Arab States Move Against Iran is Rebuke to Obama
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Arab States Move Against Iran is Rebuke to Obama


What must non-jihadist Arabs, like Saudi King Salman, be thinking when the president assures them that the Iran nuclear deal comes with the resources...


American Decline: With the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S. has moved closer to the world's foremost terror state. Our Arab allies and friends just moved further away. What do they know that President Obama doesn't?


After the mass executions in Saudi Arabia last week that included putting to death a prominent Shiite cleric advocating overthrowing the House of Saud, Shiite Iran allowed the Saudi embassy to be burned, and the Saudis responded by breaking off diplomatic relations with Tehran.


But the Saudis weren't alone. Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates downgraded relations with the Ayatollah Khamenei's Islamofascist regime.


While triggered by those recent incidents, these moves by Arab states friendly to the U.S. have everything to do with Obama's nuclear pact with Iran and its unfreezing over $100 billion in Iranian assets.


With those assets, Iran's mullahs will not only finance more terrorism, but also seek military dominance in the entire region.


In short, the Saudis and others see an America that has foolishly cozied up to the bully on the block. Who could have imagined the nightmare the region is experiencing, the direct result of Obama's policies of apology and appeasement?


Our president goes to Cairo in his first year to apologize for our country's traditional post-war role in the Middle East, implies that America has been an enemy to Islam but now wants to be friends, then withdraws from anti-terrorism wars in two Muslim countries.


The result of our exit from Iraq is the rise of the Islamic State, a veritable al-Qaida on steroids.


He gives our staunch ally Israel the cold shoulder. Then, to top it off, he lets Iran keep its nuclear program last year after assuring America and the world that the purpose of the negotiations with Iran were to end it. The reason, of course, is that letting them keep it was the only way to get the deal with Iran that is so important to Obama's presidential legacy.

If you're a non-jihadist Arab state, like Saudi Arabia, what you're seeing is a U.S. in the Mideast that simply isn't the U.S. anymore.


The Kuwaitis, having been saved from Saddam Hussein's invading Iraqi forces a quarter-century ago, know how effective America can be. But they also know of the reports 14 months ago of a frightening secret letter Obama wrote the ayatollah suggesting that the U.S. and Iran could actually be allies in the face of the ISIS threat.


"Change!" That simplistic campaign slogan is what our Arab friends see animating this ego-driven American leader.


Unlike Ronald Reagan's belief of there being "no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit," Barack Obama operates under the premise there's no limit to the credit you can take when you don't care how much harm it does to the country, or those who trust the U.S.


From the government takeover of health care, to ending (rather than winning) two wars, to appeasing a nuclearizing Iran, to claiming to be smarter than the last 10 presidents about Cuba — for Obama it all seems to be about the length of his future Encyclopedia Britannica entry.


These Arab powers facing internal and external terrorist threats know that egotists tend not to make reliable allies. Their moves away from tolerating their jihadist neighbor also constitute an increasing lack of faith in the power and prestige of a declining superpower.