Hillary Clinton's Dramatic Ground Zero Collapse Overshadows 9/11 15th Anniversary
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Hillary Clinton's Dramatic Ground Zero Collapse Overshadowed 9/11 15th Anniversary


By Judi McLeod

For the first time since America has been commemorating 9/11, a politician managed to take the focus off its victims by stealing the media spotlight.

Media saturation coverage of the 15th anniversary of 9/11 went first to Hillary Clinton and second to the memory of lost lives on the day that Americans should never forget.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t help it if pneumonia made her collapse at Ground Zero on the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2016, right?

Ask yourself had your own doctor diagnosed you with pneumonia on Friday, would you be stepping out onto the public square on Sunday?

The Democrat’s candidate for president, collapsed in plain view of eyewitnesses, and had to be carted away from the scene in a van.

Where were, her husband former president Bill Clinton,  health attendants experienced in treating people who collapse from heat prostration at public events, the bottled water, and the ambulance to whisk her away?

Holding herself up at a bollard while waiting for her van; collapsing into a heap once the arms of attendants were about her;  being thrown into a van like so much cargo and the loss of a shoe straight out of Cinderella losing her slipper in the fairytale, were the video highlights of ‘Clinton’s 9/11 Anniversary Collapse’.

This is what Hillary Clinton did.  Left the clock to falter at Ground Zero, before going on to grab more mega headlines when she reappeared after refreshing herself at daughter Chelsea’s apartment and on-the-road First Aid station an hour and a half later, and was dutifully media photographed with a cute, little girl running to greet her, to boot.

“It’s a beautiful day in New York,” she told reporters asking what happened.

If this were a movie, it would be called ‘The Forget 9/11 Comeback Kid.

In the original 1980s movie, Bubba Newman, a baseball player from the minor league decides to quit baseball and do something else with his life because he feels “down and out”. Bubba gets a renewed look at life when he becomes a coach for a group of kids who are underprivileged and finds romance.

In the real life nightmare,  Bubba Clinton, who some claim looks the worse for wear than his wife, was nowhere to be seen yesterday. Like so many others, he must have been watching his wife’s dramatic Ground Zero collapse on the Internet.

Having patently ignored months of their super star’s coughing, freezing and not being able to climb stairs without help out on the campaign trail, the Democrats are now considering holding an “emergency meeting” to replace her.

While it may be too late in the game for pinch hitters Joe Biden and Lizzy Warren, we should all remember that as far as Barack Obama is concerned it’s NEVER too late to seize a third term by any means possible.

If Hillary Clinton really is too sick to run for president, you can depend on the Democrats using it to their best advantage.

Somehow the campaign game plan has subtly moved from speculating on what kind of president America needs to lead it out of its Marxist miasma to ‘Let’s all diagnose what kind of illness Hillary Clinton is hiding from us”.

Patriots, the first responders, who saved so many lives on Sept. 11, 2001, and all those who have faithfully showed up to show their respect to the thousands who lost their lives for 15 long years, will have to wait until next year to put the focus back where it should be: on the lost lives and not Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile the Democrats and their globalist masters are putting you front row and center in an ongoing show that should be called ‘The Sabotage of Election 2016’.

Let’s hope and pray that Act II won’t be based on this Obama-inspired Donald Trump premise: “He can’t win if he can’t run”.

Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and Glenn Beck.