By This Time Next Year Obama Would Have Joined the Ranks of the Has-Beens
  In God We Trust

By This Time Next Year Obama Would Have Joined Ranks of the Has-Beens


By Judi McLeod

The one overlooked gift coming our way this Christmas should keep soul fires burning all the way up to Christmas 2016.

It’s the gift Western civilization has been waiting on for, lo,  these past seven long years, and should be joyfully described as: No More Obama!

This is the last Christmas with America’s biggest enemy in the White House because by next Christmas Obama will be former President Obama.

Having finally been forced to join the sad sack ranks of the HAS BEENS, The One will now really own the title ex-President Barack Obama.

Go ahead, roll it around on your tongue between sips of egg nog while having the Merriest Christmas ever.

Time, as they say, waits for no man, and just as Bruce Jenner cannot possibly outrun Father Time in Caitlyn stilettos, time is catching up to Barack and Michelle Obama, heartlessly reminding them them that their gig is up and coming to an inevitable end.

Make no mistake about it, the Obamas’ life as First Family comes to full-stop position on January 20, 2017. 

Even if horrible Hillary is the next president, even if Obama becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations, the GIG IS UP.

Gig is Up Time impacts all family and friends.  Pfft: All Obama deadbeat czars will be gone with the wind.  Daughters of the Obamas, no matter where they are, will be the daughters of EX-PRESIDENTBarack Obama.

Comedowns in the world of politics make for harder falls than most, particularly when the final climb down from the ladder of power must be done within full view of all enemies made over a 7-year span.

For the Obamas there will be no getting around the comedown from president to EX-PRESIDENT, from luxuriously living it up as the First Family to that arid desert that drowns all egos know as the sad sack land of the “HAS BEENS”!

All things, including the the Obamas,  come to pass.  Obama, el Presidente will be through because countless millions—and not all of them Americans—will throw the EX-PRESIDENT and HAS BEEN titles in his face, the same way he threw the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’  in all of ours.

Naysayers will already be rushing in to claim:  “You can stop putting a smiley face on it right now, Canada Free Press, because Obama will go on to torment us as Secretary-General of the United Nations with his bosom buddy Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.”

True, count on Obama hanging on to the bottom of Hillary’s pantsuits,  clinging to the limelight that has been the signature of his last seven years on Mother Earth.

But there’s an upside to Obama put out to pasture.

How happy can he find life at Turtle Bay after making the White House the Grand Central of Party Time?  Downing martinis, toking up will never be as much hedonistic fun as it was in the absolute privacy of the White House.  Politically correct bureaucracies always come with a damper on whooping it up.

Think of the real belly laughs that will come from the Clash of the Titans destined to come when Valerie Jarrett tries to tell a manic Hillary how to run a post-Constitutional America.  The hissy fits will be heard all the way to nuke-enabled Iran. 

Both horrifying scenarios of Obama at the UN and Hillary in the Oval Office could come to pass.  But Obama nonetheless will still be ex-president Barack Obama.

It’s all but inevitable.

What’s that, you say?  Obama will arrange an event necessitating the imposition of martial law as a means to postpone 2016 elections? 

No, he won’t.  He doesn’t have to.  He can count on Hillary to carry on with the Fundamental Transformation of America.  Obama’s convinced that the popularity of Bill Clinton; the digitalized deviltry of Google; the Big George Soros Money Train; the sanction of Warren Buffet and other assorted celebrities like Barbra Streisand; offshore potentates and the like, all but guarantee that Hillary will be America’s 45th president.

What Obama doesn’t see is that the masses know that Hillary in the Oval Office foretells the death of the Republic; that if the Trump-Cruz Dream Team can forge their way through the Republican Establishment and find the arduous way past Dem arranged voter fraud, Obama’s legacy may be more tattered than the Constitution confetti he dumped on a nation that has so far kept Western civilization up and running.

Think about someone with Obama’s outsized ego stranded at the UN.  Here’s the thing:  Obama replaces Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary General,  America, which has always kept the overbearing UN afloat, finally refuses to fund it and the UN goes out like a bonfire in a driving rain.

As ex-president Barack, Obama is going to a place where it is not so easy for him to lord it over the rest of us.

When all the dust settles, even though some 20 digital gurus are working on Obama’s orders to make a digital image to haunt us forever, Obama’s through.

Google, who could never be thanked for doing the right thing, will have failed in leaving the world an omnipresent digitalized Obama because a digital Obama is really only just another cyberspace ghost.

When Obama is cheered off by the masses into the great unknown of oblivion—most joyfully—Michelle and Valerie Jarrett are going there with him!

Fickle fashion fabs in the television and magazine world will turn to greener pastures, ignoring Michelle’s get-ups and the bling she threw into the faces of the struggling-to-survive plebes.

It will be downright laughable thinking of her primping for the cameras in the corners of relative obscurity.

Folk will now have to go searching into the footnotes of history to find Valerie Jarrett’s name. 

In their last year in the White House, the Obamas are working feverishly to keep all eyes on the Final Act in the worst play ever presented to the Western World, namely ‘The Collapse of Civil Society’.

The blah, blah blahs will counter “Come on, CFP, Obama’s still got one full year to toss coming horrors our way.

They should stop to think: AND SO,  TOO, DO WE!!