It Was Saul Alinsky WHo Taught Obama How to Cry on Cue
  In God We Trust

It Was Saul Alinsky Who Taught Obama How to Cry on Cue


By Judi McLeod

In his last year in the now-dysfunctional Oval Office, President Barack Obama is living Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ to the letter, by digging deep down in the trick bag to cast himself off as the ‘underdog’.

Knowing how the masses always fall for the underdog,  conniving Alinsky trains acolytes like Obama and Hillary Clinton to cast themselves in the underdog role, a fact unearthed by savvy Canada Free Press columnist Ray DiLorenzo in reviewing Allinsky’s 12 rules.

“Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog. [A well-known union tactic.)

“Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis about Saul Alinsky and was offered a job by him.  She did not take the position electing instead to go to law school, but she did stay in touch with him for years after.  I doubt whether Alinsky would have extended Hillary Rodham a post if he felt she wouldn’t have been a good disciple.”

So when Obama, as a kind of last resort to go for the nation’s guns, turned on his crocodile tears on Monday, he was channeling a mentor whose book, ‘Rules for Radicals’  was dedicated to Satan.

Over the past seven years, Obama has proven he’s anything but a man of good will or good heart.

His contrived tears for the children lost to the Sandy Hook massacre came not within days or weeks of the tragedy, but in fact on his way out the door on January 5, 2016—some three long years later.

Hard to imagine this professional America hater sniffling into his pillows at the White House, or wiping away a stray tear before taking his next golf swing, or while slurping yet another holiday shaved ice.

Obama’s faux tears were 100% Alinsky-influenced to try to trick law-abiding Americans out of their cherished 2nd Amendment rights when they would be left with no defense against the Gitmo detainees that followed the 2015 release of thousands of prisoners, including rapists and murderers; when American citizens would be left defenseless against terrorists masquerading as helpless “refugees” set up in sanctuary cities, now that he’s hollowed out the U.S. military.

Obama’s Boo-Hoo Act followed by mere days his return from a lavish, $500,000 a-day Hawaiian Christmas vacation that sent out the message: “Merry Christmas, Suckers!” and the Daily Mail front page pictorial,  including the one depicting him lifting deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes’ toddler dressed in a Halloween costume while lying supping on the Oval Office floor.

Obama, the Actor, thinks folk don’t know that the only guns he’s not after are those in use by Chicago thugs and Islamic terrorists. 

Obama is not full of love, nor is he the kind of man driven to tears by the memory of the loss of little children, or the thousands of women raped by Islam.

For all to see, this has been a commander-in-chief unflinching in the cruelest of roles motivated by an obsessive hatred of America and one full of a conceit-laced spite of the most destructive kind imaginable.

Yet quick-hit people who let the talking heads of the boob tube do their thinking for them are still Obama gullible.

It’s not that Obama spent the last seven years bowing and scraping to the leaders of countries who would, given the chance, bury America, it’s that his administration has reached the zenith where a feckless mainstream media and a cowardly ‘Opposition’ constantly bow and scrape to him.

Obama’s the curse of Western Society and his curse is fanning out like a virulent influenza.

During his stint in the Oval Office, he’s been able to take Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, away from saving souls to the hard core activism of global warming/climate change, a kind of activism that places global warming as a bigger threat to mankind than Islamic terrorism.

Obama’s successfully lured Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, who calls him his “brother” into his tent and helped return Canada to lib-left rule under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, though ‘Pretty Boy’ Trudeau seems more window dressing than anything else.

With all barriers now removed by Obama, the only reason Islamic terrorism hasn’t taken over America is that the barbarians waiting to crash through the door know that Americans, long protected by the Second Amendment, are armed to the teeth.

Obama’s executive orders are never going to lead Americans to turn in their weapons.  They’d be just as likely to turn in their Christian beliefs.

In some respects, Obama has much in common with the jihadists of Islam.  Obama seeks to force Marxism on the masses, while Islamist terrorism seeks to force Sharia Law and their Caliphate on all.

Both Obama and the jihadists seem blissfully unaware that once man has tasted freedom, he will never give it up, even though defending it may cost him his very life.

This is what Obama and his jihadist friends are up against.

Meanwhile, it’s going to take far more than Obama swallowing whole Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ and the the imposition of the Koran for Americans to give up their guns.