In God We Trust




* Antifa:

White supremacists and neo-nazis are repugnant and wrong. President Trump was correct in condemning them but he was also right in condemning the violence from radical left. In Charlottesville, VA the white supremacists had a legal permit to protest the taking down of General Robert E. Lee's statue. There were most likely people in the crowd that weren't supremacists but wanted to protest the taking down of the statue. Regardless of that, the way to counter them is to ignore them not attack them physically, and the first amendment inderectly, by actions that were illegal. Ignoring them is to marginalize them, attacking is strengthening their movement. The groups that participated against the supremacists were there illegally there. They did not have a permit and engaged in violence, just like they have since the election of last November. It is a movement intent on destroying the first amendment and replacing it with anarchy and mob rule. Opposing points of views be dammed, it's our socialist radical left's view or nothing at all. It goes counter to everything this country stands for. Antifa supposedly stands for Anti Fascist but in all actuality they are the fascists. Nazi stands for national socialism, these violent radical left extremist are the national socialist fascists. Their intent is to stamp out the opposing point of view at whatever cost, the same as Hitler's nazi's did. Those that ignore history are bound to repeat it. Extremists try to destroy the past so they can build their ignorant and violent future. One of the first acts of the Taliban and ISIS terrorists was to destroy monuments and artifacts. That was not done by accident, it's part and parcel of a plan for domination. Our history had some difficult times but we're much the better for them. Our founding fathers were thinkers and patriots beyond their time. They are to be honored not disgraced. Leaders of the civil war are to be respected, regardless of which side they fought on , they did so honorably. The civil war was about states rights and an overzealous federal government. The south was dominated by democrats, general Robert E. Lee was a democrat. Confederate statues were erected by democrats. President Lincoln was the first republican president. It is important to note that Lincoln's emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves living in states that were at war with the federal government. The northern states were still able to have slaves. Why if so many believe that the civil war was about slavery did the north continue having slaves while they freed them in the south? We need a little common sense to return to the public dialog and stop blaming president Trump for everything. If the radical resist movement can get over their nazism perhaps there will be some sense of normalcy returning to the public square, but don't hold your breath.


* Russia:

The left/progressives/socialists/commnunists/ignorant are obssesed with Russia. Like Kellyanne Conway said, they have a "Russian Concussion." They put their credit on the line last November and they lost the house, now they have lost their credibility. While Islamic terrorism is rampant across Europe, killing innocents at every turn, they continue their wall to wall Russian collusion dilusion. While an outlaw North Korean dictatorship, with an nut job at the controls, has developed and tested nueclear bombs and just successfully tested the means to deliver one, they double their focus on their illusion. Venezuela is inploding under the weight the socialism they admire while they ignore it and continue to focus on their fix, their need for the self gratifying belief that they can destroy what the American people created. A president and administration that will actually look out for America first and by extension the American peole. The out of control left believe the election was never over, their very existance is at stake. The same polls they depend on now to trash Trump are the ones they used when they so miserable failed last November. Why would they be any different now? Logic dictates they would even be worse since most people witnessed their propaganda and have tuned them out. The irony of it all is, during the cold war they were appeasers of the Soviet Union. They have ignored The Obama messages to Putin of being more flexible after his last election and they ignore the connections between the Clinton Foundation, her campaign manager Podesta and the Russians. Only time will tell where this will end but my money is of President Trump and the American people!


* D'Hate

The over the top bitterness and hatred spewing from the left has metastasized into the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise in Alexandria, VA. It’s not about guns, like the clueless amongst us would like you to believe, it’s the hate in the heart fuelled by relentless attacks by the media and Democrat elected officials. An extension of their attempt to shut down any speech which they disagree with. They claim tolerance when in reality they abhor it. They don’t simply disagree, they shut down any voice that dares challenge their warped sense of righteousness. Masked organized protesters gather as if spontaneously every time any pro Trump or conservative support demonstration is planned. Colleges have turned into 'no free speech zones', the result of decades of liberal academia's indoctrination of our youth. That's what totalitarianism and communism education looks like, that's what ours looks like now. When the liberal media (repetitive I know) is confronted with their bias against Trump they state that they gave him more coverage than any candidate in the 2016 primaries. That's true, just like they gave McCain the same coverage in 2008 so they could tear him down later. But much to their surprise, Trump was no McCain. He didn't cower to their power, he challenged them and he won. Not they're stuck on 'stupid'. Rather than learn from their mistakes they repeat them. We can disagree on policy but when their only position is 'resist' and hate, they're doomed to failure. The American people are too smart to put up with their incompetence and surrender to the global elites that wish to destroy our culture. D'Hate we are witnessing is the excuse for their failure to stand for what our founding was all about. God given rights, individual liberty and the pursuit of your self interest, because in that pursuit you benefit your fellow man!


* Petty: A presidential trip of historic proportions is happening before our eyes while Democrats and the MSM (I repeat myself) are chasing windmills. They're stuck on 'stupid'. President Trump had an excellent reception in Saudi Arabia by not just the Saudi's but by all the other Arab leaders in the Middle-East. He is forging an alliance in the region against the scourge of Islamic terrorism. The respect and welcome he received is unprecedented. He then went to Israel and received a likewise overwhelming welcome. Meanwhile back in the swamp the envious and morally corrupt are still crying about reality. They still cannot get over Hillary's loss and have doubled down on ignorance. President Trump will next visit the Vatican thereby visiting the sites of the three major religions in the world. A historic trip worthy of praise while the petty wander aimlessly at home lost in the mire of their incompetence. The self-destruction of commons sense is their goal, ignoring logic for the sake of political correctness. Time will show their loss of touch, history will pass them by and good will triumph over ignorance and evil. Now we have a terrorist attack at a concert in the UK. Evil doesn't take time off, we shouldn't either!


* France: This weekend France faces the same crossroads we did on November 8, 2016. Will they become part of a socialists new world order or will they maintain their independence and culture? The American people made the right choice by electing President Trump, the French people should make the right choice by electing Mariene Le Pen. She stands for France like Trump stood for us. Le Pen hit the nail on the head in her debate against her opponent, she said, France will have a woman leading her, it's either me or Germany's Merkel. It's either France as an independent country or France as a subjugate of a dysfunctional European Union. It's about time the moral majority spoke up across the world. We did here!


* O'Boom'aCare: Democrats line up like lemmings at the slaughter if asked to do so by their misguided leaders. Republicans march to a beat of their own drummer, hence the display of dysfunction we witnessed last week. We're not criticizing individualism, that's what this country was founded on but when it comes time to actually perform the jobs you were elected to do by the American people the GOP let their egos get ahead of their constituents. Rather than passing a previous ObamaCare bill that made it all the way to The Obama's desk, they choose to start over. At the time when that bill was vetoed by The Obama they said that was needed was to elect a Republican president in order to repeal ObamaCare. The American people listened, they elected a Republican president and the GOP caved. Now it's time to move on. ObamaCare is on the path to destruction, it will blow up on it's own, if left alone. Republicans would have been doing the Democrats a favor by repealing but now they should just sit back and watch the train wreck. Not only will Democrats have this albatross around their necks, Republican that didn't support President Trump will join them. Time now to turn the page, concentrate on extensive tax reform and watch the economy take off. Ignore Democrat childishness and blind opposition. Focus on the future and what will make America great again, a strong economy, border security and destroy Islamic terrorist strongholds, there's more than one swamp to drain!


* Gamble: Thirty-one of fifty states and an overwhelming majority of American communities voted for President Trump on November 8th, there was a reason for that. They were tired of the political correct pollution that was destroying this great country. They were tired of politics as usual and they wanted a change in the direction we were headed. From open borders to a one world view we were loosing in an orchestrated way. Not by chance but by a well organized and powerful system guiding the bumper cars of state like guard rails in a carnival. You can bump but don't dare leave the course we set for you. Trump changed all of that. He's not beholden to the money that put politicians in power or the special interests that keep them there. His special interest is what's best for the country he loves and people he has been elected to protect. This brings us to the American Health Care Act, while not perfect at this time it's a beginning. No one can deny that President Trump has been delivering on his promises from the first day in office. Do you think the successful negotiator that the American people put their trust in is going to betray one of his most important campaign promises, I don't think so. Trump can out negotiate all his critics on the left and right, Democrat and Republican alike, in his sleep. Don't under estimate him. This is the time to unite behind him for if this first major legislative effort of his administration fails he will be irreparably harmed. Congress is a weird place were rules are chaotic and common sense is often absent. Where the likes of people that could not hold a job at an ice cream parlor can live happily ever after because they have the gift of gab. Talking nonsense and in circles is rewarded, logic is mostly non-existent. I'm not a gambler but my imaginary money is on our president!


* Without: In what seems to be an endless display of ignorant excuses and protests we are now into the 'day without'. The 'day without immigrants' (code for illegals), 'day without women', how about a 'day without stupidity' for a change? It would be a beautiful day when students went to school and actually studied reading, writing, arithmetic and history without political overtones and correctness. A day when people went to work instead of milling around carrying stupid signs and making excuses for their failures. A day when people were actually grateful to be living in the greatest country on earth, yes the country where all those immigrants want to come to! If you take the 'day without' to the extreme, how about a 'day without America'? What would this world look like? I guarantee it wouldn't be a place where snow flakes and idiots roamed free supported by a complicit media in an attempt to undermine a Constitutionally elected government because there wouldn't be a Constitution to begin with. It would be an ugly world where extremists rule and women would be covered head to toe in black. We suspend children for making a chicken nugget look like a gun, our enemies teach their children how to use machine guns and blow themselves up. A 'day without America' would be hell, the same hell the progressive lemmings would lead us toward. A globalist 'utopian' nightmare. No thank you, we'll take our America, the one that has awakened again that is fighting back against decades of political correctness and appeasement. It's a new dawn and it's a beautiful thing!


* Insanity: Children learn through imitation, punishment and rewards, The collective progressive left is like a child without the ability to learn. A child with a safe space placed where their brain should be. They ignored or took for granted the hard working American who plays by the rules to do the best they can for themselves and their families. The ones that have been forgotten for too long. That well has run dry! President Trump tapped into that segment of middle America that was fed up with politics as usual and political correctness gone amok. The hard working man and woman who was having the fruits of their labor pillaged by an increasingly pandering and irresponsible political class, on both sides of the aisle, but almost uniformly on the left. If common sense prevailed the election would have been a turning point in the ignorant belief that they were right all along. On the contrary, they are doubling down on stupidity. They're acting out in the very way they warned that Trump and his supporters would. But they continue to be blinded by their inability to learn, their disbelief that they could actually be wrong. In their warped view of reality, they didn't loose and they are not wrong, it's just that we haven't realized it yet. I didn't mention the media because the collective progressive left includes them. They too fail to learn, accept, adapt and move on. They are trapped by their own intransigence. The inability to learn, to face facts and to move on. It's not about solving problems to them, it's about marginalizing their constituencies and power. Because through the dependence on the division they sow they derive their power and in exchange maintain their failed status quo. Like Albert Eisntein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Their illogical ideology is being buried in the trash heap of history one protest sign at a time.


* Implosion: The left's implosion has been very entertaining since president Trump's historic election on November 8th. First there were numerous attempts of blaming every excuse they could think of for Hillary's defeat. Like the dog ate my homework, the sun was in my eyes and the grass was too tall. They attempted to delegitimize the election by pointing out that Hillary got more votes. If you take California out of the picture Trump would have had millions more votes that she did. That's exactly what the electoral college was intended to do. Eliminate one or several states from monopolizing an election thereby making the rest of the states powerless. Trump won 31 states, Hillary won 19. That's a landslide! Thank God for our founding fathers vision to create a Republic and not a Democracy, after all, a Democracy is two wolves and sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Now they're having a hissy fit every time President Trump fulfills a campaign promise. How dare he actually do what he said he would. It's refreshing to see that we have a president now that says what he believes and acts out on his promises of putting America and American interests first. The left and loony tunes that falsely promised to move are acting out their inner child mentality. They need a collective spanking. Grow up and look in the mirror, reality has past you by. The American heartland has awakened and taking back control from the children and intellectual dim bulbs that have ruled for the last eight years. It's going to be a bumpy ride getting the runaway train back on track, albeit an entertaining one. Pop the corn, have a drink and enjoy, the Republic is saved!


* Bittersweet: Our family was fortunate to have been in the first wave of Cuban's who fled Castro's Cuba, not as immigrants, as refugees. There's a big difference. We escaped in 1961, a couple of years after the firing squads echoed across a once peaceful and free land. Leaving everything behind we made it to the great beacon of hope on earth for all free people, the United States of America. We owe our freedom to this great country and it is to this great country we owe our allegiance. As a six year old kid I grew up believing in my heart that when the 'devil' Fidel Castro died, all would be well in our world and Cuba would be free. That dream was shattered on Friday the 25th of November 2016. I was overwhelmed with emotion, happiness and sadness at the same time, bittersweet. I thought of my parents and grandparents who lived their lives in exile with the hopes and dreams of someday getting back to their beloved Cuba, a free Cuba, free from the scourge that had plagued her for so long. I felt great joy for the passing of the evil that destroyed so many lives and families, grief for those who didn't get to see their dreams and hopes come true. The sadness comes from knowing that as much as things change, sometimes they remain the same. Castro died, another remains, and Cuba is still suffering. A generation of Cubans has been lost, figuratively and literally but the yearning to be free lives on in their hearts regardless of how hard tyrants and evil try to destroy it. Truly bittersweet, tears of joy and pain we felt, then and now. November 25, 2016 was not just the end of an evil tyrant, it also marked the beginning of new dreams and new hopes for someday, in our lifetimes now, we will finally see a free and beautiful Cuba again. God bless all those that have gone before us and those that still suffer today. Viva Cuba Libre!!!

Happy Thanksgiving


* Ignorance: Looks like liberal academia, from elementary to grad schools, finally got their way. They produced a generation of self indulgent cry babies. It's the result of participation trophies, winners be dammed. Forget the basics, this generation has been taught about feelings and their inner selves. Now we are all realizing that their inner selves are spoiled little brats that need a good whooping. They are let out of school by the very teachers and professors that caused the problem to begin with. "Go take a stand," they are told. A stand for what is the question. Ignorance? That would explain their lack of knowledge of our Constitution and form of government. Hillary just barely won the popular vote so they feel she was robbed. That's not democratic they say, duh we say! We don't live in a democracy. Our founding fathers were very wise and knew that a pure democracy was not sustainable. That's why they created a republic, a representative republic. In order to make this work they came up with the Electoral College to prevent rule by the masses and protect the rights of all our states. The crybabies in our schools and campuses can't understand so the simplest way to explain it is this, a democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Not to difficult to the see who would win that vote. If we were a pure democracy we would have two coastal states decide every election, it would be the left coast state of Caliorgwash and the north east state of Newyorkmainengland. Thank God for the wisdom that has saved our republic from the hell hole it was heading into. The future is much brighter today than it was on November 7th.


* Opportunity: On Tuesday we marked the 8th anniversary of We started this site the day after The Obama won the election that fateful November. The incremental creeping of socialism and deterioration of our rights and opportunities led us to start on that journey. It's been great to make all the friendships that we have throughout those years. People with a common love of this great country and a sadness and fear of where we where heading. Tuesday's election of Donald J. Trump was not a surprise to us. We knew that the heartbeat of America was strong, the love of this country was stronger and faith in God and our people could not be diminished. Tuesday was that fork in the road where America had a clear choice and Americans chose wisely. The Supreme Court was saved, economy destroying executive orders and regulations will be reversed and Americans will once again be place first above globalist surrenders. The ObamaCare disaster will be repealed, our allies will again have a partner that puts our friendships above the progressive ideology of appeasement that was destroying our alliances. Our enemies will again learn to respect us. Our veterans whom we celebrate this Veterans Day will get the attention they so greatly deserve. We will rebuild our military, respect and support our police officers and all those who serve in the front lines between civilization and anarchy. Our borders will be secured and immigration from countries in areas where Islamic terrorism is rampant will be stopped until those immigrants can be truly vetted. A great wall will protect us from illegal immigration, crime and drugs flowing from our southern border. A new day is dawning and with it a great opportunity to once again put Americans interests first and return to the greatness that has led the world through some many changes in the past. The world benefits most when America is strong and through that inner and outer strength a new opportunity will be realized. God bless this great nation!


* Time: The time has come! November 8th will determine whether we right the ship of state or continue down the path of division and destruction. It's time to turn the page on the Clinton years of corruption, lies and dishonesty. It's incredible that with the history of the Clinton's that there are so many who still support them. They ignore the facts and lie to themselves like the Clintons lie to all of us. It's a vicious cycle of ineptitude. Hillary's supporters go beyond stupidity, they are dangerous to the America we know to be good. We pray that come Wednesday morning we can look back and say, "I can't believe we came that close to loosing our rights and our great Republic." This is the most important election in our lifetimes. The Supreme Court is at stake, our rights are at stake, our borders are at stake. The demographic shift that a Hillary presidency would bring would all but guarantee that Republicans would never again win the presidency. Seventy-five percent of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction, between that and the huge enthusiastic crowds that have shown up for Trump during his incredible run, this and this alone should be indicative of a landslide victory. That's what we are hoping for, that's what we believe will happen and that's what our prayers are. May God bless Donald Trump and his family.


* Difference: The word 'difference' is to Hillary as 'is' is to Bill. During Bill's impeachment days he famously said, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." In Hillary's lying days she famously said, "What difference at this point does it make," when testifying before Congress in the Benghazi hearings. Her failures and lies led directly to the death of four brave Americans including our ambassador to Libya. Her blind and ignorant followers are of the same mindset, to them it's, "What difference at this point does it make." So what if she betrayed the public trust and endangered our security with her illegal private email server. So what if she was running a money laundering scheme known as the Clinton Foundation with foreign donations pouring into a presidential election through a so called charity. A supposed charity in which only 6% of donations actually go to charity. She claims to be a champion of women's rights but she accepts millions from countries that treat women like slaves and property. So what if she claims to be a champion of the gay community when she receives millions from countries who throw gays of roof tops just because they are different. So what if she claims to be for religious freedom when she accepts millions from countries who persecute Christians and Jews just because they are infidels. The hypocrisy is palatable but like everything Hillary, "What difference at this point does it make." A vote for Hillary is a vote for a criminal enterprise whose days are numbered, but if you're thinking, "What difference at this point does it make," it makes all the difference in the world!


* Pressure: The MSM and Hillary campaign as if they were one, which they are, and continue marching in step. She was already picking her cabinet and draperies. Now they're accusing FBI director Comey of caving to Republican congressional pressure. This is the same Comey they praised for his 'non-political' unilateral announcement in July that he would not recommend charges be filed against Hillary because no reasonable prosecutor would bring those charges. 'Saint' Comey has now become the devil. Between attorney general Lynch's supposed impromptu meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac to discuss 'grandchildren' and 'golf' and The Obama's planned trip to campaign with Hillary the following day of Comey's July announcement, it was clear the fix was in. The pressure on Comey from without the FBI was then, the pressure on Comey from within the FBI is now. It was predicted that if Comey did not recommend that charges be brought forward against Hillary that over 100 career agents would quit, they didn't, but they also didn't quit trying to make it impossible for Comey to ignore them any longer. The pressure today is coming from them, it's not about politics. It's about the law and restoring the respect of what was an impeccable history of the FBI to the shadow of itself that a single action by the current director had done. In one week the most crucial election in our lifetimes will take place. The tide has turned, the Clinton Titanic is starting to take in water.. To be continued…


* D-11: D-Day is fast approaching, eleven days from now Americans go to the polls to determine our future. We either choose to change from the destructive path we've been on, the globalist path that will certainly destroy this great nation, or we will change course. For many years we've imagined how our government could run if it was run like a business We have a choice now to elect a businessman to try his hand at fixing a lot of what ails our wasteful government. To change from an internationalist view of our economy to a nationalistic one, put America first is the mantra, and it's about time. We should look at anything internationally through the prism of our best interest first. Whether it be a trade deal or security deal, Trump will put America first again, that is worth fighting for. Ayn Rand once said, "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." This election will determine if she was right. A Hillary win would lead to Rand's apocalyptic view, a Trump win will save us. We're praying for the latter.


* Rigged: The media and Democrats, I repeat myself, dismiss that there is any voter fraud. This against mass evidence of voter fraud in every election cycle. It may not be in large enough numbers to be in your face but in close elections, it can make a difference. If it couldn't they wouldn't do it. Dead Democrats vote in every election, even Mickey Mouse, Mini and the seven dorks vote. You can't explain how in the last election there were precincts in this country that had zero votes for Romney. Even in a heavily Democrat district with no Romney supporters it's a statistical impossibility that at least one person didn't make a mistake and vote for the wrong candidate. But that's where we are today, the media and Democrats consistently fight against laws and rules that would help eliminate voter fraud. They call voter ID laws racial discrimination because they say it targets blacks. If that's not demeaning and racist I don't know what is. Why should blacks be treated different than anyone else? Don't they deserve the same protection against someone making their vote irrelevant by casting a fraudulent vote? This election is being rigged, not as much by actual voting but by a complicit media machine that is attempting to poison the air with polls after polls showing the race is essentially over. Hillary is so far ahead that we might as well not vote and that is their intention. All the enthusiasm in this election has been behind Trump, they know it and the only way they can defeat him is through personal attacks and damping down his turnout on November 8th. That won't happen because Americans are fed up with the media and the status quo. This is our last chance to put the ship of state back in a positive direction. Change is coming on November 8th, you can feel it. A sea of red will descend on voting places across the country, a cleansing wave of freedom.


* Chad: After Trump won his second debate in a row the media had to find something to hang their collective laurels on. They found it in Trump's remarks about not committing to accepting the results of the election on November 8th. 'How dare he', 'this is outrageous' they all chimed. On the surface it was a typical reaction to an untypical candidate. Donald Trump is not a politician, he doesn't speak like a politician and you can't judge him by political standards. They say for 240 years we've had peaceful transitions with the losing party accepting the winner. Seems these talking heads have a short memory. Remember Chad, not the guy in the deli down the street, but floating Chad from 2000? Algore and the whole Democrat machine took the issue on hanging chads in Florida all the way to the Supreme court. So much for short memories and selective history. Trump is being smart and out foxing the foxes in the hen house. Under cover tapes have this week shown that all the disturbances at Trump rallies that the media and Democrats (same thing) were harping about were in fact orchestrated by the Democrats themselves. So much for fair play. Leaked emails from Hillary's campaign manager Podesta have also shown that he thinks illegals should be able to vote as long as they have a drivers license. I don't think anywhere in the Constitution it mentions the requirement to vote as having a drivers license, maybe a horse and buggy license, but not a drivers license. Democrats do all they can to open up the voter rolls, illegals or dead people, it doesn’t matter, as long as they get their votes. The security of our country depends on our borders, the future of our country depends on the integrity of our elections. We are behind Operation Red, wear read when you vote on November 8th, they can't deny the sea of red that will overwhelm most voting stations. It’s like a shot heard around the world without it ever being fired.


* Assault: Not sexual assault, not perceived or politically conjured up assault, it’s more like a political/media hit job. Hillary and her Democrat cohorts do not have a good record to stand on so they’re in an all out smear campaign to discredit Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Trump, instead of going on offense with policies that will destroy Hillary, he’s playing into the smears. By continually talking about the allegations you are giving air play to the allegations. It’s time to call her out on her defenseless record. Her failures, her lies and deception and her pay-for-play money laundering scheme known as the Clinton Foundation. We are witnessing the most biased and corrupt election cycle in our lifetimes. The White House, the In-Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Inquiries, the Democrat party, the Clinton ‘war room’ and Republican elites in Washington are all on the trash Trump train. It’s the people versus the corrupt. A lot of dead Dumbocrats will also participate by voting for the indefensible. Hillary and her cronies are on the verge of starting a war with Russia by accusing them of hacking into their emails to influence our election. They can’t defend the content of the emails so they attack the boogie man, in this case, Putin. The emails show corruption and collusion at the highest levels, from the White House on down. While all this is going on the media is obsessed with what Trump may have said or done in un-collaborated stories from decades ago. What happened to it’s just about sex? Wasn’t that the line used to excuse Bill Clinton? Why does sex matter now and not back then? Gone are any semblance of fairness, their all out assault has left them naked. Freedom of the press in this cycle has become a joke, they are a paid arm of the Hillary campaign. The very rights that allows the fools in the media to shoot themselves in the foot will be at stake under a Hillary regime. The Supreme court, tipped to the liberal living document interpretation of the Constitution with curtail the first amendment and destroy the second. That's the road they want to take us in and Trump is our only chance to stop it.


* Spineless:  The politically correct infection of the establishment Republicans has proven to be worse than expected. Spineless pretend leaders ran for the hills squealing, deliverance style, as the MSM did their best to destroy Donald Trump. "How dare he say those words, my 'virgin' ears." Text bubbles appeared over them like stink of shit, like flies on Hillary. Behind closed doors and with their holier than thou attitudes they have been supporting Hillary, not supporting Trump is in essence, supporting Hillary. The future of our country, Constitution, Supreme Court and freedoms are at stake and they're worried about a few words. They accept true criminal action by Hillary and run away from Trump when the going gets tough. That's what weasels do (no insult to weasels intended). Their cushy political game is about to be upended and they see it coming. The American people of fed up with false promises and back room deals. Trump is the difference, he's going to tell it like it is and they are scared, they should be. November 8th will ring in a new beginning, a new age of American exceptionalism. Trump will prevail!


* Truth: The truth like facts, in the end, remain to show history. Hillary can't run on her record, it is one of failure. Over 70% of Americans say we are headed in the wrong direction, that is Hillary's direction. Her only hope is to have the complicit media, in-justice department, the federal bureau of inquiries and the white house carry her water. The shame of it is, if she wins she will have gotten a majority of the vote of those saying that we're headed in the wrong direction, and she is that direction. That would prove that are lost as a society our founding fathers envisioned. The globalists/socialists would have won and our Constitution be dammed. It's that close. As the great statesman Winston Churchill once said, "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is." In the end, there it will be!


* FBI: The Federal Bureau of Inquiries (FBI) has lost much of it's once 'Untouchable' reputation, thanks to the pretend Hillary 'inquiry'. Director Comey was grilled on Capitol Hill today and continued his comical defense of their conclusions. During the process of looking into the illegal private email server that Hillary intentionally set up in her house, immunity was handed out by The Obama in-justice department like candy to children. Those surrounding Hillary that had involvement in the inquiry were given hat candy. The ingredients were all there for the result, it was baked into the process. Bill Clinton's supposed impromptu meeting with the attorney general in her plane on a tarmac in Phoenix was the switch that turned the oven on. The Obama was set to leave for a rally with Hillary the following day and everyone had to be on-board. 'Benedict' Comey played his role, he immediately gave a bizarre news conference were he stated how Hillary lied and misled the public and the FBI but came to the conclusion that no 'reasonable' prosecutor would prosecute on the basis that he pointed out. It was like something from a bad B-flick. It was Clinton world. Meanwhile, reasonable prosecutors all over the United States screamed at their TVs. The Clintons play by different rules and rule by different principles. This election cannot be based on a career politician who claimed to be poor when she left the White House, and is now worth over $100 million, who has left the wreckage of Bill's women and failure behind, and has nothing to show for it except the ability to escape. She is the female version of Houdini. We have a choice between the same failure and division of the last eight years behind a liar or a non-politically correct businessman that has created thousands of jobs and wealth. It's not that hard of a choice to anyone with half a brain (no disrespect to Democrats that might be reading this BLOG (just kidding, OK, a third of a brain)!


* Winner: The real winner in the first presidential debate of 2016 was Hillary's doctor and pharmacist. Odds were high that she wouldn't be able to stand for 90 minutes without either fainting or having an uncontrollable cough. That didn't happen. Who knows what happened when she was whisked away into to her 'Scooby-Doo' ambulance. Trump was gracious and respectful to Hillary calling her Secretary Hillary, in return, she came out like a starving bull dog with red meat in the room. Hillary was in her element, a supportive debate moderator, a quite room and adoring media. She's an experienced politician with 30 years of failure and lies to show for it. He's a successful businessman that's created thousands of jobs and all she's created are scandals and lies. Trump missed many opportunities to hammer home her failures and lies but in the end, what matters is the vote on November 8th. The media are spinning in their spin rooms calling poll after poll and expert after expert. The truth of this election is that the enthusiasm is with Trump! Trump holds constant rallies of thousands of people, Hillary can hold her rallies in her bathroom alongside her server. Online polls are said o be meaningless but the people that answer those online polls are more in tune to what is going on than those that answer the networks polls. Enthusiasm is with Trump and the record viewership is because of Trump. That will prove traditional polling is wrong. This is a different election with an unconventional candidate that has turned political correctness on it's head. Perhaps Hillary was watching Trump's interviews in the media 'spin room' while riding in her 'Scooby Doo' ambulance?


* Debate: Drudge just reported that there will be no coughing breaks during Monday night's presidential debate, too bad for Hillary. Odds are high that she will need one. Hillary also asked for a platform to stand on behind the podium, that was denied as well, but the set will accommodate the size difference between her and Trump, possibly by having different size podiums. Regardless of Hillary's ill health, the debate should be about substance, not personal attacks. Hillary's campaign is heavily invested in demonizing Trump, on Monday that campaign will unravel. She can't stand on accomplishments because she has none. All she can do is talk up her experience but in every instance that experience that led to failure. Experience is nothing to brag about when the results have been disastrous for our country. Her and The Obama's foreign policies have led to the rise of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and a Middle East in worst shape than it's ever been. The world is a much more dangerous place today than when she became Secretary of State and compromised our national security with her private email server. The purpose of the server was to hide information from the public, hide her pay-per-play dealings between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. It was set up to circumvent freedom of information requests. Unlike FBI director Comey's conclusion that she didn't have 'intent', the private email server itself was in fact, the 'intent'. Over 70% of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction, Hillary is a continuation of that same direction, that should be the focus of Trump's message. He should also point out that regardless of any other issue, the most important thing about this election is the Supreme court. The 1st and 2nd amendments are at stake, we're one vote from losing them and without them we are doomed. Get the pop corn ready…


* Refugees: Decades of politically correct nonsense has now become a threat to life as we know it. The idiocy of liberal white guilt and acceptance of radical Islamic evil has led to an importation of thousands of refugees from areas of the world in which a clear vetting cannot be performed. When refugees came to the United States through Ellis Island they were vigorously vetted and in many cases quarantined. Today we accept refugees from the most dangerous places on Earth without so much as a simple background check because many come from war torn places were such checks are not available. We accept them anyway and resettle them throughout the country. Through Ellis Island came immigrants and refugees who wanted to assimilate and live the American dream. They wanted to become Americans. Today, many of the immigrants and refugees want to bring their failed societies, laws and religion to our main streets and do not accept our way of life. If they can't assimilate and show allegiance to out founding principles they have no business being allowed in. Shariah Law is incompatible with our Constitution and should be a simple test given to everyone wanting to immigrate here. They seek not to become American but rather to turn America into the hell hole they came from. They don't want a piece of the American pie they want to destroy the pie. We're seeing attacks like in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota happening more frequently now by what the MSM calls 'lone wolves'. There are no lone wolves, they are all part of the sick wolf pack that makes up the Islamic terrorism threat. If Hillary is elected, we'll get a continuation of the failed policies of The Hillary/Obama administration. If Trump wins we can start to fight back in a way that will truly make a difference. Fight back on all fronts and eliminate the top down politically correct nonsense that has brought us the danger we now face.


* DaBug: After months of Hillary's campaign attacking as ridiculous anyone who would dare question her health, the truth came out for all to see on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Making a swift escape from the memorial, Hillary collapsed while entering her rescue van. Held up by secret service agents she was then tossed into the van like a sack of potatoes. She was whisked away, not to the hospital but to Chelsea's apartment. This only proves that they know what's wrong with her, if not, they would have taken her to the ER. Her coughing fits and mysterious handler with an EPI-pen like device at the ready doesn't seem so far fetched after all. There is something seriously wrong with Hillary. After stumbling for their excuses her campaign finally settled on pneumonia. They had her doctor release a statement that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. If that was the case then why was she possibly infecting others at the memorial service and why wasn't she under a doctors care? They also started putting out messages that some in her staff have recently been battling a 'bug'. Not long after Hillary was rushed to Chelsea's apartment, Hillary came outside smiling and saying that it was a beautiful day in New York, really! She greeted a little girl in front of Chelsea's apartment building, again the question is, if she has pneumonia why was she risking infecting the very child she was taking advantage of? Only time will tell what the true illness is, the only thing that is certain for now is Hillary, her staff and all her defenders are all afflicted by the same illness, DaBug is lying-itis. It attacks the brain box where lies are born then spews the same garbage for all to see. At this time the only cure for this bug is the truth but that is a medicine they have all sworn against. So be it, the lies will continue to stink up the place.


* 2/3: We are being bombarded by polls. Polls from people that make a living doing polls, the more attention that is paid to them, the more they are relevant. Polls are as meaningful as the context of the questions that are asked and to whom they are ask of. The wording can skew the outcome, the method can as well, in the end the polls are what you perceive them to be. As it's been said before, the only poll that matters is on election day! This brings us to the 2/3. The only consistent marker in this year's presidential polls is that two-thirds (2/3) of the respondents agree that the country is headed in the wrong direction. It doesn't take a brain surgeon (no disrespect to Dr. Ben Carson) to see that Hillary is the wrong direction. She's a continuation of failure. Why does her logo point to the right? It's not pointing forward, it's pointing to the same failure of the last 8 years. On 911 we remember the evil we face, we remember that President Bush kept us safe for the duration of his presidency after 911 and that president Obama has retreated from that fight and made us less safe. The rise of ISIS was a direct result of his policies, the attacks that followed here and throughout the world are the result of his policies. Hillary Clinton will continue the same failed policies. 2/3 of Americans believe we should change our direction and turn the ship of state around. Hillary is the Titanic, Trump is the USS America.


* Time: The American people are being led like sheep to the slaughter. Orchestrated by the band leader, The Obama, and his puppet masters, living and past. What we know of his history, that is not sealed, is that he revered his father who abandoned him and was raised during his formative early years by a communist, Frank Marshal Davis. He also sought inspiration from black liberation theology and anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright. With that background, what could possibly go wrong. We'll, we're seeing it before our very eyes in the form of ignorance, mass hypnosis and an accomplice media that is assisting in the final nail in he preverbal coffin. Hillary's election would be that nail. To paraphrase a saying, it's about the Supreme Court stupid! There is currently one seat open and we could possibly see two to three more in the next four to eight years. That could mean a 7-2 progressive (socialist) court if Hillary is elected. That would mean the end of America as we know it and a permanent Democrat majority well on the way to a Venezuelan 'utopia'. This is not like our parents elections, this is a matter of survival. The FBI was bought, the In-Justice Department is in the tank and the bulk of the media act like their on the payroll of the Hillary campaign. The icing on the cake are the 'Never Trumpers' who have put their ego ahead of the our Constitution and our future. Not voting for Trump IS voting for Hillary. Not voting for Trump IS sacrificing all for nothing. Fancy journalistic words of defense of their positions will not disguise the harm that their choice is making on the well being of the American people and by extension the free world as we know it. The time is now, get on board the Never Hillary train or watch the demise of a once great country.


* Ego: Never Trumpers are starting to acquire a tastes for crow, and if not they should. Winners find a way to win, Donald Trump is a winner. He strongly believes in himself and our great country. His actions prove that, his history proves that. Never Trump Republicans are stuck in a cage they built for themselves. They couldn't believe a non-politician businessman could defeat 16 politicians in the Republican primaries and he did. They staked their reputations on it and they lost. Welcome to the real world. They are now seeing Trump's trajectory head up while Hillary's continues to sink, their assist to Hillary has failed them and they are now starting to panic. Like misfits on the island of misfit toys, they are being abandoned on a daily basis. Too egotistical to swallow their pride they will go down with the Hillary Titanic, a sinking ship in a story everyone knows. Too tied to their failure they will go down with the failed ship of state that is The Obama-Hillary administration. Everyone knows that the majority of the media is not even pretending to be neutral, they are in full attack mode on Trump, and even so, he is surging. He outflank Hillary and her defenders on Wednesday by accepting and appearing with the president of Mexico in Mexico. He was presidential while Hillary and her MSM were scrambling for excuses and attacks that fell to the ground like dead leaves in the fall of a disgraceful seven plus years of leading from incompetence. The tide has turned, common sense, real hope and real change is upon us. Hang on for the ride, it's going o be fun!


* Crazy: When cockroaches are cornered or you shine a light on them they act crazy. If they could talk (or lie) like Hillary and her dependents, they would fall back on their tired and tried response of scare mongering. Democrats cannot win arguments on merit or history so they cling to their character assassinations and historical manipulation. The Hillarious one accuses Trump of ties to the KKK when it was her mentor, West Virginia Senator Robert 'KKK' Byrd that was a grand pubah, or whatever they called their supreme leaders. Byrd was in bed and bed-sheets with them. A little history for the dumbocrats would go a long way. They have been fed lies for decades. If was the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, that freed the slaves, it was Republicans in Congress that passed civil rights laws against Democrat opposition. It is Democrat policies that have kept so many in the African American community in inner cities on the government plantation because their votes are what keeps the Democrats in power. It's a vicious cycle of ignorance, dependence and ineptitude. Trying to frame a successful businessman as crazy while ignoring the craziness and lawlessness of Hillary Clinton is in itself, crazy. One could say that crazy is supporting a failed socialist and secretary of state who has repeatedly broken the law and gotten away with it. This is not a conventional election, it is an election for the future of our Republic. The Supreme Court is at stake along with the 1st and 2nd amendments. It is about the continuation of the failures of eight years of The Obama and Hillary administration. The Failure of a foreign policy that gave rise to ISIS and divided us as we have never been divided since the Civil War. There are those that say we should wait until 2018 and 2020 and let Hillary have it. That is crazy! This is not a normal election, there is too much at stake.


* MIA: As the main stream accomplice media brushes off stories of Hillary's health, the facts surround them like stink on a pile of dung. Hillary's inexplicable absence from the campaign trail is ignored while every breath Trump takes is examined thoroughly. They no longer pretend to be impartial, they may as well be on the Clinton campaign or foundation payroll, and maybe they are. You can't write off her various uncontrollable boughts of coughing, her untimely and hideous laughter, that lasts much longer than what would be considered normal, her head jerks and blank stares. Now she's missing-in-action (MIA) just when the campaigns are starting to ramp up is excused or ignored by the media elite pretend-to-be journalists. The very media that bitterly attacked president Bush for flying over the ruins hurricane Katrina left behind are all but ignoring The Obama's and Hillary's disgraceful absence from the scene. Not only has The Obama not even given a statement on the historic flooding he has spent his time playing golf and laughing it up with his buddies. Hillary as well has stayed away saying there shouldn't be any distractions, but was that sentiment when they criticized George W. Bush? Trump went to the flooded zone, participated in unloading supplies, donate supplies and money for the recovery and showed honest caring for the people that are suffering so much in Louisiana. He said when some of our people hurt, we all hurt. Even the democrat governor of Louisiana acknowledged that Trump's visit was positive for the people of his state. Meanwhile the accomplice media spins it as a photo op while Hillary remains MIA.


* Hypocrisy: The major point fo Donald Trump's speech on foreign policy yesterday was to show the hypocrisy of the left, the hypocrisy of The Obama administration and of Hillary. They pretend to be the un-challenged defenders of women's rights, gay rights and minority rights. Trump did and end around and made them all look like fools. The very refugees and un-vetted immigrants that they are resettling in our country are a direct assault on the women, gays and minorities that they pretend to defend. Shariah Law is incompatible with our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. Women are treated as slaves under Shariah, gays are murdered and minorities are tortured or killed unless they submit by way of Dhimnitude. Trump's call for a comprehensive screening of immigrants is not un-American, it's the law. The problem is it has not been followed for years. Immigrants coming to American through Ellis Island, NY had to go through the same comprehensive screening process that Trump is calling for. We didn't have Islamic terrorists coming here trying to destroy us back then as we do today. Trump also said he changed his opinion of NATO because NATO has changed it's policy to finally engage with the threats we face. Trump called for it and NATO responded, he wasn't the only one but they are obviously listening. The trifecta that Trump needs to concentrate on is the economy (failures of Obama/Clinton), the Islamic terrorist threat and the dishonesty and lies of a lifelong wannabe president. Well done!


* Rigged: Trump is right when he says the system is rigged, but the system is more than the voting structure and voting requirements. It's bad enough that you don't have to show and ID or any proof of qualifications to vote, the system is rigged by an accomplice media that is completely in the tank for one of the candidates. It is so obvious and outrageous that they're not even trying to hide it. The MSM is in full combat mode defending a criminal with American blood on her hands. They follow The Obama lead in repeating the unfit to be president nonsense and ignoring the source of that comment. The Obama is an enigma, the media has laughed off any attempt to uncover his past. Why are his records still sealed? What does he have to hide? Where are the investigative journalists out there. They ignore what is contrary to their political leanings and biased world view while attacking a candidate that has created tens of thousands of jobs and successful businesses. In their warped world a career politician is qualified to be president where a successful businessman is not. Our founding fathers did not intend political office to be a career. They intended public servants to be just that, servants. Do the job they were elected to do then return to their farms and businesses. We have strayed so far from those founding principles that they don't even resemble anything in today's political world. The first amendment was written to support our freedom of speech and religion, it is being used today to supplement our freedom of speech and religion with propaganda and selective story telling. It has become a tool in the political hack attack of one candidate over the other. What Trump has going for him is the majority of the American people have come to the point that the political correct nonsense and bias of the media has gotten to the breaking point. They're mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore. If Hillary doesn't completely implode with her episodes of seizures they will continue to carry her and ignore her history. Just like they ignore the sudden deaths of people associated with the recent DNC email leaks and the other mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons over the years. How many people have you known n your life that were murdered or committed suicide with their bags packed? I'm sure you won't find similar anomalies in Trump's history. But then again it's not a level playing field. It's Trump and the majority of American people against the Clinton machine, the In-Justice Department, the White House and the MSM. Victory is not an option, the future is at stake.


* MSM: As expected the main-stream-media is in full protect Hillary mode and attack Trump mode at the same time. Hillary can do no wrong and everything Trump does is magnified in the negative light of the liberal prism. Hillary lies are characterized as misstatements, and Trump's misstatements are proof of his invented racism and Islamaphobia. Muslim Khan attacks Trump and he's paraded as a hero yet his support for Shariah Law and business of bringing radical Islamists to our country are ignored. He scrubs his web site of his business ties and the MSM ignores it, doesn't fit their narrative. It's Hillary or bust, the truth and reality need not apply. The MSM continues to ignore how the Clinton Foundation donations sky rocketed while she was Secretary of State and how public servants could amass the fortune that the Clinton's have. But they have no problem attacking Trump for his fortune which was gained through actually building successful businesses and employing thousands of people. It's a typical liberal world, reality turned upside down and inside out. Ignore the man behind the curtain, there's nothing to see here.


* Liar: Who is the first person that comes to mind when you read the word liar? You see the word and a picture of Hillary appears in your mind. She was in true form again this weekend in an interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday. She can look in the eye and boldly lie, naturally. She has a talent for it. She told Chris Wallace that the FBI said she had not lied and that was a direct contradiction to what FBI Director Comey said. He didn't call her statements lies, he said they were not true. That's a nice way of saying the same thing. Hillary also called parents of the murdered in Benghazi liars by saying she understood why they may have misunderstood her when they said she told them there was a video to blame for their deaths. They had nothing to gain by misstating what Hillary told them and she had everything to. Hillary is the kind of person that if your outside in the rain and she says it's raining, you have to check to see if your wet before you believe her. She is clearly a pathological liar who has gotten away time and time again. A proven liar who could not get a security clearance in the real world is now the Democrat's candidate for the most powerful job in the world. God help us if she wins. There's more at stake in this election than a job, it's our future, it's the Supreme Court, it's our constitution and it's our way of life. The next 100 days will make the difference. We will either choose to continue down the same failed path that has brought us economic stagnation and ISIS or change to economic freedom and peace through strength. The choice is clear, it's Trump or disaster.


* La-La-Land: As Islamic terrorism continues to inflict their evil on civilization throughout the world, Democrats are singing cumbaya in their cocoon of ignorance. Early in the campaign Bernie said he was sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's damn emails, he gave her a pass. Emails surfaced again this past week proving what Bernie and every one else that was paying attention could tell, the Democrat National Committee was conspiring to coronate Hillary. What about those damn emails now Bernie? The first two days in the Democrat la-la-land showed no signs of the war that surrounds us, even as terrible acts were taking place. On Tuesday a Catholic priest in France had his throat slit while giving mass by an Islamic Terrorist, his crime, not being a Muslim. Even with an atrocity like this what we heard from the convention was silence. It wasn't until the third day, on Wednesday that the first mention of ISIS took place, former CIA chief Leon Panetta spoke about this threat and he was drowned out by chants of "No more war." This is not a war that you can choose to engage in, the war was brought to us and all civilized people of the world. You cannot even surrender to this Islamic evil, that is not an option. You either capitulate, convert or you die. You can choose to fight for your survival now or later where later your chances of survival will be greatly diminished. Burying your head in the sand or in Philly will not make the terrorists disappear. Taking on the global warming climate change agenda will not appease this evil. Do you think they care if this year was .1 degrees warmer than last year? La-la-land for dummies, the latest in a series, it's not that difficult, if you could only remove the politically correct ignorance that blinds Democrats today, maybe they too could see. Back now to those pesky emails, Donald Trump made a sarcastic comment asking the Russians to find the 30 thousand missing Hillary emails and the MSM and Hillary's campaign are having a hissy fit. How dare he, could he be asking an adversary to interfere in our presidential campaign? Democrats can't take a joke but the joke is on them, we're talking about emails again, a stroke of genius. Trump dealing with Hillary is like a dog whisperer training a puppy, and we've all seen Hillary bark.


* emails: Bernie was right, and so was everyone else with half a brain. The Democrat primary was rigged. The DNC machine was working with the Clinton machine to deny Democrats a voice in electing their presidential candidate. If the vote counts didn't work out there was always the super delegate scheme to back up the coronation. Wiki leaks posted two thousand hacked emails that clearly show the DNC was on the Clinton team all along, masquerading as an impartial third party. Those emails implicate DNC chair Debbie 'What's-Her-Name' Schultz and have forced her resignation as the convention was about to begin. Both Hillary and The Obama pushed Schultz under the bus. It's ironic that emails that betrayed the trust of a party forces the resignation of the party chief but emails that betrayed the trust of a nation and put our national security at risk were ignored by the MSM, the FBI, the Injustice Department and the White House. After all, it's just words. You can feel, see and smell the hypocrisy. Now it's time for the circus that is the Democrat party.


* MASCR: Media-And-Self-Centered-Republicans (MASCR). That is what we have been witnessing as a response to the nomination of Donald Trump and the coverage by the MSM. They just can't get out of their way. A large part of Trump's support comes from Americans that are fed up with the liberal media slanting the news, failing to cover liberal wrongs and obsessing on perceived Republican ones. Case in point, day-one of the RNC convention was highlighted by the successful and elegant wife of the Republican nominee. She gave a heartfelt speech with words/phrases and feelings that millions of immigrants that love this country have used with their children. Looks like a speech writer borrowed some lines from a speech that was given by Michelle Obama. Rather than look and the message and heartfelt meaning behind her speech they focused and obsessed on a couple of lines and accused her or plagiarism. When The Obama copied a speech by Duval Patrick almost verbatim, they gave him a pass, when Biden did as well, they gave him a pass. Hey media, thanks for helping Trump, keep it up. One of the highlights of the convention was Laura Ingraham's speech. It was on-point, strong, smart and well delivered. As a member of the media she had special a meaning behind her calling them out. She pointed at where they were, looked them in their biased faces and challenged them to live up to their jobs. She waved to the crowed before and after her speech, from a still side shot the dishonest media that she called out said she gave a Nazi salute. That showed exactly what Laura was speaking about. They ignore the forest for the trees. They focus on the micro and overlook the macro. It's the big picture that Trump points out and that's what's going to prevail. The American people are tired of being lied to, taken for granted and misled. Then we have the discontents that are by their actions and words are helping Hillary. Ungrateful Ted Cruz who Trump asked to speak at the convention, even though knowing ahead of time that he wasn't going to endorse him, showed his true colors. Ted Cruz will never be forgiven for his actions. He is banking and hoping that Trump loses. News for Cruz, if Trump looses, America looses, our children loose and Canadians loose. The is no more time for petty and personal animosities. Trump is a cage fighter, that's what we need to defeat the most corrupt and crooked candidate our country has ever seen. Keep is up MASCR's and thanks for you assistance.


* Rhetoric: On the eve of the Republican convention and in response to the murder of three police officers in Baton Rouge The Obama asks for people to lower the rhetoric. During the past seven and a half years the rhetoric and jumping to conclusions has been heared loudest coming from the president himself. From the beginning of his term saying the Cambridge police acted 'stupidly' to the eulogy for the five slain police officers in Dallas saying that every organization has racists tendencies. Even in a solemn and respectful time as the Dallas eulogy was he can't resist interjecting his racist feelings and biases. Give it a break, his attempt to calm the response from the Republican convention speakers at his stoking the fires of race and contempt for police across the country have fallen on deaf ears. He deserves every bit of criticisms he will receive and more. Time to get behind Trump 100 percent for if your not with him, you're against him.


* Wolf-Pack: There are many excuses perpetrated by the MSM and The Obama administration when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Terrorism that has been escalating recently all over the world. No civilized country is immune from the savagery of the Islamic evil we face. Many misguided and politically correct prone call Islamic terrorists 'Lone Wolves'. The code word is 'Lone' because it individualizes the whole and minimizes the danger. There are no 'Islamic Lone Wolf' terrorists, they are all part of a whole, a movement that is contrary to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, they are polar opposites from our founding and Natural Law. After the horrific murders of innocent people in Nice France on the 14th some were saying the killer wasn't affiliated with Islam. Even though Islamic terrorists groups like ISIS have called for their followers to mow people down with vehicles, they refuse to make the connection. Like an Ostrich sticks it's head in the sand, The Obama and his ilk have followed in the same thinking. Maybe if we don't acknowledge them they will go away, you know, the JV team. How about we call them ISIL instead of ISIS or maybe DAESH, what's the difference, evil is evil, by changing its name you seek to minimize its danger. When it comes to which one of our presidential candidates will deal with this threat seriously you can compare their responses to the attacks in Nice, France. Hillary said we need to improve 'intelligence' sharing between countries. Donald Trump said we need to declare war on ISIS and wipe them out. I'm with Trump. You cannot get rid of mosquitoes individually, you have to drain the swamp. ISIS is the swamp and RAQQA, Syria is their home, bombs away, 'thirty seconds' over Raqqa!


* Anarchy: The murder of five police officers in Dallas and the continuing anarchy by Black Lives Matter racists are not about justice. Time and time again cases that bring these reactions like in Ferguson and Baltimore have proven to be completely different than the first responses by gullible video junkies has been shown to be. If it were about justice then why have violence and demonstrations continued after the murder of the officers in Dallas? A movement with any decency would have disavowed and distanced themselves from the murders in Dallas. Instead we are seeing a continuation of the same anarchy that is fueling hatred, mistrust and further increasing the racial divide perpetuated by the most divisive president in our lifetimes. The Obama pretends not to understand the racial division we are facing while being the architect of that division. He jumps to conclusions on cases when they fit his racist view of white police officers yet refuses to comment in cases that contradict his biased liberal view of our society. It stems from his father's dreams, dreams he embraces and dreams he has helped bring to fruition. Dreams that fuel his transformation that is speeding up as his disastrous term in office is coming to an end. Between the Islamic terrorist war and our internal Obama inspired racial war, our plate is full. Our police are being stretched to the breaking point. We need them now more than ever. It's time to stand in solidarity with them and resist all calls for a federal police force of which The Obama would love to see. Remember when he said we needed a national force as powerful as our military? What he had in mind is clearer now than it was back then.


fbr-part-dud: Federal Bureau of Review (fbr) has again shown its true colors. Director phony, oops, that was Comey, testified before Congress after his illogical press conference on the 'review' of Hillary's illegal use her private email server. Contrary to common sense he admitted that Hillary was not under oath when questioned by a handful of fbr agents. He also said that we was not present during the interview. What were they interviewing her for? Pant-suited mascot of the fbr? He also admitted that there were no recordings of the interview. According to the former FBI, “Under the current policy, agents may not electronically record confessions or interviews, openly or surreptitiously” except in rare circumstances, the bureau said in a 2006 memo. Wasn't this a rare case? I want to know how much Vaseline was involved. Why did a reportedly 150 agents spend a year looking into the Clinton's case, leave the subject of the case for the end and not even record the 'interview'. Isn't the fact that she is going to be the Democrat nominee rare enough? Wasn't the fact that she went out of her way to set up and communicate through a private email server 'intent' enough? Step back for a moment and take in the last ten days. The Obama was itching to go out on the stump with Hillary to bash Trump, he can't call ISIS out for what they are but he is adamant about destroying Republicans and now Trump in particular. We have 'what-the-meaning-of-is-is' Bill stalking then meeting with attorney general Lynch on her plane for thirty minutes. Then Comey comes out with the facts that she lied and compromised national security but no indictment will be asked for by the fbr. That very same day Hillary and The Obama are on Air-Farce-One on the way to a rally in North Carolina. The president's schedule is not decided in hours after an fbr press conference. That trip was panned days ahead of time knowing the Hillary was not going to be indicted. This whole scene stinks and has cut father into the very fabric that makes our nation exceptional. Another step in that promised transformation. An ugly chapter in American history that the MSN and liberal academia will sweep under the rug to further dumb-down the minions.


fbr: Once upon a time there was a respected national law enforcement agency known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), that was once upon a time. Today their initials are in lower case and they have changed. No longer do they investigate, they are now delegated to the 'review' process, they have become the Federal Bureau of Reviews (fbr). Just as Hillary and her cronies have been saying for months, she wanted to assist them in their 'review', and she did. After a year 'reviewing' Hillary Clinton's illegal use of her private email server for classified government business they come away with nothing. The director of the 'fbr' and his 140 plus 'review' agents dug under every crevice and 'left' no stone unturned. Although the 'director' lost his direction he did state how Ms. Clinton had done so many things that were contrary to the law (this would normally mean illegal, but not for the 'fbr') but that he didn't think a prosecutor would bring an indictment because their wasn't an intent. The contingent of once talented agents from a once respected bureau didn't see the forest for the trees, the intent was the server itself! He failed to mention that the reason he didn't think they would bring an indictment was because The Obama already said Hillary didn't do anything wrong and Bubba had met with his boss last Monday to confirm that. An he had to get the confession out before Ms Hillary and The Obama headed off to North Carolina to bash Trump. What a happy place the 'fbr' must be. They will continue getting their tax dollar paychecks while the American people and justice continue to get screwed. It's not the FBI's or now the 'fbr's purpose in life to decide if a case will be prosecuted, it's the 'fbr's job to decide if laws were broken! You don't come to a conclusion that they were, then not recommend an indictment thinking that the most political Justice Department in history will not prosecute, that's a dereliction of duty. A once well respected institution has just been denigrated to a mere reflection of itself. What a shame.


* Lynched:  What was Bill Clinton doing with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane at the Phoenix Airport? As the story goes, Bill Clinton was in Phoenix to play gulf, although there's no obvious evidence that he played golf. It was reported that Lynch's plane was late so Clinton waited a half hour for her to land. If it were a happen stance meeting then why was he, a former president, waiting for the current attorney general? When she arrived he went into her plane and had a half hour meeting with her. Meanwhile FBI agents on the tarmac instructed everyone there that there were to be no pictures or recordings of any kind. Is this normal for a happen stance casual meeting? If it smells funny, there's probably something to it. When asked about the meeting Lynch responded that they talked about family, grandkids, you know, the usual casual chat. Maybe spouses too? Was Bill working on a plea deal with Lynch? Withdraw from the presidential race in exchange for no indictment? The Clinton's have been getting away with 'murder' for decades, the list of body bags surrounds them like stink of shit. This could be the latest in a long series of events that they just brush off as 'it's old news', in your face hypocrisy, the Clinton's are masters of deceit, denial and that's not a river in Egypt. It is being reported that Saturday July 2nd there will be a meeting between the FBI and Hillary. The timing of Bill's 'casual', 'accidental', 'impromptu' meeting with Lynch takes on a very serious feel considering the FBI meeting. On a very related note, Bill Clinton was the president that appointed Loretta Lynch, you can smell the stench from here to China.


* WWAD: Faced with the same decision that Great Britain faced last week, What Would America Do (WWAD)? For 23 years Britain has been mired in the socialist failure that is the European Union. It's an idealist conglomerate where weak nations would prosper at the expense of richer ones in exchange for economic openness and a borderless marriage. Great deal if you're a struggling nation, bad deal if you're Britain or Germany. When it was just a matter of economics, it was easier to swallow. It's no longer that, it's a matter of survival, survival of a culture and a people. Mass immigration from Middle Eastern countries in turmoil has brought chaos and cultural upheaval to many parts in Europe. The old Europe is being swallowed up and what's replacing it is not pretty. The idea of a united Europe with disparate cultures was a noble one but unattainable if you are to keep your nationality intact. Being European is not that same, and will never be what being British is no matter how you color it. What we're seeing is a global anti-globalist movement. Like you can blow up a balloon just to the point before it bursts, we are reaching that point. Although in the short run there may be some difficulties, in the long run Great Britain they will be much better for it, and yes, they will be great again. they made the right choice. Donald Trump is also the right choice for us. At a time when global pressures are building we need a leader who will put America first again and he will. WWAD? We'll know soon enough.


* Caught: The Obama administration's hyper political correctness was again is plain view today. The Obama In-Justice Department released redacted documents from the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack to protect any mention by the terrorist of his intentions and allegiance. Their goal, as usual in these cases, was an obvious attempt to change the truth from an act of Islamic terrorism to an act by a homophobe with an 'assault' weapon. Neither of which was true. Is was an act by a self confessed terrorist in allegiance with the worldwide Islamic jihad against civilization. To liberals and The Obama terrorist attacks are individual criminal acts by deranged individuals with guns that shouldn't be available to anyone. In this case the attempt at redacting and changing the meaning of the terrorist murders in Orlando was so blatant and stupid that the FBI and In-Justice Department had to immediately redact their redaction. Meanwhile back at the White House they deny having anything to do with the circus. There doesn't have to be direct orders from the top when the 'understanding' and direction comes directly from The Obama himself. He doesn't even try to hide it anymore. His intentions are to not offend Muslims and to attack Americans that disagree with his pious platitudes. If The Obama could channel half the anger he has for Trump and Republicans towards ISIS then that terrorist group would have been severely damaged with no base from which to operate. But that would take leadership and conviction two main ingredients that are sorely missing in the empty suit.


* Anger: Throughout the lost years of The Obama regime we have seen his anger and ineptitude, his complacency and incompetence. Unfortunately for our security and society they have always been 180 degrees off. Time after time when talking about the evil we face, in the form of Islamic terrorism and their war on civilization, he is monotone, paces and calibrates. When he speaks of Americans criticizing his lack of will to defeat our enemies he shows anger and emotion. His true 'feelings' come through, his message is clear, and his loyalties come into question. The 'JV' team is now in our backyard and he's attacking Trump and Republicans for daring to question his intentions. The Obama regime is replete with Muslims. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system masquerading as a religion. It’s true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims. If 99% of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are ‘good’ Muslims that leaves 15 million that could be terrorists. That’s a lot of killing and a lot of pain. Trump is right in wanting a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants / refugees / terrorists from trouble spots from being allowed into our country while their backgrounds cannot be verified. That is not Islamophobic, it’s national security and common sense. Until we wipe out the ISIS controlled territories and infrastructure in Syria and Iraq, they’re going to continue to recruit fools and radicals that want to join a winning team. Anti trump Republicans still don't get it. Trump's strategy is to win, if that means ticking off some establishment types and bringing over disenchanted democrats, so be it. The goal is the White House and the Supreme Court and righting the ship of state. In Orlando The Obama said that the 2nd amendment is, "not about liberty" and that the homosexual community is being persecuted in America. He also warned against saying that Islamic terrorists are responsible for terror attacks, he said, "We cannot cut the world into us and them, and denigrate groups because of the color of their skin or their faith." Anger, yes there is anger by the American people that still think that 1 + 1 = 2, it's directed at an incompetent unfortunate regime that has almost destroyed a great nation.


* Excuser- In-Chief: In The Obama we don't have a commander-in-chief, we have an excuser-in-chief. The Islamist terrorist who murdered 50 Americans and injured many others was clearly influenced by the Islamic Jihad against infidels, against humanity. He called 911 during his massacre and claimed allegiance to ISIS and yet the president, Hillary Clinton and others on the left refuse to see the forest for the trees. He told us who he was, ISIS tells us that we are their main target and yet Democrat's refuse to identify them. When an Islamic terrorist tells you he's Islamic and that he's is part of the Jihad, believe him. If you can not define your enemy, you can not defeat your enemy. The Obama and his ilk defend Islam to the point of being complicit in their actions. He said that American's need to change their attitudes towards gays. What the hell is he saying, Islamist terrorist throw gays off buildings, Shariah law says being gay is punishable by death and yet to The Obama it's Americans that need to change their views towards gays. Idiocy, ignorance or complicity? Like clockwork, blaming guns wasn't far behind the excuses. Both The Obama and Hillary jumped on the blame the gun lunacy. If you could eliminate all the guns in the world, Islamic terrorists would still be chopping heads off and blowing innocent people up. Perhaps if the innocent people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando had armed security many of murdered may have been saved. Meanwhile, unvetted Muslims from areas of the world that are terrorist hot spots are pouring into our country. Trump is right on a temporary ban of allowing any immigrants from terrorist hotspots from entering our country. Until we take this war seriously and take the battle to our enemies there will be more Orlandos in our future. You cannot win a fight with both your hands tied behind your back. It's time to fight back.


* War: The Obama's puppet master, Valerie Jarrett, claims The Obama's main accomplishments are ending two wars. Tell that to the our military volunteers that have lost their lives in a war that was already ended! Watch out for the man or woman behind the curtain, it's not reality, it's what we tell you reality is. The 'end' of the war in Iraq gave birth to ISIS, the 'end' of the war in Afghanistan has given the Taliban control over major areas of that country. Claiming victory in the face of defeat is the same as releasing GITMO radical Islamist's prisoners of war and claiming they are just detainees. The Obama and his administration is the epitome of political correctness on steroids. Their actions are not just illogical, they are dangerous, and history has proven that.

* Democratic?: Will the media ever stop calling the Democrats the Demorcratic's? Are they the Democratic party? Are the Republican's not Democratic? It's Democrat's and Republican's!


* BIAS: It is well known by everyone that doesn't have their head buried in the sand that the American mainstream media is overwhelmingly liberal and biased against conservative candidates. The inspector general of the State Department releases a scathing report on Hillary and her staff while the media spends their time talking about a gorilla. Laws and regulations don't apply to the Clinton's like they do to everyone else, in the '90's and today. Clinton took some questions from reporters today, their questions ranged from 'how does it feel to be so close to clinching the nomination' to 'don't you think it's time for Bernie to quit'. Where were the questions on the IG report, the quid pro quo between the Clinton Foundation and foreign entities/governments while she was Secretary of State? Meanwhile Trump gets pummeled on Trump University and saying the judge in the case is biased against him because he is Mexican. The judge is American of Mexican descent. That in itself does not make him biased but being associated with pro Mexican groups can at least give the appearance of bias. An example of this is when the plaintiff who started the Trump University case withdrew, the judge kept the case going instead of dismissing it. Was that biased, did it have anything to do with his strong Mexican opinions or just bad judgment. Regardless, we know the media has it in for Trump, Trump in turn should just start dodging these traps and concentrate his fire on Hillary, her illegal and irresponsible activities and tying her to the failures of The Obama administration.


* SoCu'ism: Socialist/Communism (SoCu'ism). Socialism and Communism are two birds of a feather, misery is the outcome, the speed at which it is derived is the difference. Socialism is control of the economy, of human initiative through governmental regulations and taxation. Communism takes it one step forward, government ownership and control. In either case you end up with failure. The Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, everywhere it has been tried and now in Venezuela. Since at least the 1970's our children have been taught that capitalism was evil and 'socialism' was good in such a subtle way as to sound believable. We are now reaping the rewards of that ignorance. A rewriting of history and a guilt complex that it has induced. Capitalism gave you that computer, tablet, smart phone or whatever you're reading this on. Capitalism gave us the vaccinations and antibiotics that most likely saved you life along the way. Capitalism raised humanity from squalor to comfort. The air conditioner you enjoy in the summer was not a result of SoCu'ism, it was people believing in themselves and risking it all to make a profit that made you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are reading this at night, the light over your head was a result of capitalism, you should be thankful. Ignorance is not inherent, it has been taught in our schools for decades. We are now reaping the rewards of it in the likes of Bernie supporters that couldn't tell a lie if it came up and bit them in the A__!


* Rattled: The Obama bookend apology tours. He started his administration with a Middle East apology tour that led to the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt and the rise of ISIS. He is now almost over his disastrous presidency and is finishing with another apology tour, this time is Asia. He ended decades of an arms embargo on Vietnam without getting anything in return, specially information of the missing POW's from the Vietnam war. He visits Hiroshima in Japan and bows to the need of rewriting history. He talks of the 'silent cries' of children when the U.S. dropped the bomb to end the war. No mention of the 'silent cries' of children in Hawaii when Japan ravished Pear Harbor. He attacks Donald Trump on the world stage in a classless act of political hackery. He says that foreign leaders are 'rattled' by Trump. The real rattling was done the last eight years when The Obama alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies, time after time. On the world stage he has brought the U.S. down to where he believes we belong, at home he has divided us by income, race and religion. What was billed as the first post-racial presidency has been the most polarizing racial one in modern times. Perhaps it is good if foreign leaders are a bit 'rattled' by the possibility of a Trump presidency, it's about time they stopped taking us for granted and about time we rewarded our friends and penalized our enemies. The time for being taken as fools will soon be coming to an end, and Trump is that vehicle. Let the rattling begin!


* Idiocy: With the FBI and Bernie Sanders nipping at her heals, Hillary Clinton is attempting to turn her 'broom' towards Trump. That was 'direction', the keys got stuck. She said they won't let Trump run a normal campaign, Earth to Hillary, that's what people like about Trump, he's not running a normal campaign. He has tapped into Americans disgust with business as usual and an idiotic politically correct culture that is destroying our way of life. As James Woods correctly points out, "The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies' room." Political correct nonsense is at the heart of the Democrats way of life. Muslims are the ones committing horrible acts against humanity and yet we cannot profile at our airports for fear of offending them. So let's pat down old ladies in wheel chairs and bring our airport security systems to a screeching halt. Political correct nonsense. Hillary tries to strike fear into the gullible amongst us by saying if Trump were elected he would arm all classrooms in the country. In Hillary's world, the only armed people would be her security guards, elected officials' guards, the police and criminals. Law abiding Americans would be stripped of their right to self defense. Gun-free zones would remain target-rich zones. What Trump said about guns in classrooms makes sense, teachers with carry permits should be allowed to carry in classrooms, in order to prevent and deter the slaughter that we've seen in recent years by deranged individuals, with no one standing between them and their targets. A successful businessman as president of the United States is not scary, a failed, lying, life-long politician can be very scary. If Hillary were able to get by the socialist Sanders and the FBI investigation and manage to win the presidency, that would not only be scary, it would be the final Obama nail in the transformation of America coffin. The Supreme court is at stake, in a Hillary administration, the Supreme court would be lost, the second amendment would be unconstitutionally overturned, freedom of speech would be curtailed and the lap dog media would assist. Now that's scary.


* Envy: The heart of socialism and communism is envy. Whether you believe in the Bible or not the meaning is the same. There was Adam and Eve and they had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain was first born then came Abel, Cain tended to the crops and Abel was a Sheppard. Cain resented that Abel was getting more 'acknowledgment' than him so one day when they were alone in the fields, Cain killed his brother Abel. That in essence was the first murder and the first sign of 'envy'. My father always told me that story and it makes as much sense today as it did when I was growing up. After all, socialism and communism is taking from those that have and giving to those that don't. Envy! Why should 'he' have more than 'me'? Not taken into account is what 'he' has done and 'you' haven't. You can't take from those that produce and give to those that don't without a change in the equation. Life is not static, change demands change, it's a natural course of things. If you dam a river the river changes both upstream and downstream, that's natural. If you dam an economy with socialism or communism you change the river flow, it's natural. May 20th is Cuba's Independence Day, just like our 4th of July, their river was changed in 1959 and the misery that followed is still being felt today. Socialism/Communism is envy, it is taking from those that produce giving to those that don't, the end result is you have a society that doesn't have, and an elite ruling class that does. It's not theory, it's reality, we've seen it throughout history and are seeing today in a once rich and prosperous country, Venezuela. It all sounds good from the mouths of fools like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton but the end results are the same, shared misery. Bernie's support stems from decades of liberal/progressive/socialist/communist professor's brainwashing the next generation with false ideology and dreams of a utopia that is like a river that never changes.


* Rutgers: The Obama goes to Rutgers and gives a commencement speech, sounds like the start of a joke, but it's not funny, it's true. Without naming names he gave a political hack attack on Donald Trump. In his world view it's ignorant to want to control our southern border with a wall. The Obama's almost eight years in office has shown his disdain for our border agents and border states. He has almost singlehandedly pronounced amnesty by executive actions and inactions. He has sued states that attempted to enforce immigration laws that his administration was intentionally ignoring. When he speaks about ISIS he is monotone, when he attacks the Republican nominee he is energized. He speaks of virtues but lacks them himself. Coming from a community organizer and part time associate professor his attacks are laughable. We have a successful businessman who has created thousands of jobs and a failed president whose only accomplishment was duping the American people into voting for him. He has been a disgrace for eight years and is going out in true form. January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough.


* ITSCS: It's time to stop the song and dance, the Republican primary is over, Americans have spoken and they have chosen Donald Trump. He's not perfect and you will most likely disagree with some of his views, but he is our candidate. Can you think of any Republican candidate that you agreed with completely? Didn't think so. Trump can be crude but that is polar opposite to the politically correct bull that is ruining our country. That, in a nutshell is his attraction. Most conservative Americans are tired of the politically correct trashing of this great nation. Trump's success is due to that. We are tired of the cycles of political rhetoric during campaigns and life as usual in Washington afterwards. Do what you say and say what you mean, that's what attracts people, simple but true. Would you rather see a politician promise things or a successful business man promise the same things? My money is on the businessman. He has proven that he can create jobs and income. If our government were run as a business, it would be half the size and twice as productive! This brings us to the subject of this BLOG, It's The Supreme Court Stupid, if Trump doubters do not get behind our Republican nominee you can kiss our way of life goodbye, starting with the second amendment.

* DNA-Male: The current issue of gender neutral toilet privileges is typical of the nonsense that political correctness brings. Muslim nations sentence 'homosexuals' to death and we are arguing about letting 'sexual identity' determine what bathroom you go to. Like one Muslim in a school stopping a school from celebrating Christmas, we are allowing one 'identity challenged individual' (politically correct lingo there) change bathroom privileges. We have a fix to this nonsense, relabeled bathrooms: DNA-Male and DNA-Female. No questions asked, it's not your opinion of what you are, it's what you are!


* Word: There was a time when your word meant something, for many that still stands true. For Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham, their word seems to not mean what they clearly said. They both pledged to support the nominee of the party and now that Donald Trump is going to be the nominee they have stated that they will not support or vote for him. Not supporting Trump and not voting for him is in essence supporting and voting for the Democrat nominee, whether it's a lying failed secretary of state or a communist masquerading as a Democrat. As The Obama said in one of his books, "Words, just words." That's what some 'never Trumpers' words mean, nothing, they are worthless words, devoid in character, absence of integrity. It's time to turn the page, it was a primary like we have never seen before and may never see again, but it's over. Sore losers need not apply, there will not be a mystery candidate in a contested election. Donald Trump has defied all characterizations and minimizations up until now, there's no reason he will not continue to do so in the general election. He will not tow the line and will not cower from attacking and counter punching. Hillary's campaign attacked Trump on the woman issue and he came back strong on her enabling Bill Clinton and Hillary's demonizing of the women that Bill abused. He is taking Hillary's 'woman card' and running it through a shredder. Bring it on and full speed ahead!


* RyanGoRound: It's time for those Trump haters and deniers to come around to what is happening before their eyes. I had reservations about Trump. I liked him before he became a candidate but then wrote BLOGS against him because of his crudeness. I missed the big picture, as many others did as well. Donald Trump was using his experience and intelligence to win, regardless of the chatter and the attacks, he was in touch with the soul of our country, the forgotten. He has given a platform for those sick of the politically correct nonsense that has overtaken every aspect of our nation, from speech to policy. Trump says what most of us think and then control ourselves. He is unabashed and unapologetic. He will not go to the Middle-East an bow down to their tyranny. Buchanan wrote a great article recently, it was titled, "At Last, America First." He hit the nail on the head, it's about time that we review all foreign relationships and entities with our best outcome at heart. President George W. Bush said, "You're either with us or you're against us." Trump is bringing that to another level. It's time for those mistaken Republicans to see the light, either get behind Trump or risk the surrender of the supreme court and the end of our Constitutional Republic. We are one vote away from disaster. Speaker of he house Paul Ryan said to Tapper of CNN, “To be perfectly candid, I’m not ready to support Trump at this point." That's like a child not willing to admit he was wrong. I was wrong, but not any more. Trump will win handily and straighten the politically correct nightmare we find ourselves in today. Time for the RyanGoRound!


* RusTed: Last ditch desperation are seeping into a dying campaign. Second place for a Canadian citizen in a Republican primary campaign ain't bad at all. But desperation is what Cruz has been resorting to. First it was colluding with Kasich to only compete in certain states to give Cruz the one-on-one he wanted with Trump in Indiana. That backfired as everyone could see through his political meanderings. Then in the evening of was to be a Trump trumping of Cruz in New York and four other northeastern states, Cruz names Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. How arrogant can you be. You're getting you’re a_s kicked and you select a running mate. Canadian Senator Ted Cruz is desperate and out of moves, Indiana will be last straw. Many at Cruz's mini rallies have held printed signs reading, 'TrusTed'. Take out the 'T' and you have 'RusTed'. That's where the Cruz doomed to failure campaign is right now. It's rusted and out of ammo. Time to file for U.S. citizen papers.

* Hillarious: Meanwhile back on the Hillary-Bern show it looks like Bernie is smelling the tea leaves, smoking something or just hoping for the other shoe to drop on the FBI investigation on her. The MSM has mainly sheltered Hillary from her illegal activities for years, the time has come for a reckoning. It will soon appear in the way of an indictment or a mass resignation at the FBI, including the director. In that case, the scandal itself will be impossible for the MSM to ignore. Either way, she looses. Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee!


* Last-Straw: Ineligible Canadian candidate Ted Cruz has been trying last ditch desperate moves to turn failure around. First it was the collusion with Kasich to possibly change their losing ways by not campaigning against each other in certain states. That backfired so he turned to back up plan two, name a vice presidential partner. He named Carly Fiorina to join him on the Titanic. She graciously accepted in what is obviously a political ploy to counter Hillary and sway Indiana's voters. Cruz has no chance of gaining the necessary delegates to win the nomination so his naming of a vice presidential partner is tantamount to a loser in a Super Bowl raising the trophy and pretending to have been the winner. Fancy, arrogant, holier than thou talk can not camouflage arrogance and lies. Entertaining as it is, Cruz is starting to resemble the stench left behind by liberal/socialist gatherings like occupy Wall Street. Donald Trump's success comes from the frustration of years of politically correct nonsense changing the American culture into an almost caricature of what it once was. Like it or not, he speaks his mind and that's a welcome change in the world in which we live in. We need to put America first again and revisit all current 'deals' with foreign countries. We need to regain our allies confidence and distance ourselves from our foes. Through strength we limit aggression and through confidence we limit challenges. Our best days can truly be ahead of us if we believe in the greatness that Americans have shown in the past and can show again in the future!


* Collusion: Canadian citizen Ted Cruz, who is ineligible to become president according to the very Constitution he claims to uphold, is now in open collusion with whining John Kasich in their attempt to stop Trump. Cruz and Kasich announced that Kasich was pulling out of the Indiana primary and Kasich announced that Cruz was not going to campaign in New Mexico and Oregon. By announcing this strategy ahead of Tuesday's primaries they are all but conceding defeat. Neither Cruz nor Kasich can get to the number needed for the nomination so they are teaming up to stop Trump, and by extension, anyone who supports Trump. Both ineligible Cruz and whining Kasich point out the Trump cannot defeat Hillary, they must have crystal 'balls' because they also said that they could beat Trump and are obviously losing to him. A national poll released Monday shows that Trump is single digits behind Hillary. Before Hillary dons her stripped jumpsuit and after Trump has had a chance to take her lying, dishonest ways on he will be ahead of her. Very few said that Trump would get in the race to begin with and fewer still said that he would be winning at this point. But here we are, he has found a way to do it and will undoubtedly do the same against a weak, lying, crooked opponent. In this year of the outsider, Hillary is the ultimate insider, should be a fun ride.


* England: After bowing to the Saudi Kingdom this week the Obama takes to England to state his opinion on the upcoming EU vote. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when it's the president of the United States putting his two cents into the equation, it's more than a mere opinion. He told the Brits that they should stay in the EU or they would fall to the back of the line when it came to economic opportunities. The British and Germans are carrying the load for the weak economies in the other EU states. Like ObamaCare forcing citizens to buy a product in order to pay for those that do not have health insurance, the EU forces successful states to subsidize those whose quasi-socialist systems have bled their economies dry. Together with an open immigration policy whose toleration of non integration by Muslim immigrants is leading to havoc and disorder, it's a ticking time bomb getting ready to go off. Many in the United Kingdom would like to retain their sovereignty and cut off the bleeding before it gets any worse, those are the ones wanting to exit the EU. Brits don't like to be told what to do, The Obama's meddling may very well backfire on both him and Prime Minister James Cameron. In a joint news conference in London today, The Obama volunteered his excuse for returning the bust of Winston Churchill that was proudly displayed in the Oval office of the White House before he was elected. He said he loves Winston Churchill and that there is a bust of Winston Churchill in the private second floor of the White House right outside his office where he watches basketball games. He stares at it every day adoringly, give me a break. If he were strong enough to pick it up, he would have thrown it out the window a long time ago. Thankfully his half ounce curls have prevented him for developing that strength.


* Turning-Back: Hillary Clinton's main motto lately has been there's no turning back. She claims that turning back would bring back failed conservative policies, but she's completely confused as usual. Is she speaking of turning back the successful Reagan policies that brought about 20 years on economic growth? Is she talking about turning back her husband's policies, that was forced upon him by a Republican Congress, that balanced the budget? Is she talking about the birth of the Internet in the mid 90's that created economic prosperity inspite of her husband's raising of taxes? The most logical conclusion is the turning back to the failure of the Obama administration's policies of which she has been an integral part of. The not turning back is correct, we should not turn back to the last seven years of failure, both domestically and internationally. This administration of which she was a part of should be laid to rest. Failure should not breed failure. At least if she were to win and serve behind bars, it would be entertaining seeing a stripe-pant-suited president giving her state of the union speech in hand cuffs.

* 'Democratic': Enough with the 'Democratic' bull. It's the 'Democrat' party, not 'Democratic', it's 'Democrat' candidates not 'Democratic' candidates, it's 'Democrat' primary not 'Democratic' primary, it's 'Democrat' Senator not 'Democratic' Senator. It's a subliminal message to brainwash the electorit. If the Democrats are 'Democratic' then the Republicans' are not! We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Which brings us back to our pledge of allegiance, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." That's right, the 'Republic' for which it stands, not the 'Democracy' for which it stands.


* Ongoing: We've been here before, The Obama doesn't comment on ongoing investigations, unless of course he has a strong biased opinion. There was what he called the 'stupid' Cambridge police and if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin. Countless other meddling opinions that sway, if not the investigations, public opinion. On FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace he was asked about the investigation into Hillary's use of a personal email server and the classified information in those emails. His answer should have been that the president doesn't comment on ongoing investigations, specially when they are by agencies or departments under his jurisdiction. He said that he doesn't believe that Hillary 'intentionally' would put our national security in jeopardy. Excuse me, there's an 'ongoing' investigation and the ones investigating work for the executive branch! How does he know what the investigation has or has not turned up? The word 'intentionally' is key, by using this term he is excusing Clinton, but the law doesn't require intentionality, negligence would also indicate guilt. The facts already clearly show that. The Obama even went as far as to say that there is 'classified' and then there is 'classified'. Like Bill's, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is," that is political speak for, there is classified for the political ruling class and then there's classified for us common folk, you know, the ones that have to play by different rules and laws. Meanwhile back on the farm, Hillary continues to say that what's going on is a 'typical security review', reviews that are very common place. Do security reviews require the FBI director's involvement along with over 140 agents? The Hillary game plan is the same old Clinton line, that's already been looked at and there was nothing there. This is no longer about Hillary's dangerous and illegal use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. It has now evolved into the credibility of the FBI, the Justice Department and the United States government. We are close to the time of reckoning and the decision to indict must only rely on the evidence, exclusive of any political influence even though that influence is already being doled out by the ongoing hypocrisy of the community organizer-in-chief.


* Stripes: That's what Hillary will be wearing soon, a striped pantsuit. That's what would happen in a just world where powerful politicians played by the same rules every other American did and our laws applied equally. If that were the case Hillary would have already been indicted. Political pressure is building to let her off from her criminal use of a private email server, lying about it and mishandling of classified material while Secretary of State. She is either indicted and it derails her campaign or the director of the FBI and possibly over one hundred agents resign in protest. The current investigation into Clinton's illegal activities has over one hundred forty agents on the case, including the director himself. Either an indictment or mass resignations at the FBI portend disaster for Hillary's final run at the presidency. That leaves the Democrat party, NOT the Democratic party as so many falsely label them, with a Communist/Socialist aging demagogue politician as their nominee. It will be a fun ride.


* Mole: Donald Trump's campaign manager pulls an aggressive reporter away from him as he's exiting an event and he's being charged with a criminal offense. Hillary Clinton put our national security at risk by engaging in official State Department business, including top secret information, on a personal email server in her home, and she's given a free pass by the MSM. That's a mountain and a mole hill, Hillary is the mountain, a mountain of lies and confuscations. Cruz and Kasich piled on in tandem with the same MSM that would destroy their campaigns if they became the Republican nominee. I haven't liked the tone that Trump has taken in the presidential campaign but with the hypocritical leadership that we've had for years, he is speaking for the people that are fed up with the norm. The norm has failed the Republican party. We know what to expect from the pandering socialists that masquerade as Democrats, but we have been repeatedly let down by the Republicans which we elected to right the wrongs of the left, the wrongs they promised to right when running, only to melt into the caldron of the political quagmire that is the Congress. Democrats have an former failed Secretary of State and lying suspect in an FBI investigation along with a Socialist/Communist running for president. We have a successful businessman, a first term senator and a governor running. Cruz supporters claim he will stand up for the Constitution even though he was born in Canada and is not eligible for the job he seeks, according to the same Constitution he says he's loyal to. Like it or not, Trump is winning and if he has the most delegates going into the convention he should be the nominee. We do not live in a Democracy, we are a Representative republic, that's why we're Republicans. Republicans should be led by the nominee that 'represents' their opinions the best, at this time, it's Donald Trump.


* Savages: Evidence of the savagery of the scourge of Islamic terrorism continues on a daily basis. On the heals of the Brussels murders we had an Easter Sunday bombing at a children's playground in Pakistan. A bomb loaded, with nails for maximum effect, was detonated targeting Christians and killing both Christians and Muslims. The evil that is the Islamic terrorist war on civilization praises their god while destroying innocent lives in the process. You cannot coexist with an ideology that preaches your destruction. You either defeat it of be defeated by it. There's no gray area. There is no room for political correctness, that only shows weakness and weakness opens you up for attack. The festering wound of Islamic fundamentalism will never go away on its own, you either cut it out or be consumed by it. It's time to start seriously cutting.

* Castro: Meanwhile back on the island prison known as Cuba, Fidel Castro scolds The Obama on way of Communism. In an article he wrote that Cuba does not need any gifts from the 'empire'. The Obama's naïve caving to the Communist dictators in Cuba has been responded to by cracking down on dissidents, street beatings of Cubans for just voicing their opinions when those opinions run counter to the Communist government's line. You cannot expect Cuba to change without a complete change of government. Communism cannot be changed gradually. It's like driving on the right side of the road or the left. Try having those two systems simultaneously and your going to wreck at the crossroads. Cuba was at the crossroads and The Obama chose the left lane.


* NeroBama: The world is going to Hell in a hand basket and NeroBama fiddles. He does the wave at an 'invitation' only baseball game with dictator Castro in Cuba while bodies are still being carried away in Belgium. The latest in the Islamic terrorist war on civilization is met by ass kissing in Cuba. For a follow up to his tone deaf response to terror he headed off to Argentina to do a Tango. So NeroBama fiddles, waves and tangos, while Islamic terrorists plot their next attacks fresh off their successful murders of innocent people in Brussels. Their successes breed recruits while NeroBama's breeds failure and retreat. Looks like after political advice he finally made a stronger statement only to have that statement's meaning demeaned by his tone. It is typical for him to speak in a monotone slow manner when addressing topics that he is not passionate about, it's clear he is not passionate about the Islamic terrorist threat against us and it's clear NeroBama is running out the clock. The war on terror is going to take an all out effort to eliminate the ISIS strongholds, camps, infrastructure and equipment. They are not terrorist hiding in caves, they have an army. It's time to take out that army and their support. NeroBama does not want to engage an enemy that is only growing while he delays. He wants his legacy to be that he didn't get us into a war when in fact he has made the eventual war on Islamic terrorism harder to win with his inept policies. He has capitulated repeatedly to our enemies and isolated and condemned our friends. His true legacy will be one of failure on many fronts. He makes the real Nero look like a hero!


* Raul:  The Obama has finally fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of his father, and by extension, his. He's kissed the golden ring of a Castro Communist dictator. Being tutored at a young age by American Communist Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, when The Obama was brainwashed in the ways of Marx and Engels, it was only a matter of time. When The Obama supposedly wrote "Dreams From My Father," was he talking about Barrack senior or Marshall Davis? In either case, race and ideology was at the center of his being. Since day one of his administration, The Obama promised to close GITMO, he hasn't been able to do it unilaterally so he has systematically released terrorists closing it by forced attrition. To bad he couldn't hand GITMO to the Castro dictators as a parting gift. This brings us back to his visit, after capitulating to the dictators in Cuba with a one sided deal blaming the United States for Cuba's misery, he lands in Havana overflying rusted fifties era Chevy's, Buick's and dreams. Meeting him at the airport were a delegation, non of which was the current dictator, Raul Castro, he was too busy shinning his golden ring for The Obama to kiss. Unseen and unheard in the background where the many silent voices that cried out for freedom and human rights amidst the mockery that is at the heart of this trip. It's tantamount to an endorsement of the Castro's against who they call their enemy and who they blame for the Cuban people's misery. In a joint news conference today dictator Castro said the 'blockade' had to be lifted, The Obama stood there complacent and didn't rebut it. There has never been an economic blockade on Cuba, their misery stems from their Communist system, a system The Obama was taught at an early age was the way. A simple question to ask yourself is, if The Obama's opening to the Communist dictators will help the Cuban people then why have so many lost their lives recently escaping that island prison when freedom was just around the corner? Far from it, the opening to Castro's Cuba is a closing of a dream for the Cuban people and for us who dream of a free Cuba someday!


* Scare: It's Halloween in March. Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, aliases for their party mascot, are showing their true colors. In tandem, like a song and dance routine, they are now ratcheting their attacks on Donald Trump. Scare mongering is going to backfire on them. They claim Trump will divide Americans, what has The Obama done for the last seven years? They claim Trump will alienate our allies, what has The Obama done for the last seven years? They claim he will be bad for the economy, what has The Obama done for the last seven years? They claim there will be gridlock in Congress if he's elected, what has The Obama done for the last seven years? They claim he'll be a laughing stock in the world, what has The Obama been for the last seven years? How many jobs did the community organizer create and how successful was he before he was elected president? Was he ever an executive? Like him or not, Trump's leadership and business background dwarfs that of a first term community organizing Senator. He has created thousands of jobs across the country. Scare tactics by the left go hand-in-hand with their ignorant demonstrations against Trump and his supporters. Who are the anarchists and violent ones, the peaceful Trump supporters or the protesters that seek to disrupt our nominating process? The bully in the room is not Trump, it's the Soro's and ex-Acorn funded protesters that want to take away your right to assemble and express your Constitutionally granted freedoms. Scare tactics are not going to work.


* Hypocrites: That's what socialist, liberals, communists, progressives and ignorant people are! They espouse free speech while condemning speech they don't agree with. They condemn violence only when the violence is in response to their violence. They orchestrate protests to instigate a response and condemn that response. Freedom of speech is like race, should be color and opinion blind, it's called freedom. What we are witnessing at the Trump events is not citizens expressing their freedom of speech, it's orchestrated, strongly funded, liberal attacks against the very speech they pretend to defend. What are they afraid of? They call Trump a Nazi when in fact Nazi stands for socialism, "Nationalist Socialist Germans Workers Party." That's what it was then and that's what it is now. It's depriving others of their freedoms, and in the extreme, their lives. Violence in this election is not coming from Trump's campaign, it's coming from the orchestrated socialists against him.


* Weather: Showing again their misplaced priorities The Obama administration is now targeting what they call 'climate deniers' with legal action while Iran continues to violate the appeasement nuclear deal and ISIS continues to kill and torture innocents. They are starting by targeting corporations, like Exxon-Mobil, but that's just a beginning. Individuals would be next. The Obama targeted 'climate deniers' are anyone who believes that climate is climate. It changes from cold to warm then back again. It's called weather. What's Obama's global warming and now climate change agenda is all about is wealth distribution. They deny reality in exchange for money and power. Their end goal coincides with The Obama's transformation strategy, and they're well on their way to that end. To them, the end does justify their means. Meanwhile in Chicago a liberal crowed shuts down a scheduled Trump rally. Like we've seen at universities across the country, as this one was, liberals/progressives/socialists believe in free speech as long as that speech agrees with them. Much like The Obama attack on 'climate deniers', when confronted with facts they result to intimidation and personal attacks. It's not free speech they support it's tyranny of speech. A liberal bastion like Chicago has again shown it's true colors.


* Hare: History has proven that Senators do not make good presidents, case in point, The Obama. Governors, on the other hand, do. Before The Obama's disastrous presidency, John F. Kennedy was the last elected Senator to the presidency, that was 48 years without an election of a Senator. We should learn from history. There is no history of someone like Trump in the presidency, it's a gamble. What is known is that governors have experience governing. They're either successful or not, but they have governed. Of the remaining candidates in the Republican race only Ohio Governor John Kasich has the experience to govern and become president without severe on the job training. He's not the most charismatic person on the stage and definitely not the loudest. But he has the experience necessary to lead. He's not the most conservative but he's conservative and he's very electable. He has not resulted to personal school yard attacks like the other candidates have. Kasich has been very successful in running the Ohio government bringing economic prosperity to his state, even while federal regulations and policies have been a hindrance to that progress. Kasich helped orchestrate the last federal balanced budget, for which Bill Clinton took credit for. He has governed in the same way in Ohio. Like Kasich said in the last Republican presidential debate, maybe it's time to vote for the grown-up in the room. The Kasich presidential run reminds us of the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. Kasich is obviously the Tortoise and we all know who the 'Hare' is.


* Reality: Thursday's Republican debate took Trump down a notch. We saw the cat fight between Rubio and Trump, started by Trump with his 'little Rubio' comments, and Cruz telling Trump to 'breathe'. It was a three person school yard scrimmage while Kasich stayed above the fray. Unfortunately in this wacky election cycle, being presidential dose not count. Trump skipped the previous FOX Republican presidential debate because of Megyn Kelly, now he's skipping the CPAC conference, the largest conservative conference of the year because he was afraid of being booed or poorly supported. Does that seem presidential to you? Would Reagan have done that? I'm not a Trump supporter for president but I think he has done great things and deserves a lot of credit. He has created jobs, unlike senators that just debate and compromise. I like Mitt Romney but think his attack on Trump was unnecessary and is going to alienate a lot of voters, he sounded like a sore looser. What it boils down to is, we elected a Republican Congress to stop The Obama's overreach and they didn't. Trump fever is the same as 'we're fed up and we're not going to take it anymore'! He's feeding on an anti-political correctness, anti-blame-America first, anti-establishment crowed that is fed up with our elected officials conducting business as usual. Trump is not perfect, but we have to thank him for bringing this festering wound to the surface. He's not the perfect vessel, no one is, but if Trump is our nominee I will strongly support him!


* Circus: The Republican presidential race has turned into a circus. A reality TV circus. When you're playing in the dirt, everyone gets dirty. Up to now Donald Trump has self financed his campaign, not with his own funds, but rather by his outrageousness. That attracts the media and bingo, the media has financed his campaign. He doesn't need to pay for ads because the media gives him free air time. Sneaky, yes, smart, yes, but presidential, no! There's an old quote that says, "Never argue with an idiot, they bring you down to thier level and beat you with experience." That's where we find ourselves today, Donald Trump is not an idiot, but he's bringing his opponents down to his level and beating them with experience. We are no longer talking policy, it's the size of your ears, hands, spray on tans and sweat. It's a reality show election driven by a reality show celebrity. Trump's history has him all over the place policy wise but now he's the darling of some conservatives and liberals alike. This shows his skill in attracting an audience, the media and critics. In the long run, there's a big difference between entertainment and leadership. It's a shame that we have sunk this low and that in order to be seen and have coverage, every candidate has to sink to the dirt pit. But here we are, the new reality, gutter politics, personal insults, and issues be dammed.


* GITMOv99: Early in The Obama nightmare was his promise and commitment to close GITMO. To him, it's a 'detainee' camp in a time of overseas contingency operations. In reality, it's a prisoner of war camp where enemies who were caught killing innocents in the Islamic war on civilization are being held to prevent them from continuing their Jihad. In past wars, prisoners were held until the end of the war, the current Islamic terrorist war seems to have no end in sight yet The Obama continues to release prisoners and has avowed to close the GITMO prison. It is against the law for him to do so, a law he signed himself. Yet, he keeps releasing prisoners to unilaterally close it on his own. Not for our national security interest but rather for his political legacy. Perhaps he could continue releasing prisoners or 'detainees' until there's only one left, then he could clam that Congress is keeping a 'peaceful' Muslim hostage. His current attempt to close GITMO seems to coincide with his upcoming kiss-a__-tour to Cuba to bow to Fidel's ring. Wouldn't it be nice if he could hand over GITMO at the same time and put the exclamation point on his incompetent bend-over and grab-your-ankles foreign policy?


* Hypocrisy: On the wake of the beautiful funeral mass for Senior Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia by his son, Father Paul Scalia, we are again reminded of the hypocrisy of the absent and disrespectful Obama and his fellow Democrats. The very same people that threatened filibusters against both George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush for considering nominating a Supreme Court justice, as long as eighteen months before the next election, they are encouraging The Obama to nominate a justice. Even though we have experienced the most divisive president in modern times, over the last seven years, this divisive act does not even register with them. After all, it's about power and shaping the court for generations to come. It's a matter of survival for our country as we know it or the sink hole liberals and their policies would lead us into. Even The Obama threatened a filibuster in 2007 when President George W. Bush was in the last year of his presidency if he were to nominate a justice. It's plain hypocrisy, claiming it's his Constitutional requirement is laughable. It is the Presidents Constitutional duty to nominate Supreme Court Justices, but it is the Senate's prerogative to take up the nomination or not, accept it or not, and vote it down if necessary. The question shouldn't be whether The Obama can nominate in the last year of his presidency, the question is will the Republican controlled Senate finally show some backbone?


* Scalia:
The Obama White House announced today that 'his majesty' will not be attending the funeral of Senior Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. We're sure he has better things to do, like maybe hitting the golf course. The reason given was their concern for the size of the security detail. Really? Since when has the size of the presidential security detail deterred a president from attending the funeral of a senior supreme court justice? Maybe he should forego the trip to his Communist friends in Cuba for the same reasons. After all, it will cause Cuba's thriving economy and travelers a great delay trying to get to their government food lines. Where's the mercy in that? To even think about a president of the United States bending over to the Castro brothers while paying disrespect to a Supreme Court justice, who served a country he loved respectfully for 30 years, is a shame and below the office he holds, no matter the excuse. When faced with an opportunity to unite Americans, The Obama seems to consistently choose division. Because it is with division that socialist/progressives/democrats stay in power. You can't hide behind the curtain anymore. Justice Scalia deserves better!


* SCOTUS: Last Thursday we blogged about the importance of this presidential election. We said it wasn't about electing a president, it was about the Supreme Court. Unfortunately a couple of days later we lost the soul of the Supreme Court, Senior Justice Antonin Scalia. He was the mind, the wit and the essence of the current court. He will be deeply missed by all, family, friends, admirers and foes alike. He had that kind of personality and intellect. His wit and intelligence will live on in Supreme court lore. In another sad expression of his disdain for our Constitution, The Obama didn't even wait until Justice Scalia was even cold, on the same day he pronounced that he will soon announce a replacement. Democrats were dancing before the obituary was written. What a shame, politics before decency. The same Democrats that are pushing The Obama to finish his transformation via the Supreme court were adamant against President George W. Bush from appointing a justice during his last 18 months in office. Tomorrow will be politics as usual, Democrats trying to stack the court to obliterate our rights under the Constitution, but until then, we should remember a great Constitutionalist, we should remember, Senior Justice Antonin Scalia. Rest in peace and may God Bless you.


* SUPREMES: The Supreme court voted on Tuesday 5 to 4 against The Obama administration's unacceptable EPA emission regulations that would put power plants out of business and raise your electric bill. It's about destroying American businesses and jobs in favor of minimal climate changes. This is a temporary victory and it shows the most important reason for the coming presidential election. It's not about the reality critic-in-chief or any of the socialist/progressive/communists on the Democrat side, it's about the supreme court. We're one vote away from losing our rights enshrined in the Constitution and the economic freedom that drives our economy. Imagine a Communist like Sanders replacing just one Supreme court justice. All of those 5 to 4 decisions, like the one upholding the second amendment, would be history. The unelected men and women of the Supreme rule over us mere mortals. As far as our rights and freedoms are concerned, the SCOTUS is the most powerful branch of the three. This election is not about a president, it's about the future, the court stands in the balance.


* DEM's: It's amazing how far gone the Democrat party is. No longer does it pretend to be the party of the working man/woman, it has become the party of progressive socialism, big government on steroids. In the 90's President Clinton proclaimed that the era of big government was over. Today his wife, running for president on a history of failure, declares that the era of big government is just beginning. She is in an all out race for the heart of the Democrat party which is so far afield from the founding principles of our country enshrined in our Constitution that they have become and enigma. Democrats finest, running for president today, are a caricature of the failure they represent. What's hard to accept is how far down our education and information has gone that people, specially young people, can support the failed policies they espouse. Nothing is free but the air you breeze and if they could tax it, Bernie and Hillary would. Voting for Bernie is like voting for Karl Marx, voting for Hillary is like voting for the Unabomber, there are bodies buried in her past and there will be in her future unless she is safely behind bars where she belongs.


* ISIBAMA: After two days of The Obama pandering to Muslims and excusing Islamic terrorism by ignoring the elephant in the room, the question is, ISIBAMA or ISIIGORANT. In either case, why is he calling for more tolerance while at the same time his generals are calling for a more forceful attack against ISIS? Military leaders are calling for another front against ISIS in Libya, The Obama is refusing to do that while opting to defend Islam from the obvious. While the presidential campaign goes on the commander in chief is busy misdirecting from the war on Islamic terrorism by painting a utopian view of a religion that is intolerant. ISIBAMA or not!


* Bernie's: Just when you think people should have been educated on the failures of socialism, we get 'weekend at Bernie's'. An ignorant belief, 'educated' into many young Americans that socialism and communism are great forms of government. Forget history's track record of their failures, it can work this time they say. Just like Reagan said that freedom was one generation away from extinction, capitalism is as well. Human beings are not born with the experience of their parents. We have to teach every generation history's lessons, right and wrong, failures and successes that have led to where we are today. We have to teach them the sacrifices that so many have made for the freedom that they enjoy, a freedom that allows them to be ignorant or informed. Simple examples of this theory are happening in today's world and socialists like Bernie Sanders and his brainwashed disciples ignore them. Venezuela is a prime one. An oil rich nation that has been brought to its knees through socialism and government takeover of industry. Supposedly for the common good but reality got in the way. Following Cuba's example in slow motion, Chavez and Maduro have systematically destroyed a once prosperous nation. Today we have a committed unabashed socialist peddling the same failure to the free lunch crowed, Bernie's lemmings. Nothing is free but the air we breath and if democrats, socialists and communists could tax it, they would. We have God given freedom, governments restrict that freedom. Capitalism has given our world the advances that have made us safer, healthier and richer. It has made our environment cleaner, but like freedom, government continues to restrict the greatest economic engine the world has ever known, the U.S. economy. Like freedom, our children are not born with this knowledge, they need to be taught, generation after generation, least we lose what so many have sacrificed for.


* Leadership: The talk of the day has been Trump's skipping the Republican presidential debate on FOX. The truth is, he wasn't skipping it, he was just changing the subject again to the reality show that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Imaging yourself watching what you are seeing now in the Republican campaign, it's no different than if it was a scripted show. The Republican candidate that is by far the richest pledged to spend millions on his campaign but has spent the least of the top candidates. The reality show followed by not only MSM but FOX and others has played along. You cannot tune into a news show without hearing the name Trump. Trump can't speak without mentioning how popular he is and how his poll numbers are better than candidate X. The office of president of the United States is not a reality show, we don't need another narcissist in that office. This brings us to the next issue, do we want a president that doesn't appear at a news conference because he is scared of a journalist in the room, we don't think so. Reminds us of the old heat in the kitchen thing, if you can't stand it… But then with the Trump, it's a matter of a reality show, like a train wreck, you can't help but watch.


* FBI: Hillary is not just running for president, she's running from her history and she's running from the FBI investigation. Her history is a lackluster run as Senator of New York, won not on accomplishments but on name recognition. Name a meaningful bill (not blue-dress bill) she sponsored as a Senator… waiting… She ran for president and failed to get the Democrat nomination in 2008 depending on the 3 am call. She tried to distance herself from another lackluster Senator by claiming she would know what to do when that 3 am call came in. Benghazi was her 3 am call and she failed it miserably. Now she's running from the FBI, not literally but figuratively. She brushes the investigation off as a joke and beneath her. She's going to be in for a rude awakening. The FBI is a serious non-political entity that is made up of career investigators. Over 150 FBI investigators have been assigned to the Hillary email case as well as the pay-to-play Clinton foundation donations from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State. There are two outcomes possible from the FBI investigations, they either clear Hillary or they bring charges against her. If they clear her then we will see a wholesale revolt within the FBI because of their agency would have been compromised politically. Their legitimacy is at stake. The pressure is now on to do the right thing regardless of the name. Hillary will be indicted!


* Drip-Drip: Another two Gitmo Islamic terrorist prisoners of war have been released, not "detainees," but prisoners of war. Islamic terrorists declared war on us, it's an unconventional war, but it is a war. The prisoners in the GITMO prison haven't been there for years because they were "detained" for a bag check. They were caught on the battle fields of the Islamic terrorists own making. It makes common sense and has always been the norm that prisoners of war be released at the end of hostilities. No one can say that's the case, in reality, it's the opposite. The world and the Islamic threat is much more advanced today then when The Obama came into to office. His backing of the Muslim Brotherhood and foreign policy in the Middle East has stirred the pot and unleashed evil. By ignorance or intention, the result is the same. We find ourselves in a very dangerous world with civilization on defense against Islamic barbarism. Today it was announced that The Obama by executive action is making it easier for refugees from Syria to enter our country. To summarize, he releases terrorists to rejoin the fight and kill innocent people, including Americans, while at the same time allows more suspect refugees into our country. History shows that when war strikes, men leave women and children behind to defend them and their countries. The majority of the refugees leaving Syria are doing the opposite. They are leaving women and children behind in the war to save their asses, or are they? How many of them are part of the war itself? Drip-Drip!


* Hide-N-Seek: Surprise, another Democrat debate scheduled for non-prime time, this time on Sunday night. Last Sunday's snoozer of a blame America, demonize Republicans and ignore the Islamic threat was exactly what was expected. Debbie 'What's-Her-Name' Schultz claims that the DNC is doing everything possible to put their candidates and their debates out front for all Americans to see. You could see her nose grow as she made that proclamation. Facts are stubborn things, the fact that they schedule their debates on weekends says a lot. DWS and the DNC are doing their best to shield Hillary from public scrutiny. Meanwhile FBI investigations into her illegal private email arrangement has expanded into illegal Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo donations while she was Secretary of State. Speaking of hiding, Hillary's campaign brought womanizer Bill out to boost her campaign only to send him back into hiding. It seems when Bill pokes his head out (pun intended) trouble comes (pun intended) their way. It's a Democrat game of Hide-N-Seek and Peek-A-Boo.


* Dis-Union: We have a lot to be thankful for today, The Obama has given his last State of the Di-Union speech. What a snoozer. It was typical double-speak and progressive misdirection. As an example, he praised our military as being the strongest ever then continued by saying that we spend more on our military than the next eight countries combined. By saying this he praises the military then indirectly condemns them by saying we spend too much money on the military. This excuses his increased spending on domestic boondoggles like Solyndra. He says that "ISIL" (code for excuses) are just criminals. He refuses to see the evil we face for what it is while dedicating his attention to 'global warming', which is in reality, weather. We all know weather changes, what is not changing is the terrorist attacks on innocent people across the world that are being committed by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. That's the common thread which he chooses to ignore at our peril. Either by ignorance or intention, the current commander in chief is betraying his oath of office. Thank God we will put this nightmare behind us soon.


* Hypocrisy: Philadelphia police officer Jessie Hartnett was shot last week at point blank range by a Muslim terrorist who claims he did it because of his faith. He was devoted to ISIS. Fortunately officer Hartnett was able to fire back and chase the terrorist. He stopped him from injuring or possibly killing anyone else. Officer Harnett is a hero. He remains in intensive care and has gone through multiple operations. Meanwhile the extremely hypocritical and biased Obama White House says they don't want to comment on the shooting because there is an on going investigation. Funny how that never stops them from making racial and ideological comments on cases that fit their radical opinions. When a police officer shoots a black person, regardless of the circumstances, they always jump to conclusions and defend the victim, even if that victim was actually the criminal and attacked the officer first, as in the Michael Brown case. In the San Bernardino shootings, where the shooters were clearly Muslim terrorists, the White House jumped on their gun control wagon and blamed the guns. They never hesitated or claimed they didn't comment on an ongoing investigations. It's all politics, all the time, with the disaster that is the Obama administration.


* Tears: The Obama's East Room show, after announcing his new gun control agenda, was a well performed act, complete with crocodile tears. The Obama cried when talking about children being killed a bullet and a gun. Bullets and guns don't kill people, people pulling the triggers do. If guns killed people then why don't the millions of guns in the United States kill millions of people every year? It's a ironic scene when the president of the United States sheds crocodile tears over his ideological gun control extremism while ignoring innocent Christian children being murdered by Islamic terrorists just for being Christian. If The Obama's gun ideology were true then gun deaths in high gun ownership states like Montana and Texas would have the highest gun related murder rates, they don't, they have the lowest. The facts do not support the gun control radicals agenda and claims. The facts completely contradict them. The highest gun crime and deaths occur in the cities with the strongest gun control laws. This simple fact is never mentioned by liberals, The Obama administration and their adoring media. Shame on all of them.


* TIC: Tyrant-In-Chief (TIC) is a cross between a commander-in-chief and a tyrant-wannabe, this is who currently holds the office of POTUS. He has overreached on immigration, climate control excesses, recess appointments, amongst many more. The administration's executive actions have been overturned by unanimous Supreme Court decisions since 2012. Even with that dismal track record The Obama continues his overreach with his by-passing Congress and the Constitution. He will be announcing more executive actions further restricting Americans right to buy guns. He'll claim his new actions will prevent future mass shootings. He said he's, "Well within legal authority." Oh yeah, just like his other overturned actions were. He added that an overwhelming majority of American people, including gun owners, agree with him. That flies in the face of reality. As ISIS continues their barbaric terrorist actions, Iran shoots a missile within a mile of an American air craft carrier and the Islamic refugee crisis threatens Europe, The Obama chooses to infringe on the Constitutional rights of the American people. Increasing gun control laws on Americans will not do anything to reduce mass shootings or terrorist attacks. Only an armed citizenry can prevent mass shootings. That's something a TIC will never be able to do.