goes under? They claim all they want is fairness yet when you peel away the layers of concessions you find business crippling policies of which we are seeing some of the results today. The same way that a high minimum wage reduces entry level employment, overreaching by unions reduces well paying jobs. In this progressively induced economic stupor we're in only right-to-work states are showing new job creation. You would think it to be common sense to support that growth but instead, The Obama and his pro-union anti-business brethren keep bighting the hand that feeds them. Today The Obama is giving a preview to his joint session campaign jobs speech, in Detroit, in a Government Motors parking lot. The AFL-CIO will be there in full force to cheer and applaud every line. What you won't see Is the other line, the unemployment line these policies have wrought.


* O4Zero: New jobs report came out this morning and the news is grim. Zero net jobs were created by our economy for the month of August. Not since 1945 has our economy had such a dismal month. Seems the first character in the presidents name is a zero not an O. O stands for zero as The Obama's economic policies and regulations have cemented their stranglehold on a once thriving economy. Consumer confidence and business uncertainty is depressed. Next weeks joint session campaign speech disguised as a "jobs" plan will most likely bring about more negative results. A jobs plan intended as a political trap will be laid at the GOP's feet. There will be calls for a massive new Spendulus bill masquerading as infrastructure and job creation initiatives. Fiscally concerned House Republicans will balk and therein lies the trap. The GOP will be blamed for putting a road block in the presidents cure for our economy. The liberal MSM will carry his water and ignore the very administration policies that at the heart of the economic malaise. Either through ignorance or as part of the Cloward-Piven master plan to transform our nation, The Obama's fingerprints are all over it.


* Jobs: The campaigner-in-chief hasn't stopped campaigning since he was elected in 2008 yet has the gall to condemn Republicans for "politicizing" on every issue. His latest arrogance came when after two and a half years of failed policies he now has a brilliant jobs plan that he would like to share with the American people. This plan is so important that it first had to wait until he got back from his plush Martha's Vineyard vacation and then he does and end around protocol by announcing that he will be giving the speech before a joint session of Congress on September 7th. By miraculous coincidence the 8pm speech coincides with a previously planed Republican presidential debate from the Reagan Library which will also be Gov. Perry's first debate since entering the race. Can anyone say "politicizing?" The narcissism and idiocy of this president knows no bounds. With this weeks appointment of Krueger to head his Council of Economic Advisors he signaled that nothing is going to change in his economic policies. So what's new in the speech? You can probably bet the farm that it will be more of the same double speak that we've become accustomed to. He will ask for tax increases in the shape of reform and "shared sacrifice," new infrastructure spending on shovel ready jobs (of which he has admitted there aren't any) and may ask for responsible spending cuts (in Washington, from a socialist, that means pie in the sky). Thankfully speaker Boehner had the backbone (nice word for Conjones) to call The Obama on this blatant political ploy. Boehner requested the president reschedule for Thursday the 8th due to Congress not coming back from summer recess until the 7th and having already had scheduled votes set for that evening. The Obama had to back down. On a positive note, the NFL season begins on the 8th at the same time as The Obama's joint session monumental jobs speech. Let the games begin!


* WTC: Political correctness is rearing its ugly head in our 9/11 memorial. The Obama has sought to change this date from a memorial to a national day of service. New York City mayor Bloomberg, after defending the ground zero Mosque on the ground s of religious freedom, is now banning any religious services at this 10 year anniversary of the worst attack on our country. So much for religious freedom Mr. Bloomberg. Blatant hypocrisy is no stranger to PC politicians like Bloomberg. Another PC attack is taking form in that the terrorist attack on 9/11 is now being framed as an attack on the "world." Using the World Trade Center as a basis for this argument is as ridiculous as Bloomberg's religious argument. It's true that people from many nationalities were killed by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 but that's what Americans are. 9/11 was clearly an attack on America because we are the one country in the world that has and continues to defend liberty and freedom. Liberty is incompatible with the intolerance of Muslim fanatics that attacked us on 9/11 and continue to kill innocents on a daily basis.


* Krueger: The Obama has nominated Princeton professor Alan Krueger to be his new chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. Krueger spent two years in this administration's Treasury department and previously served in the Clinton administration. Krueger is a Keynesian labor economist. In 1992 he co-authored a now debunked study which concluded that by raising the minimum wage you would spur an increase in new jobs. Common sense would tell you that this conclusion was illogical yet they had to study it anyway. They manufactured results to meet their desired conclusions. He has also advocated for a national 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT wouldn't be replacing any existing tax but rather just be an additional tax. This tax through every process of our economy would only serve to further damage small businesses and job growth. What this nomination means is The Obama has no intention of changing any of his policies or proposing anything different than what we've seen in the past. His "new" jobs proposal coming out next week will be more of the same tired and failed ideas straight out of the progressives recycling bin. Class envy through tax the rich "shared" sacrifice malarkey and continued wealth distribution through extension of unemployment benefits. These liberal intellectuals believe that by taking water from the deep end of the pool and pouring into the shallow end you can raise the water level of the pool. Maybe they can study that!


* Gore: Former VP and global warming guru AlGore has once again proved that he is off his rocker. He is now comparing "climate change" skeptics to racists. He must have run out of bogus climate studies rigged in order to support his lunacy. Facts are as foreign to Gore's climate change arsenal as forests are on the moon. Gore believes that "winning" the conversation is the way to turn things around like it was during the racists days of his childhood. Even the guru himself doesn't call it global warming anymore, I guess they lost that conversation.


* Economy: The Bernank has spoken, 'No new steps to boost the economy' will be undertaken by the FED. We applaud the Bernank as it seems the more meddling they do the worst things get. What should be done is roll back all the needless job killing regulations that have sprung up like a fungus on the economic landscape since The Obama's regime took over. Meanwhile Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden says we need more stimulus. This is like Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Obviously this administration didn't get the message, their Spendulus didn't work and only served to balloon our deficit. Reduce regulations on our natural gas industry and step back while our private sector grows our economy. There's a lot to be said for the best government is the least government, that's what we need now. Unfortunately things won't change until we remove the big-government crowd from power in the next elections.


* Results: If you take a step back from all the politics, talking points and demagoguery, you have a clearer economic picture. Look at states with Democrat progressive control like California, Illinois and New York and you see high taxes, high regulation, high unemployment and high deficits. In Republican controlled states like Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia and now Florida you see the opposite. This is not rocket science. Once you put Democrat incumbency protection policies aside and rely on proven private sector incentives and policies, American business responds and American citizens benefit. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, whatever you want to call them, are wrong and historical facts prove it. What remains is cutting through the MSM propaganda and getting the truth to our electorate so through information they can make the correct choices next elections. Only through a change in the composition of our elected representatives, especially the president, will our economy turn around. Until then, hang on, it's going to be a rough ride.


* Wilson: Florida Democrat representative Frederica Wilson joined her fellow Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) radical, Maxine Waters, in condemning the Tea Party. Rep. Wilson said, "The real enemy is the Tea Party." Perhaps they should change their name to the Communist Black Caucus. The Tea Party stands for limited federal government and our Constitution. These progressive liberal lame brains like to deflect from the failure of their policies. Black American's have a much higher rate of unemployment than the general population. Blame should be placed where it truly belongs, in the failed welfare state and wealth distribution government policies, at the city, state and federal levels. Labeling the Tea Party as enemies may be fodder for your constituents but it does nothing for bettering the lives of those you pretend to want to help. Once the black community realizes that these very demagogues that are dependent on their support are in it for their own political survival they may begin to turn things around. Taking to heart individual liberty and responsibility emboldened by our Constitution and Bill of Rights is the only path for this community to outgrow the political chains that binds them. The Tea Party is not their enemy, it is actually their salvation.


* Media:
Progressive wacko talking head from non other than MSNBC, Ed Schultz, pulled a typical media bias stunt, concealing information for the sake of his attack. He took a quote from Gov. Rick Perry about our national debt hanging over us like a "black cloud" and cut out the debt part. He did this to make his point falsely painting Perry as a racist because he called The Obama a "black cloud" hanging over the country. This is typical race bating and something that we're only going to be seeing more of as the campaigns heats up. Most people can clearly see through this nonsense but there are many who, due to only getting their information from these liberal outlets, will be brainwashed by this racial bigoted propaganda. Unfortunately those people vote. Just as common sense was shelved during The Obama's election in 2008 in many sectors of our electorate it could be missing in action again. Information, facts and a fundamental belief in our Constitutional Republic are what separate us from tyranny.


* Buffett: It's difficult to understand why some billionaires, like Warren Buffett, are so giving, with other peoples money that is. These rich hypocrites believe the rich aren't paying enough taxes. I guess the top 5% of wage earners paying over 50% of the taxes is not enough. If people like Buffett don't think they're paying enough then why do they take advantage of tax loopholes to bypass their own taxes? Why don't they just voluntarily send more to the treasury in the form of a donation? Do they really think the government can spend their money better than they can themselves? Go ahead Mr. Buffett, if you don't think you're paying enough, pay more. Don't force your fellow Americans who disagree with your idiotic nonsense to have more of their money confiscated so the progressive wealth transferors can waste it on more of their redistribution of wealth feel-good programs. The longest war in history has been the war on poverty. It's been draining trillions of dollars for decades and it's still being lost. More of Buffett's money down that same rat hole is not going to make a difference. Not to treasury: Expect a huge donation from Warren Buffett soon… Not!

* Waters: Socialist Congressional Black Caucus poster child Maxine Waters is at it again. This time miss congeniality said, "The Tea Party can go straight to hell." So much for toning down the rhetoric. Socialist/Marxists like Waters attack the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry at their own peril. The Tea Party gets under these radicals skins because they speak to the heart and soul of what America is all about. They love their country and believe in limited government like our founding fathers did. Ms. Waters, if you think the Tea Party is inconsequential just look back at the repudiation of your ideas last November.


* Dust: Is it any wonder that our economy is a mess when our very own EPA regulates farms dust? Not only do we regulate it but under another idiotic regulation coming from The Obama's socialist/Marxist administration, we're doubling down on it. Dust from farm vehicles like trucks, tractors and combines. Government is like putting legislators and regulators in a room and telling them to work. The result will be new legislation and new regulations, that's what they do, that's what our government does. Like a virus running out of control, our government growths at the expense of our liberty and tax dollars. To help get out of our current Cateresque malaise we need to not only stop these nonsensical regulations but roll back needless ones from the last few years.

* Amnesty: Like other policies and initiatives that this administration couldn't get through Congress, no problem, they do it on their own. The Dream Act stalled so why not do it through the executive branch? That's exactly what this administrations Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is doing. They are immediately stopping all court ordered deportations of "illegal" aliens and dealing with them on a case by case basis. If an illegal marked for deportation meets the administrations criteria, such as attending school or supporting a family or having a family member in the military or whatever else they deem as important enough to bypass Congress and the courts, than the illegal gets to stay. Balance of powers? Not with The Obama regime, they ignore the Constitution and rule of law for the sake of political expediency.


* Bad-Luck-Bama: The sun was in my eyes, I tripped over a rock and the dog ate my homework. The Obama "saved us" from a possible depression but all of a sudden a string of bad luck hit to derail the recovery. How stupid does he think the American people are? That was a stupid question, the fact that he's the president answers it for us. Not seeing a tax or excuse he didn't like his latest ones are, it was the Japan earthquake, the Arab spring and Europe's financial troubles. Poor old Bad-Luck-Bama, it's never his fault or that of his policies.

* Perry: Gov. Rick Perry is being hounded by the media over supposed gaffs in his first few days of campaigning. We don't consider them gaffs but rather honest opinions, a rarity amongst politicians. Keep it up governor, you're reflecting the majority of Americans thoughts and frustrations. Don't back down and give 'em hell!


* Jobs: The Obama says he has a plan, Halleluiah. This plan is so important it has to wait until September to be announced. We can't have him delay or interfere with his Martha's Vineyard vacation in a plush 28 acre compound, that just wouldn't be fair. After two and a half years he now has a plan? What's he been waiting for? The latest "brilliance" from the no-jobs president is more of the same. An idea has been floated that what is needed is a new government department he wants to call the Department of Jobs? What the? Just what we need, more government bureaucratic incompetence. Maybe one of his aids can tell him that we have a Department of Labor and that it doesn't deal with pre-natal issues. The idiocy coming out of this administration is like an bottomless pit, throw a nickel in and you never hear a thing, not even a faint echo from another disappearing job.

* Lone-Wolf: "The risk that we're especially concerned over right now is the lone wolf terrorist, somebody with a single weapon being able to carry out wide-scale massacres of the sort we saw in Norway recently," said The Obama. He was speaking of the massacre in Oslo, Norway by Anders Breivik. He shot 69 people and was immediately identified by the MSM as a radical right-wing Christian. He's not a Christian, he's a nut case. The Obama went on to say, "When you've got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology they can do a lot of damage and it's a lot harder to trace those lone wolf operators." What hateful ideology was The Obama referring to? Could it be Christianity? By making a reference to the Oslo incident and not the thousands of Muslim attack's one could take inference from that statement that our president's thinking is biased against Christian's and sympathetic to Muslim's.

* Suppository: Is it me or does The Obama's Debt-Hound bus look like a giant black suppository? He's been sticking it to us for two and a half years, it's about time we got some relief. Some criticize us fro being disrespectful to the office of the president. We respectfully disagree. We respect the office like Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush did. We do not respect presidents that don't respect it themselves, like Bill "Lewinski" Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.


* Debt-Hound: Where's the line between an official presidential visit and a campaign event? At a time when our treasury is broke and we're borrowing money from China why must we pay for another Obama propaganda campaign Debt-Hound ride through the Midwest? The galloping liar-in-chief on a bus "jobs" tour of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, so special. Let's see, Air Force 1, secret service, advance teams, staff, WH communications and other aids. Can you feel the debt rise? These aren't presidential good will trips, they're simply un-presidential campaign stops. Bashing your political opposition with lies and rhetoric that you expose on a daily basis does not a leader make. The Obama likes to lead from behind but up 'till now we didn't know it meant leading from behind the out-house. This is obvious now because what spews from his tele-promted lips belongs no where else. There's a long way to go between now and America's sanity confirmation in November of 2012. Until then we pray God gives us the stomach for vile which emanates from this White House.

* Ryan: Rumors abound about a Paul Ryan run for the president. We need Ryan and his budgetary expertise in the next Congress to help our new president get our economic house in order. This is not the time for him to make a run for the White House.


* IOWA: Pawlenty's un-presidential attack on Michelle Bachman in last weeks Republican debate sealed his fate. It was a last ditch effort to overtake Bachman and it backfired. He gave up his presidential bid yesterday. Santorum was clearly sidestepped in the debate and Paul showed again why he would be a bad choice. Although some of Paul's positions are good ones, he's clearly out on a limb in his foreign affairs opinions. By blaming the U.S. for tensions with Iran then saying it would be OK for Iran to have nuclear weapons, he's out of touch with reality. Gingrich was the professor of the bunch but two mule trains couldn't carry his baggage. Romney looked the most presidential but being the runner up in our last primary season does not a winner make. Huntsman might as well give it up now. We will not vote for an Obama administration member to lead our party, if we did, it would be suicide by stupidity. Cain is a good man and makes good business sense but doesn't spark in the leadership department where we are so lacking today. Bachman is spot on and will make a great vice presidential nominee. Enter Perry and the game is on. Perry brings that intangible quality that has been missing thus far. He brings executive experience, accomplishments that make The Obama's policies look like the failures that they are. With Texas providing more job growth than the rest of the states combined, he has a positive message to run on., He's a strong believer of American exceptionalism, unlike The Obama's belief that all countries are exceptional, The Obama just doesn't get it. It's the belief in that American spirit, the belief in individual liberty and freedom not in Governments role as primary provider but the individuals role as their own guardian that makes Perry special. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness not life, liberty and the pursuit of mediocrity and government dependence. Perry believes in America and America will believe in him because he is our best hope of turning our country around. A Perry - Bachman ticket is the cure for what ails us. November 2012 can't come soon enough!


* Super "Unconstitutional" Congress: Now that members of the "debt" committee have been announced one thing is certain, nothing will come of it. Political hacks like Kerry and Murray on the DEM side will make sure that there's a stalemate. A stalemate would result in $1.2 Trillion in cuts spread 50-50 across social programs and defense. Our out of control spending is clearly on the social side yet defense will take an equal cut, in essence weakening our national security at a time when we're involved in three wars. What makes this committee's existence border on the unconstitutional is how it bypasses normal congressional procedures and the amendment process. On the bright side it will bring an up or down vote on a balanced budget amendment which is sorely needed. While all this is taking shape The Obama regime continues its anti-business policies by announcing fuel efficiency standards for trucks for the first time in our history. Seems like the economic ignorance of this administration knows no bounds.

* NFL: For those of us who enjoy professional football, it's finally here. The pre-season began last night and it couldn't have come soon enough. A welcome relief from political turmoil and socialist destruction of our country, kick off will be a welcome breath of fresh air. Go Skins!


* GM to GH: Oh that road to a utopian Marxist state may be rocky but just wait, it will all work out! So believe the useful idiots that still support The Obama and his "transformation" of our nation into a third world disaster. From Government Motors (GM) to Government Housing (GH) the trek continues. Since the government bailout of Freddie and Fannie basically gave the government ownership over more than half of all American mortgages what's the government to do now. As the housing market continues it's slide and Freddie and Fannie are in need of more assistance, there's only one solution for a socialist/Marxist government. Why not have the government become the housing manager by renting out those troubled homes? No foreclosures, just pay the gov. While on the outset this may sound like a good idea it's nothing more than another step in that socialist transformation that The Obama promised. Government owning homes and allocating them to citizens is an awful lot like what we see in Communist utopias like Cuba. In Cuba the government controls all housing. You cannot sell a home or move without government approval. You cannot swap a home without the almighty governments blessing. Take everything The Obama government says with the skepticism it deserves. It's the ends that justify their means and they intend to end our way of life.


* Mobs: What we are witnessing in the USA, UK and across the world are not spontaneous mobs. We are witnessing the result of socialism/Marxism's failures. Seeds of racism and class envy, planted by The Obama and others like him, lay dormant until the climate and nourishment is right for growth. The economic downturn is the climate and political demagoguery is the nourishment. Like pouring fuel on a fire, incendiary speech such as 'the rich aren't paying their fair share' and 'Republicans want to kill Medicare and starve your children' are adding to this problem. The morally-challenged-ideological-useful-idiots amongst us are the foot solders in the battle of our times. The battle between good and evil, peace and anarchy, civilization and barbarism, capitalism and socialism, freedom and slavery is here. I for one stand with our founding fathers and our Constitution. Liberty is the ability to chose your destiny, freedom is the result of making the right choice. The time to chose is upon us!


* Congress: Some are calling for Congress to cut their summer vacation short because of the current state of the economy and markets. We disagree. To resume this Congress is an exercise in futility. The Socialist/Progressive leadership in the Senate will not allow common sense changes that would go a long way to correcting on current direction. The GOP Cut, Cap and Balance bill was a fix for what ails our economy. This critical bill sits in Senate leader Dirty Harry Reid's trash can. With the Senate and the White House under this Progressive control, nothing good will come of resuming their non-sense and destruction of our free-market system (if you can still call it that). Perhaps they should stay in recess until after the 2012 elections. In that election, we will take back our country. It will be the single most important election in our history, our future depends on it.

* Electoral College: Anti-Constitutional pressure continues by some states in their effort to undo our Constitutions' requirement of an electoral college to elect our president. The electoral college is essential for the survival of our Constitutional Republic. We are not a Democracy, we are a Representative Republic. Just as our system depends on representatives to voice the will of those who elect them so too does the electoral college electors represent those who elect them and transfer that will to a Constitutionally mandated process of electing our president. In it's truest form, to paraphrase James Bovard, "a Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner." True Democracy is mob rule, our founding fathers knew better.


* AA+: The Democrat-Progressive attack machine is in full force deflecting blame for S&P's downgrade of our credit rating from AAA to AA+. First downgrade in 70 years. Their target is the majority of American citizens, Yes, the Tea Party. The silent majority that is silent no more. S&P downgraded the U.S. for not cutting enough spending and for kicking the can down the road with an upcoming "committee" to come up with additional cuts. A Democrat cut in spending is reducing your borrowing by ONE TRILLION dollars when you wanted to borrow TEN Trillion dollars so you ONLY end up borrowing NINE TRILLION dollars. That makes complete sense if your only goal in life is re-election and transferring wealth from job creators to government dependents. The Obama's Progressive/Socialist/Marxist polices may work in pin headed academia debates but they're proven failures in real life. The last two and a half years are living proof! We are not dealing with unknowns here, we are looking at history repeating itself. Socialist's. Marxist's, and it's new proxy term Progressive's are all failures wherever they've been in control. Like Ronald Reagan said, "Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it." We are heading towards hell and the Tea Party is our only salvation. Let's stand behind them, join them, defend our Constitution and save our country  from our enemies, especially those within!


* Gov. Waste: It's incredible that at a time when we're running huge deficits we are still pouring foreign aid funds down the drain. Our state department spends million of U.S. Aid dollars to rebuild Mosque's in Egypt and other Muslim countries. They do that to endear themselves to the Muslim community. Meanwhile the Imam's are laughing all the way to the bank while preaching their Jihad and death to America. How stupid can we be? We are also pouring millions of "development" dollars into China. Now that is the dumbest thing we've heard in a long time. That's like donating money to the bank that owns your mortgage to help them "develop" new business. Makes sense, huih? We could go on but it's depressing to think your government could be so reckless with your hard earned tax dollars. This is the result of a government grown far beyond it's Constitutional boundaries. Time to reign in this monster.


* Economy: The day after our debt limit was raised our government borrowed almost $300 Billion. With another $700 Billion in the works, nothing's changed. Our spending is still out of control and promises of future cuts are just that, promises. Unless we control growth through a balanced budget we won't turn the corner. Unfortunately things will not change for the better until and if conservatives can win back the Senate and specially the White House in 2012. If we can derail the socialist runaway train we can bring back prosperity. With Republican control of both houses of Congress and the White House we would see ObamaCare repealed, taxes and regulations reduced and a resurgence of economic growth. That new optimistic economy would create much needed private sector jobs and like a rising tide raises all boats, all Americans will benefit.


* Jobs: Safe from a debt ceiling increase which takes us past the 2012 elections, The Obama is back on his demagauging "jobs" rant. He calls on congress to send him ideas for new job creation. Here's a good one, resign. Ah, wishful thinking. Once again he says that government must live within its means and we need to focus of new job creation. It's like his lips move but he can't hear what he's saying. First of all, government doesn't create private sector jobs it creates government jobs. Government can create an environment where private sector jobs can grow by removing obstacles from business. Reduce regulations, red tape and taxes and you'll see real job growth. Remove the uncertainty of near future tax increases like threatening to eliminate the Bush tax rates and then you'll see real improvement. Businesses will not and cannot prosper in an anti-business government top-down controlled environment. Unshackle business and focus on the free of our once free enterprise system and watch the resulting growth.


* Biden: Now that a deal has been struck, VP Joe "foot-in-mouth" Biden is back. Like a bad headache, he's back. He joins the ranks of Debbie "diarrhea-mouth" Wasserman Schultz in attacking the Tea Party. Shultz called the Tea Party extremists and Biden called them terrorists. Tea Party Republicans are doing exactly what they campaigned on, that's extreme to the progressive mind. How dare they stand up for their principles, defend the Constitution and attempt to get out of control government growth in line. Tea Party Republicans are the reason why your taxes are not going up in this deal and some spending cuts have been achieved. They are the biggest threat to business as usual in Washington and will continue to be attacked by The Obama attack dogs, radical progressives and the MSM. Thankfully for our country's future this new breed of politician, with morals deeply rooted in our founding principles, are here to stay. Now that's change we can believe in!


* Deal: The last minute deal is a victory for the Tea Party in one sense, focus is now on spending cuts and not raising taxes. At this point it seems to be the best of available options even though the rating agencies could downgrade our AAA rating regardless of passage. The underlying issue in the deal calls for cutting approximately $2 Trillion over ten years while we'll still be borrowing over $8 Trillion. Washington is a place where a cut is not always what it seems. You could spend more on a program than the preceding year but if the increase is less than the built in increase it's considered a cut. Only in Washington and only with runaway government spending and smoke and mirrors. Another problem with the deal is if the second phase of "cuts" are not agreed upon then automatic cuts take place. These cuts would be equally split between defense and social spending. Cutting defense in this way when we're involved in three wars (not counting Pakistan or the upcoming Iranian war) is not only irresponsible but it's dangerous. Our Constitution tasks our government with the primary function of our national defense. It does not task our government with social engineering, spreading of wealth and socializing our health care system. Unless systematic changes, like a balance budget amendment, and entitlement reform take place our future economic well being is in peril. We cannot continue to borrow 40 cents for every dollar spent. This is a recipe for disaster. A gushing arterial wound cannot be mended with a band aid. Today Congress votes on a band aid when they should be applying a tourniquet.


* Boehner: Debt limit increases have always taken place without tax increases. This fact in today's discussion on debt limit bill's makes it a mute point. What is a true victory in speaker Boehner's bill is for the first time spending cuts are being figured in and with the new revised bill, a promise of a balanced budget amendment vote is part of the bill. Last weeks house Cut-Cap-Balance bill was the way to go. The radical progressive Reid senate failed to even vote on the bill. This new Boehner bill is the best that can be had at this point in time. Pass the bill and put pressure back where it belongs, on The Obama and his spend happy senate cronies. Although Republicans are partly to blame for the mess we find ourselves in, the fault has been with going along with many of the Democrats welfare state policies that are bankrupting our nation. Pass this bill, hold firm to it and bring the balanced budget amendment to the states as promised. The tide on runaway big government is turning and the GOP is in the drivers seat. The Tea Party Republicans deserve much of the credit for holding their leadership's feet to the fire. It's refreshing to see politicians actual do what they campaigned on, Tea Party Republican's putting country over self is a breath of fresh air in a polluted inside the beltway smog.


* Warming: According to scientist and U.S. Science team leader Dr. Roy Spencer's study, NASA satellite data from 2000 to 2011 contradict the global warming alarmists. The data shows Earth dissipating much more heat into space than computer models forecast. Dr. Spencer when on to say, "There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans." This information clearly contradicts the cooked up reports and study's which the global warming fringe have been spewing over the years. Perhaps that's why they changed their cause from global warming to climate change. As we all know, climate change is weather and not a reason to transfer wealth, as the globalist climate scaremongers would like to do.


* Boehner: Speaker Boehner has to be commended for holding firm on not allowing tax increases to enter into a debt limit increase bill. Unfortunately, in an effort to settle the contemptuous debt limit talks, he has gone to far in trying to appease The Obama and his Senate accomplices. His plan which called for a $1 Trillion limit increase in exchange for $1.3 Trillion in spending cuts plus a "commission" to study "future" cuts, although better than anything Democrats have proposed, is seriously flawed. To begin with the $1.2 Trillion turns out to only be $850 Billion according to the CBO. The main flaw is the "commission." A Commission to "study" future spending cuts is a joke. In Washington, commission's are where ideas go to die. We don't need any more commissions, we need solid spending cuts, serious caps on future spending and built-in spending increases. The Republican house passed a budget, it died in the Senate. The Republican house passed a bill to deal with spending and the limit, the Cut-Cap-Balance bill, it was "tabled" in the Senate. Forget tweaking Boehner's plan, Boehner needs to insist that the senate act on the Cut-Cap-Balance bill passed in the house. To table this important piece of legislation and not even allow an up or down vote is flat out dereliction of duty by the senate and economically dangerous for our country. Make Democrats show their cards and explain why they disagree with these three common sense solutions: Cut spending, Cap future spending and Balance the budget. Only with this approach can we avoid being in the same crisis down the road.

* MIA: Anyone seen Joe "Foot-In-Mouth" Biden? Wasn't he supposed to be heading up the debt limit negotiations for the administration?


* Raza: The Obama spoke before the National Council of La Raza endorsing "comprehensive immigration reform." As we know that is liberal speak for amnesty. He said that he needs a partner but the dance floor is empty but he's tempted to go at it alone. Not only on amnesty but also on other issues. More signs of tyrant envy from the narcissist-in-chief. Speaking of the American people, he said, "They're counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves -- rhetoric that poisons our political discourse, degrades our democracy, and has no place in this great nation. They're counting on us to rise above the fear and demagoguery, the pettiness and partisanship, and finally enact comprehensive immigration reform." Demagoguery? This president is full of it. He must live in an imaginary world, the American people want secure borders not amnesty and they have voiced that opinion on many occasions. Note the phrase "Our Democracy" in his statement above, if he had been raised in this country he would know what all children learn, we are not a democracy we are a republic. He would have learned our pledge of allegiance which is as follows: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." No mention of Democracy there or of the 57 states this president has visited.

* Taxes: The president went before the American people last night like a cry baby having a tantrum. He begged people to called their representatives and tell them that they should give in and raise taxes (so he could go on wasting our money and ruining our economy). Raise taxes on companies so they can lay more people off. He speaks of balance, fairness, compromise but what he means is surrender. Surrender to big government and surrender to his transformation. This president is out of control, it's only a matter of time before he cracks!


* Debt: The Obama threatens a veto of any debt limit increase that doesn't take us past 2012. Seems his re-election campaign is more important than our country's economy. The House needs to send temporary limit increases with equal spending cuts over to the Senate. Let Dirty Harry continue stonewalling but don't fall for any tax increases masquerading as "revenue." We have a spending problem not a revenue one, the American people know this, that's what the elections last November showed. This president and his cohorts in the Senate are going against the will of the American people. The MSM can spew all the lies coming out of this administration but in the end, facts will prevail. Big government needs to be cut down to size and this is our best opportunity to accomplished it. If the GOP falls for any tax increase, in whatever form it may take, they will have squandered the opportunity of a lifetime and will loose the backing of the vast majority of American citizens that are counting on them to hold their ground.


* Senate: Dirty Harry Reid's DEM controlled Senate rejected the House Cut-Cap-Balance bill. If it had called for increased spending and increasing taxes we're sure they would have passed it. What is it about either of those three parts that they disagree with. They don't want to cut spending, they don't want to cap future spending and they don't want a balanced budget. It's obvious these radical liberal dim bulbs are out of touch with America, yet they have the power to destroy the best chance we have of turning the tide on the economic disaster they have wrought.

* Perry: It's time for Texas Governor Rick Perry to enter the Republican race. His proven leadership and conservative values are exactly what's needed today. The Texas success under his stewardship is an example for the rest of the country to follow. Strong self confidence, belief in American exceptionalism and common sense economic policies have proven to be the correct formula in Texas and will right our ship of state on a national level. Together with Congressional experience that Michelle Bachman brings to the table, we believe a Perry-Bachman combination would unite our country. Now that's a ticket we can enthusiastically stand behind!


* Atlantis: Today marks a sad day in America's space supremacy. As Atlantis touched down this morning, so did the Shuttle program. Thirty years since the first test flight and millions of dreams later, the mission has ended. In an age of wealth distribution and government waste, the Shuttle program was neither. It was a great technological advance for man, one that brought about new innovations and inspired many to follow in the foot steps of giants. Today over 10,000 new unemployed will join the ranks of The Obama's hope & change or is that hope-less & change-less? Now that's change we can do without. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at Cape Canaveral in the early stages of the Shuttle project. In 1979 and 80 I worked in the Launch Control Center (LCC), next to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), on the ground support systems during the pre-flight stages. It was an experience that shaped my life. I am very thankful for that time and have the ultimate respect for the entire Shuttle team You will be sorely missed my friends.

* Lemonade: A sure sign that our insane politically correct "authorities" are out of control is in evidence when police officers shut down little children's lemonade stands. Reasoning varies from no permit to "we don't know what's in it." A clue for the clueless, lemons-water-sugar. A little common sense would go a long way, but then again, there's no common sense in socialism.


* Iran: While we're distracted by Democrats Debtageddon, Iran speeds up it's nuclear program. Iran is tripling its Uranium enrichment speed and installing state of the art centrifuges for what they claim is "cancer treatments." Can you say, "selling snowballs to Eskimos?" Time is drawing near when military action will have to be taken to stop Iran's nuke hopes. The price of doing nothing may come in the form of a mushroom cloud. That's a price we cannot afford to pay!

* Gang of 6: A bi-partisan group of Senators have come up with a plan to raise the debt limit, cut spending and "revenue increases." Revenue increases is the latest code word for tax increases. Of course once hearing of this The Obama's ears pricked up like a kids nose in a candy store. Seems that there's no tax increases he doesn't like. Unfortunately the "revenue" numbers are based on static economic models, in a dynamic economy they are as worthless as a Zimbabwe 401K. You change tax code to eliminate loopholes and behavior will change making the taxes you expected disappear before your eyes. What is needed is simple: Cut spending, cut tax rates across the board and reduce regulations. This combination would bring about economic expansion that would in turn increase revenues to the government, not by increasing taxes but, as Senator Rubio says, by increasing the number of tax payers.


* BBA: Republican house leaders are on the right track in their attempt to bring about a Balanced Budget Amendment. They plan on passing a Cut-Cap-Balance bill that will call for spending cuts, cap spending at 18% of GDP and balance the budget by a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution. Balance budget amendment's have been attempted before without success. If they would have passed we wouldn't be facing the current debt "crisis." Our national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product has increased from 40 percent in 2008 to 62 percent this year and an estimated 72 percent in 2012. As those numbers indicate, The Obama's runaway socialist spending is crippling our economy and sinking our nation into a debt abyss of which we may never climb out. The time to stop this runaway train is upon us. The GOP has it right unfortunately they will face a road block in the form of The Obama and Dirty Harry Reid's DEM Senate. Stand firm Republican's, the American people are not being fooled this time!


* ObamaCare: As of the end on June ObamaCare waivers numbered 1,471. If it's such a great law then why all the waivers. Seems like many of those waivers went to groups that supported ObamaCare to begin with. Pelosi must have been onto something when she said you had to pass it so we can find out what was in it. It seems like the more people find out, the more they run for the hills. The Obama continues his scare tactics and class warfare with the debt ceiling issue and criticizes Republicans for not budging on tax increases. At the same time he has taken ObamaCare off the table. Eliminating ObamaCare would go a long way in cutting spending. During the first year of The Obama regime, with the House and Senate under DEM control, he chose to take over our health care system with a socialist government run logistical nightmare that we've come to know as ObamaCare. It raided $500 Billion from Medicare and will be a huge burden to the economy and small businesses. In an effort to cut spending this is the first place to look. Time to eliminate this economic albatross.


* Budget: The Republican House passed a budget earlier this year, it died in the Democrat Senate. The same Senate that has yet to pass a budget since The Obama has been in office. They misrepresent the facts saying Republican's don't have a plan, the budget the GOP passed was a plan. The Obama sent a budget to Congress a while back with over $1.6 Trillion in additional deficit spending. His Democrat Senate voted it down by a vote of 97-0. This administration's only plan is raise taxes and spend us into oblivion. Yesterday they came out with charts and their daily scare tactics. They even trotted out Tim Turbo-Tax Geitner to throw more fuel of the fire. The president could have a deal in minutes, all he has to do is accept spending cuts in exchange for a corresponding debt ceiling increase. It's not rocket science, it's just a simple compromise. Unfortunately his ideology and narcissism gets the way of common sense.


* Presidential Hissy Fit: Looks like The Obama is buckling under pressure. Yesterday in the "debt Ceiling" meeting with Congressional leadership he stormed out after a confrontation with Republican house leader Eric Cantor. Cantor was making it clear to the president that tax increases will not fly in the house. The president is hell bent on increasing taxes because it's in his DNA. The Obama shot back saying, "Don’t' call my bluff'." If you're bluffing, why would you admit it? Who's playing games here? When Cantor suggested a smaller temporary increase in the debt limit in exchange for smaller spending cuts the president decided to storm out. You can just see it now, "I'm taking my ball and going home!" The Obama has been busy doing propaganda canned interviews and teleprompted press conferences. He's been playing the class card and scaring seniors into believing that their social security checks will be cut off if Republicans don't go along with raising the debt ceiling. Facts are stubborn things and the facts show that enough revenue would still be coming into the treasury to pay social security, our military and servicing on our debt. What would have to be cut is waste and unessential government programs. The Obama even had the gall to say that president Reagan would not put up with this type of negotiation. President Reagan would not have had to go through this kind of negotiation because the economy wouldn't have been crippled under his watch like this president has done at every opportunity. The Obama's basic thoughts are, as he stated, "This may bring down my presidency, but I will not yield." Bring down his presidency? Our fingers are crossed!


* Crisis: What debt crisis, we have a spending crisis, a regulations crisis and a morality crisis. The latest lame scare tactic in current negotiations is The Obama threatening seniors with social security check delays if those evil Republicans don't cave on tax increases. What the MSM and our liberal pin headed leaders don't get is that a compromise would not be between spending cuts in exchange for tax increases. The compromise would be spending cuts in exchange for a limit increase. Like Speaker Boehner correctly states, tax increases are off the table. Unfortunately Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is floating a way out for the president. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory all we need now is to give an already abusive presidency more power. What was he thinking. McConnell says that they could give The Obama power to submit three bills over a year that would increase the limit. The way it would work is Congress would submit legislation for the president to submit a debt limit increase, after the president dose so, congress would submit a resolution of disapproval. At that point the president would veto the resolution of disapproval and if the Congress didn't override the veto the limit would be increased. Convoluted surrender simplicity, what a concept!


* Constitution: Liberal spendaholics and Obama lemmings are now pushing the Constitution's 14th Amendment to support raising of the debt ceiling. Interesting to note that these are the same people who regularly trample on the very same Constitution. The Obama presidency is in violation of Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution, ObamaCare is in violation of the Commerce Clause and the shadow Czar government is in violation of the Constitution's checks and balances. Here's the section these "spenders" use to justify their view: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned." The power to spend is given to our Congress through Article 1 Section 8 which states: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States." This is called the Taxing and Spending clause or General Welfare Clause. It's clear from reading these sections that the power to spend and tax lies with the Congress and not with the president. That's what we are witnessing today in the House of Representatives, which is the governmental body more closely in tune with the will of the American people, doing what the American people elected them to do, stop our out of control government growth and spending spree. We either get our economic house in order and tackle the hard issues of entitlement insolvency, over taxation and regulation or we will assist The Obama in the Transformation of our great country into the third world power he has envisioned. The Obama says it's time to "eat our peas." What he really means is, it's time to drink the Kool Aid. Well, we're not buying it. The gravy train has left the station!


* Spending: The Obama failed to trap GOP leadership into going along with tax increases in exchange for spending cuts. The problem is not revenue, it's spending! No matter how you slice it our debt problem is due to too much borrowing and spending. Spending on failed Spendulus policies that rewarded unions for supporting their Democrat lackeys. Demagauging the issue by playing the class warfare card is only further complicating the problem. DEM's keep harping about "shared sacrifice" and "fair share" yet don't point out that the top 3% of Americans pay over 50% of the income taxes. Where's the "shared sacrifice" there? Closing tax loopholes means eliminating tax write-offs which in the real world means tax increases. The bottom line is any increase in taxes, whatever it's called, is another nail in the economic coffin. Forget the polls, the votes that matter are the ones at the ballot box and last November Americans spoke loud and clear; big government and spending are the problems.


* Death Penalty: Murderer Humberto Leal Jr. met his maker last night in Texas. After brutally raping and bludgeoning to death 16-year-old Adria Sauceda in 1995 he was found guilty and sentenced to death. Anti-death penalty forces, including The Obama, petitioned the Supreme Court to stay the execution. Their argument was based on an International Courts Ruling that Leal and other Mexican nationals where not advised of their right to contact the Mexican Consulate when he was charged in Adria's murder. Mr. Leal was not a Mexican tourist, he had been in the United States illegally since the age of two. He was raised here and knew our laws and the difference between right and wrong. The Mexican government was also against the execution. They can't have it both ways. They want their illegal aliens that have managed to remain in the United States to receive amnesty and live under our American system yet at the same time they are still Mexican citizens. Life doesn't work that way. Although the death penalty should not be taken lightly and used only in extreme circumstances, Mr. Leal deserved his sentence. In the brutal murder of Adria Sauceda, justice was done.

* 9.2%: Only 18,000 new jobs were reported in June. The economy needs to add 150,000 new jobs a month to keep up with new labor force entrants. Economists had expected a 90,000 job increase. May's numbers were downgraded by 44,000 jobs (Government figures tend to change). The Obama quickly went to the air from the White House to blame the usual suspects. We inherited a worse economy than we expected, it’s the uncertainty about the debt (because of those evil Republicans), it's the problems in Greece, the sun was in my eye and I tripped over a rock after the dog ate my homework… Blah, Blah, Blah… It's the economy STUPID and it's your progressive/socialist/Marxist administration, period!


* ObamaLogic: In his "Tweety" show yesterday The Obama claimed that raising taxes creates jobs. Says a lot about his beliefs when you make an ignorant statement like that, but then again, you have to consider the source. He cited as an example the economic boom of the 90's during Clinton's presidency. Clinton raised taxes yet the economy flourished. What he failed to mention was that in 1994 Republicans took over Congress and held Clinton's feet to the fire. They dragged him into Welfare reform even after he had vetoed a previous attempt at it (then he took credit for it). In the 90's we also had the DOT COM Internet boom which change the way we do business and created a large amount of economic activity and growth. The question should be what if taxes hadn't been raised by Clinton? How much better off would the economy have been? Raising taxes may create new government jobs but this comes at the expense of private sector jobs. From the White House's own economic team, a low estimate of job cost from The Obama's Spendulus waste was $278,000 per job. A conservative estimate put's that number closer to $1 Million per job. In The Obama's world that would take a significant tax increase to create his bogus "tax" jobs.


* Caylee: A life lost so young and innocent is a terrible tragedy. Too many questions surrounded the death of Caylee to be able to definitively prove murder in a court of law. The jury got it right. What's astonishing is the outrage of the American people and pundits over the jury's acquittal of Casey Anthony. All life is precious and we mourn the loss of Caylee but what about the unborn life's that are taken everyday. What about the thousands of late term abortions where a baby is manipulated by an abortionist so as to bring the legs out first then a suction hose is inserted into the baby's brain. Since the head wasn't exposed the bay is still considered to be "unborn" and therefore subjected to this brutal murder. Where's the outrage over these lives?

* Debt: Class warfare to achieve political points in a negotiation is a trademark of the radicals in our government of which The Obama is the instigator in chief. When they say "shared sacrifice" they mean raising taxes, when they say "closing loopholes" they mean raising taxes, when they say "fair share" they mean raising taxes. DEM's answer to our economic crisis is a one trick pony, raise taxes. What they don't tell you, whether because they're liars or incompetent, is that any tax increase, by whatever name you put on it, its a tax increase on the middle class and lower income folks alike. You close a corporate tax loophole and that increase in cost to the corporation is going to be passed on to the consumer, period! You increase taxes on the "rich" who make up 2% of the population and already pay over 50% of the taxes and they find a way to reduce their wealth or simply reduce their spending which in turn kills jobs. There is no common sense in liberal thinking only irony and failure.


* Spendulus: The White House Council of Economic Advisors has come out with statistics from the failed Spendulus Bill. According to their figures each job "created or saved" cost $278,000. But if you look at the governments own web site that tracked Spendulus spending the cost may be as high as $1,400,000 per job. Statistics also show that more jobs may have been created if the Spendulus was not enacted to begin with. When The Obama took office the national debt was $9.98 Trillion now it's $14.46. The math is straight forward. Socialist feel good programs and big government spending hurt and hinder economic growth. Government grows at the expense of the private sector and government created jobs are temporary and very costly. Common sense dictates that in order to create private sector growth policies completely opposite from this administrations ones have to be put in place. Either these progressive/socialists are economically ignorant or they are intentionally destroying our economy in order to replace it with their Marxist vision and guarantee their reelection from a dependant populous who has sacrificed its soul for the sake of a little security.

Happy Birthday America


* July 4th: As we head into our 4th of July Holiday weekend we should take a moment to reflect on the meaning of this celebration. We celebrate independence. We celebrate the beauty of our Constitution and the Constitutional Republic which it established. A unique blue print for "limited" government and individual rights. Although the Magna Carta came before, the Magna Carta established rights of "the people" as a collective. Our Constitution emphasized rights of the individual. Rights of equality not rights of equal outcomes. Individual responsibility not group think and class warfare. Our Constitution gave limited rights to our government and reserved any unstated rights as reserved for the individual and states. Political correctness and progressive socialist policies have for decades infiltrated our mindset and subjugated our founding principles. Our current radical progressives, of which The Obama is the liar-in-chief, have accelerated the alienation of our Constitution and trampled on it like last weeks used newspaper. Democrats believe in groups and pitting one group of Americans against another, Republicans believe in empowering the individual. American exceptionalism, of which the Constitution forms its foundation, rests on the heart and soul of the individual. This 4th of July we celebrate our independence, our exceptionalism and our belief in individual liberties and rights.