The Bureaucrats' Last Stand
  In God We Trust

The Bureaucrats' Last Stand

By Tammy Bruce 

The new year approaching provides all of us with an important opportunity to reflect and be grateful. For those of us who love our country, it’s understandable to focus on the catastrophe of the last seven years. President Obama’s agenda combined with his feckless and juvenile approach to governing has made clear what we need to reverse and fix.

But even more important is to recognize what we’ve learned. Acknowledging how resilient the American people are and how strong the Founders’ foundation for the nation really is couldn’t be more important.

I’m reminded of the strength of the Constitution and all our founding documents when the left unleashes one of their regular howls; 2015 was a banner year for harpies and trolls with liberals wailing and whining that the Constitution should be changed, or amendments be smashed. You know, so they can have “safe spaces.”

What has kept the United States from being consumed by the dogs of the left is the work of our original remarkable men and women. They knew their new nation must be built upon a foundation meant specifically to stop disturbed people and the tyranny they unleash.

Even a divinely inspired nation is only as good as her defenders, and this is where we come in. Mr. Obama and his henchmen may have run rampant over the country while abandoning the world to monsters, but that stain does not need to remain.

The new year will be difficult, there’s no doubt about that. Mr. Obama has only 12 more months to crash through the rest of the china shop, but it is also a challenge that is dwarfed by what generations before us faced.

Our main job in 2016 is to stay focused, disciplined and to remember, this isn’t a fight for one person, it is the defense of the nation. We are to be partisans — for the United States of America.

For years we have sent hints and direct messages of our discontent to Washington and the establishment. Finally, we are on the edge of wresting our great nation away from politicians who believe it’s their personal property — who consider their position and power as some sort of entitlement.

There are signs that the bureaucrats of what GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz calls the “Washington Cartel” also understand this is a last stand for them. I’ve enjoyed seeing Jeb Bush and the sanctimonious John Kasich languish in the polls, while watching two men loathed by the establishment rise.

Why? Because the catastrophic state of the nation and the world belongs squarely in the lap of every idiotic and self-obsessed career politician. For the last 27 years we have watched the Establishment facilitate this disaster by going along to get along.

A world facing an army of Charles Mansons; the childish and incompetent destruction of our health insurance and health care system because someone wanted a legacy but had no idea what he was doing, then lied about it; universities and colleges frozen by a movement of leftist bullies who demand people be punished and fired for what they say and think; open borders; Islamic State plots in all 50 states; urban riots against the police; historically high numbers of Americans off the work rolls, and on food stamps; a government campaign to disarm Americans while the same Feds work feverishly to import foreigners most likely to be terrorists.

The list is endless, and it’s not just because Mr. Obama was elected president. He does complain a great deal, still, about what he “inherited” from President George W. Bush. But what Mr. Obama actually had waiting for him was a gift for a malignant narcissist: a government so massive, bureaucratic and unaccountable that his juvenile incompetence and pathological vindictiveness would go unrecognized for years.

It is those who have ignored, excused and facilitated the menace we have faced for seven years — the machine of both parties, the establishment — who now understand we will not be going gently into that good night.

The Establishment meltdown over this serious rebellion by the hoi polloi is made obvious in comments by two long-time Republican operatives.

Rick Wilson is a “GOP Media Guy” and Republican political consultant from Florida. In an October television interview about real estate mogul and GOP front-runner Donald Trump, he stated, “[T]he donor class can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’ … They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that’s a fact,” Breitbart News reported.

Just a week ago, Pat Brady, the Illinois co-chairman for Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign, told WGN Radio in Chicago and reported in Mediaite, “If you’re going to take on Donald Trump, you’ve got to take him out with a head shot,” later adding, “You gotta be ready to rip his head off.”

Polls are usually not a good indication of where political races stand, but Mr. Trump’s strength is undeniable. Mr. Cruz’s rise is also becoming as apparent on the ground as Mr. Trump’s.

What does the establishment say about this turn of events? If either of these men wins the Republican nomination, the party, we are warned, is finished, the nation will fail, and dogs and cats will begin sleeping with each other.

The truth is, Republicans are not horribly divided or fearful; they are angry and concerned. They’re also tired of being lied to and watching their future be washed away by disconnected, self-obsessed politicians. Replacing failed leadership is not an abandonment of the system that the Founding Fathers put in place — it’s a restoration.

This is the goal of 2016. It is clear, straightforward and undeniable. This is our generation’s challenge, it is our Yorktown, our arrival on the beaches at Normandy. We must get it right, and if history is any indication, we will. Or as a comment attributed to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reminds us, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.” Here’s to 2016.

 Tammy Bruce is a radio talk show host.