A Moral Imperative: Hillary CLinton Must Not be ELected!
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A Moral Imperative: Hillary Clinton Must Not be Elected!


By John Lillpop

In this, the strangest, least fathomable presidential election cycle in memory, the untoward candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton MUST be rejected by the American people.

No doubt some naïve voters, under the influence of Democrat Party propaganda and outright deceit, will argue that that Clinton, whose disapproval numbers consistently hover around 50 percent, is just an assertive, intelligent and educated woman pursuing her fair share of the American dream in a world unjustly biased toward men and against women of talent and ability who covet power.

Such warped thinking may cause otherwise reasonable folks to assert that Hillary Clinton is an innocent victim of a right- wing conspiracy; said conspiracy choreographed to deny the former First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State, her birthright, including the right to be crowned and celebrated as the first US president in possession of a uterus and other biological manifestations found only in females.

They will argue that those who oppose Hillary are sexist bigots; while ignoring the fact that supporting Hillary simply because of her gender is equally bigoted!

In what is a largely emotional issue, one can only hope that Truth will out.

With that hope in mind, observe, please, the following truths:

Hillary must NOT be elected because:

  • She is an elitist liar, and tyrannical socialist who lives in the false belief that she is owed the presidency because of her gender;
  • Her incompetence and corruption facilitated the slaughter of four American diplomats in Benghazi, and cover- up of same, which led to the fraudulent reelection of Barack Obama and subsequent harm to the American people as a result;
  • She professes to be a champion of the little guy/underdog and all in for the oppressed and poor, when, in fact, she grovels at the feet of big banks and moneyed Wall Street barons; a position which has made her “obscenely rich” and a conspicuous member of those whose wealth and power place them among the evil and detestable 1 percent;
  • Her pursuit of profit through the Clinton Foundation causes her to court foreign leaders who abuse and enslave women as a routine matter of policy, in contradiction of her boastful claims to be an effective global activist on behalf of feminism;
  • She lied unashamedly about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia to puff up her dubious “ready on day one” credentials, when, in fact, she was greeted by young girls bearing flowers;
  • She ridiculed decent American women who “Stand by Your Man,” even though she stood by Bill Clinton as he engaged in countless episodes of promiscuity and adultery, including a sultry affair with an intern right under Hillary’s nose in the White House;
  • She tolerated Bill’s sexual dalliances with Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and all the rest, not out of respect or love for the presidency or the fallen man, but because leaving Slick Willie would have forced her to abandon all the power, fame, and fortune that accrues to those privileged fortunate enough to be First Lady;
  • She pretends that being a tough-minded, bossy feminist in pant suits qualifies her to be President of The United States, when, in fact, all of her success is the direct result of her marriage to Bill Clinton;

She rails against “obscene” profits by the oil industry and Wall Street while she and her lying husband have become obscenely rich by pawning off absurd trite as thoughtful and insightful revelations about their years in the White House.

In short, Hillary Clinton must not be elected because of her dishonesty, corruption, evil lust for fortune and power, and abuse of simple, honest principals and people, AND

Because she is a disgusting you-know-what!!!!!