Mr. Putin, Release Those Emails
  In God We Trust

Mr. Putin, Release Thos Emails


By Judi McLeod 

It’s raining all over Queen Hillary Clinton’s Big Fat Coronation party with one more day to go at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

Someone bring the oxygen tanks for George Soros and try to wake up choir boy Senator Tim Kaine while you’re at it.

As a Chicago friend just pointed out to CFP, “Only Donald Trump has the unique ability to get the Clinton campaign to admit that Hillary Clinton’s emails are a national security risk after he, in jest, suggested that the Russians have copies of the missing 30,000 emails from her server—after the DNC suggested their email leak was tied to the Russians trying to help Trump!

“Trump’s statement has sent the Leftwing parrots flapping their wings and swinging their beaks in symphony to condemn him for breaking national security law, if not committing treason.  The irony is rich.”

The irony of it all, you might say is richer than even the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation.

The New York Times and the Washington Post are in a big flap.  They—and not the Donald—are the ones who get to deliver the news even when it’s only John Kerry claiming that refrigerators and air conditioners are more dangerous than ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

Kerry, incidentally stole that line from the late Maurice Strong.

And just to think that the overbearing Hillary Clinton, the same one who had two presidents, one ex, and the other on his way out the door to heap praise on her at the DNC Freak Show,  is the one who got the ball rolling, by taking advantage of her position on the day of the Nice, France terrorist attack when she called in to the Bill O’Reilly show, all to get in her 15-second sound bite and jump ahead of what Trump might be planning to say.

As Jackie Gleason of the Jackie Gleason Show used to say: “How sweet it is!”

Bill Clinton’s lovey-dovey words, Obama’s lavish praise for the protege he handpicked to finish off his Fundamental Transformation of America, the words of Hillary’s own acceptance speech will soon be forgotten.

But courtesy of miffed media with their panties in a twist, Hollywood stars who twinkle night or day and outfoxed Democrats, the call out to Russia for 30,000 missing emails will live right up to Election Day and beyond.

People will be leaving CNN and FoxNews in droves taking to the Internet trying to find out if Vladimir Putin has coughed up those emails yet.

Donald, you are in every sense of the word a true trump.