Donald J. Trump's Not Only Louisiana's but America's ANswer to a Prayer
  In God We Trust

Donald- J. Trump's Not Only Louisiana's but America's Answer to a Prayer


By Judi McLeod

Canada Free Press cannot be the only one making the connection between the need for the kind of leadership Donald J. Trump would provide for America and the Great Flood of 2016 that tragically took away 13 lives and still counting, devastating 40,000 homes with an historic 31 inches of rain in some areas over the course of four straight days.

With absolutely no help from their president, the people of America, once again became their own Noah of biblical fame.

The epic flooding in Louisiana didn’t just unearth coffins that went floating down roadways, it unearthed the shame of a missing president.

More than anything else America needs real leadership, and real leadership includes having a president who cares in the Oval Office, a president who manifests true care in actions rather than lofty, easily spoken words.

The flood waters are, Thank God, receding.

During Louisiana’s crisis, it was Americans, both inside Louisiana and outside of the state being the brave souls that they are who answered the fervent prayers of the afflicted.

Some went down on their knees in prayer; some traveled from great distances to provide whatever help they could;  some took to small craft to rescue beloved stranded pets, piteously dog paddling trying to keep their snouts able to come up for air until their rescuers mercifully brought them into their boats; many who lost all they had prayed to the Mighty Lord for better days to come.

The man, who America’s enemies installed into the White House as president back in 2008,  stayed put on lavish vacation, putting away at golf balls in hedonistic and spiteful delight, ignoring the cries for help from his own people.

Obama, who on his way out of the door, steadfastly committed to spending the entire month of October campaigning for his replacement,  and who,  on his way out, is calling for a 13% retirement hike for all presidents in 2017,  knew that he would soon be writing off the Great Food of 2016 to money-making Global Warming/Climate Change.

But like the answer to a prayer,  Donald J. Trump was there.  He brought a big wheeler semi truck load of supplies and a generous financial donation to the devastated trying to get by in flooded-out , forgotten by Democrats Louisiana.

Being there was so much better than a convenient , weekend off phone call.

“The people of Louisiana appreciated and were uplifted by the visit of Mr. Trump who also brought a semi full of supplies and made a donation to the non-for-profit fund for the victims. No state resources were used and no roads closed for his visit. THIS is who we want for President!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016 (Facebook)

Louisiana resident Jeff Nolan sent a profound Thank You to Trump by video.

“And this is what Mr. Trump posted responding to this gentleman:

“Thank you, Mr. Jeff Nolan, and all of the people in Louisiana, for your courage, your resolve and your spirit. It was an honor spending time with many of you today, and my prayers are with you and all of the families who have lost so, so much. We are one nation, and when you hurt, we all hurt. Know that the entire country is praying for you—and stands beside you.”

Emotionally distraught and fighting back tears, Jeff Nolan tells a reporter who asked what the flood had personally cost him,  “Compared to others, I didn’t lose anything,” he said.  “It’s materialistic things.  They can be replaced.”

In this moving video from the scene of ongoing flood devastation, Nolan calls on Americans to “wake up”: “America, wake up.  God’s calling us to wake up”.

Nolan’s resolve to take a stand for the country in which he was born reminds us of the plucky but flood plagued ‘Totsy’, longtime leader of CFP’s Comment section and as much a part of CFP as this writer:

“I live in Louisiana and I can tell you that in a lot of places it’s worse than worse. Homes completely lost, vehicles lost, roads still closed even if some could go to work. To be perfectly honest, and this is my opinion, I’d rather Obama and Hillary just stayed the hell away.

I saw Trump’s face when he looked at everything and it was genuine.

Using the Cajun Louisiana vernacular, that is her signature,  Totsy goes on to say,  “I wouldn’t spit on Obama or Hillary now if they were on fire. We don’t need nor want their false platitudes and besides, to Obama and Hillary, we’re a bunch a dumb “rednecks” anyway.  Better to be thought a redneck than a lying, dishonest, money grubbing, politician. 

“If they can’t be honest in their feelings toward Louisianans then stay away. John B.(nutra rat) will be there to greet them and he’d better be very careful, he’s one of Obama’s people and we know it. He CAN be recalled…...make it soon. Please pray for La., we are in desperate need of Lord Jesus’s Mercy. God Bless all.”

God bless all Louisianans,  including CFP’s much beloved, 73-year-old but still willing to take a stand for country, true patriot, Totsy.

For all of the smears and insults now being hurled his way daily, Donald J. Trump answered the cries of the downtrodden in Louisiana.

Let history always remember that Trump answered the calls of the people—before they elected him America’s 45th president.

We can already hear the indefatigable Totsy leading the resounding “Amens!”

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