Obama Handing the Peoples' Internet to Communist China
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Obama Handing the Peoples' Internet to Communist China


By Judi McLeod


There’s not even the slightest shadow of a doubt about to whom President Barack Obama is handing-off the Internet at midnight tonight if the four Republican attorneys general making an 11th-hour bid to block him do not succeed in the lawsuit they filed yesterday.

Obama is handing control of the Internet over to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU).  ITU is run by the Peoples Republic of China.

“Already under fire for seeking to usurp new powers to control the Internet, the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is facing intense criticism after appointing a Chinese Communist to lead the controversial UN agency starting next year. (The New American, Oct. 27, 2014.)

“Even more alarming, perhaps, is that the new ITU boss claims censorship is in the eye of the beholder. On October 23, at an ITU summit in Busan, South Korea, member governments and dictatorships overwhelmingly selected Houlin Zhao of mainland China — where the dictatorship operates among the most Orwellian censorship regimes on Earth, currently working on overdrive to spin and conceal the uprising in Hong Kong — to serve as the UN outfit’s secretary general. Zhao joins a growing roster of Chinese Communist operatives in charge of powerful UN agencies.

“Considering the largely totalitarian-minded member regimes within the UN and its telecommunications agency, which has openly sought to seize control over the World Wide Web, analysts said the fact that a Communist Chinese figure will lead it was hardly surprising.

“However, the decision is likely to have an unintended side effect: It will now become much more difficult for the ITU and its member regimes to advance their plot for global regulation of the Internet by the UN. Already, Western governments have resisted ITU calls for planetary controls over the Web. With Zhao’s appointment — heavily influenced by behind-the-scenes scheming from Beijing, as Communist Chinese propaganda outlets readily admitted — such a plot becomes even more controversial. It may even kill the globalist dream of UN Internet controls entirely.”

Unfortunately the nightmare comes true at the stroke of midnight tonight.

ITU’s self-acclaimed mandate is “connecting the world”,  but it pushes global warming/climate change memes when holding symposiums worldwide.

“Entrepreneurs and small-and-medium sized enterprises, or SMEs, provide up to 70% of global employment, and we need their expertise, innovation and investment to achieve our common goals of sustainable, economic and social development” Zaho told attendees at the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day:ICT Entrepreneurship for Social Impact, in Geneva, Switzerland on May 17 this year.

“Republicans in Congress, though, have long-objected to the transfer, which they called a “giveaway” to the rest of the world. They argue that handing over control to a non-government entity would give countries like Russia and China the ability to control online speech – something supporters categorically deny. (FoxNews.com, Sept. 29, 2016)

“The AGs from Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada asked a judge late Wednesday to step in and stop the transition to an international oversight body, after GOP lawmakers failed to stall the move as part of a short-term spending bill. 

“Trusting authoritarian regimes to ensure the continued freedom of the internet is lunacy,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement. “The president does not have the authority to simply give away America’s pioneering role in ensuring that the internet remains a place where free expression can flourish.”

“Paxton was among the four Republican AGs who filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division. 

“The U.S. government has been in charge of domain names for more than three decades, thanks to a Commerce Department agency’s oversight of an obscure, but powerful, Los Angeles-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

“If the transfer takes place – as it is set to do on Oct. 1—the suit argues people will “lose the predictability, certainty, and protections that currently flow from federal stewardship of the Internet and instead be subjected to ICANN’s unchecked control.”

“The suit argues the looming transfer violates the property clause in the U.S. Constitution which prohibits handing over government property without Congress’ approval. The suit also claims the handoff would violate First Amendment rights and says ICANN, the nonprofit owners in control, would be unchecked and could start to censor speech.

“Plans to transfer control over functions—like the directories that help web browsers and apps know where to find the latest weather, maps and Facebook posts – have been in the works since the 1990s.

“Momentum grew following the Edward Snowden leaks about U.S. government surveillance, and the Commerce agency said it would cede oversight. Since then the administration has tried to fast-track the transfer as a sign that the U.S. government isn’t policing the internet—and has disputed the warnings from Republicans and others.

“In a blog post last month, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Lawrence E. Strickling said the transition marks the “final step” of a commitment that dates back nearly two decades.

“He said the new model will maintain “the stability, security, and openness of the Internet that users across the globe depend on today.”

“The new lawsuit also claims ICANN “has a documented history of ignoring or operating outside of its governing bylaws.”

“Nothing protects the Plaintiffs from additional occurrences of ICANN oversight failures,” the suit says. Mark Grabowski, an internet law professor at Adelphi University in New York, agrees.

“There is currently nothing prohibiting ICANN, post-transition, from eliminating or transferring what are essentially the Web addresses for U.S. government and military websites,” Grabowski wrote in InsideSources.com. 

“He added, “A company owned by or located in Russia or China could end up managing whitehouse.gov, fbi.gov or army.mil. Losing control of these web domains would put our nation’s security at risk.”

“Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who aggressively campaigned against the transfer, called it a “a profound disappointment” when a measure stalling the move was left out of the latest government spending bill. He called the Obama administration’s actions “dangerous and indefensible.”

“Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who aggressively campaigned against the transfer, called it a “a profound disappointment” when a measure stalling the move was left out of the latest government spending bill. He called the Obama administration’s actions “dangerous and indefensible.”

Short of an 11th-hour miracle the Internet as we know it is over at midnight tonight.

With the stroke of his infamous pen, President Barack Hussein Obama, is handing over the American taxpayer supported ICANN—in place since 1998—to the control of the Chinese run ITU.

Mainstream media and social media, who had four years to get ahead of the curve, are making it sound as if the handing over of the Internet is no big deal, and for them, it is not.

Only Congress and the courts can stop it, and they have only until midnight tonight to do so.

First Amendment rights don’t exist in countries like China, Russia and Iran who will be the stakeholders in the conglomerate of “international stakeholders” that ITU will be certain to empower as the new Praetorian Guard of the Information Highway.

The new regime that will be governing internet access for the world masses will already be in place for Hillary Clinton, who has vowed to get rid of Alex Jones’ InfoWars and Breitbart, if the Democrats and global elitists elect her to the 2016 presidency.

It is vital to remember that once Obama has turned ICANN over to the ITU, there is no getting it back.

In a world fraught with government corruption and voter fraud, communication on an independent Internet is the only effective weapon dissenters and the Clinton tagged “deplorables” have.

Canada Free Press (CFP) scoured the worldwide web over the past week looking for the full story of ICANN’s coming transfer over to the United Nation’s obscure but power obsessed ITU.

No one does a better job of explaining what it happening than Stefan Molyneux of FreeDomainRadio.com. Molyneux does a great job explaining how we stand to lose the Internet forever. He explains how Obama used the excuse of the NSA scandal to turn control of the ‘Net over to foreign powers.

Here’s hoping the four attorneys general who filed yesterday’s lawsuit won’t let a spiteful America-hating Obama drop a black curtain over ‘the Peoples’ Internet’.